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Re: Day 13 [1210 hrs.] Awkwardness Abounds

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Already a little chilly in the fresh Scottish breeze, Alistair was nevertheless sorely tempted to dive right in at Enyd's flirtatious reply, no matter how cold the water looked. Before he could jump, however, he glimpsed a huge shadow racing underneath the water towards Enyd, but she was already one step ahead of him.

"Hey!" he protested as Nessie erupted, drenching the hapless Alistair as she did so, before gleefully turning around with a  Enyd atop her. On pure instinct; Alistair did the only thing possible: he leapt off the jetty as Nessie began bounding away, catching her huge tail with both arms as the great monster bounded over the water.

This was, as it turned out, not one of Alistair's brighter ideas.

Holding onto Nessie's tail for dear life, he was swished back and forth mercilessly through the water, hanging on only through virtue of Nessie's rough pebbled skin as she dragged her extra rider through the loch. After a few moments, she mercifully raised her tail above the water and slowed, revealing a rather dazed (and now thoroughly drenched) naked man atop her tail.

"Okay, this is just cheating!" he called out in protest to Enyd, then yelped as Nessie wagged her tail merrily in the air, the prehistoric monster letting out groans of amusement all the while. While hugging her great tail, however, Alistair saw an opportunity: at the joint of the tail and body, the pebbled skin became smooth. With great effort, grunting as he climbed, he reached the base of Nessie's tail and did the one thing that came to mind.

Holding tight with one arm and both thighs, he started tickling.

Nessie moaned, her entire body shuddering as she succumbed, groaning at the attention to her sensitive area. Alistair (now feeling quite sore, and thus a little aggrieved) showed no mercy, reducing the mighty monster to a contented lump through relentless tickles. Eventually, confident that his quarry was subdued, Alistair clambered awkwardly up Nessie's back,.

"Got you," he said with a triumphant grin as he crawled up to Enyd, planting a kiss on her cheek as he reached her.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd’s shriek of laughter echoed off the distant mountains, nearly careening off the water creature in amusement as she watched Alistair’s body swish left and right in Nessie’s wake. His tenacious climb up the monster’s tail, sinewy muscles coiling and releasing with his movements, made butterflies dance in Enyd’s belly. For his earlier protestations for cheating, Alistair certainly had no qualms with doing a little cheating himself as he began to tickle Nessie. Beneath her legs, Enyd felt Nessie quake in loch-monster giggles, sending vibrations up through Enyd’s body. Then it was Enyd’s turn to yelp in surprise when her lover's cold, clammy body wrapped around her, holding her against him as if she were his prize. Enyd grinned; she supposed she was, just as he was hers.

Using their body’s dampness to her advantage, Enyd wriggled in Alistair’s arms until she could turn around to face him, laying her thighs atop his and scooting close until she felt his flaccid manhood against her folds and her breasts pressed against his chest as she looped her arms around his shoulders in an embrace.

“I got you, too.” She giggled, eyes alight with mirth and mischief, lips pulled back in a goofy smile. “But what should we do with our prizes?”

Nessie certainly knew what she wanted to do. Letting out an indignant snort, she dove without warning. The wet slap of water against her body had Enyd letting go of Alistair, her body instinctively working to tread back to the surface. Coughing out a mouthful of lakewater, Enyd laughed. This was beyond ludicrous. They were swimming in freezing water after being baptized in it by the Loch Ness monster when they could be either in their love nest or back in the cabin eating snacks. Enyd cupped her hands, using them to twist her body until she spied Alistair.

“I ttthink I’m effffectively cooled off nnow, whattt abouttt youuu?” In fact, Enyd’s lips were turning blue and her teeth sounded like maracas, but her eyes were still bright with effervescent joy as she bobbed in the water next to Alistair. “I sssay ssssnacks and ddddrinks are innnnn ordddder.”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Straddling Nessie while interwined with Enyd wasn't the most comfortable position imaginable, but Enyd's merry giggle and the mischievous glint in her eyes more than made up for it. Alistair, grinning goofily back at his 'prize', was about to answer Enyd's question with a kiss when Nessie decided to interrupt proceedings.

