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Should the Sword try to reach the Second Rendezvous, or learn where the Borg came from?

  • Try to reach the Second Rendezvous point, being attacked by Savi fighters on the way there.
    7 (33.3%)
  • Try to find where the Borg came from inside the Azure Nebula.
    14 (66.7%)

Total Members Voted: 21

Voting closed: June 05, 2018, 01:15:38 PM

Topic: Story Development Poll #1 | Chapter 04: Charades (Read 431 times) previous topic - next topic

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Story Development Poll #1 | Chapter 04: Charades

So, should the Sword try to reach the Second Rendezvous... or learn where the Borg came from? This poll is posted in relation to the recent development in Chapter 04: Charades, where the crew of the Sword face a dilemma. Whilst this poll is run for 7 days, everyone with characters on the Sword are to post in the Chapter in the new locations they have been listed in. Check the link for more information:

Chapter 04: Charades

Here is a bit more information on the options available in the poll:

Option 1: Try to reach the Second Rendezvous point, being attacked on the way there.

Since Chapter 05: Vertex told us that the Sword never showed up at the second RV, the Sword will be intercepted on the way there. My idea is that a search party of Savi fighters catch up with the Sword, and Tactical CONN and the Sword has to defend themselves and neutralise the threat. This makes them miss the RV. The ramifications about this choice is also that the Niger crew might not be too impressed with the Sword abandoning the warp trail that they have been trying to follow. It is, after all, a grave threat to the Federation, and learning where the Borg might come from is essential for the safety of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants overall.

The advantage, however, is that the Niger crew might learn from the Savi Scion leading the assault on the Sword that there are Endeavour crew aboard the Versant!

Option 2: Try to find where the Borg came from inside the Azure Nebula.

Obviously, this is an important mission objective, but it also means that they will not try to rendezvous with the other Vectors. It also means that they deviate from the mission of protecting the truth. Putting the whole Sword in jeopardy, trying to find a Borg invasion force, is hardly conductive for their survival. This option would, however, likely go a long way in proving to the Niger crew that they are not the kind of traitors that the Federation News Network and Starfleet Command has made them out to be.

As for what may happen if they follow the Borg trail?

Vote for that option and find out. ;)


Auctor Lucan
  • Last Edit: August 17, 2018, 03:22:24 PM by Auctor Lucan

Re: Story Development Poll | Chapter 04: Charades
Reply #1

With Option 2 being in majority after you've cast your votes, the Sword will be following the dissipating warp trail of the Borg that the Niger was following - aiming to find where the Borg cube that attacked the Endeavour came from.

Thank you to all those who participated in the poll. @chXinya , now you have the result you need for your upcoming post with Wenn Cinn in Chapter 04: Charades. :)


Auctor Lucan