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Re: Day 16 [0930 hrs.] Yacht Party!

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[ Lt. Rhys Williams | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Brutus @Nolan

In the end Faye was not far behind Rhys and Riley. Rhys was very much impressed at how Riley was able to maintain enough of her wherewithal to help out her girlfriend. Rhys was not sure he would have had enough functioning brain matter at that point. Rhys if ever he had thought about more than one sexual partner had always wondered if someone would end up left out or disappointed. He was pleased to see in this instance that had not been the case. He would have felt really guilty had either of his partners not had a good time.

Rhys of course blushed a little at hearing his name on Faye’s lips as she climaxed. Now that things were settling down his brain was engaged enough again for a little of the shyness to creep back. Rhys was surprised at being pulled with Riley as she lay for a moment on Faye and Faye asked if they thought they had been heard. “I don’t care.” Rhys almost looked around to see who had said that before realising with some surprise that it had come from his own lips. He blushed more and had to resist clamping his hands to his mouth.

Soon Rhys was slipped out of Riley as she turned to him. Her grin and the way she spoke to him, Rhys was sure had he not just had an orgasm, he would be hard again. Riley cupped his pinkened cheek and kissed him. His hands naturally found themselves on her hips as he returned her kiss happily. Their two tongues exploring each other. He bit his lip as the kiss broke and looked at the glowing faces of Faye and Riley. “Don’t be a stranger either.” He said softly.

Re: Day 16 [0930 hrs.] Yacht Party!

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Party Floor | Top Deck | Eclipse | West Pacific Ocean | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Juzzie @Nolan 

Getting her breathing back under control wasn't going to be as easy as she thought it might be. Riley, crafty minx that she was, had Faye gasping in little bursts as the human girl kissed her way up the Betazoid's body, sending sparks of pleasure radiating back down into her. Especially when she went after those taut nubs atop her perky tits. She found her own hands reaching up and raking back the slicked hair from Riley's face as the nurse completed her journey up Faye's body. Coal black eyes met beautiful blue for a brief moment, speaking volumes in silence before the delectable tawny-haired non comm finally eased herself off the counselor's dick and offered the duo a rather lewd view.

Riley went up on tip-toes to express some well-deserved gratitude to the male member of their impromptu threesome while Faye took a moment to get collected. Rhys was thoroughly flustered by the kiss, and Faye was pleased that Riley had done this to him. He's damn well earned that one.

As for Faye herself? Her hair was a mess, her body was soaking with sweat and she felt pleasingly flushed. Faye could feel the trickle of spent seed dripping onto her own lap as Riley plopped her bum down against the Betazoid.. Giggling all the more, Faye set her head on the nurse's shoulder and flashed a winning grin up at Rhys. Playfully she glanced past him, toward the door to the dance room, but it seemed to have remained closed for the duration. Her eyes darted back to him as she slid her arms between Riley's arms and torso, hugging the girl tight.

If she stretched just right, Faye thought she could get her foot up against the side of Rhys' thigh. The angles were a little tricky, but she pulled it off, watching his face. "I have a feeling that you won't have to worry about that at all, Rhys. This was far too fun not to repeat at some point in the future. Besides," she let her gaze drop down, pointedly, to his crotch, and then flicked back up with a saucy smirk. "Next time my dear counselor, I think I'll be the one to ride you."

Brazen? Maybe. But she meant every word of it.


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