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Her legs slipped almost too eagerly around his waist, blue skin pressed against pink, and David sighed happily as Ida's tight channel opened itself completely for him on his fourth thrust, allowing him to enter her completely. He then began a steady rhythm of pulling his hips back slowly and driving them forward hard, hilting himself fully into her each time, drawing a deep moan from both partners. His hands stayed on Ida's arms, leaving them pinned beside her head as he plunged forward, his hips rocking into hers as his Deputy half-heartedly struggled beneath him.

Thanks to Ida's earlier ministrations, David was better able to control himself as he drove his meaty shaft, harder than ever before after her little trick, into her wet, gripping pussy. But he could feel his body burning up, thanks to his earlier fight with Ida and now their lovemaking, all taking place in this sweltering heat. His own mind had grown foggy, but he kept thrusting his hips into Ida's, determined to hear her reach her own pleasure before he could allow himself to spend himself inside her.

"The...the honor was mine," he managed to respond before her lips met his one final time. The heat from her lips was the last sensation he could clearly recall before the heat and the lust fully took control of him. His eyes blazed like blue ice under the Andorian sun as his hips began to slam forward, his muscles flexing powerfully above Ida's writhing form as they both drew ever closer to that peak they so desperately sought.

Everything became a blur, then, their bodies molding together in ecstasy, forgetting completely about the world around them, and only when he felt Ida's body spasming beneath his, her warm sheath clamping tightly around him as she screamed into his ear, did David bury himself completely within her and let out a roar of his own as his long pent-up load was finally let loose, the torrent of hot seed rushing forth to flood Ida's welcoming warmth. It all became too much for David, and his grip on Ida's arms loosened as his vision darkened, his body collapsing atop hers, and then he knew nothing more.

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Outside of the holding cell, the woman in Starfleet uniform remained, watching until the two humanoids upon the floor ceased moving.

Despite the smoke inside there, she had been able to see everything, and she was pleased not having to manipulate things further than she had. The sweetest reward came from matings happening without her direct touch, and she revelled in it - as well as all other matings taking place across the ship. She had personally come to attend this one, even though she was present everywhere. She might have tinkered a wee bit with this meeting between the blue humanoid and her leader, but not overly much...

She smiled, remembering having watched the mating between the male in the white robe and his female officer in the healing facilities on this pitiful space vessel. Oh, there had been reward there. She had stood in the greenery and seen it, pleased in how she had not done a single thing to make that coupling happen.

Still, it was poor compensation for the troubles she had gone through in order to occupy this space and time - this quaint little craft that had so recently caught her attention. Where was this paradise she had sensed from beyond the dimensional layers; this unparalleled focus of energy that had called out to her? Why was she here, when the humanoids were all so dull and dutiful in their own little escapades?

The woman had known she should have sought the time and space where the energy blossomed the most, but alas, she had failed because of him, the damnable tyrant that would not let her go as she pleased. She had also hoped, in vain, that she would be able to enjoy a whole galaxy full of premium energy - with so many life forms mating at the same time that her powers would be reckoned with once more.

Yet the time-line had been altered twice, and she had been fooled - hurling her presence to the wrong place and time altogether. Yet still, so right, for the residual energy was still there... taunting her in its fading image.

She turned, about to leave the prison of the space craft, about to continue searching for ways to make the vessel interesting again. Briefly, she paused, and wondered if she would let the two humanoids die. She frowned, the decision trivial, but since the vessel was found so lacking, perhaps she aught to preserve the lives of these two in the hope of a second mating. In the end... she made the artificially made energy wall vanish - the smoke and heat pouring out against her. It would surely alert the others outside.

Her attention already elsewhere, she walked out through the door, meeting the eyes of a young man on her way out of the area with yellow-collared warriors. He was the only one in the immediate area. The only one that saw her leave. She smiled to him, this renown and sculptured young humanoid that was revered across this particular part of the galaxy. More renowned than most others aboard the craft in this time and space. She smiled to him... and she spoke to him in his mind.

I am not important... she said and stroked his cheek in passing, yet do you scent that sulphurous odour? Perhaps there is a fire... Perhaps you should see what it is...

Then she vanished through the sliding doors.

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As he approached the brig, Scosche barely glanced up as he heard the doors open, his feet scuffling along.  He'd had long days before, and more exhausting ones, but it had been a while and he wasn't accustomed to such treatment as Marija had dealt out.  Still, he managed to catch sight of an attractive blonde, felt fingers on his cheek, before nearly forgetting her as he lifted his head in confusion, the smell of smoke or exhaust, something not right, catching his attention.  Dismissing her, the blonde not being important, he rushed inside and stopped in his tracks, caught off guard at the sight of the man and woman on the floor of Cell C, naked and, from the looks, having just finished a bout of sexual intercourse.  Scosche blushed, then shook his head, trying to take in more details than just the immense attractiveness of the white-haired, blue-skinned Andorian, or the masculine, chiseled, and well-endowed human.  He tried to remember their names as he walked forward, sweat starting to form on his skin again as he got closer.  He noted the scorched panel and, while not knowing what had happened, still surmised it was most likely where the heat was coming from.

Carefully and with an attempt at modesty by not looking directly at her, Ida-something he partially remembered, he knelt and grasped her shoulders, pulling her gently out of the cell and as far away as he could.  He kept her in the antechamber of the brig, not wanting to place her in quite so public a place as out in the hallway, then went back for... Grayson?  Was that his name?  Scosche thought so, as he dragged the man out, as well, placing him beside Ida.  Once last time he went back into the cell, grabbing their jackets.  Walking back to them, he covered each as modestly as he could.

For a moment, he stood over them, realizing he'd done all of that without thinking.  It had not even occurred to him to do anything else but to help them, to make them safe.  He was hardly trained for Starfleet work, but he'd still managed to, quite possibly, save their lives.  Then, he recalled just how exhausted he was and collapsed back against the wall, his breathing suddenly hard and deep.  Maybe he'd close his eyes for just a moment, catch his breath, let his heart beat calm...

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Light cut through the darkness, and awareness of the world around him returned to David as his eyes slowly cracked open once more. His vision, usually so keen, was blurred, and he groaned softly as he blinked his eyes, trying to cut through the fog that had descended upon his mind.

His sight cleared, and David realized he was looking up at the ceiling of the antechamber. What...? He started to push himself up and discovered his uniform jacket lying across his body. His leg then brushed against the still form lying beside him, and David leaned over to check on Ida, ensuring that she was unharmed. Her chest rose and fell softly as she slept, and he felt a smile on his face as he watched her for a moment. Though Ida's face and body were littered with bruises, as were his, there was a sense of peace about her, something David had never before seen in his Deputy. Perhaps now things would be different between them, for the better.

David then paused when he picked up the sound of a third heartbeat in the room. Frowning, he turned away from Ida and looked toward the wall across from them. There he saw a man seated on the floor, his back to the wall and his eyes closed. David did not immediately recognize the man until he saw the Klingon ridges on his forehead. Lieutenant Douglas of the Lone Wolves was his first thought, but then he remembered that Douglas' hair was longer and his frame broader, not as lean. The athlete, then, David realized with a nod.

