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CH05: S [D06|1045] Rapid awakening

[ Dr Amelya Rez | Main Sickbay | Recovery |Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

After getting a priority call to bring one of the stasis pods out of storage for urgent surgery, Amelya had been working on the woman which had Romulan and Reman physiolgy. It wasn't your standard walk in the park and the internal hemorrhaging had finally stopped. The Trill doctor examining the fractured shoulder as the EMH that assisted her began to close up the surgical incisions. The woman would probably need a new round of surgery as she was fairly stable for now, but anything wild or heavy in terms of manual labor would probably cause her to go into shock once more.

"Thank you for the assistance." she said to the EMH 1 hologram which simply nodded and returned the favor to her. The subject called Samala was now transferred to the recovery section of Sickbay where she'd be able to wake up and be processed to become pain free.  However, Amelya got the idea that the woman would not be in here for long as she was direly needed elsewhere. It was a major concern for Amelya yet she waited at the replicator for a custom made cast to place her fractured arm in. The wounds were finally closed and the vital signs were leveling.

After applying the cast into position there seemed to be some ruckus in the Sickbay as her Comm badge chirped "Doctor, I have a Reman standing here, claiming to be the brother of your latest patient. he says it is urgent that he sees her." Amelya finished up on her work before she replied "Let him in." she rose from her seat nextto Samala and took on a professional stance, hands behind her back as she waited for the Reman to barge in.

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[Samala | Recovery Room | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Samala had never liked waking up. Well, not since she was 12. Not since that day. The day she had awakened her telepathic talent. Her mother had taught her that a talent was defined as a natural aptitude or skill. That is was a good thing. But Samala hadn’t felt that way at first. And even now, when she was waking up or in a lot of pain, her opinion returned to the first one she had after being told what was wrong with the 12 year old she had once been; that she was cursed. And her curse had returned once again, as it always did.

She heard the voices first, though they weren’t really voices nor was she actually hearing them; at least not with her ears. Rather they were the stray, random thoughts that every person had flitting through their mind. In one ear and out the other her mother used to say. Her teachers had called it background noise and it was the first thing she was taught to block or shield against. If she couldn’t do that, they said, the noise would eventually drive her insane and they would have to put her down. Just like that, as if she was a dog or some other animal.

Evening her breathing and clearing her mind, she went through the daily routine of rebuilding the wall around her mind. Some mornings it was easier than others. There was less resistance from the outside or her subconscious had managed to keep part of the wall up while she had slept. Today was a hard day. 

There was so much noise, why was there so much noise? It was just her and her brother on the Apache. The APACHE!!!

Her mind flashed back to, she wasn’t sure when it was. She had been sleeping and something jolted the ship so badly that she had been flung from her bunk. She’d hit the bulkhead and bounced back, finally landing on the floor. She’d hit her head at some point, or at least she thought she had because that was the last thing she remembered. Until now. If it was loud, there were minds and minds meant people. Too many people. She wasn’t on the Apache anymore, which meant she wasn’t safe.

Reaching through the wall, she tried to sense how many minds were in her immediate vicinity. There was one, a female mind, organised but also, different, like it was divided but whole at the same time. She was about to reach out further when her arm was moved, sending a surge of pain through her body. She lost control for a moment, her wall cracking, threatening to let the noise flood in. Pushing everything else aside, blocking everything out, Samala focused on strengthening her shield again.

Once again satisfied with her mental defences, Samala took stock of her body. Her left arm was wrapped in something rigid while her insides felt tender as she breathed. Matching all of this to her last memory, she had obviously been hurt and it seemed that whomever had found her, had decided to heal her.

“Time to find out who,” Samala thought. Her eyes snapped open, quickly adjusting to the room’s lighting levels. “One of the benefits to not being completely Reman,” Samala noted as she sat up. As she did so, her insides winced but Samala forced herself to ignore it as she looked around the room. There were several beds but she couldn’t see anyone in them. There was a woman standing next to her bed, a Trill going by the spots, her head just beginning to come around from her movement. And there was a man as well on the other side of her. “I never felt anything from him. Is he a telepath as well?”

Not waiting to find out, Samala rolled off the bed, coming to her feet behind the female. Stepping up to the woman who was perhaps 5cm taller than her, Samala wrapped her left arm around the waist of the woman before bringing her free and uninjured right hand up to grasp the Trill’s bare neck, taking care to press her sharpened nails into the skin. She might not have a Reman’s claws but her nails were just as hard and she had enough strength to drive them through skin. She’d done it before.

“Where am I? What have you done to me?” Samala demanded of the man, twisting her hostage around so that he could see the position she held her., the threat clear. “Don’t try anything or I’ll kill her!”

[Tesserarius Lorad | Recovery Room | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow

Lorad had been working on Deck 27 when he had been contacted about his sister getting out of surgery and would be waking up soon. He had wasted no time in dropping his tools and running off. He hadn’t even stopped to tell Suq where he was going and a part of him felt bad about that but the rest of him was focused squarely on his sister and getting to her as quickly as he could. She was not a pleasant person in the mornings. And then there was the one thing he hadn’t told them about her. About her being a telepath.

