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CH02: S [D06|0130] 50 Lashes

Chapter 02: Supplemental [Day 06 | 0130 hrs.] 50 Lashes

[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Nolan

Sitting at his old desk in the Security Center, Cinn stared into the darkness.  It wasn’t absolute darkness, the various control boards and standby lighting mandated by Starfleet protocols cast plenty of light to allow for him to see, even if it was with dark-adapted eyesight.  He’d lost track of the time, and quite frankly he didn’t care.  All he could see were the faces of those the Savi had taken from them.  One by one they’d flash through his sight, little snippets of memory of their time together.  The ones that were most prominent were the Captain, and his deputy, Lt. zh’Wann.  The look on Ives’ face when he stepped off of that stolen shuttle with Trent, both of hir faces during various meetings, business and pleasure.  Ida looking fiercely determined, even when penitent over some outburst that most senior officers would’ve punished.  One by one however, each and every one of them would be torn apart in a plane of green light, silent screams echoing off of the dark bulkheads heard by no one.

Without warning, the statue-like Bajoran snapped into motion.  Crying out with a roar that could shake the Celestial Temple from its heavenly foundation everything that was on the desk was swept to the floor.  Unsatisfied, Cinn could only turn to his right and smash his fist into the bulkhead, over and over again.  Pain shot up his arm, each pulse sharper than the last as his knuckles collapsed under the onslaught, every bit of it ignored.  If he heard the sound of the bones turning to dust he made no sign of it.  It was only when his fist completely gave way that he stopped, his body crumpling to the floor as he curled up against the bulkhead, grief finally breaking through the rage.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see the blood-filled indentions he’d left in the bulkhead, but the tears obscured them quickly enough.

Soon enough, Cinn’s emotions ran their course, Starfleet-trained intellect reasserting control over the body that houses it.  Choking back the last of the tears, Cinn looked down at the bloody remains of his right hand, knuckles caved in, fingers sticking out at odd angles.  Bits of bone protruded from the skin in some places, and blood pooled on the deck.  Grunting under the painful effort, Cinn returned to his feet and grabbed a cloth for a makeshift bandage.  Not a single iota of shame filled his pagh at the results of his newest work, but he knew this was something that required attention.

He just hoped whichever doctor on duty in Sickbay didn’t ask too many questions as he left the Security Center at last, bandaged hand cradled against his chest.

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[Dr Amelya Rez | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

As the surgery team was prepped and starting their endeavor to remove the tumor that was stuck in Krystal Tancredi's brain, Amelya Rez had stepped out of the primary surgical suite as she didn't want to cause any distractions in the delicate procedure. If they needed her advice or help they'd page her when need be. She tended to some patients who needed her help before she went over to replicator and produced herself some tea. Nurturing the cup she strode back to the medical supplies storage room.

As the doors hissed shut behind her she sat herself down against the wall and took a breather for herself after the long and frankly exhausting day. She gave herself a moment to close her eyes and just relax as she finally had the time to acknowledge what she now was. No longer Amelya Duv, yet Amelya Rez. She bit at her lip in thought as she wondered if the procedure had gone according to plan. The man who had performed the surgery being Nicander. She could only hope he hadn't done anything wrong inside her body or to the symbiont that contained Rez's host. Wondering how they'd work together and how it would be considering the faulty joining between Edena and the hosts would probably cause her a new headache. However, she felt like she knew so much more, not even having the trouble to look for specific information as it just floated around in her head.

[Dr Rez, are you still in Sickbay? I have the captain here with a fractures to his hand.] the combadge chirped as Rez sighed and got back up. Her head too tired to realize that she wouldn't be seeing Ives and Cinn instead. "I'll be right over." she answered "Have him placed in Medical lab one for some discretion." she straightened herself up and placed the tea on one of the tables before she straightened her uniform. She emptied her cup after that and made her way over to the medical lab afterwards.

