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USS Theurgy: Second Chances

[LCdr Thomas Ravon & Lt. Zephyr Praise | Shuttle Bay | Rendezvous | Who Would Have Thought?]

[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

The Versant had appeared on the battlefield and as transporter systems had been damaged shuttles had been sent out to fetch the last pack of survivors aboard the ship. It was unclear how much time they still had and as the Borg continued to push up their efforts to destroy the alien ship and their allies. It became clear that the shuttles wouldn't survive without the help of the wolves and Ravon had been notified it by mission ops. "Rawley, with me." he barked at his wing woman before their flight broke off from battle and escorted a single shuttlecraft.

Explosions and defensive dogfighting came into play before the shuttle managed to beam the survivors aboard and away from the Versant. "Rescue one to Razor. We've got them all, making our way back to Theurgy. Over" Ravon acknowledged the order before shit really hit the can as multiple explosions were spotted, the apertures showing the rest of the Borg fleet approaching. "Fuck!" Ravon cursed as he called the wolves back to the Theurgy.

The rest was known as another shuttle departed with Cinn on board. The Klingon fleet that managed to get away through a subspace tunnel were followed by the rescue shuttle and along the escaping wolves. The battle had ended, perhaps in their favor, who could tell now. The ships ended up in unknown space for now and as the ships began to dock, Ravon looked at his systems as some of them had been damaged, which was no real surprise. He guided his ship behind the shuttle with the survivors on board and landed it to the left side of it.

The fighter landed with ease and the canopy opened as he unfastened himself and he would get the task to do a head count of surviving wolves later on. He jumped own, his exosuit battered slightly by the impacts and fighting. He walked over to the shuttle as the survivors began to disembark from them, loosening his helmet and putting it under his left arm as he exhaled and felt like he had deserved a rest for now.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

It was cold, on the shuttle. Zeph sat over alone as she shivered quite a lot. It was hard to explain to all these people who had been taken from one of two ships, that she belonged to neither and yet somehow she was still Starfleet. She could not state where she was from, there was no ship name to give, no way to give them anything. But, she was Fleet and when scanned by the rescuers, she had come up that way, though much of her history was blacked out due to confidentiality.

Where ever she had come from, she was legit. Those around here were huddled up with others, each one sharing the same empty expression that she likely wore on her face. Many were instrumental in fighting the Savi and getting them released. Zeph had fought too, but now, she had nothing to fight for. Nothing to keep her mind off things and fearful that she was going to get flagged as who she was and sent back to Azurite to either be held captive there or to further her experiments under duress.

She leaned against one of the metallic support beams for the shuttle wall and rested her head there. Her eyes closed, her body, bruised, too thin, and tired. Dark circles underneath her eyes and a slump to her shoulders. The shuttle landed gently. Zephyr's eyes slid open as the back door to the shuttle opened. There were officers from the Theurgy standing there. Many with hopeful glances to see those that they had lost. Word had gotten out fast that survivors were being brought back. Zeph let them go first, no one would be here for her, and she was tired, so tired.

As she finally rose up her body smarted in response to having been at rest such a long time. Brushing her dirty, greasy, hair behind her ear she saw a hand held out. A blue Andorian hand, she reached out and took it as he helped her down the ramp. Zeph had been caught a bit longer than some of the others, though she had not been tortured as some, she still had been through a lot. the slight Scientist stood in the back of the crowd as someone looked over them all. Zeph looked around the large bay, her hazel green eyes shifting onto everything, her hair shorter now and only to her shoulders was good considering that no one had brushed their hair in a week or more. She shivered, not only out of the chill in the bay but also out of the fact that so much was uncertain now. She just had to wait for everything to begin. Medical would be easy, she had already helped a lot of who she could. The rest would be something that Med bay could handle easily.

 "Welcome home." Called out a large black male that stood in front of them. "Those that are Native to us, and those that are new. For those that are new, this is the USS Theurgy, your home for the time being until we can figure out what is going on and what our options are. You will all be seen by medical, you will all be assigned some place to stay, you will probably not have private quarters, but that's probably for the better anyway."

[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

The shuttle bay had been crowded with the rescued survivors and other crew that had come down to check if their friends, colleagues or lovers had made it. Some were reunited, others drooped of in defeat and sadness. Ravon checked for abducted wolves yet saw none as he sighed and hoped they had been beamed off before the systems had gone offline.

He was about to head back to the fighter for a visual inspection of the craft as he noticed a familiar face come into view from the shuttle. He felt like he was frozen on deck as he couldn't believe his eyes. He swallowed as his brain cried out that it was her. Her. The woman that he had literally crushed on during his academy years. Zephyr fucking Praise. His mouth had gone dry as she did look different, yet he'd be able to pick her out in a crowd with ease.

Just as his leg started to gain a sense of mobility again the chief of the shuttle bay walked over to him, raising his voice loud enough that probably everyone could hear him "Lieutenant Commander Ravon! Would you be so kind to move that fighter to the appropriate bay if you will."

Ravon's gaze shifted to the man, his eyes could kill the man where he stood before he waved it off "I will chief, after assessing the damage." He gnarled before his eyes went back to searching her. He found her and in turn raised his voice to call out to her.

"Zephyr Praise!" His voice boomed as heads turned into his direction and back to the person it was aimed at. There seemed to be some confusion why or to whom he had called out. Nobody seemed to know the name or person.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

Zephyr just wanted to sleep. She didn't really care where she was set or what she was given. Anything would be better than the versant and it would be better than just about anything else after that. She just wanted that time to be herself and relax. Maybe recenter. Maybe the ship had an arboretum, hydroponics, or something that would give her something to go on. Some way to just become herself again after all of the things that she had been through. Right now though, she just wanted to sleep.

She wasn't paying attention to the people around her, other than those that she had been on the Versant with. There were several loud people, there were people with odd mental feels like the blue-haired Engineer that she had tried to speak with back on the Versant. There was no one that she had bonded with, she was a loner, an outsider, and she didn't really feel the need to reach out to anyone even though they had mutually suffered through the same or at least similar ordeals.

Zeph rubbed her eyes and gave a sigh. Each person formed a line, and one by one they stepped forward so they could get scanned in properly onto the ship. To make sure that no one was lost. They were all assigned places to belong, places to be, and that was all she needed at this moment. Her mind was so stunted right now from the sheer exhaustion she was suffering through at the moment.

All of a sudden, she heard her name. Which was weird, because no one here should know her name. First, she was terrified that they had found her, and she almost curled into herself. Everyone looked around for the person that was named such an oddity, but finally, she dared to look out with those breath taking eyes that were usually so full of happiness and joy to look around. There, she saw someone that caused her mind to just.. stop. Stop completely as she looked over at him surely that wasn't.. who she thought it was.

But then, she took a step forward. It wasn't someone from Azurite like she thought it was. A blast from the past hit her hard as she looked at the aged form of Thomas Ravon. Her knees nearly went out on her as she looked at him, still shivering, still shaking, and then she was off. "Lieutenant! You haven't been logged!" cried out one of the Security officers as she took off for Thomas. She probably didn't smell very good, she had been on the versant for a full week, but she launched herself into his arms, she was thin, too thin, but she hugged with everything she had as her knees finally gave out.

"I never, for a million years, thought i would see you again." she whispered as tears streamed down her cheeks and onto his flight suit, she clung to him with a white-knuckled grip crying like a baby.

