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EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow @Juzzie

It was hard to reconcile how she was to end this day with how it had begun. Mere hours ago she had been a prisoner, fleeing the Borg that bore down upon the ever-dwindling survivors of the USS Bellerophon. And now here she was, standing in the Chief Counsellor's office on a ship she had until oh-so-recently denounced as a traitor to the Federation. She had spent much of the afternoon in meetings with various Theurgy crewmembers, and indeed her own, convincing each side that neither she nor those she represented, whether they be from the Bellerophon or the Theurgy were a threat to the other. It had been exhausting, and it had been wonderful.

She had been inclined to leave her new duties aboard this vessel for tomorrow; the hour grew late already. While perambulating around the ship, however, she had received some looks that had persuaded her otherwise. She knew her previous crew was not looked upon kindly here, and for good reason; she also knew she was replacing an officer who had proven themselves more than capable of the position. First impressions were important for any new relationship, and in circumstances such as these even more so. She faced an uphill battle to gain the trust and respect of her new compatriots, and in a department where communication and openness were so important she simply could not afford to squander this opportunity for a clean introduction -- the cleanest she could hope to be afforded, at least.

No, better to deal with this swiftly than to let it turn to rot.

There had been little time between her appointment and the present to look over the personnel files of her new subordinates, but she had eked out what she could. Her meeting with the acting Executive Officer had also helped to crystalise her thoughts. In accordance with this, she had asked for her two primary candidates to meet her here in her new office, in order that they might all have the chance to study one another.

She glanced at the time. There was little left to wait. In the meantime, she continued her examination of the Theurgy's personnel files, drawing up a list of those of interest. No doubt almost every soul aboard the vessel required some form of counselling or another, but it was worth collating a shortlist of those most in need of attention.

Not that everything about a person could be learned from their file, of course. Still. She was a latecomer to this crew; there were several months of lost time to make up for.

She took a sip of her coffee, interrupted by a chirp at the door.

'Enter,' she called, standing smoothly to greet the arrival.

The day drew long, but it was not over.

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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt Zelosa Ejek | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @fiendfall  @Juzzie
She entered her office--former office, really--and felt no true attachment to the place. It was an office she had not held for even a full week, and she'd spent the better part of that week acting as the second in command. It'd been used for nearly everything except counseling. She was surprised to find how reluctant she was to let it go.

It was a position of leadership and responsibility, one she was more than ready for, but it also put her in a leader position over a bunch of monkeys. She could lay out the best plans and have them foiled by one particularly clever fool, and she would have egg on her face for it. Leadership, but dangerous leadership. She should be happy to pass it onto this...this Vulcan counselor.

She looked over the Vulcan with a cool, collected face. None of her inner conflict showed. This was deliberate; she did not come here to whine, after all. She'd handle this with such an excellent level of professionalism it'd make her superiors weep to lose her.
"Good evening, Lieutenant Commander. I trust you are getting your bearings well?"

She knew the answer ought to be 'yes'. Ejek spent quite a bit of time on paperwork, as much as she could afford given the number of clients she needed to see. She had her own shortlist of clients, appointment calendars, pending appointments, sessions notes, supervisory notes...For the span of a week, Ejek ran a tight department. Perhaps...too tight? Of course not. Not when you're working with the Federation, of course.

Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow @fiendfall

Rhys had spent a few hours trying to smarten himself up and catching rest where he could. Over the past few days the amount of sleep he had gotten amounted to very little and it had begun to show. His handsome face had dark bags under his eyes. He was not on his own however, as he walked to the  Chief Counselor's office it seemed as if he was walking among a crew of the living dead, and now there was this meeting to attend.

Maybe it was the fatigue but Rhys was having complicated feelings about this new situation. He had been Chief Counselor of the Cayuga for nearly a year, a position he had accepted with deep reluctance. His superiors at the academy and later his Captain had always been slightly disappointing by his conspicuous lack of ambition. He was not a natural leader in any sense, having power or authority over someone else was tough for someone with little confidence in their own judgement.

Which is why it would have shocked anyone who knew him well, that he felt distressed over how events were progressing before him. With deep shock he realised he was going to miss his former position. Perhaps he had become used to the role and without him ever noticing, it had shored up his confidence a little. It was baffling, he had not wanted the job on the Cayuga and now he was on the Theurgy and no longer a head of department he wanted it back. So much had gone on and sent so many obstructions into the cogwheels of his thinking over recent days, that perhaps this kind of thinking was not surprising.

