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Day 01 [1910 hrs.] Defrosting

[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07  USS Theurgy ] Attn: Nolan

Ridun let out a low sigh as the captains final words came through the vid screen he had been watching, it clipped off almost as soon as Captain Ives said "Dismissed" which allowed him to focus his attention elsewhere. Namely into a large and slow outward stretch of his arms as he lay in the sickbay bed, his mind flooded with various thoughts over the information he had just seen, it almost seemed like to much as he let his eyes slip closed for a few brief moments. He allowed himself those few brief moments to consider the dull aching sensation that seemed to roll down his body constantly before dragging himself back towards reality.

When they opened he directed his attention towards the nurse not to far away, and in an effort to get his mind to a slightly lighter place he spoke in a light hearted manner, "So, do I really have to drink all my food from now on.. because if so I really don't mind being an ice block.". As he spoke he almost unconsciously dragged his flattened hand down the right side of his bare torso, in what could be regarded as borderline disbelief. Had he really been in stasis that long? Had a chunk of the ship really been where his hand now traced over his skin? He shrugged mentally, reaffirming to himself there was no reason not to believe any of it. Not that this prevented his foot from starting a rather mild, nervous twitching motion.

Ridun bent the offending leg slightly, the surgical pants he wore feeling rough against the his skin. Perhaps due to the material, or maybe it was just another side effect of having been in stasis. It is certainly information he lacked, however he was greatfull that there was no shirt on him at present, sparing him that sensation over his chest.

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat

Riley Patterson had allowed herself to peek along to the speech of Ives on the video net. In the meantime she was preparing a new compound shot for the petty officer who was watching the speech in the bio bed. The shot contained various vitamins and supplements for the man in order to improve his recovery. His injuries had been suffice to say severe and after a long deep stasis sleep, the patient had been awoken after the treasure trove of prosthetics and what else on Black Opal.

The list had been quite specific for the security bloke on the bed as he had been given a new lung and a a partial new liver after most of it had been ruptured and contaminated by Thea's very physical part that got stuck inside of him. The surgery had gone by without any supplemental complications and now that the patient was recovering, Riley had been given the task to look after his needs and health. She had to smile faintly as he asked her if he had to drink for the rest of his life "Oh, come on, it's not that bad... You can drink various mocktails and smoothies." she answered before she turned to him with the hypo spray in hand. "It's just for the next coming days, once you check out we need to make sure your body doesn't react too oddly to the new organs." she said before she placed the shot and administered it. The swoosh making her smile even broader "Just a sting." she added to it before she explained "Some things to speedy your recovery." she said as she looked him over.

Riley was dressed in the traditional teal uniform, yet instead of the standard issue pants she had been walking around Sickbay with the skirt edition of her uniform. It offered her more freedom to walk around and she sometimes hated how the uniform pants would clung onto her skin. It did however show of a fair amount of skin. Skin showed from halfway her femur down all the way to a few inches under her knee. She was wearing the standard issue heeled boots though which caused for a bit of clacking when she moved around.

She looked at the twitching leg before he bent it and she looked him in the eyes "How are you feeling Varder?" she asked him as she placed the hypospray down on the adjacent table and scanned him over with the diode. "What do you remember?" she asked him after she heard out his first response.

Re: Day 01 [1910 hrs.] Defrosting

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Varder Ridun offered a small smirk in response to Riley Pattersons humor before offering as greatfull of a nod he could whilst laying down in a bio bed. As she went to apply the supplement shot to him, he closed his eyes again, just for a blink of a moment before allowing himself another small smile as Riley mentioned a sting.  When his eyes did flick open, he directed his attention towards her once again. He had also moved his arm back up to firmly rub the side of his neck, an action which had the added effect of flexing the muscles on both his chest and arm.

"How are you feeling Varder?", the question asked of him was backed up by her looking into his eyes, a gesture which he returned to her as he answered. "Admittedly a little sore, I doubt its anything particularly major though.. its a very dull sensation if I were to describe it.", he stretched the arm holding his neck down against the bio bed, still bent at the elbow as his hand remained under his neck as she asked her next question. "What do you remember?", he let out a slight sigh as she asked but answered nonetheless. "We had been found out some time ago and were being perused by Task Force Archon.. I was on Vector one, deck six... Near life support, in case we got boarded.. I, can not recall anything past that.. Well, I mean, waking up here.".

