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CHAPTER 03: The Captain of My Soul [Supplementary: Breakfast]

The jaw-dropping finale to the meeting left a sour taste in Tia's mouth.  It was, of course, Jien's prerogative to make the final decision but it didn't mean she had to like it.  She was still trying to push the unpleasant emotions to one side when she reached the door and felt a presence beside her, she looked over and up to see who it was.  In an instant she found herself smiling, Simon Tovarek had reached the door at the same time as she had and the pleasant memories of the night before helped set her mind on a better path.

Opening her mouth to say hello she found herself a little tongue-tied, "Pull yourself together!" she chastised herself mentally and internally shook herself.  She wasn't a first year cadet any more, she was supposed to be able to handle this.

"Simon," she said and smiled warmly at him, "nice to see you."

If there was an inappropriate time for Tia's body to betray her it would, now was no exception and a low rumble from the Engineer's stomach made her cheeks burn with embarrassment.  She slapped her hand onto the offending body part and let out a small chuckle, "I didn't get a chance to eat before I went down to Engineering this morning."

Tia had been down to see to various tasks before the meeting, so much still needed to be done that she wanted to get a head start.  She'd had an early night (compared to some) but she still hadn't wanted to wake up and dragged herself out of her quarters still bleary-eyed.  Once she'd reached her office however and work-mode kicked in she was fine but she had still forgotten to eat.

"I don't suppose you'd want to join me for breakfast before we get started would you?" the thought flopped out of her mouth before she had a chance to think it through and perhaps reconsider.  She hoped she wasn't coming across as clingy, it hadn't been meant that way, she liked him and they'd been together the night before but she didn't want to push things too fast if there was a chance of something more with him.  She played it back in her head, hoping it just sounded like one colleague asking another colleague innocently if they wanted to join them for something to eat.

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Hearing Tia speak up to him brought back good warm feelings to Simon as  he turned his head to smile at her. "Nice to see you too Tatiana." He answered her with a warm voice and looked behind him for a second as everyone got ready to leave from the lounge. Hearing the lieutenant's stomach rumble was a bit of a surprise for Simon. He looked back towards Tia now and smiled as she slapped her belly and explained herself "Oh, don't worry about it." He answered her as she told him she had skipped breakfast. "You know, breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal in a day." he gave her as a remark and a coy grin formed on his lips.

The prospect of having breakfast however was something Simon simply couldn't refuse. Even though he claimed breakfast had been the most important meal himself, he had skipped it. "I'd love to. Did you have anything particular in mind?" he asked her as they started to walk away from the conference lounge towards the turbo lifts. His eyes roamed over her as he waited for the answer. Once by the lifts he waited for the lift to arrive and checked once more who was with them towards the lifts.

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Her mother used to say that exact phrase when she was home, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Tatiana, now get back in here and eat before you head off out to Grandpa's garage."  The memory made her smile sheepishly, knowing he was right.  She did however wonder why he was so quick to agree to breakfast, if the Science chief had also skipped a morning meal he would have been as bad as her and thus equally guilty of the crime.

Tia pretended to think for a moment as they headed to the turbolifts, "Food."  She grinned at him and gave him a cheeky wink.  Her mind went to all sorts of other places, thinking what she might want to eat and found herself looking him over, remembering what lay beneath that uniform.  "No.  Stop that.  Professional time.  No thinking that."

She caught his eyes one again as the doors to the turbolift opened and she stepped inside, "Honestly, I'm not bothered, so long as it's filling.  Right now I could eat a scabby rat."

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"Food." he repeated after her and smirked a bit "That's quite a wide variety." Thinking it over what he could offer the chief of engineering he couldn't help but notice the cheesy wink. The comment she gave after that about it needed to be filling only drove his mind back to the night before. "Well, scabby rats aren't exactly on the menu I'm afraid." He answered and once they were alone in the turbolift he continued "Yet, I might now something that can... Fill you up." He smiled and now that they were alone he slowly positioned himself before Tatiana Marlowe. He slid his hand over her cheek and tilted her face up a bit and leaned in to steal a kiss from those delicious lips.

