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Topic: Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit (Read 104 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit
[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Wolf-03 | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

It had taken a few days, but Donna was just now starting to feel completely like herself again. After a spa treatment and at least beginning to work things out with Amelya, she had returned to duty the night prior for a routine patrol. Thankfully, it had remained routine with nothing of interest to note. She had even had time to organise a trip down to Aldea during it with her old wingwoman Evelyn Rawley. Until Donna's defection to the Theurgy, they hadn't seen each other since Ghost had left the Jadestone three years earlier so it was a good excuse for the two of them to catch up. Donna had honestly enjoyed flying with the more experienced pilot and Ghost had taught her several things that you couldn't learn except when away from the Academy.

They had spent the morning shopping and enjoying themselves before coming down to the beach for lunch and some relaxation. Donna had truly let herself go, not caring the slightest beyond what they did next. And they had the rest of the day and most of the night to indulge themselves. Donna didn't have any plans and didn't feel like making any either. Today, she was going with the flow, at least as much as she was able too.

After having had enough of the beach for the moment, the two of them had packed their stuff and returned to one of the huts that serviced the attendees, providing food and refreshments along with bathroom facilities. After showering off the sand, Donna had begun dressing when nature called. Leaving her clothes and effects with Evelyn, Donna availed herself of the restroom. It would prove the beginning of an interesting afternoon. 

Suitably relieved, Donna was just finishing up washing her hands when she heard the scream. The voice itself was muffled, making identifying it difficult but the tone of it was alarmed. Not something that you would expect from a quiet Aldean beach. Not bothering to dry her hands, Donna hurried outside just in time to be nearly bowled over by a man bolting along the path, Rawley's bag stuffed under one arm. She had no more seen him and sized up the situation than he was past her without a second thought. As she turned to start after him, wondering where Rawley was, a second thief bumped into her from behind, sending her into the wall. Her hands absorbed most of the impact but were grazed in the landing. 

Shifting around, cradling her hands and hissing in pain, Donna realised that the thief had also stumbled and was on his arse across from her; her bag sitting unceremoniously on the ground between them. Her clothes, currency and communicator were in that bag! When she looked back at this moment later, she would understand what had happened but, in the moment, all she did was react. That bag had her clothes, currency and communicator, her training had taught her that the three C's were of the utmost important in an emergency and should be protected at almost all costs. 

"Hey! That's my bag!" Donna shouted as she lunged forward. But the thief was just as fast and closer to boot and retrieved his haul before Donna could grasp it. Adrenaline flooded her system as the pilot got her feet under her and pushed off in pursuit of the fleeing bandit. "Dammit Ghost, where are you? And how did they get our stuff?" Donna mentally questioned as she pushed herself to close the gap ahead of her; a feat made more difficult by her choice of beach appropriate footwear. 

But the two bag snatchers were not alone in their crime. A third co-conspirator was waiting for them, a trio of hoverbikes at the ready next to them. Seeing their fellow thief being pursued, they began moving forward to intercept Donna before she could catch her target. Her options limited; Donna set herself for a hip toss in preparation for them attempting to bowl her over. This though, left her unprepared for when he threw himself to the ground at her feet and took her legs out from under her. 

Crashing to the ground, she found the being, half masked, to be quicker to his feet than herself and he met her rising with a punch to the face, splitting her lip and sending her back to the ground. Shaking her head to clear it, Donna swept his own legs out from under him before diving on top of him and returning the favour, striking him twice in his face. Seemingly unfazed, he bucked his hips to send her sprawling to the ground before rolling over and clambering to his feet as Donna did the same.

Wiping the mixture of blood, water and sweat that coated her hands onto her jeans, Donna sized up her opponent as he did much the same, slowly moving in circles around a common point as they did so. He couldn't escape without dealing with her first and she could not go after hers and Rawley's gear without getting by this thief first. They were at a standoff with neither able to get away without the other intercepting them. The only clean getaway for Donna involved surrendering her bag and its contents and that was not something that she was prepared to do. 

Beyond the man, the pilot could see the two bag snatchers climbing onto their own hover bikes and looking back to check if their third companion had dealt with the interfering target of their haul yet. They had clocked the two Terrans in the market thanks to one of their own being a vendor in the markets. It had paid off handsomely several times and today should have been no different if only the second female hadn't reappeared too quickly.

Donna was just about to attempt an offense when a flash of movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and Rawley arrived on the scene.

