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Topic: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert (Read 319 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
[ I.I. Officer Hi'Jak | Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @Griff

Hi'Jak had become a bit of a lap dog of sorts, every time someone got a job he was pretty much dispatched since he was currently working on Aldea representing the KDF, and he had the most knowledge of the Theurgy crew it seemed like he was constantly being assigned to work with them. Even so this job felt a little different from the usual labor he had been put too. It was a lot less 'roll this rock up a hill' and more of a 'hey shit is actually going wrong and your the most expendable person we have around.'

Chu'vok had not used either of those words, but the general had asked him to look into why a subspace relay had started to give off a red alert, and do so quietly. He had plenty of experience abusing subspace communications technology, so for once be it scientist pretending to be a spy, or spy pretending to be a scientist he actually felt qualified for this job. Add to that he had requested a pilot from the Theurgy and they had actually agreed to his request.

that had to mean his luck was changing right? that this was a sign of good fortune that he could carry forward with his head held high. Part of him had really hoped that he would get to work with Jaya, but instead he got a romulan Pilot Lillee.

"We're close to the location of the beacon, I'll let you in on the details we know so far."
Jack said leaning back.

"Approximately 24 hundred yesterday a subspace relay belonging to the empire started to give off a red alert distress call. This station, Phaldos is about as large as the earth's first international space station, no artificial gravity but it does support oxygen inside of it's interior." He brought up what he could of the interior design. It was small cramped, and narrow. "We don't know the full extent of the damage, so we will have to dock manually with the relay."

"Best case scenario, it's a false trigger, worst case scenario."
He held up his false arm. "this is what happened the last time I was aboard an old Klingon relic."

"Lastly due to the thin walls, no energy weapons, we don't want to punch a hole in the side of the station and get exposed to the vacuum of space."

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Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu |  Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @masorin

Sat at the helm of the shuttlecraft, Lillee tried not to react as the Klingon moved up near her, but she still couldn't help her lip curling in instinctive distaste. Unfortunately, however, she could hardly ignore him. Her own orders had been clear: fly the shuttle, do as Klingon said and treat him with respect. The man had apparently been a Starfleet officer once, so Lillee hoped fervently that she could do the first two. As for the third...well, she was an experienced solider and combat pilot. She could manage a modicum of professional respect for a few hours.


With the shuttle comfortably moving along at Warp 4, Lillee turned her seat around to regard Hi'Jak. The briefing was curt and surprisingly well spoken, but at the mention of his last experience boarding a subspace relay, Lillee frowned at the prosthetic arm. She had noticed it earlier, of course, but if he'd suffered that injury on a similar mission, it didn't bode well.

Lovely. Well, at least the beast doesn't smell like most Klingons. Perhaps this one has discovered bathing?

Shaking away the errant thought, Lillee focused. "You are not seriously expecting hostile activity, are you?" she asked skeptically. "I have not heard many reports of pirates and scavengers near Aldea. Even if there were, what would they want with a subspace relay station? They are almost worthless." She paused as her console beeped, and she turned in her seat. "We have the relay station on sensors. There don't appear to be any other ships, but this shuttlecraft's sensors are limited at this range. We won't know for certain until we drop out of warp."

Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[ I.I. Officer Hi'Jak | Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @Griff

The Romulan asked him if he anticapted any hostile activity Jack pulled forward his D'k Tahg the klingon hunting knife, looking it over for a moment checking that it was cared for, oiled and sharp. Once they were in the cramped space of the relay it would be one of the few actually dependable weapons they would have access too. "Yes."

"Or rather it is more to say, that it would be foolish not to expect hostile activity. We are going into an active red alert. We can't assume any form of safety. That's how you loose an arm and an eye."
Jack smiled a bit trying to lighten the mood with a bad joke, but it was true that he didn't want to feel easy this time around. He had slacked off before, and it had cost him deeply now he was trying to claw his way into a better life and honestly it was a harsh climb.

"As for relay's like this being worthless, you do know what these things do right?" He pointed out at the sensors they were using to read the area around them. "It's this, these relay stations are giant sensors, every day these stations carry thousands of terabytes of information and messages between every world in the empire, and they don't just transfer it, every message and piece of information is copied onto it's massive internal hard drives. These relay's carry every single message they have sent out or recieved for about a month, and then those are transmitted out to listening posts that intelegence officers are stationed at for recording. They keep copies of every ship that has passed them, every minor disturbance, every subspace anomaly, most of which are caused by cloaked ships in the area."

