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Day 09 [0900 hrs.] Just A Sensible Sample

[Hirek tr’Aimne | Hydroponics Lab | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @UltimaImperatrixia

Having been aboard the ship a mere three days, he’d slowly been given access to more and more areas (and without Valyn Amarik breathing down his neck in the process), yet Hirek had still not explored every aspect of the department he’d been assigned to. For the time he would “serve” aboard, he was expected to offer his expertise and support primarily in science, which, of course, made perfect sense considering his background. Aside from being grateful that Captain Ives had seen fit to trust Hirek’s sincerity, he was surprised they hadn’t stuck him in some sort of back room, isolated from the rest of the crew, cleaning conduits. It was both a tribute to the crew’s sense of honor and their naivety that they were willing to let him prove his merit and sincerity through actions—thereby putting themselves at potential risk and testing him in the process. Hirek respected that about the crew and in equal measure couldn’t help but feel curious if this same willingness to see the best in someone and give them the benefit of the doubt was one reason why they were even in the mess that they were in.

Clad in his traditional Romulan robes, the color of his wrap-around tunic a deep amber, trousers an earthy tan, Hirek moved into the hydroponics lab on silent feet. While this was not the last stop on his list of “science labs” exploration on the ship, Hirek had deviated from the logical progression for a reason. It was not just his personal love of botany that brought him here, but more a combination of that and his hobby of blending. It had been far too long since he’d set his mind to blending—no thanks to the undercover work on Qo’Nos—and considering the unknowns of tomorrow, Hirek figured if he could find the resources, the possibility of being able to fall back into his hobby—a lucrative hobby passed down through generations in his family—would be greater. Hirek knew it was not likely that the Captain would look kindly on his setting up a still in his quarters, but that did not mean he could not use aspects of a lab’s unused corner or excess specimens to distill some ale and set about creating new blends; blends inspired by his new lot in life.

Spying movement in his peripherals, Hirek turned to greet the only other occupant in the room, pausing just slightly when he noticed the attractive woman’s Vulcanoid features. Svelte in form, she appeared to be a young Vulcan. The chief officer of the science department had not quite gotten around to introducing Hirek to everyone he would, or could, be working with, so it wasn’t surprising to the Romulan that this woman was a virtual stranger to him. Hirek’s curiosity increased, now no longer merely interested in her response to his queries about specimens but also her reaction to his presence. His lips pulled back into an easy smile as he approached.

“Greetings; I don’t believe we’ve met before.” He stopped an arm’s length away from her, tipping his torso forward slightly in a formal bow. “Hirek tr’Aimne, bioengineering specialist, a fairly recent addition to the department I might add.” He gestured toward the rest of the lab. “Do you oversee the collection process of all these specimens?”

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Hydroponics Lab | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

For Cir'Cie, life onboard the Theurgy had continued has it had always done between the various bouts of rampant sexual activity and the skirmishes against the various forces that pursued them in the months prior and still continuing onward. Today had been fairly typical for her thus far, having had her nutritional intake and conducted her workout routine before beginning another routine day of tending to the myriad of plants and naturally grown crops within the Theurgy's large and expansive Hydroponics Bay. Admittedly, she had enjoyed a new level of accessibility and authority within this niche role ever since Zephyr Praise had died, but that being said - the work was on occasion stressful and the needs of the crew were ever present. It wasn't just food, but it was the need for medicine, fabrics, drugs and on very rare occasion: Toxins or other specific materials that could be grown from the more exotic and deadly plants that were kept on lock down.

As she paced around and conducted her work, taking measurements with her Tricorder and applying sprays of nutritional supplements as well as water, every so often she would feel the urges within her core that she had been having to come to terms with. Her heightened need for sexual release had lead to some interesting and some disappointing trysts onboard the vessel thus far, but no matter how she reasoned with herself to try and combat or stifle these feelings, they always eventually won out.

She would briefly glance at her tattoo, the enrapturing vines of the plant that had touched her mind all those months ago and a slow exhale of frustration would slip through her nostrils. She would mull too herself, asking the same questions and pondering over the different outcomes that might have been had she been more alert, more diligent. It was enough to incite a spark of anger in her.

