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[2376/Starfleet Academy] When Worlds Collide

[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] Attn: @Stegro88

As Isel Nix strolled down one of the many hedge-lined pathways that snaked through the grounds at Starfleet Academy, she couldn’t help but smile. The Vulpinian basked in the warmth of the San Francisco sun as she made her way along, feeling the sun’s warmth on her bare shoulders and face. It was late summer, and Isel wore only a tank top and a long flowing skirt as she made her way to meet some friends. The first semester of the year had started at the Academy just a week before, and Isel still couldn’t believe she was in her second year.

It seemed just yesterday that she had arrived at Starfleet Academy, having been enrolled in the Academy by Starfleet Intelligence following a change in her name and identity. She had been thrust into her new life with little time to realize what was going on, and had little choice but to hit the ground running. She had adapted to her new life quickly, getting to know her roommate, a xenophobic human who had initially been horrified at the prospect of having a shapeshifting alien as a roommate, and getting used to attending classes rather than underground deals and weapons exchanges. To say the jump from her old life to her new life had been a big one would have been quite the epic understatement, but she had managed.

Isel’s thoughts were pulled back to the present as she approached a large green space. The space was predominantly made up of a flat, green field of grass, though the area was periodically punctuated by tall, regal tree who’s broad limbs cast shadows in the bright summer sun. Many of those shadows were occupied by Cadets, who lounged in the shade in pairs or small groups to stay out of the sun’s heat. Isel’s eyes scanned the various groups of Cadets lounging in the trees’ shade, the Vulpinian reaching up to shade her eyes with her hand, when she heard her name being called by someone behind her.

Turning, Isel saw her friends standing in the sun-soaked field, the nearest one being a dark-skinned Human girl. As Isel watched, the girl swept her wild, curly black hair out of her eyes and held up a small orange disc for Isel to see, spinning the disc on the tip of her finger.

”Hey Isel! Up for some frisbee?”

Bitch, you know I love chasing that fucking frisbee… Isel thought to herself as an eager grin spread across her features.

”You know it!” Isel called as she went trotting over to the group of second year Cadets. ”Honestly, Allison. When have I ever said no to frisbee?”

20 minutes later…

[ Cadet Isel Nix | FRISBEE!!! | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ]

Isel’s heart pounded and the wind was in his face as she streaked across the grass, the green scent of the undergrowth filling her nose as she ran. Ahead of her she could see the her quarry as it soared on it’s course, always seeming to glide along just out of reach, trying to keep away from her. Trying to escape.

But she was gaining on the orange frisbee.

Her eyes strained as she focused even harder on the frisbee, her legs pumping to try and bring it within her reach. He senses were all alive, all focussed solely on getting the frisbee. She saw nothing else.

She certainly didn’t see that the frisbee had soared over the hedge and beyond the grass, or that it now travelled over the path that ran along the boarder of the field. Nor did she see that it was currently passing directly above a uniform-clad Cadet, who’s brown hair swung as she swivelled her head to face the body that was currently barreling towards her at top speed.

Isel let out a yelp as she realized at the last moment that she was on a collision course, though it was too late for her to react. She had just launched herself over the hedge, the leafy, rose-covered barrier barely registering in her mind as she pursued the frisbee. Now she had only a moment to think as she soared through the air, about to collide with the brunette.

Allison, you asshole… Isel thought bitterly as she closed the gap between herself and the brunette, her limbs flailing helplessly as she flew ever closer. I said not over the fucking path!

She could hear the laughter behind her as her small impacted the brunette’s taller frame, the force of the strike being enough to bear them both to the ground.

My friends are assholes… Isel concluded as she tried to extract herself from the tangle of limbs, finding herself between the Human brunette’s long shapely legs. As Isel realized where she had ended up, she added to the mental note. But I may owe them one this time…

Isel turned her attention to the brunette’s face, finding herself looking into a pair of enchanting hazel eyes. The woman’s scent filled her nose, enticing her senses and causing a seductive grin to cross her features.

Or at least it would have, if she was in a form in which she could grin. As it was, her jaws simply parted, letting her tongue loll out the left side as she panted from the exertion of running. Her tail wagged in pleasure at the position she found herself in. Mischief ever on her mind, she decided to have a little fun with the Human. Isel squirmed her way forward a tiny bit, tail wagging all the while, until her snout was touching the Human’s cheek. Isel sniffed the Human’s face, the woman’s enchanting aroma assaulting her senses once again as she did, before licking her cheek several times.

Then she shifted forms, changing from the form of a wolf to her Vulcine form, where she looked almost Human aside from having pointed ears, pronounced canines and a white furry tail. From the Human’s perspective, the white wolf-like dog that had accidentally jumped on her while vaulting over the fence would have shifted form, it’s fur receding and it’s face changing shape until it looked almost like a human female’s. Now her heterochromatic eyes peered at the brunette’s hazel eyes from a woman’s face, her pale cheeks framed by long white hair. Isel smiled at the Human, the sly smile given a somewhat intimidating appearance thanks to the prominent canines.

”You smell really good!” Isel said with a giggle, well aware of the fact that she was stark naked and that people were looking. Isel giggled again as she realized that, while she was known for throwing herself at people, she had never actually thrown herself at someone before, not in the literal sense at least. The thought caused Isel to start laughing, even as she still smiled at the Human who's legs were currently positioned on either side of her hips.

”So... what’s your name?”

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ] 

Cadet Donna Petterson. Cadet Petterson. It had an odd ring to it. But she would get used to it. She had to. It was who she was now. No more undercover assignments or crazy adventures. Well, relatively speaking anyway. Starfleet wasn’t exactly known for being a boring occupation. But her old life was over. Dead. And she was here now, to choose a new one.

Here being San Francisco at the main Starfleet Academy Annex. Donna, despite her previous life, wore the uniform and rank of a Cadet. It was the best way to cement her new life. Who would believe that she would go back to school for 4 years. Well, 3 years. They had swindled some credit for prior learning onto her enrolment and so she was joining those students who were currently in their second year.

Which explained the reason she was walking along one of the paths that led through the campus. The semester had started the week before but her transport had been delayed and so she had only arrived that morning. She was on her way to the administration building to report her arrival and had decided that the scenic route was preferred. She was a week late already, so another hour wouldn’t matter really.

She had noticed the cadet playing fetch with her dog, none of her skills had diminished despite her change in career and had disregarded it as such. Which went a long way to explaining her complete surprise when said dog bounded over the hedge that lined the edge of the path. 

There was nothing she could do as the canine soared through the air. There was no time to dodge or duck. All she managed to do before impact was turn her body enough that she was hit square in the chest instead of the side. As they tumbled to the ground, their limbs became tangled and they finished up with Donna flat on her back with the dog sitting between her legs. Looking at the canine, Donna almost thought that the dog was staring back at her with its mismatched eyes of blue and green.