[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

She spotted him, which made him smile a little as it meant he wasn't seeing a ghost. His eyes were locked on her as he just looked at him. The people still in the bay looked at the two of them as security wondered what the heck was going on.

Then Zephyr took off with a sprint, which amazed Ravon that she didn't crash into anyone or anything. Security called out to her, some making the move to intercept her. Thomas waved them down just in time to catch Zephyr as she crashed into his flight suit and hugged onto him.

The whaft of her body hit his nostrils, yet she smelled slightly different as he had walked into her in the Academy. Holed up in her quarters to study or to work on a task that sounded so trivial. Though she wanted to ace it. It had been those times that she forgot the mechanic of time or the need to look after herself. Thom had brought her food packs to keep her functioning from time to time.

This was different now and he had a million questions why she had gotten here, how she had gotten and where the hell she had been all these years. For now though it didn't matter as he simply brought his arms around her. He heard her cry, yet didn't feel the tears as he returned the embrace, hyper aware to bit squeeze her in half with the exosuit.

He'd almost forget to answer her and he simply smiled faintly as he did part his lips "Well you better start believing it now... I'm right here." He whispered to her as he lift her off the ground and high enough so they were face to face. One gloved hand reaching up to wipe some of her tears away. He waited for her to calm down before asking softly "How did you fucking end up here?" The eyes of the shuttle bay still on them though slowly fading as they were instructed to move along.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

He hugged her, he was real, so real, and perfect. She felt him holding her in front of everyone, maybe that meant she belonged, maybe that would help. But, it wasn't those reasons that she wanted to be hugging him, it was that they were reunited after so many years apart. She felt him pull her back for a moment and his gloved hands wiped at her tears that streamed down her cheeks, causing clean little rivers going down her cheeks through the grime that suggested the first thing she needed once Medical cleared her was a shower.

He told her that she had best start believing it which caused her to chuckle nervously, realizing that she was standing in front of him in an suit given to her by the Savi, skin and bones and little else, but she was there. Her knees threatened to give out again, but he was holding her and he would feel her weight dip towards the floor before she was able to keep herself standing. She cried another moment or two in relief before she was able to calm herself down. He asked her how she ended up here of all places.

Zeph swallowed and shook her head. "I.. that's a story not for in the middle of the bay." she whispered with a hiccup from her upsetedness a few minutes ago. She looked up at him, still wanting to ahve her time with him, but she knew that she was going to have to go to Sickbay and get the all -clear and who knew after that. The others were being processed at the moment, and so she had time to wait for the moment. Her hands, slender and dirty reached out and cupped his cheek, brushing across the stubble there.

"This is crazy." she laughed softly, almost hysterically as she looked around the bay and back at him. She hugged him again, just glad to feel his warmth against her. All the times in the Academy when he had fallen asleep waiting for her to finish studying. Or all the times she woke up with him beside her because they had both passed out during a holovid or during studying or something. All the times that he had held her when her heart was broken and when she was pushing herself too hard.

One of the Security officers came over and cleared his throat. "Lieutenant, I need your bioscans." he stated. Zeph pulled out of Thom's arms and reached over to brush her thumb across the Security officer's padd. He looked down as her face, from her most recent promotion came on the screen, along with the bright red words of CONFIDENTIAL - SEC LEVEL 8. The man looked up at her with his brow risen. "Okay well that complicates things a little bit." he stated brushing a hand over his bald head. "You'll have to be assigned somewhere to stay until we can get you all cleared by the Captain and Command staff." he told her.

[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

She looked like a proper mess as he coukd see the clean lines of her tears through the grime. It made him worry a little as he lookex at her features. She was different yet he couldn't quite place it what it was. If anything she had aged well, flourished even in those years.

He knew like her that she needed to get cleared by Medical and he knew he had to let go of her, even though as every fiber of him refused to do so. He noticed the savi outfit on her and he pressed his lips together. Her legs seemed to give out though he easily managed to keep her up. She wasn't that heavy and the suit aided for that matter to compensate.

He let her cry out before she got a grip on herself. She informed him that it wasn't something to share here in the open, in public. He nodded slowly and still looked concerned at her as a bloke from security moved over to her. Asking for a scan she provided the bioscans.

In truth she was right, all of this was crazy. The more so as he saw the security level she had. The man spoke that she needed to be assigned until se was cleared and Thomas spoke up "I can take her in. I'll put her in lockdown in my quarters if that helps." He suggested to the man. The man knew that objecting was a bad idea and Ravon was trustworthy enough. "Alright sir. We'll keep your quarters under observation and inform you when she's cleared."

Thomas nodded and asked "Do I need to check her through medical first?" The bald man nodded and smiled "Yes sir." Thomas nodded again and smiled "I'll take her from here in that case." He informed the man before Ravon looked at his fighter which obviously had to be moved.

Posts written collaboratively with Nolan and posted with his permission.

Re: USS Theurgy: Second Chances

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[Zephyr Praise]

she looked over at the man who said he would have to find somewhere to put her.  Before she could say anything Thomas stepped up and said he would take her in.  She could stay with him and be under lockdown until she was cleared.  Her eyes widened, he had no idea who she was, and what she had done, but the fact that he was willing to take her in like that was just.. an amazing thing.  She gave him a soft smile and brushed some of her dirty hair behind her ear for the moment.

She still needed to be cleared for medical and as the Security officer began to put in all the information into his PADD he gave a nod and allowed them to leave.  Zeph walked beside Ravon, fairly slowly.  She was tired, exhausted really, could probably use a couple good meals, and some fresh air.  But, right now she needed to be cleared by Medical.  There would probably be a backlog, of sorts, when they got there, she was a doctor herself but she knew the ethics of clearing herself wouldn't work.
As they headed for the Turbolift, Zeph looked over at Thomas.  "Thank you. For offering to take me in, you didn't have to do that.  It's been a long time since we were together." she bumped his shoulder with her own and chuckled.  The turbo was free by the time they got there, and he told Thea to take them to the Medical deck.  The turbo began to move quickly causing her to lean against the wall to remain standing fully, but she was just glad that she was here.  She hadn't had a padd in forever, especially one that would get messages so she had no idea what he had sent over the years of her absence.

"How long have you been here?" she asked just before the lift doors opened.  The doctors and nurses were busy and bustling, but they were churning out people as fast as they could and it wasn't long before she was offered a bed, they just had to wait for the Doctor to come in and run a quick basic scan over her.

[Thomas Ravon]

Thom had taken the responsibility to take her in. Despite the fact that they hadn't seen one another for years. Or the fact that their last contact had been... Troublesome and outright cold. He figured that she had foegiven him, the way she had thrown herself at him.

Thus he saw it as a duty to take her in. The fighter was in bad shape and Ravon told the chief he'd let the cubs take czre of her first before transporting it back to the fighter bay. The man had grunted yet had no other choice but to agree with the pack leader.

This opened up some time for him to escort her to medical and his quarters after that. Which were conveniently on the same vector. She bumped into him as she told him he didn't have to do it and he shoon his head "No, I did." He smiled faintly "I wouldn't want it any other way. Pkus you look like you could use a proper bunk and shower. Not the sonic kind." He offered her.

They stepped into the lift and rode it down to medical as he kept an eye on her. She looked weakened, malnourished and tired. He didn't say a thing in the lift and when she asked how long he'd been aboard the ship he sighed faintly "Uh... Since we left Terra... So a couple of months now." He answered her, again he'd want to ask about how she got on the Versant, but they entered the bustling medical center. He figured he'd ask her later as she got assigned to a bed and they had to wait.