After a few seconds he pulled back and let his hands slide down her sides to rest on her hips "As for breakfast, I'm sure there will be something to scrape off in the cantina. However, I can't recommend Russian cuisine to you since it's really not that... Yum. My time with some English students and colleagues however did teach me that an English breakfast could be quite filling though." he continued "In fact, I quite enjoy it from time to time. What do you think?"

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Tia felt herself flush red with the suggestive filling up he mentioned.  It didn't go away as he stood in front of her and moved closer still.  She felt her heart skip a beat at his proximity and found herself breathing faster, her eyes widening as he reached up to her face.  As the skin of his hand touched her cheek she let out an audible gasp, her eyes fluttering closed as he moved her and leaned in for a soft and sweet kiss.

It seemed to last an age and no time at all and she leaned into Simon's gentle embrace, enjoying the secret sensual moment.  Her arms moved to wrap around his neck and she whimpered softly as her stomach flipped and filled with butterflies.  Suddenly it was all over and her eyes opened again to meet with his and she smiled a lazy, satisfied smile.

"English breakfasts are rib-coating and delicious, when they're made properly they are so very bad for you and yet so damned good it's worth the potential heart-attack," she replied, "Maybe when this is all over and I can get my hands on the real ingredients I'll make you one."

She slid her hands from around his neck and stroked her palms down his chest, "I am tempted by whatever it is you can fill me up with but I'm not sure we have time to fully appreciate it and get back in time for our meeting in Engineering.  Unless you think otherwise?"

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Feeling the arms of the young lieutenant around his neck, Simon rejoiced to have her with him in that moment. As she commented on how bad English breakfast was for the cardial system, Simon couldn't help but snicker and nod "I'd love to taste original breakfast if you can make me some." He kept his eyes on her "As for heart attacks... I'm sure we can find a way of exercise to work all those fat inducing ingredients off." he grinned, his hand slowly sliding towards her back before cupping her ass and squeezing it gently.

He heard her motion that she wasn't sure if they wouldn't have the time to fully appreciate whatever they had planned. He thought about it and smirked a bit as his mind worked quickly to provide him with a acceptable answer "Well, what if you consider it as a teasing start? Something to keep us motivated while on duty and to look forward to when our shift ends. Or if we find some more time to... Rekindle the tease." he said with a low voice.

As the turbolift continued to race towards it destination Simon couldn't help but undress Tia in the elevator with his eyes. His mind curious what she'd be wearing underneath, his body aching for the warmth of her thighs and the feel of her skin. "So, my quarters?" he said on a soft yet dreamy tone.

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A teasing start?  That sounded like her day was going to turn into a hot and damp mess filled with secret whispers, touches and desires.  Even now she could feel herself getting more and more turned on by the suggestion.  She shivered with excited anticipation and nodded, her eyes never leaving his. 

Part of her could barely believe this was really happening, it was all so quick from the night before and now they were about to skip off breakfast to tease each other into a frenzy before heading back to work and pretending as though nothing was going on.  Still he had been such an amazing lover last night, he had made her feel so good and she hoped that this was an acknowledgement that she had made him feel good too.  The more she thought about that moment by those exotic, glowing plants the more she wanted to feel him between her thighs once more, wanted to cry out as he made her reach that peak of pleasure.  Tia wanted his hands on her skin, wanted to feel his hot breath on her neck as he groaned his own pleasure into her ear and filled her body to the brim.  Even as those thoughts ran through her head she heard herself gasp audibly as the excitement made her body tingle and she grinned lustfully.

Tia stroked her hands back up and around his neck at his question, pressing herself against him.  Her breasts flattened as their two bodies closed in as close as she could get to him.  In a hushed tone, excited and yet nervous, she whispered "Your quarters."

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Simon noticed that his words worked like magic in her ears. He saw her eyes twinkle a bit and her body seemed to react to his dirty suggestions. His own breathing had gone a bit faster and his heart rate had increased by a few more beats per minute. His mouth had gone a bit dry and he smiled as she reached her arms back around his neck. He could feel her bosom against his chest as she pressed herself against him.