Rhys arrived outside the door, and took a deep breath and settled his face into as neutral  an expression as he could manage. The door chimed and he waited to be beckoned in before entering. He saw that Lt. Ejek was there before him. "I hope I am not late m'am." He said standing rod straight. He was sure he was not late, but as he did not trust his own judgement completely, some things were hard wired. 

He nodded stiffly to Lt. Ejek. They had met only twice and he was still not sure what to make of her, other than finding her more than a little intimidating.  He  kept his face as impassive as possible, determined to make a good first impression for his new direct superior. Inside his heart was beating so hard he was surprised no one could hear it.

Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow  @Juzzie

Lieutenant Ejek was the first to arrive, displaying a punctuality that Hathev could appreciate, especially given the circumstances surrounding her summons. Hathev was glad of their meeting; an officer's file could only divulge so much, and there was little substitute for personal interaction and observation. Zelosa Ejek's file spoke of a young Cardassian and recent graduate who had nevertheless proven herself more than capable as Assistant and then Acting Chief Counsellor of the Theurgy. A driven and organised woman whose career trajectory was not dissimilar to Hathev's own, in person Ejek carried herself with a determined professionalism that was gratifying indeed. She would have been an obvious choice for Assistant Chief even if Stark had not recommended her, and in their meeting Hathev found she was pleased with her decision.

She stepped out from behind her desk to greet the officer, offering a handshake out of politeness rather than preference. 'I believe I am, Lieutenant,' she said, 'although I would hope to gain your perspective in the matter also.'

The second lieutenant arrived mere moments later, and Hathev waved away his temporal concerns. Rhys Williams had been a far less obvious choice: by all accounts quiet and unambitious, Williams was of a type Hathev might have dismissed offhand were it not for his previous position as Chief Counsellor aboard the USS Cayuga. This fact alone had given Hathev pause long enough to study his file more closely; for that a man with his lack of ambition and assurance had risen to such a position in a short time suggested there was more to him than met the eye. The reports of his leadership would seem to support this assessment; in person, Hathev hoped to gain better insight into the potential his previous superiors had nurtured.

Both officers had more than earned their seat at this table, and their part in Hathev's plans for the department; now all that remained was to assess them personally, and present her case.

'You both have my thanks for joining me,' she said. 'I am aware the hour is late and no doubt you have other matters to attend to; I will not require your presence for any longer than necessary. Please,' she said, gesturing to the seats she had arranged in preparation, 'make yourselves comfortable.'

Returning to her desk, she slid into her own chair and examined the officers before her. 'I realise that my appointment here may be somewhat contentious; I will of course introduce myself properly to the department as a whole but at this juncture I wished to meet the both of you in particular.

'I have been an officer in Starfleet for nearly 80 years. Most recently aboard the late USS Bellerophon, of course, but I have had many assignments during my career. However I believe I can say with some confidence that this particular assignment is due to be unlike any other. In my lack of experience with this ship and her various crews I am at a disadvantage; in this I hope you can assist me.'
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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt Zelosa Ejek | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @fiendfall ll  @Juzzie

Once again, she found herself meeting with Rhys Williams. She hardly knew the man, and yet now they were to be coworkers. Equals. Did he have what it took? Did he know what he was doing? She hardly knew Hathev, and yet here the Vulcan was, now her superior. Were any of these people competent?

She would have to wait and see. She gave Williams a brief nod and took a seat. She smoothed out her skirt and watched Hathev as she spoke.

Ah, 80 years, that offered her a bit of comfort. She was older than Ejek. The Federation uniform might give her pause, but surely, after 80 years, the other would've worked out some of the Federation's inherent problems? No only that; Ejek was wearing the same uniform.

She asked for assistance. Particularly, she wanted help with this ship, and Ejek reflected a moment on why. Williams had very little experience running this department, and though Ejek herself thought highly of her own skills, truthfully she'd only been around for roughly a week. She folded her hands in her lap and spoke,

"I will do my best, given that none of us have performed our roles on the Theurgy for very long. Unfortunately Commander we are all at a disadvantage. It was my intention for a time to run a workshop for our counselors concerning ethical practice, considering the history of this particular ship's department. Should you choose to follow through with this, it will also allow you the ability to get the department on the same page, and allow you to rectify possible malpractice before it happens."

Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow @fiendfall

Rhys realised that he did not think in the healthiest ways about himself and those around him. However, being aware that was the case and being able to do anything about it were two different matters. To most people a nod from a fellow officer was just that. A polite greeting or acknowledgement. In Rhys' head it took the form of an unspoken judgement. He knew it was silly but he had the feeling he was being weighed up by Ejek and found wanting in some critical way.

