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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: D03 {2330 hrs] - …and Party Every Day
Last post by Stegro88 -
[ Lt. T'Less | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @P.C. Haring

“How have you been?”

The question was such a simple one. An innocent one. But the answer to it? That spanned more than a decade of life experiences that had irrevocably changed T'Less from the Vulcan Starfleet Cadet working towards a life surrounded by science and discovery to a Vulcan Tactical Officer that had, on multiple occasions been responsible for the safety of a thousand of her fellow crew’s lives. Cadet T’Less had not envisioned herself being put into a position that would make her responsible for anyone’s life beyond her own.

“Dutifully engaged,” T’Less responded, choosing to believe that Reggie was only asking about the time since their encounter in the Public Baths. “While the ship is being repaired, there is still much that can be done. Training, scenarios for further conflict with different Great Houses or preparation for other tasks that we will have to undertake.” As she spoke, and looked at Reggie, she recalculated the possibility of exactly what the Betazoid was asking about and surmised that she was not answering the question correctly.

“But that is not the answer I believe you are seeking,” T’Less declared calmly before taking a sip of her drink, the idea of liquid courage passing through her mind and how she didn’t quite understand it. “I, it has not been easy these last few years. Much has happened and I have often found myself wishing that you had been here for me to share it with,” she answered honestly after a moment’s pause. “But also, at the same time thankful that you had not been. I don’t think I could have handled seeing you hurt... or worse.”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: CH 2: S [Day 01 | 1857 hrs] Expectations
Last post by joshs1000 -
[CPO Avandar Lok | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20| Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Lok smiled to himself with a half hearted laugh at the mention of him going planetside. Not that he didn’t like going down to explore new planets, it was just that he never had much interest in going to planets that had people on them. To him the perfect away mission was to some world that had never been touched by technology or people. A little odd considering his own love of any kind of technology he could get his claws on to tinker with, but sometimes he just wanted to appreciate some unspoiled nature.

About the time the plates were cleared away was when Lok finally felt full from his many sandwiches and multiple liters of coffee. It wasn’t quite the dinner he had planned but it was better than he had expected; same with Commander Cross, not as bad as he expected for an officer. The man could honestly pass for a non-com, maybe this guy was alri-

“Do you not like fighting?” Cross began once again, turning the topic back to the martial arts.

Lok took a moment to think of his response, partially wondering if perhaps Cross was trying to see if Lok was dodging some sort of training program.

“Well…I just don’t like to do it, I will if I have to and I know my stuff from basic training, but if I’m being honest, Commander, I’d prefer if I never had to again. Bad experiences in my childhood and bad experiences during the War.” He closed his eyes for a moment as he took a drink of the last bit of coffee he had left; the distant taste and scent of Jem’Hadar and Cardassian blood passed over his mind that sent a cold shiver running down to his hands. He suddenly gulped down the last of his coffee in an attempt to wash it away.

“If the ship is ever attacked, you can count on me sir, I’ll do what I have to do”, he said finally after a long pause. In an attempt to perhaps change the topic he smiled at Cross and asked, “I bet you know some of that Vulcan-fu stuff I’ve seen in the past.” He punctuates his point with a little chopping motion in the air. “I saw a competition on Vulcan once, pretty neat….I mean other than the fighting it was pretty boring but you know, still kind of interesting to see.”
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: An Assassin in Agra Fort
Last post by Dumedion -
[PO2 Kino Jeen | | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @RyeTanker @Dree  (anyone else)
Been a long time, Kino mused silently as her eyes narrowed at the fortress. From her vantage point facing the Northern Tower, Kino studied the ancient structure’s design like a puzzle in her head. She watched the guards move about the walls, the traffic along the River Juma to her left that led down to the Water Gate, and the slow procession of guests and pilgrims as they shuffled to the Elephant Gate to her right. Tricky ingress for sure. Getting out will be much more entertaining. Meh, we’ll deal with that later.

Night had fallen, leaving a clear sky filled with stars but devoid of any moonlight; her cybernetic eye pierced the darkness easily enough, however. The fort itself – an immense bastion of blood-red stone – was thoroughly lit by hundreds of torches and braziers upon its battlements, not to mention the sporadic explosions of multi-colored fire from above.  Apparently, there was one hell of a shin-dig underway. Oh yeah, this’ll be fun, the non-com smirked under the thin silk wrap that concealed most of her face, black as the night itself.