The doors hissed open as Amelya stepped in "Good evening captain, I've hea-" she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the towering ebony skinned man in front of her. Various sorts of emotions welled up inside of her and she couldn't quite place it just yet why that was. She cleared her throat as she closed her eyes and adjusted her stance "I heard you've had an incident with your hand. Can I take a look at it?" she suggested as her eyes were drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

Finally her mind cleared up why she felt this form of attraction to the handsome man. Edena's feelings surfacing completely now as she got a short flashback of the moments they shared. Amelya's cheeks flushed lightly before she looked down and respected what the two of them shared. She was however unsure on how to proceed to it, the feelings Edena had were strong, very strong to say the least. She could feel the slip over to her, yet wasn't sure to fight them, resist them or to just embrace them.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Nolan

Doing his best to ignore the extreme pain pulsing out of his smashed hand, Cinn almost fell into its depths the moment Dr. Rez walked in.  It was clear that she’d been trying to keep this visit on a professional, detached level from the way she was talking as she entered, but the moment their eyes met that went right out the window.  Something of Edena must have risen though the symbiont, the way her cheeks were flushing and the way her breath caught at the sight of him… Cinn couldn’t help but admire the woman, even if she became host to his lover by chance, Amelya was quite beautiful.

Regaining her composure and getting down to business, Cinn stepped up to show her the remains of his shattered hand.  Gently holding it out, it was a gruesome sight.  Blood still leaked from his knuckles, the texture of which can only generously be described as gravel.  All four fingers hung limply in the air, their support completely non-existent.  “I missed the punching bag.” Cinn finally said as explanation, not even bothering to hide the pain now.  That caught the man by surprise, his entire life he knew to never show any weakness, that was how the Cardies broke those they conquered.  Maybe it was the fact that he was in a Starfleet sickbay being tended to by a Starfleet doctor, three quadrants of the galaxy knew that this was the safest place to be.  Looking down at her blonde head though, even without those factors he could feel comfortable around her.

“It’s good to see you awake at last.” Cinn finally said, keeping his voice soft with effort.  Each touch on the hand sent new lances of pain shooting up his arm and it took a lot of effort to keep it from affecting his voice more than a quick hiss of surprise.  Back in the Resistance the pain would hone his senses, a trick few learned, but it was a critical survival skill.  Still, the old habit was being battled by new emotions.  The more he looked at Rez the more he wanted to just melt into her arms, remind her of the bond they had, but he knew he had to fight the temptations.  She wasn’t Edena, this was Amelya.  She may have Edena’s memories, but she was her own woman with no obligations to her prior host.  Trill law even came to mind, reminding the security officer that it was unlawful for such a relationship to come to fruition.  Coworkers was the most they could be now.

So why was it that he was having trouble keeping his own desires in check?

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[ Dr Amelya Rez | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

The presented hand of the ad interim captain was nothing close to a pulp with extremities that would normally be considered fingers. She studied his hand and placed her own soft delicate fingers on his fore arm, checking his pulse and warmth. His explanation made her chuckle as she looked up at his eyes before looking back to his dark skin. Skin which she had seen before, or rather which Edena had seen before. A flash of the captain in his quarters, showering... The sensation of his hands running over her body and the muscular mass of him as he had claimed Edena before the events of Starbase 84. They all came at once and quite suddenly as Amelya swallowed hard, trying not to squirm because of the various feelings and emotions.

"I'll need to do small surgery on this." she said with a shushed voice "I can do it under local anesthetics if you'd like." she suggested as she looked back up at him, her cheeks flared up more then when she had stepped inside. Her lips parted slowly as she looked at Wenn Cinn. He had said softly that he was glad to see her awake. It had puzzled Amelya for a second. Was he referring to herself, or to Edena, the symbiont...

"It is... I'm glad to be awake as well." she answered him as she prepared the inoculation device to administer some pain medication and local anesthetics. She had to wait for his confirmation before being able to proceed further with the treatment she had in mind. She couldn't help but feel the tension in the air as she stole a few glances at the ebony colored man. The urge to break the silence lancing through her to spill it.

