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Topic: Day 10 [2000hrs.] Next to me (Read 42 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 10 [2000hrs.] Next to me
Next to me
Stardate: 57582.41
March 20, 2381

[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Lt. Praise Quarters | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]
att: @BZ

"Jasper, for real, I don't have time for this," Khorin grunted, as he leapt forward.

The nestling hissed fiercely, ruffled his feathers and sprang out of the Klingon's reach.

"Jaster, stay, you bloody rebellious furball," snarled Khorin stretched over his stomach as he scanned where the little creature had disappeared.

A new hissing sound came from beneath one of the couches, followed by a muffled tail whip.

"Get out of there. NOW," Khorin spat, snaking across the floorplates. Then he shoved his arm under the sofa up to his shoulder. For a few minutes he palpated blindly under the furniture, trying to catch the pesky pet.

His fingers suddenly closed around a feathered tail.

An outraged cry.

A couple of pieces of furniture knocked over.

"SoHvaD Qom Ha'DIbaH" muttered Khorin while he was still holding Jasper's tail. "Listen fluffbutt, I like this as little as you but you can't stay in the living' for now. I've left you a nest, food and water in the beedroom, you're going to be fine, damn it." He kept saying as he moved into the room, keeping the creature an arm's length away from his face.

Jasper simply gnawed at the Klingon's thumb more viciously.

"Listen fluffy arse, tonight's a special night, okay? All I'm asking is that you don't rampage the quarters while we are out..." Khorin hesitated for a moment, pursed his lips and puffed up his cheeks, uncertain. Finally he huffed, defeated, and he left the little animal in bed before he stood on his feet again. With his gaze still on the creature, he opened one of the cabinets, rummaged through it for a while, and extracted a frail stuffed animal from the bottom of one of the drawers.

"Let's make a deal: I'll leave Toby with you. You just... Just... don't tear him up...'Key?" he said, leaving the toy targ on the bed. Jasper squeaked happily and curled himself around the stuffed animal and begin to nip one of its well-loved ears.

Khorin grimaced worriedly. "Please don't fuck him up," he begged.

Jasper closed his eyes and kept pecking at the stuffed animal as Khorin left the room.

[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai |Hydroponics Lab | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Twenty-five minutes later, when the clock was ticking 2000h, Khorin stormed into the hydroponics labs. His booted feet thundered against the bulkplates. His Klingon civilian suit highlighted his figure, ferociously blood red against the lush green of the frontage that filled much of the laboratory. "Zephyr! Zephyr Praise!" bellowed at the top of his lungs as a way to make his entrance into the room. A Klingon was difficult to ignore and Khorin knew very well how not to go unnoticed.

Crewman Amy Jenson made her way through the crop lines and stared, dumbfounded at that sudden intruder in her peaceful workplace. "What the..." she began to say, but before finishing the sentence she shook one hand in front of herself and turned away from Khorin's gaze. "Look, I think I'd prefer not knowing about this. Lieutenant Praise is at the back, in the research area," she explained, pointing her thumb behind her, somewhere hidden between the rows and rows of vegetables.

"Thank you woman," answered Khorin cheerfully, flashing her one of her archetypal sidewide grins. When crewman Jenson could see the Klingon's hands, hidden behind his back, she frowned at him again. "Wait. Where did you get that? "

Khorin shrugged flamboyantly. "You really don't want to know."

"Yes, I really DO want to know," said the blueshirt.

"Well, you're not going to like the answer anyway, so it's BETTER you don't know." Khorin said, clutching the plant's flowerpot more tenaciously between his big hands.

"That's also guaranteed..."

"Come on woman is a GIFT, I'm sure Zeph will love it, you can not spoil her this surprise."

Amy racked her hands through her short reddish hair. At least the lieutenant would know what to do with that specimen...


SoHvaD Qom Ha'DIbaH. → You treacherous animal.
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Re: Day 10 [2000hrs.] Next to me
Reply #1
[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Lab Rat | Over Working | Dedication | Hybridization]

Zeph hummed softly as she stood in the botanical laboratory that she had commandeered as her own for the time being.  Especially, since she was working on some sensitive materials.  Merging and hybridizing some plant life, as well as, working to grow some of the Aldean and Savi samples that she had brought back with her from her various places.  She still needed to give her information on what she had worked on to Ives, but that was classified and she was rather torn if she should or not.  That was carefully hidden in a place she doubted anyone would think to look, and she hoped that it would stay that way for a while.  Even if it was found it was so heavily encrypted that she hoped not even the best of the best on the Theurgy could crack it.

Right now, she was currently working on the Savi cutting that Khorin had brought back for her from the ship.  She had taken cuttings of the planet in the office they had slept in during their stay with the Savi, and he had taken some as well.  So between the two of them she was working on six different pots seeing if she could get them to grow.  They had been unusual, spiky, and unique, it was something she kind of wanted to to grow.  See what could be done with it, what she could make of it, if she could hybridize it with anything.  But, she wasn't sure just yet.  It had only been a little over a week, and she was only just starting to see a little movement in the soil on one of the pots.  It was too early to tell if the seedling would be viable, but it was at leas promising.  She had no way to get further samples, she she could only hope that this would lead somewhere. 

