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Re: INTERREGNUM EP 01-02: Checkups and Medicial

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Amikris found his explanation of the implants interesting.  A part of her deep down inside wanted to take the implants out and disect them to figure out exactly how they worked and if they could be recreated.  She knew however that such an attempt would likely end up getting her in the brig, if not discharged entirely.  Although given the state of affairs, perhaps they couldn't discharge her.  Being a rogue vessel had its benefits she guessed.

She made several notes on his file as he described the last of the features and how he couldn't recall everything that the implants did.  Adding in some theories of her own, mainly focused around treatment for her own condition of Isophobia. When he asked about if it will effect the test results she was momentarily distracted with her notes and took a moment to consider the result.  Her eyes wandering over him curiously as she did.  A faint blush greeting her cheeks as she realized what she was doing. "It likely will effect a lot of tests changing the variables on the chemistries and even the blood cell counts.  I think I can work around it though it might take some time.  Either way i'd prefer that you get rehydrated first as the danger to the patients health supersede mo...I mean Lt Neotin's orders."  A part of her deep down inside had its own reasoning beyond the rehydration for him to soak.   However she did her best to restrain that part of her for now, until her shift was over anyways.

Re: INTERREGNUM EP 01-02: Checkups and Medicial

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Slowly, he nodded, his fingers reaching up, rubbing along the curve of his jaw. it was a bit much to process, if he was being honest, and the new found concern for his health allowed him to ignore the possibility of any ulterior motives. As far as the TAO was concerned, her worries were seeming to be valid, as the slow throbbing began. "Very well," he murmured, softly as he looked away from her. He attributed the blush to the slip up over the younger Ash'reem's mothers title. It was a common enough occurance for families that served in the same military orginiation. And on some small level, a petty level that the operative refused to acknowledge existed, he took a bit of pleasure in someones orders being able to superseded his 'superiors'.

"I take it then, Cadet, in your professional, medical. opinion," he stressed those two words, "that I need to seek immediate treatment for dehydration by submersion?" He did try to make it sound more technical then 'go take a dip in the pool'.

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