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DAY 04: Recuperation [2130 hrs.]

DAY 04: Recuperation [2130 hrs.]

[ Commander Carrigan Trent | XO's quarters | Deck 02 ] Attn: Amelya Duv

To say the day had been long would have been quite the understatement.  The conversation with Cameron Henshaw had been late to begin with, and further led to Amelya's arrivals; and between their chat and the subsequent lovemaking, much time had been taken out of the night.  The buzz of the alarm had come by a painfully short amount of time later and Trent had been operating, all in all, on less than 4 hours' sleep when the Theurgy had dropped out of warp, weapons blazing and disgorging her fighters.

If the resupply operation had gone according to plan, it would not have been nearly as bad.  Even if his beaming over had not been part of it when it left the drawing board.  The Romulans, on the other hand, made things much more difficult and a second engagement had been fought and the follow-up had proven to be extensive. 

And that had all been before the late lunch he allowed himself after reporting back onto the Bridge as the Black Opal was turned into an expanding cloud of debris and plasma.  The rest of the day had been equally busy between his regular multiple-hatted duties, and it had been late, well past the regular time most people enjoyed dinner at, that he decided to knock off for the day and return to his quarters.  Quarters that were no longer his alone.  He recalled Amelya's presence, the wonderful feeling of waking up next to her, and the knowledge that she would be ferrying her possessions into his comfortable accommodations at the end of the day.  Now, had she eaten?  That he did not know, and he could certainly wait for her to arrive before asking her that.

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[ Lieutenant Amelya Duv | XO's quarters | Deck 02 ] Attn: Carrigan Trent

The day had been rather interesting for Amelya herself as she woke up besides the commander of her ship with no clothes on. It had been a wonderful evening before the Opal mission kicked off and after the mission and subsequent patient influx in Sickbay, Amelya had moved back to her quarters to gather most of her things. She had boxed them into four boxes containing: clothing, PADDS, jewelry and make up and as last a box with emotional items. They were transferred by site to site transport into the room of Carrigan. All boxes stacked neatly in the bedroom of the Commander on the side of the bed where she had awakened in the morning. She hadn't unpacked anything yet as she first wanted to swing it by Carrigan to know where she could put what. She wasn't planning to claim a space for herself in his quarters without talking it over with him. The only problem was that she hadn't gotten to his quarters when he had arrived there himself.

It took at least another twenty minutes before the door opened and Amelya walked in. He hair was pulled back by some clips to prevent it from getting in her way as she had to take care of patients. It resulted in her brown hair to fall back with tresses of bundles hair forming sort of tails on top of her hair. She sighed when she walked in and once the doors closed up she loosened up her hair. Her eyes looked around as she rubbed her temple with her right hand, wondering if Carrigan was in already.  "Carrigan?" she asked out loud to see if there was a response and from where it would come from.

While awaiting the reply she already made her way over to the bedroom, as she wanted to check if all her things had made it in one piece after being beamed across the ship.

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Trent was well aware that his workload would never really be over.  However, as he did not expect Amelya would be long in joining him, he decided to get himself into work that he could pull away from easily when she'd arrive.  And in this case, he was looking over the schematics of sensor platforms that had been taken from Black Opal and would soon be installed on the outer hull, and seeing how they could be adapted to generate the same kind of barrage jamming field that Calamity had been broadcasting.  Part of him did wrestle with the implications of the Temporal Prime Directive on this matter, but not for long.  After all, he was supposed to invent that particular capability.  Now, he would just bring it in a little bit ahead of schedule.  And even if he could not make the same kind of system function, he was also toying with something else, a way to make torpedoes lose their lock even before entering their point-defense envelope...

He had been working on the kind of software re-writes the passive arrays would need, when the door hissed open and he looked up from his terminal at his actual workstation.  And just as he knew only one person would just walk in, he did not care that he was down to his undershirt and barefoot when Amelya announced her presence.  "In the office," the XO replied to hearing his name even as he walked towards the door.  And there she was, the Trill physician.  And in the privacy of his quarters, he allowed his concern for her to come to the forefront instead of dialing it back to the 'proper' display of an XO for a member of his crew. 

Crossing the distance, he walked up to her and placed his hands upon her waist before leaning in to deliver a kiss onto her lips.  "Am I ever glad to see you."