"Edena and yourself were pretty close. I uh... I've... I've seen some flashes of memories between the both of you." best not mention what kind of feeling they gave her "If anything, you must know that she truly harbored feelings for you. Even if she hadn't voiced them out loud, even with the constant battle of prior hosts within her." she whispered "I take it I'll soon be interviewed for Jona's actions and..." she paused as she shook her head "This is not the time or the place to discuss these matters." she corrected herself in front of her patient. She was exhausted really, her body spent from the entire ordeal. Despite that she'd been sleeping for quite a while, since the joining. Trill customs hadn't been followed after her joining and Amelya took in a deep breath as she looked up at Cinn "Shall I proceed to fix your hand captain?" she asked with a soft, caring tone.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Nolan

Cinn watched in silence as Amelya tended to his hand, doing his best to keep from twitching from each little touch.  Most sent new bolts of pain up his arm, some reminded him of similar gentle touches of a different nature.  He could see the way she blushed as well and he wondered just what was going through her mind about all this.

It was no surprise to the Bajoran that it would take some sort of surgery to fix what he did to his hand.  A simple nod was his answer to the offer of just local anesthetics, he didn’t want to stay any longer than was necessary here.  Cinn turned towards the nearby bed to get himself situation but Amelya said more before he could take a step.  As the Trill explained what Edena herself had felt about the two of them Cinn found himself speechless.  The sorrow he’d long pent up when that fanatic had killed her threatened to break loose.  The two of them hadn’t spoken much thanks to the chaos after their night together so to hear that she really did reciprocate… Suddenly the weight of the knowledge that their kidnapped crewmates were all dead lifted off of his pagh, if only for a moment.

Then, as soon as it started, the moment was over.  Amelya switched back to business mode, the personal tone swapped out for the typical medical sweetness.  Resigning himself to the same footing (for practical reasons if nothing else), Cinn slid his rear onto the biobed and rested his arm on his knee, giving Amelya easy access.  “Of course Doctor.  I…shouldn’t keep you longer than necessary.”  Watching her work, as soon as she stepped close to begin, Cinn couldn’t help but whisper, “Thank you…for everything.”

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[ Dr Amelya Rez | Main Sickbay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

As the captain agreed to local anesthetics Amelya simple shot up the nerve in his arm before starting to get to work. She noticed Cinn position him more comfortably on the biobed before placing his hand in a more advantageous position for her to perform surgery. She focused on her work as she began the repair of his fragmented bones and straightened the lumps that were supposedly fingers. Wenn would only feel slight tugs yet no real discomfort from the procedure as the doctor seemed to be working her magic. The entire procedure seemed to take about an hour and a half as the atmosphere in the room remained somewhat awkward.

He had agreed to not keep her up longer then necessary and she had simply smiled at the words before he had thanked her for everything. She hadn't responded to it yet, though as she was finishing up on the final pieces of bone she began with the dermal regenerator to close up the wound. Her eyes flicked up to look at Cinn "Next time be more careful to hit your target when punching. You shouldn't start using it for brawl work for the next two days. Give it some rest." she said softly as she placed her instruments away "The sedation will wear off in a couple of hours, I suggest you rest up in the meantime Sir."

She washed her hands under the sonic basin and once she was ready she turned herself back to Wenn. It was odd as Amelya was done with work, her mindset shifting once more from the pure business like state to a more humane one. She could feel the desires and feelings of Edena for the man in front of her. She knew it was wrong to follow up on these feelings, though she couldn't help it "Wenn..." she addressed him softly "I suppose I should thank you for making Edena's last days..." she paused as she looked for the right words "To make her feel loved and treasured. she cleared her throat a little as she looked away from him "It was a kind gesture." she concluded softly as she pushed some of her blonde hair out of her face.


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