Hatev however he had nothing to go on, even his mind could not read into an emotionally repressive species an emotion. Rhys took the seat that was offered and tried to relax. Relaxing was not his strong suit. Also considering what he and the rest of the crew had been through recently, his body and mind were not in the mood to relax. He sat with his spine ramrod straight. He was a clear and obvious sack of tension.

Rhys raised his eyebrows as Lt. Commander Hatev indicated she had eighty years of experience. It had been a vain hope that he would end up head of department, with such an experienced officer. He forgotten how long Vulcans could live and serve for. Their new commanding officer indicated she would need help getting to know the Theurgy and its crew. Ejek proceeded with a very sensible suggestion, and suddenly Rhys felt a huge wave of pressure on him. He knew he would be expected to say something useful, and now he felt utterly unable to do so. He felt utterly inferior to the other two officers, like he was the odd one out. The only one in a place he did not belong.

"Like er... Lt. Ejek, I've also not been on the Theurgy for long and I was only Chief Counselor on the Cayuga for a few months. "
His mouth felt like it was full of cotton wool and he was sure the others could feel the waves of nervousness crashing off him. "We have an amalgamation of a  few crews here, many of whom until recently thought the crew of the Theurgy was their enemy." His eyes flicked over Hatev and Ejek to try and see if he was saying things that made sense. "Its likely that there may well be some tension and or resentment between crew members. I suspect we will have to be engaged in some conflict management." He was not sure what else to say and felt to some extent like he was walking on eggshells.
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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow  @Juzzie

From the manner in which the two lieutenants held themselves, Hathev was not surprised by their responses. Ejek spoke with a confidence and self-assurance that although polite and respectful were clearly held carefully in check lest they become defiant or proud. The boldness and belief of the young and ambitious; it was neither unexpected nor displeasing.

Hathev had known both the individuals she had invited to her new office had claim to that command themselves; that the officers in question might be resentful for losing that position to a newcomer had been forefront in her mind when arranging this meeting. She would not begrudge Ejek her wounded pride, so long as it did not come to interfere with the department or their relationship within it.

She had expected similar resistance of Williams, if only as he had held the title himself on his previous vessel. However his conduct was a stark contrast to Ejek's composed confidence: he was quick to undermine his own credentials, exhibiting signs of discomfort when attention was turned to him, and uncertain in his own words. Hardly a natural leader.

But Williams' observations were sound, somewhat basic though they were, and Hathev could certainly appreciate the differences between her proposed assistants: where one proactively offered solutions, the other considered the emotional environment in which any plans were to be carried out. Neither candidate was entirely developed, and neither would have been ideal on their own, especially not when paired with herself as their superior. However with their efforts and perspectives combined Hathev foresaw a high probability for this partnership to be beneficial to all.

Especially gratifying, then, that although the perspectives they offered were so different, the priorities they raised so estranged from one another, the root concern seemed the same for both of them: the unification of conduct and sentiment across the ship's disparate personnel.

She allowed herself a small moment of satisfaction. It would seem her two assistants were well-appointed.

'I thank you both for your candour,' she said. 'I understand neither of you have served here for long, and I would not expect you to speak as an authority on this vessel. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to voice your opinions and experiences with impunity when you have something you wish to add or suggest. I may not implement the ideas brought to me but I will always consider them fairly.'

She took a sip from her cooling coffee, moving her focus to allow the officers a moment free from her scrutiny, perceived or otherwise. They were not her patients, of course, but she had no desire to pin them to their seats with her gaze. The respite offered was brief; in a moment, she had placed her cup back down upon the desk and was returned to the matter at hand, regarding the lieutenants before her.

'I understand,' she said, words carefully articulated, 'that I am, in some ways, usurping your positions, despite any shortness of time for which they were held. Accordingly, I wanted to clarify my intentions towards each of you. You have both proven yourselves to be capable counsellors, officers, and leaders, and I do not wish to squander your experience and expertise. Traditionally, only one Assistant Chief need be appointed but considering this ship's unique design I consider it prudent to assign the role to each of you.

'As my Assistant Chiefs, you would each be afforded your own command of a satellite department on either Vector 1 or Vector 2. You would have the freedom to oversee said department's day-to-day running as you see fit, and to arrange staff and implement particular endeavours in agreement with myself and your counterpart.

