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==Deck 5, weapons locker== [ Atten Nerina ]

"I spoke with Commander Nerina whilst she was climbing the jefferies tubes, and my estimation is that if you enter through this hatch here," she said and gestured towards the faint outline of a hatch that would lead out of the corridor, "and make your way towards tube junction Gamma 43.34 within a five-minute timespan, and bide your time by plasma flow regulator Epsilon-Seven, you will rendezvous with her. Reason I suggest this is that she is still unarmed to the best of my knowledge, and the odds of the two of you reaching Deck 01 would be increased... quite severely."

"Five minute time span," Natalie blinked a few times, recalling what she remembered of the deck layout. I am going to have to crawl really, really fast. She frowned, but thought she could do it.

"Best of luck, and call on me if you need it, 'Lieutenant."

And then, Natalie was alone. She gulped, looking up and down the hall way, before pulling the band out of her hair and shaking it free. She let it hang about her face for a moment, hiding behind the curls, before pulling it back into a tail and jogging over to the access hatch.

"Thanks, Thea," she said, patting the wall of the ship affectionately before ducking into the jefferies tube.

==Jefferies tubes, deck 4-3==

Natalie floped down on the floor , gasping for breath. Sweat rolled down her neck, and her hair was pasted against her forehead. She hastly unziped her jacket droping it on the floor, then the collar of her undershirt, as far down as it would go, and began to fan herself in the green glow of Plasma Regulator Epsilon-Seven. She looked at the chornometer on her wrist and chuckled.

"A whole minute to spare," she shook her head and pulled her legs in against her body, resting her head on her knees. Thea said to stay here and wait for the First Officer she thought, Natalie drew a mental picture of the First Officer in her head. Like most memebrs of the crew, she had met the half-Klingon woman upon joining up, and had seen her around the ship, but other then a few brief encounters, and one meeting, the other woman was a mystery to Natalie.

With a sigh, Natalie reached dwon and grabbed her combadge off her jacket, cliping it to her undershirt, before hopping up and wrapping her jacket around her hips, arms tied in her front. She then checked her phasers, and leaned back agains the wall, using the regulator for cover.

Just need to wait for the First Officer now...

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[Edena's Quarters]

William laughed as he shook his hips, forcing another few drops of his seed out into her sex, enjoying himself. "Oh, Ida wanted you infected, and sent me to do it. I got a little distracted on the way, helped a few women out, you know how it is." he said, as he finally pulled out. He looked on greedily as he saw a trickle of his seed spill out of the Trill's sex, and his hand went to his shaft, which was already rehardening as he stroked it. "But I got here just in time, it seems." he said, leaning back on the bed, relaxing himself on her sheets. "So then, ready! How about you ride me this time? Fair's fair." he said, flicking his shaft a couple of times at her, encouraging her to impale herself on his shaft.

[Jefferies tubes, deck 4-3]

Nerina shook her head in annoyance, sweat flying off her. She knew that the ship was in a slightly decaying state, that some systems were down, that some repairs were delayed until such time as they had the resources and manpower to fix them. But when you were hanging over a 20 meter drop by a half broken ladder step, such considerations vanish, replaced by a desire to know who should have fixed said step and then to beat them around the head with the butt of a phaser rifle.

But she kept climbing, and found herself at another hatch leading upwards. She went to open it, but this, like several on board, was stuck, and it required some banging to open it. She knew that this would attract attention, but she had little choice. It gave way, finally, and she climbed up into the open space. The climb up had taken it's toll, as her muscles were screaming at her, and there was a small cut on one arm. Her pants had ripped open at one knee, and her workout top was now only held up by one strap, the other snapping as it caught on something, showing off a slither more of her right breast than was polite. She paused, looking around for naked people, as she let her muscles get some feeling back.

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[Deck 3]

Adam waited as he watched the three unconscious victims of his initiation, counting down the time until they to would stir.  Hearing a sound from the hallway he grabbed the phaser he had had earlier and made sure the setting was for stun as he began to make his way out to investigate the banging sound.  After a few turns he comes upon Nerina's open maintance tube.  He slowly approaches aiming the phaser at the back end of the tube.  His eyes watching for any movement eagerly, hopeing to come upon a fourth victim.


[ Deck 04 ]

As Ascorn cut the lights Amatras slowly made her way forward hugging the wall slightly and allowing her muscles to remain tense.  As footsteps began to emerge from around a nearby hallway both fell back into one of the doorways kneeling slightly on either side of the hallway to get a better view of their approaching guests.  Both having lifted their goggles to make it easier for them to function in the dark they were slightly blinded by the lights coming from around the corner and reached up to lower their goggles back over their eyes to protect them from the sudden onslaught of light. 

The bright light seemed to burn slightly at their retinas even before the light came around the corner, but thankfully the worse of the damage was prevented by the simple protection of the goggles.  As they observed the incoming humanoids were naked each tensed their throat muscles and focused on the two on the edges.  Sadly it would take several minutes for them to come within range, meanwhile they focused on the task of keeping their muscles ready for the encounter.  As their foes fell in closer they remained still and pressed against the walls tightly minimizing the appearance that they were there.  Hopefully their attackers would be to distracted to note the two Ash'reem who rested against the doorways.

[ Deck 05 ] Attn: Cir'Cie

Cir'Cie saw the rifle butt aiming for her and tilted her head to the side and knelt slightly to avoid the blow dragging the captain as best she could down as she knelt to shift his balance as best as possible.  As the leg came about she reached out grabbing it by the back of the knee cap and giving it a firm swift yank toward the ground with all her might well similarly pulling the captured arm down as well. 

Her plans were simple although most of the action had been reflex.  trap the captain under her weight, preferable unarmed if possible.  Once on the ground she would make her advance moving forward to attempt to put her weight down on his abdominal region, part of her even hoped he would cut her, the virus flowing in her blood stream would act as good a catalysis as her womb, although it certainly would be far less fun.

"now now is that any way yo treat a lady Captain?" She asked curiously.

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==deck 3-4== [ Attn: Nerina ]

Natalie jumped where she stood when the sound of the falling panel rang out down the corridor, heart skipping a beat. Cool and calm Natalie, cool and calm. She wiped a hand across her sweat soaked brow, pushing the strands of hair that somehow managed to escape the thread that bound it at the back of her head. She brought her phaser rifle up, pressing the barrel to her cheek and squeezing back against the Plasma Regulator.

