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help me pick a charity

It's now December of 2017 and a ton of shit has happened in the past year.  Sweeping fires, two hurricanes, a massive earth quake and that's just north america. The world is kind of fucked up at the moment, but I have a more personal story I would like to relate to everyone. A year back I had a tube stuck up my spine, and the ability to walk stripped from me, during this time I had to go to the hospital 3 times a day to have my tube changed and my wound cleaned. It SUUCKED. In like the way only hospitals and loosing the use of ones legs can suck.

However I live in canada, so everything from my initial surgery, to the three weeks of physical therapy it took to actually get to walk again all were kindly comped by my country. So I have nothing to really grumble at, my time though painful ended rather swiftly, and this year i managed to walk away with a bit of extra cash from returning to my job, and working through the school months. Now I could use this money to go buy a Nintendo Switch, or a bunch of lego, or something like that.

But i'd actually rather not spend this on me. Cause for all my complaining about the loss of my legs for three months, i got off pretty easy.

I've never really looked at charities outside of local things like my school. I would like to take all the extra i made this year and put it towards an anon donation.

So... any suggestions? (Note it's only like 300$ CAN, it's not a lot, I make a pitiful salary at a job i hate, but hey why not put it towards something that would make someone else happy for a change. I already have everything i need)

Re: help me pick a charity

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$300 can go a long way Kaligos. :)

What my wife and I like to do when we can, is support our local food bank around Christmas as they run a special hamper program. $100 can buy a surprising lot of things and the joy of watching a family who had no real hope for a happy Christmas, can now look forward to this season with some hope.

We've done it a few times, buying and delivering these hampers and the one family that sticks out the most to me, was one we delivered to last year. The lady was a younger women, recently widowed when her husband was killed in an accident at a local mill. he left behind his wife, 8yr old daughter, 5yr old son, and a baby who was due to be born in late January. There was some insurance and the family would be looked after (I know the mill and they care for their own) but these things take time to wind their way through the bureaucracy and they were facing a Christmas without their father & husband, and no money to bring a little cheer to a difficult time.

It wasn't a lot, but that $100 brought some smiles to that family.

Re: help me pick a charity

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Being it's this season I would recommend something like Toys for Tots (or something similar if you have it up there), I wound up buying some toys for them this year.

And there is always the Red Cross. I know it's not one of the "special charities" that get a lot of attention, but they do some good work.

I would also say Doctors Without Borders is super good. And I look favorably on Ronald's House and St. Jude's Hospital.

Really $300 or $3 can change a life, it's not about how much, it's about giving. I'm a crazy red blooded american who thinks charities are better than a lot of things and I fully support spending this on a charity.

Or you know, you could buy that Nintendo Switch and donate it to your local youth center so that kids who might not ever get to play on one might get the chance.

Re: help me pick a charity

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My gut instinct says "Puerto Rico," but only you know where the money can do the most good. 

Re: help me pick a charity

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 When i can, i donate to animal recuse places.  There's so many out there, but i try to pick local ones, or ones my mom works with (She volunteers at a cat shelter in Florida).

Every holiday season, my local grocery store runs a charity program that i give to as well. They put together meals for families and price therm, then offer them at the checkout for others to purchase.   They have lists of the needy families they want to deliver to, so things like allergies and special diets are taken into account when they make the food bags.  Every couple days they drop off the food to the recipients.  It's s really nice way to help those in my own community who don't have as much as i do.  I try to buy one every time i need groceries in November and December.

But those things speak to my heart. Think about something that you care deeply about and look for a cause related to it that you can donate to. :)
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