'This would not be a further fragmenting of the crew aboard this vessel, but rather a method of extending the department's reach and offering a variety of treatments to cater to all needs. The department would be both standard in overall practice and flexible in specific execution. To achieve this, we would work closely to maintain impeccable lines of communication through the department as a whole, meeting to discuss needs and consider solutions accordingly. It is paramount that this directive be approached in the spirit of partnership.'

She leant back slightly, folding her hands in her lap. 'It is early for me to request your trust; you must forgive me. I understand it must be earned, and I hope that in time I will do so. In the meantime, I would encourage you to take the time you need for proper consideration of this offer.'
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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt Zelosa Ejek | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @fiendfall @Juzzie

As she finished speaking, Lieutenant Williams began. She had worked with enough clients to know the tone of voice and body language by heart. Low self esteem, anxiety, lots of tension. He displayed a lot of the same tension in their last meeting. He gave perfectly sound ideas, however. In her mind, she could map out a pretty good trajectory for his career. He'd do well for all of a few weeks at most, putting tremendous pressure on himself to perform. The pressure and tension would mount, combined with the added trauma of not one but two borg attacks and the stress of an impromptu transfer. He'd make a mistake, fixate on it, ruminate, make more mistakes, repeat, until he inevitably crashed and burned out, committing some sort of ethical violation like many in their field tend to do or simply having a mental breakdown. Likeable though he was, he was an ethical disaster waiting to happen. She hoped that Hathev, with her many decades of service, was able to pick up on that.

Between the two ladies here, Hathev was clearly the best suited to address William's anxiety. Her word choice, her movements with her coffee, where she cast her gaze, it all seemed very purposeful. Meant to make a client at ease. Her nonverbal communication skills were excellent. Ejek made private notes of them for herself. Though the Cardassian was well-composed, she did not always have such a purpose to her movements like this.

The content of her speech was equally thoughtful. She was mindful of the potential conflict that she would be causing by her new appointment to power, and of the conflict among the hodge-podge of crews aboard the Theurgy. She addressed it--but did not necessarily prompt them to process it together. This would be done on their own time, as indicated by her last statement. For a moment, Ejek thought to reach out to Rhys post-meeting, but didn't know if her presence would intimidate him. Who was she kidding, hell yes her presence was intimidating. She was a confident woman and that scared people sometimes.

"I have been considering the offer since I became aware of the departmental changes. I will be accepting it."
She added, and did not speak more. No need to dominate the conversation, after all.

Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @fiendfall , @FollowTomorrow

It was hard to judge his new superior. He wondered if he was making a good first impression, as this was the first time they had met at all. He suspected that he was not. Any idiot could have made the observation he had made.  Starfleet officers were expected to be self assured and ambitious he knew he was none of those things. However, he had learned one important thing during his time as a Counsellor.

However confident someone appeared there was always something bubbling beneath the surface, some insecurity. For most people this did not impact their lives that much, it was a minor niggle. Sometimes though, there was someone who walked around with a pain bigger than a galaxy on the inside, but a strong, smiling face on the outside.

The Lt. Commander, talked about 'usurping' their positions. He smiled a small smile. While he had been disappointed at not being in charge, frankly relief was a far bigger factor for him. It would be nice to have someone above him again, someone he could talk to and bounce ideas off of. He had been making things up as he went along. So as far as he was concerned he could do all the usurping she wanted.

When she mentioned her plans for how the Counselling department would be organised he was surprised. He had expected to be placed under Ejek. In the short time he had known her, she seemed competent, ambitious and driven. Ideal for a second in command. He wondered if this situation would generate some tension between himself and Ejek. He hoped not, because in those circumstances he knew exactly who would come out on top. He was intimidated by her, but then in fairness he found anyone ambitious and driven intimidating, he highlighted everything he was not.

Rhys was unable to quite keep the reluctance out of his voice. "Its a novel idea... I accept." He smiled warmly at Hatev. "There is nothing for you to apologise for, and you are wearing that uniform so I trust you." It was true, he to was a new comer to the Theurgy. He wondered now how Starfleet would react with two of its crews joining the Theurgy.

Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
attn: @FollowTomorrow @Juzzie

Neither of her new subordinates elected to take the time offered for consideration; hardly surprising in the case of Lieutenant Ejek, who had no doubt already anticipated the offer and all it would entail. She could appreciate the preparation and foresight the woman demonstrated.