Just as Donna was about to try and shoo the dog back a little so that she could stand, the dog, its tail wagging a mile a minute, shuffled forward until its nose was pressed up against Donna’s cheek. Just as she thought it was going to back away again, the dog licked her cheek several times. And then one of the most amazing things Donna had ever seen happened. The dog, changed forms.

“It’s not a dog,” Donna said to herself as she watched the transformation from about as close as you could get. “It's a Vulpix. No, that’s not right. A Vul-...Vulpi-...Vulpinian. That’s it. It, or rather, she, is a Vulpinian,” Donna concluded as her eyes scanned the nude form that was now positioned between her legs. Donna had never been so grateful that she had chosen to wear pants that day.

She was beautiful. Donna had never had an aversion to either gender and had, both willingly and for the sake of a mission, used her body to please both sexes. But very few of them could compare to the woman before her. There was just something about her that mesmerised Donna; making her forget that all of this was happening in the middle of Starfleet Academy.

“You smell really good!” the Vulpinian giggled. Something unseen caused her to giggle again and Donna had to force herself to keep her eyes level when she did. “So... what’s your name?”

Donna, couldn’t help it. After everything that had just happened. The crash, the tangle, being sniffed and then licked to discovered the canine in question in all of this was in fact a beautiful Vulpinian female. Donna laughed as he looked up at the sky. Managing to control herself finally, Donna returned her attention to the naked girl that was still positioned between her legs.

“I’m Donna. Donna Petterson,” Donna introduced herself. “And who might you be? And do you usually jump on random girls?”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth | 2376 ] Attn: @Stegro88
Isel watched as the Human who’s legs she was currently still between, and who she was currently still pinning to the ground, laughed. The Human cast her gaze up at the sky as she did so, leaving Isel a moment to study her. She had hazel eyes that looked out from a face with high cheekbones, and which was framed by brown hair. Her laugh had a melodic quality to it, ringing in Isel’s ears like music. She was, quite simply, one of the most beautiful creatures the Vulpinian had ever seen.

”I’m Donna. Donna Petterson,” the woman said by way of introduction, returning her gaze to Isel. ”And who might you be? And do you usually jump on random girls?”

The question caused another broad grin to spread itself across Isel’s features as her tail wagged slightly. ”I’m Isel Nix.” The Vulpinian replied, staring into the Human’s eyes. ”And… well… no. I can’t say I’ve literally pounced on anyone before. Not like this anyway…” Isel’s cheeks flushed slightly at the admission, ”Though I’d be lying if I said I was sorry for jumping on this particular girl…” She added with a hint of mischief in her eyes. Only then did the Vulpinian seem to notice that people were looking at them, the colour which had risen in her cheeks darkening as she glanced around to see that a few cadets had stopped to stare. ”Ah…we’ve got an audience…” Murmured the diminutive woman as she returned her gaze to the Human. She gave Donna a rather sly wink before her visage changed once again, shifting to take on a canine aspect once more, though slightly different than before. Her body maintained an almost humanoid appearance, albeit a furry one, as she shifted, her heterochromatic eyes remained locked on the Human’s as she changed.

Only once the change was complete did the Vulpinian push herself up and away from the Human, ending in a kneeling position in front of Donna, still staring at Donna’s face from her new vantage, seeing the Human’s lovely visage from a new perspective. Namely, looking along the Human’s body, her view framed by Donna’s legs, which were still bent at the knees and slightly spread in the same position they had been when Isel had been wedged between them. After a moment Isel rose to her feet and extended a hand to help Donna up, watching the Human to try and gauge her reaction to the Vulpinian’s new form.

As she stood with her hand extended towards the other woman, she took advantage of her position to admire Donna’s physique, making no effort to hide the fact as her eyes trailed over Donna’s supine form.

”C’mon, I’ll help you up! It’s the least I can do after knocking you down. Sorry about that, when I chase the firsbee, I sorta get in the zone...” Isel told the other woman, ”Don’t worry, I don’t bite. Well… not often, anyway.” She added, her canine ears drooping out to the sides ever so slightly, giving her a slightly guilty expression as she waited for the other woman to take the furry, clawed hand which was extended towards her.

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ] 

“I’m Isel Nix,” the Vulpinian said and Donna found herself simply admiring the tone of her voice. She heard that Isel said about pouncing but didn’t register it at the time as lost she was in just hearing Isel speak. And she could not understand why. "Ah...we've got an audience..." Isel murmured, causing Donna to look around and see dozens of other cadets staring at them, or perhaps, more correctly, the naked Vulpinian female in her lap. She returned her gaze to the woman in question just in time to catch a wink from her before she started to shift again.

“I don’t think they are looking at me,” Donna said but was unsure is Isel could hear her while changing forms. When she had finished morphing, Donna now had, what she could only describe as a werefox, in between her legs. And she was beautiful. She looked almost exactly like she had as a canine, except now she was humanoid. But the one thing that had not changed was those mismatched eyes that were locked on her own. 

“Wow,” Donna found herself whispering. She had seen a lot of things in her time, but she had never met a Vulpinian. Her eyes followed Isel’s as the female stood up and gazed back down at her, shamelessly looking her over before extending a clawed hand out to her.

"C'mon, I'll help you up! It's the least I can do after knocking you down. Sorry about that, when I chase the frisbee, I sorta get in the zone..." Isel told Donna, "Don't worry, I don't bite. Well... not often, anyway."

“Thank you,” Donna responded, grasping onto the outstretched arm and standing as she was pulled upright. Dusting herself off and smoothing out her uniform, Donna realised that she was actually taller than Isel, by at least 6 inches. “I was on my way to Administration when you pounced on me,” Donna shared as she stood there. It wouldn’t till later that she would realise that she had shared that so casually. “Should I ask what would cause you to bite me?” Donna asked, although a part of her could already guess what the answer would be.


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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

As Isel helped the Human called Donna to her feet, Isel found she had to angle her head upwards to look the Human in the eyes. Donna was at least 30cm taller than the diminutive Vulpinian, though that was hardly unusual since Isel only stood 152cm tall. Isel didn’t need to be tall to see that the Human would be beautiful from any angle. The woman’s brown hair framed a gorgeous face, with high cheekbones and stunning hazel eyes. Isel still had the Human’s scent in her nose, and her head still felt vaguely like it was swimming.

As the taller woman reached her feet, she thanked Isel and informed her than she’d been on her way to the Admin building when Isel had pounced on her. The all-too-accurate description made Isel laugh and give the Human an apologetic look. Then she asked what might cause Isel to bite her. The question caused Isel to colour slightly, the shorter woman able to feel the heat rising in her cheeks.

”Oh, uh…” Isel mumbled, glancing around while trying desperately to find a reason not to answer that last question. ”Well…” Just then Isel saw her friends come jogging up to the hedge, and also that Allison had brought her clothes.

”I thought you might need these!” Allison giggled as she tossed the bundle of clothing over the hedge. Isel caught the bundle and grinned at Allison, thinking that she owed Allison a beer for that frisbee toss that had brought her down on such a lovely creature. Maybe two beers.