"This relay likely has everything from the first messages that the Theurgy transmitted to Aldea when it first arrived, to the manifest of every cargo ship that has passed through here in the last 3 weeks. You could use that information to plot everything from an assassination on a world leader to leak the location of a particular ship to a task force that will stop at nothing to find it." Jack hoped he was getting his point across without being patronizing, but he wanted to stress how important these relays actually were. "Information technology is the single most important advantage we have in a war, and Imperial Intelligence has been working round the clock to make sure no one knows that the Theurgy is here, If someone or something is accessing these relays and gets their hands on that information everything we work for could very easily be undone." He was a bit suprised that a romulan underestimated the value of subspace communications technology, but he also didn't want to stereotype his pilot to her face.

"Now take us out of warp, and lets hope there isn't a cloaked bird of prey ready to blow us to bits."
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Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu |  Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @masorin


At the Klingon's extensive explanation, Lillee's crenelated forehead furrowed. Oh, the Klingon was most certainly being patronising, even if the short briefing was both necessary and relevant. She bristled in irritation until he gave the order to decelerate.

"Dropping to impulse," she announced as she spun her chair back forward, working the controls, and the shuttle dropped out of warp. Out of the viewport, the whizzing stars were replaced by star-speckled blackness, with a clunky structure in the distance. "No ships in sight yet. We appear to be alone, unless the saboteurs are cloaked. Moving to dock with the relay station."

Then, quite unable to resist a jibe as she flew the shuttle in to dock, , she added, "It is curious that Klingon relay stations are so primitive. Romulan and Federation relays are much more sophisticated and have ways of protecting their data from intruders. Perhaps once we are done here, you can petition Captain Ives to replace this station with a new relay, one without such inferior technology?"

Lillee regretted her taunt as soon as she said it, but she could hardly pull the words back from thin air. "No apparent damage to the station," she said, hoping to gloss things over. "No lifesigns readings either, although it wouldn't take much to camouflage against this shuttle's sensors. The automated docking system is responding and is bringing us in."

Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[ I.I. Officer Hi'Jak | Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @Griff

"Oh hell yeah, Klingon infrastructure basically hasn't changed since the days of the one hundred years war, for proof of that just look at the Bird Of Prey and how it's constantly getting refitted." Hi'Jak knew for a fact that she was trying to get under his skin when it came to the talk about technology, but he had to agree, and in fact he did so readily putting down the infostructure that they were coming here to protect. "If I have learned anything from spying on the Federation it's that the Empire is in desperate need of infrastructural and agricultural reform. Heck even when I sent them plans for a brand new warp core taken from drydock plans, does anyone listen to me? The empire chooses numbers over scientific progress mass production over firewall protection, makes my job a lot harder I tell you that."

"If there is a cloaked ship they will probably wait till we have boarded the relay station to attack, blowing it up and taking our shuttle with it since it's a larger and slower target." Jack shrugged having voiced the morbid thought after the pilot had already started the docking process. He shrugged after a tense moment of silence followed his words.  "It's what I would do."

Still the fact that there was no exterior damage made him relax a little, even if he was terrified of the possibility of an enemy encounter he had to admit that not finding anything wrong immediately was both elating and also terrifying because it would make whatever was on the station tat much more terrifying. He got out of his seat and went to the back of the shuttle waiting for the door to open, once the place was online the lights of the relay station slowly turned on, and immidately Jack had a sinking feeling about this mission.

The moment his feet left the shuttle he started to float freely with no artifical gravity survaying the insides of the relay station where there was thankfully air for him to breath, it just smelled awful. "It stinks in here, the air is cleared no form of pathogen but it smells like..."

He reached the second room of the station, where a body greeted him, one that had been mummified in the sterile environment. It's flesh was so dried up that he couldn't immediately tell what race it was, turn it around however he recognized that it wasn't klingon, nor was it human. It's ears, and the dried green blood gave away it's origin point. If he had to guess, the thing had once been Romulan like his pilot. "A tomb."
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Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu |  Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @masorin


Well, it was hardly any fun if the Klingon agreed with her taunt. Lillee huffed privately as she followed the man into the relay station. her hand on her phaser. Weren't the Klingons supposed to be all prideful morons? Who gave this one permission to break the rules?

Of course, Lillee's private ruminations was all just a way of avoiding the deep apprehension in her stomach, but all levity vanished as they came upon the desiccated corpse. The stench was so rancid that Lillee gagged, turning away and covering her mouth. It took her a good few seconds to find the stomach to look back, but even then, she very nearly threw up, a thoroughly unpleasant thing to do in zero-G.

"Definitely...urgh...Romulan," she got out, trying very hard not to breathe. "Scavenger or...oh by all the Elements, that is revolting!" Not keen to stay, she drew her phaser and pushed off a bulkhead to glide on into the next room, a decision borne less out of bravery and more out of a desire to keep her stomach contents where they belonged. Confirming that the room was clear, she took a hesitant breath and was grateful that the stench didn't reach far.

