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Day 18 [1540 hrs.] The Second First Impression

[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Xenobiology & Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Eirual

While Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby had ample experience dealing with Vulcans, at least more than enough to understand how to have a proper conversation and adhere to the cultural etiquette, her earlier conversation with Lieutenant Commander Hathev had been a little awkward. In hindsight, the timing was way off; it was one thing to discuss a transfer to a different department but, following the loss of Lieutenant Stellan Foster, the Counseling Department was understaffed enough as it was. The standard operating procedure of the Department used to be that Amanda, as a Psychiatrist, would mostly perform the follow-up evaluations of patients sent her way by the front-office Counselors. She would prescribe them with the necessary medication if the situation called for it, closely monitor the patients on their road to recovery and, if necessary, intervene to make sure their recovery would go according to plan. Being as understaffed as the Department currently was however, Amanda had also taken it upon herself to assist Lieutenant Commander Hathev and their other remaining Counselor, Lieutenant Rhys Williams, in the preliminary evaluations of incoming patients. As a result, the workload increased to the point where Amanda had to turn over her official duties as Morale Officer to the enthusiastic team of volunteers that aided her with brainstorming, planning and running the various activities aboard Theurgy. Now, she only signed off on their ideas without involving herself with the actual organization.

In fairness, the writing had been on the wall at that point. Given how it had only been three weeks since she discovered that her brother Ethan, one of the original Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officers aboard the USS Theurgy and the entire reason why she sought out the renegade ship in the first place, had perished in a bombing, Amanda had already been under considerable stress. Escaping her own emotions by burying herself in work had only allowed her to escape the problems for so long and, when they ultimately found her again, the problems returned with a vengeance that pushed her teetering on the brink of a burnout.

While Lieutenant Commander Hathev had understood the situation, Amanda had actually felt bad to request a transfer to the Science Department. The Science Department had been without a dedicated Cellular Biologist for some time now and, given their fight against the Infected, Amanda figured that her talents might be of more use to their ongoing struggle in a Laboratory as opposed to her quarters while under the effects of a burnout. The Chief Counselor had agreed to the logic of her case and, thankfully, supported the transfer request. The Vulcan woman had even allowed Amanda the necessary time to unwind, familiarize herself with the Science Department and, if a transfer was still what Amanda would want after all that, formalize the transfer request with the Chief Science Officer to make it official.

So here she was, Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby, walking around on Deck 17 in search of the Xenobiology & Cybernetics Laboratory. In all fairness she had already searched on Deck 16 as well, repeatedly finding her way into the Fighter Assault Bay, before someone finally asked her if she needed any help and she reluctantly admitted that she got turned around. But here she was, on Deck 17! It had taken her a little while to navigate the maze, but as she made her way through the corridor Amanda felt confident (and entertained by her own musings) that she was finally on the right track.

As she came around a corner, Amanda’s confidence was further strengthened as she read the words “Physics Lab” on one of the doors to her right.  The smile on her face only grew larger as she continued walking and read “Chemistry Lab” on the next door. Then, finally, on the last remaining door before the corridor ended in a dead end, she read the word “Xenobiology & Cybernetics Lab”. Should she go through with her transfer, her new station would most likely be behind this door. For a brief moment, Amanda held her pace in front of the door and took a deep breath in preparation of meeting her new colleagues. Then, after she sufficiently steeled herself, the aspiring Cellular Biologist walked through the doors…

…and heard a sound she couldn’t quite identify. As the door closed behind her, Amanda briefly turned around to look at the door; only to notice that the panel right next to it displayed a flashing red light. Someone had muted not only the door chime, but the entire door altogether. It was at that moment that Amanda realized that the door opened silently, even without the signature hiss that usually followed. A little surprised, the blonde-haired Martian noticed that the only button that wasn’t flashing red was the one used to lock the doors.

A little concerned that she might be interrupting an important experiment, Amanda quietly made her way forwards; hoping that she wasn’t startling anyone with her presence. She could hear soft groans coming from further down into the Laboratory and, given how this was a Cybernetics Lab as well, a part of her was genuinely worried that she’d be interrupting some kind of cybernetic surgery or an important repair. 

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[Ens Mia Dunne | Xenobiology & Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]
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Things in the lab were not quite what they seemed. Mia was had been working in Tyreke’s lab on her research for most of the day. The close proximity of the two scientists had eventually drawn them together in a passionate embrace that quickly progressed into something more. Five minutes later they had almost breathlessly asked for the door to secure itself, although Tyreke had made the request at the same time that Mia was saying they needed to be quiet.  Neither of them was aware that Mia’s comment had merged with Tyreke’s and had not resulted in the door being locked.