The turbolift seemed to take forever and then he had taken a wrong turn out of it, actually running away from the main sickbay instead of towards it. Once he had figured that out, he had dashed back the way he had come, not even waiting for the doors to fully opened before he entered the medical facility.

Explaining why he was there had taken too long but it was necessary to prevent wasting further time. Once cleared, a crewman had led him through the area to a closed door that opened as they approached. But he was too late.

“Shit!” Lorad thought to himself as he took in the visage of his sister holding a Trill by her throat between herself and the holographic doctor that had put her in stasis 2 days earlier. “I’m too late.”

“Samala!” Lorad growled out loudly, his distinctive voice echoing through the room as he stepped forward into it properly. His call had the desired effect as his sister turned both herself and her hostage around to face him.


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[ Dr Amelya Rez | Main Sickbay | Recovery |Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

The woman on the bio bed slowly came to it seemed and Amelya had just finished up on the cast. She was about to check in on Samala's vital signs and ask how she was doing before the woman moved a whole lot quicker out of the bed. In just a matter of seconds Samala was behind amelya and soon enough the doctor found herself hostage to the woman as she set her nails against her throat. The EMH turning to face them with a slight frown on his brow "Doctor." he simply stated.

Confused patients were not uncommon to Amelya, people and species reacted differently to narcotics and the sorts. She had her share of aggressive patients as well, usually stunning them or something along the lines would do. This however was a combination of both and in addition to that the fair doctor found herself being the target of the woman's aggression. She swallowed as she felt the nails against her skin, the questions asked by the woman caused for an opening and Amelya raised both her hands "Calm down... You aren't getting anywhere like this."

She tried to look at the woman yet she was well hidden "You're aboard the Federation starship Theurgy. We've brought you out of stasis after you sustained heavy injur-" she started to explain to the woman before the recovery ward doors opened and a full fledged Reman showed up. It made Amelya stop as she saw an opening here to get herself out of the situation as she was being turned into facing the Reman.

The training she had received from Zaraq weeks ago were still fresh in her mind, along with the skills of Jona Rez and the prior hosts, it almost felt natural as she brought the elbow of one of her raised arms down, delivering a stomp just under the midriff of the woman. It gave Amelya enough room to break free and dash aside so she could get away from any returning strikes from Samala. Her eyes going back to Lorad now as the two had established a bond of siblings.

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[Samala & Tesserarius Lorad | Recovery Room | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Lorad had to give the Trill credit, she was brave. Who else would strike a person 3 times their strength who had claws against their throat? Perhaps a little bit foolish, but still brave. As his sister stumbled from the blow, reaching out to grasped the biobed she had just pounced off of, Lorad advanced purposefully into the room, interposing himself between the Trill and his sister, lest Samala take offence to being struck. But it didn’t seem to be necessary as Samala stayed holding the bed for longer than Lorad expected she would, taking deep breaths before slowly straightening up, her hand still holding the bed.

“Sister?” Lorad asked calmly in Reman. “Are you alright?”

“No,” Samala responded after a moment, glaring at the woman behind her brother that had escaped her grasp so easily. “If I had been at my best, that wouldn’t have happened,” Samala told herself. “What happened?”

“There was... an explosion,” Lorad replied after a moment, understanding what his sister was asking. “You were injured and the ship was damaged. A part of the Theurgy found us and helped us. It saved your life?” Lorad explained, pointing at the holographic doctor.

“It?” Samala queried before realisation set in and she looked at the man she couldn't sense. “You’re one of those doctor holoprograms, aren’t you?”

“I am an Emergency Medical Hologram, or EMH,” the doctor retorted as if insulted. “I am not some run of the mill holoprogram. And all I did was place you in stasis until further medical assistance was provided by Doctor Rez there.”

“How long?” Samala asked.

“The explosion was two days ago,” Lorad answered once again. “Feels like months though, so much has happened.”

“So I see,” Samala mused, her tone dropping after catching sight of the Starfleet combadge on her brother’s vest.

“It’s not what you think Samala,” Lorad pointed out. “There is more going on then you know.”

“Then why don’t you explain it to me?” Samala accused, snapping herself to her full height of 165cm. To an outsider it probably looked comical given that Lorad was 191cm height and double his sister’s weight but it was the challenge behind her stance that Lorad noted. But Samala couldn’t hold the pose for long before she stumbled back, her hand coming down to hold her side where the Trill, Doctor Rez had elbowed her to get free.

“Back on the bed,” Lorad ordered, not even waiting for Samala’s acceptance before he picked her up put her there himself. “Doctor Rez?” Lorad implored after turning his head to look at the female Trill; not willing to remove his hands from his sister lest she try to leave the bed again. “She was always a stubborn patient. Gave her mother fits.”

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[ Dr Amelya Rez | Main Sickbay | Recovery |Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Rez looked weary at Lorad as he walked over to Samala and effectively placed her on the biobed. The two of them shared the information of what had happened from their ship up to this point. The doctor was being checked by the EMH for bruises or anything serious, yet Rez dismissed him as she kept her eyes on Samala and the Reman. The adrenaline of the doctor pulsing through her system as she was evidently on guard after being taken hostage for no apparent reason.