Williams, on the other hand she would have expected to deliberate; that he did not might have suggested he was allowing himself to succumb to the pressure of the moment, and of Ejek's immediate acceptance. The reluctance that tinged his voice would certainly seem to suggest so, but the smile that followed it confused the matter somewhat. An affectation? Her current sample size of his character was too small to draw conclusions on that front.

Nevertheless, she had not truly expected either of the officers to refuse the role; that they had both agreed so quickly merely increased the efficiency of this meeting, a fact of which Hathev was glad. With this agreed, there were more pressing matters to attend to.

'I am grateful for your acceptance,' she said. 'I anticipate this shall be the beginning of a fruitful partnership. I shall be glad to discuss your suggestions for initiatives and approaches at another such meeting very soon; however for the meantime I consider it the primary directive of this department to treat as many patients as possible.' A simple goal, but in the current circumstances she did not wish to push for anything more ambitious. That would come in time; for now it seemed necessary to provide emergency aid.

'From what I understand, there are many aboard this vessel who have gone without psychological help for months on end. Considering those months have been almost universally traumatic, no matter the vessel upon which the individual served, I believe it imperative to see all those who require aid in the most timely fashion the department can reasonably be expected to adhere to in its current state.'

She paused, considering her next request. Both officers had protested their experience with the crew of the Theurgy; and yet she felt such a question would not only be potentially informative for her own understanding, but also demonstrate a degree of trust and intellectual partnership she felt would be beneficial.

'I have been compiling a list of individuals whom I consider to be particularly at risk; of course my understanding is limited and as such I would appreciate any insight which you may be able to offer. If there are any aboard this vessel about whom you harbour particular concerns, I would urge you to give those concerns voice.'

She regarded them both seriously, her gaze steely though not harsh. 'I would also encourage you to be mindful of your own mental wellbeing, and seek appropriate aid if necessary. As long as I see no cause for concern I shall leave this to your own discretion; as professionals I trust you are more than capable of your own assessment.'

The moment held for a beat; and then Hathev broke its intensity, returning to her coffee with a fluid motion.

'I believe that concludes the current order of business,' she said, taking a small sip. 'However if there are any questions you wish to ask, or anything you wish to raise, you may consider this your opportunity to do so. There will be many more; both internal to our regular meetings and external, as I shall endeavour to make myself available to each of you whenever it is requested.

'For tonight, however, I am aware I am keeping you from your rest. I am happy to discuss anything you may wish to, either both of you together or individually; however you need not stay, and are more than welcome to take your leave whenever you desire.'

It had been an exceptionally long day for all aboard; she had little intention of drawing it out longer than necessary, especially considering both her assistants were of species requiring more sleep than did her own. There would be time enough in the coming days to better acquaint themselves; for now, all that need be established were the very first steps towards what, with work and tutilage, she had little doubt had the potential to grow into a most formidable partnership.
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Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt Zelosa Ejek | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @fiendfall l @Juzzie

Again, Ejek paid attention to Rhys and found herself watching a man who perhaps was not yet ready to be a leader. He could have a choice-- Ejek would not balk at being asked to perform her own work and his as well. At least then she'd know everything would go smoothly. However that was not happening. She was downgraded to assistant and sharing the title with him.

Hathev was diplomatic as ever. Ejek could appreciate an airtight neutral facade. Vulcans were especially talented at showing no emotion. She listened to her words and kept her face neutral in turn. She didn't exactly disagree with Hathev's plan, considering it was basically just Ejek's plan. Honestly, she was more interested in Rhys at this time, to see how he responded to the suggestion that both of them ought to be caring for their own mental well-being. It was a basic tenant of the counseling profession. If he had not been inundated with a nauseating amount of 'self care' messages, she'd doubt his credibility as a counselor.

"I have some concerns I wish to go over with you. I took care to document as much as I could, as Chief Counselor, but there were some ideas that I did not have time to write down. However if Counselor Williams would like to confer with you first, it would be wise. I will not be requiring rest for another few hours at least." She spoke again, her eyes off of Williams for now. She was listening still, paying close attention. Trying to see how he reacted to the metaphorical spotlight.

Re: EPIL: S [D06|1925] A Meeting of Minds
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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Chief Counselor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @fiendfall @FollowTomorrow

Hatev continued to speak, and Rhys could only nod along. Everything she said was perfectly true. The crew was  a mess that was patently obvious to anyone with eyes. No one needed any counselor training to see that.

She asked them to make clear anyone who they had concerns about. Rhys already had a list prepared of those he knew from his own crew. His knowledge of the other two crews was obviously more vague. However, having now spent a little bit of time on the Theurgy mostly in sickbay there were a few others he had added to.