Alistair cried out as he and Enyd were plunged into the loch's icy water, both gasping at the shock. In the momentary confusion, Alistair looked around for her, but heard Enyd's laughter first. Upon seeing her, he couldn't help but smile back as he tread water. He couldn't help it; her good cheer was irresistible, even in freezing water.

"Definitely...brrrr...definitely time to warm back up," he agreed as he looked over his shoulder at the shore. "It's not far, we'll feel better when we start moving. Come on!" With that, he turned around and started swimming, unintentionally providing quite a view from behind. Still, Alistair didn't go too fast, although less from chivalry and more from certain objecting body parts. Between being ridden quite energetically by Enyd, riding Nessie and now being dragged through the water, his testes were distinctly sore after all the rough treatment.

Eventually though, both of them staggered out of the water, dripping wet and shuddering. After reaching their picnic spot, Alistair tossed a blanket to Enyd before he grabbed another and began drying himself with considerable enthusiasm amidst the warmth of the dying fire. "Nessie really is a sore loser," he commented wryly as he rubbed the blanket across his chest, then abruptly, he laughed. "You know, nobody is going to believe us when we tell about them about our first date, or our second. I'm not even sure that I believe it." As he looked at Enyd, drying herself amidst the backdrop of the loch and highlands, he simply stopped what he was doing and took in the view. "It's...uh...pretty amazing."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

It was an awkward swim due to her frozen extremities and even once they were back on shore using blankets for towels, Enyd couldn’t feel her fingers of stop her teeth from chattering. She didn’t have enough extra padding on her bones to insulate her against the cold. This, however, didn’t stop the warm fuzzy feeling of elation from spreading in her belly when she caught Alistair’s goofy grin as he suddenly stilled in his movements as if the mere sight of her transfixed him. As much as she wanted to say the same to him in return—and mean it genuinely—and share in a moment of affection brought on by such unadulterated adoration that was whole-heartedly reciprocated, Enyd’s body couldn’t stop its shivering long enough for her to say anything more meaningful than, “Ccccaaaabbbbiiinnnn.”

The rush to the cabin was a blur to Enyd, so focused on not shaking her flesh off her bones from the cold, but soon enough, Alistair had them sequestered in the sauna. If she could lay atop the heated stones without sizzling off her flesh, Enyd would’ve done so, but she had to content herself curling up in Alistair’s lap, arms around his neck, while she waited for the dry heat to stop the chatter in her teeth and the tremor in her body. Heaving a sigh while snuggling her face against his neck, Enyd smiled, happy that the worst of the shivering was gone.

“Now that I won’t bite my tongue off,” she chuckled, not at all seeking sympathy for her earlier state as she’d been an idiot, “I wanted to tell you I agree.” Tipping her head up to kiss Alistair’s jawline, she used one hand along the back of his neck to tip his head down so she could kiss his cheek and temple too. “You are pretty amazing. And yeah,” she exhaled on a laugh, loosening her hold on Alistair enough to lean back, shaking her head as another breathy chuckle escaped her lips. “I’m still a bit dazed at all the…events that occurred during our first date. I never would’ve guessed that a random side quest during a mission to the Qo’Nos embassy would’ve had me finding the sexiest techno-wizard to help me decrypt the data.” Enyd let go of his neck with one hand, tracing her fingers over his brow, along the bridge of his nose, then lightly taking hold of his chin to give his head a playful shake. “And you are, Alistair. I don’t quite know why, but every time you start talking about your work and all those schematics and mechanisms that go along with it,” she pulled her hand away to wave at feigned feminine vapors, “heavens, but I could just eat you up.”