He would slowly straighten the previously offending leg, the twitch controlled this time, and bit the inside of his lip in thought before speaking "Can I ask you a few questions?"

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat

Riley noticed the muscles flex as the Bajoran raised his arm to rub the inoculated spot. She was glad to see that he lost almost no muscle mass after being on ice for so long. It would make his recovery somewhat more speedy, though the aftereffects might still be felt for the weeks to come. In the meantime the security officer started on producing answers for the nurse as she scanned him over and stored away the tricorder before using the PADD for her own remarks.

She nodded to both answers "Well, we didn't get boarded, if that makes you feel better." she tried to lighten up the conversation a little "Furthermore, the soreness will stick for a while but will pass by over the coming days. Try to avoid heavy lifting or intense physical combat. You're all patched up but you still need a bit to heal up on the inside. In addition you might need to watch your food intake in the future, but we'll send you an info folder on a PADD. Just read it through when you have the time." she smiled.

He asked her now in turn if he could pose any questions and the nurse nodded "Sure feel free to ask away." she answered.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Ridun rolled his eyes slightly at the light hearted comment made by Riley, although he also had a smirk play across his lips at the same time. To the further comments she made the smirk remained but he also offered nods of gratitude. "I am sure I can manage to avoid lifting heavy objects and fighting Klingon's for a few days, if I really must". After these words he withdrew his hand from under his neck, slowly stretching it down his side in an almost experimental manner. He then proceeded to fold the arm across his torso, before slowly bending the arm until his hand rested just below his neck. These movements could also be considered experimental in their nature, as Ridun was indeed testing the water with simply how moving felt.

He offered a slight nod and briefly closed his eyes upon hearing the affirmative for him to ask the questions on his mind, given otherwise he might just drive himself insane with speculation and overthinking. His eyes flicked open and he returns his gaze to Riley before speaking, "What exactly has happened with the senior staff? I barely seem to recognize them anymore". He asked her a second question after hearing out her reply, "What exactly does the Resolve have to do with all this? Did we convince others in Starfleet we were innocent?". He had a more serious expression etched onto his face now as he let out a low, long breath.

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat

The questions Varder had asked Riley were rather complex ones. She hadn't been briefed about the how and what herself. She knew Resolve crew had joined the ship but to how and what, she had no concrete answers. She had heard a lot of rumors though and she looked at the man in the eyes before she ran her hand through her hair and scratched the back of her head "To be fair, I don't know why the Resolve crew is aboard the ship. I mean, not the official reason... I do know that we were in heavy combat when trying to a message of truth out. That went sideways and now the whole universe will probably think we're true renegades." she said and paused for a second "I think the Resolve got caught in the crossfire and we were the first and maybe only ones to help. We evacuated as much as we could and got a higher influx of injured from that ship. Further, I don't really know..." she tried to explain as to why there were Resolve on board.

"As for our senior staff... We've had some new faces on there. One of them hails from Task force Acheron. He's the XO now, and supposedly he crippled Acheron with some sort of bug. I heard it nearly wiped out the entire fleet... Though, again, nothing official yet. They don't give us that much intel plus I've been a bit too busy with tending the wounded. If anything I'm sure one of the other officers or your department head will know more." she told him before she looked around to see if anyone else needed her attention at the moment.

"Anything else you want to ask?" she smiled as she leaned against his bed and felt one of her bangs slip down and covered half her face for a moment. She pushed it back behind her ear, yet it seemed that it quickly came sliding down once more.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Ridun nodded his head slowly, his eyes briefly closed for a moment as he listened to Rileys answers to his questions. He understood that he had not asked easy questions, but even so, he had hoped for a little more. Perhaps this was just his mind deciding it really did not like being out of the loop after what amounted to a huge brain freeze. "I suppose we were lucky to save those we did, I just hope they are on our side of the story", He softly bit the inside of his cheek after speaking, the hand on his chest balling briefly into a fist before once again flattening out as he listened to the answer to his other question.