Isel tossed her tank top over her shoulder for the moment, and stepped into the orange skirt. She shifted back to her Vulcine form and she pulled the long skirt up, her fur disappearing as she once again took on an almost Human appearance. Keeping her bare back to Donna, she glanced at the woman over her shoulder and looked at the Human woman with a coy expression. ”No peeking!” She said with a giggle and a sly wink before quickly taking the navy blue tank top off her shoulder and pulling it on over her head. Now fully dressed, slipped her feet into the pair of flip flops that she’d let fall to the ground, then turned to face Donna once more.

”Much better! I think everyone’s had enough of a show for now!” The Vulpinian giggled, grinning at Donna. ”Well, I think I’ve had enough frisbee for today! I could show you the way to the Admin building if you want!” She suggested as she smiled at the beautiful woman standing before her. As she waited for the Human's reply, she found herself desperately hoping that Donna would take her up on the offer.

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Lt. JG Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ]

Donna watched and waited as Isel hedged on what would cause the Vulpinian to bite her. She was saved from answering though by the arrival of another cadet bearing a handful of clothing.

“I thought you might need these,” the cadet giggled as she tossed the bundle over the hedge. Isel deftly caught the bundle and grinned a toothy grin back at the cadet before preparing to don her clothing. With her tank thrown over a shoulder, Donna watched as Isel stepped into her skirt.

“Commando, my kind of girl,” Donna thought before she realised it might be more of a convenience thing than a personal choice. “Having that tail might make it harder to wear regular clothing.” Further thought was forestalled by Isel changing forms again; returning to her almost human appearance as she pulled her skirt up to her hips.

“No peeking,” Isel said with a giggle and a wink as she looked over her shoulder at the human woman standing behind her.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Donna found herself retorting without thinking. “Peeking implies sneaking a look. I’m not sneaking,” was the thought that occupied her mind as she ran her eyes over the vixen’s form as she watched her finish dressing. Her mind was still distracted when she realised that Isel had proposed showing her the way to the Admin building.

“Ah, that would be great thanks,” Donna answered, again without really considering the question. “What are you doing Donna? You memorised the layout of the grounds on your way to Earth. You don’t need a guide so why are you acting like a buffoon?” she chastised herself. “Its easy to get lost when everything looks the same,” Donna offered up as a lacklustre reason for accepting the Vulpinian’s aid. “So are you new here as well?”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

Isel smiled as the Human, Donna, had agreed to have Isel show her the way to the Admin building. The Vulpinian, now dressed, stepped forward and slipped her arm around Donna’s as she started guiding the woman along.

”Careful! The fox bites!” Called the girl who had brought Isel her clothes. Isel glanced back over her shoulder and feigned a biting motion, her teeth clicking together as she did so, before sticking her tongue out at Allison. She heard the other girl laughing as she turned her attention back to Donna. ”Don’t listen to her,” Isel said to Donna, giving the taller woman a smile, ”she’s just trying to give me shit. I didn’t even leave a mark that time…” Isel’s face coloured as she realized she’d just incriminated herself. ”Uhh… forget I said that…”

Smooth Isel…

Isel looked up at Donna, who’s arm she still held on to, and cocked her head slightly. ”Sorry, I never answered your question! I’m not new, no. I’m in my second year.” As they came to an intersection of paths Isel guided Donna to the right. ”Don’t worry you’ll get used to the campus in no time!”

Isel studied Donna for a moment, taking in the beauty of the angles of the woman’s face, her enchanting hazel eyes and the slight pout of her lips. She was probably an average height for a Human, though that didn’t change the fact that she was considerably taller than Isel. The Vulpinian let her eyes trail down over Donna’s neck, shoulders and torso. She made no attempt to hide her examination of the other woman, having never been particularly shy or covert about the way she showed interest in people. The thought dawned an Isel that Donna might have a clear view down the front of Isel’s shirt, given her height and current vantage point. The thought caused an impish glint to shine in the Vulpinian’s eyes and she stretched her shoulders back a bit and leaned against Donna’s arm, testing to see if the Human would take the bait and sneak a peek. ”So are you more nervous or excited to be joining Starfleet?” Isel asked, the curiosity in her tone coming from waiting to see if Donna took the bait as much as interest in her answer.

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ] 

“Am I nervous or excited to join Starfleet?” Donna wondered as she walked along with the Vulpinian leaning on her arm. Glancing over, she noticed that she could see directly down the woman’s shirt, past the mounds of her breasts to her navel. There was even the hint of a nipple on one side. And this cadet, Isel Nix, either didn’t care or was doing it deliberately. Adding it to how the Vulpinian had already acted around her, Donna decided that she was doing it deliberately. Even as she registered this, her mind continued to work on the question she had been asked. “Technically I joined Starfleet 9 years ago. But I can’t tell you that,” Donna thought to herself as they walked. 

“I suppose I am both and neither at the same time,” Donna replied calmly, as she looked down at Isel. She couldn’t help herself and peeked down the front of the woman’s shirt again. “This Isel Nix certainly had an impressive form to her,” Donna noted silently. “And that was before she changed it.”

“It’s different from what I was doing joining,” Donna said as she looked down and away; putting her training to use to put up a front that basically said ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ “What about you? Are you excited or nervous?” Donna asked, turning the conversation back to the Vulpinian draped on her arm. “And do you usually flaunt your assets so openly?”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

Isel listened as Donna answered her question before the Human posed her own questions. Isel pursed her lips for a moment as she considered the question. ”Oh, I’m excited to be here! It’s way better than what I was doing before I joined Starfleet! Plus I get to meet a lot of new people. And try new foods!” Isel directed a broad grin up at Donna as she elaborated. ”I tried Suzie for the first time last year, and it was sooo good! Wait… that’s not right.” Isel’s face scrunched up as she puzzled over the word she was looking for. She peered up at Donna for help as she began to describe the food, hoping the Human could help. ”Little bite sized pieces of food. Rice. Fish. Seaweed. Shit, what’s it called?”

While Donna’s first question has made Isel pause to consider her answer, the Human’s second caused Isel throw her head back and laugh.

”I’ve been told that I’m quite… oh, what’s the word you Humans use? Liberal? Yeah, I think that’s it.” Isel grinned at Donna as she tried to come up with the word. ”I’ve been told I’m very liberal in the way I act. I’ve also been called “touchy feely” and "flirty". Some guy called me a whore once. Allison, the one who brought my clothes, keeps saying I throw myself at anything with a pulse.” Isel paused to chuckle before she continued, shaking her head before once again turning her attention to Donna. The Vulpinian tilted her head back to look at the Human woman with a toothy grin. ”Sorry, I’m kinda rambling, huh?” Isel giggled and narrowed her eyes at the Human. ”Anyway, I guess the answer to your question would be a yes? Though the fact that you commented on my flaunting means your were looking!” Isel stuck her tongue out at Donna and winked as they continued down the path.