Wincing as the soreness from various injuries set in, David shifted his hips to sit up fully and cleared his throat loudly, trying to rouse the other man's attention. If he awakened, then David would ask him bluntly, but not unkindly, "What are you doing here?"

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A voice...

ThanIda zh'Wann came to in the realisation that someone was talking inside her quarters, only when she opened her eyes, her blanket was not her regular one, her bed was gone, and she was most certainly not in her quarters. No, she was lying on the hard deck plating of the Brig. The voice in question was familiar, and speaker was sitting next to her with his uniform jacket in his lap. David Grayson, and his eyes were directed towards someone else.

Sitting up, Ida's head was hurting something fiercely because of dehydration and heat. She hugged the blanket to her chest by reflex - not even knowing she was compeltely naked just yet. The other hand rose to pinch the bridge of her nose, and she cursed under her breath, the memories gradually piercing through the thirst that deprived her of her wits. Sluggish recollections of how she and Grayson had been trapped in the holding cell, and that they...

Eyes narrowing, Ida now looked sharply upon the new presence in the Brig - this young man with evident Klingon blood. When she realised who it was, her eyes became less austere, even though she was not in any approval of the fact that he had seen her in her bare skin. Moreover, that he might have drawn conclusions about both her and David that was not privy to become ship-wide knowledge. Be it either that it had been consensual or that the CSec had raped her in the holding cell. Such vile rumours would not stand, since they might undermine Security's authority aboard.

"Scosche Bellde'side," she said, remembering the message on her computer console before she started this unfaithful shift, "our newest recruit. You were to be in Ensign Ferrik's care this morning, starting your training after being commissioned as a Cadet in our department. Evidently, you must have found us, deactivated the force field and pulled us out. Not bad for your first day in our midst."

Ida still believed Grayson and her had been victims of a terrible accident, even though she had no idea how the force field could be activated from inside the cell like that. She was no engineer, so she could not determine how it had come to pass, but she was relieved to be alive.

"Could you please answer our Commander, though? What were you doing here?"

She refused to glance in Grayson's direction when she happened to speak with deference to his rank. She would not give him the satisfaction. She had given him plenty of satisfaction as it was. By LorVela... what have we done?

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It seemed the hardest thing he could do right now was not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation.  It was only by the barest of luck that he managed to keep from smiling at the way they both spoke, even as they both sat equally naked, only their uniform jackets covering their forms, as though he'd done something wrong by saving their lives... or at least, making sure they weren't in any immediate danger.  If there was one thing his training Marija had reminded him today, it was that he'd stood up to tougher challenges than Starfleet.  One did not become a galactic Olympian by being soft or run over by competitors.  Still, like having a coach, there was a certain rank and file he would follow and as he looked between them, he couldn't decide which to answer first... or which he thought was more attractive at the moment. 

He stood, grunting at the effort, his body objecting, letting him know of each and every bruise.  As his eyes met each of theirs, he answered, "I was on my way back to my nice cozy cell, actually.  I got used to being here; I forgot I was assigned quarters.  Not that I would have been able to find those, given how little I know of this ship.  When I arrived, the force field was deactivated and you were both unconscious on the floor.  I pulled you out here to cool off."

He looked between then again and chose a lie, rather than the blatantly obvious truth, trying to save them the humiliation.  His eyes fell to the floor, as he continued, "I'm assuming your clothing was removed because you were trying to keep from overheating."

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David glanced in Ida's direction when he heard her speak up, but his eyes narrowed slightly when he noticed that she seemed to be making an effort not to look at him. Maybe he'd been wrong about her after all, or perhaps she was just embarrassed to have been caught in such an uncomprising position. David was a little embarrassed, as well, but that was overshadowed by the relief of just being alive, and of not being discovered by one of the crew or, God forbid, Captain Ives.

He nodded as he listened to Scosche's explanation. "Well, it's a good thing you happened by when you did, then. Thank you, Mister Bellde'side. Who knows what might have happened if you hadn't rescued us." He then stood as well, his body stiff, sore, and uncharacteristically tired. He couldn't help noting Scosche's gaze on him as he did so, and David wrapped his jacket around his waist in an attempt to preserve what little modesty he had remaining, if any.

When Scosche suggested his theory on what had happened, David blinked and glanced back down at Ida again for a moment before returning his attention to the Olympian. "Yes...that's right. There was a malfunction in the cell, and the heat became too much for either of us to bear." He winced and put a hand to his forehead, trying to remember what exactly had happened between him and Ida. Of course he knew what they'd done, but he could only recall flashes here and there, his memories of the encounter more sensory than visual. Though now that he did think of it, David recalled seeing...something on the other side of that forcefield when he and Ida had first been locked in the cell. A person?

"I think someone else was down here when we were trapped," he said to Ida as he turned to face her. "Did you see anyone?"

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When Grayson rose to his feet, Ida followed suit - however more cumbersome the manoeuvre because she had more to hide than he did. The explanation offered circled the blatantly obvious facts about the situation, but she was all the more happy to play the charade instead of addressing the truth. "We got in an... argument over how to get out, and I am sorry you had to see your superior officers in this state, Cadet. I... erred in challenging Commander Grayson, so I will submit to any disciplinary actions that he sees fit."

No lies, only some omissions. Major omissions. Better than making the Cadet think she had been raped in that cell. She cleared her throat and decided to not address the matter further lest she would tread through the rotten ice.

Once on her feet, she held the garment to her chest and it just barely preserved her modesty. While she thought Grayson would go and get her clothes, like a gentleman certainly would... he just stood there and prattled on? Did he intend to shame her even further before the recruit? It was not like she was going to walk past them both and claim the remains of her uniform by herself, giving the young halfblood and Grayson the opportunity to gawk at her posterior as she bent forward to pick them up from the floor. No, she remained where she stood, back to the wall, irritably folding her arms across her breasts to keep the piece of clothing in place.

As the query was posed to her, Ida raised and eyebrow in thought. "I am fairly certain that if anyone from the crew - who was not a saboteur - had been here, he, she or they would have tried to help us or at least made themselves known. Thing is, I cannot understand how the circuitry I was tending to might cause a detonation like that. Not to mention the burning plasma leakage. Secondly, how come the force field was raised... and later lowered? Either result might be plausible because of the explosion, yet I hardly think the engineers at Antares Fleet Yards would make these detainment protocols so... fickle, in the lack of a better word."

Speaking of serious matters caused an outer-body experience for Ida, in how she maintained such a cold and pragmatic attitude... all the while she felt her womanhood sore from lovemaking and leaking Grayson's semen. She idly set her feet closer together to keep it in, meanwhile keeping her face serene and not reflecting the maelstrom of different emotions inside her. An acute shame mixed with contentment that she doubted she might be able to catch on her canvas, despite how much she might try.

The wordless conclusion drawn in the antechamber between the three Security Officers was plain, and there was little time for dallying.

