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2368: Starfleet Academy: Science Issues

[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr

Science PADDs, they had been stacked on his desk for days now as he kept going over them yet found no logic in them. The Vulcan professor they had claimed it to be nothing more BUT logic. God he hated the guts of that pointy eared dude. All Thomas wanted was to get back in the simulator, behind the stick of whatever could fly. He had spent most, if not his entire, life in space and found it hard to adjust to Earth. The gravity, the people, the green, the water, all of it seemed alien to him as so many other humans around him seemed to feel right at home. He had wondered how the alien races looked at Earth. Did they share the same feelings as he did or was he just an isolated case?

He sighed as he looked over at his roommate another second year cadet. It seemed like the Orion was more pre occupied with picking up freshmen cadets than his study. A hobby that sometimes had its benefits for Thomas as lonely nights were filled with passion at times. At the age of 19, who could blame him really as his hormones ran at full effect. "Hey Dash'ur! Dash!" he called out to his green companion "Djeez, is all that sex making you deaf?" he joked as the roommate replied "No, just your endless whining." The two of them threw some things at each other before they started laughing "Hey man, you wouldn't happen to know anyone that would tutor me for science right?" The orion man gave it some thought "Oh, I remember this girl from a couple of weeks ago... Her friend was a science girl, but wasn't around to be charmed by yours truly."he smirked as Thomas rolled his eyes "Man, that cock of yours will get you killed some day." The Orion simply laughed as he shook his head "Sure, I'll ping you the location where she resides. Tell her I said hi." Ravon could only shake his head before he gathered the PADDs and shoved them in a shoulder bag.

He took a shower first and wore the standard duty uniform as he stepped out of the living block he resided in. The weather was fine, sunny yet with a brisk chill, yet the boy didn't mind the breeze as it was an overall warm day. He checked the coordinates of the block he had to go to and realized it would be a nice walk. The grounds of the academy were beautiful really, alien, but beautiful. The view on the bay was breath taking at times especially during stormy weather. Unlike most others, Thomas enjoyed bad weather, the view of nature wrecking havoc against the cliffs mostly soothed the young cadet. After about forty five minutes he arrived at the correct housing block and realized that he probably should've checked if anyone was home. All he had was a name so that wasn't exactly a lot to go on. He chimed at the entrance and waited patiently for someone to open up or answer his call.

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[First Year Cadet Zephyr Praise | Shared Cadet Quarters | Starfleet Academy | San Fransisco | Earth]

Zeph sat at her desk it was covered in various PADDs with various books, documents, half written papers, and a few journals of research notes.  It was a sight to behold for certain, but then Zeph had never much minded she had needed the space and of course with any intelligent woman, or male for that matter, it also over flowed her desk here and there.  Stacks of books on the floor of things that she had discarded or forgotten to take back to the Starfleet Library.  Every night before bed as she stepped out of their shared bathroom in her Pjs she saw the book stack and lamented about the fines she was likely attaining day by day but in the morning new ideas sparked and new notes took over the fountain of already existing paper and the books were momentarily forgotten.

The cycle was as real as it was harsh.

“Hey Z, are you comin' tonight?”

Andromeda, her room mate, with her vibrant red hair stood behind Zeph some distance by her own wardrobe and held up different dresses and outfits up in front of her watching herself in the mirror.  Zeph sighed and brushed her dark curls out of her face, and turned her hazel-green eyes over to the red headed woman that was too busy to look over at her roomate.

“Nah!  I got to finish this paper, and besides, last time I went out with you I don't even remember it.”

Andy laughed.  “I know right?!  That makes it the best.  Aww memories.”

“Or .. lack there of.” Zeph chuckled and shook her head.

There was a chime at the door and Zeph grumbled.  She really didn't need someone else interupting her at this moment.  She really wanted to get this done so she could go play in the Botanical Labs again, she had been volunteering there a lot lately and it made her happy.  It reminded her of home, it reminded her of her passions, and she was constantly learning something new.  “Did you invite your boys over?” she asked Andy twisting in her chair so she could see the red head who had just pulled on a dress likely three sizes too small but did wonders for the curves that she had shoved in them.

“No.. no way, I only did that once and I still remember waking up to the spray bottle.”

Zeph laughed and gave a single shouldered, unapologetic shrug.  “Yeah... well you kept me up all night.” 

Andy grinned and shrugged heading to the door as Zeph returned to the information in front of her.  Looking through the same paragraph she had now read three times.  When the door opened Thomas would find himself staring at a bright blue eyed, red haired, tight dressed female cadet.  She sized him up and down and gave a wide grin.

“Well... hello.”  she grinned.  “I don't believe we've met, but we should have.  You must be here for me, I'm sure you heard rumors of my amazing skill set.”

Zeph from behind the woman, though not paying attention to the suitor at the door.  “Laying it on a bit thick, Andy.”

Andy scowled and held her hand out to the boy.  “I'm Andromeda, and you are?”

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr

As time passed by Thomas simply waited for the door to open. When it finally did he felt himself swallowing hard as the blue eyes redhead took up his attention. He blinked a few times before his natural charm flowed in, the confident fly boy to be smiling as his cheeks did flush a little. He was caught in the web of the girl as the dress seemed to be made for her entirely,of course he knew nothing of dress sizes, but man did it bring out the best in her!

"Pleasure is all mine." he smiled as he took the hand of the redhead and chivalrous as always kissed the back of her hand. It wasn't like Dash hadn't taught him a few tricks here and there "What kind of skillset might that be?" he questioned her with a smug grin as he surely could forget about his science tutoring with her around. Yet another voice from behind her brought the pilot to be back with both feet on the ground. Thomas had to smirk at the response before the redhead introduced herself "Thomas, very nice to meet you." he smiled as he introduced himself.

As he had been brought to reality by the other girl's voice he figured he should take use of the momentum "Say Andromeda... You wouldn't happen to be good at Science subjects would you? I'm sort of looking for someone to... Tutor me a little." he asked as he figured science also involved biology. He surely wanted to inspect the woman's biology closer right now... Check some of the biology classes he had followed were on par with the actual living thing.

He cursed himself in his head before he smirked a little 'Sure, Dash is going to get himself killed by chasing his cock.' he thought to himself before he looked back at Andromeda "More specifically the second year subjects. Science behind botany, chemistry and the sorts." he clarified.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise – First Year | Shared Quarters | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth]

Ugh.  Every time.

Zeph was a romantic at heart, like the sort that fell in love with characters in the Holo-novels that she read the kind that would adore some flowers, poetry, dates, and the works.  But boys here seemed to enjoy the finer arts of extricating a woman from her clothing and very interested in the finer arts of Anatomy and Physiology as well as the centers for pleasure and control than actual romance.  She supposed, at some point, she would run into the 'right guy' but thus far she wasn't in a hurry and she sure hadn't found anyone here that even scratched the surface.  It seemed that the guy, who ever he was, at the door was much the same if the words Zeph could hear, was much the same. 

Andy, was eating it up, but then she always was.  That was her thing, and eventually she supposed that Andy would get bored of it and actually focus on her studies. 

“I'm sure you can imagine.” Andy answered Thomas' inquiry on her skill set before she received his name.  “I'm sure the pleasure will be all mine.”

Andromeda was putting on all the show that she could.  Leaning against the door frame as Thomas said her name and asked if she was good at Science.  He was looking for someone that was able to Tutor him in the art of Science.  Suddenly, her face fell, and her lower lip popped out into a pout.  She sagged slightly against the door frame again and brushed her red hair behind her ear and clicked her tongue for a moment.

“Ugh.  Zephyr!  This one is for you, he wants to make pretty science babies with you!”  she called out as the woman quickly ducked into the door and grabbed her red heels before slipping them on.  “Use protection!  Do everything I would do!  Have fun!”

Zeph rose her brow, and looked over.  The door had been left wide open, Andy was gone having given a wave to Ravon as she passed, before heading off for her night of fun.  Zeph could only be seen as a shadow for the moment but she rose and made her way over towards the door.  As the light outside hit her better, he would see that she was slight of frame but she had a bit of curves to her.  Her hair was long and fell all the way down to her hips, in supple brown curls.  Her eyes were hazel-green and fringed with dark lashes.  Unlike Andy she didn't wear any make up and she wasn't in her cadet uniform either at the moment.  She wore a pair of comfortable jeans, a tank top over which a sweater was hung over it, and hung off of one shoulder because it was several sizes too big for her slight frame but was very comfortable. 

She wore no shoes as she slid her thumbs into the pockets of her jeans and paused in the doorway.

“Uh, hey, so.. um... what did you need me for?” she asked him curiously, a bit shyly brushing her hair behind her ears.  Her sweater sleeves were pushed up to her elbows leaving her forearms bare.  There were a few bruises here and there but they were unexplained and it didn't seem like she was interested in getting them healed.  There was also a long, healed scar, running up her inner forearm. 