"Ah, I see.. I suppose I can ask Commander Cinn when I get out of here and report, it might even come as a duty briefing... Thank you for what you have been able to tell me", he had spoken in a rather soft voice, as his arm finally returned to his side in a rather direct and perhaps exaggeratedly controlled movement.. "I uh, don't have anything else to ask of you, its just.. a lot to try and get my head around". This time his speech seemed much clearer and it was quickly followed up by a deep breath that melted into a drawn out sigh. He returned her smile as she leaned against the bedside, followed by a small laugh as he watched her hair resist her attempts at positioning it. Despite it probably not being that funny of a thing to witness Ridun simply felt the need to laugh at something at that moment.

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat

Riley could only shrug to his hope that they'd all be on their side "Guess we'll see in the long run. I mean, they got swarmed at from everywhere, I guess they'll side with whomever saved them.... I hope." she said softly as she looked up as he moved his arms once more. As he determined that it'd be best to get a sit rep from Comander Cinn, Riley nodded in silence before she placed her PADD away and crossed her arms.

"Not a problem. If there's anything else you need just give me a shout." she smiled "You're scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. We still need to run some diagnostics and keep you in for observation with the prosthetics they placed in you. Just a matter of making sure you don't need to be rushed into stasis once more." she smiled as he tapped him on the shoulder "See you around Varder." she smiled and turned her back to him as she sauntered off to her next patient.

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[ Ensign Vereyn Kiiz | Battle Sickbay  | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy Attn: @Nolan or @Auctor Lucan

”RED ALERT! RED ALERT!”  All the lights had turn red.

“What’s happening?” He thought.

Officers ran from one post to another.  Everything was moving in slow motion.  The young Trill jumped to his feet.  And ran to another console.  Punching in a command, he yelled something to someone, but it almost seemed like no one heard him.  Looking back at the console he stopped, he said to himself, “Wait… I have been here before.”  Looking to his left, he saw the conduit that ran through the wall explode.  The Trill went flying across the room.  Opening his eyes, pain shot up from his leg.  He reached down and felt that beam, that he pierced his leg.  He moved his deep brown eyes to look down, his own blood pouring out of the wound.  Screams of pain came from his mouth and he laid back down, then black……

Vereyn’s eyes shot open.  The young Trill sat up taking a deep breath.  Shooting pain came up his body.  He grabbed for his leg, and noticed that the beam was gone but the pain wasn’t.  Laying back down he looked around, he was obviously in the sickbay.  His head pounded, his leg throbbed, in fact everything hurt. 

All around him other biobeds were filled with other personal.  Medical staff, both doctors and nurses, bustled around the sickbay checking on others.  Laying his hands on his stomach, he could feel Kiiz slowly moving inside, he knew he was ok.  In fact he didn’t even need to feel his stomach, he would have been a lot sicker if he was injured.  He decided to close his eyes for a bit longer to try and get rid of the headache.

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jfiddle

Moving away from Varder, another patient caught her eyes as his biometrics went all over the place for a second before he calmed down slowly. She came to stand to the side of his bed and looked over the readings. She had moved over silently, almost like a ninja even as she smiled faintly before looking at the Trill. Seeing him, she wondered how Doctor Duv was doing, or was it Doctor Rez now? Regardless, she missed the Trill physician before she scraped her throat to make clear she was besides him "Evening Ensign, are you experiencing pain?" she asked as she took a look at his medications.

Regardless of his answers her noticed that he was primed for another shot of standard painkillers. She took an inoculation device prepared it for a shot. She looked down at the operations officer, or so she thought he was as that's what his file said "My name is Riley, I'm one of the nurses looking after you." she continued before she waited to give him the shot. A trill was somewhat different from human, most dosages stayed the same yet she took some extra precautions with the man in the bed.

"You've been to quite the ordeal... How is the leg?" she asked him softly, placing her free hand on his shoulder as she positioned herself so she'd be able to look him straight in the eyes. A smile on her face, a vibrant one even as she seemed to glow happiness and care around her.

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[ Ensign Vereyn Kiiz | Battle Sickbay  | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy Attn: @Nolan

Vereyn opened his eyes and looked up at the woman that had approached him.  The light made his head pound harder than before. Bringing his righ hand up he covered his eyes and proceeded to rub his temple with his thumb and middle finger.  “Well my head is pounding.”

