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Day 33 [2100 hrs.] A Debt Collected


[ Xelia | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Ugh! The man was an utter buffoon. In a night where Xelia should be enjoying all the comforts of a prison cell in terms of space and luxuries, instead she was in a different prison of her own making. Xelia strolled the deck corridors in somewhat a reluctance, the late hour making those corridors somewhat absent of traffic which sadly meant she couldn't even find a mild diversion to stop this madness from occurring - not that she believed this crew could suitably provide such entertainment. Instead, Xelia was left roaming the ship in pursuit of a repayment of debt, an acknowledgement of history, a bond so profound and yet lacking an expiration clause. Yup, that was foolish. Xelia knew an open-ended contract such as it was would hang over her pretty little head and here it was now bringing the proverbial storm cloud with it. This was a bad idea, all of it.

Xelia entered her destination which was Main Sickbay and took a pause just inside the door as her eyes scanned the room, a habit of her life when around Syndicate individuals. It however was more important that she sought the right person for this task as she ideally wanted this debt collected concisely and the contract that existed to become null and void from thereafter. At this hour, things were indeed quiet, enough to hear a pin drop on the carpet floor. Her eyes honed in on the correct selection and with a sigh from her lungs, her feet carried her forward. 'I hate this' was the thought firing around inside her head.

"Doctor....nice hair, yeah let's go with Doctor Nice Hair. I was wondering if you could spare me a few moments, which I actually know you can because this place is about as lively as a mortuary, and trust me they aren't much fun." Honestly, Xelia had little involvement to this date with ship personnel, and certainly not enough to know names, so she wasn't even going to feint interest in this ones name cause being the cute officer as she was, well it meant rank and name would be swiftly dished over anyway. Xelia didn't even wait for reply, an acknowledgement, anything, she just made herself at home on one of the vacant beds and hopped up like a child, swinging legs gleefully. With a second sigh, "How are you with reconstructive surgery, and before you ask, no I don't mean me. Relax. I am perfectly content with how I look thank you." Xelia felt like she'd be needing this doctors help herself in due course from this growing pain in the arse in all this. Never sign an open-ended contract again, no matter who it was.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Solena

Accentuating a deep skyward stretched yawn with a bit of a soft mewl, Kate Foster felt the rejuvenating popping of joints as she reveled in finally having come to the end of another overly long shift spent in Main Sickbay. She honestly hadn’t expected a posting aboard the most wanted rogue starship in all the Galaxy to be so time consumed with busy work, but here she was, having dutifully attended to a litany of boring tasks which had somehow required a physician’s oversight. Over another skipped lunch earlier in the day, she had pondered the possibility that someone had played a rather cruel joke on her and had deliberately stacked her itinerary with the dullest activities that were afforded to someone of her rank and title. She wouldn’t have put it past her immediate subordinate, after all Ensign Janteel seemed the playful type, though there was also the chance that Lieutenant Kobol  had been putting Kate through a litmus test in order to ensure that she could get along with Theurgy during the quiet times.

Of course, it could have just been coincidence.

Regardless, it felt good to finally escape the doldrums of her day, at least that had been her intent until she found herself waylaid by a softly sensual voice that could only have been directed toward her. Blinking away the momentary malaise that had obfuscated her focus, Kate stopped in her tracks before the green-skinned woman. She had a mind to interrupt her, and explain that she was headed off for the night; to refer her to one of the night-shift people, but if there was one part of her life that Kate was determined to maintain, it was her reputation as an attentive healer. So, with a slightly weary smile, she kept quiet and listened to the Orion woman, even smirking a little in appreciation of the grim though rather apt analogy of the atmosphere the pervaded over Main Sickbay this evening. From the onset, she could detect an almost defiant confidence in Xelia’s mannerisms, which was certainly a characteristic that had often elicited a personal intrigue.

With amusement clearly evident in the smirking features of her own face, and a stray glance of her tangerine-hued eyes over Xelia’s figure, Kate would have been genuinely surprised if the Orion beauty before her had been interested in cosmetic alteration, even if her people were known for their more promiscuous nature. “Umm... well, I’m the Chief Surgeon, so I suppose I have about as much experience with reconstructive surgery as anyone aboard Theurgy.” It wasn’t so much a brag, as it was a modest statement of fact. Though she had specialized in trauma care and emergency surgical procedures, Kate had plenty of work when it came to the more cosmetic aspect of her profession too. There were always instances when a person needed their facial features restored in the wake of serious injury, as well as the occasional instance when Federation personnel needed to blend in with a local populace as part of First Contact procedures, however the latter had been far less common.

“Why? What’s this about?”

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[ Xelia | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Xelia had almost absolute assurance in how she conducted herself, so even with such a chore as this activity was - an ordeal perhaps the strongest word to be used to adequately describe her predicament, she still did it with her usual brash. Being around such professionalism, almost stoic behaviour, meant that Xelia found extra need to be herself and not conform to hierarchy or protocol. In all honesty, she fully expected Doctor Nice Hair to answer in that grand old Starfleet way. It was good to be right.