Of course, the new room was little better. It was dark, claustrophobic and dirty; when Lillee came to a stop by grabbing a bulkhead, she winced at the grime that stuck to her hand. A small display was perched atop a piece of equipment on one side of the room, and Lillee gave it only a cursory glance. "Auxiliary life support control, not what we're looking for." She glanced back at her companion. "What could have killed that Romulan? A disruptor would have inflicted more damage than that."

Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[ I.I. Officer Hi'Jak | Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @Griff

"Beats me, I'm not a medical doctor, my doctorate was in agricultural studies," He did however check the body for any wounds or marks, finding a few things, but as far as he could tell the injuries were probably internal. If he had to guess the guy was probably left here by scavengers or his crew, pushed into a metal tube enough air to breath but no food or water. "I think it's one of the pirates." He said with a nod after checking for any identifying uniform and coming up blank.

"I've heard of this before, it's a form of capital punishment. You throw a guy you disagree with into one of these and let them starve to death no external communications or anyway to be found I imagine that there are probably a few of these relays that have bodies in them." He moved further into the relay passing under her due to how cramped this place was he did for a moment brush up against her but kept the contact completely professional a hand on her shoulder as he pushed past her.

He started to check the consoles, and download the information they had came for. "Still that wouldn't have triggered a red alert, leaving some guy to die inside one of these is cruel and unusual but it wouldn't have triggered an alert." After all it was a capital punishment, and one once employed by the empire.

As he was downloading files he noticed a red blinking light, attached to a small black box. Hi'Jak didn't know too much about incendiary devices, but he knew a bomb when he saw one. A countdown, he had started when he had accessed the console began. "We need to leave now."
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Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu |  Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @masorin


"What?" Lillee asked, confused. She glanced around her companion to see the inconspicuous black box attached the side of the console...and the steadily changing characters on its red digital display. Lillee was far from knowledgeable when it came to alien languages, but like most children, she'd learned basic alien numerals at school, from human to Cardassian to Klingon. Her eyes widened at the realisation that the numbers were flicking downward, and they were in double digits.

"Fvadt!" she swore loudly, launching herself back through the doorway and sprinting full tilt past the corpse. Rushing into the shuttle, she jumped into the pilot's chair, her hands immediately rushing to the controls.

"Hang on!" she shouted, not even bothering to check that Hi'Jak was with her as the shuttle detatched from the station. "Raise-"

And then an almighty bang hit the shuttle, sending both occupants flying.  Lillee was dazed for a moment, her ears ringing painfully as she lay on the deck, blinking dumbly.  "Ow," she said simply. The sheer idiocy of that snapped her to some semblance of rational thought, and she gingerly sat up, wincing at a sudden sharp pain from her left shoulder. The entire arm felt strangely numb. She preferred not to think too hard on why.

Another small problem: there was a hole in the shuttle. Nearly half a meter in diameter, Lillee looked through the hull breach directly out in space, she and Hi'Jak protected only by a flickering blue forcefield. The stars were a blur as the shuttle spun wildly out of control, and Lillee looked away at a sudden feeling of vertigo.

"Urgh," Lillee grunted as she awkwardly levered herself up onto the pilot's chair. She glanced back at Hi'Jak, realising that he was probably injured too, but she had no compassion to share. Besides, didn't all Klingons abstain from any external aid along with bathing? With one arm, Lillee worked the controls in front of her, blinking at a sudden wetness in one eye. A head wound. Wonderful. The green blood would look horrible in her hair.

"Warp drive is offline," she reported out of sheer habit. "Impulse engine is barely functional, weapons are offline, structural integrity...fvadt, it won't last more than a few minutes. This Aldean trash can doesn't have a transporter either. We need to land somewhere, somewhere where we can breathe." She took a deep breath to steady her nerves, focusing on the problem. "I can...I can put us down on just thrusters with a good glide trajectory. The shields weren't damaged in the blast, I think, they can handle atmospheric friction. Klin...ah, Hi'Jak, are there any class-M worlds in this system? Anywhere with a depot or an outpost? Anything we can use to make repairs? I know that this system is uninhabited, but there must be something we can use, yes?"
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Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[ I.I. Officer Hi'Jak | Aldean shuttle craft | En route to Phaldos Klingon Subspace Relay] Attn: @Griff
Jack had made it aboard the shuttle in the nick of time, the Romulan pilot closing the airlock and literally pushing him unto the deck. He'd been fine at that point, if a bit winded, his pulse beating in his ears, but when the explosion came, he'd been propelled into the bulkhead, smashing his shoulder and cutting his jaw on the edge of a console at the front of the Aldean shuttle. He wasn't even sure if he'd been cursing in Klingon or Federation Standard by the time the Petty Officer started to run through their options.

"Unless you can reroute power to the warp engines on this thing, we'll have to settle for Phaldos, but this dwarf planet below us has no atmo, and we'll have to get a distress call out immediately. We'll have to conserve all remaining power to keep life support online while we wait. Just try to get her down safe and sound first, and we'll think of something..."