Flashbacks from being thrown across engineeeing, and seeing the beam through his leg filled his mind.  Removing his hand from his head, he lifted his head and looked down at his wrapped leg again.  “Yeah.  That hurts too.”

The young Trill could recall most of what happened.  But what exactly had happened.  Though he could recall most of it, it was mostly blurry. “So.  What happened?  All I remember is being in Engineering, red alert being called.  Then being on the floor with something through my leg.”

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jfiddle 

Upon hearing the complaints, the nurse nodded as she placed the hypospray on the neck of the Trill "Slight pinch." she warned as the shot was administered and the drugs started to spread through the venous system of the Trill's body. The effects would be working in a few seconds later and slightly change the taste pallet of the man for a few seconds before it turned back to normal. She reported the shot being administered as she listened to the rest of his complaints.

Once she had reported her things, Riley looked back at the man and smiled friendly as she looked at the leg before looking back up at him. "So everything's blurry huh..." she murmured before she checked his pupil response first. Upon being cleared for it she continued "Well, you were found in Engineering with a part of a bulk head poking through your leg. Arterial bleeding had been stopped by the beam, yet the leg itself was shattered. We were short handed to perform surgery and find you suitable osteo synthetic materials." She looked into his eyes "You were placed in stasis until we found the materials we needed at Black Opal. You were brought out of stasis and Doctor Nicander has performed the surgery himself. Of course, you can't hop around the ship just yet. We'll clear you later today, but we need to make sure first that your leg will support the weight. Other than that, we're trying to get you as pain free as possible. Should be later today or tomorrow that you'll be discharged." she explained clearly and at a pace so he wouldn't get lost in the overflow of information.

"Have any more questions for me ensign?" she asked calmly yet pretty open minded as she took her time with him, unlike some other colleagues of her that just worked patient after patient with little attention to their needs, questions or emotional state.

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[ Ensign Vereyn Kiiz | Battle Sickbay  | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

Vereyn felt his body relax, as the pain medication flooded through his system.  His headache was slowly receding.  The Trill sat and listened and the nurse explained what had happened.  “How… how long have I been in stasis?”  He asked.

What had happened in this time.  Who was still alive from the attack?  He had almost died, what lives were lost? Which if his friends didn’t survive.  He started to feel emotions sweep through his body.  He held them back the best he could.  But tears were welling up.  If he had seen the signs, he probably could have stopped the overload.  That way he could have helped with the battle. 60 years as an engineer and he couldn’t tell that the conduit was going to blow.

Wiping the tears from his eyes he looked at the nurse, “Sorry.  I don’t know what came over me.  Must be the meds. Is Commander Stark alright?”  The Trill admired his Chief, and inspired to be as great of Chief as her.

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jfiddle 

The question how long he had been in stasis was met by a wry smile from the nurse. "We're at stardate 57505.34 at the moment." she replied softly as she noticed his posture becoming more relaxed, the painkillers seemingly doing it's work. Though it seemed more emotions got loosened up by his awakening. Her eyes noticed the welling up of tears in the corners of his eyes as he wiped them away and she scooted a little closer before resting her hand against his cheek. She offered him to hold his face up, to face hers.

"Sorry.  I don't know what came over me.  Must be the meds. Is Commander Stark alright?"

She smiled and she nodded slowly "Commander Stark is just fine ensign, I think she'd be one of the few people that I haven't seen in Sickbay for a while now." she offered and she kept looking him in the eyes "Plus, it's alright to let your emotions go. I mean, this is Sickbay after all, you can unleash all your emotions here if you'd want." she said softly to him, a soothing character in her voice as she paused for a second "If you wish I could contact one of the counselors to see you ensign Kiiz. They might be able to help you more adequately than I can." she said again with a soft voice. Her eyes were looking right in his, her hand feeling warm against his natural cool skin. Her fingertips slowly grazing against his spots.

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[ Ensign Vereyn Kiiz | Battle Sickbay  | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

57505.34… what was the stardate….  The young Trill couldn’t remember the stardate when the Calamity attacked.  He thought for a second… nope… nothing.

Feeling her soft gentle hand touch his face.  He was relieved that Commander Stark was alright.  He didn’t want to have lost two chief’s in such a short time.