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Amelya heard the reply of Trent as he called out to her that he was in the office. She stopped before heading into the bedroom as she saw him walking over towards her. She smiled and placed her arms around his neck as he greeter her with a kiss. She kissed him back and closed her eyes before nodding "Oh? Why is that?" she asked with a certain teasing tone in her voice. She knew that her presence on Opal might've been distracting to him since the Romulans attacked but it was a good share of experience for her.

She pushed her body a bit more into his as she looked him over and she looked up at the man "So besides Opal, how has your day been?" she asked softly. She had no idea what he was working on before she had showed up and her curiosity about her things making it over to his quarters were starting to bite at her calm and serene personality. "Also, you wouldn't have happened to see any bodes of mine did you?" he asked with a sly grin on her face.

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There was something to say about Amelya's playfulness, it did wonders for the Executive Officer's nerves.  At first glance, one might not picture Carrigan Trent as being the sort who'd go for that kind of things, but in the privacy of his quarters, with a woman he trusted, he could allow himself to let his guard down, to let her in.  Hell, if there was anyone on this ship with whom he could completely afford to be himself, it was her. 

As she pressed herself against him, Trent took his hands from her waist and instead encircled it in his wiry arms.  And then, there were her other questions.  "Busy.  You know, once upon a time I thought that being a department head of power and prestige, getting to run the ship.  Until I first took that job, I never imagined just how much paperwork it involved.  Then, I thought the same thing about being an XO; you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by then."  He offered her a grin.  "Now, I'm an XO who's also heading up two departments and a handful of special projects.  I'll only let you guess how much paperwork that entails." 

And that was when he leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose.  "Now, I might not have actually seen any boxes, but I think I heard something to that effect a few hours ago.  But I could be wrong."

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"My my... Looks like I've got a very ambitious guy on my hands." she grinned and snickered before resting her head against his chest. She nodded against him as he spoke and commented as he brought up paperwork "Can't you get like a secretary or something for the paperwork?" she teased him before looking up at him. She had to laugh as he kissed the tip of her nose and she kissed his chin in response before she took his hand and dragged him to the bedroom "Come on you workaholic! Tell me where I can empty these boxes." she said playfully.

Once in his bedroom she opened up the various boxes and rubbed her hands in her hair "So uhm... What closet or storage can I use?" she asked a bit nervous as all her personal things were on display. In the meantime Amelya opened up her uniform jacket and took it off. Underneath she was wearing the official undergarments her nipples seemingly hard from the cooler air of the room against her skin. Yet she didn't seem to stop there as she pulled out the top as well, exposing her upper body to him. She started to search through one of the boxes for something to wear, bending over just a little as her breasts swayed along with her movements.

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Despite her playful tone, Carrigan thought Amelya might be onto something.  After all, the Captain did have a yeoman to help keep him organized and at least provide her with some sort of summaries of everything that crossed her desk.  So perhaps it wouldn't be so far-fetched for the XO to have an assistant of his own.  Or perhaps an administration officer to take care of the routine running of the ship instead of both commanding and executive officers being swamped with the sundry details... Come to think of it, they did have a command-level officer on board without a job right now, and perhaps appointing her to a role of adjutant might be a wise move, and something worth discussing with the Captain in the morning...

But he did not have any more time to further consider the idea when he found his hand grasped and he was unceremoniously pulled along behind a lovely Trill.

No sooner had Amelya asked where she could store her things that she started to shed her uniform.  The tracery of her spots along her smooth skin and the lovely sight of her bare breasts were things Trent was certain he would never tire of.  Before her, how long had it been since a woman had been with him for him and not because she was trying to suck up to a superior or out of trying to get some salve for her own emotional trauma?  It had been a long, long time.  Not since before he'd first taken on the mantle of XO shortly before he was given command of the Harrier...

"Well, I did get an armoire replicated for you," he replied as he moved in behind her as she rummaged through the boxes and his hands landed first upon her waist, and his synthetic arm went about her waist, pulling her to him as his good hand came up to cup her breast and give it a firm yet gentle squeeze.

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The idea of getting her own spot for herself sounded like a good plan for Amelya as it didn't mean that she had to stuff her things in between his. She was still browsing through the boxes for something to wear before sh felt Carrigan move up behind her and placed his hands on her waist, before one hand went further to cup her breast. She had to laugh and she leaned back, against his frame as she let him feel her up "Mmh, Carrigan... If I wouldn't know better I'd think you've missed me."