Pulling his face down close enough to press a promising kiss against his lips, Enyd smiled, “In fact, I’d like to eat you up. Right now. Would you care to adjourn to the bedroom, Mister Leavitt? I find myself a might peckish.”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

In contrast to the frigid loch, the sauna was heaven. Alistair's initial thought of cuddling with Enyd in front of the fireplace had been scuppered the moment that they reached the cabin. Both of them were still shuddering, although Enyd was worse off, and so Alistair had wasted no time getting them back into the sauna. It was less comfortable than the alternative, but the humid heat soon eased both lovers back into relaxation all the same.

Of course, so long as he had Enyd purring in contentment in his lap, Alistair was starting to think that he'd be comfortable anywhere.

As she spoke her loving words, kissing and caressing all the while, he gently stroked her sweat-slicked back. With the sexual tension broken by their union beside the loch, Alistair was clear-headed enough to recognise his own apprehension. Enyd loved so fiercely, so absolutely, that it didn't quite seem real, as if at any moment she would shout "Surprise!" and fizzle out of existence. It was an intimidating way to start a relationship, quite unlike anything that he'd experienced before. What would it be like in a month? Six months? A year? A century? Would Enyd's seemingly infinite affection burnout eventually, like a circuit that had been overcharged for too long?

Even so, there was something else: Alistair knew with absolute certainty that he was just as smitten as she was, if not more. That, in its own way, was much more frightening, but also thrilling.

Enyd's kiss and salacious suggestion reignited the fire in Alistair's belly, and he grinned at her, his musings forgotten. "You really are voracious, you know," he said with amusement. "I guess that's one reason why you need two men in your life. It's going to take both of us to keep"

With that, Alistair hooked an arm under Enyd's legs, secured his other arm under her back, then stood up, hefting her weight with relative ease. Opening the sauna door was a bit awkward, but soon enough, the two lovers were back in the relatively cool air of the bathroom. Making a mental note to set aside time for a thorough shower before they left, Alistair carried his girlfriend over to the bedroom and set her down on the covers, before moving to lie down on top of her, held up by his arms. Not wasting a moment, he kissed her thoroughly, eagerly, his member beginning to thicken in anticipation, the tip starting to press against Enyd's thigh.

Then, as a thought sparked, Alistair stopped, breaking the kiss. He looked into Enyd's green eyes with uncertainty as he pondered, all while wrestling with the urge to kiss Enyd again.

"When you said...uh...'sexiest technowizard'...and the other things..." he said hesitantly, "did...I mean, did you really mean..." Alistair trailed off, seeing the answer in her eyes and smile. "Never mind, I know you did. I have an idea, something that you might like, but it would mean leaving the cabin." He paused. "Or we could stay here, and I'll show you another time. Either way..."

Barely believing what he was about to say, his heart pounding and his nerves writ clear in his eyes, Alistair lowered himself down to whisper into Enyd's ear. "...I'm going to fuck you."

Re: Day 13 [1210 hrs.] Awkwardness Abounds

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd laughed, “I actually didn’t know I was voracious.” She spoke in all earnestness. “I mean, not to go into too much detail about my prior partner, but Javec and I were both quite busy in our work, and it was high stakes at all times, so the availability to be voracious even if we wanted to be was not really there. Though, there was plenty of…affection shared.” She giggled, snuggling closer.

Then Enyd found it funny when they suddenly moved and Alistair accidentally hit her head and foot trying to get through the door. It was most quaint to have a partner who was just as poised and suave as she was – which meant not exactly but with all intentions of being so. Likely due to his background and even cultural standards, Javec had always been put together and managed to make everything seem planned. Getting tossed on the bed with his body landing atop her seconds later, Enyd relished the affection and imperfection found in Alistair. It emboldened her own desires and curiosity, eager to share everything and anything with him.

Enyd didn’t hide the extreme pout when he pulled back from the kiss, though the pout just as quickly melted away to an eager smile of excitement when he mentioned technowizardry and an idea. Enyd was ALWAYS game for ideas! Before she could voice as much, Alistair’s ending comment had her stomach flip-flopping as her lust went into overdrive, and she all but pooled into a gooey puddle of witless want beneath him.