”So are you enjoying the view, perv?” Isel giggled again as she teased Donna, the Human seeming to be more on the subdued side. Isel was curious to see how the Human reacted to her taunts. She suspected Donna wold look adorable if she blushed.

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ]

“Hard not to look with everything you were showing off. That doesn’t make me a perv,” Donna corrected her companion casually as they walked. “But yes, I was enjoying the view. It’s a good one,” she answered without looking. “And that food with the rice and fish. It’s called sushi. Its originally from a place called Japan.”

Up ahead, Donna caught sight of her destination and a part of her actually felt disappointment that Isel and herself would be parting ways. The Vulpinian, despite her occasional rambling nature, intrigued Donna in a way that not many had.

“And she is definitely easy on the eyes,” Donna noted silently as her mind replayed the views she had had of the woman. One of the blessings of a near eidetic memory. “If I’m honest, I’m curious what else she is like. And not just in bed. That canine form looks like it could take down a ‘roo’ or deer pretty good.”

“Well, it seems we have managed to find the Administration building,” Donna said as she indicated the building ahead of them. “I guess this is where we part ways. I’d like to think I’ll see you again but the Academy is a big place with lots of cadets and classes so you can’t be sure.”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

Isel gave Donna a cheeky smile as Donna denied being a perv, the Vulpinian’s eyes shining with mischief. ”You can deny it all you want, Donna, but I can still hope!” She then snapped her fingers and grinned as Donna provided the correct name of the Japanese food. ”Sushi! That’s it! I can never remember what it’s called.” Isel laughed at her own foolishness, knowing full well that she’d forget the proper name within the hour.

Isel felt a pang of regret as the Admin building came into view and Donna mentioned parting way, the diminutive shapeshifter finding herself craving more time with the Human. As Donna mentioned the fact that the Academy was a big place and that they couldn’t be sure to meet again, the Vulpinian took hold of Donna’s arm, momentarily halting their progress as she turned an eager gaze on the Human. ”Oh, don’t you worry. I’ll make sure we meet again soon!” Isel peered up at Donna as she spoke, her eyes studying the Human’s face. ”If nothing else, I’ll need to ask you again what the food with the seaweed is called!” Isel chuckled, staring up into the Human’s hazel eyes.. ”And I’m not gonna lie. I find you intriguing, Donna Petterson.”

Isel gently ran a hand down Donna’s arm, allowing her eyes to run down over the Human’s uniform-clad form as she did. ”Who knows…” Isel said, her voice taking on a sultry tone as she looked up at Donna through long white lashes. ”maybe next time I won’t be the only one with a bit of skin on display!” A flirtatious grin had spread across her features as she spoke, and the hand that had been running down Donna’s arm found the warm skin of the Human’s hand, which it momentarily took hold of. With a sudden motion, the Vulpinian pushed herself up on her tiptoes, almost hopping as she strained to plant a light kiss on Donna’s left cheek. With a giggle and another sly wink, the Vulpinian released Donna’s hand and stepped back, walking slowly backwards. ”You still smell really good! She told the Human who had captured her interest, still walking backwards as she found it hard to pull her gaze away from the taller brunette. ”Bye, Donna! I’ll see you around!” And with those words, the Vulpinian turned on her heels and moved off, giving Donna one lat glance over her shoulder before being lost in the trickle of cadets who made their way along the many pathways of the Starfleet Academy campus.

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ]

Donna never had a chance to reply before Isel had walked away, her tail swishing the air behind her. Her mind was still digesting everything the Vulpinian had said to her and her usual calm and focused demeanour has been thrown out the window ever since being tackled to the ground by the fox.

“If I’m honest with myself, I find you intriguing as well, Isel Nix,” Donna thought to herself as she watched said female walk away. “Although, I’m not sure I am going to go as far as you did with the displaying of skin. Not without a stiff drink or 4,” she considered, mesmerised by the movements of the tail before it disappeared into the crowd of the academy. “I wonder what sex is like when you have a tail.”

Shaking the thought away, Cadet Donna Petterson turned and walked into the admin building to report for duty.

2 Weeks later

“Where is the bloody book?” Donna hissed out softly as she continued to scan the shelves. The librarian had assured her that they had a hard copy of the novel in question within the many shelves of the building and despite knowing that it would have been so much simpler to read it on a PADD, Donna wanted the age-old feeling of feeling the paper between her fingers.

“Aha,” Donna finally exclaimed when she located the book, titled ‘Guilty Pleasures’. It was an old book, the first in a series that sounded interesting to Donna. As she bent over to retrieve the book from the bottom shelf where it had been hiding, she felt a hand on her backside.

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Library | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

Isel had been sitting in the library with her friend Allison, struggling to listen as the Human girl tried in vain to explain the finer points of Fractal Calculus to her. The Vulpinian was struggling in the course, and while she was happy to take a mediocre mark in the subject, Alli had made it her personal crusade to try and enlighten Isel on the details of her favourite subject. Isel had long since stopped listening, and was not fighting to prevent her eyes from glossing over completely. Allison sighed as she watched Isel yawn lazily, realizing at last that the white haired shapeshifter had stopped listening. ”You haven’t heard a word I’ve said, have you?” Alli asked, narrowing her eyes at Isel as she spoke.

”Nope! Not a thing.” Isel informed her, grinning guiltily at her friend in a way that showed off her fangs. ”You lost me at “the cool thing about Fractal Calculus”.”

”Are you fucking serious! I said that twenty minutes ago!” Allison hissed, not wanting to make too much noise in the library lest she get scolded by the grouchy old bespectacled librarian who sat at a desk nearby.

”’Fraid so!” Isel confirmed in a bright, cheery voice as she spread her arms wide in an exorbitant stretch. ”I told you I don’t care about the course. If I barely pass it, I still pass.” Isel cast her gaze around the library distractedly, hoping to find something to occupy her mind should Allison insist on teaching her more about the snore-worthy subject. As she did so, her eyes caught sight of a familiar form heading off into the rows of shelves. Well there’s something I wouldn’t mind studying. Isel thought to herself as a distracted grin spread across her features. I really should take an opportunity to brush up on Xenobiology.

”Ok, you perverted little Vulp. Who are you looking at this time?” Allison asked, her tone taking on the unmistakable ring of exasperation. ”I know what you’re looking at when you get that look in your eyes.”

”I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Isel giggled as she pushed her chair away from the table and rose to her feet. ”I just remembered that I wanted to go look for a book. I think it’s over there.” Isel informed the Human, nodding to the aisle where she had seen the familiar form disappear. ”I’ll catch up with you later, Alli.”
”Tell whoever it is you’re after that I say “Hi!” Alli called after her, knowing full well what the Vulpinian was up to. The remark, spoken in a loud tone, earned her a grumpy-sounding “shh” form the Librarian.