Shadows danced on the walls in front of Natalie, as if creeping along the access corridor. Her skin prickled, and she shivered slightly, even though she was covered in sweat from the heat of the regulator. Slowly, the shadow condensed into the form of a humanoid. She gulped, certain that whomever it was approaching her, be it the First Officer, or one of the infected, they could hear the pounding of her heart. As a body passed next to the regulator, Natalie stepped out and pointed the rifle at the back of the form in front of her.

"Freeze. Raise your hands, and identify yourself. S-slowly," her voice faltered at the end, having started low and steady. Can't take chances, can't take chances, just cause Thea said there wasn't any infected here doesn't mean there's no infected here...

tag, you're it

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[Deck 15]

Her mind was much more clear then he hoped it was, retaining some sense of both procedure and of preservation.  On his back left him in a critical position, as did having his hands beneath him, where he could not move quickly to grab the phaser from her.  Still, what was he to do?  She was still out of range, leaving him incapable of just reaching out and taking the phaser without getting fired on, and if he let her have his way, she was bound to infect him, and leave him incapable of helping anyone.

"That's disappointing . . . "  He said, allowing himself to sound saddened by her choice to have him get on the floor.  "I was hoping to see you on your knees . . . sucking me off."  He spoke, trying to sound as enticing as he could, to blind her to the potential danger of doing as he suggested.  With the way she was taking care of herself, he wanted every word he spoke to just be more fuel on the fire inside her, until she gave into her lust and went along with his plan, and stopped thinking of the possibility he was trying to stop her.  "I wanted to see those eyes of yours looking up at me while you had me in your mouth . . . see those cute tits of yours wrapped around my shaft . . . fuck, just thinking about it . . . "  He had gotten the mental images in his head, and it had an effect that Ida was bound to like; he was getting erect.  "We can't win.  Too many people are already infected.  I was just hoping I would get to enjoy some of it before I lose myself in it all, and can't even focus on how wonderful it all feels.  Truth is . . . I've been wanting to fuck that blue pussy of yours from the second I saw how hot you are."

[Edena's Quarters]

"That bitch!"  Illya spoke inside the mind of Edena, visible to her in the corner, pacing back and forth on the floor in front of the bed.  "If she was going to infect, she could have at least had the decency to come do it herself!  I mean, could I have flirted any more obviously?"

"I think you're losing perspective, Illya."  Kiya said, sitting back in the nearby chair, doing her best not to look at the pair on the bed.  Jona had walked out of the room; their joined equivalent of not being aware of what Edena was experiencing.  As far as he was concerned, someone put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door, and he was listening, while Kiya and Illya were left to manage Edena's mental state.  "Don't stop fighting, Dena!  Don't think about how this virus is affecting your body's physical responses.  Remember that you're being used against your own will!"

Kiya was right, but her body enjoyed it too much.  Whether it was from sub-par partners, or her body's heightened state of pleasure receptors, she had never felt so alive before.  With William laying back, expecting her to jump his bones, Edena got herself up, and even  began to work her way over, with the image of Illya and Kiya physically trying to push her back in her mind's eye.  She was soon straddling him, but had not allowed him entry.  one hand on his chest, she leaned forward, finally taking the phaser in hand.  "Push me off you . . . and get out."  She demanded, albeit weakly.  The sheer fact that she needed him to push him off said something for her mental state; she couldn't even bring herself to get off him.

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[Deck 3-4]

Nerina froze at the voice. But even as she raised her hands and turned around, she had a smile on her face. What little she had interacted with the infected had told her that they spoke a certain way, a confident, lust filled tone of voice. The fact that the voice waivered at the end proved that whoever it was talking, they were not infected. "Commander Nerina, uninfected. And you would be...?" she asked, keeping her hands up, looking for the voice, wanting to make sure that the woman who was speaking was indeed clean.

Even as she turned around and looked non-threating, she still had one leg cocked back slightly, ready to spring forward and attack if she had to, not about to be caught out by a cheap trick.

[Edena's Quarters]

William looked up, his eyes going from her face, to her body, and then to the phaser. He then looked back up at her.

And laughed.

Not just a slight giggle, but a full blown belly laugh, continuing for several seconds. He wiped away a tear, and then shook his head. "Yeah, right. Why not give that to me, little girl? Then hop on. I'll forgive you. Hell, I'll forgive you if you shoot me. You're already one of us, even if you are putting up one hell of a fight. But hey, shoot me. Kill me. You'll still help us eventually. So either shoot me, jump me, or... I dunno, turn it on yourself and I'll go find another girl to fuck. Just hurry up about it." he said casually, as if he was dicussing the weather.

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==Deck 3-4 ==
She held her breath as the figure before her stood still, before turning slightly to look at Natalie. The smile on the other womans face made the younger officer tense up, until Natalie heard her 'prisoner' say, "Commander Nerina, uninfected. And you would be...?"

Letting out a sigh of relief, and moved the rifle in her arms to an angle that wouldn't be threatening to the First Officer. "Lt.JG Natalie Stark, Asst. Chief of Operations. And dispite being covered in sweat, not infected,'am?" Her statement ended as a question, once she realized that while the Captain prefered "ma'am" while in female form, Natalie had no idea what the First Officer liked.

Summoning what professionalism she could, Natalie continued, "The Captain had Thea assist me in escaping deck 4. She told me to wait here becuase you would be passing. I just wasn't sure you were you...if that makes any sense." she looked slightly sheepish, but then her face took on the appearance of someone who just remembered an important task.

"I was suppopsed to give you this, Cmdr." Natalie slowly reached to her hip holster, and sliped the phaser out into her right hand. She then slung the strap of her rifle off her shoulder, and in a surprisingly deft manuever for someone as on edge as the younger woman was, she flipped the phaser rifle in her hand till she was holding it by barrel, and offered it stock first to the XO.

"Thea said you were unarmed," Natalie paused, taking a moment to note the Nerina's state of dress. She gulped a bit, flushing slightly (not that one could tell at this point) and added, "You're um, also welcome to my uniform jacket. I took it off once I got here cause well, it's so bloody hot, but, um, in case you wanted to cover up a bit better, ma'am." her voice had become very quiet by the end of her statment. Way to act cool, Natalie

OOC: apologies for any typos. I havent had coffee yet, and my netbook doesnt have a program with spell checker on it.

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[ Deck 04 | Corridors ] [Attn: The Noetins & Grayson ]

With the beams of sharp light licking and caressing the walls, ceiling and deck of the corridor like long flickering tongues, the advance of the three infected crew members was accompanied by the echo of their heavy breathing - their needs vocalised plainly.