Before she ravished him in the moment since he was very readily available, Enyd composed herself enough to capitalize on his offer, “Let’s do your idea. I get to be fucked either way you said, so let’s do something you want to do in the process!" She wiggled with excitement, like a dog waiting for a game of fetch..

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

With considerable reluctance (the naked desire in Enyd's eyes was very tantalising), Alistair rolled off his ravenous lover and got to his feet beside the bed. He was flabbergasted by what he was about to do...what they were about to do. It was absurd, nuts, a twisted use of his skills, a deeply inappropriate utilisation of very important software...

...and, perhaps, a tiny bit naughty.

The thought sent a thrill down Alistair's spine.

"Come on," he said to Enyd with a smile, holding out his hand. After helping her up, he pulled her in close, one hand on Enyd's side while the other rested on the small of her back. Feeling Enyd's warmth where her body touched his, Alistair looked down into his girlfriend's green eyes, silently praying that she'd enjoy what was coming.

"You might want to hold on tight for this bit," he said with a hint of nerves, before looking around the cosy bedroom one more time. "Well, this ought to be different. Here we go..."

Alistair took a breath and then, with a tone of firm authority, began giving commands. "Computer, save program, then load up program Leavitt-Sandbox." The cabin blurred until, a moment later, he and Enyd were standing in a complete void, blackness all around them. It was as if they were standing on nothing. Not wasting time, Alistair continued. "Dynamic command: visualise a base Soong B-1 model with a Pash-Leavitt substrate, reduce annihilation rate in the second stratum by 20%, increase floor ductility by 50%, align...right, good, align nexus C-5 to a photonic variance of 40%..."

With each command, their surroundings changed. First he and Enyd were surrounded by large spheres of coloured light throughout the darkness. As Alistair kept going, however; the lights changed; some created bright bridges to other spheres, while others grew larger or smaller. Smaller motes of light appeared, moving lazily through the black, as distinct structures of light began to form around the two lovers. As time passed and Alistair added to the design, the web of rainbow light grew more complex, but still carefully ordered. Even the sense of touch was affected; the floor became oddly spongey, while when a bright blue mote floated by, it generated a gentle buzz upon Alistair and Enyd's skin. It only took a couple of minutes of work before a detectable pulse began to thrum throughout the rainbow web, faintly audible, the light contrasting against the sheer black blackground.

Finally, it was complete, and for the first time, out of breath with his heart hammering furiously, Alistair looked down into Enyd's eyes. "Welcome to my world."

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd didn’t need the excuse to wrap her arms around Alistair and envelop him in her supple version of a bear hug, but at his words, she squeezed his arms for added emphasis and shot him a lopsided grin. Alistair’s demeanor changed almost immediately, and Enyd just about melted off his body at the commanding tone in his usually playful voice. She had eyes only for Alistair, head on his shoulder, hands clasped tight together behind his back, as the world swirled and whirled around them.

A part of her brain understood a portion of what he was saying, but by and large, it went into her head and churned up a fire in her gut. Enyd’s logical brain latched on to the change in his demeanor and tone of voice as being part of the cause for her inflamed passions. But Enyd’s illogical brain – and the one making decisions right now – oo’ed and ah’ed wholly enraptured.

As the seconds ticked past and Alistair’s commands made their mark in the holomatrix, the ground changed in texture – almost like a smooth gelatinous trampoline –and every time one of the blue thingies his words had created floated by, the humming vibrations from its power tickled through her body and felt into the already churning passion in her belly. The kaleidoscope of colors reflected off Alistair’s skin and similarly manifested in the gleam of his eyes when he finally returned his gaze to hers, welcoming her to his world.

“What a wonderful world,” Enyd moved her right arm up, cupping the back of his head, “and what a wonderful man.” Her left hand snaked down to cup his butt as she used the grip on her right to pull his head down so that she could seal her lips against his in a deep kiss. A kiss through which she poured her admiration for his talents, her attraction for his body, and her desire to share this beauty with his soul. Only when oxygen demanded she pull away did Enyd pull back enough to fervently whisper against his lips, “Is this when you fuck me, Alistair?”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

The compliment made Alistair's heart flutter, a skill that Enyd was quickly mastering. As they kissed, he ran a hand up and down Enyd's side, stroking her in recompense for a kiss that seemed like it would never end. Finally, after she pulled back and whispered a question, he chuckled under his breath.