Her eyes settled on a point upon the wall just to the right of the Northern Tower. She’d use it for cover during the climb, once a few minor details were handled. Her eyes flicked about as Kino shrugged the simple cloak from her shoulders where she knelt to inventory her equipment one last time before committing. To the northwest, beyond the walled city, a far more impressive palace loomed in the distance; it’s white walls and curved towers shone like a true beacon of regal power in the night.

Some really pretty buildings, the Trill smirked again. “Be a shame if something happened to ‘em, now wouldn’t it,” she whispered, quiet as the wind, with a grin. The longbow across her back was pulled, arrow notched and raised. Kino loosed a quiet breath then, and took careful aim – timing was critical – she waited patiently, having judged the distant booms of light and sound from the fireworks to hide her shot. Once committed, speed would trump caution. She’d only have precious few minutes to make the climb.

Hundred yards, elevated, moving target. Yeah, no problem, the Trill thought sarcastically. “Sorry ‘bout this pal,” Kino murmured, then loosed.

She was up and running an instant later.

[Moments later…]

Once the guard’s body had been stripped and dumped out of sight in one of the Tower storage rooms behind a wall of wicker baskets, Kino stowed her bow, rope, and clothes beside one of the braziers along the northern wall. She was pouring sweat under the guard's heavy armor, clad in stifling robes and mail. The arced Talwar at her hip felt clumsy, but it was really only for looks; the shield and spear in her hands would do if and when she needed to use them.

Right. Time to find the powder stores and light this sucker up, the non-com panted in the heat, trying to catch her breath – then pulled the rounded helm from her head with a grimace. “Can’t fuckin' breathe in this thing,” Kino grumbled and tossed it aside, then turned just in time to see three armed and alarmed guards. “Ah, crap,” she hissed as they shouted and pulled steel to charge.

The biggest one sneered at her in the gloom, all polished armor, sweating muscles, beard and broken yellow teeth. “Surrender, interloper, and be granted a swift death," he hissed, sword raised high to strike her down.

Kino rolled her eyes at the display while they circled her, then snorted. Please. Try me, dickhead.”

All four moved at the exact same moment.

Kino raised her shield to take the sword-blow from the right as her hand reversed its grip on the spear. The butt of the staff flipped up in a blur to take yellow-tooth in the jaw – prompting a roar of pain through shattered teeth – just as the Trill lunged the spear-tip back and down through the foot of the yuppie behind her. The non-com leveraged her weight up with the blow, lashing out with a savage kick to through the knee-cap of the sword-bearer, then spun the shaft of her spear against the helm of foot-less, who dropped like a boned fish in a clatter of mail. A casual kick to the face of sword-bearer dropped him, just as yellow-teeth was trying to pick himself up off the floor, spitting blood. He lashed out with a horizontal slash at Kino’s shins, which she blocked easily enough with the haft of her spear –  then bashed the edge of her shield into his helm hard enough to dent the bronze-colored cap and send him sprawling.

Kino snorted again as they groaned. Yellow-teeth’s sword was flicked away with her boot while she smirked in amusement. “Aw man, what happened? You boys hang on, I’ll go get help,” the non-com teased, leaving them where they fell. So much for subtlety. Oh well, she shrugged, then dropped the spear in exchange for one of the torches that adorned the wall and sauntered on her way – down the stone access corridor and out into the outer defenses towards the Water Gate.

With a little luck, the bodies would be discovered and the guards worked up into a frenzy, which would make her objective all the easier. If she came across the other 'players'? Well...

We'll deal with that too, Kino smirked.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 09 [15:30 hrs,] Once Upon the Island
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[ Lt. Cmdr. Harhev | Pirate vessel qu'DuHSum | BIQ'a'bIng Ocean | Qo’Nos] Attn: @Ellen Fitz‍ 

A wave of unexpected, though not unwelcome, relief washed over Hathev when Cross came to.  Immediately he complimented her on her choice of wardrobe, which seemed at first odd since there were very few options for her on this ship.  But at the same time she welcomed the comment and decided that she would likely keep this when they returned to the ship.