Thankfully however, the boiling tide of emotions and swirling miasma of thoughts were dispelled or at the very least; suppressed when she heard the voice of a man calling out to her and it was enough to send an instinctive shiver through her being. Turning on the spot to gaze at the older man before her, her cheeks would very briefly flush a shade of dark green. As his questions were brought forth to her sensitive ears, Cir'Cie would take a moment to adjust her white lab coat which clung to her form hugging Starfleet vest and slacks. Indeed; she was svelte and lithe, perhaps overly so. She lacked the curves most of the women on board possessed, and yet in turn still managed to carry an air of sensuality to her pixie like appearance, her striking Jade green eyes being an extreme rarity among her people, only added to the sense of forbidden allure she carried about her.

"You are correct in your assessment, we have not met before and I do usually collect the specimens when they are ready. Most of the staff that work here are only part time and simply assist the process. For the most part; I am on my own." she would blink, analysing the words she had chosen. 'Alone'? Now she knew that simply wasn't true. She wasn't the only Vulcan onboard and they were certainly those who were more than happy to spend time with her...or bed her.

Shaking her head lightly as if to dispel a dark thought, she glanced back at Hirek and offered him the typical Vulcan greeting, raising her right hand and parting her fingers to leave a gap above the palm. "I am Ensign Cir'Cie, The current head of Botany and Director of the Hydroponics Bay, at least until someone of higher stature or greater qualification manages to find themselves stu-...I mean...joining the crew." running her hands down over her coat and jacket to smooth out any wrinkles, she continued by adding; "A Bioengineering Specialist you say. I could have used your expertise some time ago, still it is agreeable that you are now here."

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[Hirek tr’Aimne | Hydroponics Lab | Deck 7 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @UltimaImperatrixia

While he noted the brief flush of green coloring the Vulcan’s cheeks, Hirek said nothing of it. Instead, he cocked a hip and casually leaned against one of the lab tables, gaze continuing to move between the woman and her surroundings as she responded to both his query and introduced herself. He knew she wasn’t alone in her work, namely because the captain had already made it clear to Hirek that given his background in botany, he should consider himself officially a bridge between botany and other sciences and medical, quick to respond to all departments with anything they needed. It wouldn’t be the first time Hirek had served as a cohesive agent, keeping departments connected and finding ways to incorporate elements of one into the other. That was one of the reasons he’d pursued his particular degree after all. Creative thinking and problem-solving was his specialty.

But perhaps that hadn’t been the intended meaning behind her phraseology. Hirek quirked an eyebrow as he brought his wandering gaze to bare on the woman herself, studying her intently as she alluded to a time in the past when she could’ve used his specialty.

“While ‘welcoming’ me aboard, the captain made it clear that I was to offer my services to you should you ever have a need,” Hirek was intentional with his word choice, ever curious how a Vulcan would respond to verbal innuendo, “so you need not ‘feel’ so alone anymore.” He gave a half smile, amused at his own word choice, even if Cir’Cie turned out to be less so.

Pushing away from the table, Hirek paced closer to the Vulcan, moving his hands behind his back to lightly clasp them together only once he was close enough to touch her. The movement allowed the fabric of his tunic to brush against the fabric of her coat, and at this proximity, he could take in her unique scent—unsurprisingly floral but with a spicy undertone that made his mouth water--just as she could smell him. He knew Vulcan females were akin to their Romulan cousins, with a stronger olfactory system than the males of their race. Hirek’s movements were ever always deliberate, taking a few steps past Cir’Cie and intentionally moving to stand directly behind her to study a few of the samples on the table where she’d been standing before moving further into the lab away from her position.

He turned his head and spoke over his shoulder. “And what would you have needed my expertise on in the past, Ensign Cir’Cie?” He winked before dipping over a flower, studying its petals carefully. “I’ve had many men and women lament my absence in their lives before, for a variety of reasons, not all related to the bedroom. So I’m curious about your reason.”

Hirek left the lab some time later with a more thorough understanding of the layout of the lab, which samples they had and which they needed, and renewed sense of delight that he'd been born Romulan. The Tal'Shiar were a definite dampener on the pleasure of being Romulan but at least he didn't struggle with the same spiraling war of logic versus everything else like a Vulcan.

With the sample he needed in hand, Hirek returned to his own lab to further the study on combating the Infested.


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