"Cadet," she said and gave him a faint smile, "would you please help us replicate bottled water and some clothes outside in the Security Office and bring them in here for us? We sealed the duct with some garments and the rest is rather worse for wear. You merely have to ask the replicator to make uniforms for us specifically, and you might as well make one for yourself, Cadet. It seems your training isn't done for today." She turned her eyes to Commander Grayson next, "Meanwhile, if we can, I suggest we contact Command and report this. If we have an intruder aboard, or a mutiny has begun, we must act immediately. If communications' still down, I suggest we get to the Bridge."

OOC: If Grayson checks a control panel, he will surely notice the state of a silent Level 4 Security Alert, issued by Edena Rez from the Main Bridge in lack of response from either of them. This is the very reason why the Security Office is empty, since the XO has rallied their department. Soon enough, when we are done with this scene (no greater rush), I suggest we take these three to another thread on the board: the one being played out on the Bridge. Oh, and the intercom is dead.

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"Of course, ma'am," Scosche answered, his eyes lingering longer than he probably should have at the long expanses of skin her short jacket didn't cover.  He'd met very few Andorians, most of them male, in his travels from planet to planet, and she took the cake for being the most attractive of any of them.  Even the man beside her had a masculine quality he found appealing, especially with his chiseled frame and square jaw.  Still, he could hardly say so, given they were his commanding officers, even if he couldn't really remember their names.  It wasn't like he'd been introduced; he'd been assigned to Marija and sent to her directly.

He started towards the outer office and tried to remember who, if anyone, he'd seen on his way here and said, "Well, there was this one woman... a blonde, I think.  But she wasn't important."

Having no experience and little in the way of tactical knowledge, he did not arrive at the conclusion the other, more seasoned officers did, and stopped to look at them, hoping one of them would enlighten him.  When Ida mentioned mutiny, his eyes widened and he wondered if it was too late to ask to be jettisoned in a life pod on an unknown, but warp capable planet.  From everything he'd been told, it was starting to seem like just being on this ship was reason enough for him to end up dead, even without the fleeing from Starfleet bit.  Raping plants, explosions, death, mayhem, destruction... and now mutiny.

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David frowned and shook his head. "You're right, Lieutenant, of course. It was probably nothing. There was too much smoke to see anything clearly, and with the heat affecting me I was likely just seeing things."

He shifted his jacket around his waist again and glanced at Scosche. When he saw the other man's gaze lingering on Ida, David's own gaze hardened. Whether it was out of a sense of professional decorum, or because of some deep-rooted animal instinct urging him to ward off any competitors, David wasn't entirely sure. "You heard her, Cadet," he added, a hint of iron in his voice. "Uniforms and water. If Lieutenant zh'Wann is right, we need to move quickly." He had been about to go back into the cell to retrieve the remains of his and Ida's uniforms, but then he realized that both garments were far too ruined to be reworn. Better that they put on fresh ones instead.

He waited for Scosche to leave the room, then nodded in agreement with Ida's suggestion to try and contact Command. "I was just thinking the same thing." He found his combadge still attached to his jacket and tapped it again, hoping it would work this time. "Grayson to Captain Ives, please respond." Grayson waited a few moments, then sighed as no response came. "Looks like whatever was interfering with our badges earlier is still in effect."

David shook his head and wandered over to a nearby control panel. He stopped at the panel, but before looking down at it he looked back over at Ida, concern in his eyes. "Are you okay?" he asked her, genuinely concerned. He'd been too overcome by anger, lust and fatigue at the time to realize he could very easily have hurt Ida far worse than he had, and that was the last thing he wanted. But there was also something else that had been gnawing at him from the moment he'd woken up. "Are we okay?"

While Ida took a moment to answer his questions, David looked down at the control panel so that he could attempt to open a comm channel to the captain. Before he could do so, however, he noticed the quiet chirping noise that the panel was making. Curious, he opened up the message and blinked when he saw the Level 4 security alert.

"Ida, we've got a problem. Commander Rez has issued a security alert." He looked back up at her. "We need to get the bridge, right away."

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The attempt to use the intercom proved fruitless after the Cadet left - the Captain not answering them when Grayson tried to reach him/her. It had been... interesting to see how the Commander behaved like a protective chan when the - obviously - handsome young man gandered upon her skin. This was not the time, however, to consider what she felt about either aspect of the short exchange.

"Looks like whatever was interfering with our badges earlier is still in effect."

Ida nodded, and now that they were alone, she walked past Grayson - him heading to the control panel. Exposing her back to him whilst returning into the holding cell they'd shared, she was very aware of this, yet Andorians held meagre nudity taboos in their native belongings. Non-Andorian visitors to a Lodge or family home would see much blue skin, but Ida was Starfleet first nowadays. Lodges were temporary-but-stable communities of Andorians living amongst non-Andorian majorities, wherein the Federation, some stations, ships or outposts with a heavy Andorian complement would form such Lodges in order to give Andorians a place to live together. It was usual, but not always so, yet it was very rare for any single adult Andorian to live Outside-The-Lodge - a formal term with deep significance to them. As it was to Ida. Since she went into exile, she had not slept and dined communally with either her keth - her family clan - or any Lodges she had come across.

While Grayson spoke to her, asked those private questions in the wake of what had transpired, Ida came to a stop in the residual smoke that swirled inside the holding cell. She used the cloth of her garment to wipe herself clean between her legs - the Commander's human semen still leaking out of her aching sex. He had been rough with her, apparently, but she was more hurt from their fighting than their copulation. In fact, she was more than "okay", as he put it, but also unable to express as much. Warrior's honour and all. At least verbally. She turned to let him him watch as she wiped herself from his seed, making eye-contact with him. And even though she said nothing, her antennae expressed far more than her facial muscles. They were the prime indicators of Andorian body language, and Ida's expressed no rage - them having curved and drawn back along her parietal bone in such a case - but rather a slow writhing of languorous contentment. When the second question came, they curved towards Garyson in attention.

It seemed she might have to speak of this after all, beginning with how she had fared personally.

"As you know, the ghelnoid exoskeleton under my skin that protects my internal organs is a blend of bone and cartilage, a chitin-like substance that is both hard and flexible. It would require twice as much blunt force to break a limb of mine than it would take to break a human's. If you would have broken anything, I would be in great pain, for when we do suffer fractures, we suffer badly - our bones never breaking cleanly. As you can see, I am in no pain - besides the minor abrasions you have given me."

She would not mention how dark blue her labia had become from the forceful way he had used his human organ. The Pinkskin would have to have some kind of imagination, wouldn't he? The details were blurred, but it was still strange for her to have sex with human men. An Andorian's organ was normally entirely retracted behind the exoskeleton. Humans wore their endowment freely, as if bragging about it. Discarding such thoughts, she picked up her white panties - stretched but intact - and pulled them up her legs as she continued.

"Your blood is not cobalt-based, obviously, so we will have no other repercussions," she said, and she paused with her bra in her hand, "In fact, my name is zh'Wann, which denominates that I am of the zhen gender. In your language, that means 'infertile female'. Not even if I was a shen would it matter. I cannot bear children unless together with a quad, or, unless after months and years of communing with a single chan or thaan in order to make our bodies adapt to each other and both becoming fertile. What happen between us... bears no biological consequence."

