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When opening a second aperture and escaping the blast of the Omega Device, where will the USS Theurgy end up?

  • A: Gamma Quadrant: A system not too far from the Bajoran Wormhole. A system yet to be named, aliens yet to be made.
    10 (34.5%)
  • B: Yakara System: Holding an independent, wealthy trade port between Breen and Cardassian space, close to the Rolor Nebula
    6 (20.7%)
  • C: Close to the Epsilon Mynos System. The Aldeans have very close ties to the Klingon Empire after their planet entered the political stage, the Klingons protecting them. Moreover, Captain Ives has experience with the planet, working undercover there.
    8 (27.6%)
  • D: A system along the Resolve's voyage, yet to be named, aliens yet to be made, with the demand of quantum slipstream means of return to Federation Space.
    5 (17.2%)

Total Members Voted: 29

Voting closed: March 06, 2019, 05:40:57 PM

Topic: Story Development Poll #5 | Aperture Destination: Round 1 (Read 382 times) previous topic - next topic

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Story Development Poll #5 | Aperture Destination: Round 1


There we go! After a lot of deliberation over the brainstorming that has taken place about the Theurgy's next destination, these are the four alternatives that I feel are relevant. There were great suggestions put forth that suggested the non-use of an aperture and time travel, but after asking around and thinking about the long-range repercussions of those options, those two have not been added to this poll.

The reason for time-travel not being an option has several reasons, one being how the apertures doesn't work that way, and I can't see any reason why this aperture would be altered or would be different. There are no torpedoes being fired against it, and the means of getting back into the right time again eludes me. Since the Omega Device will destroy all 27 apertures after it detonates, there will be no means of return. Other reasons why this is not a good option is that going forward would take the ship to a time where the Infested have ruined much of the means for RRR (Repairs, Rest and Recreation), which is something our crew really need.

The other option of using some kind of theoretical joined warp field manoeuvre with the Cayuga has a few problems. One being that staying in proximity with the Cayuga presents a host of problems with characters naturally transferring back there and leaving the titular ship. Moreover, we've already used a "F'Rell Manoeuvre" twice in the story, both for getting away from Starbase 84 and to get away from Task Force Archeron. Twice is once two many. Furthermore, we'll really not be in the clear either, with the warp trail there to find for any pursuers. This prevents a chance to truly unwind, still looking over their shoulders as they might.

The four options listed in the poll above are briefly detailed, but should be pretty straight-forward. We have the Gamma Quadrant option, close to the wormhole, then we have a place right between Breen and Cardassian space, with next to no ties to the Federation, the Yakara System holding an independent trade port. Then we have the Aldeans in the Epsilon Mynos System, which have developed very strong ties to the Klingon Empire. Captain Ives also worked undercover on Aldea for many years, which will help a lot in getting the aid need, aside from Martok's unofficial blessings and aid in the matter. Lastly, we have a place somewhere along the Resolve's voyage, with next to nothing detailed yet. It could be that original crew on the Resolve was lost or stayed behind, and can resurface as new characters in this option. The only problem here is that we need a Quantum Slipstream solution to get back to Federation space once the ship is repaired. Where, why and how, TBD, in that case.

This Poll will be held for 3 days, after which the results will be revealed.

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
  • Last Edit: March 06, 2019, 10:56:11 PM by Auctor Lucan

Re: Story Development Poll #5 | Aperture Destination: Round 1
Reply #1
Result is up! Damn that't a close call.

Like I mentioned in the Brainstorming thread,  since we have a result too spread out, I'm making a second poll where the 11 who voted for minority options are given a new chance to pick between the two majority options. My reasoning is that this is quite a big deal in terms of the story development, and I want as many people as possible happy with the fallout. I would love if we could get a clearer majority opinion on one option.

With only 2 votes difference between the two options that are in majority (and my own vote reducing that to 1 vote, even though both options are good to me), I feel like it's pretty damn close. We do have the time for a second 3 day poll, and 11 votes that ended up in the minority options could shift this result a great deal.

Stat tuned for Round 2, which will be the final one!


Auctor Lucan