Now, 5 minutes later, Mia was panting heavily, one of her hands pushing at Tyreke’s uniform in an attempt to remove the barricade, her other filled with his engorged penis, stroking him. She could feel the bite of the small workstation against her back as Tyreke pressed against her. His hands had already pushed her uniform up enough so that he had full access of her ample breasts. His mouth sucking at one breast while his other hand squeezed and pinched her other nipple. A soft groan of pleasure had escaped her lips as she lifted one leg to wrap around him as she leaned back. Tyreke’s back was to the door, and Mia was focused only on her lover as their bodies became heated with desire. “Oh God, Yes,” Mia moaned as Tyreke’s free hand slid down her waist and began to push at her trousers.

Tyreke’s mouth came to hers once more, kissing her deeply. Their tongues pushing  back and forth into each each other’s mouths in imitation of what was certain that other parts of their anatomy would soon follow. Mia felt the cold air against her wet breast and felt the tightening of her nipples even more as Tyreke’s hand slid underneath her clothes to the apex of her thighs and slid a finger through her already slick labia. Mia moaned even louder and tossed her head back, leaning back on the one arm that had been pushing at his clothes only moments before.

Neither Mia nor Tyreke had heard the door or the soft fall of footsteps entering he room.

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Re: Day 18 [1540 hrs.] The Second First Impression

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[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Xenobiology & Cybernetics Lab | Deck 17 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Eirual

Amanda had only taken a couple of slow, quiet steps into the Laboratory, just enough to stand next to what appeared to be a research desk. It allowed her to peek around the edge of the bulkhead that separated the research desk from the rest of the laboratory, and what she saw was enough to make the blonde-haired Martian hold her pace mid-step. In front of her, mounted on the research table, was the woman who was part of that disastrous shrine tour back on Qo’noS; Mia Dunne. This time the blonde-haired Ensign found herself in an even more compromising position than she’d been in at the Orion outpost however, and Amanda’s blue eyes took in the sight of the other woman’s ample breasts as they jiggled ever so slightly under the clearly expert touch of Lieutenant Tyreke Okafor. As she watched how he sucked at one of Mia’s surprisingly large breasts while his hand, the one he wasn’t using to undress Mia, squeezed the woman’s dusty rose-coloured areola, which were surprisingly roughly the same size as her own, Amanda felt how her own 36E-sized breasts began to firm up against the material of her bra as her nipples involuntarily began to harden as well, further mirroring those of Mia.

What shocked her even more however was the sight of what Mia was doing with her own hands. While Lieutenant Okafor’s trousers were still on, Mia had freed the Lieutenant’s penis from the -clearly- tight confines of his trousers and was stroking as much of the erect penis as she could manage to fit in her hand. Just the sheer size of the man’s penis was enough to draw a soft gasp from Amanda’s lips which she then quickly covered with her left hand, as if to hide the fact that she was actually enjoying what she was seeing despite how outrageous it was to do this inside the Laboratory.

As she listened to Mia’s moan, Amanda realized the trouble they could be in if anyone else would walk into the Laboratory; not just Mia or Tyreke, but herself just as much for quietly observing and perving on the entire ordeal. Still, regardless of the trouble they could find themselves in, Amanda kept standing there as her panicked (and increasingly aroused) mind tried to think of what she could do. On the one hand she shouldn’t stay there but, on the other hand, her nipples were so hard that they almost ached to be touched as well. While she watched how the scene in front of her progressed, with Tyreke sliding his hands underneath Mia’s clothes to finger her directly, the blonde-haired Martian could feel how she was starting to get increasingly warm and bothered as well.

That was the moment she made the decision which was, arguably, the worst of both worlds; she tip-toed back to the door and decided to lock it. From the inside. The very moment she watched how the button started flashing red as well, accompanied by a soft humming sound of the doors being magnetically locked, panic gripped Amanda once more and even harder than it had done previously; the sound of disengaging the magnetic locking mechanism was much larger than engaging it had been, and there was no way that she could get out now without notifying Mia and Tyreke of her presence. Without knowing what else to do at that moment, Amanda decided to tip-toe back to the side of the desk to peek around the corner once more.

Part of her hoped that the sound of the magnetic lock had startled Mia and Tyreke into ending their intimate thing, but a different (and, at that moment, rather bothered) part of her actually hoped that they wouldn’t notice her and just continue. Guessing from the sound, the two Scientists had opted for the latter option and Amanda hesitatingly continued watching; conflicted on whether or not to cough or raise her hand in an attempt to draw attention, but at the same time slowly raising her hand to caress her left, ample E-sized breast through the material of her uniform while biting her lower lip.

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