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Re: Story Workshop
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I'm curious about the future theurgy though. In this, we're assuming that the current members meet their grown children or grandchildren? Or are we taking it further than that? It's an alternate timeline so are where does the split happen? Its interesting to think about possible hook ups, marriages and other relationships and the offspring they might produce.  How will we decide that?
I'm assuming children most likely, though grand children is also possible, especially if the children are grown themselves. As to the hookups, marriages, and the like that produce these offspring, I'm assuming the players involved will decide between them who has babies with who. For K'Ren I think it's obvious that Deacon will be involved somehow. For Sel it's hard to say, could be Sarresh, could be another character, just depends who could be fun to have paired off with. :)

I for one am curious to see what Ovri / Klingon offspring look like. :)

Re: Story Workshop
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So, I know it's been a while since anyone put anything here, but I had an idea I thought might bear some consideration for a future episode or Interregnum down the line.

Perhaps, while pursued by Federation ships, not necessarily from Task Force Archeron, the Theurgy and her pursuer(s) enter a wormhole anomaly and awaken to find themselves hopelessly lost in a dimension that's between dimensions...the realm of the parasites? It's not empty either, there are multiple factions that appear to be people from various quadrants that got lost or pulled into this place. Jem'Hadar, Cardassians, Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, Federations, are all trapped here. Many of the individuals here are slowly and eventually infected/infested, while others remain free, but with infested members often sowing discord amongst the uninfested for the sheer madness and mayhem that ensues among the free.

Working with the Federation individuals and perhaps the pursuing ship(s), they struggle to find a way out, before the Parasites entrap them for good or destroy them altogether.

It's really rough, but if it's worth considering, maybe brainstorm or modify the concept? What do you all think?

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Re: Story Workshop
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That gives me an idea tying into the 'X2'  offspring theory I once suggested, in that perhaps the ENT season 3 episode that sparked that suggestion, we encounter Lorian and the other-timeline NX-01, whose fate is ultimately uncertain.  There's also a TAS episode that sees Kirk's ship wind up in a dimension where all exiles from all species coexist to survive together. Vaguely remember that one but it ties in both ideas before and this alt-dimension notion. However: It could be a good idea to see if these castaways can be rallied into fighting Versant or the Borg, or both?
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Re: Story Workshop
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Hi guys, I know it's just barely days since my last "brilliant" idea, but I had another one to share, and it's got a bit more content too.

For one, two whole new races to ooh, aah, and AAGH! about.

I'll start with the race first, and their working name is the Harbingers. You'll soon see why.

They're green skinned like Orions, but their eyes are completely black opaque and their hair is white. They have a talent of seeing or identifying fates and destinies which to them isn't divine or magical talent, but simply advanced mathematics and science. They're like the Savi in the sense that they're technologically superior, but they do not appear to possess technology, as the tech is ingrained or imprinted onto their bodies, usually their wrists and legs, and they can perform "godlike" feats such as transporting across distances directly into a ship through active shields.

The idea is they'd approach Theurgy, interested in the fates of the individuals there, and desiring to observe the crew, but their presence attracts problems as they themselves are prey to a more malignant race, and they reveal that they're trying to see if their own fates can be changed, since their doom was already foretold years ago. They had calculated and tried to counter this undesirable fate, and they learned that variables in the counting such as the Theurgy could potentially alter destiny, to which they had brought themselves aboard for. In the process, one of the Harbingers becomes infatuated and awed by Jien Ives, whose mere presence bears a great strength and a swirl of fates, as s/he literally pulls in fates like maelstrom around hirself.

But it is not only Jien Ives that interests these Harbingers, as many or most of the individuals aboard the Theurgy are beyond calculation of their fates, and the visiting Harbingers grow intrigued/attracted to the various members of the crew, and they begin to ponder if these people with such powerful destinies according to their calculations could not only alter fate and destiny, but master it. To the Harbingers, it's all science and mathematics, not magic or divine ordained plans.

I haven't quite come up with the "malignant" race yet, but it could be something already in Trek canon, or something new and equally dangerous/challenging to Federation tech. And the Harbingers may be interested in joining up with the Theurgy as new crew or they become potential allies with a safe haven for R&R and so on. All very rough still, but I think it warrants thoughts for something in a future episode. Let's discuss it if you like. (L)

Oh and here's a rough idea on what they look like: [Show/Hide]

Re: Story Workshop
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If I may also share an idea, I'd like to! I don't venture much into these threads (I like to keep the plot a surprise) but I wound up reading anyway after it got linked in the discord 8P

So Triage and I talked a while back, and she allowed me to use her Radiants in Efros's history and story. The outcome is that one of the oldest, most culturally rich cities is built right on top of what the locals believe to be a 'fallen star', an item of pure blessed energy said to bestow upon one the power of the Spirits themselves. In reality, it is a Radiant craft, and may hold even more secrets (though that's not well known.)

