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Which nominated writers should get the Blaze of Glory Award?

    6 (40%)
    9 (60%)

Total Members Voted: 15

Voting closed: January 12, 2018, 11:21:32 AM

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The Blaze of Glory Award Poll 2017

Often we see the completion of a character's life; yet this character's story has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. The writer not only willingly self-terminated their character, but did so in a dramatic and/or endearing way. The ending must be in "a blaze of glory" with superior epic or poetic quality.

The poll will run for 7 days, in which those who cast their vote should take a few minutes to read the linked scenes first. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Blaze of Glory Award. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on yourself.

Here are the nominations!


Primary Reason: For poignant and skillful writing of Captain Tristan Kendrick's death

Motivation & Links by Doc M: Kaligos' poignant and skillful writing of Captain Tristan Kendrick in Episode 04: Simulcast is the very definition of the Blaze of Glory Award.  Kaligos knew going in that this was a tale of Captain Kendrick's beginning, middle, and end, and he executed the tragic and heroic role with skill and aplomb.  A credit to the site.  You're a better writer than I am Gunga Din.

Link - Tristan Kendrick's Death:,1202.msg10103.html#msg10103


Primary reason for nomination: For the death scene of Komial Dotnihil

Motivation & Links: Episode 04 was a long affair in how it spanned both the time before the Theurgy arrived to Starbase 84, as well as the climatic battle that followed. While not everyone wrote in the former half of the Episode, one of the antagonists depicted there left a deep impression with many writers. The antagonist - if one may call her that - was Komial Dotnhil, who was loyal to Captain Hawthorne because of their past together. She was the lover of the parasite-infested base commander too, fooled by his charms and even if she grew suspicious towards him in the end of her story, she remained loyal to the end. This was a deeply tragic character in how one felt for her, wanted her to learn the truth, and hoped that she might become a part of the Theurgy crew. Sadly, her fate was sealed in the final battle of Episode 04, where she met her end before her time, in a fall much reminiscent to that of Emperor Palatine in The Return of the Jedi. I nominate Brutus for this tragic character's rise in our hearts, and her steadfast loyalty  until her bitter end. It is not often one cheers for the enemy like one did for Komial Dotnhil. :)

Link - Komial's Death:,1201.msg9945.html#msg9945

Thank you in advance for your voting in this award category!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
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Re: The Blaze of Glory Award Poll 2017
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Second reminder to vote in this poll for the Blaze of Glory Award! :)


Auctor Lucan