“That ‘Klingon Oaf’” she started “Is currently making his way to the bottom of the sea.”

There was a far more sinister undertone to her words, and she shied away from it, as a sense of shame and guilt over took her.  She had killed him… had been brutal about it if she were being honest.  It was logical and prudent, of course to have defended herself and Cross.  But there were far less violent ways to do so. 

In that moment, she understood all to well why her people had suppressed their emotions and the danger in which she now placed everyone around her. 

She considered what, if anything she should tell Cross grateful for his questions that allowed her to avoid talking about what had occurred and worried about the inevitable time when she would have to confront her actions.

“I have not taken a precise heading, no,” she commented, as she began rummaging through the wardrobe looking for pants that would fit him.  “But given our general direction of travel when I carried you down here, we are heading west southwest into open water.”

She produced a pair of black pants that, looked to be made of some sort of leather, and showed them to Cross.  Hathev was about to hand them over to him, but then as her memory of what they had been doing before their interruption on the Island returned to her, a different idea crossed her mind.

“While I believe these will fit appropriately, I do not think it appropriate for you to put them on quite yet.  I do believe that as the humans say ‘turnabout is fair play’.  So,  while I go and see if I can locate a galley, I want you to lay there thinking about all the things I might do to you when I return.  Do you understand me, Mr. Cross?”

She heard his response as she departed to search the ship.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: The (hopefully) Great Romulan Smash and Grab [Day 1 | 1800hrs ]
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[ Lt. Kestra Pren | Romulan Space Station | Romulan Space ]  Attn:  @Ellen Fitz‍  @BipSpoon‍  @Hans Applegate@RyeTanker‍  @Sqweloookle@Stegro88@Dree

Kestra dove behind cover as a blast of disruptor fire struck against the bulkhead she had just been standing next to. The Romulans had been particularly forceful in their response to their incursion, moreso than she might have expected for a research station. The Admiral’s intelligence on the station indicated it might be hiding some high tech prototypes aside from the Thaloron triggers, and based on what she was hearing through the Starfleet Comm channels, that assessment was spot on.

With the help of Klaudia Cheung’s expertise, the crew of the Mary Baldwin had patched into the comms of the Theurgy crew on board the station. They had two teams, one dubbed Red, the other Blue. Blue was to go after the objective, while Red created distractions. The team from the Baldwin, dubbed “purple” had been left into more of a freelancing role. Help where able, but ultimately ensure the success of both teams to the best of their ability.

She spun out of cover, the barrel of her rifle coming to bear on the Romulans who had them pinned. Three quick squeezes of the trigger, sent three phaser pulses down the corridor. Two Romulans vaporized instantly, the third survived as her shot went wide.

To her left,  PO3 Jenkins also spun out of cover and fired. His shit hitting the elusive third Romulan square in the chest and sending him to the deck that would mark his final resting place.


Together Kestra waved her fireteam forward, her rifle up high on her shoulder, ready to fire. As they rounded the corner, her vision seemed to blur for a second and, if she didn’t know better, the bulkheads seemed to flex and bend as though she were walking through a hall of mirrors. Just then her tricorder beeped. Leaning up against the bulkhead which felt far more solid than it looked, Kestra pulled the tricorder out of it’s holster, flipped it open, and clipped it into the bracket attached to her rifle. Never did her eye leave the gun sight.

She flicked her gaze at the output, but couldn’t fully understand it.

“Pren to Cheung. What the hell am I looking at?”

[[Standby one, Pren. Linking to your tricorder now.]] There was but the briefest of pause. [[Ah… sorry about that. The Romulans are trying to release a neurotoxin into the atmosphere. My virus is blocking it, but it looks like some might have released before I could shut it down.]]

“It’s screwing with my perceptions.”

[[Yeah… it’s non lethal but it’ll make you hallucinate like crazy. Just keep pushing forward. There’s cleaner air up ahead. I’ll guide you if needed.]]

She knew the protocol and signaled the rest of her team to hold their breath as they advanced into the next section of the facility.


