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CHAPTER 03: The Captain of My Soul [01: Resurrection]

Chapter 03: The Captain of My Soul [01: Resurrection]

Captain's Log, Stardate 57505.28. The enterprise to let the harried crews indulge themselves in a night of frivolity may have been advantageous. Few will the chances be for everyone aboard the Theurgy and the Harbinger to entertain themselves on the holodeck again in the weeks to come, when we once more set a course for the Alpha Quadrant. It would seem that the Class 9 nebula that we have hid inside during the night has helped throwing our pursuers off the scent. It may even have provided us with enough time to form a better strategy of approach now that we have - momentarily - regained active access to Starfleet databases. Yesterday, Intelligence Officer Carrigan Trent gave us a glimpse of the current placement of Starfleet's deployed ships, all the way from the KNZ to the Sol System. Hopefully, it will show us the right path. Away from the Calamity's sensor sweeps... and out of range for the innocent fleets that hunt us.
- Captain Jien Ives, Commanding Officer of the USS Theurgy

[ USS Theurgy | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | 0605 hrs. ] Attn: Zenozine, Doctor Maya & Brutus

A sharp hiss cut the air.

It was the sound when the lid of the cryogenic stasis unit decompressed, and finally opened. Residues of cold mist rose into the air. The person inside had been gradually thawed during the night, yet the thawing had fogged up the glass completely, so the results of the Asurian blank cell treatment remained a surprise for the three people standing around the opening unit. Of course, the tricorders had been unanimous in the vitality readings, yet it remained to be seen what kind of appearance the DNA resequencing had resulted in. Were they awakening a freak from its slumber? A grotesque excuse of a survivor that would never accept the thing he had become, all for the sake of the truth and the mission?

"Nurse Vojona, Doctor Maya, please prepare to help me move him to the biobed," said Lucan as he looked down into the unit, the mist having cleared from the face. He reached down and opened one eye, confirming what the tricorder had already stated. Just to be sure, he raised a small palm beacon - its light casting the dancing mist into brilliance above the patient's countenance. "It is like we suspected. The pupils do not react. Nurse, I will move the patient together with Doctor Maya instead. Please steralise the ocular implants and prepare eye surgery equipment."

The Chief Medical Officer turned his pale eyes to the Vulcan next to him. "We make the eye surgery a first priority for three reasons. One, we do not want to traumatise the patient when he regains conciousness, since he would blind when he does unless we do the surgery first. Second, as you said, the neuro-pressure treatment requires that he will be awakened enough for you to sort out the singals in his new nervous system. Thirdly, the neuro-pressure therapy would sort out the optical nerves after the implants are in place. So, let us move him. Grab his legs."

Carefully, Lucan ran his arms underneath the former Ash'reem shoulders, and moved the naked male human to the biobed. Despite his stoicism, Lucan was awestruck with the healing capacity of the Asurian blank cells, for the results were far beyond anything he had ever expected. In a way, these results had sealed the fate of this rare species...

...because Lucan and his kin would now make sure that Sar-unga and her people would be found, imprisoned, bred and drained for every drop of their healing cells that they could muster.

This is a study of the emotional responses of lesser species, when such are afflicted by tragic loss of a loved one or a grievous failure to perform one's duties. In general,  after causing grief to one or more individuals that the subject of study may care for. The fact of whether or not the subject could change the outcome of such an incident is in all cases irrelevant for the sake of this study, just as it is irrelevant for the subject in question.
- Manipulation of Grief, by the Host named cin Nicander

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Hylota did not know how to was they were operating on, and she did not fell it mattered right now since she had only one job and that was to follow orders, she could get to know this person later. Sadly ll she knew was that she was going to be assisting with the eyes only since she was bought in only after the patient had been stabilized.

As she was told to assists in moving the patient to the biobed Hylota nodded and moved into position, she wanted to make a good impression on her colleagues and as her first operation here she needed it to go perfectly. But as Lucan inspected the patient's eyes and noted that they were unresponsive she was given the new task of fetching the optical implants. Hylota nodded and rushed around the other and retrieved the implants. She took the case with great care and moved them over to the biobed and she took up a spot beside the tools so she could hand them off when needed.

