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[ Ensign Zelosa Ejek | Airlock | U.S.S. Resolve ] Attn: Kaligos, Auctor Lucan, Hestata-Nerada, Doc Reno, Vystori, Mathis, Anyone else

What am I doing? What am I doing? Ejek repeated to herself as she pushed her way back into the Resolve. She had gotten Parnak to safety and for that she was relieved. The civilian was out of the way but there were others still trapped aboard. Running down the corridor, the ship seemed eerily empty. Those who could, had followed the captain's orders and already abandoned ship, leaving only those unable or too stupid to leave.

The latter, that's you. she chided herself as she dashed down the corridor. Quickly looking back and forth, Zelosa searched for signs of life. Inside, she wasn't sure what had brought on this feat of heroism, but as time progressed she began to feel more and more stupid. She couldn't leave. She had to find somebody. She had to help. There must be someone here. Ejek inhaled and exhaled deeply. Focus!

It was then she remembered the damage report from the bridge. Sickbay had lost power and Lyhn was cut off. If there was any luck left, Ejek would be able to get there and help. She ran to the junction of the corridor, which provided access to the turbolift. As Ejek ran, he thighs burned with effort and she slammed her palm hard into the call button for the lift.

Alas, what power provided the lights in the corridor did not extend to the turbolifts. After multiple touches Ejek could do little but declare the system dead. Frantic now, she looked back and forth, trying to remember where the entrance to the Jefferies Tube would be. Down the corridor, something caught her eye. This part of the hallway had collapsed, with the bulkhead laying unceremoniously where they fell from their hidden space within the ceiling. It was not, however, the durasteel which had attracted her attention but the body in which lay under it.

Ejek closed the distance quickly and pushed on the beams, luckily, they slid far enough for her to check on his crewman. He was human, unconscious and wore the yellow of security, operations and engineering. The dust and grease which lined his face made it difficult for Ejek to identify the man, but that was no matter, for as she put her cold fingers to his neck, she could feel a pulse.

Alright, she prepared herself, pull him loose and then get him to Theurgy. Easy. She hoped. Hooking her hand under his armpits she hauled, slowly pulling him free of the debris. Triumphant, she breathed heavily, only then realizing that she had been holding her breath. No time to stop now though. Again, her hands found a place to grip the man, before pulling him through the corridors to the airlock.

When she arrived, she ached all over. Crewmen from Theurgy rushed to assist her and Ejek thanked them profusely. She had done it! She had saved someone else and as she tried to catch her breath, she slowly slid down the wall to meet the floor. Over heaving gulps of air, Ejek tried to work out what to do. Part of her wanted to go back to Resolve, to save more. Another wanted to follow the directions she was receiving from the security guard and a small part prayed for a warm pool and a place to lay down.

It took moments to summon the courage to pull herself to her feet, but after that she was upright. In her brief respite, logic had prevailed and she heading in direction of the conference room that she had been advised to go to.

As the door parted to admit her entrance, Zelosa brushed herself down, trying to clear the dust from her uniform. She doubted very much that the smell of smoke would ever disappear. Inside, the remaining senior staff of the Resolve stood around watching a video feed. Although the feed caught her attention, she looked from officer to officer, where was Kendrick? Where was Suq? She wished they would join them soon. Her heart hurt from the loss of the Resolve, all those crewmen she couldn't save.

On the viewscreen Captain Ives was in communication with someone she didn't know. With little other choice, she had to ask. So, touching Derik gently on the shoulder, she broached the question.

"What have I missed?" 

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[MCPO Nolak Kalmil | Main Engineering | USS Theurgy | Vector 03 ] Attn: All

The Deltan Master Chief laughed out loud at the bridge's tactical officer request. He had to stop himself from hitting the intercom button and chewing out whomever was on the bridge. He continued running system checks throughout the ship, finding every way he could squeeze a little more power. Shutting down all power to all food replicators; any cargo bay which showed no signs of life inside he powered down and coded lock. Next he powered down all lights to their emergency levels, except in a couple key areas, such as medical bay, battle bridge, and engineering.  One of the phaser banks had been knocked out which allowed him to divert the power from that into the shields.

Finally he flipped the intercom to the Lower Shuttle Bay, "Attention all crew members, due to the stress of the battle. I'm going to have to divert nearly all power from your landing flood lights and several of your nonessential systems down. Please inform any fighters coming in for emergency landings of the inconvenience. If any of them come here, they will be entering a dark landing bay. I'll return power as soon as possible. Chief out."

The power from the landing bays and the various other areas should provide a fair amount extra power and boost the shield regeneration rate, as he contacted the bridge, "Bridge, Chief here, that's nearly all we have left, unless you want to start holding your breath and I can start shutting down life support. We better fight or flight soon because I don't think any of our Vectors can hold out much longer, now that every Federation ship within a light year is here for this damn show. Chief out."

He shut the comm off and then he looked at the computer screen and said, "Well Thea, perhaps today is a good day to die. Activate the containment field around the warp core and increase the power outage to 110%. Override the the safety protocol. It's time for my radiation bath for the day, just like last time. Lets hope I don't go insane, cause another spore outbreak, and get my head kicked off again." He chuckled a little bit trying to ease his stress. The computer still in silent mode beeped in protest as the Daltan manually canceled the computers objection and activated the shield around him.  The thrumming within the ships core increased as the anti-matter is converted into power. Nolak wiped his face with the towel draped around his neck as the temperature also increased in the containment field.

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[ Lt Hi'Jak | Sabine | Bay 17-C  | Starbase 84 ] Attn: Mathis, All

Jack opened his mouth to retort against Sera's use of his name, but nothing came out she had a very strong point. A lot of people were currently trying to kill them. Which really meant there wasn't any point in making themselves less of a target. When he heard the sweet voice of their southern bell savior he knew he had basically lost that argument. There was no way he could say that using his name hadn't been the right thing to do even if it was making life a little bit more difficult.

Switching their comm channel to that of the resolves fighters he was more then happy to hear the voices of people saying they were here to protect them. It took him a moment to remember how to tag targets as friendly, marking in the theurgy and resolve fighters as they were the ones currently not shooting at them.

What was more was the order to transmit his evidence to the Theurgy. He had just spent an entire day running from a captain and security who were trying to kill them, and now he had deal with the Theurgy, a group of traitors and pirates. Why they were even interested in something that was supposed to go to Starfleets high command he had no idea, but considering that was a war ship and the Sabine was pathetically small by comparison. So with no real choice as he had basically already picked a side.

Still he made a copy and sent the original, keeping yet another version of the file for himself. Rather then just giving the Theurgy everything he had he wanted to make sure that someone who would actually help got the entirety of his evidence.

"Sera." He looked to his pilot, one time lover, and the woman who had saved his life almost a dozen times today as things were starting too look up for the two's chances of making it out alive that morning. Of course they were far from being out of the fire yet, and he didn't want to Jinx anything as their shields were still being hammered by outside forces albeit not as much now that they were starting to make their way behind the resolves fighter line. He didn't know what to say so he simply placed a hand on her shoulder and patted her for a moment.