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Re: Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit
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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
What Donna hadn't known, as she fought on the other side of the hut, was that a fourth thief had distracted Rawley in the changing room.

Not having to relieve herself like Donna was, Rawley had showered herself off, running her hand over her shaved scalp and enjoying the opportunity of shoreleave. She'd been towelling herself off by the time Donna vanished into the restroom, and with a tune sung under her breath, Rawley had put Aldean underwear on - keeping up the charade of being a native as per protocol. She'd run her arms through the sleeves of a white shirt by the time she was approached by a blonde woman with green eyes and a wide smile. She started talking to her in Aldean, and Rawley had just politely smiled at the minx while reaching for her Aldean-brand communicator so that she could understand what the woman was asking.

"I beg your pardon?" she said once she had her communicator in hand, and she ought to have noticed how the blonde looked at the thing in her hand rather than her eyes when she spoke. That was when the woman running the hut at the front let out a scream, having been barrelled over by two men. Surprised, Rawley had looked in their direction, which didn't prepare her for the blonde's quick hands, which pilfered the communicator right out of her fingers. "Hey!" she let out, scowling as she saw the woman bound for the door whence the two men had come, saying something to one of the men before jumping over the proprietor lying in the sand. Ghost was just about to run after the woman when the last of the two men slammed his elbow straight across her eyebrow mid-sprint.

Things were blurry for a moment, and Rawley found herself leaning against the wooden lockers, shaking her head to clear the dizziness. When her vision returned, both Donna's and her own bags were missing, but she knew that the blonde had her communicator. Gritting her teeth together, she pushed away from the locker and stumbled out at the front of the beach hut, unknowing that Donna was on the other side. Rawley's squinted against the sun as she searched for the blonde Aldean - if she even was Aldean to begin with - and caught her astride one of those anti-grav bikes the citizens of Aldea Prime seemed to fancy. The blonde was donning a white helmet, which had given Rawley just enough time to try and close the distance.

The bike was powering up with a whirr by the time Rawley reached the blonde, and she wasted no time. With a punch to the gut and using a grip on the helmet for leverage, she threw the bloody thief off her bike. "Give it back!" she snarled, and began to search the writhing woman in the sand. Only she wore little, and it became clear within moments that she didn't carry the communicator any more. "Bollocks!"

She must have passed it to one of the two men. Those who took the bags.

"Oh, you bloody wankers... For fuck's sake!" she grated and barely kept herself from kicking the blonde at her feet. Instead, she understood how time was short. Without any second to spare, she swung her leg over the seat of the bike and searched for the throttle - figuring it out quickly enough. She leaned forward, and set off in a wide curve around the beach hut - the sand spraying over the prone blonde in her wake.

Leaning to the side as she came around the hut, Rawley's white shirt billowed behind her as she saw how there were three thieves remaining in total. One of which was fighting Donna. Without a moment to hesitate, she reached out and seized the collar of the man who faced Donna, and whisking by as she was, she was able to yank him off his feet and send him head-first into the side of the hut. It surely put him out of commission, and as much became clear to the two remaining thieves as well, who wasted no time powering up their bikes and setting off.

"G'dammit," Ghost swore as she turned her bike around in the sand, raising a cloud around her as she did. "Take the third bike!"

Her call to Donna hopefully carried over the noise of bystanders and the bikes alike, and she throttled up so that she wouldn't loose sight of the thieves. If they lost the communicators, it wasn't so much the loss of Aldean stars that would hurt, but the humiliation of walking up to the KDF law enforcement, finding some way to explain who they were without compromising the ship, finding a Klingon with the right security clearance to know what sat in the shipyards, and then getting back to the Theurgy without having said too much to the wrong people. Ultimately, Ravon would decidedly not be impressed, and if they fucked up, the Aldeans might pull shoreleave privileges for the whole crew.

That was a kind of embarrassment she'd rather be without, even is she usually didn't give a toss.

"Come on!" she said as she whisked by Donna, teeth bared like the wolf she was.

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Re: Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Wolf-11 | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Rawley's arrival was unexpected as it was dramatic. Donna felt herself cringing as she heard, and felt, the impact of her opponent being sent into the side of the hut; his unconscious form landed in a heap on the ground. Seeing their compatriot disabled, the two thieves that were holding their bags chose to make good their escape as they gunned the engines of their bikes and sped off. Turning back to Rawley, Donna just barely heard her fellow wolf shouting at her as she spun her bike around. 