“I'm Zephyr by the way.” she stated, in case Andy's shrill scream hadn't been enough.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy grounds | San Francisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr

Andromeda was pretty hard to keep your eyes off as she put on the show that accentuated everything just that tad more. Yet the posture and attitude changed entirely as he had brought up the science bit. He could see her face lose the flirty composure as she pouted. The girl sagging slightly against the door before he could hear the click of her tongue.  He felt his chances for human biology cross checking decline before he smiled at Andromeda as she called out for her friend.

The teen's lips parted as he wanted to object, yet he could see the humor in the situation. He watched Andromeda snag her heels as she made the situation worse really for Thomas. The man simply stood there as he sagged his head down and licked his lips wet. "Bye Andromeda." he said with a forced smile as he watched her head off, heels clicking and those hips swaying. Man, why did he have to come here for tutoring classes?

With a sigh he looked at the open door,, the shadow of the science girl moving as she walked closer to the door. He smiled carefully as she came better into sight. The long brown hair and natural beauty of Zephyr was something that made Thomas gawk at her. The comparison with her roommate was incredible, where the redhead had been all about accentuation her curves and looks, the brunette girl was more natural if not entirely natural. She had a sort of aura around her that just radiated natural beauty.

Thomas straightened himself up as he looked into the hazel-green eyes, seemingly drowning in them as she came some closer before pushing her thumbs in the pockets of her jeans. The off duty outfit was fitting her surprisingly well and the new set of questions stacked up in Thomas his head. Wondering where the bruises came from and what the scar meant.

He hadn't even heard her pose her first question as he looked at Zephyr as she introduced herself once more. "Oh, right... Uhm, Hello, my name is Thomas." he smiled as he introduced himself once more. He didn't move past the door as he figured it'd be rude to enter one's quarters without consent. A lesson drilled into him whilst he was residing in the space station of his youth.

"I uhm... I was told that you might be able to help me? I need some tutoring for my science subjects. Though I'm a second year cadet though. I just need someone to walk me through it cause I err... I... It doesn't make any sense to me." he said as he reached behind his head to scratch the back of his head.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Cadet Quarters | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth]

He seemed spaced out.

New meaning to the term Space Cadet? she thought as he stared right at her, almost through her.  She blushed slightly, she wasn't used to such attention.  She wasn't unattractive or anything but any time she was out with Andromeda she became the background girl and usually just faded out until she could find the opportunity to leave.  That was usually what she did, Zeph preferred studying and spent most of her time bettering her knowledge or working in the Botanical Labs.  She stood there in the frame of the door way waiting for him to answer her but he was still very much lost.  Then all of a sudden, he seemed to refocus on the task at hand.

He gave his name to her and his answer was a warm and sweet smile from the petite woman that was quite interested in what he was doing at her door.  She hadn't missed the way he had drooled after Andromeda but it didn't hurt her either.  She had no stake in the man at her door step and Andromeda was the sort that entertained many.  If she decided to entertain Thomas that wasn't something Zephyr would be put out about.  Zeph was currently, not the sort of girl that most men had been interested in, right now they were all about sowing their oats and enjoying the pleasures of freedom in environments such as this.  However, Zeph hoped that he was here for something more than that.

Certainly, something had brought him to her door.

Finally, he got to the point, and Zeph's brow rose slowly on her face.  Brow arching in surprise as he mentioned that he needed to be tutored.  He was a second year cadet, mentioned by his own words and that caught her by surprise that he would come to her.  Most men wouldn't have wanted to take the hit to their status to ask to be tutored by a first year.  She smiled though, warmly, and enthusiastically.

“Sure!  Come on in.  The place is a bit of a mess, as I'm not used to having guests.” she admitted as she backed away from the door and allowed him entrance so that the door could swish closed again.  It was easy to see which side of the room was hers and which side was Andromedas.  There was even a pair of lacey panties laying on the corner of Andromeda's bed, either she had forgotten to put them on or they were discarded for the lack there of.  But there they were in plain view.  Her side of the room was full of make up, hair brushes, clothes piled over the back of her desk chair and books and PADDS that hadn't been touched must at all.

Then there was Zephyr's side.  Her bed was made, but that was the cleanest thing there was.  There was a picture frame on her end table of her and two women that could be nothing else but her sisters.  Then one of Zeph and her very human father, as well, he wore a Engineering uniform complete with the pips for his rank as Lieutenant.  Her desk was a mess, but she moved some of the papers to the side and onto the bed so that she could make room for Thomas to sit as she had no idea the kinds of things he was going to need help on.

“I actually take a couple second year classes, so have a seat.” she said brushing some of her hair out of her face.  She went across the room and unburdened Andy's chair of it's clothing and tossed it all on the bed.  As she turned she whacked her knee painfully on the metal support for the chair and winced slightly before she rubbed the spot.  Once the pain was gone she grabbed the chair and carried it over to the desk that she used putting it down she motioned for him to sit.

“Have a seat, be comfortable, did you want something to drink or anything?' she asked as she headed over to the replicator in the wall to get herself some water so it was no trouble to get him something as well.  Quickly, she got the water and whatever he wanted, if he requested anything, and then she turned back to head to the desk putting her replicated things on the desk in front of them.  Zeph twisted in her chair, close to him now, just a foot or two separated them in the small Quarters, and her bed was right next to the desk so it was all very close and small.  Still, she gave him a smile that would warm her face and eyes significantly.

“What exactly are you needing help with?” she inquired curiously.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Shared Cadet Quarters | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr

The warm, sweet smile could've warmed up the coldest hearted person, or so Thomas believed as he smiled back at her in turn. The brow on her face made it clear that she was unsure why the man had showed up at her quarters and truthfully he couldn't blame her. In time the cadet invited him in and as he entered he took in on his new surroundings. His eyes moving across the shared quarters as the more messy side of Andromeda's quarters filled his focus. The discarded piece of lace catching his attention before he pushed his eyes further. It reminded him a little of Dash and it made him smirk and laugh softly on the spot.

"You know, your roommate reminds me of my own. He's a womanizer and a chaotic at best, though I think they've met before in the past." he shrugged before his eyes drifted to the more neatly organized place of Zephyr. Despite the mess on the desk it all looked pretty pristine. He glanced over the pictures before he watched the petite brunette wander off to her roommate's part of the room to grab him a chair. He was about to suggest to take it over from her when she hit her knee at one of the metal supports. The face of Thomas took a painful grimace as he heard the sound and he asked "You alright?"

Thomas his face paled a little as he learned that Zephyr was a first year cadet. Would she or Andromeda now think lesser of him? The idea gnawed at the back of his head, yet he filed it away. "You must be pretty gifted to already take second year classes." he complimented her "I'm not that bright when it comes to science clearly." he said with a soft laugh. Using humor to bite away the gnawing feeling.

Zephyr managed to drag it up to her desk without further ado before offering him the seat. The pilot nodded and took his seat as he pulled the bag from over his shoulder and placed it on his lap. A drink didn't sound as bad as he knew he'd need to focus "Some coffee would be delightful if it's not too much trouble." he smiled at her as he watched her walk over to the replicator. The place was all in all pretty cozy and small. He looked at her bed and hoped he wouldn't intrude any plans she had. He waited patiently for her to finish up with the drinks before she walked towards him and delivered them on her desk.

As she asked him what he needed help on he pulled out the stack of PADD's from his bag. "All of this really..." he murmured, a bit of shame in his voice as he figured he should've understood these subjects regardless. Despite not being a science nerd "It really makes no sense to me at all. I don't get why they hand me these lectures as I'm training for Tac CONN." he sighed. He looked over at Zephyr as he let her look through the stack, after a while he mentioned "Also uhm.. If I'm keeping you up or if you had other plans... I can come back later or anything."

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[First Year Cadet Zephyr Praise | Cadet Quarters | Starfleet Academy | Earth]

Zeph rose her brow curiously, once more, as Thomas laughed.  Explaining himself he admitted that her room mate reminded him of his own.  That he was a womanizer and chaotic at best.  Zeph chuckled too and gave a nod.  “Andy is definitely something special, she likes to go out and party.  She hardly ever actually sleeps here.  I can't, sleep if she does her thing here so she's actually pretty understanding about it.”

She didn't tell Thomas she was empathic, so anything that Andy did in the bed just several feet away from her own was something that Zephyr could feel.  It wasn't that she didn't have mental shields but when you were exhausted and annoyed it was too hard to keep all the new emotions out.  Especially, when they were currently so strong.  It was awkward, but, luckily Andy didn't seem to mind sleeping in the beds or .. whatever of the other cadets she entertained and that worked just fine for Zeph.  That way if she fell asleep over a book on Botany and it's latest techniques she didn't have to worry about being rudely woken up. 

After hitting her knee she nodded and gave a sigh.  “Nothing I don't do to myself a few times a day, if I make it an hour without grabbing myself another dark mark on my skin I call it a miracle.” she admitted as she finally got the chair over to him.  She was clumsy, she always had been, and likely always would be.  She sat down she could tell he was slightly unnerved by something, likely the fact that she was only a first year cadet helping him out, but then, she couldn't be certain and she wasn't going to probe him about it.  It didn't really matter if she could help him she would, if she couldn't she knew some second year Science cadets that could do a better job. 