When she pointed out the fighter pod he nodded. Finding it with the sensors was easy, and switching from a tactical display to the science commands he felt much more secure. "Don't worry tractor beams are something I've actually had training in." He watched the count down as he set the teather, and as they passed K'Ren's downed pod a green light would attach it's self to it bringing it with them.

Of course that only got the pilot a ride into the Theurgy as they started the docking process Jack cut the engines and their tractor beam letting the docking bay actually handle the complexities of having them land on the fighter bay as they had been instructed. Both the ship and the pod they had been dragging were taken in by the ships docking landing tractor and pulled gently to the ground.

Once that was done and the Sabine was safely inside of the Theurgy Jack let out a long sigh as he sat forward resting his forhead against his arms and feeling the odd curves of the bones and ridges for a moment. "Right then... Now we just have to meet with security... so Where are my pants?"

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Burning Corridor | USS Resolve ] Attn: Hastata-Nerada [Show/Hide]

Having been shouting and waving for all the remaining deck hands in the Fighter Assault bay to run faster, Liam Herrold had traded a few quick words with Erik Randall. "I will go last! You make sure they don't close the airlocks for us!" Liam had shouted to Erik, since the chief was already further down the corridor than he was. "Hurry!"

"Don't do anything foolish, that's an order!" Erik called back to him before shouting for the last deck hands to follow him.

Liam ran after them, his heart beating loudly in his ears. The evacuation of the ship had come as a surprise, especially since for all they knew, the Theurgy was an enemy of the Federation. Yet then again, if Starfleet was prepared to destroy the Resolve, what were they supposed to do? Just accept it and die. Liam had no idea what was going on, but he sure as hell wasn't going to let himself be killed.

As he ran, his thoughts touched upon Neko and what had happened between them, hoping that she was okay out there. The warning klaxons were deafening, and fires were left unattended - the suppression system offline. They had been through a lot, the crew of the Resolve, but they'd always managed somehow, and repaired the ship as best as they might. He had a feeling, though, that this was the end of her. As he passed an intersection, something caught his eye, and he paused, looking again. Obscured by smoke, something was glowing just a few meters down the intersection. He looked towards the retreating backs of the deck crew, how they vanished in the rain of sparks ahead of him. Erik had said he should do anything foolish, but what if...?

Trusting his gut instinct, Liam ran to the source of the faint glow, and his suspicions were confirmed. F'rell! Eyes watered by smoke, he covered his mouth with his arm when he coughed. The T'fanrell was moving, injured but conscious. "F'rell! Are you all right?" he called, forcing him to cough again. He got no reply at first, and the strange alien creature was looking for something. It was not until she managed to activate her unique translator that Liam could pick out her reply - barely overriding the klaxons. She apologised for not hearing him, and Liam was quick to fill her in.

"We need to abandon ship! We have docked with the Theurgy and we must get to one of the airlocks! The Resolve might blow up any moment! Can you... fly? Float? Whatever you do, come! Follow me!"

Retracing his steps to the corridor he had come from, he almost made it there before a EPS conduit blew in the intersection, tearing apart the bulkhead and the ceiling of the corridor - gaping wide open and revealing the deck above. Liam found himself on his back, picking himself up, but even if he might be injured the adrenaline ran thick in his veins, and he was soon back on his feet. He looked towards the T'fanrell, then back at the burning corridor. "I think we better take another way to the airlock..."

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[ F'Rell of the Twelfth House | Burning Corridor | USS Resolve ]
Attn: Auctor

Upon hearing Liam's report, F'rell twisted slightly in alarm, colorful spots racing down her flank. She quickly tried to bring her mind to sharpen. They were docked with some strange ship called the Theurgy, some ship that had come to their rescue it seemed. Regardless, the sense of urgency as clear, and the fragile T'fanrell did her best to right herself and follow Liam, wobbling slightly as her imbalanced flesh attempted to regenerate itself.

It reminded her much of when she was discovered by the Resolve, listing unconscious within one of the few pressurized portions of her shuttle, her makeshift transmitter beaming her cry for help into the black void. She had awaked to a small humanoid stranger near her, ready to take her to a new ship where she would be examined. If anything, the current situation was all too familiar, and the thought occurred to her that the crew of the Theurgy might wish to analyze her once more...

Her train of thought came to an abrupt halt when there was a sudden bright light, followed by a cacophonic explosion. She found herself blown back a few feet, her tendrils unable to parse her surroundings from the sudden shock. As she righted herself once more she saw Liam sprawled upon the floor of the corridor, but just as she began to shift herself downward to help him, the small humanoid stood on his own. "I think we better take another way to the airlock..." he said.

F'rell looked around at the burning ship around them and a gaping tear in the ceiling above them caught her attention. She remembered again when she had first assisted the crew of the Resolve, when she had pulled as many of the vulnerable carbon-based creatures out of the ruptured engineering section. An idea began to form as she twisted herself around to face Liam. "Herrold, I may have a solution." she said, and gestured upwards with one of her longer tendrils. "I can lift us out." At that moment, sense in her tendrils had begun to clarify back to normal, and she listened to the sounds of the ship to try and plan their way to safety.

OOC: According to the first post made for F'rell she assisted the Resolve with a near-breach of the warp core after the ship had struck a tricobalt mine. Given that she is 13 feet in length, presumably there is enough buoyancy to allow her to carry an adult human individual.

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[ Lt Thomas Ravon | Hybrid Wolf cockpit | Outside Starbase 84 ] Attn: All

"Yes sir, the one and only." he replied over the comms to Renard as he heard him exclaim and narrowed his eyes as the communication came through a bit ragged with static. The orders came through clearly though despite the small pause when Miles took a hit. Thomas looked concerned over the last position of the SCO yet saw the Vulpinian fight back like a true beast before he continued in giving his order to him. "Order received."he replied as the squadron channels came to life while he was patched in. He could hear familiar voices yet new ones as well as he tried to figure out who Husker was. He had never heard about the callsign before and wondered where they picked him up. Regardless, he had an order to execute and made quick work of it.

"Morrigan, Husker, Outrider this is Razor." he started as he eyed them and thrusted his atrocity towards them flying in between them before taking the lead position. "I'll be taking over 06's designation..." he offered so he'd be more clearly spotted on the HUD's. Furthermore, he realized that unless Husker was outranking him, he'd be flightlead on this tour. "Alright Wolves, lets show these dimwits what we're made of." he smirked as he locked on to Vector 02. "Fasha, Husker, stay as close as you can to me before we hit Vector 02. Figure out which points are least defended and give them hell. If you need help shout it out and cover each others back. I'll fly patrol with Outrider around 02 and aid where needed. Confirm." he said calmly and calculated as his fighter element hurried towards Vector 02.

It was only then when he saw the Orcus and he looked at the fighters emerge together with the Chester. Time seemedto slow down for a second or two as he gazed upon the fighters, they looked different from anything he saw before. Unaware of what surprises they may hold he turned his attention back on defending Vector 02. Equally as important to the Theurgy as a whole, yet feeling more inclined to cover it due to the presence of Sickbay and their Fighter bay.