They crept forward, none of them having more training than any standard Federation Officer that did not belong to the Security or Tactical departments. They might know what they were about, yet the only true experience they had had been earned during the course of the last couple of months - where they had defended their lives from boarding parties wearing the same uniforms as themselves. Moreover their motivations lay not in effective firing of their weapons, nor the search, but merely a means towards an end. They only had a sole motivation, even though it rendered some actions into necessities. As time progressed, they would become more and more desperate for new conquests, and thus their motivation would increase, followed by the more elaborate means they had to use towards that end.

For now, they were making lewd comments into the darkness, chuckled and beckoned for whomever had shut off the lights to come forth.

Then, at the far side of the corridor, opposite the advancing small force with the two humanoids hidden in-between, a new light blossomed to life.

The three infected came to a halt, watching the new visitors from afar - these newly perceived victims upon Deck 04. Only two of them raised their rifles...

[ Deck 05 | Corridors ] [Attn: Cir'Cie]

In the fractions of moments that Captain Ives had a chance to identify his assailant, he had not perceived that it had been a Vulcan woman. He did know, though, when she came on top of him - having been thrown down upon the floor. He had fought Vulcans and Romulans before, and knew that close quarters combat was not advisable. Even less so now, considering the circumstances...

...which he found himself doing despite himself: the scent of her intimate proximity making his head reel from more than the disorienting throw. Straddling his abdomen was the shape of his gorgeous assailant; her breasts ripe and bouncing above him; abdomen rippling with feminine muscles, her legs spread wide and her sex pressing him down. His loins were already answering to the vision, yet his blood had yet to course down to respond. No his priorities lay elsewhere, and his time with Junior Lieutenant Isley that morning rendered him less baited. There was a physical conflict, though, in how Jien's male Chosen Form had not been sated, whilst his female had...

Physically, that point was altogether moot. Rather, it was psychological - an effect of choosing to be a singular duality.

Gritting his teeth as he lay there with his free arm still across his chest from his wide sweep with the rifle earlier, he changed... into her female form, and spit her retort. "I for one should know."

To emphasise her last word, Jien struck the side of her rifle back whence it had come - a ferocious backhand sweep in line with the opponent's neck. Even if the Vulcan would lean away, she hoped to catch her in the head. Regardless whether her strike was true, she would use the momentum to roll them over - to gain the higher ground. Were she lucky, she might even manage to pry her wrist free in the commotion. From there on, it was a matter of blunt force to render the assailant unconscious...

[ Deck 07 | Medical Lab 2 ] [Attn: Amikris, Grayson, Jovela & Nelis]

"One more time... Now, push!"

With a grating noise of metal and exertion, Dr. Lucan cin Nicander and the male Nurse - Johnson, whom he had given his lab coat to cover himself up a bit - heaved upon the leg they had removed from a desk - jammed as it was into the side of the hatch that Lucan had managed to weld shut when he killed the nameless Engineer lying in the room since last night. Finally, the hatch bent the last of the way, the metal giving away far enough to allow one of the women to get into the jefferies tube behind it.

"There," said Lucan, breathing heavily and wiping his forehead with the back of his tattooed hand. He had not slept anything during the night, and during the last couple of hours of physical labour, he had removed his soaked through undershirt. He looked towards Xeanta and Amikris farther back in the Medical Lab. "Either of you willing to get into Main Sickbay and get the word out, and perchance - if you have a moment - make sure we get out too? Be careful though, No part of Sickbay can be considered safe ground based upon what you two have said about your time with your past... likeminded, if you permit the expression."

Stepping away from the half-way opened hatch together with the equally exhausted Nurse Johnsson, the CMO continued to add, "Make sure you come across some water for Cadet Amikris, unless you go yourself, and once you can speak with Threa, have her also relay the coordinates of Nurse Jovela and Chief Counsellor Nelis to some personnel at Security that is still sane. I would recommend contacting the Chief of Security first, and have him relay orders about a rescue operation. They might be in danger of being infected down there too... "

"I can go," said the Bajoran recruit Xeanta, but after having been raped and made into a sex-crazed zombie, she looked to the Cadet hesitantly, "but we can both get through the hatch, so why don't we both go? Its safer that way, isn't it? Better chance of reaching a transceiver that the Ship AI can hear us through..."

Lucan nodded to that point whilst he went back to the desk to assemble all his data. He handed both women a PADD. "Most importantly, since Sickbay is one of the few places aboard that still have working replicators, you need to uplink these and get us more syringes. Its also your best defence if you are attacked..."

OOC: Kitty, feel free to puppeteer and write dialogue for Xeanta in your next post where Amikris spreads the word, replicates syringes, and tries to get Lucan and the Nurse out of the room eventually. I will instead write for any kind of untimely assailants that show up while they are hard at work. Ascornfilm and WyteKnyte, when Amikris reaches Grayson (perhaps before, during or after the corridor scene at the top of this long post) feel free to arrange for their extraction from the planet. I will, of course, NPC in any way you feel like. Just send me a PM.

[ Deck 15 | Turbolifts ] [Attn: Nathaniel Isley]

The shift in the Fighter Pilot's demeanour was perplexing, and it rendered Ida's masturbation to pause in suspicion.

Yet oh, he was a sight; a prime specimen of maleness even before being blessed. She could not wait to see someone like him actually improve. She purred like a snake-charmer when she saw his erection slowly come, and decided that she could still take a few precautions even though she stepped closer, couldn't she? For the closer she got, she knew he was more of an easy prey. Easier, yet potentially dangerous too if he had some troublesome second thoughts.

"Oh, so you do want me now? Are you quite sure, Pinkskin?" she said in her otherwise conserved tone made sultry, and she took a couple of slow steps forward. Her midnight eyes were upon his body, much to her own enjoyment and subconsciously also to spot sudden movements that she did not like. She held her phaser low, by the hip, and she removed her wet fingers from her hungry womanhood. Her fingers were smeared - every digit a vector - yet she failed to realise this when she let her pistol change hands. Her dry hand reached forward to wrap around his swelling shaft, and she expertly stroked it with the phaser pointed towards his abdomen at close range.

"Before I let you watch me... suck you off, and wrap my breasts around your cock... tell me... what manner of fantasies have you been having about me since you first saw me? Perhaps I might indulge you with orchestrating one or two of them?"