“Uh well, I guess, but … Botany has always been my thing, so … it's not like I didn't have a good amount of knowledge about it before I showed up.  I've always been into plants and the world around me.” she gave a shrug of her shoulder.  Totally, completely, normal right?

She gave a smile.  “Well I think that everyone has weaknesses when it comes to intelligence, like for me Engineering and a slew of other topics are what I struggle with, but at least there is this, and I”m good at it.  Just like I'm sure you're good at something too, or you wouldn't be in the Academy.” she reminded him with a bright smile on her face as she looked over at him, rather enjoying having company it was a nice change from her books being her best friend.

She had brought him the coffee he had asked for and now it was time to figure out just what it was that they were going to be working on.  When he pulled out a stack of PADDs she couldn't help but laugh.  “Been holding back on a bit of work, I think.” she chuckled as she tucked some of her bangs behind her ear trying to figure out where to start.  She figured the top was a good a place as any so she took the PADD From the top of the stack and turned it on to see what the work was that he was struggling with.

She thumbed through the information on the screen and then looked up, her lovely eyes locking onto his as he told her that he hoped he wasn't keeping her from anything.  “Ugh, well you're totally ruining my super amazing social life as you can tell by all the people beating on my door and all the chiming of my personal PADD since you've been here.” she said sarcastically with a huge smile on her face.  “Nah, I'm not... I don't do what Andy does, she and I are different.  I'd rather find good friends to hang out with and not a different dude to have sex with every day.” she blushed heavily as she said that last part, Zeph was very naive when it came to those kinds of things. 

“So you're working on Botanical Biology, that happens to be my specialty.”  she said as she scooted her chair closer to his so they could do this more easily.  She pulled up one of the images that they could use for the lesson and began to point out the various things.  Trying to give him good and easy descriptions to the words that he was going to have to later give the definitions to.  Sometimes they used huge words to describe already complicated words.  Still, she was glad that she could help and this was her ultimate passion so she didn't mind talking about it. 

Who knew?  Maybe he would have an appreciation for Botany once he was done with all her tutoring.

Botanical Reformation?  That could be a thing, right?

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Shared Cadet Quarters | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 

Hearing how understanding Andromeda was for her roommate made Thomas chuckle as he shook his head. It was a thing Dash never really did. He just brought girl after girl to their quarters to spend the night. Sometimes things got heated and it wouldn't have been the first time that Thomas had been asked to join in for a threesome. He had declined most of the offers of course yet on some night, the offer was just too tempting to let down. Shaking out the idea of his mind he looked back at Zephyr as she had taken her seat.

As the science cadet spoke of botany as if it was the most normal thing in life, Thomas frowned slightly as he didn't really get what was so interesting about plant life. He was however very grateful that she had developed a keen sense of the subject. "Where are you from?" he asked curiously as perhaps plant life on one of the colonies could possibly suck up one's interest in the subject.

The girl's word did inspire him slightly as she reminded him that he'd probably be good at something. Flying was indeed one of his fortes, along with tactical subjects. He smiled slightly as he couldn't help but joke "So uhm... What's Andromeda's strong suit?" Despite the lovely looks of the red head he wasn't really that interested into her, well not for anything long term probably. After hearing Zephyr's answer he continued "I'm a Tac conn kind of guy. So I'm good at flying and aerial/space maneuvers. So I'd gladly help with any subjects if you need the help that is." he offered, though he doubted the girl would need any help.

He nipped from the fresh replicated coffee as the first year cadet began to look through his stack. With a shrug he admitted "Well... I sort of did. I tried to get my head wrapped around it, yet... Well it didn't really make any sense and I ended up reading the first chapter over and over again. After a while, I suppose I just..." he stopped there with another shrug as he warmed his hands by the cup.

A laugh leaving Thomas as she sarcastically answered his question about keeping her from anything. He nodded and eventually it turned into his head shaking "Hey, I don't know how many airmen have come down knocking on your door for science help? For all I know you might already have a harem secretly stashed away in your perfect side of the quarters?" he joked "Or worse, they're being used as fertilizer for any botanical hobby stuff?" he smirked.

His face brightened up and he smiled broadly as she announced that Botanical Biology was her specialty. "Really?" he asked hopeful. He watched her scoot closer, the two of them sat pretty close to look over some of the basic images. He did his best to keep up with her as she described and explained everything on an understandable level. Sometimes she lost him and they had to start back from the start in order for him to get the bigger picture. She was met more than once with a man next to her that was scratching with his fingers through his hair as his eyes narrowed at what she was saying. He did his best to not ask too many stupid questions and some times he just looked lost at the petite brunette. Yet once he grasped what she had explained him he held on to it.

The tutoring however seemed to go natural for Zephyr as it felt to Thomas that this wasn't her first time she explained things to someone. Time quickly went by and the pilot began to get a grasp of the more scholar-like words. Still it would take more time and effort to fully understand the entire stack of PADDs he had dragged along to her. A quick glance on the clock soon had Thomas realizing that they had been at it for four hours. He leaned back as he stretched himself and looked over at Zephyr.

"Hey, we've been at it for a few hours... And well, you're fucking terrific at explaining all this science plant stuff." he smiled before he tapped his stomach "But, I am getting a bit hungry... Are you?" he asked, continuing before hearing her answer "If you are, the least I could do is buy you a snack? I mean, I know a good place just outside Academy grounds. Something these Terrans call sushi or something."

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ]

Studying went well, for the most part, and she didn’t mind bringing things down to a level that he could understand.  Her eyes shifted to him, the hazel green color catching his eyes when she moved hers to meet his own while he asked a question.  About where she was from.  Her brow rose, because for the most part she was really bad at talking to boys.  She supposed it was different this time because he was here to get help with his school work.  So the bumbling and shy Zephyr wasn’t really present at the moment.  She smirked slightly, taking a break from the PADD she had grown accustomed to starting at and leaned back in her seat.

“Well, I was raised on a ship and on Betazed.” She explained.  “Sometimes we traveled with my father but for the most part we stayed on Betazed and were raised there.  Despite all the stigma of only being half Betazoid, it didn’t’ really matter to me.” 

She was about to give out more information on herself but stopped before she could.  He hadn’t asked for her life story only just where she was from.  She probably should have been much more concise about her answer to begin with.  Just Betazed would have worked just fine but no she had to give him a whole lot more than that.  More than he asked for or needed.  With a sigh she tried to refocus herself.  I can’t believe I just did that, way to be over zealous Zephyr, your bumbling knows no bounds. she teased herself and brushed some of her dark hair out of her face.

Then he asked about Andromeda, and her brow fell from it’s peak.  That figures, she is the type for every boy out there.  She breathes and there are boys at our door, it’s really ridiculous.  Zeph had always felt very homely next to someone like Andromeda.  But, she also wasn’t the sort to flaunt or really dress up her looks.  She was more natural and probably therefore plain.  But she had a huge heart if people got to know her.  “Well, other than Student Relations?” she teased and blushed a bit, then shook her head.  “that’s mean, but um, she’s actually really inclined in Security.  She’s very protective but I feel like her uhhh.. hobbies will hinder that at some point.  She can be a bit single minded.” She gave a quick shrug of her shoulder.  He told her that he was gifted at tactics and if she ever needed help to let him know.

“I’m definitely going to do that, actually, because, I am horrible at that kind of thing.  Give me plants or whatever and I can make something out of it, show me a battlefield and it just looks like we’re playing a game.” She admitted and brushed her hair out of her face gently.

They worked together on the Science for a while.  The botany and his homework.  They weren’t going to get it all done or anything but they were certainly going to get some of it done.  They toiled, and drank, and enjoyed a bit of playful banter.  Zeph found herself rather comfortable with him.  She smiled at him giving a bit of a laugh with his thoughts that she might have some harem of men that came to secretly ask for her Science help or more than that have them stashed away in her room.  She looked around playfully and sighed.  “I guess I must have given them all the night off.” Then she blushed, because she wasn’t used to joking like that.  She was not the sort of woman that really got a lot of male attention, that was Andromeda.  Who replicated her uniforms a couple sizes to small and squeezed into them like a second skin.  She was the one the boys here went for.  Her bookish room mate was just collateral.

They got to the point where they had finished a bit of his work and then he leaned back and stretched.  Zephyr rubbed her eyes tiredly.  She had stared at a PADD for hours now and she could use a break.  He told her that she was fucking amazing at Science and she blushed severely looking down at her hands.  “Tha..thanks.” she stuttered out.  She wasn’t normally someone that did that but it was nice to hear a compliment.  They were few and far between at the Academy when you were surrounded by like minded and equally smart people vying for the same kind of positions that you were.  He asked if she was hungry.  She thought about how she could eat, and her stomach rumbled about the same time.