He sat down on one of the chairs and tapped his foot on the floor "So... What have you been upto? I mean, I've never heard anything back from you..." He offered softly.

[Zephyr Praise]

He was right, she could use an actual shower.  She needed one more than she could say, but right now she needed to be cleared as much as she didn't like being the subject of being the patient herself.  Sitting on the bed in the medical bay, she waited, Thom seemed nervous tapping his foot on the floor and Zeph wrapped her arms around herself to try to keep herself warm and failing miserably.  She supposed it was the lack of-well-everything, but she knew she would get warm again at some point.  Maybe in the shower, maybe it would take just a couple days of sleep and actual food.

He admitted to having been on the ship for several months now, since they left Terra, and she nodded.  He asked her what she had been up to, that he had never heard back from her.  Looking over at him, she smiled softly.  "Where I was stationed, there was no communications in or out.  it was just.. business only." she admitted, the commentary alone would tell her that where ever she had been stationed was top secret and a black site, which would explain the high security clearance that even the Captain would likely not be able to get into.  It went above their head too.
Biting on her lower lip she was about to say something else, when the curtain parted and a Doctor, tired from all the sudden influx of people, stepped into the exam room.  He looked at the both of them a moment.  "You're kind Commander staying with Lieutenant Praise considering she's not a Theurgy native."

"We go way back." she told the Doctor.  "I already know what's wrong with me." she assured him, hoping to speed up the process.

"Yes, I see that you are dual-trained. An unusual thing.  A Botanist and Medical Doctor, don't think I've ever seen that mix." he said with a quick chuckle.  "But we'll go ahead and do a scan for the records all right?"
She gave a nod.  "Okay."
The tricorder was brought over and he scanned over Zephyr's body a moment before giving a nod.  "Exhaustion, malnutrition, your stress levels are through the roof, and you could use some TLC, but otherwise, you're fine.  I'll amend your profile, it shows you as half-Betazoid.  Until we can figure out what to do with that, you are reading as a Full Betazoid now."

Zeph gave a nod.

[Thomas Ravon]

"Sound like a peachy place to be." Thomas answered with a wry smile. It sounded pretty much top secret and he'd probably never truly get to it through an official way. Yet Zeph might tell him at some point, when they'd be more in private. Or at least he hoped so.

Thomas nodded at the physician stepping in and let Zeph do the talking as he could stay for the exam. He was not in the least surprised by the diagnosis and he tapped his leg with his fingers as the doctor carried on with his job. A few surprises hit him there, the biggest being that she registered as a full on Betazoid now.

Just what exactly had she been through?! The pilot shuffled in his seat as his eyes moved from the doctor back over to Zephyr. His jaws clenching together as he waited for the examination to be concluded. He wasn't sure what else was needed.

[Zephyr Praise]

Once the Doctor finished making all his notes in her newly created folder for the Theurgy, he gave a nod and looked up.  "Overall, decent health, so just make sure to eat something and get some sleep." he looked over at Thom and gave him a quick nod.  "She should be good in a few days." he stated.  "All the Versant officers have been through a lot, her body has also gone through denied susteneance and rest as well as her actual DNA being changed, so she'll be tired a lot at first." he admitted.  "You're clear to go." he said looking back at Zeph.

Zeph stood up and waited for Thom who seemed super nervous or like he had gotten himself into more than he thought he would have.  The pair left the Medical bay and she followed him through the corridors.  "If you changed your mind, I can bunk with the other survivors, you didn't sign up to take care of me like this."

[Thomas Ravon]

The pilot nodded at the words of the physician as he was told that she'd need a few days to recuperate and needed a good meal. The two of them got up as he still seemed rather nervous about seeing Zeph like this. They left the busy medical center and made their ways through the corridors as he looked at her as she spoke up. He shook his head and chuckled lightly "Ain't that what real friends are for?" he asked her "I'd be a lousy one to bunk you with a bunch of strangers in the condition you're in." he said soft as they got to the lift to get them to the right deck.

Once they arrived to the right deck the walk would only last a few more minutes. Ravon kept to himself for not it seemed, still peeking over at Zeph every now and again. A certain tension building between them, an awkward one. He tried to break it as he asked her "So, what kind of meal would you kill for?"

[Zephyr Praise]

She smiled as they walked back to the lift.  She rubbed her eyes sleepily, no matter what happened she was so glad that she was with him.  He was a good man, and she really appreciated the fact that he was taking her under his wing.  As they stepped out on the deck she looked around, a standard corridor deck with a bunch of people that Thom probably knew traversing the halls and what not.  She was too tired to pay much attention and her mental aquity was turned off right now due to how tired she was.

"Well yes, but .. it's been so long I didn't want you to feel obligated." she admitted.  Inside his Quarters, she looked around, not sure of what she was supposed to do here.  She had always cared for Thom, Ethan had crushed her heart in a way that had been hard to come back from.  She had contemplated ending her life more times than she cared to admit when it all went down.  She never had, always throwing herself into her work but when she was alone... it was hard.
He asked her what she would kill to eat and she smiled softly thinking about what she really wanted.  "You know.. I want something really good.  Like.. pizza.  The kind that we used to eat on the seaside deli.  That really thin crush and all those toppings, it was always perfect.  And sushi, like we used to eat when we got off campus."

[Thomas Ravon]

The corridors were quite filled with people, though most of them just passed by, some saluted to Thom and he responded to those. Zeph in his wake and when he arrived at his quarters he opened the door and let her step in before adjusting the setting to comply with the lockdown rules security would be after. His room was still somewhat a mess, which was no real surprise since she had seen how big of a mess his quarters could turn out in the academy.

He showed her around, pointing out the essentials to her before heh ad to laugh as she brought up pizza or sushi. He had intended to replicate the latter for her to dig into after she'd come out of a much needed shower or bath. He'd leave the choice to her "Alright, I think I know what I can make or well replicate for you." he offered her with a smile before he guided her through his bedroom to the bathroom. The bath and shower were in plain view and he placed both of his hands on her shoulders "Well, I think this right here will have to be your first stop Zeph." he said, seemingly more at ease now they were alone once more.

"Pick what you like and I'll put some towels and clothes at the door for when you're done." he informed her. The question did burn in the back of his mind as he felt like something was still off, missing. Should he bring up the messages he had sent her? His eyes were in doubt as he waited for her to decide where to go next.

[Zephyr Praise]

His room was still a mess, some things never changed and it actually brought with her a sense of comfort over the whole thing.  Zeph stood just inside the door unsure of where to put herself, she was fine to sleep on the couch or whatever not the type to worry so much about where.  Hell she would probably fall asleep in the shower if given the opportunity to sit still long enough.  He showed her where everything was, bed room, bathroom, replicator, couch etc.  It was an average, if not cluttered, Starfleet Quarters.

She placed his hands on her shoulders and told her this would have to be her first stop.  She chuckled slightly, though there was a little heart in it.  "You telling me I stink?" she asked playfully, but honestly she wanted to wash of the Savi stink as much as anything else.  She took a step forward towards the bathroom and he told her to pick whatever she wanted to put on and he'd put some clothes and stuff at the door.  She gave a nod and brushed a hand through her greasy hair.

"Just uh standard under garments and whatever shirt.. pajamas, I don't think the Theurgy knows my sizes here, but I'm sure you'll get close enough." she shrugged half heartedly as she headed to the bathroom.  Closing the door behind her she fired up the shower, turned it up as hot as she could stand it and could not get out of her Savi clothing fast enough.  Standing underneath the steaming stream was pure heaven.