This close, her fragrant skin and oozing sex, along with her grip around him were all means to overtake his senses - be it at phaser-point or not. She tossed hair out of her eyes, and looked up from his proud member and his body... meeting his gaze instead. She bit her lip and held back from kissing him since she was interested in the answer. In fact, she did have a few sketches of this Mr. Isley in her portfolio - done in the messhall to take her mind of the strife in her former life. In this new life she led, she doubted she would ever take up the brush again.

Why dream when she could claim the real thing between her legs?

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[Edena's Quarters]

There was a degree of shock on her face, as William displayed little to no fear of the phaser in her hand.  Was he really so far gone that it didn't matter to him?  He presented the options, and it became even more difficult to keep herself strong.  What if I just did it?  I mean . . . it's not like I can get more infected, right?  She justified to herself, leaving Illya and Kiya to try and talk her out of it, discussing what a slippery slope she would be placing herself on, which even they couldn't keep her from falling down. 

Though Edena was still arguing the idea, her body already made the choice for her, lifting upward and coming down on the stiff member underneath her.  It was already moving through her passage when she realized it, her eyes going wide with surprise, just before she let out a shaky sounding moan.  Her hips were rocking, moving his length in and out at a slow pace, unable to bear any faster pace then that, or maybe it was her rational mind holding her back from getting completely reckless.

[Deck 15]

Ida had her fingers wrapped around him, drawing out deeper breaths from Nathaniel.  His eyes fell to the sight of it for a moment, finding it so sexy to see the difference in their skin tones; it reminded him of a night he spent with an Orion girl, and how much of a turn on it was to see her green skinned hand hold him much like Ida did.  He wasn't lying when he said he had thought about her in a sexual manner; she had the kind of body he never knew an Andorian could possess.  Every one he had ever seen were so militaristic and strong looking, with the women lacking any real sense of femininity.  Not Ida, though.  She was practically a model, even by human standards, and her features were exactly the kind he found sexy; she was different from human in so many ways, yet still possessed those feminine features Earth women had.

"Fantasies, huh?  I got one."  His hand stroked up her outer thigh, avoiding the moist areas of her body, fearful of infection.  He justified it as simply teasing her more and more by avoiding the most sensitive regions.  "I kinda like showing off how strong I am, and since you are so tough, seeing you submissive is even more sexy then the average woman.  Makes me want to put a hand on your shoulder . . . and push you down onto your knees, and make you put my cock in your mouth."  His fingers were trailing up her arm by this time, slipping around onto the shoulder, appearing ready to do just as he claimed he would, only for it to turn out to be something much more different.

The Vulcan Nerve Pinch.  Vulcan Neuropressure was something Nathaniel dabbled in, as something from his mother's culture that had some use.  It was very intense, and served the use of making lovers relax, as well as turning them on with something highly intimate.  The Nerve Pinch was the only form that was practical for combat; it took effect so fast, few even had the time to make a sound, let alone squeeze the trigger of a phaser.  Just in case, he did turn a bit of his side, taking advantage of Ida's loosened grip long enough to escape her hold and get the phaser pointing away from him, even if just barely.

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OOC: I hope the latter half of this post is alright. I figured for the sake of expediency it would be better if we got these infected crewmembers out of the way quickly, so that the story can move along.

[Planet Niga] Attn: Jovela

Garen paced back and forth, waiting to hear back from the Theurgy about someone transporting them back up to the ship. From what he could tell when he'd finally got in touch with someone a short while ago, things up there had deteriorated even worse overnight.

Makes me glad I was down here, he thought, stopping and looking down at Jovela's sleeping form. He decided he should probably wake the nurse now, so she could have a moment to get herself situated before they were beamed up. He'd woken up with the dawn, wanting to get his combadge repaired as quickly as possible. Fortunately, that infected crewman had been kind enough to beam Garen and Jovela onto Niga with several medical supplies, from which Garen had been able to scavenge the proper circuits to get his combadge working again.

During his conversation with the ship above, Garen had been told about how the virus may have been brought on board. That had called to his attention the strange nature of the clearing in which he and Jovela had camped; he hadn't noticed it the night before, what with everything that had happened, but now he saw that it was completely devoid of any plant life. Finding that potentially useful, Garen had taken a sample of the soil while waiting to hear back from the Theurgy. Maybe there was something in the soil that could prove useful in curing this infection.

He walked over to Jovela and crouched down beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder and gently shaking her. "Jovela. You need to get up. We might be getting out of here soon."

[Deck 04 | Corridors] Attn: Arcorn and Amatras Noetin

David slowly stalked down the long, dark corridor, the butt of a phaser rifle held tightly against his shoulder as he aimed it down the hall. He was flanked by a pair of his security officers, two of only a few uninfected members of his staff whom David had been able to round up. They had just made their way down from the bridge, having recently cleared it of all infected crewmen, under Captain Ives' orders. When the Captain had contacted him, Grayson had been in the Security Center, trying to coordinate as much of a response to this epidemic as he could.

When he'd received his orders, David left a small contingent in the Security Center to guard it, then took six others with him to the bridge. With time being a factor, and knowing that many sections of the upper decks were still depressurized, they all donned EV suits and used the site-to-site transporters to beam directly onto the bridge, where they took its infected occupants by surprise and quickly subdued them. With the bridge secured, David left four guards behind to hold it and took the other two down with him to Deck 02, where they had begun sweeping downward, deck-by-deck, to clear the way for Captain Ives and the others who were trying to reach the safety of the Main Bridge.

He had reached Deck 04 just before the lights went out in one section. They continued toward the darkened hallway. "Douse your lights. And remember, stun only," David reminded his comrades. None of these people had any control over what they were doing. They came around the corner, and David saw the lights of three phaser rifles sweeping around the pitch black corridor, as if they were searching for something.

"Five contacts, three of them armed," Grayson pointed out. His companions acknowledged, both of them taking aim at one target apiece. He raised his own rifle and leveled it at the middle target, making sure he had him centered. David then flicked on the flashlight of his own phaser rifle to get the armed crewmembers' attention, and as soon as the trio paused and looked his way, he gave the order. "Fire!"

Three precise shots, and it was over. The infected trio collapsed to the floor, stunned, and one of David's officers quickly moved to separate them from their weapons as David swept his rifle around, trying to locate the other two people whose heartbeats he had heard. "You can come out now," he called out. "This is Lieutenant Commander Grayson, from Security. Are either of you injured?"