She chuckled nervously.  “Actually, yeah, it’d be nice to take a break and eat a bit.” She said as she got up and stretched her arms up over her head.  Trying to get the muscles to stretch out a little bit.  One of her shoulders popped slightly before she let her arms back down.  She grabbed up a hair tie and piled her long hair up into a messy bun because it got annoying sometimes on the back of her neck.  “I’m up for this sushi thing.  And for getting off of campus.”  She smiled at him as she stepped into her shoes and grabbed up her ID and things so that she could pay for her food and what not before she smiled over at Thomas.

“You can leave your stuff here so you don’t have to lug it, and come back for it on the way back to your Quarters.” She offered thinking itd be better than lugging his PADDs all over the place.  Once he decided one way or another she stepped outside into the cool air with him and let him lead the way. 

“So what are kind of assignment are you hoping to get when you graduate?” she asked.  “Massive ship?  Small place?  Planetary defenses?”

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr

Coming to learn that she grew up on Betazed made the second year cadet smile "I heard it's a lovely place. I've never been there though..." he commented, not really minding that she elaborated about the subject. However she did seem to stop herself dead in her tracks. He was curious what she meant with the stigma of being half Betazoid, yet he didn't pursue it as he just gained a new insight in his science assignment and quickly implemented it. He saw her brush her hair to the side just in time as he got a more decent look of her facial features. It made him smile, yet he refrained from making any comment about it.

The joke made Thomas laugh and he shook his head "It isn't mean if it's true." he shrugged before being surprised that she'd be trying to fit in a security position. He didn't really see the seductive woman in that position or maybe it would fit her. Regardless it had made him choke up on the water has drinking and it made him cough as he tried to laugh it off with a sore throat for a few seconds.

If he had been drinking a tad later as she spoke of tactics like it were a game, he'd probably choke on the drink some more. He chuckled "Tactics could be considered like a game really... You just need to remind yourself that it are actual people that you're putting on the line. Which sometimes hinders you from performing great and risky tactics. Some people say that if you consider it like a game you'll make some risky and bold moves, but might get the job done." he explained "But I'll show you all about the wonders of it when you need it." he answered her with a smile as he carefully bumped his shoulder against hers.

Hearing her joke about having given her harem of men the night off made Thomas laugh a bit louder as he noticed her blush about the comment. The red flushed cheeks looked good on her, even more so as he had complimented her on her science skills, but again, he didn't comment her. As the night progressed and their work slowly came to an end for today, Thomas followed her example as he stretched himself, looking with a cocked brow at her as she popped one of her shoulder "I swear at some point I think you're going to just fall apart." he joked.

As she agreed to the sushi place and heading off campus, he smiled amused and happily as he started to pack his things into his bag. He stole a few glances as she tied up her hair and once packed her left the bag in the seat as she mentioned he could leave it there. "Fair enough." he murmured as he let her open the door for him before walking out in the cool night air.

It had been a lovely night with the stars somewhat visible despite the light pollution and the stray clouds. He started walking towards the exit of the campus with her as he engaged with her in small talk. Asking how she found life on Earth, if she had a lot of friends in the academy. As the two of them walked through the security checkpoint he did occasionally bump gently against her as if he was drawn to get closer to her. Sometimes it'd just be his hand brushing against hers or his arms against hers. Once though he shoulder bumped her. He apologized every single time as he looked away after such an incident and soon enough they made their ways through the streets of San Francisco.

It did seem to cool down rather quickly though as Thomas pointed towards the illuminated entrance of the sushi place. It was more comfortable temperature wise inside as there weren't a lot of customers. The waitress indicated that they could pick where they sat and Thomas let Zephyr decide where to sit. Wherever they'd sit though a conveyor system would be in front of them as it passed by small tiny plates with a single kind of sushi preparation in front of them. They could pick and taste it and grab more as they deemed fit. There was a built in holoprogram in the table that showed what exactly each passing piece of sushi consisted of. Thomas ordered the first round of drinks for them as he felt relaxed and at easy around the petite brunette.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth |  Sushi Restaurant]

Zephyr smirked softly as he told her that she might just fall apart at some point.  She wasn't a muscular girl, she was very slender, had a little bit in the way of curves but her over sized sweater hid a lot of what she might possibly have to offer, other than her hair.  Which fell down towards her hips until she tied it up and back allowing her face and neck to be free of the weight that it amassed.  She was just glad that they could get a break, and at least now she could tell  Andromeda that she had gone out with a guy.  She wouldn't even stretch it to call it a date, it was definitely just food after studying type thing.  She doubted that he was interested in her any more than the desire to get closer to her voluptuous room mate.

“Shame you're not a medical student.” she grinned over at him.

They headed out and occasionally they bumped into each other with some part of their body or another.  Her hand brushed his, or his shoulder brushed hers, or something to the effect.  They would both apologize, she would blush, and nearly trip over her own feet.  Which would create him catching her arm with his hand so that she didn't get any more bruises tonight and her feeling far more embarassed about the whole situation.

Thomas was a good guy though, and the walk to the sushi place was really quite pleasant.  They entered and found a row of a conveyor belt that swung through the building around which were seats so that you could sit and eat.  Each table was equipped with a holo display that would say what was in each roll as it went by so that you weren't left guessing if it was something that you liked.  Zeph had never been the sort not to want to try new food so she wasn't overly concerned what was in it and she had no allergies that were known to her at this point.  Sitting down at a table that she picked at random, they began to read through the holodisplay while waiting for something they might like to come through.  She eventually picked one that was wrapped in seaweed, with rice, tuna, and some vegetables. 

She opened the small container and had no idea what to do with the small wooden sticks that came with the plate.  So she stuck them to the side and decided that her fingers would do just fine tonight. 

“Thanks for bringing me out.  I probably would have just headed to the caf if I had really wanted something to eat, but honestly probably would have decided it wasn't worth venturing out and just fallen asleep instead.” she admitted as she took a bite of her delicious food and chewed.  It was different, the texture, and taste, everything.  But, it was good and Zeph knew she had picked correctly, she only hoped that Thomas would feel the same way.

As they sat there she looked over at Thomas, he had asked where she was from but she hadn't gotten a chance to ask the same. 

“So where are you from?  I'm curious about Thomas Ravon and his history leading up until he knocked on my door looking for Science help.” she smiled shyly and took another bite of her sushi.  She could do sushi, she probably would from time to time.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Starfleet Academy | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 

It was quite amazing to realize how much hair the first year cadet had, even more so at how she managed to tuck it away with tricks and shenanigans. Thomas had watched her do so, seeing her smooth face getting revealed as it revealed her natural beauty. Before he could get caught glimpsing at her he looked away with slight flustered cheeks as he felt different around Zeph than with other women. He shook it off though as it sounded ridiculous.

He wondered truly how the brunette hadn't broken anything during her stay at the Academy as their bumping session had resulted in him catching her a couple of times. It did make her cheeks redden more than once which made Thomas smile. Sometimes it turned into a grin or just a teasing look at her if he wasn't sure if she was doing it on purpose or not.

Once they sat in the restaurant the chop sticks were cast aside by Ravon as well as he had no clue what to do with them instead impaling the sushi inside the containers. Which would probably look far too primitive. He let the first couple of containers pass by as he was still checking the holocard. Eventually he tried out some of the salmon flavored sushi's before switching it over to shrimp flavored ones and mixing them all together in the end. The concept of the food was odd for Thomas. Why serve such small portions if one would eat so many?

Zeph spoke up and brought Thomas out of his thought process as she thanked him for taking her out. He smiled content as he shrugged "I might not be a med student... But I'm pretty sure there are guidelines that say you should at least have sufficient meals a day." he replied back as he laughed softly "Either way, it's my pleasure to be out and about with you." he confessed, sort of saying it without really thinking about it. He just said what came naturally.

As she asked where he was from it seemed she hit a soft spot as his facial expression dimmed down. He took a container with a more spicy variant. Stuffing it in his mouth before discovering the rather after burning effects of it "Wa-waw Whot!" he indicated as he gulped down some water before letting out a sigh and clearing his throat.

"I'm... From space... Born on a ship." he replied as he clearly weighed his words "Raised on a space station after that and joined the academy once I was able." he wrapped up his brief little history. The pain, anger and sorrow he had lived through those years coursing through his body. Personally he figured he had handled it well, no need to saddle up the girl with the death of his parents or the various misdemeanors he conducted on the space station he grew up in. His eyes darted up to her to see if she'd ask more about it or not. He probably wouldn't hide the truth if she questioned further about it.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | San Francisco | Starfleet Academy | Earth | Sushi Shop]

She grinned as he told her that while he may not be medically incline that it was a general rule she should eat some food every day.  She pursed her lips for a moment in thought, holding a half eaten piece of sushi up in the air slightly while she pondered what she should say to such a thing.  “Well, yes, but also studying so that you can remain at the top half of your class and get picked for a good ship is also important.  So sometimes it's like... eat... orrrrrrr study until you pass out.” she held her hands up in the air for a moment and moved them up and down like a scale as if she was going to measure them by importance but nothing actually won she just shrugged and took another bite of her food.