Isel moved quietly to the end of the shelves, peering around the corner to see the lovely figure of one Donna Petterson studying the contents of the shelves in front of her. Isel watched with an almost predatory look in her eyes as Donna bent forward to reach for a book on the bottom shelf, presenting the Vulpinian with a rather enticing view of the Human’s shapely backside. Isel smiled to herself as she silently padded forward, moving up behind Donna as the Human pulled the book free of the shelf. Isel reached her left hand forward, the sight raising a burning desire within the diminutive Vulpinian and leaving her unable to resist herself, and cupped the shapely curve of Donna’s left cheek.

”Now there’s a delicious sight!” Isel said with a giggle as she let her left hand fall away while at the same time darting her right hand forward to slap the right cheek of Donna’s behind. The slap caused a resounding crack which could be heard by those nearby, prompting one cadet to poke their head around the end of the shelf to investigate the noise. ”Hi Donna!” Isel said in a cheery tone, stepping back in case the Human lashed out at her in retaliation. ”I told you we’d see each other again!”

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ] 

Donna resisted the urge to turn and punch whomever had decided to touch her without her permission. She also considered that someone out to kill her would stop to grope her first in the Academy library. She was glad she did so when she heard the enticing voice that belonged to the Vulpinian Isel Nix. The slap of her ass by said Vulpinian caused Donna to jerk upright from the unexpected jolt. He back still to Isel, Donna her the Vulpinian greet her in a tone, that while cheery, also seemed to have an undercurrent of mischief to it.

“You did,” Donna confirmed without turning to face the shorter woman. “Although technically I haven’t seen you yet so what is to stop me from walking away without looking?” Donna teased in an almost whisper. “I mean, you also said that you might not be the only one with some skin on display as well but here I am, fully dressed, so that would make you wrong twice?”

“Donna, what are you doing?” Donna chastised herself mentally. “You don’t know anything about this woman and yet here you stand practically flirting with her. Where is your self-control, even if she started it first?”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Library | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

Isel couldn’t help but giggle at Donna’s words, the Human seeming to be teasing her about the situation. The Vulpinian’s lips curled into a mischievous smile as Donna remained standing with her back facing her, allowing the fox’s mismatched eyes to continue enjoying the view of Donna’s shapely posterior.

”I can’t argue with anything that you’ve said, Donna,” Isel admitted quietly, taking a half-step forward as her smile grew broader and more impish, ”though there are some that would tell you that it’s dangerous to keep your back to me.” Isel reached out with her right hand and touched her fingers to Donna’s back, the touch light and soft between the Human woman’s shoulder blades.

”Besides…” Isel continued, her tone soft and playful as she slowly trailed the tips of her fingers down Donna’s back, moving from between her shoulder blades and down to her lower back, her fingers travelling in a wide, lazy arcs. ”if I recall correctly, you seemed to enjoy looking at me last time we met…” As she spoke those words, her hand had made it’s way down to Donna’s right hip. The smaller woman’s left hand moved to rest on Donna’s other hip. ”Though I’ll admit, I’m not complaining. The view from back here is rather nice!” Isel’s eyes took in the aforementioned view for another moment before she moved forward, pressing herself to Donna’s back and she gently gripped the Human woman’s hips.

Sure, she might be coming on a little strong, but anyone who knew the tiny Vulpinian knew that this was more or less the only way she knew how to be. Subtlety was not something Isel excelled in. Allison had said on more than one occasion that she doubted Isel knew the meaning on the word. Isel giggled as that thought ran through her mind. Her proximity to the other woman filled her nose with Donna’s scent, which caused her smile to take on an appreciative aspect. ”You still smell really good, by the way.”

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Library | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ] 

The sound of Isel’s giggle behind her was like music to her ears as Donna waited to see how the Vulpinian would react to her words. Would she be angry? Ambivalent? Enticed? When she heard her take a step towards her and begin to speak, Donna knew that whatever she was feeling towards the shorter woman, that Isel was also feeling the same way.

What followed was, the feeling was indescribable, when Isel’s hand touched her back through her clothes. It wasn’t that electrified feeling that some people claim to feel but it was unique and it filled her entire body with a strange warmth and comfort. Whatever else she knew, Donna knew this felt right.

When Isel finally pressed her entire lithe frame up against her taller body, Donna had to fight the impulse to sigh contentedly. Despite the layers of clothing separating the two of them, she could still feel the heat of the Vulpinian’s body against her own. What she couldn’t do, was supress the smile that appeared on her face at Isel’s mention of enjoying the view right before she pressed up against her.

"You still smell really good, by the way," Isel commented.

“Is that so?” Donna wondered idlily as she considered what to do next. Spotting her bag on the floor where she had left it while she searched for the book she now held, a wicked idea came to her.

Using Isel’s hands on her hips as support, Donna bent at the waist to retrieve her bag. This had the effect of keeping her lower body, especially her butt, pressed firmly against the Vulpinian’s body; or, in the case of her butt, pushed it against her even harder. 

Grasping her bag and straightening up, Donna resisted the urge to look back over her shoulder and bat her eyes. Instead she opted for something.... more teasing.

“And what do I smell like to you?”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Library | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

Isel chewed her lower lip as Donna moved, fighting to maintain some semblance of restraint as Donna’s upper body bent forward, causing the taller woman’s lower body to press back against the enthralled Vulpinian. Isel could have sworn Donna pressed back against her more than necessary. That suspicion, coupled with the delightful sensation, caused the little fox’s heart to race, her pronounced canines threatening to pierce her lip even as her hands gripped Donna’s hips even tighter.

”And what do I smell like to you?” Donna asked after having straightened to from her beguiling position, still without having looked back at the woman holding her hips. Distracted as she was, Isel took a moment to register the words. Isel’s already impish grin grew ever wider as the words seeped into her mind, already preoccupied as it was with thoughts which were anything but pure.

”What do you smell like?” Isel spoke in a voice barely above a whisper as she pressed herself against Donna’s back. The smaller woman snaked her left arm forward, encircling Donna’s waist while her right hand released its grip and moved to Donna’s hair, gently lifting the strands before letting them fall back into place. ”Like curiosity…” Isel began, lightly running her hand across Donna’s back, ”and spring rain. A hint of vanilla… with the spicy undertone of desire…” Isel breathed the last word in a lusty manner before suddenly pushing Donna’s shoulder, using the arm that encircled Donna’s waist to pull the Human around to finally face her. Once they were face to face, Isel pressed herself forward, forcing Donna back a step so that the Human was lightly pinned between the Vulpinian and the shelves. ”And like a fucking tease!” Isel giggled, her multicoloured eyes locking on Donna’s as she grinned up into those enchanting hazel eyes. "So are you going to kiss me already?" Isel asked, sounding as though she wouldn't take no for an answer, "Or are you planning on torturing me more first?"

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Library | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ]

She had wondered what it would take to get a rise out of the Vulpinian. Turned out that teasing her did the trick as Donna was pulled around to face the shorter woman. And the face that was presented to her, though grinning, was filled with desire.