And what about them, the two superior officers of Security - meaning to safeguard a truth of such portentous magnitude from dying at the hands of the misled fleet? There was an emotional side to this which she refused to address, but again took the pragmatic standpoint.

"We have a ship that depends on us," she said as she put her bra back on herself, hooking it behind her back, "we cannot afford this to be anything else than 'okay' as you put it. We cannot make it a problem, for if it becomes a problem, we will have to deal with it harshly and swiftly. I would not have this compromise the needs of the crew in any way. I am your Deputy, if you will keep me as such, but we cannot work together if we let this incident overshadow our duties. Either I will seek another position, or you will, should that become the case. As much... I find we owe to the Captain and those we seek to protect."

At this point, it was too new, too much to consider or to say anything more, and her sudden silence said as much. She walked out of the holding cell with no further words given on the topic - hands on her hips. She was just about to try and say something about what she felt about this, that she had no regrets and that he had restored his standing in her eyes, but Grayson had noticed the message left for them... Whatever was due to be said was forgotten.

"Ida, we've got a problem. Commander Rez has issued a security alert. We need to get the bridge, right away."

"Indeed so," she said, glancing towards the door from which the Cadet was bound to emerge sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, since they were in a hurry. Ida could not shake the feeling that their incident had something to do with the raised alert-status aboard the USS Thergy.

OOC: A correction in my former post. A small but paramount typo: " might as well make one for yourself, Cadet. It seems your training isn't done for today."

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[The Garden of Eden]
Doing her best to follow the doctors suggestion, with her heart pounding away in her chest to boot, Natalie stepped in closer. She had no phaser, no nothing, clad only in her gym clothes. Revealing clothes. Clothes that she knew would offer no protection, at all, not against the probing, dangerous creatures from her nightmares. Those twisted evil plants that had held her down, that kept her up at night, weeks later. The ones that were now rising above her, their bulbuls heads pointed down, menacing her. She could feel her mouth turn dry, her throat go sticky, even as the sweet, seductive scent filled her nose.

"" she managed turning and letting herself be pulled along by the good Doctor. She gripped is hand tightly, almost in a panic already, despite how she kept trying to still her breathing, trying to slow it down. They crashed through the jungle, and Natalie wiped her head out of the way of a low hanging vine. It was dark, hard to focus, and before she knew it, there was that slimy rough presence wrapped tightly around her leg. The dirt beneath her rushed up to meet her chin, and her head bounced as her body landed flat, her shirt now sticky with sweat, her pants clinging to her.

"LUCAN!" She shouted out the doctors given name, voice full of desperation as the vine yanked her back along the ground, leaves smacking her face, the sweet scent overpowering here.Natalie didn't seem him lunge down, but she sure felt the vine release her, and started to scramble to her feet. The whole area seemed to shake, a palpable rage filling the forest, as Natalie took back off, looking behind her at Dr. Nicander. "Come on!" she shouted, panting, running full tilt, just like she was told.

She made it maybe 15 more feet this time, before the vines from above wrapped around her wrists and yanked her skyward. Screaming like a banshee, she twisted about, feet kicking in mid air, the grip on her wrists tight, intense. Her eyes were wide with panic and her whole body seemed to shake.

From her vantage point, if she had been able to focus, she would have noticed that the ground around Dr.Nicander was rustling about. She would have seen the vines erupting from below, to try and snag around his legs, while others did battle with his tattered lab coat, grabbing at it, determined to rip it apart. Some tried to strike at him like a whip, narrow, but flared at the tip. Natalie was focused, bloody terrified, by the two vines gripping her, suspending her in the air, knowing what was to come, to see that some of the vines around Lucan had a different, maw shaped head. They seemed to swirl around, in a circle, like a cobra stalking its prey. One seemed to open up, three pronged, as a stream of sticky pink liquid shot out at the doctor.

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Caught, yet refusing to acknowledge the fact, such was the devolving state of their situation. Lucan saw Commander Stark get hoisted up into the air while he struggled to tear himself free from the ground - his lab coat hampering his every move and vines getting in his way. He had no means in which he might come to Natalie's aid, and when he sliced at the tentacular limbs with the small exoscalpel, he seemed to agitate the alien flora rather than make any progress. If he only had been able to use his inborn powers, he might have had a minor chance, yet now, it all reeked as much of futility... as aromatic bliss.

Teeth bared, fighting for his sanity, he sliced wildly around himself - cutting against the vines that tried to tighten grips around his calves and thighs, only to be whipped across his back and tugged off balance by other vines that found sure grip upon his coat. Curling and coiling, the vines thought the garment their prey, so they split the seams and ripped it open, more coming to slip inside the new openings. He almost fell on his side as his entire left sleeve was snatch towards the ceiling - baring the uniform underneath. Pale eyes like narrow daggers, he cast about for a means to get away, only to see the a few vines hanging back - opening up at their heads...

...gushing slime upon him. The shock was enough to make his eyes widen and draw a deep breath. The first couple of seconds, he could not understand the purpose of the substance, yet as he continued to try and tear his legs free one step at the time, he felt humid air upon his skin. Looking down, he saw that his clothes were dissolving - melting off his body.

How can a plant produce this.. phenol with trichloromethane? Whatever it was, it was some kind of solvent, and of such potent kind that the fabric of his uniform poured down his legs in warm rivulets. He had not seen this during the Niga Incident, yet the Theurgy had only beamed down on one continent, whereas thousands of millennia would have given other plants of the same nature some differing evolutionary benefits. Was it for hunting close to humanoid civilisation, or some kind of coarse fur upon the wildlife? Impossible to tell, and Lucan was a bit too... preoccupied for the analysis at the moment.

If it all was an illusion, it seemed too real for his liking. His ragged breathing was only partially from exertion now, since his aroused thoughts proved harder to control - his mind already divided as it was. The slime fell off his body to the floor in sheets - taking patches of cloth with it. He lunged forward again, only to have his wrist caught by a vine that continued to tug him forward. He snarled and tried to retract this hand and his scalpel, but two thick extremities of the plant had ceased a thigh, so he was unbalanced - unable to straighten up. He tried to swat some of them off with his free hand, but as for escaping, he got no where for the time being. As he tried to shift his scalpel over to his free hand, he growled ferociously in defiance to what he really wanted. "Get off me!"

In flashes, he saw how a couple of swaying vines with bulbous heads rose from the undergrowth to seek Commander Stark high above. They reached her kicking legs, and began to snare and snake their way up like some morbid grapevine. Meanwhile, four others came from above - pronged heads opening up slowly around her, and while Lucan had experienced their intent, Stark would be oblivious until the slime splashed  against her training attire - soon to reduce it to melted strings upon her skin.

The slick vines from below began to writhe against her skin to shed the dissolved cloth and to stimulate her, stroking across her voluptuous chest and slide in long strokes against the apex of her legs.

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David saw a flash of blue brush by and looked up from the console just in time to see Ida's naked back as she reentered the holding cell. He closed down the security alert, no longer needing it, and looked at her again to see Ida begin to clean the semen dripping between her legs. Their eyes met, and David found it nearly impossible to look away from her. Her face was expressionless, but he was familiar with the way Andorian antennae functioned. Though he knew she would not vocalize it, judging by the way Ida's antennae stood tall on her forehead, writhing contentedly, David knew that what had just transpired between the two of them had not further damaged their working relationship.