The deck almost reverberated beneath them with the sound.


[[Oh shit…]]


The sound grew louder, a rhythm like the footsteps of a metallic giant approached them.

“Talk to me, Cheung…”



Kestra saw it a split second before she heard the warning. The gunmetal monstrosity rounded the corner and opened fire without warning. Debris flew in all directions as the Romulan mech unloaded it’s ordinance. The deafening noise threatened as much disorientation as the neuro-toxin but she closed her eyes and willed herself to focus. The weapon would have to stop firing eventually, and when it did she would respond in kind.

She sensed it more than heard it, a minor change in the rhythm of the noise followed by a noted slow down in the firing rate and then it fell silent.


She wasn’t sure if anyone would follow her cue, and she didn’t care. She jumped out of cover and held the rifle trigger, willing the phaser to fire even faster than it already was. At least two other phasers were firing in unison with her.

But none of it did any good. The mech kept coming, it’s shield bubble illuminating at the points of impact like that of a starship. Not only that, but she saw the gattling disruptors start to spin up again.


She pulled back just in time as another volley of weapons fire chewed through the corridor leaving her to wonder if there would be any cover left. More debris flew and she brought her arm up to cover her face.

When the weapons spun down the second time, Kestra was ready and lobbed a photon grenade at the mech and ducked behind her cover once again.

Even with the benefit of cover, she felt the concussive wave of the weapon’s explosion pressing against her as more debris fell around her. The grenade was strong enough to blow a hole in the hull of a shuttle, or level the side of a building. But as the gattling disruptors spun up again, she realized it was not strong enough to penetrate the Mech’s shields.

She looked across the corridor to the other side of the junction. Jenkins was down and unmoving. She’d lost sight of Lau but the other two on their fire team were struggling to hold their position under the mechs whithering fire.

For it’s part, the Mech hadn’t moved. It’s pilot seemed content to hold that corner and keep them pinned.


She dared to peek around the corner, and saw the Mech take a step and, much to her surprise, the shield perimeter did not push the debris out of the way, but rather allowed the inert material to pass harmlessly inside the bubble. Which made her wonder…

There were plenty of holes in the deck and she could see a service crawlspace under her. But she doubted…

Something caught her eye. A panel, no more like a junction actually and in the briefest of instances, she was back at the academy sitting in an elective engineering extension course pining after a particularly handsome upperclassmen named Bashir. An arrogant, know it all medical student, Kestra remembered not caring about his personality as long as he’d take her to bed with him. Alas, it never happened.

Another blast of debris took her back to the moment and she wiped the blood off her cheek.

“Pren to Cheung,” she called. “Am I looking at a Plasma Waveguide conduit?”

She pointed her phaser at the panel in question so her Tricorder could get a scan of it and relay the data back to Klaudia.

[[Confirmed. What of it LT?]]

“Find me the adjoining plasma conduit, quickly!”

There was but the briefest of pauses. [[Two meters directly in front of you.]]

Directly under the mech. Just what she was hoping to hear.

“Cover me!”

She didn’t wait for a response before tossing her rifle and pack to the nearest person. Pulling two photon grenades from her pack she dove into the hole in the deck and dropped hard into the service tunnel below. She scampered forward as the mech fired into the gap she had used, to get down there, before turning it’s attention elsewhere.

For as short of a crawl the two meters was, it seemed to take forever to reach the point. As promised the plasma conduit ran under the deck, perpendicular to her orientation. She had no way of knowing exactly where the mech was above her, but if this worked, It wouldn’t matter. She armed the grenades and slammed them onto the conduit.

“Fire in the hole!”

The seconds ticked down in her head as she pulled herself out and sprawled out towards the other two fire team members. She found Lau with them, and as she gathered her gear she pulled them with her “Fall back!”

They retreated back into the adjacent section. Already one of her team tore at the emergency panel and was pumping closed the blast doors, sealing themselves off. The deck rumbled again as the explosion deafened them momentarily and send them tumbling down.

[[Are you all right?]]