She had listened as Isel had described how she had smelt to her and stood still as she felt the woman’s hands roam about a little; curious as to where they might go. But they had remained innocent and only turned her round.

Once around, Isel had pressed forward to pin her against the shelves before calling her a tease. In Donna’s opinion, it was a pretty accurate assessment of what she had been trying to do.

"So are you going to kiss me already?" Isel asked, sounding as though she wouldn't take no for an answer, "Or are you planning on torturing me more first?"

“Who said I was going to kiss you?” Donna asked innocently in a quiet voice as she brought her free hand down to rest on the Vulpinian’s hip lightly, the tips of her fingers tapping at the very edge of the woman’s butt. Thinking for a moment, Donna leaned down slightly and placed a light kiss on Isel’s cheek before whispering in her ear.

“And is it torture if you are enjoying it though?”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Library | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

The Vulpinian’s eyes burned with barely contained desire as Donna spoke with feigned innocence. The Human continued to tease her, asking her why she thought Donna was going to kiss her. Donna’s hand on her hip made Isel’s heart race, the finger that tapped the edge of her butt leading Isel to believe that Donna was egging her on, toying with her. Isel had to admit that, if Donna’s aim was to taunt her and drive her on to further action, she was doing a damn good job of it.

Isel tensed with surprise and pent-up energy as Donna leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek, the slight brush of the woman’s lips causing Isel to inhale sharply. She let the breath out as Donna whispered in her ear, the air escaping her in a ragged breath as Donna asked her taunting question. The question was a valid one. Isel was certainly enjoying herself, so was it really torture?

The Vulpinian leaned back to look into Donna’s face, meeting Donna’s hazel eyes with an expression of burning desire. ”Torture or not, don’t you dare stop.” Isel said, her voice coming out in a breathy whisper. She reached a hand up as she spoke, lightly brushing Donna’s cheek with her thumb before letting her fingers slide back and entwine themselves in the brunette’s hair. ”And nobody said you were going to kiss me,” Isel admitted, her tail swishing back and forth playfully, ”but you can’t blame a girl for hoping, can you?” Isel asked with a giggle, gazing up at Donna through her lashed as her other hand went to Donna’s stomach and gently pushed the other woman back against the shelves once again.

”So tell me, Donna Petterson,” Isel murmured, her eyes narrowing as she gazed up into Donna face with a coy expression, ”do you always goad and tease cute innocent little foxes?” Isel asked as she gently trailed her fingers up Donna’s front. The Vulpinian’s fingertips trailed over Donna’s toned stomach before travelling under the ample curve of Donna’s right breast, pressing the soft flesh lightly as it passed over the fabric that covered the inviting swell. The mischievous fingers then travelled  up to Donna’s collarbone, where they lightly trailed back over the shoulder until the hand cupped the back of the taller woman’s slender neck. Isel leaned forward and pressed herself against Donna, her breasts pressing against the Human’s as Isel pushed herself up on tiptoe to bring her face just centimeters from Donna’s. ”Or am I just a lucky little fox?” Isel’s eyes darted between Donna’s eyes and lips, the cheeky grin that spread across her features showing off her sharp canines. You’re not the only one who can play, you beautiful creature. Isel thought to herself as she waited to see how Donna would react to the advance, part of her hoping the Human would cave before she did.

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Library | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ]

Donna had played this game before. And she had played it for much higher stakes than to see who would kiss who first. “But by the stars I have never had this much fun playing it before. Not even that time with Pardus is this fun. The look on the little vixen’s face is priceless. But for damn sure I’m not losing.”

She had stood there and not reacted as the Vulpinian had shameless groped her right there in the Academy library. Although not reacted might not be the best description. Not visually reacted would be a better description. Because the dampness in her panties and the erect nipples pushing at her bra told a different story.

“Who said anything about stopping, my innocent little fox?” Donna whispered as she brought her hands around to cup Isel’s buttocks. “Mmmm, nice and firm. Just the way I like them,” Donna described before removing her hands. “But are you an innocent fox or just a Kitsune in disguise I wonder?”

She wasn’t even sure if Isel knew that reference to Japanese mythology but she took a stab at it given her taste for sushi. Bringing her arms up over her head, knowing full well how that movement and position would display her chest, Donna grasped hold of the top shelf to support her arms as she gazed into the Vulpinian’s eyes.

“I wasn’t aware I was goading or teasing anyone, Isel,” Donna said innocently. “Why? Do you feel teased or goaded to do something?”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Library | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] @Stegro88

To say the diminutive Vulpinian found Donna intriguing would not come close to describing the ravenous sense of want that filled Isel’s being. Donna may be playing innocent, but Isel knew just as well as Donna did that the Human was deliberately pushing her buttons. Isel would never have let things get this far if Donna had shown the slightest resistance to their little game, though if anything Donna was playing at it just as hard as Isel was. The fact that their little fencing match of sexual tension was taking place in such a potentially public forum only added to the excitement for the Vulpinian.

Isel’s grin turned almost predatory as Donna posed a question about the true nature of her innocence, making reference to a word Isel wasn’t familiar with. Not that Isel gave the mysterious word much thought as Donna first grabbed her ass and then reach up and grasped the top shelf, thrusting her chest against Isel’s. Isel began to think she might need to take this beyond suggestion and innuendo to get the Human to cave. The Vulpinian wouldn’t even try to pretend to be disappointed at the prospect.

”Why? Do you feel teased or goaded to do something?” Donna asked with an impressive imitation of innocence, gazing into Isel’s eyes as she spoke. Isel giggled,  knowing the Human was playing hard to get, knowing the Human was trying to drive her crazy with the feigned innocence and alluring stance. Isel also knew that restraint had never been something she was particularly good at, and that the Human was succeeding. Isel could feel the physical proof of her own arousal as it manifested itself, the moistness which rose between her legs making her want to beg for the Human woman’s touch. She was determined not to lose at this little game, however, and so Isel decided more drastic measures were in order. Pressing herself against the Human even harder, she brought her head alongside Donna’s and whispered into the woman’s ear.

”Donna, Donna…” The Vulpinian cooed, the fingers of her right hand remaining entwined in Donna’s hair as her left hand slid downwards once again to explore the body which was thrust against her. ”You may be right about me… perhaps I’m not as innocent as I implied…” As she spoke the words, Isel’s hand cupped Donna breast once more, her fingers feeling the Human woman’s hardened nipple as she lightly massaged the tender mound. ”but your body hardly seems to be objecting.” Her hand stayed just a moment, and began it’s decent once more, running over Donna’s toned abdomen once against before one thumb hooked in the waistband of Donna’s pants. The Vulpinian’s breathy words dripped with desire as she spoke again.

”Why play hard to get, Donna?” Isel whispered, the fingers laced through Donna’s hair tilting the Human’s head slightly as Isel nuzzled the soft skin on her neck. ”You didn’t exactly complain the first time we met…” Isel breathed into Donna’s ear before ever so lightly nipping the woman’s earlobe. ”Remember that, Donna? When you had me naked and on top of you?” Isel’s left hand twisted iself, it’s fingers tucking behind Donna’s waistband and slowly probing their way into Donna’s pants, remaining outside of the Human woman’s underwear as they slithered downward.