"Vigorously," he said softly, eyes still closed as their lips brushed each other. A spike of alarm briefly registered as he recognised a problem; he needed a minute to become 'ready for action'. Recreating a positronic network wasn't an erotic experience for him, even with a beautiful naked woman watching him. How could he keep them going without spoiling the moment?

A passing buzz over the top of his head provided an answer, and he grinned at the daring of it. If it got out that he used positronic engineering to erotically please his girlfriend, the community would never let him hear the end of it, especially since one member of that community was the Theurgy's first officer. With the fresh taste of Enyd on his lips, her warm hand on his buttocks as the other cupped the back of his bald head, Alistair had only thought: worth it.

"For now, though..." he murmured, opening his eyes before giving Enyd a peck, "...what's the rush?" With that, he grasped Enyd's shoulders and spun her around to face away from him. "Computer, give me manual tactile feedback per my default, matching the posicortical frequency, and...erm...create a transparent barrier perpendicular to the deck five centimeters in front of us."

Enyd didn't see the result of the first command, but she did feel the latter. Alistair kissed her clavicle, his groin pressing against her waist as his member began to rise. "Do you trust me?" he murmured softly into her ear, his own excitement growing as he contemplated what he was about to do.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd giggled as his fingers tickled over her ribs, her naked body squirming in his embrace. After a quick kiss and a rhetorical question that promised something delightful, Alistair pivoted Enyd on her feet before holding her against his body again. She felt her heart flutter as it always did whenever he spoke in those sexy technical terms. While Enyd recognized a few terms, all of them together made no sense, and she was left with a mystery only Alistair could solve.

Behind her, Enyd felt his cock twitch as life slowly began to seep back into it. Whatever Alistair had planned next would buy him the necessary refractory time. Knowing this, Enyd chuckled. In a very eccentric way, his current efforts to keep her “entertained” so he could recover reminded Enyd of her parents and grandmother while she was a child. When they were alive, her parents would tag-team, keeping an eye on the highly energetic and precocious young Enyd – the one who thankfully bounced well, given how many falls she took. Then, under her grandmother’s watch, Enyd’s care was wisely farmed out to the most gardened among the ranch hands. Not only were the ranch hands building a hands-on understanding of parenthood – something that helped them keep their belts well buckled when they went to town – but Enyd was likewise learning much-needed resilience and cunning skills. Together, this resulted, or at least in part created, the Enyd who stood in Alistar’s arms, giggling at his question.

“We wouldn’t have gotten even a quarter of this far if I didn’t trust you, Alistair.” Enyd tipped her head back, planting a kiss on his cheek. “You may proceed with wowing me.”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

“We wouldn’t have gotten even a quarter of this far if I didn’t trust you, Alistair.” Enyd tipped her head back, planting a kiss on his cheek. “You may proceed with wowing me.”

Well, no pressure.

In that moment, it finally hit Alistair: She trusts me. It was an odd realisation. He'd already known that, after all. Enyd had entered a committed relationship with him, which obviously was based on established trust and respect as much as affection. Even so, there was a difference between trust and trust.

Enyd was right there with him, naked, exposed, having no idea what was coming, but was willing to put herself in his hands. Literally. It was a level of intimacy that surpassed the romp by the loch, its impact heightened by the fact that they'd known each other for less than a week. The idea of having power over Enyd in such a manner, knowing that she yielded out of sincere affection and faith in her boyfriend... was meaningful and breathtaking, sure, but most of all, it was powerfully arousing. Alistair's manhood completed its rise to full attention in moments, butterflies ran rampage in his stomach, and his confidence shattered. Suddenly he was hyper-aware of everything; Enyd's closeness, her scent (quite pungent after everything they'd done), her rich brown hair, the barely perceptible tips of her ears, the pressure of her buttocks as they supported his hot shaft. He felt his racing heart, shortening breath, the increasingly uncomfortable sensations from his hand.