It was Cheung. Kestra took a look at her teammates. Everyone was alive though she couldn’t assess any injuries thy might have had. For her part, Kestra felt the blood trickling down the side of her face and the debris that had impaled into her left thigh muscle. It wasn’t deep, so she ignored the tenants of first aid and pulled it out, dropping the shard to the deck. It hurt like a bitch but the pain subsided into a throbbing ache.

“We’re in one piece. What about you?”

[[What the hell did you do? The plasma distribution network is flashing a breach alarm.]]

“Detonating a photon grenade next to a plasma conduit will do that you know,” Kestra replied. "We’ve retreated to the adjacent corridor. Can you diver the plasma flow to cut the fire?"

[[Done. I’m also not detecting a hull breach. Other than the radiant heat, it should be safe to re-enter.]]

“What about the mech?”

[[Can’t tell you. Internal sensors are down in that section. Can’t imagine why…]]

Kestra ignored the sarcasm as she took up her gear and squeezed herself through the gap in the blast door, created when the explosion had twisted the doors frame.  She broke into an immediate sweat from the heat. Turning at the junction where they had been pinned, she brought her rifle to bear but a forcefield stopped her in her place. The reason why was obvious.

The section they had been fighting in, like the mech that had pinned them, no longer existed.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: CH. 3 S [Day 01 | 1315] Growing New Roots
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[ Lt. Reggie Suder | Shuttle craft Faraday | IKS Kolath landing bay ] @AbsintheDeux‍ 

[Shuttle Faraday. You are clear to depart. May Kahless guide you.]

Reggie turned back to her controls and throttled up the engines.

“Shuttle craft Faraday departing. Thank you for your hospitality Kolath.”

Reggie wasn’t sure what to think about the cryptic response the Petty Officer had provided her but she also knew that she might be treading on dangerous ground if she asked too many questions about something classified.  Still, it was beyond her how something related to fungus could be considered classified.  Even so, she couldn’t help but chuckle at the ‘beat the bad guys’ comment. 

“Good enough for me,” she replied.

She maneuvered through the departure grid as Artimis commented on meeting other humanoids.  There was something about this girl that just seemed weird.  Granted, she was a non-comm but how she hadn’t met many others through the course of her Starfleet career confused the Betazoid.  Pushing it out of her mind, she decided that maybe it was just nerves.  PO1 Saugn would not be the first crewman she’d ever met who had trouble controlling her nerves.

“I’ve only been aboard a few weeks myself,” Reggie conceded.  “And already I’ve met some amazingly talented individuals.  Given the nature of our mission and the high level of stress it carries, the crew are good people and I think you’ll find no shortage of unique personalities once on board.”

Her voice trailed off as she adjusted her course to avoid intersecting a patrolling bird of prey. 

“Speaking of unique,” she said in a poor attempt to pivot the conversation.  “I’m not complaining or anything, but can you help me understand something?  When we got word you were ready to transfer over, the Klingons said something about how their transporters are incompatible with your species.”  She took a breath.  “I’m curious to know what that was all about.”

She chastised herself for asking the question and hoped the Petty Officer wouldn’t be offended.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 5 S [D02 | 0740 hrs.] We The Disgruntled
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[Lt. Commander Hathev  | Road to Tholob | Romulus ] Attn:  @chXinya@Ellen Fitz@Griff@Dumedion‍ 

By all appearances, Hathev kept to herself as the away team moved through the streets, but as the ever astute Vulcan-disguised-as-a-Romulan, the Counselor was busy observing with every sense the environment around her.  As she expected, even in the so called ‘shanty town’ there existed a sense of order and discipline.  After all, on Romulus, the Tal Shiar was everywhere, anywhere, and nowhere all at once.

Yet as they entered Tholob the settlement did seem a bit more run down than she would have otherwise expected and she found herself unsettled.  But was not what she saw that unsettled her… no.  That was not it, she determined.  The source of her discomfort came from what she was hearing.

The dialect old, almost ancient, dating back…almost two millennia.  Rarely used but one she had studied.  The grammar and syntax was wrong, clearly spoken by self taught amateurs, but given the words she was able to glean, it made sense they’d use such an old language, especially in this part of Romulus.  Anyone who could properly translate it was either sequestered by the Tal Shiar or studying on Vulcan.