[Thomas Ravon]

He could tell by her slightly unease stance that she didn't quite know what to do with herself, hence the guidance o the bathroom. He had to laugh at her playful remark and he shook his head a little "Maybe..." he answered her teasingly "I'll get the clothes and the towels ready for you. I'll be in the living quarters if you need me. Just shout if you do need me." he answered her with a smile before he let the doors close in front of him, the sight of Zeph escaping his eyes.

He swallowed as he turned on his heel and towards the replicator to produce to large towels and a standard issue size of pajamas. He chose a few sizes bigger then when they were in the academy, having learned her size there when he had stumbled across the mess of her bedroom and found pajamas back then. He tried to fold them as neatly as he could before placing them in front of the door and returning to the living space.

Next up was food. Creating his favorite pepperoni pizza, a big plate with various sushi and another plate with slices of fish and beef with teppanyaki sauce on the side. He surely went overboard with it yet he had heard the doctor. She was malnourished, she could use the sustenance at least. He placed it all out on the coffee table, along with two glasses and a big bottle of water.

That left him with the final choice. He looked over the stack of PADDs by his working desk and he took one, looking it over before erasing the content and assigning it to become Zephyr's personal one. It would need to scan her biometrics first before it would give access to her content. Ravon figured she'd at least wanted to get in touch with her family if she could, which would be an issue with the status Theurgy was in, but at least they would be able to store the message for when they'd be able to transmit it.

[Zephyr Praise]

Zephyr was in the shower for a long time, it took her three washes to finally feel clean.  As much as she loved the shower her body was getting to the point of passing out and her stomach reminded her that she hadn't eaten the promised food yet.  Stepping out of the bathroom she cracked the door to find the towels and clothes folded up for her.  Picking them up she tried off her body and hair.  Shivering more now that she was wet and no longer in the warmth of the shower.  But, that was okay.  The pajamas he had gotten for her were perfect and would be warm.

Putting them on, she used one of the teeth brushing tablets, becuase it was another thing that felt nasty.  Once she felt clean on all aspects, she hung the towels and threw the old Savi clothing in the dereplicator as she headed out.  She could smell the pizza as soon as she stepped out of the steamy bathroom.  Her stomach grumbled quite loudly, stepping out into the main room she saw the feast prepped for them.

"Expecting a party?" she teased softly as she crossed over to the couch looking a bit better in her pajamas and cleaned up.  Sitting down she folded her legs in front of her and wasted absolutely no time in grabbing a slice of pizza, folding it in half, and beginning to devour it.  As a doctor she knew that she should take time to chew each bite and she really didn't want to throw up so she was taking her time to chew.

[Thomas Ravon]

Waiting patiently in the living quarters, Thom had slipped out of his exosuit. Perhaps it had been a good thing for Zephyr to be in the shower since the pilot wasn't wearing much underneath. Just a pair of boxers in fact. He freshened himself up from sweating with some moist cloths before dereplicating them. Slipping on a hoodie and some sweatpants he now could only wait for her.

The wait seemed to last forever and the only way he knew he was exaggerating was due to the fact that the pizza was still steaming with warmth. He moved around restlessly as he had sat in four differeny locations before she arrived.

When she did show up he stood up again and smiled again as she walked over to the table filled with foods. Her remark made him snicker "No, just expecting a famished scientist." He shot back playfully to her.

She jumped in to devour the first piece and he smiled wide, unlike her his stomach had turned a knot. Anxious, nervous still. He nodded to the PADD for her "Yours to use if you want to kill time." He suggested as he simply watched her eat.

[Zephyr Praise]

He nodded towards a padd that she could use.  Her eyes widened as she leaned forward and took it from him but she didn't set it just yet.  She was too tired to go through years of backlogged communications that she hadn't been able to respond to.  Being reminded on what all she had missed out on during her life on the Azurite station was not something she was super excited about at the moment when she was so exhausted.  "Thanks." she said softly eating hungrily.

"So.. lieutenant Commander, that's pretty sweet." she said proudly.  "I always knew  you would make something of yourself Thom." she reminded him as she reached down and grabbed some sushi.  Dipping it in some sauce she took it into her mouth chewing. carefully again, she knew that once all of this hit her stomach she was going to be exhausted and ready for bed.  But, right now she needed to feed the beast.

"I bet you didn't expect to see me down there." she chuckled a bit wryly.

[Thomas Ravon]

She was eager to take the PADD yet left it for what it was. It seemed that hunger was her primary and most needed necessity. He kept watching her with a smile on his face as she switched meals to her delight.

She spoke about his rabk and he laughed a little "Yeah, who would've thought. Senior staff as well. Leader of the fighter squadron here. Has been quite a challenge to be fair.." he admitted as he rubbed the back of his neck. Her words were kind, really kind even. His gut clenched, the transmissions he had sent her all those years ago might not have been read, it dawned on him.

He shook his head at her next words. "To be fair, you were the last person I expected to see on that shuttle. Especially after all that time..." He admitted truthfully "Care to tell me how you got on that ship?" He asked her more serious now, his elbows leaning on his knees.

[Zephyr Praise]

She smiled softly as she ate, it was weird but good to see Thomas alive and well.  She had often thought about him and frequently worried about him.  He had always been a ladies man, and the way that she could view his Quarters not much had changed.  There was no female touch, no female items.  So whatever he was doing with his love life it wasn't a permanent fixture around.  She was just glad that there would be no awkward conversations when his girlfriend showed up or came home or whatever.

He asked her how she had ended up on the ship and Zeph took a moment to think about what to tell him while she swallowed the bite of sushi.  "WEll.  I was on a shuttle." she explained as she sighed and looked down.  "The Savi were somewhere near because they pulled me on board, they said I was the only one because I was the only hybrid on board.  I assume the others got to live, I don't know.  When I got there, they put me in this tube and told me I had 10 seconds to pick if I wanted to be Human, Betazoid, or Die.  There would be no hybrids.  So I.. picked."

She swallowed again and grabbed the bottle of water he had left out for her.  Unscrewing the cap she chugged about half of it before looking back over at him.  "I thought I was going to end up being an experiement which would have been the height of irony considering how much experimenting I did back before." she said though no smile touched her face or her eyes.  "I was scared there, I've been scared a long time..."

[Thomas Ravon]

Thomas kept looking with genuine concern on his features as she explained what she had gone through. The fact that she was on a shuttle wasn't awkward so Thom didn't pursue it.

She explained how she got on the Savi ship and how she had to choose what race she had to become. It was a weird thing to hear and he frowned not being able to wrap his head around it. "Wait, how did they do that? You can't just swap genes right?" He asked, remembering bits and pieces of it from her science classes.

She offered that she had been afraid, for a long time. He looked down and he nodded "You're relatively safe now... Although... We're fighting a parasitic threat that overtook Starfleet command a losing battle... We stand alone, or we did..." He broke it down to her "But I'll do all I can to keep you out of harms way Zeph." He promised.

[Zephyr Praise]

She thought about the process.  "I'm not really sure, there might be information on board now that everyone came back.  There was an Engineer with a device the Savi made sentient, and then of course Thea.  So there has to be information there.  But from what I understand they virtually rewrote our genetic code, and.. it was .. it was extremely painful for the lack of a better word." she sighed.  "I've never felt such agony in my life.. not physical anyway."