[ Lt Amelya Duv | Main Engineering | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: MasterRat & Lucan

The master chief sure seemed to be fine enough as he managed to rant and turn back to his systems to work ahead with the more pressing matters. "Chief, I have people looking for Abner and the others already. I'll stay out of your way, but don't tell me how to do my job." she bit back as she looked at Rihen "In any case, I'll be back later for you master chief and I expect you to visit Sickbay when this mess is over." she said clearly before he followed Rihen to the sealed door.

[Warning, room interior is unsafe. Fire suppression systems are offline.]

Duv looked at the door and then over at her security escort as she had to make a choice. "Any way you can open this door with an override?" she asked the man before he shook his head "No ma'am, these doors will stay shut in case of a fire to prevent a wildfire across the rest of engineering." he replied to her and Amelya looked at Rihen, right into her eyes as she shook her head and placed her hand on her shoulder "Rihen, listen to me... Do you have any sort of confirmation that Kae is alive in there?"

"I don't k-know! But I heard his voice after the blast, telling us he did it, but he sounded hurt... I don't know...." Worry permeated the mismatched eyes of her gaze, looking helpless in aiding her friend.

With Rihen's reply there was no doubt that the ensign was still alive, barely perhaps but alive. Amelya had a sworn duty to save those lives which she could. "Rihen, find us something to combat that fire, reroute power or anything for the fire suppression. We'll start with the phasers to slice our way through." she said, the security officer gave her a look and Duv looked back at him "That's an order." she said clearly as she took out her phaser and started to cut away at the sealed door. The process however was going to take three minutes if not longer.  as they chiseled away at the sealed door. Amelya could only hope that Kae would hold on for that long.

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[ Captain Tristan Kendrick | Bridge | USS Resolve ] Atten: All

Kendrick watched his bridge crew go. Giving himself a few moments to self reflect. Martin's perposal of setting up a self destruct was un-needed, the ship was already tearing it's self apart at the seems. If they stayed here much longer it would end up taking both the Theurgy and themselves with it. No the focus at this point had to be on leaving the ship behind. It hurt physically to have to part with this ship but at least he knew his crew would be surviving the battle, and that was far more important.

Who knows maybe there would be a Resolve-B years later.

Keval's words and pat on the back helped him for a moment, and he had to admit that it was a slightly difficult thing to hear. They had gotten home, and while he had fully expected some sort of hearing and debriefing this wasn't exactly the kind of greeting he had expected from the Federation. "Home is a relative thing I suppose. But we got this far, and after the day I have had the scotch won't cut it."

"Tea on Cardassia, I will put it on the list." Kendrick said with a smile towards Parnack, honestly he liked that Doctor.

When his Bridge was completely empty he headed for the nearest turbolift. There was no need to call for a general shut down at this point, the ship wasn't going to see another day of service. "Kendrick to Theurgy, were on a time limit here. As soon as you have my crew I need you to cut off the Resolve and get to a safe distance, I will oversee the ejection of the warp core, to make sure that it does the most damage possible to the enemy fleet."

When he arrived at engineering he quickly joined Six and Suq, but also shooed them away. "Direct order you two, abandon ship, I can handle the rest, we need to be a safe distance from the Theurgy before the warp core can eject. Which means you two can't be on this ship."

Considering their attempt to weaponize the warp core they could not set it on a timer, there was a chance that it would miss. There would be time for an alternate leaving strategy after the weaponize warp core was fired, but that was something for him to figure out after the fact, for now he just needed these two and as many of his living crew as possible to get off this damned thing.

"Kendrick to the Theurgy the last of my crew should be getting to you any minute now, soon as I'm free I'd like you to feed me the coordinates for the biggest target you have, this warp core is set to breach and I'd rather it... someone else's problem."

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[ CWO1 Sten "Papa Bear" Covington | Vector 3 | Fighter Assault Bay ] attn: All

For the Chief of the Deck, battle was something both intimate and remote.  Every single one of the pilots on Theurgy was someone he knew personally.  Granted, of all of them only did he have a personal friendship with their commander Iron Fox, but that had been the result of the years they had spent working closely together during the development of the Valkyrie Mk III.  He had also slept with Rawley during the Lolhunat celebration, but that had been more of a way for the two of them to relieve some stress after enjoying some tunes from back home.  But even then, the Lone Wolves were his, just like the Bear Cubs were. 

He was their Chief of Flight Deck Operations and they were his pilots.  Their fighters he knew as intimately as he did the inside of his own boots.  He could tell exactly which one had which quirks, and he could almost feel the damage they were taking out there.

But it was also remote, because he was there within the hangar deck, watching ordnance and status readouts come back to him, and now and again he would swear viciously as some damage was incurred. Or when a fighter would be disintegrated by weapons fire. 

But then, the order came to loose the last of the drones, and he broke into action.  His voice boomed across the deck, ordering the flight path cleared and the drones cut loose and turned over to their operators on the Flag Bridge.  But there was something else in those orders.  They needed the firepower out there, and he had nothing left to send out.  Unless...

"That's a bad idea," he muttered to himself, but then he called out again.  "Ji!  Warm up Cinsaj!" 

Yes, he had named the recovered Reaver he had rebuilt and figured out after the civilian engineer who was supposed to do it with him, naming the fighter after her in her memory after she had been murdered in the office he shared with the SCO.  And he knew that fighter was fully capable of fighting.  "Get her armed up.  I want those mass drivers we picked up from the battle with Calamity up top, and load up whatever ordnance you can under the wings.  I need to get changed."

As he walked, Covington contacted the Bridge.  "Bridge, this is the flight deck.  The drones are away, and we have one more fighter asset on hand and she's getting prepped.  Pilot's getting himself sorted out." 

And that was it, for he cut the channel as he entered the locker room.  Senior fighter ground crew members and Chiefs of the Deck, he knew, were qualified to do testing flights on their birds.  He should know, he was one of those who helped design the training regimen.  But none were qualified combat pilots, not even him.  But there was exactly one person on board who was familiar at all with the flight and combat systems of a Reaver-class fighter, and it was Chief Warrant Officer First Class Sten Michael Covington.  And that meant he was currently stripping down to nothing, because he was trading his coveralls for his fight suit.

Before long, he left the locker room, helmet under his arm, and found the Reaver at the back end of the flight path, ready to be launched, and he climbed aboard.  "Ji, you have the deck.  Bridge, this is Covington.  Permission to launch the Reaver?"

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie "Grey Wolf-01"] Attn: Anyone

Daniel lined up another shot on an interceptor and fired away, a second later his phaser fire was joined by Deadeye's and they knocked out the last of the group that was following the Sabine.  He'd let Ensign Tancredi's flight escort the Sabine to the Theurgy, there were still plenty of targets for him and Deadeye to fight.

"All Theurgy and Resolve fighters, fall back into a defensive posture for close-support to the Vectors."

Daniel heard the recall order but chose to ignore it; he still had work out here to do.  The USS Chester was emerging from the spacedock and it was time for a little payback.

"Wolf Leader to Salvo!"  There was a pause.  "Sending squadron comm channel frequency. See the Sabine to safety, Lieutenant, then I suggest we join formation at Vector 01. I will meet you there! Ghost, Goldeneye, Hurl, you defend Vector 03. I am seeing Tovarek drones out there too, and hopefully they can help us as well, mercy be with us..."