…or a Starfleet officer infiltrating Romulus.

The Vulcan drifted to the side of the group, moving her ear closer to the distinct but hushed tones of the two people speaking to one another.  They kept their cloaks over their heads and Hathev made no attempt to identify them.  She walked past them as they spoke in the ancient language, not used on Vulcan or Romulus since the proto-Romulan exodus almost two millennia prior.  A meter past where they stood, a junk dealer had set up a stall and was looking for anyone to patronize his wares.  Hathev obliged. 

The dealer seemed happy enough and started talking up his garbage.  Hathev picked through some of the offerings, making a show of examining them, but truly there was nothing of any value beyond the opportunity turn her back on the conversation while listening in.  It was difficult to fully understand the context, but as she picked out words and interpreted tones and expressions, a logical, if not disturbing, picture.  As soon as politeness dictated, she returned the junk to the vendor and excused herself to catch up with the away team.

“We may have a problem,” she said, ensuring her voice was loud enough to be heard by her companions, and no one else as they walked.  “We must seek privacy immediately.”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 3: Stand and Deliver [ Day 1 | 1258 ]
Last post by P.C. Haring -
[ Lt Reggie Suder | Upper Shuttlebay (Lower Level) | Deck 11 | Vector 1 |USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88@jreeves1701‍  @GroundPetrel‍  @Fife@trevorvw@Nolan@Juzzie@Eirual‍  @Ellen Fitz@Brutus@AbsintheDeux

By the time she had gotten off the comms with Herrold, Reggie had calmed down.  Herrold on the other hand had only angry and in much the same way they had transferred power from Logan’s ship to hers, she felt she had transfered her anger to Herrold.    Liam had, of course, refused to give her the name of who had serviced her ship the night before, as she had anticipated.  She could, obviously check the logs herself, but something told her that by the time she did, the only name she’d find was that of Liam Herrold. 

That was, she decided, one of the things she respected most about the deck Chief; his willingness to fall on the sword in front of the pilots to protect his deck crew.  Of course, Reggie was not so naive as to think Herrold would let it slide.  No, someone was going to get an ass chewing but it would be the Chief of the deck who provided it. 

That, she supposed, was how it should be, but even so she disliked yelling at Herrold.  The error had not been his fault as he had not been on duty last night and she much preferred to direct her anger at those who deserved it.  Sure the argument could be made that as chief of the deck, he deserved to be chastized for any agregous error as he was in charge of the team, but the Betazoid stopped herself from falling down that rabbit hole if for no other reason than the cascading affect it would have that could lead to her trying to yell at the Captain.

That dog did not hunt.

[[Stark to Lieutenant Suder.]]

The call from the Executive officer took her off guard not only because it jarred her out of her thought process but also because it was so rare that the two of them spoke directly. 

“Suder here, Commander.”

[[Gemini, I just received word from the IKS Kolath.  They have a crewmember aboard who is transferring to us, a Petty Officer First Class, Artimis Saugn.  Would you mind to grab a shuttle and bring her aboard?]]

Reggie frowned at the order veiled within the form of a request.  Taxi duty was not often something assigned to a Wolf, but with the crew split up, everyone had to chip in where needed.  Plus, Stark likely knew that Wolf-13 was still charging back up and wouldn’t be truly flight ready for a bit yet.  So, it was easy for her to grab a shuttle and bring the crewman aboard.  But something else stuck in her mind.

“I can do that, Commander.  But if I may, why do we need a shuttle?  Wouldn’t a transporter be quicker and more efficient?”

[[Apparently the Klingon transporters are incompatible wit her species.  I don’t know if that’s bullshit or not, but it’s  what they’re telling me.]]

“I’m on my way, Commander.”

The comm went silent and Reggie pushed herself out of the chair she’d been using while talking to Herrold.  After informing Khalil what was happing she crossed the deck and found the standby shuttle ready and waiting.  The two junior deckies jumped as she boarded Shuttlecraft Faraday.  Likely they were hiding from her earlier fit of anger but they seemed to relax considerably when she dismissed them, and took her seat to begin pre-flight.