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The two Ash'reem moved from their respective hiding places swiftly if slightly awkwardly.  Each offering the Lt Cmdr a quick salute as they adjusted their posture to be more dignified carefully positioning their legs so that the slight bend in their bones wouldn't be to noticeable.  "Lt Amatras Neotin, Chief Science officer, and this is Lt Jr Grade Arcorn Neotin, my ... mate." She gave a knowing smile toward Arcorn who's skin turned a slightly deeper blue at the last part of the comment. "We were on our way to meet the Captain on the bridge as per Thea's announcement.  Isn't that where you should be going as well Lt Cmdr?" Amatras said calmly as she allowed her arms to move to the small of her back in a more at ease position. 

Arcorn gave a slightly concerned look at the Lt Cmdr and then down the hallway. "If you're securing the way, I can tell you whats up ahead at least until you reach our quarters.  I would like to ask you to hurry to check on medical though, as our daughter never returned to our quarters last night.  She's been almost sixteen hours since her last soaking by now and I....we're concerned about the effects that may have on her health......even more so if this disease is something we can catch." Arcorn said anxiously as he moved to retrieve the two rifles passing one to Amatras well he examined his own and carefully cleaned it of any fluids that may be on it.  Seemingly unconcerned with the risk of touching infected fluids.


Amikris looked dazed as she got up, her skin surprisingly pale and dry.  The normally alert and attentive Cadet's reactions were slow and even as she stood up it almost looked like she was going to collapse at any moment.  As Lucan told her to move with the nurse and head out to get help she hesitated then nodded slowly getting up and making her way toward the door.  Even for her, her movements were clumsy as she swayed back and forth with each step the wobble of her flexible bones clearly displayed as she moved.  "I Don't have much choice in the matter sir, if I don't find water soon I'll begin to suffer more advanced stages of dehydration." she sounded anxious as she moved to climb into the jefferies tubes, followed by Xeantha. 

Amikris and the nurse make their way toward Sick bay, keeping an eye and ear open as they move for any areas likely to be unoccupied that may have access to water.


As Cir'Cie saw the incoming strike from the rifle butt she leaned away as best she could feeling the full blow of it strike her in the forehead.  For a brief moment her hand tightened around Jien's wrist squeezing tightly on the tendon and arteries on either side of the wrist cutting blood flow to the fingers and hand in general.  Before falling forward onto Jien's torso, sweet smelling blood trickling out onto Jien's uniform and breasts. 

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[ Deck 05 | Corridors ]

When the rifle connected with the Vulcan's head, the impact jarred Jien's whole arm. In the heat of the brief struggle, it was only when the assailant fell down upon her chest that the pain upon her wrist registered - this being the time when the grip loosened.

Vulcans... luckily a stoic species despite their strength, she thought bitterly, for I do not fancy fighting them more than I must.

Deftly disentangling herself from the body and getting to her feet, she shook her sore hand and flexed it while looking down both ends of the corridor. As she gave the unconscious body a final glance, she noticed that the shallow bleeding from the blunt strike to the Vulcan's head had left a small stain of the green Vulcan blood upon her uniform jacket. Since the jacket was a part of herself, removing it was not an option, yet besides the annoying smell, it was not like the blood would seep into her pores unless she altered her form to let that happen. As it was, she just had to wipe it off whenever convenient.

Checking the setting of her rifle and flexing her sore hand around the mouth of her scabbard, she moved on down the corridor - brown eyes staring dead ahead. Somehow, she needed to ascend to Deck 04...

[ Deck 15 | Turbolifts ]

Believing that she had pocketed this fighter pilot, she was prepared to indulge him in this fantasy. She had developed a great habit of giving men the fellatio over the course since she was blessed upon the surface of Niga, and enjoyed it immensely. "Oh, I do think we can arrange that... if you promise to kiss my breasts in gratitude afterwards..."

She bit her lip playfully, and bent her knees to kiss his chest, meaning to travel downwards... yet her legs suddenly did not support her any longer, and the last thing she heard was her phaser hitting the floor and firing one shot.

Then everything was lost in oblivion.

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[Deck 04 | Corridors] Attn: Neotins & Jien Ives

David nodded to Amatras. "The bridge is secured; I have three guards up there to make sure it stays that way. You and your...mate should make your way up there now."

Now that he had a moment to breathe, David decided he should probably try to get in touch with Captain Ives again. "Captain Ives," he said, tapping his combadge. "This is Lieutenant Commander Grayson. Main bridge is secured; what's your current location?"

As he waited on the Captain's reply, David watched as Arcorn picked up two of the fallen rifles, frowning as the Ash'reem wiped them clean. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" he asked, nodding to Arcorn's bare hands holding the possibly contaminated rifle.

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Arcorn nodded and gestured toward his palm. "Our anatomy is slightly different as you can tell by my hand, however the biggest difference, is located in our forearm extending up into our hand.  A series of glands that create the majority of our immune system.  Free floating proteins, viruses and Prokaryota lifeforms are bound and dissolve in our blood stream and on any surface we apply certain...secretions to.  The speed at which the disease is spreading suggests it can't be a more complex organism, as the more complex the organism the longer it takes for DNA to replicate.  Even Eukaryotas take longer to replicate then Prokaryotas, and judging by how long the away team has been back, we're dealing with a disease that likely only has a few billion Alles (sp), compared to the trillions upon trillions of Alles found in even the most basic fungi or parasitic lifeforms." He explained at which point he was interrupted. 

Amatras sighed, "What he's trying to say is the characteristics of this infection, are more consistent with a simple life form, compared to the higher life forms that can affect our immune system, we can say with a 95% probability that baring prolonged concentrated exposure, or infection of the respiratory, neural, or reproductive systems, our immune system makes likely immune to this diseases immediate effects, we will of course cleanse our hands before we take any risks that might expose others to any contaminates on these weapons."

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[Deck 15]

The sound of the phaser going off made him glad he sidestepped, and avoid possibly being stunned, and waking up to find someone infecting his unconscious body.  Quickly pulling his briefs and his pants back up, he hid his shame, and grabbed his shirt and jacket off the floor, taking Ida's phaser at the same time.  It would serve him use if he ran into any more trouble along the way.  Entering the turbolift, he stated the command to take him to the assigned meeting place with the senior staff, breathing a sigh of relief as he realized how close he came to failure, even if it came in such a tempting form.