Tovarek altered the destination of the Turbolift and after a few seconds the lift came to a halt. Just before it did so however, Simon leaned in to kiss Tia full on the lips once more and made it last till the lift gave the signal that they had reached the desired deck. He slapped her ass teasingly before he stepped out and tied to keep his face as straight as he could as they were bound to run into a few more crew members on their way to his quarters.

Simon lead the way, his steps pretty large as he wanted to waste as little time as he could before they had to meet up with Stark in Engineering. He looked back every now and again to see if Tia could keep up and he couldn't help but check how she was looking.

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This was so naughty, almost to the point of being truly wrong but he sparked off something in her that she wouldn't deny even if she could have done.  She let out a short, high-pitched yelp as he slapped her ass and then swaggered away and she gave the back of his head a glare and rubbed the stinging cheek before she shot off after him.

He was moving fast and her shorter legs struggled to keep up, she didn't even really try since he looked like he was walking purposefully and if she had done the same she would have looked like she was clearly in a hurry.  She didn't want to be stopped and questioned, not now, they had little enough time as it was.  She saw him glance back and each time he did she would pull a different face, from poking her tongue out to blowing him a kiss, depending on whether someone was able to see it or not.

Thankfully there were few crew around and those they passed were also heading to or back from duty shifts and so were less inclined to stop and speak.  She caught herself staring at that fine ass of his as he walked, wanting so badly to bite it that it made her chuckle to herself partly from her own crazy desire and partly from imagining his face if she did so.

The door to his quarters seemed to be miles away, her heart was beating rapidly and she felt a pleasant tingle in her groin with each step.  Her hand reached up to her top, fingering the zip in anticipation of falling into his quarters and straight into his arms.  Her breath hitched at the thought and her stride took on new purpose thinking, "Oh dear gods door please be close."

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Once The duo arrived at Tovarek his quarters he opened the doors to it and once they both were in he let the system lock the doors. Not even a second had gone by when they had entered the room or Simon pounced Tia against the door and pushed her wrists together above her head as he hungrily leaned in to kiss her fully on the lips. His body pushes against hers causing her breasts to be pressed against his chest and his groin grinds against her as much as he can.

His free hand roams against her sides as searches it's way to her groin. His kisses turn more passionate by the seconds and he bites gently in her lips before he breaks it for a second and whispers "Oh, Tia, I've been longing for you ever since that night we shared..." He knew that it was a bit cliché to say to her now, yet he had felt something with her that night. Something he hadn't felt that much during his entire life. It was a special feeling that Simon wanted to cherish if not hold onto like a last bit of hope.

If Tia had the time to look around in the room she would find that the lay out of it was pretty much standard like any other crew quarter. There were some books and reports of scientific value laying around and the bed was somewhat a mess since Simon hadn't bothered to make it up before heading to the senior staff meeting.

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Grateful for the door finally swooshing open, Tia followed Simon quickly and gasped as he pushed her against the just-closed door.  Her arms were pinned but she didn't care.  Her lips pressed against his, hungry for more and kissing him passionately.  She knew what they both wanted and that neither had the time to waste.  As his other hand wandered her body she writhed beneath him, wanting his touch on every part of her at once.

"I didn't know if you... if you wanted more than that night," she confessed, gasping and moaning as he caressed her.  She had wanted  more than just that one night, it had been amazing but she figured that since most people had more experience than her that she would probably have not been as good as he hoped.  Oh for another chance like this and for him to be wanting her as much as she wanted him, it was a blissful dream she never wanted to wake up from.

She felt impotent, unable to touch him despite her burning desire to rid him of that pesky uniform, her hands still held firmly by his and high above her head.  The only thing she could do was wrap a leg around his and pull him a little closer, stroking his leg with her own. 

"How much time do we have?" she breathed huskily but with a sense of urgency as to what they both wanted and how much the scent of what they wanted would linger.

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"Why wouldn't I want more of this Tia?" Simon groaned in her ear as he carried on to teasingly kiss the engineering officer in the neck before seizing her lips again. He wondered why Tia had confessed such a thing to him. Did he seem so superficial? Or did he not show enough interest to the engineering girl to make her believe he was genuinely interested in her. He deepened the kiss once more and their tongues became one as they swirled around each other.