She didn't mention Ethan but he had been her last solid relationship.  He told her that she was safe now right before launching into something about a prasite that was taking over Starfleet command and they stood alone.  Then reitterating he would keep her out of harms way.  "Hold on.  Did you saw a parasite infiltrated Starfleet and we are alone?  We don't .. belong to a fleet?  What the heck?  You don't have some kind of cure for the parasite?  I'm sure there is a deeper story here but I'm confused." she admitted as she picked up another piece of pizza and leaned back on the couch nibbling it slowly, her hazel green eyes shifting over to Thomas watching him curiously

[Thomas Ravon]

He looked with compassion yo Zephyr as she had been through hell it seemed, perhaps worse. The pain was worse than anything she had ever felt and Thomas could only powerless look at her as he couldn't do anything about it.

As Zeph bounced his own situational problem back at him he shrugged "I don't know the specifics. You know I'm not the brightest science guy in the bunch. I just know we're being hunted down because of it. I've seen friends and people I called fammily perish. It's been crazy." He didn't mention the trauma of Niga, Theta and Calamity. She had seen enough pain he reckoned.
"So... when I fall asleep.. am I going to have to worry about some girlfriend of yours being all jealous you're sharing your place with me?" she asked him curiously.  Of course there was most definitely notable, the missing ring on her left hand.  The one that Ethan had given her was long gone, in her horrendous heartbreak she had shipped that fucker back to his mother so that she didn't have to look at it anymore and didn't have to remember anything about it.

Zeph took another bite rubbing her eyes with one of her hands.  "I missed you- you know.  Where I was.. there was no communications in or out.  So... I wasn't able to stay in touch."

Re: USS Theurgy: Second Chances

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[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

He had to snicker a little as she asked if she had to worry about a girlfriend if she fell asleep. He shook his head "No, no female intrusion normally. I had bunked a cardassian friend here for the moment. He usually sleeps on the couch." Ravon informed her

"Either way, you deserve my bed. You heard the doc. You need sleep, rest and time to recover." He answered her with a smile. He had noticed the lack of ring on her finger, he knew what had happened. He didn't want to pry or bring up more memories for her either so he let it be. His heart sank as she told him that she missed him, yet that she hadn't read any communications for quite a while. She must've not read his messages he had sent as last. He swallowed

"Yeah, about that... You might find some coldhearted messages from me in that case... I was hurt, felt abandoned." He confessed to her as he avoided her gaze.

]Lt. Zephyr Praise]

Zeph hadn't even realized she had closed her eyes when they popped back open again becuase he spoke. About how he had been hurt and angry that she had stopped communicating with him and he had sent some cold hearted messages.

Her brow rose, and she almost wanted to read them but there would be more than enough time for that and she was far too tired to get mad about it now. She smiled softly.

"Well, I'll have to have a stern word with you about it later when I know what I"m talking about." she chuckled softly as she looked across the room at him. She was a little sad he didn't have anyone to love, but then, at the same time that opened the gateway for any kind of bond they might form now that they were reunited. There was so much history between them it would be quite easy, really.

"Do you think, you might be willing, to share the bed just this one night? I keep getting cold, and having nightmares and ... and it'd be like old times. Just this once?"

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

Perhaps it was because she was too tired that she didn't go into the messages he had brought up. To be fair it was so long ago that Thom barely remembered what exactly he had put in them. She had chuckled lightly about going to have a stern talk with him about it and Thom laughed, feeling a weighed slip off his shoulders.

He obviously still had his flings with girls aboard the ship, though nothing concrete. Not after Skye at least. He hadn't opened up to anyone else but her during his time aboard the ship. Of course there was the debacle with Rawley...

He got brought back to the now as Zeph asked if he were willing to spend the night in bed with her. It made him smile a little as he shrugged "Sure, I mean, it's not like anything we didn't do before in the academy when we passed out over PADDs or stuff. Plus if it'll make you feel more at ease... Why not." He answered it, not making a point out of it or seeing any problems about it.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

she smiled softly and she leaned into the couch. She wanted to talk more, and she wanted to eat more, her stomach was still hungry but her eyes kept drooping. She finally let her eye lids win and a moment later Thomas would realize with her deep breathing she had fallen asleep on the couch, sitting up, pizza slice still in her hands. Her chest rising and falling at a regulated rate, her pale fingers long scientist fingers were holding on the pizza for now, but it wouldn't take too long for it to slip out of her sleeping fingers.

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

He noticed the change in posture and the regular deep breaths she gave. He smiled at the cuteness of the situation she had worked herself in. Typical Zeph really... He stood up, taking the slice from her fingers, he did so carefully to not wake her. Though at this point he doubted anything would. He put everything away first as she looked steady in the couch.

After dereplicating everything he lifted her off the couch an carried her with ease to the bedroom. With great care he placed her down and tucked her in, laying besides her and dimming the lights to ten percent in case she'd wake up. That way she'd be able to get her bearings faster, or so he hoped.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

She didn't feel him or hear him moving around her. When he picked her up she snuggled into him softly, smelling much better than earlier. As he tucked her in, she seemed to almost melt into the thick covers and actual pillow. A soft smile on her face. When he joined her in the bed she curled up against his warmth and finally stopped shivering since he had put her in the bed. She softly fell into a much deeper sleep.

It was about three hours of deep sleep before she shot out of bed screaming. "I gotta go! I gotta go!" she cried out running from someone, something, that seemed to be chasing her. "They didn't listen!" she said as she looked behind her as if she was being chased and tumbled over the couch crashing into the floor between it at the coffee table, tears streaming down her cheeks

[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

It had been blissful to see her curl up in his bed. A much needed and deserved rest it seemed from what she had been running from or what she had been going through aboard the Versant. Thomas lay next to her, removing his hoodie as it would prove too warm to sleep with.

When he did fall asleep it didn't take long for him to shoot up from sleep as Zephyr had jumped out of his bed as she seemed to be having a vivid nightmare. He looked dazed for a second, having to get his own bearings before he heard the stumble and thud. His eyes widened as he jumped out of bed and chased the brunette.

Finding her on the floor, crying her heart out. He carefully approached, not wanting to spook her. Almost as if he was chasing a wild animal. He came in from behind her and grabbed on to her so she wouldn't dart off and hurt herself more. "Hey you, it's fine Zeph. You're in a safe room." He tried to calm her as he pulled her in for a hug. Trying to comfort her.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

Strong arms lifted her up she was balling, and at first she thought to fight, but she was awake enough to know that she was safe. She could recognize his voice, and she could recognize the feeling of his arms around her again. Slowly Zephyr began to calm down and she hugged him tightly, sniffling into his shirt for a few minutes, trying to get herself back together.

After a few minutes had passed Zephyr was quiet again, she had her eyes closed, but she wasn't asleep she was just reminding herself over and over again, that she was safe.

"Sorry." she whimpered out softly though she didn't let him go, she didn't tighten her hold either she just, needed him a little longer. Zeph shifted in his arms to get more comfortable. "I didn't mean to wake you, they aren't always so loud." she whispered softly finally pulling away she wiped angrily at the tears on her cheeks and go tout of his lap. Rubbing her tired eyes the dark circles seemed to be deeper than they had been before. Zeph lay out on the couch exhausted, her eyes wide open "Thom, do you think the Captain will let me stay here?" she whispered

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

Patiently, the pilot waited for her to calm down, feeling her moisten the shirt he had tugged on quickly before going after her. He was hugged and he let his hands move over her to comfort her as he let her recuperate for as much as she could in the moment. He didn't say anything else for now. She apologized and Thomas shook his head "Don't... You can wake me anytime you have these." he told her as he looked down at the now full blooded Betazoid.