The response brought a sly smile to Xelia's lips as she admittedly found some tone of humour in it, almost enough to break into a soft chuckle, almost. Xelia hopped back off that bed and slowly strolled around it, tracing her fingers softly over it as she circled its dimensions and frame in the room. "That is good one Doc, because I was actually debating whether to ask the Chef instead and see what can be carved up or chopped off...all the same to me at this point. But then I didn't want to deprive you Starfleet Doctors of the fun. You should feel privileged to come such a close second behind a Chef." The thought of having something chopped off was actually appealing to Xelia cause this old acquaintance was causing her nothing but grief at this present moment in time, so maybe a little thank you was in order for all this gifted hardship at her door.

"You ask a very intelligent question Nice Hair, and honestly it is this pain in my backside that brings me to your very humble shop. I don't mean literal pain of course...more the metaphorical." Xelia paused in her circle of the bed as her eyes stared at the young Doctor, so vibrant and committed to their role. Damn. She was distracting herself from the business of the day, and sadly that had to be locked away and postponed for the moment. Small talk had to wait. "I have a friend...well more of a buffoon really that is in need of a do you humans say it...DIY?" Xelia chose her words carefully, even skilfully because she didn't need unnecessary points from her past opening an intelligence data mine. This friend was making her gamble on the whole Starfleet discretion thing, and Xelia really hated that reliance. Xelia returned to stand in front of the young Doctor. "I can bring up the particulars on your monitor so the artist can see what they have to work with...but honestly it isn't much and I don't really want you throwing up on my shoes." Honesty wasn't Xelia's strongest suit but in this case she was making a rare exception because she liked her shoes and disliked this debt. Xelia negotiated in a style that already assumed that what she wanted was going to occur.

Xelia gestured at the monitor to do as she had just implied. "May I?"

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Solena

Tilting the pate of her head to the right side, the tuft of asymmetrical blonde hair that Kate tried to keep tucked behind her ear in an effort to ensure that it didn’t obscure her face, slipped free. She didn’t know what to make of this woman. In fact, she hadn’t even been given a name yet. Given what she knew of the Orion kind, it didn’t seem too out of the realm of possibility that there was a modicum of deliberate subterfuge at work. Though, in fairness Kate had little personal experience with Orion women, or any Orion for that matter. She knew their physiology, of course, and how their uniquely aggressive pheromones would affect and individual if left unchecked, but beyond that she’d only previous met one or two of them in her lifetime. And for the most part, they had seemed to be relatively on the level, so maybe ascribing duplicitous stereotypes to this one sitting in a bio-bed before her was an unfair thing to do, so she decided she wouldn’t. The only thing she knew for certain about the lovely green skinned woman before her, was that she had an air of utter confidence and sureness about her, and that she was seeking someone with expertise in cosmetic alteration.

“Umm... thanks?” she was genuinely confused by the turn of words being played against her, though there may have been an element of exhaustion which leant itself to her general lack of focus and malaise as she watched her trace a finger rather alluringly over the periphery of the bed in which she had only moments earlier been perched atop of.

“Oh umm, sure...” Kate nodded in the direction of the monitor that her green companion had hinted at, ready to see whatever it was that she was being propositioned for. “...what am I looking at?” Fidgeting a little, the blonde surgeon was clearly uncomfortable in the long white coat that she still adorned, a general requirement of her position, and one that she absolutely hated. Given that her shift had technically ended, she figured it okay to stand down from that protocol, so she slipped out of it and tossed it over one of the bio-beds with little care, exhaling in appreciation of being freed of it. “And... umm, you can call me Kate. Or... Doctor Foster. Whatever feels more comfortable.” She felt a slight awkwardness about how she had explained that and hated how that slight bit of confidence that she exuded during her time spent in Sickbay, dutifully tending to the care of her patients, disappeared the moment she was freed from that burden. How her lack of self-esteem had so readily taken a hold of her since her court-martial, and the subsequent disciplinary action against her.

“So... umm, this friend of yours, is he on board Theurgy? Am I able to meet with him?” she hadn’t quite yet grasped what was being lodged at her by the Orion woman. Her ‘Starfleet’ playing it too straight, and by the book to detect the somewhat illicit nature involved here.

“Also, what do I call you?” she finally asked.