He felt how Tatiana pulled him closer with her leg and she could feel his semi hard erection through his pants against her. Simon started to grind his lower body against hers now and couldn't help but grin through the kissing. He finally broke the kiss and heard Tia's question before letting go of her hands and answering "Not long enough..." He savagely lashed his fingers under her clothing and pulled the garments up to reveal her stomach and eventually breasts to him before he pulled it all off over her head. Next would be her pants, yet first he wanted to admire that gorgeous body of her.

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The anticipation was heightened by how unable she was to reciprocate the pleasure Tovarek was dealing her, and Tia couldn't help the first moan that slipped from her lips. The dance had begun, and she found her body responding to his without delay and with familiarity to his body being against hers again. She wrung her wrists in his grip, and yet she kissed him back nonetheless, famished for his every touch and breath.

When he finally released her, he did so to undress her. The air of his quarters touched her hungry stomach and then the hardened peaks of her breasts - undershirt and bra hiked up into her armpits and leaving her bare to him. Hurriedly, she set her deft Engingeering hands to the task of unzipping and unbuttoning his clothes in kind. She bared his chest in short order and pried his uniform back over his shoulders, kissing him again in the struggle with his garments. At some point, she had to help him, prying off her shoes and the bulk of her bundled trousers, but she did so with her hands on his bare shoulders.

"Hurry, I don't want to someone in Engineering to try and contact me," she whispered hurriedly and yanked his trousers open - fingers descending behind the waist-line of his underwear. Her hands found his erection, familiar from the other night, and she stroked him while still confined by his clothes. "The floor... quickly. Let me be on top..."

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The heated dance had been set off and Tovarek wasted little time as he knew time was of the essence. Once he had exposed Tia of her upper clothing, he noticed her hardened peaks and playfully flicked them with his thumbs before giving them a quick kiss. Yet his move was stopped when Tia started to undress him in return and in no time he found her hands down his underwear, stroking his hard on. She had whispered him to make it fast so nobody could interrupt them and he nodded as she asked for the floor and to be on top.

Simon slowly takes a few steps back before setting himself down on the cold floor. While doing so he raises his his a bit so he can remove the rest of his pants and underwear while kicking his shoes off. Now his erection is out in the open and Simon removes his jacket and flings it through the room while looking hungrily at Tia. "Come here... Claim it." he dares her and winks at her.

While waiting for her his eyes go over her body as they had done so the night before. Yet with the lighting in his room he could see her body more in detail now and he took in every single detail as well as he could as she drew nearer. Simon had never thought to meet a woman like this aboard any of the ships he'd do service on, yet the connection he felt with Tatiana was something special and extraordinary.

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Grinning, Tia followed Simon into his quarters, catching up with him as quickly as she could even though the sight of him in the dim lights was something to revel in. "Don't you dare run away."

When she reached him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with renewed fervour. They were both naked now, and his lean, male body brushed against hers as they more or less wrestled each other down upon the floor. He had already been prepared to lay down before he'd retreat into his own quarters just to tease her, though when she reached him she made short progress to get her will through, trading kisses with him as she ended up straddling his waist on the floor. She was breathless from anticipation, hands running up and down his chest and shoulders, breasts grazed across the planes of his chest. She felt his hardness against the inside of her thigh as she squirmed on top of him.

She offered a flushed nipple to his mouth, feeling his beard tease the tip while she reached down between their bodies. "Come here... Come... " Her hand slid down the corrugated leanness of Simon's flat abdomen and seized his cock, and she began to brush his swollen head against the juncture of her thighs. "Ah..." Her breath hitched, for she had not expected to be as wet as she felt, thinking that she'd have to tease herself with his cock before welcoming him inside her. The bulbous crown of Simon's member brushed through petals that were already slick with her nectar, so she did not delay too long. She sat back, and his length speared her easily - going several inches inside her right away.

"Oh, my god," she gasped, and she set her hands down on his chest, feeling his muscles rippling beneath the surface of his skin. By rocking her hips, she eased him deeper and deeper into herself, and she could not get enough. She knew they had duties to attend to, but reliving the memories of Lohlunat  was something she simply couldn't deny. Who knew when they were going to get another chance? If they were to raid a starbase, they might be killed. Who could blame them for one last chance to feel truly alive?