He shook his head; surely the Dreadnought could defend itself, it had done so thus far.  He felt that his flight would do far better if they tried to disable the USS Chester"Order received."  Was all he said, he had no intention of following through with the order until he was ready.  "Deadeye, set your course for 323-12-76, full throttle."  He said as he brought his fighter around and engaged his thrusters.  "Salvo, that takes us to the USS Chester."  Knight said behind him.  "I know, we're going to try and slow them down a bit."  He said as he heard the acknowledgement from Deadeye.

A moment later the pocket-destroyer came into view and as it began to open fire on them they both maneuvered out of the way.  The small fighters were able to dodge the incoming fire with ease and as they closed Daniel gave the order to open fire.  Both fighters only had their pulse phasers at this point but that was more than enough to do damage to the Chester's shields.  He watched as the sensor readout displayed the projected shield strength of the Defiant-class.

Suddenly time seemed to slow down as he glanced to his right and watched as a phaser bolt hit Deadye's fighter, clipping her port engine.  Suddenly he felt more anger well up in him, his squadron, his fucking squadron, the squadron that he saw through hell and back was now all but gone.  Only a handful of his pilots remained out there and now he had the only remaining Valkyrie.  Anger, hate, fear, sadness, it all welled up inside of him.  There'd be a time to mourn his pilots later he knew but at this moment he couldn't help but feel an intense burning hatred towards the Starfleet he had sworn to defend that had turned on them.  He'd do whatever it took to see the people responsible for this atrocity burn in hell for this.

"Losing control, ejection systems fried, Clutch is dead.  Going to try and ram the Chester, get out of here while you can!"  Came the call from Deadeye.  Daniel watched for a moment as her fighter slammed into the Chester's shields and he watched as they flickered from the damage.  He watched as the computer projected their shield strength was down to at least sixty percent.  Still more than enough for combat but maybe the Theurgy would have a better chance of taking the Chester down with her shields damaged and hopefully some of the debris from Deadeye's fighter would cause unforeseen damage to the Chester as the battle wore on.

He brought his fighter around and slamming the throttle forward to full thrust he made his way back to the Theurgy, sadly it was his only choice now since he couldn't go back to the Resolve.  He reached down to the tactical soft bag that was attached to his left thigh, it contained several survival items, such as a tricorder and a dermal regenerator, but it also contained the last item from his home, he always took it with him on sorties, it made him feel like a piece of his home was with him, plus it was useful as a survival tool.  He could see the Vector 01 as he closed, the Resolve was still docked but she was mortally wounded.  It was only a matter of time now he thought; though he secretly wondered if any of them would survive this battle much less the war they were now involved in.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Burning Corridor | USS Resolve ] Attn: Hastata-Nerada [Show/Hide]

Hearing the T'fanrell's suggestion, Liam looked between the hole to the upper deck and her. "Are you quite sure that is a good idea? I'm quite heavy, and..." Another EPS relay detonated not far away from where they were, and motes of plasma embers flew past Liam - making him shield his face with his sleeve. The shockwave almost made him loose his balance. "Damn! Okay, maybe it's better than staying here. Must be a cascade down the grid. Okay, okay..."

Facing the task of grabbing a hold of the floating female creature, Liam was not sure what would be the safest way to do so without either hurting her, or loosing the grip on her when she passed through the hole. If his weapon-greased hands slipped, he would be burned alive. Time was short, and any section of the bulkhead could blow any moment, so there really wasn't any time for propriety or care. It was all about survival at that point. There were just so many... Wings? Fins? Tentacles? And they were all moving at once! Liam just hoped he wasn't putting his arms around some parts he shouldn't when he embraced F'Rell around her... tail, but not around the thinnest section of it, lest he thought he might slip off her. When he secured his arms between two sets of her fins, he felt that her bioluminescent skin almost felt like a writhing balloon, and her idea suddenly made a whole lot more sense. He realised he knew next to nothing about her species, and he could only hope her lighter-than-air flesh wasn't flammable, because it was a really narrow fit through that hole.

"All right, I am ready!" he called, just as another part of the bulkhead in their corridor detonated and sent a gust of plasma-heated air over them both. "Let's go!"

Liam was ready to hold his legs up when F'Rell flew- or swam - out over the fiery floor in order to reach that hole in the ceiling, and he could but hope she wouldn't knock him off against the edge. At that point, it was their only means for escape, since the entire deck they were on was about to blow. Were they the last ones aboard? Would the airlock still be open for them? Feeling a bit helpless in the situation, all Liam could do was to put his faith in the T'fanrell.

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[ Hylota Vojona | USS Theurgy | Vector 02 | Deck 11 | Main Sickbay ]

          As Maal rushed to her side and helped her up Hylota grunted as her midsection tightened. "Thanks for the help Maal, I did not think this would be as uncomfortable as it was." She let out a hollow chuckle as she tightened her hold on Maal and steadied herself so she would not need to be held up as much. Of course as Maal began to panic Hylota patted his arm and breathed heavily against him. "Hey, hey come on I need you to take a deep breath, just relax and try and find one of the doctors, we will need the hand, but we need to get to the isolation suite, it was modified for this purpose." As Maal made eye contact with Doctor Hayden, Hylota looked up to him and then followed his gaze along to the doctor and Hylota let out a sigh of relief, at least they had managed to find someone who knew exactly what to do to help. "Oh thank the mother."

As Hayden came over Hylota could internalize the entire conversation between them, about how this was all a poor decision, how she should not have been on duty, how she should have been in the isolation ward just in case this very thing occurred. To be honest Hylota mostly did not want to be told that she had been wrong, or to hear the dreaded "I told you so", given how things had happened to turn out in the worse way possible. As Hayden came to her side Hylota chose to deflect the topic in a way she wanted and she spoke through her heavy breaths. "Looks like things are moving more intensly than I had anticipated, we should get me out of here before I become a bother."

As Dr.O'Conner directs Maal to take her to the isolation ward Hylota smiled weakly and nodded. "Thanks for giving him some direct command, I think he is in a bit of shock at the moment." She breathed heavily as she focused through the discomfort. She also took the moment to look around, she tried desperately to locate her brother, but she could not spot the bright blue skin of his body, and with how hectic things were comms needed to be clear. Closing her eyes tight she thought about what Hayden was asking for she shook her head no. "N-No, Maal will stay, we will need the extra hands, a-and since I cannot find Vinata at the moment I will need them...Maal also needs to be there, these are his potential children, it is only fair he is there for this." Hylota just nodded and let herself be guided to the isolation ward, she did not want to get caught up in the patients right now.

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[ Ens Derik Veradin | Conference Room | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Arista, et al

In the few minutes since his arrival to the conference room where the Resolve's senior staff was collecting, Derik had been able to fully process very little. His mind chaotic, unable to concentrate on anything, he longed for the tenseness of being at the helm, where he could focus everything and let the rest fall away. He worried about Suq, one of the few of their crew who hadn't arrived yet. As he stood by a viewport, looking out onto the battle, he worried about other of their family engaged in dogfights and wondered how many of them were still alive. As he looked out he couldn't help but see the battle in various maneuvers he saw pilots performing. He could picture in his head the various headings, dodging, banking, being done and saw it all laid out in front of him like a map. While he was not a fighter pilot, he longed to be in one of them.