If you wish I could contact one of the counselors to see you ensign Kiiz. They might be able to help you more adequately than I can.

“No… no… thank you, I should be fine.”  Vereyn said.  “I have four lifetimes with heartbreak, I kind of know how to cope with it.”  he said trying to cover up the pain that still flowed inside of him.  Kiiz knew the pain of loss and regret, and because of that, so did Vereyn. 

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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jfiddle  

"Very well, I would still commend it should you feel yourself lost or in any form of emotional pain." she mentioned as she looked worried at the junior officer. There was no point in pushing the man into counseling as it would undoubtedly work counterproductive. She let go of his face and stood back up.

"Alright, well if you need anything else, just give me a shout." she smiled and knew the Trill had probably more life experience than she did. She wondered how wonderful it must be to have the experiences of so many lives before one. She contemplated about it before she snapped out of it and just smiled a bit broader "Anyway, if the pain surges up again, call me as well, no need to suffer down here." she told him with a wink.

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[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan or @Nolan

S/he was having trouble keeping events straight in hir head. There was a cacophany of alert klaxons and shouts and weapon impacts and sparking conduits. And fire. No, an explosion. S/he couldn't quite grasp it... There was a disconnect. They were... they were damage control. Hir and... who? The names wouldn't come. But they had been running for a plasma fire, and then: the Break.

And then nothing but splinters, flashes. Something pulling at hir arm, toes dragging on the deck. The heat receding. Replaced with a wetter warmth, falling down hir back. Hir head wouldn't lift, and s/he had the nagging feeling that was important somehow. Another splintered image - the corner of a bulkhead. A sprawled crewman, face down, a puddle of blue blood under her. Someone was talking to hir... maybe. S/he might have heard hir name. It was so hard to concentrate.

Oblivion. Forever. Or no time at all? Why was nothing working? S/he wanted to call out, to scream, but couldn't summon the will. Hir body betrayed hir - it wouldn't respond.

A grinding. A pulling. Dancing lights, faint nausea. And now the
re was some damnable beeping. Urgent. Piercing... so annoying. A memory of red strobes and blaring alerts. S/he had to move.

"Oh-ho, adrenaloid spike. Someone's waking up..."

'Who is that?' was what s/he tried to ask. It came out as a strangled, gurgling growl, hir voice thick with disuse. And the accelerating beeping would not stop. Hir eyes flickered for a second, blinking in the blinding lights above hir. "Whu.. what-"

It came back to hir in a rush - almost instantly. The broadside from the USS Temeraire. Blown relays up and down half a deck. Hir team on first-response for that section. A later hit - a torpedo? Whatever; it had ruptured the junction s/he'd been standing next to. A searing pain across the back of hir neck and head... then naught but splinters.

With remembered reflex, s/he tried to duck. S/he ended up sitting bolt upright, heart hammering, with some vaguely person-shaped fuzz next to hir. Nator's hand flashed out and grabbed a handful of its uniform and pulled it close, hir bunched fist making the muscles in hir bare forearm tighten like a bundle of steel cord. "Commander Hen-" Was that his name?"-Hendricks. I need to tell him - I couldn't... I didn't repair the junction..."

The sudden movement and general malaise left over from whatever  sedative they'd given hir was making things difficult. S/he could barely focus. "And tell... tell Commander Nerina I can return to-"

Nator's assertion that s/he could return to duty died in hir throat as s/he swayed in hir sitting position, looking down as s/he tried to collect hirself. Then s/he noticed the surgical gown s/he was clad in, rather than the (perhaps tattered) uniform s/he'd been expecting. "What the f-" s/he mumbled. Slowly, s/he reached hir free hand back, tentatively exploring the back of hir head. There was no scar, no protrusion, nothing.

So why did nothing fit?

Hir head tracked slowly back around to the... nurse? Orderly? Doctor? and released hir grip. The face was in perfect focus, but s/he couldn't quite pin it to a memory of someone s/he knew. "Sorry," s/he offered quietly, smoothing down the fabric and ignoring the four neat holes left in the tunic. A teal undershirt was visible in the light shining through.