Then he when she asked them to be mindful of their own mental health, for a moment a shadow passed over his features. It was brief but it was there before he resumed a neutral expression. This was his fear, had been his fear for a long time. That someone would pick up something, notice something about him, and he would loose the only thing that for him made it worth getting up in the morning. His job.

He tried to calm himself. After all it seemed Hatev was about to dismiss them. Then Ejek chimed in placing Rhys into his least favourite place the centre of attention. He wondered if this was an unthinking thing on her part, or deliberate in some way. If it was deliberate he wondered if he had annoyed her in some way, as his clear and obvious distaste for being at the centre should have been obvious to her. He felt irritated both with her and himself.

"Well... I er I thought you might ask that. I have made a list of the former crew of the Cayuga that I am most concerned about." He indicated a PADD in his hand. "I think it would be wise if I were the first point of contact for them. I am a known quantity for them after all." He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, feeling rather pinned to it by his superior officer's gaze. Also, by the horrible sense that Ejek was listening, taking notes and making judgements of him.  He nervously rose and placed the PADD on her desk.  It was a surprisingly short list, but it was just the ones he was most concerned about. He knew all of them fairly well they were people who had been fragile before any of the events of the past few days had taken place. Rhys was nothing if not well organised.

He did not include his own name, which he suspected if he were looking at himself from the outside he would have done.  "I suspect one or two will come to me on their own anyway, as I've worked with them before." He took his seat again. He smiled at Ejek "I am impressed by your fortitude. I myself am dreadfully tired." He felt honestly more tired than he had ever felt before. Muscles and joints were angrily waving the IOUs that his brain had written for them.

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[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow  @Juzzie

Curious that Ejek would pass the baton to Williams first; but then, perhaps she wished to speak to Hathev privately. The Cardassian's pointed reminder that she had until today held Hathev's new office herself was not lost on the new Chief Counsellor; an issue Hathev had considered addressed already, but perhaps it would need reiterating for her less logical assistants. Resentment would serve the department little.

Williams seemed predictably uncomfortable to have the limelight passed to him once more, although for a moment there was almost a flash of something more intense in his countenance. Concern verging on panic, perhaps, although it passed quickly enough that Hathev could not be certain. In any case, it might not be any reason to worry: it would be unethical for her to issue a diagnosis, but it was clear Williams suffered from an anxiety-related condition. In light of that, a fear of public speaking was hardly something to raise alarm, as long as it did not interfere with his work. Indeed, Hathev had heard some patients preferred a gentle touch, although thankfully she had not had the misfortune to treat any such individual.

Hathev remained impassive in the face of Williams' nervous energy, although his twitching was beginning to stir a headache in the frontal region of her cranium. She would see to it before it became anything worse, but for the time being it was a persistent annoyance. Nevertheless, the information Williams offered was useful and gratefully received, and she nodded as token of her appreciation as he passed her his PADD.

'I agree,' she said, casting a cursory glance over the list. The names meant little to her at this point; she tramsitted a copy to her own device for later investigation. 'As a familiar face you are likely best placed to handle preliminary matters with these individuals. In the interests of integration, however, I would encourage you to outsource treatment to non-Cayuga professionals unless absolutely necessary.' Familiarity was one thing; insularity was quite another.

'Please keep me updated on this matter, Lieutenant,' she said, passing him back his PADD as he was seated once more. She debated whether to say anything further -- to recommend he seek treatment for himself, as she believed would be prudent. However she was aware such a recommendation may be unwelcome, and she did not wish to risk jeapordizing their professional relationship at this early stage. No, she would keep an eye on Williams' condition from a distance, just as she would Ejek; she would only become involved if absolutely necessary.

In the meantime, Williams' professed tiredness was evident in the lines of his face. Hathev saw no reason to keep him any longer, thus: 'I have no desire to keep you from your rest, Mr Williams. You are welcome to stay if you wish, but if you would rather take your leave please feel free to do so.'

The potential of a private meeting with Ejek posed something of a risk at this stage, considering Williams was clearly lacking confidence in his own appointment and may well take exclusion from such a meeting as a comment on his own capabilities, if not on his worthiness of a place at the table of department leadership. However it was important that the opportunity of one-to-one communication be given to both officers, and between them Ejek was something more of a priority in this regard considering her potential for bitterness and one-sided rivalry over Hathev's appointment.