Panicked thoughts raced through his mind: what if she doesn't like this? What if I go too far? If I screw this up, will she go to Drauc instead of me? What if I finish too quickly? What if I set the frequency too high? What if...

Alistair took an unsteady breath, forcing himself into action. Following his private script, he used his right hand to gently grasp Enyd's hand, raise it up over her head, then forward until she was leaning against the invisible wall in front of the,. Careful to use the right hand again, he repeated the process with Enyd's other hand, placing it atop the other. It all required leaning over her, his chest pressed against the curve of Enyd's back, his erect manhood trapped between their bodies amidst their surreal surroundings.

"You can skip right to the end whenever you like," Alistair murmured into Enyd's ear, his voice tight with erotic tension and awkwardness, the bold authority slipping in the heat of the moment. "There's no pressure to wait if it's too much. Consider experiment on the causal correlation of posicortical frequency to female sexual arousal. Your arousal."

Next (before nerves betrayed him), Alistair kissed Enyd's clavicle as his left hand reached around in front of her face. As delicately as he could, he pressed the tip of the forefinger to Enyd's lips, revealing the surprise: it buzzed. In fact, as he progressed, it became apparent that the entire hand was vibrating softly.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

The only way this experience could’ve been would be if both of Alistair’s hands were endowed with the magical vibrations. However, even with just the one moving slowly and gently over her body, Enyd felt like she would soon experience an astral projection. There was no part of her body that he left unexplored (except maybe the insides of her nostrils and her inner ear), and Enyd appreciated his approach. It was almost as if he’d created mental quadrants of her erogenous zones and the surrounding areas, making sure to fill all squares of any given quadrant before moving on to the next. When Alistair was once more standing after a brief foray on his knees, driving her to her second climax, Enyd could no longer stand it. She needed to reciprocate, knowing it would rocket up her current pleasure in knowing she’d also brought him some.

In one smooth motion, Enyd twisted and grabbed Alistair’s shoulders. With the tenacious strength gifted to a woman in sexual need, she thrust him against the wall he’d once had her leaning against. Enyd placed the flat of her palms on his hips, smoothing them over the swell of his ass as she lowered herself into a kneeling position. His cock bobbing at eye level, she squeezed the cheeks of his ass and boldly looked up to catch his gaze. Enyd took her time, maintaining the intensity of their gaze as she leaned forward and kissed the crease of his thigh on either side of his cock.

Running her hands over the back of his thighs and around his knees to lightly grip the front of his legs, Enyd licked her lips when she finally broke eye contact to stare at his cock directly. With an almost reverent touch, Enyd cupped the weight of his balls. She traced her fingers tips over the top of his cock, then swirled under to retrace the length of him along the underside. Content for the moment to memorize the feel of soft skin over steely muscle, Enyd lightly stroked his cock, paying equal attention to the coiling skin of his testicles.

She next ran her tongue along the crease of his thigh, pausing to place an open-mouthed kiss on his pelvis directly above his cock, before repeating the gesture along the crease of his opposite thigh. Using both hands to cup his balls, Enyd finally gave him what he'd been craving by placing her lips over the end of his cock, her tongue lightly darting over the slit at its head. Wrapping her lips over the warm head, Enyd swiveled her tongue around its girth. Enyd felt his balls clenching in anticipation and relished the hot, pulsing sensation of his cock in her mouth as she sucked the length of him inside her.