"W- How long was I out? Did we get away from Sol? I need to get dressed..." S/he swung a leg over the side of what s/he finally realised was a biobed. Someone had gotten hir to a sickbay, clearly. Switch on already, come on. Hir head was clearing, sort of - perhaps thanks to hir fierce metabolism - but it all still felt too slow. There was a ship to repair, and they must be short of able hands as it was. The casualties had been horrendous... s/he well remembered the smell of burning blood from half a dozen species in hir nostrils. Now all s/he could detect was disinfectant, and ozone.

Where was everyone? This place should have been full of wounded. Was s/he even on the Theurgy? Sickbay designs weren't exactly unique...

S/he pushed away the strengthening suspicion; the last logical explanation. It was too big to contemplate. Not right now.

Work to do.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Top Hat

The gurgling noise that was rather thick, as if someone was drowning in their own excrement. It pulled the attention of the nurse away from the Trill and up to her next patient as hir movements became more apparent. She came next to the patient and looked at hir readings, her hand extending to check her when suddenly the patient lashed out. It latched onto her uniform and she got dragged in with a sudden, short shriek.

Whatever s/he was saying it made no sense as Riley's eye were wide open and he grabbed around for a hypospray to place the patient back under. "Calm, down! Let go, you're fine!" she tried to reason with hir and when her hand finally found and grabbed onto the hypospray she brought it closer for a shot. Yet it was than that she looked right into the focused eyes of Nator. Crystal clear it would seem and no longer lucid as s/he looked right back in the eyes of Patterson. "Let. Go." she stated again and could feel the grip loosening before letting go entirely.

Nator apologized, yet left Patterson with four neat holes in her uniform. She placed the hypospray down again as she felt herself up, making sure she didn't gain any injuries herself before she looked back sternly at Nator. The familiar questions came and the patient swung hir legs out of the bed and tried to get up as PAtterson pushed hir back down by the shoulders to remain just seated for now.

"You've been out for a while... We left Sol quite a while ago." she answered her first questions, yet conducted a scan of her regardless. "Please crewman. State your name, rank and position." she said as the scans showed no additional trauma or side effects. "Clearly, someone should state to put you under with different narcotics.." she murmured under her voice, inaudible to the patients around her as she looked at Nator.

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[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan

With some effort, Nator forced some control into hir breathing and heartrate as s/he looked around the medical bay. There were a few people here, but not the dozens s/he half-remembered seeing. S/he must have been out for hours, at least. The air held no trace of the heavy, metallic smoke endemic to plasma fires and slagged bulkheads, but that didn't mean a great deal in a compartment with its own dedicated environmental circuit. Still, its absence jarred a little.

Briefly, s/he considered resisting as the nurse pressed hir back onto the thin mattress. However, s/he'd regained enough of hir common sense to know that there was little point fighting a nurse on their home ground. But then what the Petty was saying next to hir penetrated the murk between hir ears, and s/he had to fight the urge to sit right back up again.

"... We left Sol quite a while ago."

"What? How many-"

"Please, crewman. State your name, rank and position."

Head injury. Of course. Just be patient.

Nator ignored hir internal pun, simply gritting hir teeth for a fraction of a second before resigning to playing the game. "Nator one-five-nine," s/he supplied. "Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Ops, on damage control rotation before... apparent consignment to sickbay."

The Hermat took another look at the nurse. S/he couldn't place the face at all... not that that was surprising; the Theurgy had a large crew. Still, not so large that s/he couldn't have seen someone at least in passing. The ship had been embarked for months before- well, before. "This, um. This is a Theurgy sickbay, right? Vector One?" s/he guessed, based purely on where s/he last remembered being. "How many hours..." a grimace crossed hir face, "Or days... have I been here? I really should report to Lieutenant Commander Hendricks now I'm awake."
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[ Dr. Nicander | Turbolift >Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Jm Von Cat @Jfiddle @Top Hat & @Aeolus 
After having escorted the ungrateful and seemingly hostile First Officer of the USS Resolve back to Main Sickbay so that he might get the last of his treatment, Doctor Lucan cin Nicander had taken the turbolift up to Vector 01's Battle Sickbay. This Leon Marquez had been glaring daggers at him before the briefing in the Fighter Assault Bay, to the point where one might think it was his fault the human had been hurt in the battle. It was hardly the first time a patient was ungrateful for having his life saved, but Nicander had reckoned the Executive Officer of a Federation starship would know better than to treat medical officers poorly. The vindictive side of him might even consider keeping the man off active duty and ordinate rest whilst confined to his quarters for his impertinence, and that was still much more kind than what the parasite had in mind. The images were more distant, but still vivid...

