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PRO: S [D01|0700] A fresh start with a new wing

[ Lt Cmdr. Thomas Ravon | Mk III Valkyrie Cockpit | Ruins of Praxis ] Attn: @Stegro88

Unaware of the chaotic wake up of their brothers and sisters in the Den, Donna Petterson and Thomas Ravon had been performing a standard issue patrol flight around the ruined moon of Praxis. While they could've been out partying with their fellow wolves last night, both pilots had opted out of the event and instead signed up for an early flight. They had departed at 0400, treading carefully to not wake up any of the sleeping crew in the Den. Thomas hadn't minded the early call to go out into space and patrol, it was a good excuse to not go to the party. His mind wasn't set to it either way, his mind still struggling with the grief caused by the loss of meaning that was Zephyr Praise. On the other hand, the patrol session with Donna would grant him insight to his new wing mate. He's get to see how she flew, how she'd act in certain situations and in overall... It was just a good idea to acquaint yourself more closely with the person who'd you look out for (and vice versa) in every coming battle.

There wasn't supposed to be anything troublesome during their patrol and they flight path they had followed was taking them close to the ruined moon of Praxis. A beauty to behold if the history behind it wasn't so tragic. Thomas stared at the debris, the ruined shape of the moon before turning his head back to the instruments. Everything was looking quite normal and he glanced over his shoulder to see how Donna was doing. They had done some manoeuvres, testing one another in dogfight situations, chasing target operations and a few other combat drills. If anything, Thomas had seen what a great pilot Donna was! Though on the other hand, he also saw the differences between her and Rawley. He had flown with Rawley for what felt like forever, Donna had her own style and it would take some getting used to. It didn't mean however that he wasn't comfortable to fly with her. He trusted her and the flight on this early morning had only proved that even further. He would trust her with his life and do whatever it took to keep hers safe when shit would hit the fan.

"Sights like these never get old, right?" he asked her through the comms as they ventured closer to the moon. They had a good hour left of flight time and would soon be heading back to the Theurgy to land. The light of the sun shimmered through the debris and rocks and Thomas closed his eyes for a second as he just took a moment to bring himself into the here and now. He'd focus on the feel the suit against his skin and how the light vibration and sounds coursed through his body. His eyes opened up and he looked over at Donna's ship again "How're you holding up in there Chance? Not too hungry yet?" he asked in a relaxed tone. He had enjoyed their morning flight, bringing him back out in his most trusted environment, the cockpit. Here he could truly come at peace and he was grateful that Donna had taken up his offer for the early morning flight. He didn't know a lot about Donna and thus he figured asking her some questions now wouldn't hurt.

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