She wiped her tears and shifted away from him, taking refuge on the couch. He remained on the floor, looking at her as he pulled his knee up and placed his hands on it, resting his chin on top of it. Even in the dim lighting of the room, he could see the dark circles underneath her eyes. "Perhaps... I'm sure I can convince him." or her. "Regardless, I think there's little choice. The risk of letting you go is too high, if they find you, they'll question you about our whereabouts, intelligence, all the sort." he thought it over rationally. Unaware how close to home it hit for her.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

He stayed on the floor, and Zeph figured that he probably wanted his space anyway she had rudely woken him up. Rubbing her eyes sleepily she let out a yawn. He told her that he could convince the Captain to let her stay but he doubted there was much of a choice. If someone got ahold of her and figured out where she had been, the intelligence she had achieved while there, and what not. Zeph's face grew quite pale.

"So I"m back where I started then." she whispered to herself mostly as she put her head on her knees and let out a long sigh. Her hands were clasping each other so hard that her knuckles were white. Zeph swallowed heavily trying to figure out what to do with herself. Trading one closed off place for another, one set of secrets for another, all of it was too hard for her. Dark thoughts began creeping back in, the kind of thoughts she hadn't experienced since Ethan had left her.

[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

Thomas' eyes were training on Zephyr as she sat there. Having informed her that the ship she was on now was a marked target and that she probably wouldn't be able to leave triggered something inside of her. He kept watching her intently, unsure what to say now as he could see the strain she put her knuckled through. He slowly got up, moving over to the couch before he placed his warm hands over hers as he caressed her cheek after that.

"Hey, at least you have me here and I have no doubt you'll be making friends here in not time." he tried to encourage her, Unaware of the dark path she was risking herself to fall into. His eyes kept looking in hers as he nudged her now to get her out of her thoughts "Come on, get back to bed. You need to sleep... A lot of it even." he whispered to her "I swear I'll carry you if you don't get there yourself." he tried his utmost best to lighten the mood.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

Zeph didn't like the thought of just trading one prison for another, to get rescued from that, to be placed in another. On the other hand, she was afraid that if she had ended up on a regular ship she would have probably been turned over to the Federation for court martial considering how she had run. Not one was going to believe her, what had happened on Azurite and the dangers from there. She couldn't talk about it anyway, she would just be seen a traitor and probably would be seen that way here too. As much as she didn't want that to happen, that's what she was. She had turned her back on her research, on her people, on the people that she had worked with for years. She had stolen her own research and run as fast as she could. She didn't regret it, she wouldn't look back, even if she ended up being branded a traitor and stripped of her rank, she refused to feel bad about her decisions that day.

Warm hands cupped her cheeks, and she looked up to see Thom had moved up onto the couch and was there close to her now. She gave him a small smile, she was tired, so tired, she couldn't remember the last time she had felt well. But, that was just life. He promised that he had her, and she would be making friends in no time. A soft smile crossed her face, and she gave a nod. He nudged her, and her eyes snapped back at his, hoping that everything really would be all right. He told her to come get back to bed, she needed a lot of sleep. And if he had to he would carry her. She chuckled sleepily.

"Okay okay..."

Rising up she followed him back into the room, the lights shut down most of the way, like last time, and Zeph lay there staring at the ceiling. Her hands resting on the flat of her stomach while she gazed upwards. "Thomas." she whispered into the dark. "I'm so glad you're here. It's like.. there's a little piece of home here."

[LCdr Thomas Ravon]

Tiredly she seemed to agree to his words and she eventually got up as she followed him back to the bedroom. They both returned in the bed and Thom remained on his side, facing her as he could barely make her out in the dark. Of course there were the shooting stars as they were at warp, which made it somewhat handy to see her contours on his bed. He couldn't be sure however if she was awake or asleep.

It felt pretty surreal that she was here now. After having lost her all that time ago it felt unreal to actually come back face to face with her. Even less so to have her in his bed now. Of course the situation wasn't sexually loaded or anything of the sorts, yet Thomas couldn't help but wonder how his younger self would have reacted to this. Would he have tried to finally make his move now? Thomas in the current now knew better than to drop that topic now on her. Even more so as he still didn't know what her feelings were towards him.

She suddenly whispered out his name and his eyes shot back at her as his eyes would almost perk up. It was like a wolf perhaps when it heard something suspicious and raised itself for inspection. He smiled faintly at her words and he reached his hand out, placing it on presumable her stomach. "I'm glad you feel somewhat home here." he answered her softly "Now sleep Zeph... You need it." he encouraged her as he was still worried about her fatigue and the shit she's been through.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

His hand came down on her stomach, and her hand lay on top of his a moment later. Fingertips brushing over the skin. She wasn't doing it in any sexual way, Zeph was too mentally stunted at this point to even consider even though it had been a while. Zeph was not normally one of those people who just slept around anyway and she certainly wouldn't do something like that with Thom. He was probably just as much a ladies' man now as he was back then and she didn't need the complications that came of that.

He told her he was glad she felt at home here, and then reminded her she needed sleep. That was easier said than done. Zeph turned on her side to face him, forcing his arm around her waist. She closed her eyes and tried to settle herself into some kind of comfort. Eventually, she ended up somehow, in her fighting to find a comfortable spot, right up against him, she was going to move away but he held her there a moment and Zeph settled in. Curled up against his chest, both her hands and arms between their chests. It was only a moment later, that Zeph was asleep. Her heavy breathing brushing against his chest. This time she would sleep through the night, but occasionally she would mutter and speak in her sleep. Nothing that made a lot of sense but showed her level of stress

Re: USS Theurgy: Second Chances

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[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

He watched her, even though he was tired. He wouldn't be as exhausted as she was he imagined as she turned to face him. He said nothing, letting his hand rest on her as she edged closer bit by bit until she was comfortably against him. Thomas didn't make any moves or anything of the sort as he just held on to her for comfort and security. He could hear her breathe, mutter and talk in her sleep and it took a while before he eventually fell asleep himself.

The ship in the meantime made course for Aldea. Thomas woke up hours later as he looked down to Zeph. It felt like a dream where he wake up from and forth e next twenty minutes or so, he just looked at her as she slept against him. It still felt surreal, despite what they had been through. He didn't dare to move, afraid to wake her and he had some time before his regular duties would require him to get up and about. Work wasn't going to wait for him. He slowly brushed his free hand over her temples, pushing some hair behind her ear as he smiled a little.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

Zeph did not have any nightmares for the rest of the night, and when Thomas woke up she didn't even stir she was sleeping so heavily.  Even his touch didn't seem to rouse her right away as he tucked errant curls behind her ears.  Curls that were more obvious with the shortness of her hair than they had been when it was longer.  It would be a good almost-hour before she shifted against him and then her eyes opened.  Her eyes were black now, because she hadn't visited V to see if they could get it fixed.

She looked up at him and a soft smile crossed her face as she rolled over on her back and stretched out  in a cat-like situation.  Looking up at the ceiling a moment and then turning over to look at Thomas again.  "I had the craziest dream you were here.  And we were on the same ship.  And.. I was so excited, because I have missed you so much."