OOC - This exits Reggie from this thread as she continues on in Growing New Roots
.  Also, this post may see a minor revision after I finish consulting @AbsintheDeux‍ about Artimis and Shuttles and Klingon Transporters.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 02 [1000 hrs.] The Commander's Confidant
Last post by Nesota Kynnovan -
[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | USS Theurgy]
Wearing: [Show/Hide]
Attn: @Brutus

Amanda couldn’t help but chuckle and turn her blue-eyed gaze towards Hailey and Lucy while Natalie spoke. ”Yeah, that’s Lucy Hunt. She’s the Chief CONN Officer aboard the USS Aurora.” As she spoke, the blonde-haired Martian turned her attention back towards Natalie in the assumption that her holographic former shipmates would be way too preoccupied with each other to pay them much heed. In doing so however, her blue eyes briefly came to rest upon the ample breasts of the other woman; similar to what she’d just done earlier, Natalie was definitely showing off her own breasts as well and it was hard to miss that some of the other holographic patrons were enjoying the view. With a grin, Amanda lowered her voice and leaned in closer while she brought her blue eyes back up to meet Natalie’s own blues. While it would prevent the two holograms from overhearing, it also had the added benefit of being able to look at the Commander’s bare orbs from even closer. ”I honestly have no idea why she’s here though… and I don’t think that Hailey expected it either.” These were the kinds of shenanigans Amanda came to expect of Lucy though and, at this point, she had to admit that they were part of the classic Lucy Hunt experience which she’d come to appreciate in a certain way.

The Lucy Hunt experience certainly caught up with Amanda when the brunette suddenly came up to the bar, dragging Hailey right along with her. Before Amanda could really say or do anything, the holographic CONN Officer had thrown her arms around her and pulled her together in a fierce hug. Amanda could feel how her larger 34-sized breasts were enveloping Lucy’s smaller bust and a soft gasp escaped her lips as her own hard nipples rubbed against the nipples of her holographic friend. It only lasted a second though, just long enough to tease Amanda, because Lucy stepped back again just as the blonde-haired Martian could feel the stir deep down in her loins. Regardless, her breathing had gotten a little bit ragged though and her ample breasts were heaving a little heavier than before while Amanda answered with a ”I… I’m happy to be here.”. While Amanda made an attempt at making it sound quasi-nonchalant, the ever so brief contact hadn’t helped her arousal at all and at this point it was beginning to show.

In an attempt to regain herself Amanda turned her attention to the drink in her hand and took a big swig. This wasn’t what she expected when she proposed a visit to the holodeck and, while she was definitely getting more and more aroused, a part of her worried about Commander Stark and if she’d ever be able to look the woman in the eyes again after this. While Hailey was calling out to the other holographic patrons at the tiki bar, Amanda noticed how Lucy kept her eyes glued onto her and took another big swig of her drink in an attempt to distract herself from the staring.

Maybe, in hindsight, Amanda should have kept a closer eye on Lucy so she maybe could’ve prevented what came next. Either that or, at the very least, could’ve mentally prepared herself for the next series of events. By the time her attention was drawn to Lucy because the holographic CONN Officer called out, Amanda saw how the other woman kneeled down behind Hailey Bennion and unceremoniously pulled her bikini bottoms off. They promptly disappeared into thin air, and at that moment Amanda couldn’t do anything but close her eyes in an attempt to accept the inevitable.

Less than a second after Hailey Bennion was stripped naked, Amanda’s own bikini bottoms disappeared into thin air as well. She could feel how the bikini bottoms disappeared and, upon feeling the air between her legs, a soft moan escaped Amanda’s lips as the last remaining shreds of her dignity disappeared along with them. Standing as naked as the day she was born, her cleanly-shaved vagina glistened in the torchlight of the tiki bar; from the way she stood, with her legs just slightly apart, Amanda’s swollen clit was clearly visible. Without her bikini bottoms to hide and contain it, especially given how she stood, Amanda’s pent-up wetness was now starting to slowly leak out of her vagina as well. While it embarrassed her and a part of Amanda wanted to cover up, a bigger part felt even more aroused at the fact that everyone could see her like this and, as a result, Amanda just bit her lower lip and kept standing like that.

