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137th Iltaxian Period [0200 hrs.] Dimensional Agent Reporting as Order

[ Bobo, Dimensional Agent | Office of the Department of Dimensional Overviews | Dimesional Agent HQ 384-428-AK ] Attn: n/a

Moving through the corridor, the rainbow colored creature who's nickname resembled the Terran equivalent of the syllables that made up the word 'Bobo' slid along the floor and oozed up to press the button on the wall.

Entering inside the office, it spoke in a lyrical language, "Hello, Sir. You called for me?"

The blue elephant-like creature inside shifted an eyeball stalk, "Yes, Agent Bobo. You are directed to head to the dimensional projector chamber and begin doing research on a target in the Sitranic dimension."

Bobo squealched in happiness, "Aye aye, Sir."

The creature waved him off and Bobo headed to where directed. Entering, a pink whale-like creature explained to Bobo, "When you get there, you will appear to those in that dimension as a creature known as a Tribble. They don't make any noise apart from squeaks, so no worriesa bout speaking issues. Good luck, and get on the platform."

Ten minutes later, a small glowing sphere appeared in the tribble cage, causing the tribbles to move away. After a moment, a rainbow colored tribble popped into existence out of nowhere, ready to be bought by an unsuspecting person.

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