Rending his flesh. Stripping his bones. Kissing his lifeless lips. Rutting with his severed head.

When the turbolift had stopped, Lucan had blinked the images away and walked the short distance to the auxiliary med bay, where his pale grey eyes were greeted by the expected high number of patients. He pushed Lieutenant Commander Marquez from his mind and inclined his head to a security officer. After Lucan had moved the Rez symbiont to its new host, he had preformed extensive surgery on the Bajoran, involving not just the removal of twisted bulkhead plating from his torso but the replacement - and mending - of several internal organs. He picked up a PADD with medical journals and began his round.

"Mister Varder, glad to see you awake," he told the man with a small, weary smile, raking a tattooed hand through his own, unkempt hair. Commander Trent had been so kind as to offer a list of prioritised functions and individuals to awake from stasis in order to handle the current onboard situation. There was Security, because of the Devoted, along with Ops and Engineering Officers because of the repairs. With all the injured and deceased in the battle, it surely didn't make his medical staff's task easier, but there really was no time to file complaints. The patients did not wait for administrative tasks. At least the stock of medical supplies from the Black Opal aided his staff.

Further into the med bay, Lucan made eye-contact with a Trill, and he remembered that the wide-shouldered man had sustained an especially difficult leg injury, with a twenty centimetres wide K1 support beam skewering his leg, something his personnel had to dislodge before he could be put into his stasis unit, with all the major arteries in his muscular thigh having to be temporary cauterised. He could but hope the Doctor that treated him managed to salvage that femur of his. "Ensign Kiiz. Depending on how that leg feels on the morrow, I might be asking you to return on a regular basis for rehabilitation exercises. For now, you should rest."

That was when he heard the commotion towards the aft of the med bay, and Lucan excused himself politely to the Ensign so that he might see what was happening. He saw Nurse Patterson struggle with a patient, who eventually laid down on her biobed again. As he approached, he heard the Hermat speak, remembering her from the Ops department. First, Lucan put his hand on Patterson's shoulder, making eye-contact in silent query as to if she was hurt by the Hermat's claws. Then, his gaze shifted to Nator 159, and he realised he'd be the one to give her the news about Hendricks. Knowing how loved the middle-aged predecessor of Stark was, he knew it might not be the news the Hermat wanted to hear so soon after her awakening.

"Junior Lieutenant Nator," he said in his deep voice, glancing down to the PADD to see what her ailment had been, "yes, you are still on the Theurgy, but you have been in stasis for three months. A lot has happened, and I advise you take this slowly." Asking this of a Hermat might not be ideal, the fact of several months passing without their knowledge being the same as years for most other species, but Lucan would indulge in answering her question. There was still all the hardships and obscene nightmares to speak of, but the fate of her superior officer... that much he would give her.

"I am afraid Lieutenant Commander Hendricks has passed away," he said, putting his PADD away and producing a medical tricorder from his lab coat. He began to scan hir while he talked. "He was killed in action, falling over the safety rail in the reclamation center. There couldn't have been much pain involved, since the report said he vanished in the reprocessing field within seconds." That being said - the nerves along the skin melting away quickly - the long seconds it would take for an entire body to be reprocessed could not have been too pleasant for the late Chief of Operations.

"Lieutenant Commander Stark is Chief of Operations now, and I recommend you report to her when you're given medical leave. She will brief you about the current state of Operations, and what needs to be done. In the meantime," after finishing the scan and sending it to hir medical journal, Lucan turned to Nurse Patterson, "could you download the recording of the briefing in the Fighter Assault Bay to a PADD and give it to the patient. I think it's better s/he hear what's happened from Captain Ives than us trying to relay it all. Thank you nurse, and after you've made sure you are not bleeding, you can replicate a new uniform at your leisure. I can treat any lacerations you might have sustained, so just let me know if that's required."