Enyd bobbed her head forward and back in little strokes, the flat of her tongue exerting pressure along the underside of his cock. She felt one of his hands rest on the crown of her head, not gripping painfully or using the touch to control the pace but acting as more of an anchor so he could keep himself from driving faster to the edge than she wanted. Enyd adjusted the grip of her left hand, now pressing the pad of her thumb against the sensitive skin between his balls and his ass. Next, abandoning his balls altogether for the moment, she wrapped her right hand around the base of his cock and had the increased pressure of her grip join in her bobbing movements. Alistair had given her two climaxes since being here. She’d be damned if they left before she gave him at least one more.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Alistair had a plan. Thinking toward the future, he had intended to take an analytical approach to Enyd's pleasure. From her lips to her toes, he swiftly tested every part of Enyd's body, assessing her responses at each turn. Every gasp from Enyd ticked a mental box in his head, even as he felt a thrum of satisfaction at each tiny discovery: the way she tensed as a finger grazed her anus, how she sighed when he kissed the tip of her ear, how she groaned when his tongue moved in a certain pattern. It was a very analytical sexual act, but it was profoundly arousing for him. Exploring a new woman's body, finding her quirks, discovering her secrets, was as exciting as it was intimate. More, in each relationship, such exploration could only be done once.

...Or perhaps not. What would it be like to watch another man be with Enyd, to discover her? To explore that man's body with her? As he ever more enthusiastically pumped his vibrating digits inside Enyd, kissing her intermittently, the thought tantalised Alistair, his neglected manhood throbbing in response. Finally, after her second orgasm, the surrounding positronic net thrumming intensely along with the two lovers, he was about to enact the final stage of the plan: to take Enyd up into his arms, wrap her legs around his waist, press her against the wall and drive into her.

Of course, no plan survived contact with the enemy, especially one as fearsome as Enyd Madsen.

"Wha-" Alistair yelped as he was pushed against the invisible wall, his eyes widening as Enyd's own scheme became clear. Stunned into silence, his breathing quickened as she looked up at him. The mischief in her eyes entranced him as Enyd began to touch him, to tease him, steadily driving him mad with erotic tension amidst the complete silence around them.

Then Enyd's lips touched the tip of his shaft, and thought ceased altogether, his entire body shuddering. The subsequent treatment further fanned the building explosion in Alistair's balls, before finally Enyd started sucking him off in earnest, drawing deep groans from her man as he held on for dear life.

Eventually (he had long since lost track of time), Alistair felt the inevitable beginning to happen. "Enyd," he grunted, "you're about to-" He was cut off as the climax overcame him, his manhood spurting its hot load, Alistair's eyes closing as he revelled in the orgasm.

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Grinning as she stood, Enyd swiped the back of her hand over her mouth. Alistair looked fairly gelatinous while still maintaining a solid form. Most amusing. And Enyd knew she looked arrogantly self-satisfied at rendering him like this. Without preamble, Enyd stepped into his embrace, tucking her face beneath his chin, and giving a deeply satisfied sigh.

"I don't play nice, do I?" Enyd giggled, not at all apologetic in her admission. "To be fair, though, you had me orgasming a few times. It seemed your turn was due. I am very driven by a sense of balance and fairness." She laughed again. "Though some may try to argue the balance part."

Stepping back a bit, Enyd smiled again at Alistair, "You good to walk? I'm kinda hungry now, thirsty too. I thought maybe we could go to the lounge again, or the mess hall, get some proper food? I don't know about you but I seem to have worked up an appetite." She stretched her arms over her head, feeling beautiful and wanton standing naked in front of Alistair. "And thank you, for this. It is," her eyes danced around her surroundings, lips pulled back in a grin, "gorgeous. We can do this again, right?" She didn't care how eager she sounded. She felt at ease with Alistair in a way she hadn't felt with a man in a very, very long time.

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Indeed feeling quite woozy (at least partially from hunger and thirst, if Alistair was honest with himself), he gladly took Eynd into his arms. It was only just starting to dawn on him how natural she felt there, how comfortable, whether they were vertical or horizontal. Enyd wasn't the first woman to fit so well, but it had been so long that Alistair hadn't realised how much he'd missed that intimacy over recent years.