She lead her hand over his side down to his waistband before tugging at it. Her ass rolled back against his groin, rubbing against it while she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his hand on her body. "Do we still need to go somewhere tonight or are we staying in?" she asked softly while her nipples turned hard already by the anticipation of what could come. Her free hand went over her head and grasped through Carrigan's hair while raking through them "Or do you just want a piece of your private Trill?" she teased him.

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At first, it had felt quite natural to touch Amelya like this, but before long his hand left the firm globe of her breast and that arm wrapped around her shoulders and he pulled her close to him before burying his face where her neck met her shapely collarbone.  Originally, he had definitely wanted to make love to her again, but when she mentioned he might have missed her, he realized just how close things had been during the boarding action on Black Opal.  And how close he'd gotten to losing her when the Romulans came to call. 

And that he had been the one to put her in that position.

"I was so afraid for you," he whispered against her neck.  "I was what, seventy meters away from you when the Romulans started to board the depot, after I had you beam over to take care of Black Opal's casualties and the situation was under control and fairly safe?  And I couldn't do anything to help you except hope your security detail was on the ball."  Intellectually, Trent knew his priorities.  Yes, boarders tended to be fairly high up the list of things that needed taking care of in short order but that was what Wenn Cinn and his people, and the elements of the resupply party detached to support them, had been for.  Space superiority was the single essential thing to control.  And while Theurgy did have the firepower to deal with it, Jonas Arisaka may have good instincts and was a quick study but he simply did not have the same proficiency as someone originally trained as a Tactical Officer, and he needed another pair of hands to make good use of the resources at hand.

But it did not mean he had not felt hot, bitter bile at the back of his throat at the time, knowing the Trill was effectively isolated and cut off from the bulk of the boarding party.  Nor did he like how he had suppressed that feeling at the time so he could focus on the overall situation and establishing the conditions to achieve victory.

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It seemed her teasing had brought little effect to Carrigan as he started to talk about the events on the Opal. She smiled as she carried on to rub herself against his body "Carrigan... I've been taking some tips and exercises from Zaraq. You know, just to make sure that I can hold my ground if it ever came to a fight." she whispered as she turned her head to face him just a little. "Sure the security detail did a splendid job on keeping us safe, but there was a back up plan where I would try and fend them off myself if needed." she admitted to Carrigan.

She would lie if she hadn't felt the rush of adrenaline run through her body as the boarders had opened fire at her makeshift first aid room. The rush of it was somewhat a thrill, yet at the same time she could still feel the faintest hint of fear in her lower abdomen. She could only imagine how Trent would have felt for placing her in the situation. Yet right now, she wanted him to know that she'd be wanting to do more of these kind of missions. Risk involved operations where she wouldn't be the one slacking behind or dragging the overall team down. She wasn't sure when she had to tell him this or when she even planned to break this to anyone.

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As Amelya rubbed even more against him, Carrigan's hold about her tightened. He felt this need to hold her, to reassure himself she was safe, at least for this moment.  Yes, he had heard what she had said, how she'd been taking lessons from Zaraq.  But unlike everyone else on the boarding party save for Tovarek, she hadn't been trained for that sort of things.  Every member of the assault and resupply party had been picked because they had completed some sort of ground combat or opposed boarding training at the very least.  And so far as he'd known, the situation had simmered down and was contained enough to bring in personnel that did not have that sort of experience. 

"When I asked to have you beam over, it was because I was sure things were safe.  But when the Romulans arrived, the whole equation changed.  When the Opal got boarded, I knew you were cut off, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.  I know I couldn't have seen this coming, but I still..."

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Amelya listened to her lover's words before she turned around and faced him. She looked up at his face and looked into his eyes "Carr..." she whispered as she cupped his face with her one hand and made him look at her.
"Zaraq and I have been training for a while now. Perfecting me in defensive combats and the sorts. Perhaps Opal was a bit too soon for me, but I am training myself to become something more than just a doctor. I want to be down with the away teams even if the situation gets sticky." she explained herself.