All of this was further complicated by Jien Ives, the captain of the Theurgy, and her reply transmission to Captain Slayton of the Orcus. The implications of those words shook Derik more than he might ever admit. He had still been assuming, perhaps hoping, that this entire situation was simply caused by the actions of some rogue elements of Starfleet. To hear an accusation that it went all the way to the very top, Derik didn't know even how to begin dealing with that.

His mind went to his family. He had a sister that worked for Starfleet Science. Was she affected by this? Was she safe? Was anyone?

He hadn't noticed Zel walk up next to him until he felt her gently putting a hand on his shoulder. Without thinking, he pulled her into a one-armed hug. He didn't know if it was appropriate given their situation, and he pulled back before it became awkward. She was a friend and confidante, and Derik needed to let his confident, arrogant mask slip for a moment.

"Captain Ives," and he gestured towards the bridge, "just responded to Captain Slayton on the Orcus." He relayed the important details of the message, and his accusation of alien usurpers in Starfleet Command. "And on top of all of that, I'm going stir crazy in here and it's only been a few minutes. I hate feeling useless. There's a battle raging outside and we're sitting in a conference room."

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[ F'Rell of the Twelfth House | Burning Corridor | USS Resolve ] Attn: Auctor

Searing shards of plasma-infused metallic embers flew past F'Rell as a nearby conduit burst, burning the T'Fanrell's delicate flesh. Wincing in pain from the myriad of injuries upon her, she returned her attention to Liam, who seemed to be expressing some sort of urgency at the situation. A cascade failure? That was not good, not good at all. Hovering low near Liam, she spread out her tendrils to allow ample room for his articulated limbs to grab onto. While she had carried various humanoids before, none had actually been conscious during the ordeal, and the hands and arms that tried to grip her now was certainly not an experience she was used to.

When Liam announced his readiness, she glanced down and folded several of her numerous tendrils to secure Liam's form. "Do not be afraid, Liam Herrold, I will bring us to safety." she said, the sounds filtered monotonously through her translator.

As she finished speaking she turned her head and listened to the ship, but another exploding relay behind them reminded her of what was at stake. With haste, she pulled in her tendrils and angled her long, serpentine form towards the hole in the deck above, and with a quick cascade of movement down her numerous limbs, the two beings shot up towards the burning portal. Just as they were doing so, F'Rell detected a sudden cacophonous noise, followed by change in the heat and pressure of the corridor. Fearing what it must be, her head turned towards the source just in time to see a blazing inferno hungrily racing towards them.

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[ Captain Marcus Alexander Slayton | Bridge | USS Orcus ] Attention: All

The right side of Slayton's jaw visibly clenched as he listened to the words of the shapeshifter as his eyes didn't relax the entire time he listened to the "woman" speak.

"Communications, did you get a full recording of Civilian Ives' words?" he asked once Theurgy cut contact.

"Aye captain, full recorded as ordered." the Caitian at communications said quietly as she went about her duties.

Slayton nodded and then went back to his study of the current tactical board on the screen, ice blue eyes slowly scanning over every single moment of data as the screen shifted in real time of the battle raging around them..taking a careful study of all the information.

"Tactical, realign the primary emitters in the cannons to redirect mid width upper EM band pulse array format." Slayton said as he walked over to the primary tactical station and then slowly adjusted the tactical sensors to focus on the second Vector of the Theurgy.

"Aye sir, making adjustments now." his tactical officer said.

"Very good and once they are complete, I want you to follow the firing pattern that I'm inputting now, do not deviate or change it without my prior authorization." Slayton said further.

The tactical officer blinked a couple of times and then took a look at what his captain had inputted as the Asgardian moved off and blinked a couple of times in return.

"Helm, I want you to bring us fully in line with Theurgy Vector Two and ensure that we are able to keep both barrels of the cannons in line with that section."

The Helmsman simply nodded and made the course corrections without saying a word.

Once the ship was properly aligned and ready, Slayton's cold eyes turned even colder as he simply said one thing:



In the blackness of space the twin phaser cannons of the USS Orcus fire twin greenish-blue bolts of energy from it's twin phaser cannons at the Secondary Vector of the Theurgy but instead of the bolts trying to pound into the shields as was normal in ship to ship combat, these bolts were fired in a way that caused them to hit the natural "curve" of the shields.

Furthermore these bolts splashed against the shields curvature rather then stabbed which again was standard for ship to ship combat and the Orcus continued to fire it's weapons in such a way but none of it's other weapons as of yet.


Back on the bridge, Slayton turned to face his communications officer and said "Send from Orcus Actual to White Wolf Leader, Code Feral in effect. Repeat Code Feral in effect. Now open a channel to the Theurgy, I don't care if they respond."

"Done and Open, Captain." the communications officer said.

"Mister Ives, my government gave you one chance for you to do the right thing for once and surrender but instead you chose to speak the same words as every other traitor to the Federation from Rittenhouse and Leyton and to now you." Slayton said simply as he read the tactical information before him. "You say that you speak of preserving the Federation and you speak of infiltrators yet you attack a Federation starbase full of CIVILIANS while claiming to be righteous."

Slayton's tone grew uncharacteristically colder at this point and his eyes and face reflected this to his bridge crew who had never seen such a thing from their captain. "That is not the actions of the righteous, Mister Ives. That is the action of someone who is a coward and an arch traitor. I actually held out a hope that you wouldn't cause me to do what I must do now..but I see that you leave me with no choice."

Slayton "You tell me to test you at my own peril, you think that this is just some kind of game..this is war, Mister Ives, and you will have to live with starting one. Orcus out."


[ Lieutenant Talidenai zh'Idenna | Wolf-01 | Space around USS Orcus ] Attention: White Wolves squadron

Terror kept her squadron leashed to their assigned positions next to the Orcus as they waited for their orders.

<Orcus to the White Wolf Leader, Code Feral is in effect. Repeating, Code Feral is in effect.> came the throaty purr of the ship's communication officer.

"White Wolf Leader to Orcus, order understood and confirmed." Terror stated before opening up the squadron's channel. "Terror to all Wolves, we have a god on Code Feral. Stick to your assignments and stay alive out there."

And with that Terror opened up her throttle as her fighter raced through the black followed by the rest of her element and Sniper's as well, the space between was thick with weapons fire from the Theurgy, Orcus, Starbase and all of the assigned combined small craft.

<Sniper to Terror..I do believe that is a shuttle attacking one of the interceptor squadrons.> came Sniper's calm and collected voice, but from years of living with the Vulcan allowed her to hear the slight inflection in her voice that spoke of an unused moment of awe and respect for the shuttle pilot.

Terror's right eye quickly locked on and targeted the shuttle in question and locked it into her systems for future reference. "Understood Sniper, but we have our orders."


The two elements quickly arrived but once her Valravn climbed over the arch of the Vector, a hostile Valkyrie splashed several pulse bolts against her shields which caused them to strobe quickly.

But before she could do anything to respond to the attack, the Valk was savagely attacked by Wolf Zero-Three and it's pilot, "Metalhead". <Apologies, Squadron Commander. I was slow on my ascent.>

Terror allowed herself a moment to chuckle. "Understood and thank you. Now all units break off and attack." she ordered.