Looking down at Enyd, he grinned goofily. "Oh, we are absolutely doing this again," he answered brightly. "Anytime. Well, actually, sorry, no, not...uh...any time....well, maybe..." Alistair groaned as he rolled his head back against the invisible wall, then laughed. "Thinking is hard after what you just did to me. Have been doing to me. Are doing to me. Please don't stop doing that to me. All of that."

Still, Alistair's brain had to restart eventually. He made an abortive motion to kiss Enyd before abruptly remembering where her mouth had just been, and what was on it. "Okay, we both really need a shower before we leave this holodeck. Computer, reload previous program." At the command, the strands of rainbow light fizzled away, briskly replaced by the familiar cabin bedroom. Alistair checked the clock, then sighed in relief; still plenty of time before the mission began. Taking Enyd's hand, he led her to the bathroom, although a momentary thought had him glancing back at her with bemusement.

"Wait a minute. A sense of balance and fairness? But you cheat! A lot!"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd was still laughing when the scene changed, and Alistair led her into the bathroom. At his exclamation, Enyd raised herself on her toes to kiss him soundly before moving past him into the shower, exaggeratedly swaying her hips. “I have never acted dishonestly or unfairly, though I have strategically responded to gain an advantage. So I think the better term for my behavior would be that I strategize.”

There were plenty of continued protestations from Alistair on this point, and the shower entailed more than a few ticklish pauses, but in good time, they were both clean and marginally refreshed, though still not agreeing on the cheating topic.

“Now, here’s a serious question,” Enyd asked as they made their finishing touches on their appearance and made for the holoarch side-by-side, “am I sleeping in your quarters, or are you sleeping in mine tonight?” She winked, softening the aggressive question with a quick cheek peck. “Or, if you’d rather, we can schedule a date in the future to actually sleep together if tonight is too fast.”

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Ellen Fitz

Alistair eyed Enyd with bemusement as they walked out into the corridor, the cabin fizzling out of existence as the doors closed behind them. "Too fast?" he said wryly, grinning. "After what we just did? Really?"

A passing ensign stopped in her tracks and did a double take at the two lieutenants. She looked between them in disbelief, at the holodeck doors, then rolled her eyes in exasperation. Alistair (still beaming like a man who'd won a great prize) shrugged helplessly at her, took Enyd's hand in his then continued on.

"I guess that secret is out, if it wasn't already," he said as they walked. "I mean, being stripped down onstage might've done that too...Emilie is going to lose her mind when she hears that. Double whenever she meets you." Alistair shook off the errant thought; the prospect of witnessing Enyd meeting his big sister was akin to watching a tornado collide with a volcano, and likely just as dangerous to be around. "Erm...anyway, I've got work to do later, and a bridge shift, about I drop by your quarters at 01h00 when I get off duty? If that's not too late."

As they reached the turbolift and waited for it to arrive, he glanced around for any more eavesdroppers before adding, "Uh...just checking, how much 'sleep' am I likely to actually get?"

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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Griff

Enyd’s lips quirked up in a bright grin as they walked hand-in-hand. She squeezed the grip and felt a little shiver of delight go through her body when Alistair instinctively returned the movement. She angled her head to look up at him as he spoke about his older sister and giggled. She looked forward to the opportunity to meet the woman. If that happened, then the bedlam they’d been dealing with of late would have been resolved enough for a simple family visit. When Alistair’s voice changed in tone and he leaned down a bit to add a time for when he’d drop by, Enyd couldn’t help but rise up on her toes and kiss his cheek.

Stroking a hand along his jawline, Enyd intonated her best rendition of a mewling sex fiend when she responded, “As much sleep as you like, darling.” She crossed over her heart and held up her fingers in a strange salute, “Scouts honor.”

After giving him another playful kiss, Enyd left him in the corridor. He wasn’t the only one due on shift and she had some research to do before reporting in later. Glancing over her shoulder, Enyd winked at Alistair, giving her rear a subtle shake, before finally dipping around the angled corner of the corridor. It had been a marvelous day and she certainly hoped it continued to be marvelous, though she was equally braced for it things went to hell in a hand basket, as they tended to do around Theurgy.


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