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[ Deck 05 ] [Attn: Deck 04 gathering and Nathaniel Isley]

Chief Petty Officer Souvra needed a woman to fuck. It was one of the only thoughts that still circulated through his lust-clouded mind as he walked like a zombie along the corridors of Deck 05. He had to find a girl, had to get her alone somehow, had to put his mouth on her flesh and put his hand between her thighs until she was nice and gooey. Then he would shove his cock inside her, drilling her over and over again until he finally injected her with cum. After that, she would be like him - roaming around the ship, insatiably hungry for sex. He felt no pang of guilt, no hint of shame, no trace of pity at the thought of corrupting an innocent young woman. All he knew was that his penis was hard, and that his testicles were full, and that he needed a woman to fuck.

It would be easy to do. Deputy zh'Wann had tried to explain something about pharaoh moans or feral moans.... he didn't quite understand what she was talking about, but somehow his body was now producing a scent that would drive women mad, which was exactly what he wanted. He smiled, hoping that his own cock would soon be shoving up into a young girl's snatch, making her squeal with pleasure.

Then, as he rounded a corner, he saw the outline of a uniformed woman heading away from him far down the intersection. His eyes immediately fell to her swaying hips, and he began to sprint down the corridor - a grin forming around his panting breath. That smile vanished when the woman turned around, and he saw that she held a phaser rifle in her hands. Moreover, the brief stare she gave him almost made his cock flaccid - almost - for it was rage distilled into ice.

[Captain Ives,] came the faint noise from the woman's combadge, echoing in the last moments before the rifle rose towards Mr. Souvra [This is Lieutenant Commander Grayson. Main bridge is secured; what's your current location?]

Then the sharp sound came, the light going straight into his eyes.

Jien watched the naked man at the other end of the corridor hit the floor in a disjointed tumble of limbs, before she reached up with her free hand to respond - her katana now sheathed by her hip.

"Captain Ives here," she said and turned to resume her mordant stride down the corridor, checking the nigh depleted energy cell in her rifle, "Deck 05, heading for the port turbolifts. The aft ones were disabled from this deck and up. If you have reclaimed the Main Bridge by now, Mr. Greyson, I would suggest that we get a Transporter Room secured for our use as soon as possible. That way, we can move about selected crew members more expediently, and past the bottlenecks of Deck 03 and 04."

Hitting the button by the port turbolifts, Jien took a deep breath before continuing."Please make it a priority, but delegate it to your personnel, at least until the remaining Senior Staff have convened in the Briefing Room on Deck 01. How many have arrived so far?"

Yet before the answer came, one of the turbolift doors slid open, revealing an armed man. Immediately, Jien raised her rifle, finger curling around the trigger...until she saw the face of her morning lover; Mr. Nathaniel Isley.

In that momentary hesitation, she chose to speak instead - seeing now that he was wearing shirt and trousers. Images of him without them flashed before her eyes, but she paid them no heed. The comm link remained open, the static of the dark corridor on Deck 04 filling the loaded silence. "Drop your phaser," she grated firmly along the sights of her weapon, eyes uncompromising, "and prove your rectitude."

How? She had not the faintest idea...

Re: EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter IV - Apprehension]

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[Deck 5]

The turbolift doors opened to the sight of the Captain, and like her, he was caught up in a brief flash of images from that morning.  It was, after all, the first encounter they had since that time.  her demand that he drop the phaser was met; he laid it on the floor in front of him and then raised his hands up, to display them well enough that she knew he was up to nothing.  "I don't know how much we're going to get done if we are going to be distrusting of one another like this.  I would think me still having pants on and not trying to get yours off would be a good way to prove I'm still sane."

How could he prove himself beyond that much?  Was there some magic means by which a person could show they hadn't degenerated into some sex crazed maniac, going about having their way however they could get it.  "I encountered Deputy Security officer zh'Wann on my way here, but managed to avoid infection.  It's where i got this phaser from.  The things I seen on my way here were enough to turn my stomach.  There is nothing attractive about this; indiscriminate copulation without any consideration for anything other then their own crippling needs."  He kept his hands up, searching Jien's face for any sign that his words might have proven something; the fact that he kept a cool head, and managed to keep eye contact with her the whole time, illustrating his hormones weren't running rampant.

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[Deck 04]

"...If you have reclaimed the Main Bridge by now, Mr. Greyson, I would suggest that we get a Transporter Room secured for our use as soon as possible. That way, we can move about selected crew members more expediently, and past the bottlenecks of Deck 03 and 04.

"Please make it a priority, but delegate it to your personnel, at least until the remaining Senior Staff have convened in the Briefing Room on Deck 01. How many have arrived so far?"

"None of the senior staff had arrived by the time I'd left, ma'am," Grayson confirmed. "But some might have shown up since then. I've got three guards stationed up there to make sure it stays secure. I'm taking the Neotins back up there right now."

David nodded to Arcorn and Amatras, then continued his report to Ives. "I was contacted by Counselor Nelis earlier. He and Nurse Jovela are trapped down on the planet's surface. As soon as we take one of the transporter rooms, I'll make sure they get beamed up. I'll see you up on the bridge, Captain."

He cut off the channel and turned to the pair of security guards flanking him. "Transporter Rooms One through Four are on Deck Seven. Get down there and clear one of them out, then hold your position until further orders."

The guards acknowledged Grayson's order and hurried for the nearest Jefferies tube, and David turned back to Amatras and Arcorn. "Okay, let's get you two up to the Main Bridge. Maybe your daughter will be there waiting for us." He waved for them both to walk in front of him--just in case--and started for the Jefferies tubes.

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[Deck 3-4]

Nerina shook her head, smiling. "Given the current state of the ship, you don't need to get hung up about proper terminology in regards to rank, Lieutenant. Ma'am or Sir, I'm not fussed." she said, seeing the worry and nerves in the woman's voice. She was probably about Nerina's age, and she wasn't the sort of officer to demand perfectly shined shoes in an emergency.

She nodded when the crewmember offered her the rifle, and she took it, quickly running through the standard weapon checking system, making sure the sights were right, that the energy system was properly aligned, that the safety systems were correct, and all the other small checks one was supposed to do before using a weapon. She strung the rifle around a shoulder, and then shook her head at the offer of the jacket. "I'm not exactly cold myself, and besides, being dressed at all is like a red rag to a bull, so I'll risk it, thank you all the same." she said, as she looked around. "Now then, we can't go up via the tubes, so we're going to have to risk a run along the corridors for a bit. Ideally we can just bypass the... groups of infected." Nerina said, choosing her words carefully. "But if they notice us, then we need to take them out quickly and without fuss. If we stop to talk, to try and reason, we'll just end up overwhelmed. So, run first, gun if needed. And if they get any body fluids on me, just stun me and go on without me. I'll do the same as you. Clear?" Nerina said, as she went to the panel leading into the corridor, ready to remove it and head out at a run.