Terror then quickly kicked in the throttle even more as she found a Valk that was hunting down a Knight series interceptor and went after it and found that her pulse was now racing as she followed the two fighters through the "hills" and "valleys" of the Vector until finally the Valk had finally tagged the Knight and sent it into a momentary fireball.

"That was very striking, but I do hope that you can be just as fast with me, my prey." Terror said as she sighted her weapons onto the Valk in question and started to compress the firing control.

But then one thing, the last thing that she ever could expect to have happened made her stop.

The other pilot turned his fighter to face her's and then a channel opened between them and a voice simply asked one thing.

<Are you sure that you want to do that..Tali?> a very familiar husk filled voice asked from across the space.


[ Chris "Husker" Slayton | Wolf 04 | Space around his assigned element | USS Theurgy ] Attention: Warp-fighter related

Following the orders of Ravon, Husker kept his flying tight and strong as he kept several of the hostile interceptors from doing any real harm to the Vector with Fasha's fighter by his side.

But apart of him was still reeling from the fact that Kanti was gone..he along with Tessa had shared a quiet night with the fiery haired Martian pilot before all of this combat and conflict and now..

The feeling of loss was quickly dispelled by the sudden and violent shaking of his fighter as one of the interceptors in question roared past him and Husker actually allowed a snarl of fury to escape him as he quickly spun his own bird and set off like a hound from hell after it.

<Morrigan to Husker, I will continue to handle the threats on this end. Do you have that one?> came Fasha's voice through the channel.

"I do, I think it's trying to make it's way to the ventral shield generator." Husker replied as he triggered his weapons which splashed a couple of times off of the enemy fighter's shields.

Husker was so focused on taking out this threat to his ship, that he actually didn't see the new type enemy fighter fall in behind him as he chased his target around the Vector until finally he was able line him up and get two spreads of pulse phaser fire off before finishing the enemy off with a third.

Husker allowed himself a moment to get his bearings which was followed by his warning system alerting him to the fact that a threat had locked it's weapons on him and then he felt a familiar shudder of fear mixed with amusingly enough one of pleasure as he heard a familiar voice creep into his ears.

<That was very striking, but I do hope that you can be just as fast with me, my prey.>

Husker took a breath and then slowly turned his fighter to face the other one and then opened up a channel to the other fighter. "Are you sure that you want to do that..Tali?"

<Ch...CHRIS?!> came back the Zhen's reply.

"Well who else could it be with this voice?" Husker retorted as he quickly made adjustments to his shields in hopes that it would be enough.

<What are you doing here?! I saw that one of the Harbinger's valks was tagged as being apart of the hostile forces but where is Vasser and his ship?> Tali's voice came through, her tone was raw and confused.

"The Harbinger is gone and it's a long story but there is only like six of us from the ship left after Vasser's mutiny." Husker explained, hoping that his former lover wouldn't ask for more details right now. "Is Sniper with you?"

<Now out of all the dumb questions to ask..> Tali snarked at him.

"Sorry, I just wanted to make sure but I need to know which side your on...both of you." Husker asked in a slightly pleading tone.


[ Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Conference Room | USS Theurgy ] Attention: Arista, et al

Keval was simply quiet as he watched what was going on and he heard the words in Slayton's voice as he spoke, his antenna reflecting his emotional state.

"It's not just a response, Derik my boy, but a meeting of two wills. I admit that while I don't know know much about our new host in Captain Ives..I do know of Captain Marcus Slayton and his reputation."

Keval turned to regard the younger human officer and he felt a strange feeling when he saw Zelosa there as well and it made him happy to see that she had made it as well..there had been enough loss from the Resolve so far...

Especially since he had a strong feeling of what Kendrick would do next.

"The man fought in the last three major wars the Federation has been in and is considered to be something of a tactical genius but then again do keep in mind that is a term that Starfleet Tactical loves to just throw around." he explained before motioning at the air above them as if motioning to the space outside through the bulkhead. "The real problem is that I had faced off against him during a war game once a few years back and we're in for a rough fight at any rate."

Keval turned away from his two crewmates, ignoring his feelings on something as he felt the ship shake under him as he brought up one of the screens in more of a tactical view and started to study what was happening outside-his trained eyes followed the deadly dance between the fighters and hoped that Krystal's shuttle would fare well against the more established figh...

His line of thinking suddenly stopped as he studied the Orcus and it's posture followed by it's own attacks. "What are you can't do anything really damage wise that way.." he said to himself as his antenna pulled themselves against his skull for a moment.

As he watched the weapons fire hit the Vector in question, saw how it splashed and strobed then his antenna twitched ever so slightly. "Now that is curious..brilliant I guess but curious none the less..."

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[Lt. Jg. Suq| On the way to the USS Theurgy ]

Years down the road, when Suq would look back on this moment, his memory would be blurry. He would not recall which buttons he pressed, what commands he entered. He would not be able to describe how he prepared the warp core for detachment, or whether he or Six spoke at all during this time. He would only be able to guess about how long it took, or why the console began to show error messages, or what caused the damned thing to begin heating to dangerous temperatures. The only image Suq would carry into the future was that of Kendrick marching into engineering, certainty abound in every step. Abandon ship, direct order.

Six had to decouple before the console blew with her attached. Suq had to ensure the Captain knew how to manually release the warp core. And they were on their way.

Suq would remember his emerald eyes, filled with hope, his short and fluffy looking hair that Suq never mustered up the courage to touch, how it seemed like in a matter of a day it had gone fully grey. He'd always remember that Kendrick never really looked as if he was walking to his death when he walked into engineering. Instead, it looked a little like he did when he walked onto the bridge, a normal day on the Resolve.

The computer had initiated countdown. He and Six were to make their way aboard the Theurgy. He touched his combadge, he let the Theurgy know about the imminent destruction, mind the countdown.
T-minus 2 minutes, 27 seconds. Watch the debris, a collapsed corridor, jeffries tubes and a hallway littered with blood and bodies, emergency lights kicking on, main lighting shutting down as she began her final sleep.
T-minus 1 minutes, 42 seconds. His heart started beating faster. He felt his thoughts finally breaking down his mental walls, a scream rises in his chest, apply inhaler as needed to quell breathing difficulties that arise from terror for your life, do not use more than four puffs a day. Six puffs for today. Do not mix with Albuterol. Do not mix with Keratellerol. Do not mix with the sense you will never see a good friend again. A turbolift, light coming from a series of holes in the door. A cleaner hallway, a plasma leak, Theurgy in sight.

T-minus 1 minute, 26 seconds

T-minus 54 seconds

T-minus 20 seconds

T-minus 10...9...8...7...

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[Lt. Dev "Dragon" Okhala| Launch Bay | USS Orcus]

There was simply no description for the pressure one felt inside a cockpit, isolated from the battle. Dev simply focused ahead, HUD reading clear as day as the first line of her squadron were launched in to battle.

"Vinnie, keep a sharp eye on the core. I don't want to lose weapons in the middle."

"Can do, D." His voice was light, given the gravity of the situation and Dev could almost envy him his apparent serenity in the midst of combat. "I've caught it covered-don't worry."