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As they made their way down onto the floor, Simon carried on to kiss Tia as much as he could while he felt her body against his. Her hands made short work of placing his shaft right where it should be and he groaned softly as he felt his tip against her wet sex. He sucked hard on the flushed nipple that was presented to him and at the same time he could feel Tia leaning back. He moaned loud into her nipple as he felt his length spearing up into her warm body.

Simon couldn't help but smirk a bit as Tia started to rock her hips on him and supported herself on his chest, forcing him to lay down on his back. He moved his body a bit out of sync at first with Tia yet after a few thrusts he synced up and it felt oh so good. The memories from Lohlunat  were not far behind and he let his hands roam over Tia's body once more as she eagerly took more of his length in until she grinded against his body.

Time was indeed of the essence though here and Simon started to thrust up more violently as he enjoyed the feeling of being inside this woman he loved far too much. If not for the time restriction, he'd probably take her more than once here in his room. He wanted her to feel alive, he wanted her to know that she meant something for him.

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Tia could not remain silent in her fervour to feel more and more of Simon inside her. She did not care if someone heard her through the sliding doors, not even recognising the fact that someone that stepped past in the corridor might hear her. She was not screaming, no, she was to shy for that, but she could not control the sounds that escaped her throat.

She rode the Russian man that lay beneath her until his full length was squirming its way along her inner walls with each rocking motion she made. Wet sounds escaped the joining of their bodies, and she may have scratched Simon's chest in their common passion. She shifted her hands to his shoulders and dove down to kiss him again, but she could not stop moving - being so close as she was. The new angle that Simon entered her in put more pressure on her clitoris, and she cried out as the orgasm began to rise inside her.

"I'm coming, I'm coming, Oh... Oh m-my... Ahhh!" Her whole body flexed and twitched on top of Simon when her mind was struck blank. She convulsed, and only then did she fully scream out loud. As quick as they had been, it did not lessen the climax that washed over Tia.

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The walls of Simon's room were probably not as thick as they should be he imagined, yet he assumed everyone around his quarters ought to be on duty by now. Tia's moaning however was a blissful joy to hear as it only turned Simon harder and more determined to fuck the engineer.

He could feel his member deep inside her and her body would not slow down as the sound of their wet joining came to his ears. He kissed Tia back when she dove down for him and he could feel that the slight tilting of his body caused for a whirlwind to go through Tia. He smiled as she told him she was going to reach her own climax and he looked in joy and awe as Tatiana screamed out when she reached her climax. The convulsing body milked his cock and he groaned out as his cock washed out a fresh dose of semen inside her body. His hips bucked upwards to get it as deep as he could yet he enjoyed every moment of their joining.

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When Tia came down from her euphoria, she had to swallow and catch her breath - hooded eyes soon finding Simon's. With his chest rising and falling underneath her, she kissed him as best as she could in her winded state. Her ran her fingers through his short hair and when she trusted her voice enough to speak, she did so with her face hover just above his.

"It is bitter-sweet, how I found you just now... when we might be heading to our deaths," she said, talking about the mission to Starbase 84. She shifted down along his body and laid her head against his chest, hearing his heartbeat. "The sweetness to it is that I could be with you again before we set our new course."

She closed her eyes, pushing the dark thoughts away. She did not even know how much she would come to love Tovarek if they had the chance, but she knew she liked him far more than any other man she'd been with. What pained her was that she had happened to have sex with their mutual colleague on the Senior Staff - Sjaandin Fedd. She should tell Simon, shouldn't she? And ruin the moment they shared? She felt that if they lingered, she would talk herself into telling him nonetheless. Her escape, and the means to preserve what little they had managed to build was close at hand.

"We should go," she said to Simon, pushing the tryst she'd had with Sjaandin from her mind. The Betazoid had been a pretty candle in comparison to the Russian underneath her, who was like the dawn on a cloudless morning on their common homeplanet. Earth, which she hoped to see again, but held no illusions about it.

"We have weapons to calibrate," she said and her breath hitched when Simon slid out of her - getting up on her feet as she was. "And a Galaxy to warn."

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