He felt his body begin to stir again as he watched Ida, and he found himself trying to think about anything but the beautiful, naked Andorian zhen standing before him, displaying herself so openly as she--almost sensually--wiped his own seed from her loins. He knew he had been rather rough with Ida, which had been the reason for his worry, considering his enhanced strength. The competitive being within, the innate compulsion to prove his superiority, briefly wondered if her sex was just as bruised and battered as the rest of her body was, but quickly shook it off. Even if it was, Ida would have never admitted as much to him.

David then saw Ida retrieve her panties and nodded as he listened to her explain the biological impossibility of his impregnating her. To be honest he hadn't really been concerned about that, and though the rational side of him understood that it was for the best, a small part of him wished that it were possible. All living things possessed an innate desire to pass on their genetic legacy, and that desire was even more prevalent in David as it had been in his Augment forebears, yet another side effect of the imperfect Chrysalis Project. And he had no doubt that a child produced by him and Than'Ida zh'Wann would have been strong indeed.

Grayson shook such thoughts out of his head and refocused his attention on Ida, who had continued speaking as she put on her bra. "I agree with you one hundred percent," he said, nodding sharply. "I don't want this to interfere with our responsibilities to the ship and the crew." He did not regret what they'd done, though his body was beginning to regret some of their preceding activities, but even though she wouldn't say it out loud he agree with her that it was too soon to say anything more than that.

She stepped back out into the anteroom, and as he looked at Ida standing there in her bra and panties, David realized how much of a fool he must have looked standing there with his jacket wrapped around his waist. Shutting down the security alert on the console in front of him, he entered the holding cell to retrieve his own undergarments. Unconsciously, he mirrored Ida's movements from earlier, using his jacket to clean his penis as best as possible, wiping the remnants of his semen and Ida's own secretions from him. He then dropped his jacket and leaned down to pick up his discarded shorts, slowly pulling them up his bruised legs and over his waist to cover his manhood, which had returned to a half-hardened state after observing Ida.

His tank top had been completely ruined in the fighting, and so he stood there in just his shorts. He showed no embarrassment as he exited the holding cell to rejoin Ida outside, however. "As for your role, Ida," he began, no longer feeling it necessary to refer to her by her rank, "you are indeed my Deputy. And I would like you to remain so, if you're willing. If something were to happen to me, I can't think of anyone on this ship better qualified to protect its crew than you."

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(OOC: Other than having Scosche return and hand out uniforms, I have not come up with anything more to write for Scosche, at the moment.  I would recommend moving on.  I'm taking a pass on this one.)

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The vines almost seemed enraged at Lucan, for how he cut at them, as if a collective mind were controlling the lot of them. Time and again, he had slashed away at them, and time and again, the green and brown tendrils tried to sweep forward, and deprive him of his tools. They swirled about, having snagged the hand with the scalpel, but were unable to swat it away when the doctor made a pass to his free hand. Instead, they ended up whipping against his now empty fingers, striking with painful precision, just seconds too late.

Around his legs, their grip tensed, pulling him wider apart. The bits of clothing slid off the vines as easily as they had dropped from the captives skin. Whatever dissolvent the plants produced, purely organic substances and objects seemed unaffected. but all the bare skin seemed to be calling to the plants, and their own devious instincts had taken over. While in front of Lucan, they tried to still his resistance, behind, a large, bulbuls headed tendril had snaked up from below. It swayed from side to side, then brushed along, between the doctors legs, pushing to the base of his ball sack, feeling the warmth there.

For her part, Natalie couldn't see any of Lucan's plight, as she twisted and bucked in the air. Panic was setting in, and her breath came in rapid gasps; which only served to send more of the pollen into her system, heightening the smell, the taste of the air around her and that sudden deep dampness between her legs. A cry that was far more a moan then she would like ripped past her lips, as her eyes went wide at the side of the open maw plants. Terror gripped her, as they gushed forth the sweet smelling liquid.

It splashed across her body and she screamed, truly screamed, even as her arms were tugged higher above her head, tightly gripped. Her body jerked, and her legs kicked, but only briefly, as the bulbs from below gripped her, and yanked the limbs part, leaving her spread for all to see, as the clothing slowly slid away. "no no no no no no" she started to chant, over and over as her breasts bobbed, free of their confines. Her nipples were already tight pink buds, and her folds were glistening bright, the small curls damp.

Up and up her spread legs the vines wove, and more and more Natalie tried to struggle. She couldn't see Lucan for the mass of plants around him, tho she heard him shout out, only driving her panic forward. She couldn't form a coherent thought past the fear that gripped her heart, or the tension that snagged her loins. Which was right were she was suddenly being rubbed. A low ragged moan slid out of her mouth, turning swiftly into a sharp pitched scream of terror She could see it all flashing before her brown eyes, as her curvy body was pulled taut. She remembered the Garden, the feeling of the plants inside of her, and knew what was about to happen.

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[ The Garden of Eden ]

Despite how Dr. Nicander had managed to switch the scalpel over to his free hand, crying out as he was struck, it did little in means of helping the two Starfleet Officers in their common plight. For as he tried to saw upon the vine that trapped his wrist with the brightness emanating from the tip, two more tendrils had come to snare the other arm - pulling him down on all fours in the undergrowth. The grip upon his spread thighs dug sharper into his muscles as he came down upon his knees, and he cried out, trying with all his might to retract both his arms and straighten up.

That was when he felt it; the slick tentacular crown brushing against his inner thigh, scenting something. He knew. Oh, he knew. Yet nothing prepared him for the feeling of the plant brushing against his swollen sack, pushing against where his seed was stored. The grunts and the tugging motions in which he tried to retrieve his wrists became more infrequent with the loss of breath and strength, and replaced with dizzy ideas that turned traitors towards his sane intentions. He cast his gaze up, seeing that Commander Stark was in the same dire straits, only above ground. He tried to ignore the feeling of the slick bulbous crest that brushed against him, stroking along the side of his aching manhood... smearing out a bead of premature fluids at the tip of his length. He snarled in waning defiance as he tried to ignore the sensations upon his throbbing organ... how the plant retraced its path... searching... retreating behind his testicles again...

"No..." he growled, Yes... he thought. Distraction. He tried to look upon Commander Stark instead, tried to tell her some kind of nonsense.

"Try to cross your legs," he called out hoarsely, speaking as much for his own benefit as for hers rather than actually giving advice that might help in their situation, "don't let it inside you... If it makes you... It will complete the incubation period for the virus... The chemical reaction in your brain will..." He trailed off, pale eyes having come to feast upon what transpired above. How Natalie's - like his own - attire were melted threads criss-crossing her voluptuous body. How the slithering vines with phallus-like heads rubbed her thighs, stroked along her outer labia and up her abdomen. She was making noised, and the sound vibrations called it as it passed between her breasts - lingering to brush firmly across the heavy mounds and hard nipples with its glistening, slick and powerful stalk. Then, it rose further, to brush across her lips and cheek.

