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Topic: Tears & Laughter | Award Nominations (Read 472 times) previous topic - next topic

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Tears & Laughter | Award Nominations

The polls for the Suus Mahna and Pon Farr awards are posted, so make sure you go there and cast your votes. Meanwhile the polls are run, I have decided to open up for nominations in two new award categories, since I would like to award as many of the writing awards as possible now in 2017. It is a balance, of course, where we can't have too many nominations open at the same time either. Then, very few of you would have the time to make the nominations you want to make.

Nominations for these two Writing Awards are now open until the 16th of November, where two separate polls will be posted on the 17th of November for the two award categories and their nominated scenes respectively. The two polls will be public, and of course, those casting the vote will need to read the scenes nominated before casting their vote in the poll.

The awards? :) This time, they are these:

Awarded to the main contributing writers in a humorous scene or situation that stands out way above the norm in terms of inducing laughter for the readers.

Awarded to the main contributing writers in a dramatic scene or situation that stands out way above the norm in terms of emotional impact, keeping the readers on the edge of their seats and wondering what may come next.


Here are the rules for Award Nominations:

  • Nominations should be posted in the announced nomination thread posted on the forum. Anonymous nominations may be made to the Game Moderator via PM on the forum, who will then post the nomination in the nomination thread.
  • Nominations are to be made before the announced nomination time expires.
  • Nominations may be made by any member that isn't an Applicant.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations one can make.
  • Prior winners of awards are not eligible.
  • Each nomination should include a motivation. The nomination write-up is 50 words minimum and should concentrate on why the recipient(s) is/are deserving of the award. You should also make sure to include links.

All nominations will be added to the polls that will determine the winner of the awards. 


  • Forum Name of Nominee(s)
  • Primary Reason for Nomination
  • Secondary Reason for Nomination (Optional)
  • Motivation & Links (50 words minimum)

Of course, you should only nominate scenes where at least one of the writers in the scene are still an active writer on the forum. There is no need to nominate scenes where all writers that wrote it have left the sim a long time ago.

I look forward to reading your nominations here in this thread! :)

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
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Re: Tears & Laughter | Award Nominations
Reply #1
Forum Name of Nomine: @Absinthe  for the inner light award
Primary Reason for Nomination: The ongoing plot thread between Lahkesis and Sithick would not exist if it were not for Absinthe's brilliant and emotional posts. While it feels odd to nominate someone for a thread that I was involved with, I want people to know that I had very little to do with the resulting scenes that pulled at the heartstrings.

Motivation & Links:

The story of two people alone amidst a sea of others, the only people of their species aboard the ship, what starts out as a single act of heroics, suddenly leads into one of the most emotionally impacting moments I have ever written, and the way it ends is with both parties a little more broken and isolated on the inside. This was however not my original idea, and most of it was fueled by a bit of backstage on the fly planing where I feel full credit should absolutely belong to absinthe. And the fact that this is a story thread which has continued throughout the days of interregnum 04 has been amazingly fun to watch and write alongside.,2053.0.html,2157.msg12427.html#msg12427,2185.msg13025.html#msg13025
I will be gone from july 21st-28th on vacation.

Re: Tears & Laughter | Award Nominations
Reply #2
Nomination: The Pakled Order
Nominee: @Doc M.
Primary Reason: Tessa Lance and Billy Bob, and their antics in entirely too many threads to list in their entirety. 

Motivation and links: Between Tessa Lance and Billy Bob, Doc M never fails to make me laugh.  With both those characters, Doc M brings in a great deal of much needed comic relief, but without beating us over the head with gratuitous slapstick comedy, compromising the humanity and three-dimensional aspects of the characters or turning the characters themselves into buffoons whose sole reason for existing is to lighten the mood.  But he brings a levity to this sim, which to be fair tends to be pretty grim and helps keep things into perspectives, and the rest of us on our toes with the way they behave.,2146.0.html@msg13120,1197.0.html - Frankly, any thread with Billy Bob O'Connell.

Re: Tears & Laughter | Award Nominations
Reply #3
Nomination: Inner Light Award
Nominees: those who took part in the battle with Ian Hawthorne on Starbase 84, specifically @Auctor Lucan  (Ian Hawthorne), @SummerDawn (Ryuan Sel) , @Kaligos (Tristan Kendrick), @Nolan (Cameron Henshaw)

Primary Reason: This scene had so many twists in it, that despite being posted across several threads, I found myself riveted to my screen while reading it.  The emotions that these characters conjured with their actions, words and expressions are some of the most intense I've read on this sim yet and the players involved deserve recognition for their amazing efforts.

Motivation & Links:
Up until the meeting with Ian Hawthorne, I (like many others) didn't know what to expect.  There had been a few posts to indicate his condition (affected my parasites) and I didn't think negotiations would go as planned, but in no way did I see any of these bombshells coming.  Each time one of the threads was updated, I found myself clicking immediately to read what had been posted.  As the grisly story unfolded further, there were several shocking key moments.  I have listed them below as my nomination links, and each of them left me dangling on the edge of a cliff, waiting for the next piece of the story.  In total, the story as a whole was a true piece of epic writing and each author should be celebrated.  There were many excellent action and combat scenes, but this particular award is for dramatic writing with emotional impact, and I have not yet read a scene that affected me as much as this one or in as many places & with as many characters throughout it.

There are a multitude of phenomenal posts here, but I will link a few that stand out to me.

Ian Hawthorne showing a glimmer of humanity in his final moment-,1202.msg10105.html#msg10105
Ryuan Sel making an impossible choice -,1202.msg10057.html#msg10057
Tristan Kendrick doing the unthinkable -,1202.msg9852.html#msg9852
Cameron Henshaw when the truth was revealed-,1201.msg9841.html#msg9841

Nomination: The Packled Order
Nominees: @Kaligos (Sithick), @steelphoenix (Deacon)

Primary Reason: These two characters always bring a smile to my face, and generally a hearty chuckle to my lips whenever they make a post.  Perhaps the writers strive for humor, or perhaps it is accidental, but I always enjoy reading whatever threads they are in.

Motivation & Links:  Many of our characters are very serious, complicated creatures.  We write them as complex individuals who may smile from time to time, but rarely seek out humor.  For these two characters specifically, almost every post I've read has some bit of humor involved.  It may stem from their mutual lack of understanding of most of the human world and language that we are all so used to, because many of the parts I find amusing are those things that become 'lost in translation'.  Even when being serious or sensual, the authors diction often creates a singular moment of laughter which in turn makes the tone and feel of the post with those characters more enjoyable.

While almost any post by these two authors with these two characters will do, I will list a couple of my favorites.

Deacon beaming aboard for the first time -,1202.msg10222.html#msg10222

Sithick gets Jaya to sickbay -,2024.msg10641.html#msg10641
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