[Edena's Quarters]

William laughed again, this one a deep throated laugh that was equal parts lust and victory. "Good little slut... See, it's not so bad, is it? Now don't be shy, plenty there for you, really work those hips!" he said, his hands moving to her hips to assist her movements, helping to lift her up and then help drive her down, his words becoming more indistinct moans as she rode him. He was soon silent apart from the moaning as he, and the infection, focused more on the pleasure and enjoyment than what she was doing or saying, his eyes focused on the union of their sex.


Jovela slept soundly, like almost all Risans. When you focused so much on the pleasures of the flesh, you needed your 'beauty sleep'. But after a moment, her eyes did open and she sat up. She stretched out, her bosom bouncing slightly in the morning air as her arms flexed above her head, even in the first moments of waking, her movements were somewhat erotic. She then opened her eyes properly, and focused on Garen. "Oh... Oh! Right then!" she said, getting up. "I'll get changed then... Shame." she said under her breath as she picked up a part of her uniform. She quickly dressed (another rarely discussed skill of most Risans) and then stood, awaiting transport, looking as professional as she had when she landed on the planet.

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[ Deck 05 ] [ Attn: Nathaniel Isley ]

Jien narrowed her eyes along her sights as she heard the answers from both the CSec as well as the pilot in front of her.

"Likewise, 'Commander," she said to Mr. Grayson, her eyes still assessing the man she held at gunpoint. She realised, as she caught a whiff of the sweet smell clinging to her own uniform, that there was a way to make certain. A risk, yet the only option. She took half a step closer and pressed the muzzle against his gut before grabbing one of Nathaniel's wrist. She brought it to her nose, and smelled his skin - finding that he smelled just like earlier that morning, if perhaps somewhat better after a shower he must have taken. At this point, she lowered her rifle and stepped past him into the turbolift. "Pardon my mistrust, Mr. Isley. I needed to make sure."

Moreover, she had seen the Deputy Transport women down to the planet - for reasons yet determined - and Nathaniel had confirmed that she was infected.

"We need to ascend to Deck 01," she said, half to Nathaniel, half to the Computer.

[Unable to comply. Malfunction in Deck 03 and Deck 04 circuitry, module Beta 349 and Alpha 534.]

"Same as the other lifts," said Jien quietly glanced to Nathaniel while she slung her rifle over her shoulder and adjusted the sword by her hip, "we have no alternative but to climb. Please assist me. Wait..."

Before he moved to cup his hands for supporting her foot while she reached for the hatch at the roof of the turbolift, she crouched down and grabbed the edge of his shirt. She used it to rub off the Vulcan blood clinging to the top of her uniform chest, finally ridding herself of the pungent yet so damnably sweet scent that had harried her the past ten minutes or so. It had been a hellish time, steeling herself against the inclination to pause and stimulate herself. Her mimicked panties were already soaked through. Once she had rubbed it off, altering the surface of that part of her Chosen Form to assist in the task, she rose to her feet and tossed her hair out of her eyes.

"I suggest you loose the shirt here before we move on," she said, and tried to not lay anything more into the statement than was already awkwardly obvious given the morning they had shared. "Toss it and help me up, for we have little time to spare before anyone comes by."

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==Deck 3-4== [ Atten Nernia, Adam ]

Natalie found herself nodding slightly, a look of relife on her face as the XO took the rifle from her hands, and put it through a quick series of tests. As Nerina declined the offer of Natalie's jacket, the ops officer took a moment to double check the settings on her hand phaser.

"Now then, we can't go up via the tubes, so we're going to have to risk a run along the corridors for a bit. Ideally we can just bypass the... groups of infected." Nerina said, choosing her words carefully. "But if they notice us, then we need to take them out quickly and without fuss. If we stop to talk, to try and reason, we'll just end up overwhelmed. So, run first, gun if needed. And if they get any body fluids on me, just stun me and go on without me. I'll do the same as you. Clear?"

Natalie gulped for a moment, imagining having to shoot her superior. Or being infected and having Nerina shoot me she thought. It was not a pleasent thing to contemplate, but when she got right down to it, she would much rather have the XO shoot her, then do something she'd regret later.

"Aye, sir," was all she said, softly, but resolute. She set her phaser to heavy stun, and gripped it tightly in her right hand. she moved to the opposite side of the access panel from Nernia, lining up her phaser to cover the enterence.

As soon as the XO popped the access hatch and Natalie confirmed there was no immeidate threat in front of her, the Chief of Ops ducked out from behined the wall and started off down the corridor, scouting for threats ahead, trusting her superior to check behind...

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[Deck 3-4]

Nerina would have followed directly behind her, but as she bent over to duck under the top of the hatch, the loose threads of her top caught on a jutting out pylon, softly tearing further. She blanched slightly, and it took her several seconds to unhook it without tearing the top completely off, even now one of her breasts went from "slightly too exposed" to "A hint of nipple". But those seconds passed slowly, thus causing anyone outside the hatch to only see Natalie emerge, alone, as she began to head down the corridor...

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[ Corridors | Deck 07 ] [Attn: Amikris]

In order to work more effectively, the Ship AI's holographic projection - named Thea - had picked up a phaser pistol in her work to keep - from what she could tell - uninfected crew members from falling to the wide-spread epidemic on board. And despite how well she could perceive through her systems, the experiences of her projected 'self' was far more... tangible.

Some of the infected she'd spotted had been moving from room to room, diligently searching for any men or women who had not yet participated in the contagious lust that had infected most of the ship. As she passed by a set of closed doors, she heard a woman groaning in the way that women groan when their bodies are being manipulated toward orgasm. Although she didn't take the time to look - since she judged it to be far too late to save her - she assumed that there had been a man in that room with her - a handsome, muscular man who had forced his way insider the victim's room and then inside her vagina. There had probably been screams and struggles at first, but now there were only those desperate, agonized groans - audible evidence that something irresistibly pleasant was going on between her legs.

Of course, it could have been the other way around. One of the ever-growing number of perpetually horny women could have worked her way into that room, catching its lone male occupant by surprise. The poor man would wake up to find a naked woman crawling on top of him. Commonly given her statistics, his stammered questions would be answered by a sudden kiss from her soft lips, a kiss sweeter than any he had ever tasted. That kiss would eventually move from her mouth to her nipple, where he would soon discover a squirting fountain of milk. The more he drank from her, the more excited he would get - until it finally got to the point where he just had to have sexual congress with her. He would happily allow the lascivious stranger to impale herself upon his upright arousal. Bouncing wildly up and down, she would satisfy both her lust and his. She would keep grinding her pussy against his groin, eagerly screwing him into a lustful oblivion from which he would never return.