The other vine... it nudged, pushed and probed upon the nectar-covered lips between her legs. Needless to say, it did not take long for it to find its way. It slither inside an inch... traversing another by the second push. Working mindlessly with firm yet patient insistence as it expanded her for its girth. The sight had mesmerised Lucan, and his lips had pursed where he was was - forced to bend forward and resistance forgotten. His fingers gone numb...

...the exoscalpel fell to the soil.

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[ The Brig ]

Her midnight blue eyes following Grayson as he took his turn in retrieving his undergarments, Ida watched him idly like he had watched her - again being granted the opportunity to let her artistic mind drink in the sight of his human physique.

Abrasions and flecks of blood from where she had managed to split skin with knuckles and shoes, superimposed against hard musculature and low amount of body fat. Abdominal muscles tapering down towards his reproductive organ - still swollen or reawakened since it had been inside her. A drawing of him in such a state came to mind, the old idea of him being hale and whole and unbruised not as interesting as his battered state of appearance. She saw him tuck his phallus behind his boxers, and raised her eyes to meet his once he spoke those words that touched something deep within her.

...I can't think of anyone on this ship better qualified to protect its crew than you.

That he would have her as his Deputy despite all that had transpired caught her unprepared; that he would cast aside her transgressions so lightly. Normally, she might have thought him a weakling that could not enforce the regulations that he had to uphold, but after the display of fortitude that Grayson had shown her - this great strength and prowess as a warrior and Starfleet Officer - she did not nurse such thoughts. Rather, she felt both honoured and relieved that he had recognised her merits as well. That he had come to understand that the grudge towards him had not been because of prestige or rank, but of doubt towards his capacity.

Doubt now cleared... at least for the time being. His personal attachment to the affair with Starfleet Command and its impersonators had yet to be gauged, not to mention how that might affect his command of Security.

"My thanks for your kind words, Grayson," she said quietly with her hands on her hips, looking at him as he returned from the smoke in the holding cell. She called him Grayson since her species were not prone to use the first name, a part of a culture where their surnames marked their genders. Yet she was not the kind of Andorian that would take affront to being addressed by her first name in an environment like Starfleet. She had been too long gone from the ice of Andoira to care for such petty things. "I will strive to not disappoint you."

She extended a hand in the Terran fashion, clasping forearms in camaraderie. She looked into his eye without blinking, the moment being of sincerity and understanding between them. Despite the happenstance intimacy shared, they stood in equal regard to what was important for them and the crew. Little did she know he harboured a dark secret, and that there might be much more to address between them in due time beyond her own shortcomings in having too little faith in him as her superior up until that point. She gave him a lopsided smile and tilted her head back a little. "Had I known you as the warrior you are, I think the pitiful attempt to make me dinner would have ended up more amiably. This Andorian has now learned to not judge too quickly when it comes to pinkskins."

By that point, the Cadet returned to them with their new uniforms, and the three of them dressed before heading towards Deck 01 and the Main Bridge.

[ End Scene ]

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[Garden of Eden]
The Vines seemed to have no desire to let up on either Starfleet officer. In fact, as they tightened around the good doctor, they seemed almost...eager in nature. Twisting, tugging, pinning and pulling, the rough plants did their best to keep him in their grasp. Once the scalpel hit the ground, the vines seemed to sense...victory. They rolled around his body, as one, rippling along his arms, his legs, over the mans chest. Most of it focused between his legs however, as a steady presence bounced against the dangling bits of flesh, rubbing up between them, and along the firm erection.

The plants knew how to deal with humanoids. Penetration was the key. What they had in their trap on the jungle floor wasn't quite the usual victim. and so there was constant probing, by the bulbuls heads, trying to find the right point, the perfect place. What pheromones they could pick up, the scents of arousal, were not the normal scent they associated with a female victim, but still, the prize was aroused. Finally, one found a tight, puckered rim. The head began to twist, and spin, tapping against the tight nub of flesh, trying to push in.

As for Natalie, she couldn't even hear Lucan's protests; his words of advice, as pointless as they might have been, fell on if not deaf, then overwhelmed ears. Her breasts were rubbed and squeezed, swelling between the vines that encircled the orbs, and her waist. Those suspending her high above the jungle floor seemed determined to keep her from closing up in any way, be it her arms, or her legs, and wound themselves tighter still, till her limbs ached, and part of her, deep in the panic of her mind, worried that she would be pulled apart.

But that was not on the agenda, as the plants began to assault her mouth and sex. She tried to cry out, only to be muffled by a bulbuls vine, forcing its way past her lips. She tried biting down, to no avail, but, by then it was too late anyway's. Once the earthy tasting vine succeeded in breeching her lips, it began to pulse, and spew a sweet nectar across her toughness and down her throat. There was so much, that Natalie had no choice but to swallow; and that sealed her fate. The taste of it was the sweetest she'd ever had, she wanted more, needed more, and opened her mouth wide, sucking with a sudden ferocity that was only broken by the pressure between her legs. She felt stretched, as the plant stole past her sex, inch by aching inch, pushing her wide. Her sex seemed to be flooded with juices now, making her core slick, easy to invade. And invade the plat did, twisting and squirming further and further, till it was pressing against the back of her canal, bumping insistently, Natalie's cries muffled by the vine probing her throat as deep as the one probing her folds.

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Lucan's eyes had been locked upon Natalie as she was being invaded by the plant - watching how she was slowly raped up there in the air before him - yet when his own assailant found his sphincter, his eyes fluttered close in anticipation. It had been so long since he had enjoyed penetration in this way, and even though he should not care for the slick and lubricated force that pushed and probed, it was hard to deny his awakened desires. Oh, he knew it was a false sensation and that the desire was not his own, yet his mind was slipping - loosing the means to discern any difference.

And like that... the head of the vine popped inside him, and he made a sharp intake of breath - eyes widening in maelstrom of sensations that coursed up his spine. When it retracted a bit and then pushed deeper, he moaned fully at feeling of the alien invader rubbing against his prostate gland. His own cock twitched in answer, and he lost all trail of thought. By the third push he rocking his hips backwards as much as the restraints around his arms allowed him to. The beast inside him was pushing him on, and he groaned deep down in his chest with need for more. And as if the plant knew him, for it knew humanoid prey, it increased the pace - coiling and pushing to slither in and out of his anal cavity. Insistently, it pushed across the edges of his prostate gland, and it made Lucan grunt like an animal.

He opened his mouth wide as the rectal invasion of his anus almost pushed him over the edge early on, and his pale and lust-dimmed gaze settled upon Natalie where she hang suspended in the air above - the vision of her making it all even more enticing. He saw her being filled up between her legs by one of the thick vines - the plant churning into her vagina's frothy opening. Her relative silence through it all was explained by the second vine - one which she eagerly sucked at with wanton abandon. A third sought her ass... slipping down the crack of her behind.