If it didn't, that was just part of Science.

Suddenly, her head shot up because she swore that she heard her name being bellowed from the other room.  For a moment, she stood there, frozen for a second while she waited to see if it repeated itself.  But then, she found herself laughing at her silliness since if someone wanted her they would have just used their combadge to call her own.  There was a whole system for that kind of thing, so she didn't need to worry about someone calling her name.  Instead, she turned back to her work, and spritzed the small planters with water again before she stepped over to the computer system that was mounted into the wall and began to input her results, her research, and the varying degrees of change in the soil samples that she had been tinkering with to see what would the Savi plants respond to the best.

She also began to put more information in about the things she had collected when she had Thom had gotten stuck on the planet and kidnapped for  a brief period.  She hadn't seen him since Sickbay, he hadn't sought her out, and she had no reason to seek him out.  He didn't want to see her, and at this point, she didn't really want to see him either.  As much as she cared about him, he couldn't fit into her life the places that she had available and she wasn't interested in fitting into the one that he wanted.  So, for now, she moved on, moved forward, and kept herself busy.  Between work and Khorin it wasn't hard to keep her mind from turning down towards the fighter assault bay.  Unless, Khorin was down there, she had yet to visit him while he was on shift, but then, he was also grounded so there was no concern about him flying off into danger and getting into a very Klingon state of mind at the moment.

It was a testament to how deep into her work that she was, that she didn't actually feel Khorin coming her way.  She was busy putting in all the information about her soil chemical compositions and all the other information that she needed.  Water saturation, the other minerals that she added, soil sample types, and any kind of treatments that she was offering to the samples to see if they could grow.  It was easier with the Aldean plants because she had plenty of soil, plant seeds, clippings, and what not from there.  The Savi ones proved more difficult and she could only hope that she would be successful in at least one and from that one she could grow more and more until they could really understand the plant life that had come from the Savi ship.

A rap on the door made her sigh, her head dropping forward slightly and her neck bent forwards in frustration. I'm working! she thought for a moment and sighed, as she let her shields drop and actually concentrated on the other side of the door only to find her mate and love behind it.  The tension from her neck and shoulders dropped and the warmth of a smile crossed her lips.  She looked over towards the closed laboratory door.

"Get in here you fool." as the door opened and she noticed he was in the civilian clothes she had only seen a couple times before.  "Well this is a nice surprise." she said with a bright smile on her face.  "What's the occasion?"

Re: Day 10 [2000hrs.] Next to me
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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | Hydroponics Lab | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]
att: @BZ

Khorin smiled broadly as she invited him in, his mind buzzing with anticipation. Not only because of all he had prepared, but because she had lowered the barriers around her mind and his and he had felt how much she welcomed him in there. There was something special and magical about that small act, it was as if suddenly a door had opened and the early spring sun had made its way through, washing everything aaround with its glow and warm.

His heart pounded excitedly in his chest as he moved through the lab. Although the room was quite large, he stumbled upon a trolley that contained a small seedling nursery that was barely recently planted. Nothing was damaged in the incident, but the noise was more than notorious. After all, it wasn't a place made for Klingons. It was simply too small for him. Or rather, it was too crowded with things and devices that could be easily shattered.

After a short succession of strides, Khorin reached the counter on which Zephyr worked and stood beside her, hands still hidden behind his back. His hands fidgeted over the present wrapper he had brought with him, but it wasn't the time to show it. Not YET. Soon, just some later. A bit. He still couldn't deliver it, but he was still almost unable to hold back his enthusiasm.

"Well! I think you have done more than enough work today," Khorin remarked seriously. "So I' ve come here to release you from the chains of overwork and to invite you to dinner," he continued earnestly. "If you are READY for a date. Actually I've been thinking... and I've had A LOT of time to think lately, that we've never had a date in the proper way. " He added with a wink.

Then he finally put in front of him what he had been hiding. It was a bizarre-looking plant, potted in a small vase and surrounded by bright azure gift wrap. The wrapping was clearly hand folded and, despite the bright orange ribbon and the attempt at papyroflexia on its edges, it was noticeable that the one who had handled it was more enthusiastic than skillful. And presumably had hands too big to handle anything too delicate.

The plant itself was... unusual, at least to the Klingon's eyes. It had the approximate shape of a banana, covered from top to bottom by small red flowers about the size of a fingernail. The lower part widened to form a small tangle of succulent, pale green leaves. "I saw it in the city when we were on leave," he explained. "They call it 'tower of jewels' and it seems that the Aldeans grow them to attract the melliferous hummingbirds," he explained animatedly. The Klingon had made an effort to learn a couple of interesting facts about the plant, something that triggers Zephyr's curiosity. That this knowledge had something to do with confectionary and candy had been absolutely circumstantial. ABSOLUTELY.

"I know a bouquet is mandatory on a first date, but I think this was more appropriate," he explained, placing the plant in Zeph's hands. "Well, I hope you're hungry, I've booked a really FANCY place at the station," he added with a confident smile on his lips.
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