She had run the calculations, and the probability of a positive outcome for this partnership was high. Hathev was pleased with her two subordinates, and saw genuine potential in each separately and both together. There was, however, some way to go to reach that stage; for now, there was a certain amount of guidance and direction required. Fortunate indeed that this had been the focus of her career for the past twenty years; less fortunate that it had been her very least favoured part of that job. Nevertheless, it was something she had experience in, and she intended to make use of that fact.
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[ Lt Zelosa Ejek | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @fiendfall @Juzzie

It was when that shadow passed over Rhys's features did Ejek seize her eyes on his face. He was being asked to care for himself. His response indicated that he knew this was aimed at him. Perhaps it was guilt, or the surprise of being spoken of in an indirect way. He had a poor poker-face, and that meant he likely did not perform well in sessions. Her judgement was mounting, but she would hold off on her final decision  until after she saw how he handled her spotlight.

A verbal stumble, but that certainly was not a career-ending mistake, but his squirming suggested he was uncomfortable. Ejek was not staring directly at him in an accusative way, but rather meeting his eyes to listen to him. Tha was the smoking gun for Ejek. Not competent, and it was demonstrated in front of their superior officer. She was done here.

Her eyes went back to Hathev, again paying attention as she spoke. She was gracious and did not acknowledge the perceived failures of Lieutenant William Rhys. She thought of perceived failures--of them, exhaustion was not one, and Rhys was exhausted.
"A good rest is an important component of self-care, lieutenant, especially after ordeals as traumatizing as the ones we've been through."

Yes, this way she can meet Hathev more personally, and they can speak more freely without the added worry of accidentally hurting Rhys's feelings. That is, unless Rhys felt excluded--in which case, well, he would just have to learn how to deal with those feelings of rejection.

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Chief Counselor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @fiendfall l @FollowTomorrow

"Ah thank you Commander." Rhys instantly felt relieved to be getting out of that bloody office. Other people's problems and concerns he could talk about until the end of the Universe. His own, was a different matter. What made matters worse was Ejek. One on one, he might have performed better but she intimidated him. He felt as if his every action, every inflection in his voice was being analysed and found wanting in some sort of way. Obviously he had no proof of this and his radar had been off before but he felt strongly about this.

He had this feeling of being a small prey animal being circled by a large hungry predator. This was all he needed. He could deal with other people's conflicts but not his own. He hated confrontation and had a feeling that was going to be in his future. He did not make friends easily and to have a co-worker  he feared he was not going to get along with only made this worse.

He stood and nodded to them both "Lieutenant Ejek." Now that the pressure was off to some extent he seemed to relax and his face brightened. "I hope I can be of service to you both and to the our newly combined crews." With that he turned and left. He took a deep breath once outside glad that at least one challenge had been overcome for now. "Time for some tea and bed." He said smiling to himself as he headed off down the corridor.

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[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow

With the opportunity offered, Lieutenant Williams took his leave with expedience. Hathev would not be passing judgement on him, as an individual or a professional, on so little data gathered at such an unfavourable time; however she would be cataloguing that data for future use. Were she given to personal feelings-- but she was not, of course. She merely remained unconvinced; however she endeavoured to be mindful of the fact that multiple personality types could prove useful here, especially in a profession where interpersonal relationships were paramount. From Williams' record she had to assume he was a capable counsellor; that alone was enough for him to be taken seriously. It would be beneficial to have someone upon whom she could prevail to take those patients who found her approach abrasive; these two facts in conjunction would suffice for now, at least until she could form a more complete judgement of the man's character and abilities.

'My thanks once more for your attendance,' she said as he took his leave, forcing herself to entertain the verbal redundance. 'I wish you a restful evening.'

With Williams' departure, Hathev turned to the remaining Assistant Chief. She anticipated the true challenge of their meeting was yet to come. Of course, she judged herself to be more than capable of navigating such an encounter; this was more an opportunity to gather further information on her new subordinate and the vessel they were responsible for. That Ms Ejek was performing the same evaluation in kind was expected; she had already drawn the conclusion of their similarity, and would have been disappointed had it not been borne out here. In Ejek she saw potential; the question was not in her capabilities, but in her willingness to occupy the position now afforded her. Hathev had little interest in the Cardassian's ego, in satiating or placating it as necessary, but rather in the control exhibited by Ejek herself. It had been adequate thus far, in appearance at least; whether that would remain the case, and whether the control extended beneath the surface, was yet to be determined.