While she waited to be called upon she took out a small scanner and gave the reclaimed optics one final scan to make curtain that they had no remains of their previous owner on them. Satisfied with the scan she looked to Lucan wondering hat she would be called upon to do next.

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[Maya | Main Sickbay]  Attn: Brutus; Auctor Lucan

"Yes Doctor," Doctor Maya uttered in a distant voice.  Although the little Vulcan's short slender build would seem to make her unsuited for moving a patient, the relatively high gravity of her home planet insured that she had the strength to do so without trouble.

Normally Ensign Maya displayed both curiosity and a warmth that wasn't often associated with Vulcans.  Now it was as if she wasn't even in the room.  Her eyes didn't seem to focus on what she was looking at.  Her voice was perfectly even, almost a monotone and her posture was perfectly straight and poised.  She never seemed to make suggestions or initiate any actions but she followed orders in a calm precise manner with movements that seemed both jerky and eerily fluid at the same time. 

She had spent much of that morning mediating, burning incense and placing herself in a trance to become the perfect teleneurological manipulator.  She had compartmentalized all the distracting parts of her psyche that would compromise this never been done medical procedure:  The transformation of an intelligent being from one species to another.  It was she who was going to reprogram Sarresh Morali's cerebellum to regulate the bodily functions of a Terrestrial human if it was unable to do so itself.  She was also going to make sure that his nervous system regulated his bodily functions during his hybrid phases as well, when he was neither Ash'reem nor Terran.   That would be the true challenge, far too much for a Vulcan who had to maintain her own biosystems simultaneously.  While applying the dermatiraelian plasticine that would serve as Sarrash's epidermis until his skin had created its own.  That was why it was necessary to for green blooded neurosurgeon to clear her enough space in her synapses to maintain the biosystems of two bodies at once.  

This left her in a state that diminished her personality and left her open to suggestion, but that was purely intentional.  It would allow Doctor Nicander to monitor Sarrash's biorhythms and give instructions.  In effect Maya's telepathic mastery of the nervous system would be Lucan's surgical tools.  Since the little Vulcan had conditioned herself to obey his voice while she was in this state he would have complete control over the entire procedure.  And of her.

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When Doctor Maya and Lucan had moved the patient from the stasis unit unto the biobed, Lucan did what was ethically correct and covered the naked human with a thin medical blanket - leaving just the shoulders and the face bare. Then he gave Hylota an appreciative smile and a nodd when she had prepped equipment before he went to the unit by the wall that he could sterilise his hands with; its yellow light quickly preparing him for surgery. Then came the gloves, covering his tattooed hands for an extra layer of protection. Ready, he first picked up and applied the speculum mask upon Sarresh's upper face, distending eyelids wide. A tap on a button produced two smooth rings that lowered down and fixated the eyeballs harmlessly. For while sedated, it did not mean that the eyes did not make minute movements.

"Computer, begin surgical log. Patient: Junior Lieutenant Sarresh Morali. Post-treatment diagnosis has shown that the patient is blind due to the severe difference between Human and Ash'reem eyes and that the DNA-resequencing could not adequately give the patient human sight. Attending me is Doctor Maya and Nurse Vojona. Surgery begins now," he said with a detached voice, covering his mouth with a paper mask before he continued, "I will begin by clearing an insertion path for the implants. Nurse, please hand me the 0,5 mm exoskalpel." When the nurse gave it to him, he began the crude work of cutting out the necessary mass of the eyes, which may seem barbaric to the layman observer but it was actually a very precise step that begged for carefulness lest too much of the optic nerves were damaged. To connect the implants, the surgery also begged for room to let the implants digital output channels find and calibrate themselves with the remaining optic nerves.

While the surgery wore on, Lucan was betimes left thinking of the two present women, so widely different yet nonetheless interesting in their own ways. They were exotic in their separate natures, and they were both - to an extent - at his mercy. One was rigged to be manipulated at a moments notice through a hypnotic trigger, and the other one depended on him to get her through her fertile state - having asked him to experiment on her in whatever way he deemed necessary to find a way to reduce the... 'forceful' way in which Ovri ovulated. Both women had their own merits and uses, and yet only one of them were due to be exploited that morning.