He was glad to be out with her, and that dusting of blush across her cheeks was even brighter in the restaurant where the lighting was actually good.  Not the darkness they had walked through nor the dim lighting of her Quarters where she was only using some of the lights.  They hadn't needed them all and Andromeda's side of the room had been left dark.  Now they were in full lighting.  She had lovely eyes though, unlike most half-Betazoid her eyes had taken after her human father's.  They were a lovely hazel green color.  Green around the outer part of the iris and then soft striations of brown that shimmered from the pupil and mixed into the green. 

Though, when she asked where he was from those eyes would widen slightly as she watched and felt his entire demeanor change.  She was one hundred percent oblivious to romantic feelings when it came to her empathy.  However, she could feel a whole slew of other emotions and the fact that he shoved his sushi in his mouth and then apparently, it was spicy, or hot, or something.  She pushed his drink closer to him so he didn't die on her watch.  She wasn't medical either, she was a Science officer.  While that meant she still knew how to do basic triage and resuscitation techniques she didn't know how to actually save a person.

He gulped down his water while she took a sip of her own water and watched him.  All his emotions were screaming out at her.  This was something he didn't want to talk about.  There was a great deal of pain and .. shame? maybe interlaced together.  She watched him curiously.  She wasn't eating her sushi at the moment.  He mentioned that he was born on a ship but raised on a space station and joined the academy once he was able to.  For a long moment she just watched him, her eyes devouring his face and all the cues of tightness that told her he didn't really want to talk about what was going on here.  Or what, had happened in the past, anyway.

She bit her lower lip and drummed her fingertips on the table for a moment before she sighed and sat back in her seat. 

“Okay so I have a confession, no that makes it sound like I did something wrong, but it's something you should know regardless.” she admitted to him as she brushed her bangs out of her face.  They were always in her face.  She was nervous, even he would be able to tell that, but this was something she had to tell him if they were going to move forward with their friendship and trying to get to know one another.  But, she was always ridiculed for what she was, and even more than that.. was the fact that people didn't like that she could feel their emotions.  Emotions were private and people didn't like it.

“You know.. that I explained earlier I was ridiculed for being a half.  Right?  Well that makes me half-Betazoid.  Which means.... without trying, I can feel your emotions.  I can feel when you're lying, and when you don't want to talk about something, when you're sad or angry.  The stronger the emotions the easier they are to find.  I don't usually block them out because it's background noise for the most part... but... I just thought you should know.” she admitted and looked down at her dinner.

“I don't plan to ask you any more about your past.  I don't want to cause you pain, I can tell that it does.” she said with a soft smile, reassuring at best. 

“Okay so, now that it's out of the way, tell me what you do when you have free time.  When you're not struggling with science, ruining my Harem set up, and being all Tactical?” she asked curiously taking another bite of her sushi though she was rather afraid he would be uncomfortable with her abilities.  So many people were so it wouldn't surprise her.  It would just be another name to add to the list of people that didn't want to be around her because of it.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Sushi Restaurant | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 

As she compared food to studying and held out her hands in the air as trying to compare them like a graph, it made the young man laugh as he shook his head "You know for a scientist..." he shook his head "Aren't there like uhm... What do you call it again... Variables? Wouldn't that interfere with those two points entirely?" he asked her with a cheeky grin "Besides, being top of your class is something you'll become regardless considering you're already taking second year classes." he concluded.

After his brief insight of his life prior to the academy Zephyr drummed her fingers on the table before she admitted to make a confession. Which made the pilot somewhat more curious as his mindset changed once more from the downwards feelings. The more she spoke the more his curiosity got poked at as she corrected herself first before brushing the bangs out of her face. It seemed like she was nervous, scared perhaps of something as he didn't need to be a rocket scientist to tell it from her body language.

He nodded slowly as she reminded him that she was half Betazoid, still not getting why she'd be ridiculed about it. Which wasn't exactly important right now as she spoke of feeling his emotions. It made him frown and wonder as she explained it a bit more to him. She spoke again of his past, about not wanting to probe him for more since she felt the pain it stirred in him. Which was quite nice of her in all honesty. Thomas simply sat there as he stared at the semi Betazoid brunette. He gazed into her green/brown eyes as if trying to read into her himself before he nodded slowly "Okay..." he brought out slowly as he seemed to try and grasp it all.

"So you're a human polygraph?" he asked her to break the tension, feeling she wasn't sure about how he'd react to her confession. He assumed a lot of people would be scared away by a thing like that. Knowing that one couldn't hide anything from another or feel all sort of things which weren't supposed to be felt. It made him chuckle as he wondered if it'd be possible to throw her a surprise party if she'd manage to feel it all. Talking about working against the odds...

The cadet smiled a bit more reassuringly to her as he reached out to her hand, again he hadn't planned to do it yet it felt right in the moment. His hands were warm to the touch and felt rather rugged as he had spent hours in simulation. Though most of his ruggedness was probably due to his brawls back in his early teens. He placed his hands over hers before he squeezed gently in them "Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it." he smiled as he truly did appreciate her not asking more about his youth. Perhaps some day he'd open it up to her, hand her piece by piece of the puzzle. Yet right now he found it hard, uneasy to talk about it in public to a relative stranger. Slowly he drew his hand back to take on a new container with sushi, eating it up and chewing on it as this one particularly tasted rather sour.

As she changed the topic by asking him about his free time he smiled broader "Mm.. I work out occasionally in my free time to maintain muscle mass as I'm aiming to become a pilot. Furthermore I engage in spars a lot. Sparring helps me blow off some steam, both from present day irritations and problems from the past." he admitted openly "Other than that, I try to chat up cute science girls with the excuse of sucking at science." he joked as he slyly glanced over at Zephyr to check her response.

The semi betazoid was very easy on the eyes and the fact that she hadn't run away from feeling his troubled emotions about his past were a plus side. Perhaps feeling his emotions wasn't a drawback at all as Thomas struggled to talk openly about his past or just feelings in general. If things went awry he wasn't the kind of guy that would talk things straight with his peers in TACC CONN, they'd usually settle it over by a brawl. "What about you? Any other hobbies besides science and botany?" he asked her softly.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Sushi Restaurant | San Fransisco | Earth]

He was unsure.

She knew that feeling, and had felt it so many times before.  The one that came right before the shock and the sudden excuse to leave the room or the building.  It was one of the reasons she wasn't overly open about her heritage.  She had been shunned, often, back home because her father was human.  It had never bothered her really until high school.  People looked down on her and thought her a lesser person because of it.  Though when she went to the Academy she thought it would be different but she found that people were very wary of her Empathic nature and they didn't seem to trust her when they were around.  She couldn't control it in the effort to not 'feel' anything it was just there.  Background noise but when she focused she could pick out specific things.  Now, she needed to figure out what Thomas was gong to do with this information.

She chuckled and gave a quick nod.  “Yeah, I guess so.  I'm not super good at it all the time.  Some stuff confuses me.  But overall, yeah.” she gave a bit of a shrug, she wasn't going to apologize for the abilities she had been born with but she wanted to go forward with him knowing exactly what he was getting in this mix.  She didn't think he would be interested in her and she was amazingly poor at reading people's emotions when it came to her and attraction.  But, then, she hadn't really had all that much practice. 

He reached out for her hand.  She was so surprised at the gesture that she nearly jumped.  While her body didn't actually jump her heart rate did and her eyes swung up to meet with his.  He gave her a reassuring little squeeze.  His hands were harder than hers, with callouses and the like, but hers weren't as soft as someone like Andromeda's.  Hers had callouses too from the hours and days spent off in arboretums.  He let go of her hand and she blushed slightly pulling her hand back towards her and took another bite of her sushi while he told her thank you for letting him know.

“Thanks for not freaking out.” she admitted with a bit of a smirk that was only half there.  The truth of the matter was she had fully expected him too.  It was obvious from her face that she had dealt with that reaction a lot in her past.

As they moved onto their hobbies he admitted that he worked out in the gym a lot.  That didn't surprise her in the least.  She could tell that he was muscular.  He looked well cut and everything.  He sparred a lot.  She smiled softly, thinking about how fun it would be to watch him fight. She wasn't an overly violent person she was the sort that made friends when ever she could out of whom ever she could.  But, she would like to see someone that could do it and do it well.

“I'm not very interesting.  I spend most of my time in the Arboretum here, the Gardens, or even sometimes, in the library doing reading.  I like to read, and I like to draw.  Nothing very good though, just.. whatever sketches I feel like coming out with.  Though normally, they're of plants.”

She blushed softly. 

“I guess I'm that girl, super obsessed and some what antisocial because of it.  Though I go out, I have friends.  But I want a good career, so I'm working really hard at it.” she gave a bit of a smile and she gave another bite of her sushi and chewed slowly.