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

It was something that took some getting used to as Zeph opened her eyes and all he could see were those pitch black eyes. It would almost alarm him as he wasn't used to those eyes on Zephyr. The smile on her face however decreased his need for that worried state as she stretched herself. Her words made him chuckle and he shrugged "Well, sounds like a nice dream..." he answered her with a smirk, slowly sitting upright in the bed as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"Spoiler though, you're actually awake on a ship with me." he teased her as he narrowed his eyes "Feels good to hear though that you missed me." he chuckled again as he stopped moving his fingers through her hair, not really knowing why he had done so "You seem to have slept better... Do you want breakfast or something to drink?" he asked as he moved out of the bed and padded over to the replicator in the room to produce coffee for himself.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

"It was." she admitted when he said it sounded like a good dream.  Then he told her that spoiler alert, it was true.  She chuckled softly and sat up softly.  He said it was good to hear that she had missed him, and she gave him a look that said 'really?' and then shook her head.  He had been her best friend through out the ACademy.  She had for a while hoped that they could be something more than that, but he always had some beautiful girl on his arm and cycled through them pretty quickly.  He had never looked her way, and Zeph had gone on to be with Ethan.

Thomas began brushing his fingers through her hair, causing her eyes to shift over to him again.  He told her that she had slept better, he could tell, and she gave a quick nod in affirmation.  He was right, she had, she knew that it was weird for him, probably, to sleep holding her.  And, she hoped that tonight would be different and she wouldn't be so needy.  Zeph hated that she tended to rely on others when things got emotionally tough.  She had always been an empath she was the one that was supposed to be tough.  He asked about breakfast and moved off, she missed his hand almost instantly.

"Yeah, coffee sounds great.  I"m actually pretty hungry."  she stated getting out of bed still dressed in her pajamas she headed for the bathroom to relieve herself and came back to coffee.  She replicated some scrambled eggs and biscuits.  "Want some?"

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

The look Zeph gave him made Ravon smirk and shake his head. His feelings for her having stayed the same since the academy. Still he hadn't hoped on anything romantic of the sorts considering they were on the run and had been out of touch for so long. It would be wrong for him to assume she would even harbor feelings for him. Especially after introducing her to Ethan.

By the time Zeph had gone to the bathroom and back he had replicated her coffee just as he remembered how she liked it in the academy. Perhaps her taste would have changed over the year, in which case it would be a nice memory drink. He slurped from his mug as he walked back to his bed and seemed to search something. As he obviously didn't find it in his bed, he moved over to the nightstand as she replicated her breakfast.

The smell of eggs hit his nostrils and he could feel his mouth water. He looked up as she offered him some and he scooped some o the eggs off her plate with bare hands, licking his fingers with a wink "Thwanks!" he grinned at her with a mouthful before he found his PADD and swiped it open. Fighter debrief in fifteen... He was going to be just late or right on time. He cussed and muttered as he quickly searched for a suitable uniform. "Need to work, make yourself at home here. I'll be back later." he winked at her before he skyrocketed out of the bedroom and out of his quarters.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

He came over and took some fingers of eggs and shoved them in his mouth earning him a dirty look.  "There was a fork and everything." she reminded him before he pulled up some information on his PADD and told her that he had to go.  Work called, her brow rose, as she watched the tizzy that was tornado Thomas going through his Quarters to get ready.  he told her he would be back later and headed out so fast.  For a long moment, Zeph stood there still holding her plate of eggs and biscuits in her hand, before she sat down alone on the couch and ate a few more bites before she lost her appetite.

Dereplicating the plate full of food she headed around and began to keep herself busy.  Cleaning, straightening up, getting his laundry taken care of, the bedding made, everything was clean and spotless after an hour, and then she sat down and turned on the PADD he had given her keyed to her biosigns.  She thumbed herself in and began to read the old messages, there were years of them, but of course initially there were tons, even from her sisters, her parents, and Thom.  A couple from Ethan but he had the least.  She saved Thom's for last and now saw why he was worried about her reactions.  He had given up on her like everyone else.   It was the danger of working for a black site, everyone assumed you didn't care enough to answer your messages and never thought, hey maybe she can't.

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

It took longer than expected for Thomas to return to his quarters. Several hours had come to pass before he made his way back to the and with a chime the door slid open as he stepped in. His eyes widened just a bit as his quarters looked nothing like he had left them in. Looked like Zephyr had been busy. Quite busy. Thomas walked in and placed his PADD on his desk, looking around for her in the meantime.

He had been stuck with the debriefing and administrative work. Sure he could've done those in his quarters, yet he knew just as well that he'd be distracted by his house guest. Security had not let anything on about where they were with clearing her for duty. Which was kind of shit since that meant Zeph couldn't get out and around to explore the ship. "Zeph, I'm back!" he shouted, to let her know he was here if she needed him. Unaware of what she had read in the meantime.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

Zeph heard the chime, she had been sitting in the bedroom on the bed thumbing through various things she could gather about ideas of what she could do in these Quarters to keep herself busy and not going insane.  When she heard his name, she tossed her PADD to the side and got up heading out to the main area with a smile on her face.  "Hey, did your shift go well?  It wasn't very long."

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

He saw her rush out of his bedroom and he smiled as he saw her smile "Technically my shift is still ongoing. So it kind of helps that I'm the boss over my department and I can do whatever the fuck I want." he grinned as he cracked his neck a little "What have you been up to?" he asked her as he walked over to the replicator to get some water for himself. He produced a bottle for her as well as he tossed it over to her, wondering if she'd still be as clumsy as before.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

She WAS still just as clumsy, though she had times where she could actually function like a normal person.  She tried to catch it, almost did, but she fumbled it and barely caught it against her chest again.  Blushing softly she shook her head.  "I cleaned, caught up on my messages, and was just looking into things that can keep me sane while I'm on lockdown.  I knowyou can't just be here to entertain me all the time." she stated twisting the cap off her bottle and taking a sip.

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

He couldn't help but laugh a little as she fumbled to catch the bottle. He nodded as she listed what she had done so far and he gave it some thought "Well, I could use a workout or a run really. You can join me for that. I'll keep you under close observation." he winked at her as he knew that these walls would feel like a prison to her otherwise. Which was the last thing he wanted.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

"Really?" she asked with her eyes widened.  "I'd love to go to the gym, or a run, or something.  That would be amazing.  I haven't gotten to do that since before the Savi."

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

He smiled broader "Okay, we'll start with a jog. We'll be able to show you around a bit in that case." he concluded with a shrug as he smiled at her "Get your running gear. I'll try to go easy on you." he smirked as he figured he'd be in better shape then she was. He replicated a few more bottles for on the way along with some energy snacks.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

She grinned, and gave a nod.  Heading into the restroom she replicated herself some workout gear.  Purple work out leggings with bright purple panels on the side.  Zeph had always had a thing for color.  A sports bra in black with a bright pink and purple geometric tank top over the top.  She came out pulling her short hair into a pony tail behind her, small tendrils too short to be secured fell around her neck but she didn't seem to mind.  Sitting on the edge of the couch she put on her black and purple tennis
shoes, she had gone for things that were bright and cheerful and pretty.