Raking his mind for further options, Jack crawled over to a seat and began working on that distress call. He had the subspace frequencies to reach the shipyards and his handler - whom would never let him hear the end of this embarrassment - but communications were offline. "Damn it... I need to get this working, try to keep her as steady as possible while we go down! "

He was a spy, not a bloody engineer, but he knew his way around comm systems well enough. Preferably Klingon ones, though, or Federation. But this was an Aldean shuttle, and he really didn't have time to figure out what was what in the middle of an emergency landing. He had no room for thought about why there had been a bomb on the relay, much less whom might have placed it there. It made little sense, there being a pirate body left behind on it. Was it a punishment... or a message? For whom? With the relay gone, several comm feeds on Aldea Prime must have just gone dark too. Was that the ultimate purpose? Could it even be first step for an attack on the Aldeans?

Mind running rampant with possibilities, Jack bared his teeth and pushed it all away for the sake of deciphering the stuff behind the panel of the shuttle's console. "What's our status?" he called over the din inside the shuttle as the damage sent sparks flying over them. The fire suppression systems weren't online either, and they were bathed in the flare of leaking plasma in the aft compartments of the shuttle as well. "I think I know how to get the distress call out... I just need another minute..."

If they had that much. Jack sure hoped the Theurgy had sent him a good pilot...

Re: Day 15 [0930 hrs.] Agony, and Red Alert
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[PO3 Lillee t'Jellaieu |  Aldean Shuttlecraft] Attn: @Auctor Lucan


Amidst the screaming of alarms, Lillee concentrated on the controls as the Klingon answered her question. A dwarf planet wasn't ideal, but it was something. Even without atmosphere, it meant that they could land, shut down some systems and have some gravity to work with, not to mention have a place to hide if the pirates returned. The alarms quickly grew grating, and Lillee hissed in irritation as she navigated the unfamiliar Aldean control panel before finding the control sequence to squelch them. The idea that only an unstable forcefield sealed the hull breach chilled Lillee's blood, and she tried not to look at it.

"Phaldos, then," she said through gritted teeth, her working right arm flying over the controls. A loud ping shrilled as debris bounced off the hull, and Lillee looked up in alarm before refocusing on her controls. Phaldos wasn't far away, the now-destroyed relay having been using it as a gravitational anchor, but damaged as the shuttle was, even a few hundred thousand kilometers could be too much. Nevertheless, Lillee carefully corrected their roll with thrusters and gingerly brought the impulse engines up to minimum thrust for a hard burn to Phaldos.

The shuttle's damaged engines whined in distress but the shuttle accelerated nevertheless, and Lillee focused on keeping them steady. Hi'Jak said something about repairs, but she ignored him as irrelevant, rolling her left shoulder experimentally then gasping at the lance of pain that resulted. Her eyes watering, she just let the numb arm hang. It wasn't long before the 'dwarf' planet began to grow very large in the viewport.

"What's our status?" The Klingon's loud query broke through to Lillee, and she glanced at him. The Klingon looked like a mess, bloodied and sooty as sparks fizzled on him. Lillee glanced back, saw the smoke slowly starting to fill the cabin behind them, and cursed in Rihannsu.

"The impulse reaction chamber is cracked," she reported. Her hand blurred over the controls, frantically trying to do several things at once. "Ignore the plasma fire, it won't kill us for a few minutes. I've got a landing site...hang on!" The damaged impulse engines whined painfully, but nevertheless the shuttle slowed drastically, the grey dwarf planet now filling the entire viewport as they raced towards it.

"I think I know how to get the distress call out... I just need another minute..."

"Then do it quick, we're landing soon!" Lillee hissed, her hand moving even faster as the impulse engine whined even louder, further feeding the growing plasma fire behind them. Grey rock zipped down the viewport at dizzying speed, far too fast to land, but then Lillee did something desperate.

The impulse engine, already stressed, now screamed in raw agony, but the shuttle slowed dramatically. Aiming for a small cliff, Lillee flipped the shuttle around, and flying backward, the shuttle decelerated yet further, steadily growing lower, until they finally made contact with the ground, jolting both Lillee and Hi'Jak in their chairs. The shuttle skidded roughly for a few moments before coming to a sharp stop, jolting both its wounded occupants even more, Lillee's numb arm smacking the console.

"AIEEEEEE!" she gasped in pain, buckling over in her chair at the jolt of agony. Shuddering, she reached back to the controls with her working arm. "Shutting down impulse engines...aiiiiiieeee...and non...non-essential systems...redirecting everything to structural integrity and life support." Panting and sweating profusely, painfully aware of the green blood on her brow, she looked to Hi'Jak. "How...are you okay?"
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