“So are there any sites you've seen around here that I should go check out some time?  I have to admit that I haven't really left the Academy grounds since I stepped on them.  Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable.  By myself and what not.” she chuckled softly as she sat back and drank her water slowly.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Sushi Restaurant | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 

He had to laugh softly as she replied she guessed she was a human polygraph of sorts. He let the rest of it slide as he could sense it felt like a somewhat touchy subject. He could sense that her hands were calloused as well and as she thanked him for not freaking out he grinned before shrugging "Don't mention it."

As she spilled what her hobbies were he nodded "Arboretums are the decks with the trees right?" he asked her to be sure. He had been in one of the station he grew up in, yet it was so poorly maintained that it never really made sense to Thomas why it existed. It was a great place to run, train and lose security with loads of places to hide. Yet he doubted that was why arboretums existed.

He smiled as she admitted she was that kind of girl, one that seemed a tad antisocial yet living for her work and career. It was an admirable trait to have, yet Thomas could see why it would affect her social life. He munched a bit more on some sushi that passed by yet eventually stopped eating and just enjoyed the company. As a token of his gratitude for her tutoring he had paid the meal and drinks entirely for the both of them, despite any counter arguments Zephyr might impose.

As more nights were spent together for study purposes the year passed by in a blink of an eye. Thomas became mediocre at his science subjects, good enough to pass his year and to set him off on a stable course for the final year. As his exams proved to be a success he had sent Zephyr a mail after the exams as he figured the girl would be stuck in her PADDs as long as the exam season lasted.

[ Hey plant girl!

Exams are over so it's time to come out of hiding. A couple of my class mates were going for a post exam drink in one of the clubs here in Frisco. I'd love it if you could join me. I promise it'll only be one night that I drag you out of your safe confines. Besides, one would grow tired of that same repetitive airmen harem. Dress to kill! I'll pick you up at 19:00.

Yours truly Thom ]

At 18:50 Thomas chimed the door at the all to familiar housing quarters he had been going to throughout the year. His friends and classmates had already gone ahead to the club district and Thomas was wearing a more Terran look. Wearing a pair of dark gray jeans and sneakers, a green shirt that seemed to follow his toned body and a hoodie in hand. He seemed more relaxed as he was happy to have passed his exams without any problems.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Graduation Celebration | A Night Without Books | Earth]

Time passed.

Zephyr never really changed.  She was a constant kind of person but she looked forward to their once weekly study sessions.  He was even the sort, as popular as he was, to wave and smile at her in the hall when they ran across each other's paths.  When they were on campus.  He was usually surrounded by people, sometimes she was too.  But any time their eyes met, a smile grew on their faces and a wave.  Often times they would head off together for lunch or more studying.  Where she would spew plant facts as they ate and listen to all the tactical maneuvers that he had practiced in the flight sims recently.  Theirs was a friendship made of common ground of studying.  Despite how different they actually were, they got along well, and Zeph reveled in having a good friend. 

When times got rough, when she fought with Andromeda, or when some guy she thought had a crush on her had just used her to get to the redheaded cadet instead, Thomas was always there for her.  He was leaving soon though, graduation was coming up, and he had asked her to come.  She had promised she would show for the ceremony.  She knew his family wasn't going to be there, and the two had grown close over their years of studying and lunches together.  So, she was definitely going to be there come rain or shine.

Zeph sat in the center of her bed surrounded by PADDs, books, drawings, and graphs as she tried to cram for the last of her own final exams for this year.  It was then that a ping was heard from somewhere deep in the pile of PADDs and the like.  She quickly began searching, knocking other PADDs and books to the floor in an effort to find her personal one.  Thumps woke up Andromeda who was sleeping off the hangover she had gained herself last night, but she just rolled over and buried herself in the covers more deeply.  Likely prepping for the partying she would do tonight.  Finally, Zephyr liberated her PADD from the pile and thumbed across the control to read the message.

[ Hey plant girl!

Exams are over so it's time to come out of hiding. A couple of my class mates were going for a post exam drink in one of the clubs here in Frisco. I'd love it if you could join me. I promise it'll only be one night that I drag you out of your safe confines. Besides, one would grow tired of that same repetitive airmen harem. Dress to kill! I'll pick you up at 19:00.

Yours truly Thom ]

She beamed.  Tossing her PADD down she looked at the mess around her and remembered one of her sisters words about how sometimes you could study too much.  So she got up and extricated herself from the pile of things stepping off the bed she went to her wardrobe thinking about what she ought to wear.  'dress to kill' could mean any number of things and she wasn't as .. brave as Andromeda was that liked to put everything she had out there on display.  Zephyr was far more modest.

She didn't have a lot of nice clothes, she was fairly normal when it came to clothing, comfort and function over all else but she had been drug out on a few shopping trips with Andromeda and had acquired a few things incase she 'ever' went on a date.  According to her loving and supportive room mate.  So she pulled on a pair of skinny jeans that were distressed here and there, some of it showing her pale skin underneath.  She decided on a green shirt, to accent her eyes, Andy always said that was a good thing to do.  The shirt was tight, and sucked to her like a a second skin.  It went over her jeans and  to her hips just enough to hug everything just right.  Zeph felt very exposed but Andromeda had promised that it would look good.

She took her time, adding curl to her hair, more so than it normally had and even making it smooth and leaving it down.  Something she didn't do too often because it got in the way.  A little bit of make up but not much, she had never been a fan, and some sneakers.  Because heels would be the death of her and she wouldn't even try.  When the bell chimed, Zeph quickly headed for the door so that Andy didn't wake up again.  Her wrath when fully woken could be rough.

Her face lit up as she saw Thomas waiting for her.  She closed the door behind her and stepped out into the area beyond her door.  Her body, which she normally hid, even from him for the most part was a bit on display at the moment and in the light around them.  But she smiled warmly.  He always looked nice, he always dressed nice, but this was new for her.

“All right all right fly boy, you drug me out of the comfort of my bed, my books, and my plants.  Where are we going?” she asked with a bright grin on her face.  She was actually quite excited about tonight and what they might be doing.  She had no doubt it would likely include other people he knew but so long as Thomas was there she wouldn't feel too out of place.  Though she was a light weight when it came to drinking so she was going to have to take it easy on that front.

“You look nice, and congrats on passing your exams.  I knew you could do it.” and it wasn't just placating him, she had honestly believed deep down he had what it took and constantly told him so.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | To Party Plaza | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr

Whilst waiting for Zephyr outside her place, Thomas pushed his hands down in the pockets of his jeans as he loitered, waiting for the brunette. As the months had come to pass he had grown fond of the scientist. He always felt more at ease around her and genuinely seemed more happy around her. It was if the semi Betazoid caused to grow a lighter side inside of him that hadn't seen the light of day that often if ever.

When the door opened and Zeph appeared in the doorway, Thomas looked her over with a slightly surprised and impressed look on his face. If his face didn't gave it away he'd surely be sending out the vibes feeling wise as he turned his positive shock into a smile and looked Zephyr in the eyes "You look stunning. Remind me to ask this more often." he teased her "Although, I think Andy would probably not like the fact that you're stealing all her male attention." he smirked before he offered her his arm to walk off Academy grounds and into town.

"As for where we're going, I reckon the biggest party district San Francisco has to offer. Or at least that's why classmates told me." he laughed as he pulled Zeph a little closer, toying a bit around with her as it all felt far too natural. It didn't take long before they took to the bustling roads of the city and it seemed a lot of cadets were out and about to celebrate the end of their exams.

As the petite brunette praised him to look good, he chuckled "Hey, you're rocking that outfit too. That and your always impeccable looks." he grinned yet meant every word of it. He had seen Zephyr in various states of emotion over the past months. From happy to angry to sad and heartbroken. He had always been there for her to cheer her up. The biggest jerks that had used her to get to her roommate, had met Thomas without Zeph knowing so. Most of the times it involved in a lot of scolding, blaming and eventually a bloody brawl which ended before any officials could intervene. Thomas had hidden the fact that he occasionally got physical with the jerks that broke her heart.

"Thanks for believing in me." he smiled as she always had supported him in his studies "Congratulations on passing to your second year too by the way, although... That's not really a surprise no is it?" he said with a bump against her shoulder.

They arrived at what seemed like a mega nightclub in the core of Frisco. The bright neon lights and holographic programs inviting them in easily as the sound of music met them halfway through the corridor. The temperature was warm inside and it felt rather humid inside the club. Almost like a hydroponic bay, yet without any plants and with definitely a whole lot more noise. The club seemed packed with civilians and cadets everywhere as the party seemed to only get started.

"THOM!" someone shouted from one of the balconies and Ravon looked up to see his classmates. He smirked "Figured they got themselves a fucking VIP area..." he murmured under his breath before he wrestled himself with Zeph through the crowd before they ascended a circular styled stairs. Once on the balcony-esque area, they had a perfect overview of the club and the people. Laserlights flashing over the crowd as colorful smokescreens were floating around to add that extra flavor of immersion on the floor. Luckily for them, the VIP area had it's own bar and service so they wouldn't have to wrestle themselves through the crowd to get a drink every time.