She went to stand on her toes and kissed his lips ever so lightly before smiling "So I need you to not blame yourself for it. Sure I love seeing you rush in as my knight with shining armor. But you shouldn't think that I'll be helpless." She paused for a moment to see what Carrigan would say to the matter or speak his mind. Yet while she was standing there, the cool atmosphere of the room had started to turn her nipples a bit hard. She leaned in to Carrigan as they stood there and he could probably feel the hardened peaks through his clothes.

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When Amelya turned about to face him, Carrigan's arms tightened even more about her.  Somehow, having her face him made it easier to hold her tight, and he definitely did not mind that at all.  Not when he'd been so close to losing her when the Romulans boarded.  And that particular sick fear of losing her when he'd ordered her into what he thought was a safe enough situation, it reeked of the kind of situation he'd gotten himself into when he led the Harrier into battle for the last time. 

When her hand cupped his cheek, he did not resist her.  In fact, he enjoyed looking into her eyes.  And he did believe her, that she'd been training to improve on her combat skills, and he certainly could relate to wanting to be more than what she was.  And on one hand, he wanted to forbid it both as her lover who worried about her and as her XO who had to weigh the lives of the entire crew, and risking one of the qualified surgeons on board in such a role could be viewed as foolhardy. 

That was a hard decision for him to make, and he was tempted to push it up to the Captain, even at the risk of undermining Ives' trust in him.  But in the end, it was a gentle press of her lips that made the decision for him, along with a request he not blame himself for what had happened.  "All right then, how about a compromise?"

He could feel her hardened nipples through his own shirt, and in response to those he let his hands slide up her side, his thumbs gently brushing at her breasts.  "You will formally request ground combat training from Security, not just hand to hand combat.  And if you beam into a contested situation, you take a tactical medical team with you.  Deal?" 

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"A compromise?" Amelya repeated after Carrigan with a chuckle followed by a laugh "Alright XO, let me hear it." she said with a rather teasing tone, almost as if she wasn't taking it serious. Yet she did listen attentively to what Carrigan had to say. After all he'd be the one to send her down to unsafe situations and she could see why he'd be opposed to it. Formal ground combat would be rough on her, yet if that was what was needed to achieve her role as combat medic, so be it. "Deal." she answered to her lover.

The use a tactical medical team was already a must for her as she didn't see her operate on he own in hostile territory or at least contested territory. Yet she wondered if Carrigan could live with the fact that he'd sent his lover down to tricky situations. "You do have to promise me though that if anything goes sideways you don't hold yourself responsible for it though. I would hate to see you get devoured by guilt or anything like it in this life or the other." she whispered to him while she continued to stroke his cheek.

She could feel the tight grip he was having around her and she clearly didn't object or refuse the position she was in. She felt his hands slide up in the meantime as he brushed his thumbs against her breasts and she smiled coy "Like what you're feeling by the way Commander?" she asked in a rather formal way, knowing he'd rather be called with his name. "Or would you like a bit more of it?" she added teasingly as her eyes sparked mischief.

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"I'll try," he whispered back when she asked for his word he would not flagellate himself with guilt should anything happen to her if she were to beam down into a hostile situation.  And that was as much as he could say.  After all, anyone he would order into danger would be doing so because he judged it would be safe enough to send that particular combination of personnel down there.  That much was a burden anyone who'd ever held a command would know quite well. 

However, the hint of shyness she showed, and her next words, surprised him.  He had known his hands hand been moving, but not realized of just where his thumbs had wandered.  It was odd just how natural it felt to have a woman in his arms again, and just how easy it could be to lose himself in her.  And yes, he did like what he felt.  Her breasts, full and firm and perfectly shaped against his thumbs; her stiff nipples pressing into his chest through his shirt.  What sort of a man would not enjoy such things? 

And to answer her questions, it was yes on both counts, so far as he was concerned.  However, he chose not to speak.  Instead, he let his actions do the talking.  He let his synthetic hand run higher, and he buried it into her hair as he bent forward to press his lips against hers in a passionate kiss, and the other, he let it slide inwards so when he let it slide down, his thumb slipped across the slope of her breast until it came to rest directly atop her nipple.

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Amelya looked at the man she happily would call her lover, her eyes gazing in his as she could feel herself drown in them. Yet it seemed that Carrigan was brought out of his slumbers as she mentioned where his hands were. Her cooler skin against his natural hand. It didn't take long before Carrigan took action and leaned in to kiss her. She closed her eyes and kissed him back with as much love as she could.