 For her, it always burned hot, and she imagined it as white light in her veins. The vision was temporary, illogical at best, yet she couldn't shake it. Not this time, not when felt very much like things were upside down. "Don't worry...right." Her voice was dry and sarcastic. Thankfully, a voice cut in, interrupting Vinnie's reply.

"Wolf 05, stand by for launch." The sound of the controller in her ear was a jolt back to reality, the familiar feel of combat burning her up. "3...2...1...launch"

Pressure slammed against her for the briefest of moments, the ship's gravity leaving them with a lurch as the fighter screamed out of the bay, and in to the fray. She banked around, allowing the rest of her section to catch up. "

Form up, Echelon-1. Dev fired off quickly. Comm chatter would become a premium in the fray, even as she glanced outside, to the battle beyond. Gouts of fire and ships highlighted the stark backdrop of space. It was...huge.

"Dragon, got multiple spikes and a lot of chatter."

Filter to Orcus chatter. Keep targets fixed and follow Terror's lead.

With that, Dev's longer fingers, masked inside hardened gloves, gripped the controls with fervent drive, body tense for the next move.
Lt. Devyrie "Dragon" Okhala
by Burningtransformation

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[ Lt JG Alessia Garcia | Wolf-09 Cockpit | AC-477 Mk I Valravn Warp Fighter]

After the successful launch of the White Wolves Squadron from the Orcus, Alessia and her flight pushed the throttle some to get into formation with the squadron commander. Her flight thus far not manoeuvring into the two by two formation just yet as that was to be saved for when they did break formation and engage, this however was good as time as any to take stock of the situation and layout before them as the HUD's updated with friendlies and targets. To say the least, it was a bloody mess.

The Theurgy had already engaged it's MVAM, that was easy to spot from the three main sections that were facing off against Starbase 84. What was most impressive however, the first vector had docked with the Resolve, A Luna class ship that was supposedly went MIA about three years ago, what the heck and how the heck did it get here and into the middle of this shit storm? Then there was another ship highlighted as the Sabine, Alessia had no idea of whom they were but they had been flagged up as a target which appeared to be docking with one of the Theurgy's Vectors.

In all honesty, Alessia found herself at a loss with so much going on, sure her training would kick in and all, but it was hard to take in seeing all those fighters and... shuttles? There were some brave pilots out there but also some downright blood thirsty ones, the interceptors were all over the place and looking quite desperate in their attempts to stop the Valk's that were out there, despite their much superior numbers.

"Holy shit." Alessia thought a loud in Spanish, she took in the information she could see on her tactical display. Her RIO raised his eyebrow. "I'm sorry Lt, but I didn't exactly have the time to learn Spanish."

Alessia took a few seconds to respond. "It's a human expression, don't worry about it."

[Hey, Angel, you seeing this?!] Came a rather excited Blizzard over the comm.

[I find it fascinating the enemy is using modified Type-8 shuttles in the battle.] Wraith spoke up, the man taking note of those enemy craft.

[And I thought I was the craziest one!] Blizzard replied once taking up the chat.

"Alright Blizzard calm your tits, and reduce the chatter okay, that just isn't any enemy out there, these are our own people, fellow officers and pilots..." Alessia sighed. "Look I want to get them as much as you do but we have our orders, hold formation." After she spoke the chatter within her flight went eerily quiet.

[Terror to all Wolves, we have a go on Code Feral. Stick to your assignments and stay alive out there.]

With that, Angel took up formation with her while Blizzard and Wraith did the same, breaking up into a two by two formation, the two 'teams' as it were going about interception duties to allow other pilots of the squad engaged their assigned targets. Alessia set of after the lone MK III defending Vector 1 with her wingman in tow while Blizzard and Wraith set course towards Vector 3 to engage their fighter element's.

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[ Surgical Suite 02 | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy | Vector 02 ] Joint Post by Doc M. & Auctor Lucan

The sliding doors shut behind him, and Doctor Nicander stepped up to the mirror, which was just outside the small sonic shower in the corner of the surgical suite. He looked himself in the eye, meeting his own pale irises with reproach.

It has waited for the day I'll let it out... and I feel that I am losing the struggle within. Ever since it came inside, I have been infected with it's rage. My strength has been fading. He put the dermal regenerator on the small shelf below the mirror, and he put his tattooed hands on either side of the mirror. But it ends today. I do not want to... but have to give in. I can no longer restrain it.

Vector 02 shook from phaser fire, the whole ship rumbling from the effect upon its shields, and yet he just stared - eyes unblinking while blood trickled down from his temple. The contradiction of his intent felt so unreal, for he willed himself not to give in, and yet he felt himself breaking out nonetheless. The distinction of what was him and the things inside was gone. I've been wasting too much time. I feel defeated, and yet... Lucan saw his face move as of its own, grinning back at him. ...and yet I'm alive. I can't keep living in a fairytale of lies.

He tore himself away from the window and rounded on the bulkhead behind him. "Open sesame," he said, and the panel clicked - slowly swinging open. The florescent light that hit him made him narrow his pale eyes, and it cast his white, bloodstained lab coat in ethereal light. At first, he had kept the small female specimen in a vat-like incubator, almost like a terrarium, but after she was resilient enough, he had poured her into a small, water-filled stasis unit. Suspended in the green water inside the unit, he could see that she had not moved or grown, and the readings said she remained as strong as when he had activated the stasis field. Smiling, Lucan reached inside and grabbed the handle on top of the unit, and he retrieved it from the wall. Even when filled with water, the stasis unit was not that heavy. Next he just needed to...

A sound, from outside. Baring his teeth, Lucan swiftly closed the panel and retreated into the sonic shower. How could he have forgotten to seal the door? His host would never have made such an oversight.

The door hissed open to reveal the diminutive form of Doctor Maya followed by the taller and younger Lahkesis Saugn.  "We must prepare the room for surgery," the little Vulcan announced offhandedly to the pink haired woman.  "Soon we will be receiving patients from the Resolve as well as our own causalities."

The door to the corridor opened and Nurse Jacques Herbert entered.  "Doctor, you're needed in the primary surgical bay," he announced, glancing from one woman to the other.

Doctor Saugn looked at the Maya to make the decision. 

"Go," Maya ordered.  "I can manage here by myself."
"Very well," Lahkesis nodded before leaving with Herbert.

"Computer, begin sterilization of the operating table," Maya ordered as she removed her crimson surgical robe and placed it on the biobed, "maximum power," she added. 

[Acknowledged,] Thea's voice replied.  A green light shot out of the ceiling and the biobed and everything on it was briefly glowed with a brilliant emerald hue.

Hearing the plant-woman leave, Lucan considered what he might do. It was harder to govern linear thought, something the host had been more proficient at. But as he gave it a few moments, Lucan realised that he had been granted the prefect opportunity. He could fulfil the will of his kin, and yet remain to savour the present. The other one could do what was required, and once she returned - and the ship wasn't destroyed - they could continue to play with the cattle together.

He put the stasis unit down, and stepped out of the sonic shower. Without delay, he closed the short distance to Doctor Maya. When she turned, hearing the sound of his steps, he raised his hand to the side of her face, and met her eye - smiling to her.

She was his. Lucan could see the trance take hold of her - the conditioning of her mind settling over her eyes.