Efros isn't neutral, they're a Federation planet, but they sure as hell have a bias against the Federation. It wouldn't be very hard at all to convince their theocracy of the parasites, since it already fits in with their spiritual worldview and it's a convenient scapegoat for everything they dislike about the Federation. Though they may not play an active role against the parasites, they could become the beginning of many secret channels for the Theurgy to take advantage of, with their communications and craft usually masked by more layers of security than necessary and their penchant for privacy. They've rebelled once against a force much larger than them, the Klingons. One of their own was the Federation president too. They have a rebellious spirit, and a sense of justice and unity. If The Theurgy played their diplomatic cards right, it could be a good alliance. Better than the Asurians, anyway.

Perhaps the crew could come visit for a chance to make allies and recover, and also seek out some of the secrets of the fallen star of Efros? Worst comes to worst, it's a fruitless daytrip, but what if they were to find something Radiant that could be used against the parasites?

All in all, I'd deeply appreciate a visit to Efros not just for that reason, but also because I spent a lot of time coming up with Efros. I hope the planet and the people will feel well developed and multifaceted, but also fit in the Star Trek universe. There's so much more to the planet and race than I can put on a wiki or show through Suq, and I'd be delighted to share this with everyone, if at all possible.

Re: Story Workshop
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lol, I'm just curious what the Efrosians' reaction would be to Heather. More so if the craft reacts to Heather's touch. Cascadium responds to any Radiant.

Re: Story Workshop
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Depends on the Efrosian, but it'd be quite a show to say the least. She'd probably be asked to share her wisdom to the Efrosian people across the galaxy and she'd probably have a new canon written about her and her people. That's if anyone other than the Theurgy finds out about the craft 8P
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Re: Story Workshop
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I have to say, I really like the idea of being able to have Theurgy have at least something resembling safe haven, at least for some time. 

Not that they could just hang out in Efros orbit where they can be seen by everyone with sensors more advanced than a telescope, mind you. 

Re: Story Workshop
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Excellent ideas put forth here! Personally, my mind is on the current Episode, but these things are awesome to work with as we mould the story and go forward from the state things will be at the end of the current leg of the race. :)


Auctor Lucan

Re: Story Workshop
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We could always go to Efros around wintertime....get some snow-filled interregnum rp's going 8P

Re: Story Workshop
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[ Triage | Story Workshop | Main OOC Board | Out-of-Character Message Boards | Star Trek: Theurgy ] Attn: Everyone
Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

Okay, this is for those who don't haunt the Discord channels like I do, and for the boss to consider, and if likes, to approve. Adding on to FollowTomorrow's volunteer of Efros for a potential refuge for the Theurgy, crew and whatever potential allies we might have with us at the moment, I would like to submit New Mariposa as a planet to consider taking temporary refuge in.

All jokes aside to throwing our characters from one hellish situation after another, I think it would be nice to unwind a little, and to perhaps see a little light at the end of the tunnel. I think in the five episodes, the fifth still ongoing thus far, we have seen little else except the potential, by supreme skill or dumb luck, to live to see another day, but hardly any substantial win beyond surviving to endure more hell the next days to come. I'm just throwing out that perhaps we could see a big victory for a change, like Task Force Archeron's captains actually seeing something to give them pause (and I don't mean the Borg or the Savi), but a potential that there's truth to what Theurgy's been trying to say. Or...maybe we actually defeat the Borg, or the Savi turns tail and runs. I don't know, but I just think we need to have a win that isn't what I call a costly victory, where we barely pull out with our lives, and lose hundreds of lives in the process. It becomes what I said in the Conference, to be rather repetitive.

No allied ship has yet to leave Theurgy's company intact. The Harbinger, the Resolve, and the Asurians. It seems like anybody that even potentially refrains from shooting us ends up blown to bits in exchange. It'll be nice to have one ship that leaves our company not as an enemy, and doesn't get destroyed.

Sorry if it sounds like a rant.

Okay, back to what I was suggesting: New Mariposa.

As you know, I have one character that's from that planet and its dual-society of Mariposans and Bringloidi, Sinead O'Riley, and I have the idea that in the coming Interregnum, assuming all goes relatively well, she, or Meony or A'vura, could suggest heading to the planet to conduct repairs, and potentially dislodge crew for R&R, take on new crew, or even retire some active chars, if it's so desired and approved by Auctor Lucan.

I'll give a brief history from 2065 (since the rediscovery by Captain Picard and the Enterprise-D):
Upon the discovery and the establishment of the New Mariposan society (merging both the Mariposans and Bringloidi on the planet of Mariposa), the Enterprise-D left as much personnel, tech and material as possible to bring the planet and its people up to date on Federation standard of technology and living. Starfleet was informed of the lost colony, and more ships and personnel were sent to assist the society to intergrate and prosper. It is discovered that Mariposa and Bringloid V, as well as other uninhabited planets are rich in resources, valuable minerals, produce, herbal remedies and medicine. The Ficus Sector was a literal new gold mine.