Lingering for a moment while Patterson could do as ordered with the recording, Lucan looked back to Nator 159, making sure s/he coped well with what s/he'd just been told. In the corner of his eye, Lucan saw one patient that was well enough to stand returning from the head, and since Patterson was preoccupied, he supposed he would have to continue his round. Gently, he reached down and placed a tattooed hand on Nator 159's shoulder. "Again, I'm sorry. If you have any questions, I recommend you save them until you've seen the briefing."

Then, Doctor Nicander left, moving towards the next patient.

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[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

The nurse never got a chance to reply. S/he hadn't considered hir questions that difficult, but a lot of people seemed to display an agony of indecision over delivering difficult news. S/he wondered if hir Suspicion were about to be confirmed - a suspicion which s/he couldn't quite bring hirself to articulate, whether internally or not.

The doctor's face... s/he knew him. S/he knew s/he knew him. But his name eluded hir yet. Doctor, ah... Lieutenant Commander... shit, come on. There was just some sort of buzz in between hir and hir powers of recall - some impenetrable fug where s/he used to keep hir memory of facial features neatly organised by name and depth of acquaintance. Oddest of all, s/he couldn't get truly angry at it. There was only an intellectual sort of irritation at having part of hir own knowledge locked away from hir.

With some difficulty, s/he focused as Doctor... the doctor spoke. "... Yes, you are still on the Theurgy, but you have been in stasis for three months."

There it was. Almost imperceptible, a muscle at the corner of hir eye twitched. Nator became very still; outwardly relaxed. Behind hir face, however, s/he felt as if hir chest had been placed under some dark-age executioner's stone... an intolerable pressure that built until s/he reminded hirself to take a breath. Something about Hendricks going into- into the reclamator. Grief, what a way to go.

The maelstrom was complicated by recalling the doctor's name at last. Nicander. Ship's CMO. Still there. Even if Hendricks weren't... Shame. He was alright, for a binary. Focus.

"... Stark is Chief of Operations now..." No face for the name. But it was one s/he recognised, at least. Hir jaw clenched, before brushing the man's hand from hir shoulder. S/he nodded.

"I'll ask," s/he managed to rasp.

After a few seconds the nurse pressed a PADD into hir hands. Nator mumbled some thanks, then started reading the transcript. It was hardly a complete description of the last three m- of the journey from Sol, but given what s/he could remember and the new details here, s/he could piece the salient pieces of the rest together.

S/he was still considered a traitor. They all were. S/he'd never get to go home... and given the might of the Fleet was arrayed against them, it was likely that even if they were somehow one day vindicated, s/he'd be dead anyway. Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

The PADD lay forgotton on the bed beside hir. For a moment, Nator simply stared at the deckhead above. Then hir mind crystallised to a decision, and s/he swung hir legs off the side of the bed while the staff were diverted, before walking gingerly towards the head. The awkward hospital gown whispered around hir knees as s/he padded over the deck. There were plenty of full beds to see, now that s/he was out of the little ward s/he'd occupied previously. Still, there was no stench of blood and sweat on the air and there was even free space on the deck upon which to walk. An improvement on hir last splintered memory of the place, at least.

A few minutes later, s/he emerged from the washroom in a new uniform and hir hair sorted out. Making no eye contact, s/he slipped from the infirmary before anyone could stop hir.
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[ PO Riley Patterson | Battle Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Top Hat , @Aeolus 

Before Riley could continue to talk to the Hermat, she felt the hand of someone familiar on her shoulder. Her lips parted to speak, yet no sound coming out as she glanced down at the hand and confirmed it to be Doctor Nicander himself as he made eye contact with her. She could only nod as she could see his eyes go to her damaged uniform before giving her a nod. She stepped back and let the CMO take care of the Hermat for now as she just glanced down at her uniform and stood in attention for Nicander to complete his talk with Nator.

When Nicander asked her to download the files of the recording in the bay to a PADD, the nurse nodded and went to get a fresh PADD as she tapped it and downloaded the speech and got it all but ready to play before handing it over to Nator "Here you go lieutenant." she said, calmly, yet softer than the first time before she gave s/he a nod "If there's anything else you need, just let me know." she concluded and carried on with her work.


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