"Ravvy!" a group of guys welcomed him as they cheered, seemingly minor intoxication already present with some of them. "Hey Thom, who's the lovely company you're having along?" a guy asked who smiled friendly at Zephyr "Where have you been hiding my dear?" he smiled as he extended his hand to her. Thomas simply laughed as he shook his head "Behave Ethan.... Zephyr, meet Ethan. Ethan, meet Zephyr." The man began to smile wider "Oh, so you're the secret weapon that allowed Tom here to pass his science stuff!" Thomas simply rolled his eyes as he looked back to Zephyr to check if she was alright with all the stimuli.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Loud Crowd | Bright Lights |  Good Company]

She could feel the glimmer of surprise when she stepped out brushing against her mind.  She had grown very close to Thomas, and enjoyed all their late night study sessions as well as all the fun times they had at lunch or catching each other here and there.  She had never really gone out with his friends before, and she assumed that was when he was on the prowl for women.  Zephyr was attracted to him but he was so far out of her league she didn't even entertain the sheer fantasy of it all.  More so than that, he probably felt like she was more of a little sister to him rather than anything else.  She could tell that there was a fondness that had grown for her over time but she figured it was more 'little sister' than it was anything else and that was fine with her.  Having grown up with two sisters she didn't think that having a big brother looking out for her was necessarily a bad thing.

He said she looked stunning, and a soft smile and a bright blush took over her face.  Brushing her long hair behind her ears she came over to him.  She hugged him for just a moment, a friend hug, of course as that's all they were.  Zephyr might have been empathic but that didn't mean she was gifted at reading people all the time despite how close they might be.  Especially when she was highly naive of any one being actually attracted to her.

“Andy helped me pick this out.” she told him.  “Like months ago though, I've just never had anywhere to wear it.” she gave a shrug and tried to shrug it off.  He knew that while she had friends she didn't go out much.  She mainly studied and only hung out with her friends curing their day at the Academy. 

He admitted they were going to some party zone in the city.  This made her brow rise even more.  She was all for celebrating but she had kind of had this gut feeling that they would be heading out to eat and drink not partying.  But then, why she suspected anything other than that with Thom and his friends was beyond her.  The moment she heard where they were going she knew it couldn't have really been anywhere else.  She walked beside him into the city.  Her arm linked with his more out of the utility of not being separated from him with so many Academy students out celebrating the end of the year just like them, than anything else. 

He congratulated her on her own passing and she smiled giving a bit of a shrug.  “Well it may not be a surprise but it's still nice to hear.” she admitted with a smile.  “Besides, now that you passed your Science exams you may not need me anymore.  You'll be able to pay attention to all the girls that hang out around you and your boys hoping that a good looking flyboy will give them some much needed attention.”

It was really unfortunate that women like that was a thing.  Zeph never would have been that way the only reason she hung out with Thom was because he had sought her out for tutoring.  Otherwise, their paths may have never actually crossed.  She was lucky, and she was glad that he was in her life.  He had made her years at the Academy, thus far, so much more fun.  He was good at pushing her out of her comfort zone from time to time, and he also was good at not being judgmental when she accidentally fell asleep while tutoring him, in her Quarters or his.

When they arrived at the club, she was a bit taken back.  It was just so much.  The lights, the overwhelming music, the feel of people losing themselves to all of it.  She didn't often shut her mind down, she didn't often build the shields around her mind to try and keep herself sane, but right now she did just that.  Shields slid into place around her mind to protect it from all of the shit that other people were feeling.  She couldn't handle it all right now.  She needed to be able to focus on Thom and the time they would be having tonight. 

Someone called his name and collectively they looked up to see his friends leaning out over a railing waving like lunatics.  Zeph felt nervous.  Her heart sunk into her stomach, she didn't know his friends and they were likely all popular like Thom was.  That was fine, she was here for him, and no one else.  They headed up the stairs to where his friends were standing and he was greeted with cheer.  She had let go of him on the stairs now that there were less people around them.

Suddenly, she was at the center of attention of someone she didn't know.  He had dark brown hair, nice features, and blue eyes.  He was charming, already, but she knew that most men wouldn't be interested in someone like her anyway.  She blushed severely as Thom introduced her to a man named Ethan and she smiled warmly. 

“Hey Ethan.” she said softly a bit unsure of herself.  “I wouldn't say secret weapon.  Just sort of a guide.” she said with a bit of a smile as she looked around the place.  Thom, she could tell, was checking on her.  She gave him a reassuring smile, she would be all right, he didn't have to stay glued to her side tonight. There were lots of pretty girls here and this was likely very much his scene.  Even if it wasn't hers, or at least she didn't think it was hers, she was going to try for Thom he had been a phenominal friend to her.

“Had I known girls in Science were so pretty I would have not picked Engineering.” Ethan called getting her attention again.  Her hazel-green eyes shifted back to him and she gave a smile.

“I'm sure there are pretty ones there too.”

“Nah, no way, they're covered in grease and spare parts.  You look like a flower.”

Zeph nearly winced, flirting was hard for her because sometimes it was just so cheesy.  “I think you need your eyes checked.” she said with a blush on her cheeks.  Ethan laughed and she found that his face lit up very naturally when he wasn't trying to be suave.

“So how can I convince you to come dance with me.”

“Dance?  No no, I'd break my ankle, or my.. whole body, and Thom would have to carry me out.” she shook her head. 

“I don't know I think I could keep you on your feet.”

Zeph smirked slightly and turned her attention to the sea of moving people down below this VIP spot where they were standing.  She could hear the girls behind her already pawning all over Thom and trying to get him to dance as well.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Party Plaza | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 

Thomas had waved away the notion Zephyr had made earlier on about not needing her anymore now that his science career was on track. The petite brunette had managed to score herself an important place and part in the flyboy's life. Though he had never openly admitted to feeling anything for her. Not in public at least... There might have been a couple of close friends whom he had confided in.

Once they had arrived in the club Thomas had glanced over at Zephyr as he wasn't sure if this kind of thing was exactly her thing. Andromeda would probably feel right at home here and Thomas was as always protective over his friend. Yet once they were greeted into the VIP area, Zephyr had let go of him and it didn't take long before one of Thomas' closer friends had introduced himself to Zephyr.

Ethan... One of the classmates Thomas shared classes with. The engineer cadet had been a smooth guy. He seemed to function as the social dealer in the group, being friends with almost everyone and having quite some influence. Thomas saw him talk to Zephyr though and gave it not much more attention as some girls came over to him for attention. He slid back in his role as typical flyboy and ordered some drinks for them as they flaunted and flirted openly with him.

Normally the flirting and female companionship would not be an issue for Thomas. He'd enjoy the attention, the drinking, the flirting, yet tonight he seemed out of his element. Was it because of Zephyr? Did he feel like he had to hold back because of her? Did he not want her to see this side of him? Were the stowed away things he felt for her starting to free themselves out of their confines? The cadet smiled meekly as the girls chatted about their exams, how they saw their futures and the sorts. Thomas' gaze drifted over to Ethan and Zephyr from time to time.

the brunette had given him a reassuring smile, which should've been enough for Thomas to let her be. Yet he had a nasty feeling in his gut. The same feeling he had when he was in the sims and things seemed to go too easy. Ethan was one of the few people had talked about about his feelings for Zephyr. How she made him feel and how he somewhat adored her. The advice of his friend however was to play it cool. To not pour out what he felt for her to her, but to take things with baby steps.

The girls brought distraction though as he had to cast his eyes away more than once as they pawned for his attention. They wanted to dance and Thomas agreed to do so with a brunette Bajoran medical cadet. They had clicked more than he had with the other girls and the girl had pretty much glued herself against his side. They made their way down into the sea of people as they began to dance. The hawk eyes of Ravon however trying to pick up where Zephyr was from time to time.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Party Plaza | San Francisco | Earth]

The beat was rather harsh, and she could feel it in her bones.  Having shut her mind off from the over whelming emotions that were coming in waves off the dance floor and the inebriated people around her.  It was enough to turn her stomach she didn't think adding booze to the top of that was something she ought to do.  So she didn't go for anything to drink at the moment.  Instead, she just watched the people dancing and she turned finally, her back to the railing as her eyes flickered up to Ethan.  He smiled at her, a very charming smile.  Causing Zephyr to blush.  She wasn't used to male attention to the main part.  Thom was the only guy she hung out with regularly. 

“So, dance?”

“I don't want to abandon Thom.  He brought me here.” she called over the music.

Ethan grinned.  “I think Thom is a bit busy.” 

He pointed off in the direction that Thom has taken someone off to the dance floor in.  They seemed to get along well enough.  She didn't need to open her mind just to see that.  She could tell that by the smiles from their faces.  She looked back over at Ethan.  She didn't want to be a lame duck and she didn't want Thom to think that she hadn't had any fun here.  She didn't want him to look back and feel bad for inviting her at all. 

“I guess you're right.”

“So that's a yes?”  Ethan grinned as he snatched her hand up and ran his thumb over the back of her knuckles enjoying the blush that colored her cheeks at just the soft touch of someone that she didn't really know.