Before long, the New Mariposans had attracted traders, travellers and visitors, most of them initially from the Federation, but Ferengi, Pakled, Orion, Klingon and even some cautious Romulans inspected the planet and or made establishments and trade agreements. A spaceport was built, with the help of the industrious and eager Bringloidi, and there was a population boom. With their growing numbers, new cities began to spread out across the planet. But their eyes now began to dream of the stars and the other uninhabited planets that they could colonize. Remembering their ancestral desire to grow outside of Federation Control, New Mariposa secedes from the Federation, and the personnel pull out, leaving only a handful of people who chose to stay of their own accord, or represent the Federation interests in the name of the alliance that was established between New Mariposa and the Federation.

The Ficus Sector sees a rapid expansion by the New Mariposans, who build new colonies on resource rich planets. Some Bringloidi return to Bringloid V, setting up satellites and shields to ward off the sun's harmful flares and restore their cave dwellings. Since the Klingons are allies of the Federation at the time, they establish an outpost on Mariposa, with a surprising bunch of Bringloidi seeking to join their new neighbours and learning their ways. Their propensity for drink, song, fights and dance pretty much surprises the Klingons who hesitantly allowed these odd humans to join some of their houses, At least one Bringloidi wins command of a B'rel-class Birb of Prey.

They form a lose coalition of trade allies and even invite the Pakleds to join them, using their own simplicity to rope them in.

It went along the lines of this:

"We want to be strooong."

"Yes, we can help you to become strooong, by joining our Alliance. You'll also be riiiich."


So the New Mariposan Home Defense Fleet was formed, consisting initially of Federation starships donated to them, then a few little ships and even old warships that no one minded parting with, and Pakled cruisers. The Ferengi had traded a few of their cruisers in exchange for a substantial wealth of resources, which fetched them lots of latinum. But their real shipbuilding boom happened during and after the Dominion War. When the various battles left numerous ships from all factions devastated or outright destroyed, the Mariposans and their allies salvaged as much from the battlefields as they could, collecting Federation, Cardassian, Klingon, Romulan and even Dominion tech, which the Mariposan engineers, scientists and designers reverse engineered to build their own unique arrays of vessels, built for various roles. They have at least one ship-of-the-line, and a dreadnought, in their home armada.

Their ships do not possess cloaking technology, but, they have devised their own defensive countermeasures. The Mariposans and Bringloidi believed that a pure cloak like the ones used by the Klingons and the Romulans drew far too much power, and generally left the ships defenseless. Instead, the dedicated their studies to powerful ECM devices that told enemy ship sensors that the ship simply wasn't there. And naked eye inspection also could be fooled with camo designs painted to make them resemble stars and the darkness of space. This is not foolproof by any means, but it certainly meant they could still shoot and keep shields up. It would be quite frustrating trying to target these ships which are also constantly on the move.

New Mariposa would be something of quite a central hub for all the ships coming in and out, and they'd have their own kind of space station, and a spacedock.

Of course all this is subject to approval, as well as tweaking and discussion, by all of you and the boss. I'm just putting up my garbage pulled out of my mind and poured here for you all to dissect at your pleasure.

Since they're an independent society, they could be convinced to aid the Theurgy, and Sinead could help seal the agreement of assistance. And we could refresh resources, give personnel a rare chance to take some downtime, and for some to even potentially consider retirement, or outright fleeing the conflict. There could be stories made regarding this. Also, there could be trouble in paradise, perhaps parasite infested hosts, or spies of Starfleet and Task Force Archeron, or even other things. It's been 16 years, and New Mariposa is now a big and prosperous spaceport, so things could have changed substantially since 2065.

Taking from another idea, we could also use a visit here to fast-forward the timeline by a huge span, say a month, or even longer? I mean considering that Thea's got holes in her hull, I'd say she's going to need a lot of time to be 100% again. And they'd have to be discreet. Allies or not, the Mariposans are a wild card, since they might potentially believe the stories coming out of the Federation, and Sinead may not be influential enough to turn the ConFederation. And for goodness sake, 10% of the Home Defense Fleet has Pakleds in cruisers! They're liable to explode, crash into the Theurgy, or unintentionally fire shots, triggering a massive battle. So it's actually quite a hell of a coin toss. We might want to consider a discreet approach to one of the smaller colonies where Sinead can guarantee assistance, maybe Bringloid V? We park the Theurgy underground. And you can all meet Sinead's thousand-and-one cousins, aunts, uncles and so on.

Whoa this got longer than intended. Hope you have fun reading this and feedback appreciated. Also, hope boss boss you like it. (L)