”Why Donna!” Isel said, leaning her head back to stare into those hazel eyes once more. ”It would appear you aren’t a cool and collected as you are pretending to be!” Isel giggled and pressed herself harder against the other woman as mismatched eyes bored into hazel. Isel’s explorations had hardly left the Vulpinian feeling calm either, and the smaller woman’s deep breathing continued to fill her nose with Donna’s scent, the slick proof she felt of the other woman’s desire only adding to her own.

”One kiss, Donna.” Isel breathed, the words barely audible as she stared into the eyes of the one she craved. ”One kiss, and I’m all yours.” Isel giggled as she delivered the offer. Even as she spoke, the index finger of her left hand gently caressing the sensitive area if was exploring. It may not have been playing fair, but Isel wasn't too concerned about that fact as she waited to see how the Human would react.

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Library | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ]

Donna had to admit, she impressed at the brazenness of the Vulpinian. Right here, in the Starfleet Academy Library, one Isel Nix had her hand literally inside Donna’s uniform pants and was using her index finger to caress and rube her warm, damp centre over her panties. And she was doing it all while begging for Donna to kiss her.

“I’m not actually sure who is winning at this point,” Donna thought to herself as she enjoyed the sensations that Isel’s finger was creating. “And I don’t know if I want to find out either.”

“Who said anything about playing hard to get or objecting. Because, as you already know, my body is not objecting to what you’re doing to it,” Donna said, her voice dropping from her everyday tone down to a sultry one. “And I’d never complain about you being naked and on top of me. Or beneath me for that matter.”

Further speech was cut off by a beeping coming from Donna’s bag and upon reaching into it and pulling out the PADD within, Donna was reminded that she had a class starting in 10 minutes.

“Ah, saved by the bell,” Donna remarked calmly but with a hint of frustration. “Duty calls,” she said as she reached down and, somewhat reluctantly, removed Isel’s hand from within her pants; savouring the last caress as she did so. “I guess you’ll have to get that kiss later.”

Donna extricated herself from Isel’s grasp, enjoying the look on the Vulpinian’s face as she did so. She was about to walk away when a thought, a veritable lightbulb moment, occurred.

“But, I think you deserve a consolation prize. So,” she announced setting her bag on the floor. Reaching up under her uniform, Donna underdid the strapless bra she had chosen to wear that morning and pulled out off. “Here, this is yours,” she declared, setting the crimson garment over Isel’s right shoulder.

“Until next time,” Donna said before bending down to pick up her bag, knowing full well what the motion would do. Straightening up again, Donna winked at Isel before turning and walking away down the aisle.

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Library | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] Attn: @Stegro88

Donna continued to taunt her, speaking in a sultry tone as she claimed that’s she’d never complain at having Isel naked on top of her. Or beneath her. The comment made Isel’s hungry grin grow wider, the Vulpinian’s mind throwing together a mental image that almost made Isel’s eyes roll in anticipation and pleasure.

Then Donna’s stupid PADD had to chirp at them, reminding Donna or something and thoroughly ruining their little game. Donna seemed almost reluctant to end their little contest, though that reluctance didn’t stop the her from removing Isel’s hand from where it had wandered. Isel felt a pang of regret as she allowed Donna to pull her hand out of her pants, though the public setting they had played their little game in had meant that things couldn’t have gone much farther without getting into the realm of what these Humans would consider indecent. Not for the first time Isel found herself wishing Humans weren’t such prudes.

Isel watched Donna’s movements as the woman extricated herself from Isel, the Vulpinian doing nothing to help her. She enjoyed watching the way Donna’s body twisted and moved as the woman worked to free herself, with Isel’s eyes shining with a burning desire as she looked on. Isel’s attention was rather preoccupied with watching Donna’s hips as she took a step back, and so Isel almost missed Donna’s comment about a consolation prize. Isel glanced up at Donna with a confused look crossing her features, her eyes travelling upwards just in time to see Donna reach under the fabric of her uniform and fiddle with something. Her hands emerged with a crimson bra in tow.

”Here, this is yours.” Donna informed her, draping the garment over Isel’s right shoulder. The Vupinian barked a laugh at the woman’s brazen teasing, knowing that the cheeky Human would play the innocent girl if Isel said anything to draw attention to the fact that the Human was deliberately trying to drive her crazy. And succeeding. ”Until next time.” Donna said, bending to retrieve her bag. Isel took a moment to enjoy the view before Donna straightened up, the Vulpinian casting a gaze at the other woman through narrowed eyes.

”This game isn’t over, Donna!” Isel told her as Donna turned and began to move away. ”I’ll get that kiss!”

Isel crossed her arms and leaned back against the bookshelves, shaking her head as an intrigued, almost giddy smile took over, plastering itself across her features. ”Donna Petterson…” Isel muttered to herself, her eyes still fixed on the spot at the end of the row where Donna had disappeared. ”I’ll get you yet, you saucy minx.” Isel’s eyes broke away from where they had been staring, rolling to look down at the bright, crimson splash of colour in her periphery. Isel raised her right hand and removed the bra from her shoulder, holding it out and studying it with an amused and appreciative expression. Maybe if I just give in and beg next time, she’ll model the set for me…” That thought caused Isel’s imagination to kick in once more, picturing the alluring Human woman whom she found so enticing wearing the sexy garment that was currently draped over her hand.

[ Cadet Isel Nix | Campus Bar | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco ]

Isel was caught in a desperate battle, fighting with everything she had. Her eyes narrowed with focus as she concentrated, but her body was betraying her, fighting against her. Her jaw strained as she drew a deep breath in through her nose, though still she held on. Finally she broke, the battle lost as her jaws opened wide, allowing a long, loud, bored yawn to escape past her lips and into her date’s face. To his credit, or perhaps his detriment, the Bajoran man pretended not to notice. Maybe that was part of the problem. He was too polite. Too meek. Too…

Too fucking boring…

Isel had agreed to go on the date partly because she had been surprised that the timid Bajoran had managed to sum up the guts to ask her on it in the first place. He was certainly intelligent, and was easy on the eyes to boot. Isel had gone on dates with Bajorans before, and was starting to suspect she had a thing for the race’s cute little nose ridges, not to mention the ridges they hid elsewhere on their anatomy.

No, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Inar Joluk was polite, unimpulsive, unadventurous, and just plain boring. This was the third time Isel had yawned right in his face in the last ten minutes, and she was at the point where she barely felt bad about it anymore. Maybe if the science geek managed to figure out that he was boring her, he’d talk about something besides biochemistry or the bloody prophets. Isel had tried steering the conversation to something more interesting, and at one point more intimate, but the dense fellow had failed to take the hint. The Vulpinian had long since given up, and now sat at the bar in her skirt and tank top, fiddling with the hem of the sweater she wore as she kicked one leg and fidgeted atop her stool, having long since given up at pretending to listened to the dreary man.