Meeting the younger woman's gaze imperiously, Hathev inclined her head smoothly, indicating that Ejek may speak. 'My attention is yours, Lieutenant,' she said. 'I am interested to hear your thoughts.'
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[ Lt Zelosa Ejek | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @fiendfall

Williams took his leave. Tea and bed sounded nice right about now. Actually tea, a nice dinner, a hot bath, and then bed. She wondered if Parnak would be available for dinner, or if she'd be dining alone once more...Alone. She'd be alone. She knew that. She wasn't in the mood to be socializing, nor did Parnak deserve to hear her whine the way she did.

She leaned into the current moment. The here and now. Willaims did not realize it, but there was a certain tension that grew between Hathev and Ejek. It wasn't a sort of tension with clenched fists and gritted teeth, but one of sharp minds and competing ideas. Ejek always did enjoy the way Vulcans expressed competition, even if even the most insane among them wouldn't admit to it. Hathev wanted to hear Ejek's thoughts, but didn't specify what. The ball was in her court, and the direction she fired back at revealed a lot about her. She'd have to be tactical in how she spoke next.

She had a feeling she'd come to like Hathev.

"I have many thoughts at the moment, Commander, given this is quite the reorganization. There's much to do. We'll all be busy in the coming weeks. It's the sort of pressure that can make or break an officer. Now, I know you've not had the chance to get to know the counseling staff as well as you'd like, but I'd be interested to hear your obviously well-seasoned perspective."

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[ Lt Cmdr Hathev | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @FollowTomorrow

Hathev had expected Lieutenant Ejek to begin laying out her former plans, observations she had made while Chief, or making pointed inquiries as to Hathev's intentions regarding the future of the department as a whole. For the focus to be immediately passed back to her was surprising, and would have contradicted her current reading of Ejek's character were it not for the nature of the question posed, and the meaning that lay beneath it. For Williams and Ejek were the only two among her new subordinated whom Hathev had met, a fact which Ejek directly acknowledged herself; she had also acknowledged the coming pressure and the dangers it might pose.

In all, it was not difficult to parse the officer's meaning, despite its inefficient presentation.

'If you have an issue to raise regarding an officer in this department, I suggest you follow the official channels,' she said somewhat primly. She would not tolerate petty in-fighting, and would certainly not facilitate the like. However Ejek was her assistant and the previous chief, and to dismiss her concerns wholesale would be impolitic and imprudent.

Following this logic, Hathev relaxed her body language slightly, softening her gaze to a more natural and casual level. 'However I understand your trepidation. Of course I have spent very little time aboard this vessel, let alone interacting with any within this department, and in my experience such a short time is not adequate to draw any conclusions as any reached would most likely be flawed in some way and would thus harm future evaluation. Therefore at this time I have no judgement or opinion to share with you; however if you have any relevant information you wish to share I would gladly discuss it here. At this moment, you have a more complete understanding in this matter than I, and I will defer to that fact.'

She reached for her coffee once more, now only lukewarm, and spoke conversationally over the rim of the mug. 'Otherwise, I will continue to gather data, and to keep a close eye on all officers who report to me, as I would urge you to do also. As you say, times have been difficult, and will likely become more so; this is not a time for quick judgement, yet it is prudent to remain alert to the possible risks.'
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[ Lt Zelosa Ejek | Chief Counsellor's Office, Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @fiendfall

The more Hathev argued back, the more Ejek came to like her. Her worries about the future of the department were starting to abate. Yes, she was still bitter about losing her position, but...If she had to give it over to anyone, this Vulcan was a good choice, and a hell of a conversational partner. She was, in fact, great kedrakamar material; a friend one likes to challenge. Despite the tone Hathev took, Ejek had a smile, one that read both satisfaction and further challenge.

"Pardon me for my miscommunication, Commander. I've no issue with anyone in the department. Truthfully, I've not been around long enough to form any discordant relationships. I understand that my species has quite the reputation, especially here in the Federation. I assure you, I'm quite genial, and also quite used to working around the assumptions made about me. No offense meant, and no offense taken." She smiled, sounding quite genial, just as she said. She rarely brought up the race card--but when she did, she took devilish joy in it. Ah, it felt like being a teenager once more...

Shame she couldn't stay for very long. She began to gather herself up, standing up and smoothing out her skirt. A strategic exit--she would not be giving Hathev a full taste until later. Ejek would need to establish her reputation as indispensable before she continued much further.

"Truthfully, that was all I had to ask of you, and I'm quite satisfied with the answer. It seems we have the great fortune of a level-minded department head--a rarity in times of chaos like this. I truly look forward to working with you." She nodded. "I'll take my leave, unless you have more use of me here?"

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