Lucan imagined her mouth around his own cock instead. His imagination fed his own rising ecstasy, and added with the rhythmic slither against his prostate, and how the plant suddenly gushed warmth inside him, it made him come without warning - the eclipse making him cry out in competing surprise. He knew, somewhere deep down and forgotten, that he was lost as the climax crashed through his loins - a direct answer to the ejaculation of the plant. Without his hardness being touched, he came - gushing his seed into the undergrowth below him. "AAhhh!"

The vine that twisted and churned into his ass continued remorselessly throughout the duration that the breakers were crashing through his body, and only when the last gush of his seed spilled across the grass did Lucan's vision fail... oblivion taking him before he fell limp and the vines released him. In the last moments of conciousness, he thought he heard another cry from above, but it was too late to pay it any heed.

[ Later on... ]

On unsteady feet, the man once known as Dr. Nicander - whom had always been in control and knew himself as master of his own emotions - came to stand up at the spot where he had fallen victim to the Niga virus.

He had prided himself with his body before, yet now, as he looked down upon his roped forearms and his chiselled chest, he knew he was lacking - that his devices and his moderate amount of training would never amount to the results he now felt. He felt so virile and unstoppable, like a force of nature, and he smiled in gratefulness for the gifts bestowed upon him. The melted threads and patches that remained of his uniform were stretched tight around his limbs and torso, and when he reached down, his tattooed hand came to wrap the massive girth of his enlarged manhood - this beast of a member that already hungered. While he had been well endowed before, the monstrosity he gripped in his hand now was something entirely else.

The touch quickened a thought. Now where may the Chief of Operations have gone?

"Natalie?" he asked in his deep voice as he stepped forth through the undergrowth, seeing some vines sway lazily in the air just ahead. "Where are you, m'dear? I know you are here somewhere..."

When he spotted her, he smiled - pale eyes glinting with equal invitation and hunger in the dim light.

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[Garden of Eden]

Her head was pushed back, by the thick vine, pushing deep into her throat, wrapped around her neck. Her eyes couldn't much look down at Lucan now, given the angle she had been forced into: it allowed the vine to get deep into her throat tho, the bulge of it visible from without, and Natalie's lips sucked down on it like it was dispensing sweet candy. Her fingers were splayed out, twitching, her arms bound tightly, unable to touch anything ,which frustrated her: not that she wanted to resist anymore, but that she wanted to grip, and stroke the plant invading her body.

The warmth, the need burned between her legs, but then another burn filled her; a burning pain at the sudden intrusion between her ass cheeks. A sharp stretching pop, filling her. She screamed out around that vine in her throat, so it amounted to a muffled yelp, at the very best. Her Ass clenched, and she felt full, so full. The pain subsided quickly, however, with a pulse of the nectar, deep into her ass. She shivered now, her senses on fire, as her body bucked in the air, twisting back and forth. Those vines probed deeper, and deeper, the one in her sex bumping against the back of her sex. What had once terrified her nightmares now filled her with an intense desire, and as she tired to press down, the bulbous head pushed up, past the cervix.

So full, was all she could think, as the rough plants rubbed her deep within, stretching and pumping. It started to build swift, that heat, pulsing in her wet core. She started to tremble, to shake, one small part of her mind still rebelling, still crying out in shame, but there was no resistance. There was no hope, no chance of anything but the building explosion. Her body bucked, once, twice, clamping down as she milked the vines between her legs, the walls of her sex rippling across the plant as it, in turn flooded her womb. The climax washed over her, thru her, whipping the last thoughts from her mind

[Later on]

Slowly, she came to, on the jungle floor. Her body ached, yes, oh it ached, gloriously. Natalie tossed her hair back; it was tangled, true, but longer then it had been, fuller, like her lips, which she used to suck on her finger tip, settling in on her knees. Her fingers trailed over her more pronounced curves, cupping larger, fuller breasts, a tone, smooth stomach, and down between the small curls, her wet folds. She wondered idly, if the constant damp state would be par for course now, and found she didn't mind at all.

"Natalie?" she heard the word called into the air. Yes, she had been called that once, she recognized it as her name, and so her head turned. She was still on her knees, when she saw the man coming towards her. Lucan...the doctor...the oh so very well endowed doctor. The heat kicked up a notch or three, as she watched him stalk closer."mmmm, yes Doctor?" she purred, leaning forward, her hands planted on the soft ground, hips swaying from one side, to the other. She felt that need already building: before, she would have never considered the doctor, but right now, she wanted him, bad.

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Seeing the female creature there in the undergrowth, Lucan was pleased with what he saw. He would have been before he became enlightened, but all the more now - knowing that she would be pliant and willing to share her marvellous new body with him. Oh, but her body had been ravishing before they were touched, so his pale grey eyes feasted upon the results that sat before him.

"There you are. Oh, it's a great difference in knowing what this state we are in does to you and experiencing it, don't you agree? I have never felt so good in my entire life..." he said as he stepped up behind her shoulder - meeting her lust-filled gaze with his own in equal measure. He saw her inviting movements - the way she exposed herself to him, and he did not waste time to close the distance. Yet even if he walked straight up to her, he did not grab her hips and insert himself straight away. No, he lay a hand upon her shoulder as he crouched down directly behind her. "I hope you won't mind if I do a physical evaluation, Commander Stark. If we are to make sure as many people as possible feel as blessed as we do, I think I have to make sure you are up for the task. You are not a virgin any more, though there might be some things to learn as well."

He ran his tattooed hands up her front and made her sit back on her knees - leaning against the hard planes of his chest with her back. He cupped her breasts in his long fingers and smelled her hair and neck - enjoying the feeling of how she filled his surgeon's hands. She had already made him hard, and his length lay like a warm limb against her lower back. Oh, it took but a nudge with one hand, and he had pushed his manhood down to slide along her crevice - not visiting her but brushing across her opening from behind.

Laying his warm mouth against Natalie's neck, hands sliding enticingly up and down her front and his arousal almost lifting her off the ground, he whispered. "Do you approve of me making the examination, Natalie? I think I can make it worth your while too..."

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Conversely, everything that Natalie wanted to do, was about to do, was begging to have done...all of that which she now craved would have, if not terrified her before her transformation, certainly would not have been impulses the young Operations Chief would have acted upon. But that annoying little thought barely had time to surface, before it was banished into nothing. That girl didn't exist any more, not really, not when compared with the wonton woman now on the jungle floor.

His touch was electric, and she cooed, her mouth forming a small little 'o'. she almost missed his words, but they were true, so true. "Yes," she whimpered the one word, made it into a moan as those hips rocked gently from side to side, the silent offering made. Natalie wanted this prime specimen of a man, wanted him badly. But, he wanted to take his time, oh the evil doctor. Still, the promise of learning caught her attention. The still (barely) rational part of her mind, the one that wanted to the best to spread the glorious awakening (what she would have called the horrific infection, prior) recognized the need for such a ...thorough examination.

"mmmmm, of course doctor," she replied, tossing a look back, over her shoulder at the dark, ravishing man. She was willing, pliant, as she settled back on her knees, her legs spread open. His chest pressed to her back, and her body seemed to arch and mold against his hands. The warmth of his palms, squeezing her now larger breasts sent shivers down her spine. It was as if every inch of her skin had a link to her core, and each brush, of his lips, of his chest, excited her.