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[ Xelia | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift

Admittedly, Xelia knew this whole situation could have been better tabled at the fine doctors doorstep but given she didn't actually want to do this in the first place, well this was probably the best that could be hoped for in terms of Xelia's presentation of the material and facts. She didn't want to be involved as it was risky business and one that she couldn't adequately distance herself from. The man was a giant, blundering, pain in the ass conman that had spent years pretending to be a trophy subject of the Syndicate until that grew boring and then bad deals made for bad taste and a certain exile requirement. Of course his extracurricular activities meant his reputation proceeded him so blending in anywhere was impossible. Sadly the one thing he was good at was extortion which brought Xelia back from her thoughts and to the young doctor who was removing her white overcoat. "Now doctor, there is no need to strip, he honestly is not that attractive...definitely not to get hot under the collar for at any rate. And friend is definitely a strong term." Xelia tried to deflect away from her favour, her need to bring this buffoons request to a Starfleet doctor at this late hour. She wanted to forget it, but that wasn't possible. Sadly her fingers were using the terminal to bring up the buffoons facial construction from the jawline to brow. She was able to render them in almost exquisite detail for the doctor.

"As for your questions Doc, he is somewhat in hiding and I'd rather not have him associated with this ship and my reason for being here." Xelia didn't need her own secrets used to barter more extortion out of her, or this crew that provided her safe haven. He had a habit for making use of the tools around him. This was the deal he was getting, and honestly it was a damn good one given she had other options that were far more appealing to Xelia. "He is down on Aldea and honestly I'd prefer to just leave him there and let him rot for all I care - actually that is not technically true. I'd go down there and gladly provide him with some reconstructive surgery with my fists...but he is an old acquaintance and I promised I'd follow Starfleet procedure while on board so here we are." Xelia moved away from the terminal she had been using to present the vitals of the surgery needed and picked up the discarded white coat and proceeded to put it on before hopping back onto the bio-bed. "Seeing as you started to strip for me and also haven't tossed me out your mortuary yet, figured you deserve a name. I'm Xelia." Xelia was enjoying this little game, almost a welcome distraction taking her away from this painful mission of returning a debt owed. She didn't want to risk her backside down on the planet, so if these Starfleet genius's had a way on making this whole thing go away without bloodshed, hers namely, then Xelia was all for it and would be all nice about it.

"I could beam him up now...hush hush and you could carve him up like a turkey as you humans all means I'd enjoy the sight of it. I'm really good with computers so not a problem...or....ugh....I can take you to the lowlifes hideout and you can do it there in a less than sterile environment. Actually if he caught a nasty pathogen then I wouldn't mind that either. So what's your fancy?" Xelia almost lifted her voice pitch at the fact either way he could suffer and that was excellent in her mind, more the merrier.

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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Solena

Other Doctors or members of Theurgy’s medical staff might not have been as conducive to such a strange approach as this one, but Kate’s personal history had more than leant itself to a modicum of understanding and cooperativeness that was decidedly uncommon among her peers. If anything, she was used to an illicit approach or the occasional informal request being lobbied for her services, thanks especially to her time spent on Cardassia Prime during the post-war recovery. There had been a steady stream of individuals who had been untrusting of the Federation or the new Cardassian Government, but who still needed medical attention that Kate could provide. At first, it had been a little disconcerting for the young surgeon, but after enough time it had become relatively common place for her to field such requests. The way she saw it then, she was a healer, and it was her duty to make her skills and talents as such available to anyone who so needed it. It was the same with regard to this moment, and the lovely Orion woman who had sought her out.

“Hmm? Oh... oh no, I was just...” she stopped herself as she realized she had been about to seriously respond to the playfully obvious joke Xelia had made about Kate’s removal of her white Doctor’s coat. Instead, she afforded her an amused smirk and listened to the added detail as it was relayed.

“I can understand the need for discretion...” She was hoping to reassure the green-skinned woman, and instill a sense of trust, though that was likely something that would take time. “...Xelia.” Using her name, Kate blushed brightly at the further teasing of having ‘stripped’ for the Orion, prompting her to bite her lower lip out of habit and a defensive mechanism. “Umm... but, are you sure it’s necessary for all of the cloak and dagger stuff?” thinking on it for a moment herself, Kate realized how obvious the answer was, as she knew it likely that her own superiors might not have been appreciative of whatever level of reconstructive surgery was to be entailed with this unknown acquaintance of Xelia’s. Still, the fact that the woman had been given clearance to wander the ship and seemed to be so up front about things spoke to her being the level. To one degree or another at least. Again, a different Doctor might not have been so receptive, but for Kate, with her own checkered past, it was enough. Plus, Xelia hit the nail on the head when she described how dull Sickbay had been the previous few days, enticing Kate with a measure of excited anticipation.

A little more perky, and peering about their immediate area, she wanted to ensure that none of her colleagues were within an earshot before she resumed speaking. “I suppose it is, actually. And... umm, I think it may be more... appropriate if we attend to your friend’s needs elsewhere. Like... down on the surface. My Boss might not like me doing unscheduled procedures. So, if I play it as a part of my free time spent down on Aldea, it gives me... like... some level of plausible deniability, yeah?”

“Let me run to my quarters for a minute and grab a few things. Then I’ll meet you at Transporter Room Two?”

With a wink, she hoped Xelia would agree to her terms.


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