The prosthetic hand moving higher before it disappeared in her long brown hair. She pushed her body against him as she loved how he felt against her. His other hand played with her breast before his thumb came to rest against her hardened peak. She moaned softly into the kiss while her hand snaked down to work their way under his shirt. Her cooler hands running over his warm skin, moving up his belly before spreading out to his sides and grasping on to his back.

Slowly she broke the kiss and did so by biting his lower lip teasingly. She licked his lips as she giggled a little and whispered in his ear "Shall I relieve you from some tension Carrigan?" Her body arching against his while her leg moved up to rub along his groin, wanting to feel if she had managed to arouse her lover or if he needed more. She wanted him to at least be able to empty his mind once before the assault on the starbase. One night where the man could just enjoy things and let go of his struggles as XO.

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The kiss was deep, passionate, feverish even.  And while he would not be one to admit it to himself, he needed it.  He needed the feel of her body against his, her breast beneath his hand, her moan against his lips.  His mind had been nothing if not constantly racing from one task to another, and too many he had to leave in partial states of completion so he could tackle something else of importance.  But now, all that was drifting away, courtesy of the Trill pressing against his body.

Her cool hand against his torso made his muscles jump at the contact, and that was just a start, for that was followed by breaking the kiss and her voice sounded in his ear.  It took him a few moments to process what she was saying for he was lost in the sensation.  Her hair, in which his prosthetic hand was still buried felt silky against the tactile sensors; her breast, firm warm and alive under his good hand.  And his cock engorging against her leg.

And finally, he nodded before pressing his lips against her again, softly and briefly.  "I think that might be a viable course of action, Doctor," he replied with a grin.

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She laughed a little as she felt the hands of Carrigan sweep over her, the prosthethic hand cooler yet not really rough in comparison to his human hand. She enjoyed it hos he raked his digits through her hair and she relished the feeling of his engorging cock against her leg. At last he gave her acknowledgment that stress relief might be something he desperately needed and it made her smirk before she pulled back out of the kiss. "All right... At ease Carrigan." she whispered teasingly, finding it funny how she could use the basic commands to a kinky level here.

She kissed her way down his lips to his neck and torso. Her legs bending before she sat down on the bed. Her soft lips dragging along his skin as she went further down to his abdomen. Her tongue sneakily dipping into his navel before she moved further down. She slid off the bed slowly and got on her knees, her hands encompassing his erection before stroking it on an easy pace. She looked up at him as she kissed his thighs and lead her lips to his shaft. She said no word yet her eyes kept a close look on him, wanting to see him enjoy this and finally relax a bit.

Next she dragged her tongue from the base to the tip of his cock, using the underside of it while she kept jerking him off. Her tongue swirled around the tip and she kissed it lovingly before slowly pushing her lips around it, making the head disappear into her mouth. She moaned lowly and it almost sounded like a purr, sending vibrations down his member with the only goal to stimulate his pleasure. Lazily she started to take him in deeper, inch by inch while her tongue welcomed him into her warm wet mouth. It didn't take long for her to start bobbing herself up and down on his cock, her hand still holding it firmly in a grasp while moving back and forth, her lips meeting her fingers every once in a while.

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Being told to stand at ease never sounded so sultry to the Executive Officer before.  And if anything, his already stiff member felt as though it further engorged and might be hard enough to buckle hull plating.  He had been attracted to Amelya from the first he'd seen her in that lovely toga on the holodeck, and when just the day before he'd seen her for the first time since that evening and they had reconnected and she agreed to move in with him it had rekindled that passion.

But this was something altogether new.  Oh, he knew where she was going when her lips started their way down his torso.  And it had been a long, long time since he'd had one of those.

Before long, the Trill's movements took his breast out of his hand, but his good hand joined his other, entwined in the rich mass of her hair, and his eyes met hers as she began to minister to him.  And certainly, it did not take him long to tilt his head back, and as he worked his member he let out a long, low growl as he let her do as she'd chosen.

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Feeling the artificial hand and the normal hand in her hair made Amelya moan softly on Carrigan's meat between her lips. The moan sending vibrations down his length as she took him a bit deeper. The tip of his member scraped against the side of her cheek before it was brought deep enough to the entrance of her throat. She kept it there for a while while she let her tongue do most of the work for her now. Her left hand moved away from his base and eased down to his balls, feeling them up before massaging them gently. She tried taking him a little deeper yet the young Trill started to gag, without his length down her throat, yet simply against the back of her mouth.