"Take the third bike!" Rawley yelled, her white shirt billowing out around her to expose the olive-coloured underwear beneath. Seeing this, Donna guessed that someone had gone after Rawley much like they had come after her. And that Rawley had reacted exactly as she had, going after the gear without regard to appearance. The idle thought of what she would have done if she had been wearing less tried to rise in her head, but Donna squashed it as she ran for the remaining hover bike and leapt aboard. "Come on!"

Astride the vehicle, Donna quickly started it up, thankful for her training and experience in vehicles from many cultures and revved the engine before taking off after Rawley. Ahead of her, she saw her fellow wolf chasing after the two thieves, all four of them speeding down the pathway that bordered the beach. Ahead of them, the path forked, one continuing on along the beach and skirting Aldea Prime, while the other cut back into the city. As fast as she was going and not having to avoid anyone ahead of her, Donna would not catch up to Rawley before the fork.

Re: Day 28 [1330 hrs.] Hot Pursuit
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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Beach | Aldea Prime | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88
Rawley could also see the fork ahead, and anticipated that the two thieves might make use of it somehow. He could see them communicating ahead of her, their heads turning whilst they zig-zagged between pedestrians and other vehicles of odd Aldean design. Rawley did the same, trying to keep her focus on what path they might take, knowing fully well that if Petterson and she got separated, they had no means at all to communicate with each other. Then again, she also knew that if the thieves went separate ways, they eventually had to rendezvous somewhere. It was just a matter of time, and unfortunately, time wasn't really a commodity the two Lone Wolves had on their side.

"Oh, bloody hell, you thrifty little fuckers," she spat through her teeth as she saw the two thieves take separate ways where the street forked, though it didn't come much of a surprise. Rawley cast her eyes back towards Chance, just to check that she caught on to what was happening. She suspected her old/new squad mate knew just as well as her that they had little choice but to split ways in hope that they wouldn't end up on their own and without communicators. All Rawley could do was to signal which path she took, and it was the street leading deeper into the city, while the other would go into the outskirts of the city and into the Beyond. It was just a short gesture with her arm, hoping that Donna would catch it as they were veering between obstacles.

And off she went, towards the city centre, in pursuit of the thief. She caught him swerving down a path that would eventually lead to a ramp into the sky, and Rawley didn't hesitate, following him up there - the both of them ending up in one of the glassed walkways. The ochre sunlight turned everything bronze inside the glassed-in pathway, and the sounds of scared Aldeans were louder as they bounced inside the walls. The sharp cry of the engines overrode them, and Rawley had no time to give them any more attention than avoiding collisions. She tried to be cunning, to find means to gain on the thief, but this wasn't her city, and she had the odds against her. She was hard pressed to keep him in her sights when he managed to turn down a couple of intersections, but luck stayed with her, and she saw - eventually - how he abandoned the walkways in the sky, and blazed down a ramp towards the ground again.

Sirens? Bollocks... she thought, identifying a new sound behind her, which somehow transcended intergalactic differences between cities and law enforcement. It was loud in Aldea Prime, generated through the Custodian's computer system, and channelled through the city's buildings more so than any pursuing vehicles. Rawley couldn't quite be bothered about it, since it had just added a secondary objective in how she wanted to avoid getting caught, and somehow compromise the crew's permission for planet-side shore-leave. Her main focus was still the thief ahead of her, because as soon as she got her communicator back, she would be able to beam up to the Theurgy, and from there, she'd try to help Donna. Surely Thea's sensors would be able to catch Chance down in the city? She bloody well hoped so...

Within the minute, she caught sight of her quarry as he sped down into a narrow alleyway, and she acted on mere instinct as she followed him - her focus the same as if she was in a cockpit, and she wore her exosuit rather than just her underwear and a shirt. It billowed behind her as she emerged on a new street, and she found herself back on the large street that circled Aldea Prime. The same one Chance and her had been on when the chase began, and wouldn't you know? Up ahead, she could see Donna, and the thief Rawley had been chasing almost collided with the other Lone Wolf when he sped past her to try and join his partner-in-crime.

"I'm on your six!" she called to Chance, glad to see the thief failed to make Donna fall. Ahead of them both, the thieves both took a sharp turn in order to catch a new intersection that led out from the city, and towards the rover outposts bordering to the Beyond. Are they planning to change vehicles?

"I'm bloody well not giving up now!" she shouted to the other Lone Wolf. "The KDF will likely chase us if we stay anyway, so fuck it, let's loose them out there in the sands!"