A low, throaty moan slipped past her lips as her mouth hung open and her head fell back. She could feel him, his length brush along those warm, wet folds. The heat seemed to roll off her for a moment, as she rose up, guided by his hands, her lips bucking in a slow, sinuous roll. Oh that thick rod of warm, hard flesh. Oh how she wanted it, craved it. Her lip bitten, it was all Natalie could do, as she pressed her ass back against the doctors pelvis, to nod her assent. Word were failing her, as one hand reached up, and behind her. She traced the muscles of Lucan's neck, unable, for the moment, to resist at least a little examination of her own.

Her hips kept moving, slowly back and forth, unable to keep still, even if she wanted to, she doubted she could stop. The need was instinctual, that drive, that desire, to please, and get pleasure in turn. To propagate the blessing she had been given. Her fingers curled around the back of his neck, the dirt filled nails digging in. "mmmm yes Doctor," she managed to finally purr into his ear as her head tilted back, her teeth nipping at him.

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Oh, how could he ever have bothered with machinations and social games more complicated than this? Why bother, when all he truly ever wanted and needed was in the simple exchange between two or more people? So beautiful, the act of simple bodily enjoyment. What was the point of his kin's need to conquer and subdue, when they could use their host bodies to feel what they could never feel themselves? Why avenge a single woman of his own past when he could enjoy the company of any woman or man in the entire galaxy? Why destroy his home planet when he could make them all appreciate life for what it was really meant for?

Procreation. Spreading one's seed into as many people as possible. Why aim for more?

The Chief of Operations pressed her back against him and made it plain she was ready. She wanted him inside her, stroking herself along his length as she was, and the man once known as Dr. Lucan cin Nicander had no reason to leave her wanting. She grazed her teeth against the side of his face and his neck, and so he turned his head and offered her his mouth. Tongues made contact right away, and Lucan took her needy breaths into his lungs, savoured the warmth of her underneath his lips and made the passion of their initial kiss linger.

And as it lingered, his hands did too, only one of them slid down her abdomen and boldly split the lips of her labia - his middle finger coursing across her swollen pink pearl. He could feel his own male heat slide across the area - now slick with her juices. He smiled against her lips, and wrapped his fingers around the tip of his arousal instead - pressing it up against her clitoris in the rhythm of their dance. He could feel her nub graze across the top side of his head with each thrust he made between her legs.

"The next part of the examination is an internal procedure, yet you shan't be worried for I am a professional. Just relax..." he said in a low voice, and with his fingers, he pressed the tip of his cock against her womanly gate - his next thrust immediately making his member squirm its way inside her. Oh, the tightness and the heat that enveloped him made him groan against her mouth - his hands coming up to fold across her globated mounds once more. "Ah, this feels very good, m'dear. Very pleasant indeed..."

With them both upright, Lucan rolled his hips into surging thrusts - her hungry vagina trying to swallow as much as it could of him every time he moved. He pinched her nipples at one point, before he assisted his penetration with a hand - rubbing at her clitoris as he fucked her. If her mouth escaped his own, he licked her ear, neck and cheek. Passion unbridled, inhibitions lost to the virus. Her inner walls stroking his enhanced girth. Her body was just as fantastic to his touch as it had been to his eyes, and yet he wanted to see her as he claimed her.

Therefore, he pulled out on that whim - his beast of a manhood glistening when exposed to the humid air once more. He turned her around, still kissing her and lay her down upon the soil of their rebirth. He spread her legs and sat between them - looking down into her eyes and upon her body as he inserted himself again. His dark hair framed his face as he gazed upon the human, lips pursed in awe to the feeling of the deeper penetration. His hands fondled her body - roamed across her before seizing her hips.

The frenzy heightened at that point - savouring giving ground to single-minded need for more.

Re: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Ante Meridiem]

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Oh the sweet, sweet taste of a mans lips on hers. It sent a shiver down her spine, got her pulse beating rapidly in her chest, and made her moan, not that much of the moan could be heard, frankly. His lips took hers, his tongue, brushed hers, teased hers, drew the muscle out, till she was flicking along the inside of his mouth in turn. Once upon a time, her biggest goal was to be promoted to the number one assistant position in her department, happy to help, not to lead. And then she was in charge, young for the accomplishment. What had once been Natalie Stark, chief of operations, was proud then, but now, all she cared about was the man behind her, and that perfect, divine need to feel him pumping into her.

Natalie, because whatever was left of her needed a name, ached for the good doctors touch, for his seed. Her body knew, instinctually, that she needed to milk him for all he was worth. That was her new purpose, her new drive in life. There was that oh so delicious spark, radiating across her moist folds at the brush of his tattoo 'd hands and there! She cried out into the jungle night, another electric jolt rocking her body. It seemed the new changes to her physique had left certain bits far more sensitive then she remembered them being. It was good that she was so sure she would want nothing more in life then to be touched and fucked, since the sensation was so addicting.

Almost as much as feeling him enter her, after the tip of his glorious manhood (for truly, it was glorious to her warped and addled mind, and may very well have been even before her change) teased her clit, before sinking in. "relax," she repeated the word, finding her own again, as that hand of hers sunk into the dark locks of his hair, tugging as her body worked in time, a sweat breaking out already, from the heat of the jungle air, and the feeling of his body pressed so close to hers. "Hard to relax when you get me so heated, doctor. Quite the...mmmm~examination indeed. Are you ahh, this thorough with all your patients?"

Those hands were on her breasts now, squeezing her plump mounds, teasing those nipples, earning delighted yelps and mewls. They sunk back down, as her body worked with his, her hips rolling back against him, her ass melded to his waist, and all the while, that wet, damp core of hers was clenching along his shaft, the hot friction driving her wild. Had the jungle plants, the agents of her transformation, her awakening felt as good to her as his cock did now, driving up into her from below and behind, stretching her canal around him? She couldn't remember, truly, all she knew was the bliss of the moment.

So when he pulled out, oh the torturous moan that slipped past Natalie's lips. She was hungry for that feeling of fullness, of the perfection of the union of bodies, that divine goal that her new calling, her rebirth (her infection she would have once thought). And he was stripping it away from her, before she could feel him pulse inside! The former Ops officer started to twist, trying to grab into his hair again, but then she was pushed down onto her back, and the look in Doctor Nicander's eyes as he took in her body, laying before him, that settled her. She knew he wasn't going to leave her wanting, not with that possessive air of hunger about him. How could she have ever felt anything other then intense desire for such a fine man?

The heat came back with a stabbing fury, sinking deep into her folds once again. Natalie's thoughts, such as they were, were short circuited as she cried out his name into the jungle night. Hands, slick with need, reached up, brushing his shoulders, nails, dragging down his arms. "Yes," she cooed, "So good, so good," a mantra, whispered with each pump of his hips. Acting on instinct, as the girl she had been had no experience worth repeating, she brought her legs up, the slick limbs closing around Lucan's hips, one foot perched on his ass, the other crossed over the first, ankle to ankle. Her angle changed, opening her further as she rolled on the ground under him, begging for more.

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