“I... Well I guess so.  If you carry me to Sickbay when I hurt myself.” she chuckled but she wasn't really kidding.  She had a habit for being clumsy a fact that Thom knew fairly well.

“Oh I will definitely take care of you.” he grinned and tugged on her hand.

It didn't really take any convincing for her to follow she pushed herself off of the railing and she headed down the stairs to the sea of people where the dancing was taking place.  He wove her through the crowd.  She was bumped here and there, but his hand on her own was firm and never lost it's grip.  At one point she got a bit caught behind some people but he tugged her through.  As she stumbled her way through the people she literally fell right into his arms.  Crashing against his chest, he put his arms around her and helped her get her balance. 

She looked up at him and he looked down at her.  Swallowed heavily and pulled herself off his chest and she blushed heavily and he grinned.  Brushing her hair out of her face for her.  Tucking it behind one of her ears.  Her blush darkened, the music was not something she was used to but Ethan stepped away slightly and began to dance.  She moved too, though her movements were not nearly so fluid.  She wasn't trained in any kind of fighting arts or anything.  Just whatever Starfleet had made her train in.  But, she moved all right and soon she was smiling and bouncing around a little bit.  She wasn't much of one to care about who was watching.  In a sea of people like this, she wasn't going to stand out against the crowd.

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[ Cadet 2nd year Thomas Ravon | Party Plaza | San Fransisco | Earth ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr

As the dancing caused for delightful brushes and strokes from the Bajoran on Thomas' clothes and body, the cadet seemed to be distracted despite the best intentions of the girl. He had been looking around far more than he usually would. It hadn't escaped the Bajoran as she asked "Something wrong?"Thomas would shake his head and wave it off, getting a bit closer with as he tried to enjoy the company, only to relapse again after a few songs.

Eventually they moved back up to the VIP area as the girl felt like their initial connection wouldn't turn out into anything more. Once back up Thomas ordered him a drink before moving back to the railing of the area. He gazed over the sea of people as he nipped from his drink. His eyes scanning over them before he spotted Zeph and Ethan. His eyes narrowed at the pair as he took another nip, the drink fueling an all to familiar feeling inside of him. A feeling he usually lost around Zeph...

Thomas watched over Zephyr as she began to move more relaxed and freely with Ethan. Bouncing a little and seemingly not caring about the world for a moment. He found his peace in that at least that the home stay scientist to be finally got a taste of something different. His eyes shifted over to Ethan slowly, the bastard...

Ethan had been his confidant, yet seeing how he used the specific moves to have a good time with the brunette made him boil. He had after all seen it all before on other parties. There was always that one girl that swooned for the engineer cadet. How he meticulously planned his moves an executed them flawless to get them hopelessly drawn to him. It was a mystery to Thom on how he actually pulled it off.

Torn between the two conflicting feelings of jealousy and relative happiness for Zeph, Thomas downed his drink entirely before he walked past his friends. "Hey, Thom where you going?" they asked, all asking the same question as he passed by different people. Without giving them an answer he walked down into the crowd and he just pushed his way out before he hit the street and took in a gasp of air as he balled his fists and closed his eyes.

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[Cadet Zephyr Praise | Party Plaza | San Francisco | Earth]

They danced for three songs.

Zephyr was sweaty, hot, and most definitely exhausted.  It was hard to be in an environment like this for her.  The sheer press of humanity and all it's emotions.  It was far too easy to lose herself on the emotional tide that rushed through the room.  She concentrated on Ethan and kept her focus on him trying to keep herself from getting overwhelmed.  She shut her mind down as much as she could but she wasn't overly gifted in doing that because she tended to rely heavily on the empathic abilities that she had been born with.  It was something that was her nature and part of her.  She never thought about not using it but then she never put herself into situations like this before.

She finally stopped dancing in between one song and the next, Ethan looked at her and he smiled.  Sliding his arm around her waist and holding her close to him.  She tensed up because she wasn't used to being close to any male except Thom and it had never crossed the boundaries of friends.  It was just friendly banter and playfulness.  She didn't think he would have any feelings for her when he had pretty women constantly trying to get his attention.

“Time for a break?” his voice came into her ear, a bit louder since the music was starting up again. 

She didn't speak she just gave a nod and he lead her with his hand on her waist up the stairs and back to the VIP section.  She followed him and looked around, her hazel green eyes shifting around trying to find Thom.  Ethan didn't seem to notice and if he did he didn't show it.  He lead her over to one of the couches and sat them down.  Pouring her a drink from the big pitcher on the table close by he handed her a glass and put his arm around her shoulders.

“Where did Thom go?” she asked one of the guys.  The Bajoran woman he had danced with was back but he wasn't.

“Dunno, just walked out a while ago.”

Zeph's brow rose.  She didn't know what to make of that.  She craned her neck looking for him even though she knew that she wasn't likely to find him.  Her eyes searched the crowd frantically.  She didn't find him, she slumped on the couch and worried at her lower lip with her teeth.

“Hey, don't worry he probably got called off by one of his women.  You know how he is.”

She nodded, but she couldn't help but feel a bit abandoned. 

“You okay?  I can walk you home if you want?” Ethan offered as he took a sip of his drink and gave a shrug as if it was no big deal.

“This isn't really my scene.  I .. it's hard for me to be in here being half-Betazoid.  I came for Thom.” she admitted with a bit of a blush on her cheeks.

“Well come on then.”  He rose taking her glass and putting their drinks down on the table without her having touched hers what so ever.  He took her hand in his own and pulled her carefully down the stairs.  She stumbled a couple times with the flickering lights but he kept her sturdy.  Outside, the air was brisk and perfect and it felt like heaven.  Zephyr didn't realize she had been tense until she left the building and the tension left her shoulders.

“You are so much more beautiful in the moon light.”  Ethan said smoothly as he kept her hand for his own and started walking her back towards the academy.  Zeph blushed heavily. “I was wondering, actually, if I could see you again?  Like an actual date this time though.  No one but us.  I could take you to the Formal?” 

Zeph's brow rose, and she looked over at him in surprise.  “The Academy Formal?”

“The very one.  Don't tell me y ou were going to be the girl sitting in your Quarters studying in your Pjs instead of going to the dance.”

Zeph chuckled softly and shrugged.  “Guilty.”

“I knew it!  Come with me!  I would love to have you on my arm and you can wear a beautiful dress.”

Zeph chewed on her lower lip.  Thom might be at the dance, she wasn't sure, but he would probably already have a date picked out.  The dance was something that people tended to fight for dates over.  All the girls wanted to go.  Of course Zeph had wanted to as well, but she was never asked and she wasn't desperate enough to ask a guy herself. 

“Uh, um.... okay.  Sure.  Why not?  Right?  I'll go with you.” she smiled shyly.

“Fantastic, I can't wait.” he beamed and continued walking her home.

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[ Cadet Thomas Ravon & Cadet Zephyr Praise | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ] @Blue Zephyr

Ever since the party evening had passed Thomas had been a little less in the life of Zephyr. With his science subjects on par he didn't seem to need her help anymore and besides the occasional message over PADD, Thomas rarely showed up to actually meet Zephyr.  When they did meet each other on the campus the conversations were friendly, warm, yet kept short as Thomas seemed to be avoiding her. He wasn't the same kind of guy since that night it seemed and he kept most of it to himself instead of sharing what troubled him with Zephyr.

The reason behind this was rather simple; Ethan had betrayed the trust of his friend and all he heard about them was how nice the two of them were and how well they connected. Frankly it made him want to throw up every time he read about it, yet he did his best to be a good friend about it. He had told Zephyr that he was happy for her to hear that she got a boyfriend, yet never really expanded more about it.

The days and weeks passed by before the annual Formal was scheduled. Most cadets lived up to that event as it was the perfect excuse to go and party on Starfleet grounds and it provided a wide variety of officers from different ships who attended it as their ships were brought in orbit to pick up fresh recruits. It was the perfect setting for people to connect and sell themselves for future positions. Ethan and Zephyr had been together for just under a year now. The dress code was to come by in ornamental uniform pieces or with gala wear. Cadets were pouring in on the outdoor event with various food stands and waiters were delivering drinks around as well as amuse-gueule.

Thomas was standing by the river that overlooked San Francisco as he wore his ornamental outfit as a graduating cadet. In his right hand he was holding a glass of champagne as he simply stared out over the night skyline. He was glad to leave this place after what had happened and despite the beautiful memories he had here, it did feel like it was time to go. He heard someone approach in his back and he turned around, leaning against the railing as his eyes met those of Zephyr. They had talked about this day for months when they were studying together and he smiled faintly as he looked her over and placed his glass on the stone railing.

He stepped closer to give her a kiss on the cheek as he whispered "You look lovely as always Zeph." he took a step back to look into her eyes as he felt his heart skip a beat instantly. How hard he had fallen for her, the more it really hurt as he had to see her with Evan. Perhaps it had been his fault for not opening up to her, to not admit the feelings he harbored for her. Yet all of that was in the past now as it truly didn't seem to matter anymore.

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