She let them chatter as she took one of the nearby tricorders and PADD before she was called by the Reman. Presumably to check on Samala once more after the altercation between herself and Rez. Amelya gave a slight nod "Don't threaten me again or you'll have to find another doctor to patch you up." she said decisively as she neared with the tricorder. Her eyes moving from Lorad to Samala before she began to perform her scans.

Initial scans showed that the freshly healed areas were now slightly damaged because of the defensive maneuver Rez had performed, yet there was little she could do about it. She sighed softly as she put the tricorder away once more and grabbed one of the innoculator. "I'll give you something for the ache, yet keep yourself from doing heavy lifting or heavy work. You'll need to come back to fix your arm. Though I believe you are urgently needed elsewhere."

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[Samala & Tesserarius Lorad | Recovery Room | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

“She won’t," Lorad promised the Trill doctor before she came over and begun to scan Samala. Standing to the side, he watched and listened as the doctor worked before warning that Samala should do any form of heavy lifting or work and that she would also need to come back and get her arm looked at once everything was calm again. Given they were going to be facing the Borg, that was not a certainty.

Lorad had faced the Borg before. A damaged cube vessel had appeared with Romulan territory during the Dominion war and Lorad’s unit was assigned to investigate it. While the vessel itself as heavily damaged, the drones inside of it were not as incapacitated and of the original 2000 Remans that transported aboard only 117 managed to evacuate the ship before it had repaired itself sufficiently to escape.

That mission still gave Lorad nightmares at times. The hours spent prowling around the ship with nothing but their knives to defend themselves with; the Borg having adapted to their disruptors quickly. And for what? A few data modules. Lorad shook his head to clear it of the memories and look at his sister and the doctor.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Lorad acknowledged. “We are needed elsewhere soon but there is time enough for Samala to change and to apologise to you for her actions. While understandable, she should have had much more control than that. Especially given her training. I hope she didn't injure you. My sister is not accustomed to dealing with species without our strength.”

“Brother, I…” Samala’s words were cut off by the look her brother was giving her and she swallowed her comment before looking at the Trill female. “I am sorry Doctor Rez. I was startled when I first awoke to so many unfamiliar people being around.”

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[ Dr Amelya Rez | Main Sickbay | Recovery |Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

The siblings were quite interesting to watch. Whilst it was unsure how the two were actually related, now was not a time to inquire about it. Amelya simply looked at Samala and Lorad as they talked and she had to smirk slightly when Lorad mention that there was enough time for Samala to form an apology for her behavior. The Trill physician turning her gaze back to Samala eventually as she seemingly wanted to object before being cut off by her brother's glare. Rez gave a simply nod at her apology "It's okay. I hope you'll be able to do... Whatever it is since I rushed you out of stasis."

The badge of Rez chirped as she got a warning that the ship would drop out of warp soon. Ten minutes to be exactly... It was time Rez didn't have sadly, time she could've used to organize the Sickbay a bit more to her liking or to increase the efficiency. Preparations had to be made on her behalf of course, yet she wondered if the two patients in the room had overheard it or not. With a slight courteous nod she apologized herself "I'm sorry, but I'll leave you two for now. I have other business to attend to. I do think we'll meet again as that arm needs fixing though." she smiled as she let her eyes rest on the cast before turning around and making it to the exit.

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[ Samala & Tesserarius Lorad | Recovery Room | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Lorad had known time was short but when the Trill Doctor’s combadge had sounded out it’s warning that the ship was about to drop out of warp, the shock trooper in him had taken over as he determined everything that they needed to do.

“Thank you doctor,” Lorad called after the female as she walked out of the room. Looking around, he saw a replicator in the corner. “Good,” he noted as he turned back to his sister. “Samala, get dressed. We have much to do. I will await you outside.”

“You still haven’t explained what it is I have been awakened to do,” Samala pointed out as she headed for the replicator that she had also noticed. Her words caused her brother to glance away. “Even I can tell that something is happening and that you, and no me, are a part of it. And that is unusual aboard a Starfleet vessel; even a renegade one.”

“They are having trouble interfacing the cloaking device into the ship’s systems,” Lorad revealed slowly, not looking at Samala as he spoke. “I told them that no one knew the cloak and it’s programming better than you and that you could make it work. That’s why they have awoken and healed you now.”

“You gave them our cloak?” Samala accused, her voice dropping. “The one thing we Remans guard closest.”

“Look into my mind, sister,” Lorad declared, whirling to face his sister squarely. “Look and understand,” Lorad demanded as he remembered everything since coming aboard. Samala said nothing, instead locking eyes with her brother and reaching out with her mind, reopening the doorway that would link their minds again. Thoughts and images flooded the link and Samala took a moment to assess and categorise them, to gain context to what she saw. And she understood.

“I do understand, brother,” Samala said a moment later, her voice calmer. “I do not agree with what you have done. But I understand why. And in your position, perhaps I would have done the same.”

“Thank you, sister,” Lorad uttered softly.

“So, how was Sera?” Samala asked, unable to resist.

“Get dressed,” Lorad commanded as he turned for the doors. “Time is short.”


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