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Day 19 [2100hrs] - Soaking it All In.

[Lt. Rhys Williams | USS Theurgy| Vector 1| Deck 6| The Baths] Attn: @Griff

The locker door slid open with a soft noise as Rhys stood before it. The noise was very quiet but in the otherwise empty locker room it seemed to boom out. Rhys jumped a little at the noise as he had only been half paying attention to what he was doing. A small smile spread over his lips as he chuckled at the silliness of being spooked by such a gentle noise.

He slowly began to remove his uniform and fold it away. The jacket came off first, followed by the undershirt. It revealed a lean muscular torso dusted lightly in placed with freckles.  He sat down on a bench and began to pull of his footwear, he hummed a little tune softly to himself. For a man whose thoughts could often run off with themselves in quite negative ways, it was a useful distraction technique. Keeping the wheels turning but giving them something else to focus on. Standing he removed his trousers and underwear. A small sheepish boyish part of him looked around to see no one else was there but the place was empty. On went a pair of sky-blue board shorts.

In typical Rhys fashion his discarded uniform was neatly folded. It took a couple of attempts till he was happy with exactly how the bend in the fabric was positioned. His boots were neatly placed on top and adjusted so the backs faced out of the locker.

He scooped a towel up over his arm, in his minds eye looking very waiter like. Which amused him in a small dorky way. Stepping into the baths he found a seat to stow his towel on before taking a step towards the edge of the Exercise Pool. He stretched his arms over his head, hearing a few slightly distressing cracks. He stretched his legs to; those were blessedly noiseless. He took a deep breath and dove into the exercise pool, hands pointed forward to pierce the tension of the water. He began and fast and aggressive front crawl, cutting through the water keenly. Rhys loved the water and he fully planned on tiring himself out by swimming hard then having a nice relaxing soak in the jacuzzi area. Stopping at one end for a moment his hair plastered to his head, and his arms shining with droplets. He felt more relaxed here than he ever did in the presence of people.

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