Meanwhile, Amanda could see that Hailey didn’t respond to getting stripped naked like that. Instead, as if the nude mode of the holodeck program was initiated, the blonde-haired Chief Operations Officer turned to face them with a big smile on her face as if nothing happened. ”How do you two like this party?” As she spoke, Hailey turned her attention from her to Natalie, but Amanda could see that her attention was more focused on the brunette Commander now. In fact, it was obvious that Hailey’s perky 34B-sized breasts were jiggling proudly and her pink-colored areola, which were a little over an inch in diameter, were now even more perked by her hard nipples. The hologram’s vagina, which was adorned by a thin blonde landing strip, was obviously getting wet as well and Hailey’s arousal suddenly made Amanda realize what had been in front of them all along.

’The holodeck program is reacting to our own arousal…’
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 3: Stand and Deliver [ Day 1 | 1258 ]
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Ensign Jaya Thorne | Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy
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Jaya looked at the data displayed at the CONN-console in front of her. Her brown eyes took in the readings, which indicated that the Helmet was still in a holding position relative to Chancellor Martok’s flagship, and a distinct look of boredom began to appear on her face. They were at the exact same position that they’d been in last time she checked the data, which was roughly five minutes ago, and the ten minutes before that; the navigational computer made sure to maintain the programmed distance down to the meter.

Attempting to suppress a yawn and half-succeeding, the brown-haired Ensign turned her brown-eyed gaze to her left. Warrant Officer Vasill Nirya was sitting at the OPS-console and, judging by the concentrated look on her face, the red-haired non-commissioned officer was monitoring her long-range scanners while listening to the available communications frequencies to monitor for anything of relevance. In absolute silence, of course. Even the Main Bridge itself was silent, but Jaya knew better than to turn around and look at what the others were doing. Instead, and with a soft sigh, Jaya turned her attention back to her own console; it featured a display of the ship’s short range navigational sensors which was frequently used to coordinate anomaly avoidance and diversion planning, but even that just showed the various Klingon cruisers at the same distance they had been all this time.

Fighting off the urge to yawn again, Jaya moved her hands over the CONN-console and input one particular command. Outside the ship, the bright light that illuminated the section of the bow which displayed the name USS Theurgy and the registry NX-79854 directly underneath it flashed off and on several times. Contrary to the navigational beacons, these lights were pretty harmless and were mainly used for identification within visual ranges. And, while it took several seconds, a smirk appeared on Jaya’s face when she saw that one of the Klingon cruisers within visual range suddenly flashed one of their visual identification lights as well; she clearly wasn’t the only pilot who was bored of maintaining a holding pattern.

”Ensign Thorne!” A sudden voice right behind her made Jaya nearly jump out of her skin and she inhaled sharply as she spun around in her chair; ready to speak up and explain herself for flashing the visual identification lights. Instead of a superior officer however, she was met with the sight of a black-furred Caitian Chief Petty Officer wearing a red uniform. If Chief Petty Officer Sh’ow was aware that he just caused jump scared Jaya, his black-furred face and deep green eyes failed to show it however. ”I am here to relieve you.” For a brief moment Jaya turned her brown-eyed attention to the chronometer on the lower-right side of the navigation display, surprised that the Chief Petty Officer showed up half an hour earlier than he should have. Under normal circumstances Strawberry Shortcake would relieve her for the next watch, who was (just like Jaya herself) never that much earlier than she really should be, but with Lauren Pierce off to do other things with the other half of the USS Theurgy that task now befell the hulking Caitian Chief Petty Officer and the enlisted personnel assigned to the CONN Department. Never one to question being relieved early however, Jaya just skipped away from behind the console and took her booster seat out of the chair before magnetically reattaching it to the inside of the CONN-console’s support pylon. ”Have fun, Chief. There’s nothing of note to report, just be careful you won’t get too stressed.” A smirk appeared on Jaya’s face as she gave Sh’ow the mandatory briefing for anything of note, but the hulking Caitian only grunted in acknowledgement as he sat down behind the CONN console.

And with that, Ensign Jaya Thorne began to make her way off the bridge to do other things; she had just finished a scale model of an Aurora-class Light Research Cruiser and was looking forward to painting it.
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