To be fair, the guy had hardly stood a chance to begin with. It had been three weeks since her encounter with Donna in the library, but Isel still couldn’t get the lovely Ms. Petterson out of her head. The memory of the woman’s scent still made her head swim slightly, the fact that she still hadn’t managed to get a kiss from the Human’s full lips still leaving her feeling frustrated. Isel sighed and glanced around the bar for a moment as the boring Bajoran droned on, then turned her attention to the bartender and signalled for him to bring her another drink. The bartender cast a sympathetic glance at Isel as he placed the scotch & soda on the bar in front the Vulpinian, who nodded her thanks before raising the glass and taking a long sip, savouring the slight burn the drink had on it’s way down. She stared into the glass, absently wondering how she could shut the Bajoran up long enough to escape or if she was doomed to sit there until she eventually fell asleep on the bar counter. The oblivious bastard would probably just keep talking if she did.

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Cadet Donna ‘Chance’ Petterson | Campus Bar | Starfleet Academy | San Francisco | Earth ] 

Five weeks had passed since her arrival at Starfleet Academy and Donna was just starting to feel like she was settled in. And even though she knew that she’d be here for the next few years, old habits from a dead life were hard to shake. One in particular being that she hadn’t really made friends with anyone. Not a single one. 

Sure, she had been polite and spoken to others when she was spoken too but she hadn’t really socialised. Instead she had spent her time watching others, reading or enjoying entertainment programs. And all of it spent alone.

Which was the reason that she had come out tonight to the campus bar. She couldn’t spend her entire time at the academy being antisocial. It wouldn’t be healthy and word would get around. Apparently, counsellors disliked students that were antisocial.

So, she had come to the bar, ordered a Bundaburg Rum and was now seated at a chair in the corner, watching everyone else drink and socialise. Or in the case of one female, drink and try not to fall asleep.

She hadn’t interacted with Isel Nix in the three weeks since their encounter in the Academy Library; though she had seen the Vulpinian multiple times from a distance during that period. A part of her wondered what would happen the next time they met, given how she had acted. Another part considered that keeping her distance was a safe tactic. Deriding herself for thinking in terms of tactics, Donna sipped her drink as she watched Isel grow increasingly bored with her Bajoran date; not that he noticed at all.

“Oh, for god’s sake, I can only watch this for so long,” Donna said to herself as she saw Isel nearly drift off for the fifth time. “No one should have to go through this.” Downing the last of her rum, Donna made her way to get a refill before heading towards the Vulpinian’s table. Approaching from behind Isel, Donna weighed her options on how to intervene before choosing one.

Stepping up to the table, Donna draped an arm over the woman’s shoulder while pressing her jacket covered breasts firmly into her side. Dropping her head down so that is rested on Isel’s shoulder, Donna fixed the Bajoran with a heavy look.

“Hello beautiful,” she greeted Isel in a sultry voice. “Is this the man that is supposed to entertain us tonight? He doesn’t look like he could entertain a mouse in a cheese-filled maze.”

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[ Cadet Isel Nix | Library | Starfleet Academy | 2376 ] Attn: @Stegro88

Isel’s nostrils filled with a familiar, enticing scent as she felt an arm snake across her shoulders just a moment before something soft and pleasant pressed against her side.

”Hello beautiful,”

The word were like music her Vulpinian ears, the sultry tone causing the white haired woman to perk up almost immediately, ”Is this the man that is supposed to entertain us tonight? He doesn’t look like he could entertain a mouse in a cheese-filled maze.”

Isel rolled her head to the side, resting her cheek against Donna’s arm and her eyes met the other woman’s. ”Hello yourself! Isel said, smiling for the first time in well over an hour. ”Are you kidding me? A Vulcan would seem like a stand-up comedian compared to this guy!” Isel glanced at her date, who had stopped talking and cocked his head to the side in a somewhat perplexed manner at Donna’s appearance. Isel knew she was being rude with her comment, but the guy had been boring her, talking her ear off and failing to register even the most blatant flirtations for hours. Their time together was about to come to an end, and Isel was well and truly done with trying to be nice.

Isel just wanted to get away.

The fact that is was Donna who was providing her with an out was certainly an added bonus. Isel’s lips curled into a more suggestive smile as her eyes narrowed at the Human woman. ”So what’s up, gorgeous?” Isel asked, mischief twinkling in her eyes, ”come to rescue me from my tower of boredom? That’s what rescuers to in your Human fairy tails, isn’t it?” Isel asked Donna, glancing at the confused Bajoran onlooker. Part of her was surprised he hadn’t just resumed talking despite Donna’s presence. ”I don’t think our monotone dragon will put up much of a fight.” Isel rolled her eyes as she spoke the words, then hopped down off her seat. ”If I recall correctly, we never got to finish out little game last time we saw each other.” Isel added with a wink before turning to…

Isel found she couldn’t remember the guy’s name. While the fact seemed like a fitting commentary for the evening she had been having, she couldn’t help but feel slightly bad about it though. ”Sorry, uh, guy,” Isel told him, giving him a less-than-half-hearted and only slightly apologetic smile, ”I’m sure whatever you were saying was super interesting. To someone. Somewhere.” Isel paused, wondering who in their right minds would find the man interesting, though she wasn’t too worried about it. ”I think I saw that Vulcan chick at the end of the bar checking you out!” Lie. ”I bet she would be interested!” Lie. ”You should go talk to her!” And never speak to me again. ”Get me out of here!” Those last words had been directed at Donna, Isel’s eyes wide with a silent plea for rescue.

Isel linked her arm though Donna’s and quickly moved away from the Bajoran, who’s mouth had opened as though he were about to speak. Hearing more droning words emanate from the man was quite possibly the last thing on Earth that Isel wanted at the moment. She might honestly rather face the Syndicate than listen to the man for another moment. After they had moved several meters away, Isel turned to face Donna and reached up, grabbing the other woman’s head between her hands and pulling Donna down into a kiss. The kiss was short, but fierce, and when Isel finally pulled away words rushed from her mouth. ”OhmyfuckDonnathankyouthankyouthankyou!” The words poured out of Isel in such a rush that it almost sounded like Isel was speaking some language that the UT didn’t pick up on. ”You have no idea how awful my night has been! I was seriously considering trying to drink myself into a coma!” Isel giggled as she made the confession, smiling up at the other woman, ”though he probably would’ve just kept talking at me despite the fact that I was unconscious.” The right side of Isel’s mouth curled up in a lop-sided grin. ”So what are you doing here? Are you on a date too? It can’t possibly be as bad as mine!” The Vulpinian’s mismatched eyes narrowed, studying Donna for a moment. ”Or were you following me? Is that it? Because that would be fantastic!” Isel giggle as she added that last part, taking a step forward to bring her closer to the Human woman.

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