It didn't really matter who had seduced whom. Either way, someone in there was being corrupted, forced into a mind-warping orgasm that would destroy his or her willpower and replace it with an insatiable hunger for sex. Thea could have tried to stop it, but it was much too late already, she was better needed elsewhere. Despite her emotional sub-routines being mostly deactivated, the sheer... scope of all of these data made her somewhat... light-headed?

She kept running, occasionally lifting her phaser to stun people in her path.

[ Main Sickbay | An half an hour earlier... ]

The sliding doors opened, allowing a dozen men and women to enter the recovery ward of Main Sickbay. It took a moment before the medical personnel working the last hour of Gamma Shift realised that something was terribly wrong - beyond the strange disappearances that had been taking place during the night. For none of the newcomers wore any clothing, but some of them carried phasers, which they pointed at the crew.

"Everyone stand up and move away from the patients and consoles," barked one of the naked men, whom some of them recognized as Security Officer Garret Sadone. The Nurses and Medical Officers  hesitated for a moment, but then complied. "Now take off your clothes." No one moved, excpet for their climbing eyebrows. Garret fired his phaser at one of the men, causing him to topple to the deck in stunned unconsciousness. "Take off your clothes," he repeated - a smile ever-present.

Within moments, everyone in the ward was naked - medics and patients. Some of the crew members cast sidelong glances at their fellow shipmates, curious to see how they looked. A few erections began to spring up. Garret pointed toward one of the Nurses. "You... come over here."

The red-haired woman looked nervous as she stepped forward. "What do you want?" she asked, her voice trembling. Garret nodded to his men. Two of them stepped forward and grabbed the woman, holding her arms. "Let go of me!" she yelled, struggling fiercely. "What are you doing?" Her eyes widened in dread when a third man stepped forward and knelt in front of her, grabbing her legs and forcing them apart. "Noooooo!" she cried, as he buried his face against her crotch and began to lick.

"Stop it!" shouted the Doctor in charge, suddenly rushing forward. "Get away from her!" Garret trained his phaser on the good Doctor, halting his advance. He nodded again, and this time two women stepped forward. Their breasts were full and firm, and as they began to rub their bodies against his, the Doctor's cock swelled and stiffened. He soon forgot about the plight of his Nurse, who was now moaning loudly in response to the tongue swirling between her thighs. No, the Doctor's attention was focused upon the third woman who stepped forward, offering him a taste of her swollen nipples. His lips locked onto her plump breast, and soon he was sucking her milk into his mouth.

It took only a minute or two before the Doctor and the Nurse were on the floor, having eager sex with their captors. The rest of the medical personnel and the patients observed the fornication with a mixture of dread and excitement. One by one, they were ordered to step forward. Some of them had to be coerced into orgasm, while others happily volunteered to get fucked. Whether they came willingly or not, they all came. With every new climax, someone slipped into irrevocable madness. Within half an hour, Sickbay became a roiling orgy. The usual music of electronic beeps and chimes mixed with a cacophony of moans and grunts, and there was not a single penis or vagina that was not soaked with cum.

This was when Thea got there, her sensors having picked up Cdt. Amikris - whom had been working with the CMO on a cure before them both vanished from her scope of perception. She stepped into the scene, and her eyes travelled to the hatch that just opened to the side of the recovery ward - revealing the Cadet and Xeanta - another of the Nurses that had vanished due to the malfunction in Medical Lab 2.

"Get out of here!" she called, looking straight into the Ash'reem's lensed eyes, "I will keep them occupied!"

And then she began to fire against those that realised that there were new vaginal orifices to fill with cum - clearing the path for the newly arrived. The phaser fire shimmered against her golden body suit as it coughed crippling limbo upon the leering and giggling people that went straight towards the hatch.

Little did the Ship AI know that Amikris and Xeanta had grave priorities - things that could only be done right there in Sickbay - that she could assist them with...

Re: EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter IV - Apprehension]

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Amikris nodded to Thea. "Keep stunning them, clear a path to the replicator for us won't you Thea?  Start with the armed and move toward the unarmed infected." She asked as she began to make her own way there as swiftly and directly as possible.  Her movements were slightly irregular as if not fully aware but she still made her way.  Her eyes scanning the different locations within the med bay for water or medical supplies that could be of use.

Xeanta also made her way anxiously glancing at the other crew members nervously.  Part of her sympathizing with their needs as her own memories were sparked at the sight before her.  Spotting some of the clothing that had been discharged she began to gather them to dress herself along the way.  Straying alittle to close to the infected as she did.

Once at the replicator Amikris grabbed one of the IVs with saline solutions and impaled her arm with it well beginning the download and requisition of supplies from the replicator itself.  Designating a need for 300 syringes of cure to be dispensed in groups of fifteen, once every ten minutes for the next 200 minutes. 

Re: EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter IV - Apprehension]

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[Edena's Quarters]

She saw where his eyes had landed; the place where their bodies had joined.  Even in her current state, she had enough of her mind to feel embarrassed about that.  "S-stop staring at me down there."  She must have sounded like such a child, to worry about something like that, even as her hips disobeyed her commands, and her voice began to betray her, allowing moans to escape from her.  Perhaps out of even more rational control, she crossed her arms, hiding her breasts from plain sight; her primal urges were so focused on grinding her sex up and down his shaft, it allowed her some more control over her upper body, it appeared.

[Deck 05]

"The captain won't be penalizing me for being out of uniform, will she?"  He said it with a grin, displaying little care for her seeing him without a shirt; it wasn't like she hadn't seen more of him.  He didn't extend the conversation any more beyond that, uncertain how much they could have been monitored under emergency situations such as the one they were in now.  Taking off his jacket, he removed the white undershirt, and then put the jacket back on.  Though he wouldn't normally, he buttoned the shirt back up, to at least prevent him from showing off that muscular upper body, if for no other reason then to prevent himself from being confused with the other barely clothed, or not clothed at all, who were a threat to the "normals" on board.

"Alright if I pick my phaser back up?"  He asked, looking to arm himself with something which he could stun any aggressors.  After getting clearance, he would holster it, and then get in place to provide Jien with the boost she required, crouching down and bracing his hands for her to use as a foothold.

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