Maya stiffened and stood perfectly straight, her large hazel eyes opened wide.  Seeing this, Lucan walked over to the control panel next to the exit and opened it. Though the thrill threatened to break his concentration, he removed the isolinear chips required to keep Thea from picking up audio from the room. Then, with a small grin, he turned towards Maya.

"There is someone on the ship who is in a medical emergency," he said to the Vulcan puppet, delighted to have her at his mercy. He nursed the idea to ravish her before he sent her on her way, but he settled his idle curiosity by scenting her hair as he spoke. "It is paramount that you get to her by whatever means necessary, and remove her from her isolation ward. You will carry her cure to her, and given the import of the patient's health, and what she means for the mission, you are sanctioned to subdue any opposition you meet. Do you understand, Doctor Maya?"

"I understand Doctor," she replied in a flat tone eerily reminiscent of the ship's computer when Thea was at minimum capacity or had disengaged her personality avatar.  "I am to take the cure to the patient and remove her from the isolation ward.  I am sanctioned to subdue any opposition I encounter."

While the Vulcan spoke, Lucan had fished up a PADD from his bloodied lab coat's pocket and was typing on it. As he did he circled her idly where she stood, like a predator circling its prey. He continued to speak to her, even as his tattooed hand spelled out the instructions Maya would need. "The patient is being held in what appears to be a holding cell in the brig, but it is actually an isolation ward with a high security level protection. On this PADD, I am writing all the instructions you need in order to remove her from her ward, and once you have memorized all of it, you will delete the contents and hand the PADD back to me. In the instructions, you will also find directions for how you get to the patient through the jefferies tubes. Here, you can begin reading now."

Lucan handed the PADD over to Maya once he was finished typing, and he smiled at her again, tempted to take liberties with her when she was in her present state.   First things first.  He collected two regular medical tricorders and put them in Maya's pocket. He also put the isolinear chips he had removed from the wall into her other pocket. But as he did so, his hands lingered on her. Oh, but the temptation was strong.  While she read as instructed, Lucan came to stand behind her - putting his hands on her hips and letting them run slowly over her diminutive figure. The scent of her awakened his appetite, and he had to stop himself from biting her pointed ear.

Maya's large hazel eyes seemed out of focus as they scanned over the instructions on the PADD.  She didn't flinch and blinked once while Lucan's tattooed hands groped her.   "I have memorized my instructions," she finally said while hitting a button that made the data on the screen vanish.  "Deleting it now," she announced before holding the PADD before her as if passing it to an invisible partner.

By the time she was done, one of Lucan's hands had skirted down the front of Maya's abdomen and past he waist-line of her panties - delving inside the Vulcan. It was almost with a pang of regret that Lucan removed his hands from her. Slowly, he stepped around in front ofher and took the item - returning it to his pocket. Coming face-to-face with her again, and he did so while scenting her on his fingers. In his deprived fantasy, he was using the host's exoscalpel to cut her face, leaving her with his mark since there was no time to leave his semen inside her. The ship shook from another hit, serving as a reminder that he needed to send the little Vulcan on her way, lest it would be too late.

"When you wake up, you will remember nothing of your instructions, or how you came to enter your trance. Not even what you did. The opening to the Jefferies tube is above the biobed, behind the grate in the ceiling, but before you leave on your assignment... you will strike me down, as hard as you can. Time is short, and the patient might die without her cure, so when I say begin, you will make haste to reach the isolation ward.  In order to keep the boarding parties from stopping you, you can calibrate the tricorders in your pocket to emit a Vulcan life-sign, and fool the ships internal sensors about where you are and where you are going." Lucan stepped away and picked up the small stasis unit with the handle on top of it. He looked at the creature within one last time. He had removed the twisted Ash'reem seedling from the mother's womb - becoming the key for a new beginning. Now, it was time to plant it.

It was the propgeny of Amikris Neotin and the Niga flora.

With a smile, he closed the metal cover over the transparent aluminium, masking the contents, and handed it over to Doctor Maya. "Here is the cure," he said to the Vulcan, "Now begin."

"Understood sir," she nodded respectfully before taking a step back and darting forward to punch him the abdomen with as much force as her forty-eight and a half kilogram body could muster.  She then seized him by the shoulder slapped him several times across the face while maintaining a steadily neutral face on her own.  There was no conflict in her subconscious as she did this, for her people treated injury by causing pain to start a healing trance or wake a subject up from one.  Although the trance could be self-induced, physicians from her planet were trained in multiple techniques to initiate one for a patient that couldn't do it themselves. 

Lucan had tried not to brace himself against the blows, for why should he? He was confident that the body of his host could take it. Little had he realised just how much strength resided in the small Vulcan, and he needn't use any pretence when he fell over. The pain felt was not his own, but the force of the strikes sent Lucan unto the deck plates.

Maya then placed the box onto the biobed, climbed up and stepped onto the box itself, using the extra height to allow her to remove the panel leading into the network of tunnels, chutes, and tubes that led between decks.  Stepping off the box, she picked it up and held it over her head, pushing it into the access tunnel before jumping up to climbing inside herself.  The entire way she moved in a fashion that managed to be smooth yet jerky and puppet-like at the same time, but that was exactly what she was right now, a puppet.  Without even being told she slid the panel back into place.  Even when under a powerful suggestion, Maya was still the same prim and tidy obsessive compulsive woman she always was.

Down on the deck, fresh blood running from the cut in his temple and a nasty swelling starting to form across his cheekbone, Lucan watched Maya climb up and vanish from his sight. "Go," he said, and could not help the grin that animated his exotic features, "Let the winds of time blow anew."

Doctor Maya would free Sonja Acreth, and yet again, his kin would prevail.


Re: Chapter 05: Battle of Starbase 84

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[Ensign Six | Engineering to Theurgy | Attn: Follow and others

Six helped Suq as quickly as possible. It wasn't until the very end and the countdown was initiated that she unlinked herself from the ship's computer and began her mad dash with Suq to the Theurgy. They had less than three minutes to get there once the countdown had started. And so they ran. Past corridors of falling debris and explosions, open spaces where protective shields prevented them from being sucked away into the vacuum of space, and those of the deceased that hadn't managed to make it through the onslaught.

In her time as a human, Six had managed to develop an array of emotions, emotions she was all too good at hiding, and through the adrenaline of running to safety this moment was no different. But inside of her turmoil was brewing, and a mixture of fear, anger, and excitement was bubbling around her stomach and tying it in hard knots. There was no turning back now. The deed had long been done and she was an outlaw like the rest of those that had been falsely accused in order to appease the needs of those in power.

As her thoughts raced she ran, and in doing so she stopped paying enough attention that she missed the fire that was crackling in the distance. As she reached it it exploded and threw her against the wall in a daze. It took all she had to get back up, burned and bleeding, and continue her run towards the Theurgy with Suq, who was surprisingly up ahead of her and just out of reach of that last explosion that had sent her flying.

By the time they reached the Theurgy and were being ushered quickly inside, the ship's computer could be heard on the last of it's countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... and then... a moment of silence.
"You wish to knock over cows? What is the significance of this? Do you derive pleasure from such things?" - Ensign Six

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