She tried two times before she stopped the attempt as her eyes started to well up and some saliva leaked out of the corners of her lips. She pulled his cock back, pulling it out of her mouth but not without sucking hard against the tip. It came out with a pop before she wiped her mouth and eagerly began to jerk him off. She looked up at him as she licked his cock clean from bottom to tip. "Ready to receive whenever you are Sir." she mentioned sultry before she slowly slid him back between her lips and started bobbing him in inch by inch. Some of her hair was falling before her eyes and face, yet it didn't seem to stop the doctor down as she made sure that the pleasure of the XO had priority.

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Trent's heartbeat quickened as Amelya's tongue worked at his length.  It would have already accelerated simply from being in her mouth, but her ministrations were definitely most welcome.  Her hand on his balls, the warmth of her, and he tilted his head back as his breath started coming in in great hungry gasps. 

He did not really notice her failure to bring him deeper into her mouth, but he did felt her hand moving up and down his shaft.  Her words rang into his ears, heard and understood but not so much as language, but as the sultry, wanton invitation.  And it was not long after her lips closed about his tip again that a deep, throaty groan escaped Carrigan's lips and his member started to pulse and his seed started to flow in harsh spurts.

Sorry for the short post and the delay.  Just got back from holidays, getting myself situated again.

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It seemed like it didn't take too long for Trent to get to his peak after Amelya had invited to do so. Her hands kept moving back and forth on his member as she rolled her tongue around his tip. She continued the suction as well until she felt the cock pulse inside of her mouth. She let go of his balls and wiped the hair out of her face as she looked up at Carrigan. The throaty groan filling the room as she received the seed as it came spurting bit by bit.

The doctor couldn't help but giggle a little as her mouth got filled by the warm sticky goo. She allowed Trent to finish up before her tongue smeared the seed over his cock inside her mouth. She swallowed hard without pulling him out and sucked once more in order to clean him up. She slowly let him slip out of her mouth before she teasingly licked him a few more times, knowing human anatomy she figured the flesh would be utmost sensitive at this point.

After that she slowly rose up back to her feet and she smiled as she caressed the side of his face "How was that for you?" she asked him softly as her cold hands moved across his cheek. Her body was completely colder due to her physiology, yet she still chose to lean against him as her breasts slowly got compressed against his chest.

No problem, welcome back ^^

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Carrigan's breath was coming in hungry gulps.  Between his release and the post-ejaculatory cleanup Amelya was performing, the sensations were running through his body and robbing him of the ability to speak.  However, one thing he certainly could say was that he indeed felt quite relaxed.  But before he could let himself fully ease down from his climax, a few gasps escaped his throat as she further teased his member, but that came to an end before long.

When she rose against him, warm yet cool, firm yet pliant, his arms went about the Trill's waist and he pulled her closer to him.  It was strange.  He was naked from the waist down, his pants and underwear about his ankles, and she was naked from the waist up, having discarded her jacket and shirt not that long ago.  But that was a state of affairs that would not continue.  "Maybe I could return the favour," said he as a grin crept across his face. 

Taking a step back, careful of the restricted range of motion of his legs, the Human started by divesting himself of his jacket, then of his red shirt.  As he did so he kicked off his boots and stepped out of his trousers.  And then, he dropped to his knees, only to slowly, ever so slowly, start to pull the physician's pants and underwear down.

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Somewhere deep down, Amelya enjoyed it when her lovers were unable to bring out a sensible word after she had pleased them. Trent was no exception even more so since he was the XO. Normally always ready with an answer or a remark, it seemed this time all that managed to escape was just a mere gasp. Yet when she stood up against him, he certainly responded back to her and she watched him with a smile as he undressed himself further.

The words dancing in the air as he mentioned he could return the favor. She didn't reply to him as she watched him kick out his boots and remove the lowered pants. She kept watching him as he stood there stark naked and enjoyed his hands against her skin before he started to undo her own pants and underwear. She had to laugh as she wiggled her hips a little, aiding him in the matter before she let herself fall back onto the bed. She raised her legs easily so he could pull off her remaining clothing and offered him the view as she rested her heels on the bed, spreading her legs for him. It seemed like a cordial invitation for Trent to proceed.

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