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

As Zephyr came out of the bathroom, she looked like a shiny bundle of colors. He had to laugh a little and shook his head as he had replicated the lone wolves sporting gear that he'd always wear when working out. It consisted out of a tank top in grey and a dark gray pants. The only color he had in his outfit were on his running shoes. Which were black effectively but had yellow fluorescent stripes to it. He changed and walked back out as he produced a small backpack to strap on his back with the drinks and bars. "Alright, set?" he asked her before opening the door and started to run away from his quarters. He'd show her around as it'd be a long jog. Sickbay, the fighter bay, science decks including hydrophonics and last but not least they stopped at he Arboretum.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

She nodded.  "You bet!" she stated with a grin on her face, she was ready to get out.  Zeph had always been the kind that was busy.  She was always moving, doing things, on the go.  Or she was hip deep in whatever project or studying she was doing.  That was how she went through her life, so getting out even though it hadn't been long would be nice and she would get a chance to see the ship without them seeming like they were breaking the rules.  "How did you end up the Commander of the Wolves anyway?" she asked heading to the door with him.

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

He shrugged at her question and thought back about it. There would be a long story attached to it. They started their jog as Thomas began to tell her. "I was MIA, separated from the pack during an engagement with a ship from the future called Calamity. When I fought my way back to the ship, I returned with a modified ship. Part future tech, part what I fly around with normally." he explained, looking at her to check if she understood what he was on about.

"I returned during one of the larger engagements. The battle of SB 84, were a false simulcast had been sent in our name." he said somewhat bitter "When I returned aboard the Theurgy. I was the senior officer, even though I had been missing. So I was appointed leader. I had to deal with the loss of people I loved, held close to me whilst I was gone. Though I grew in the role as leader, even though I sometimes find it hard to see me as one." he admitted with a faint smile as they continued their jog.

[Lt. Zephyr Praise]

She listened to his story as they started their jog.  It was crazy to hear something that impressive second hand, she wished that she had been here for it, Thomas had always been very strong.  They were moving at a decent clip but not too fast, she had been ill cared for during the last week or so.  Still, it felt good to be moving, and though they were getting some odd looks from people that remembered their reunion, heard about it, or just the new face, she didn't care at all.

"Wow, that's crazy." she said, unsure of whatelse to say.  "You know, I've always thought you were very strong, so it's not surprising that you survived all this time, and that situation."

[LCdr. Thomas Ravon]

A snicker left his voice "To be fair, I thought I wouldn't live." he whispered as he had grim thoughts. It wouldn't have been the first time that he felt negative thoughts, yet he didn't share that with Zephyr. He figured she'd have enough to deal with for now. As people gave them looks. He looked back at them, still being protective over the Betazoid with him. He bumped into her a few times, sometimes on purpose to share a smile with her otherwise it'd be by accident.

"So what about you? I've got the feeling I missed so much about your life in the meantime." he asked her as the pace was quite easy going for him.

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[Lt. Zephyr Praise | Running on Deck | Learning About One Another | Step by Step]

She was still proud of him, anyone would be.  He was a good guy, and he had always been strong.  It was so familiar, being with him.  Going on a run, she remembered circling the track with him in the Academy when he forced her out into fresh air for her own good, he said.  They would talk and run until they couldn't talk any longer.  Then shower and head out for their favorite sushi.  There were so many memories wrapped up in Ravon.  He was someone that she had never expected to see again once she had taken the position on the Azurite station.  They had no need for TacConn there, and the odds of him being assigned to where she was, had been extremely small.  There was no way to reach out to him anyway, as much as she had wanted to, she had been alone and solo on a new station.  Burying herself in her work for the most part, especially post-Ethan.  That was a subject that Thomas said he knew, but if he had heard it from Ethan she highly doubted that he knew the entire story.  Or realized how she had slammed into rock bottom with barely enough strength to pull herself back out of it.

He asked her what she had been up to and she thought about what she could say.  Confidentiality and covert operations had been ingrained into her for so many years now she was pretty sure that she would never forget how to keep everything she did there private.  But with Thomas it was hard to continue that because honestly she felt so comfortable and safe with him.

“Well, you know.. some.  I saw that you had heard from Ethan, or contacted him when you couldn't contact me.” she said as they continued to run together and enjoy the exercise.  It was definitely helping to clear her mind for the moment.  “I .. I am certain he did not really tell you the truth, other than we weren't together any more.” she admitted with a long sigh.  “But that's for a conversation when I'm not running.”

She didn't mind talking about it, the pain was more of a dull ache now, back then it had been as if someone had torn her heart out of her chest and walked away with it still in their hands.  She wanted to talk to Thomas about it, he was the one that knew Ethan the best, they had been good friends back in the Academy before Ethan and Zephyr had started to date and Ethan spent most of his time with Zeph.  As they rounded a corridor she brushed some of of her curled bangs out of her face. 

“After that, you know I went back to the Academy and dove into Medical school so that I could become better trained to take my Botany and apply it to Medical situations.  I worked as a doctor on a ship for a bit but my hybridization and cloning plant with Hermatic DNA caught the attention of Starfleet I was quickly moved to an undisclosed location.  Where I have been until I escaped.  Until I was picked up by the Savi.  So I know it seems short, but there are a bunch of years crammed in there somewhere.” she promised.

Zephyr finally was hitting a place where she had to slow down.  This was not normal Zeph, no, and he would be able to look at her body and tell that it wasn't the case.  However, she was tired from the mistreatment of the Savi, and so she stopped running and began to just walk beside him. 

“How is the ship here?  I mean, I know I'm not allowed to go anywhere yet so I can't meet anyone or get a feel for it and my mental shields are still up but... it's a good ship right?  Do.. do you think they'd protect.. someone that .. was .. wanted?”

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Deck running | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ

Zeph told him he knew a bit of what she had been up to whilst they had lost touch. She brought up Ethan and Thomas looked at her and nodded slightly. She told him that she he probably lied why they weren't together anymore. In fact Thomas hand't asked for the specifics, he had broken with that so called 'friend' years ago. Zephyr told him that would be a conversation for another time and Thomas couldn't help but smile and nod as he could poke her to say more, yet respected her call on the matter.

She talked about having headed back to the Academy and using the medical trade as a gateway to improve her botany skills. What she said after that was gibberish for the pilot as he understood the words yet had no idea what it meant practically. He had to smirk a little as they continued their jog, though the exercise seemed to take it's toll on her. She had been on what sounded like a black site and the fact that she escaped it made some alarm bells go off in Thomas' head. He stopped when she had to slow down, which was atypical for her. He didn't mention it to her, though his eyes did move over to see if she'd be okay to walk or go further.

"You know you lost me at hybridization right?" he chuckled as he bumped his shoulder against hers as they walked now and he pressed his lips together "So you've been quite the busy bee. Figured you missed being a bookworm and headed back to the academy. Do tell me though, was it as fun without me there?" he teased her, joking of course as he stopped to grab a water bottle out of the bag he had been carrying on his back.

She asked about the ship and he looked at the corridor around him, as if now he only noticed that they were on a ship "Oh... Pretty good. She's a prototype along with the fighters inside of her. A great ship to be honest with you. I'm sure once you get cleared you'll have a field day in the science labs." he snickered as he walked further with her.  He did stop dead in his tracks as she asked if they'd harbor her if she was wanted. His green eyes pierced hers as he turned to face her entirely now.

"Just what kind of trouble did you bring yourself into?" he whispered to her as he looked around and smiled faintly "If its any consolation... We're all wanted for treason." he sighed and scratched the back of his head "I'll explain that you too, but perhaps when we're back in my quarters. There's footage and stuff you need to see to fully grasp it I think." he explained it to her "So in any case, yes, I think we will protect you. As long as you haven't done anything crucial against Starfleet laws and even then... The situation now is so peculiar."


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