The surgery lasted for almost an hour, the chronometer about to show 0700 hrs when Lucan removed the mask. Both the Ovri and the Vulcan had been involved in the steps towards completion, and when they were finally done, Sarresh's new eyes stared up at them - the silvery and artificial-looking irises catching the light in the room. Lucan closed them with his gloved hand before turning to Nurse Vojona.

"Thank you for your assistance, and well done," said Lucan and smiled to her once he had removed his mask, "Next, Doctor Maya will be performing a highly demanding Vulcan neuro-pressure treatment and she has asked to not be disturbed by too many people attending to the session. I will be supervising the procedure from my office, yet I will not be here in person either. Therefore, you will be dismissed for the time being, Nurse, but please remain in the wards - looking after our other injured - so that I can swiftly unlock the doors to this area and ask you to return at a moments notice. The patient is stable, but I rather want to be safe than sorry. If nothing else, I want you present when we finally wake up Mr. Morali."

Having spoken with Hyota, Lucan turned to Maya next. "Are you prepared, or do you need more time?" He gave Maya an earpiece so that she could hear his voice but not alarm the drugged and semi-awake patient. "If you are ready, I will inoculate him and step away - sealing off the area and retreating behind the glass of my office."

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the surgery as almost textbook, no complications and nothing was obstructed. But Hylota was glad she was not the one performing the operation, the events of the night before still weighed upon her, the drinks she ha had and the pleasure she had sought left her feeling slightly out of it today, fortunately not to the point where she was making mistakes, but after the hour of standing she found her legs aching slightly and her eyes were stinging from the bright surgical lights. Hylota did not know why she had thought that the party would ever be a good idea after all of the work she had done before that, and with how she was going to be doing this surgery in the morning, in retrospect it was a very poor choice.

Lucky for her Lucan as such a skilled doctor she did not have to do much, there was a little effort that had been needed to be done on her part and she had only needed to take a bigger role when testing the implants and making sure that it was fully integrated. In the end she sighed and relaxed as she felt she was done finally and she took a seat and looked to Lucan as he discussed what he needed to do with Maya. She nodded and got up again as she was told to tend to the patients and man the medical bay.

As the two went into Lucan's office Hylota sighed and she about cleaning up after the surgery. Moving all of the tools to sterilization and collecting all the bio matter that had been removed an not sucked up. She put it into the proper waste containers and moved it to disposal. After that Hylota looked to the door where Lucan and Maya had gone and he sighed as she went to the patients and started to do her rounds, looking over chart and making sure that they had not changed drastically and then checking the times on medications to ensure that they were given out on time.

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[Maya | Main Sickbay]  Attn: Brutus; Auctor Lucan

"Yes Doctor, I am ready," Maya replied in a distant voice.  She had removed the gloves of her crimson surgical scrubs and was now massaging her hands and limbering up her fingers for the operation ahead.  She had set the dermatiraelian plasticine on a tray that floated in the air at elbow level and could move it with the slightest push. 

Normally it would be impossible for Maya to apply the artificial epidermis while maintaining telepathic contact with Morali's nervous system, but with Lucan Nicander monitoring from his workstation she wouldn't have to.  If Sarresh Morali's nervous system had to be overridden in order to adjust his bodily systems Doctor Nicander would inform her.  This left the little Vulcan free to apply the artificial epidermis over every crack and groove of the injured time traveler's body in the meantime.

Holding the floating tray with her thumb and forefingers, Maya slowly approached the patient and waited for instructions.  Her gait was the same graceful series of short but quick steps it often was.  There was no limping or sign of the ordeal the little Vulcan's body had undergone the night before.   At this moment her body's aches didn't register and the pain and humiliation from the night before was buried deep in her memories.

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[ Main Sickbay & CMO Office ] Attn: Doctor Maya

While Doctor Maya had readied the dermatiraelian plasticine for the treatment, Lucan had discarded his surgical scrubs and donned his long white labcoat. He stepped up to the sedated Sarresh Morali where he lay upon the main biobed and fished up a hypospray from his pocket, one which had already been charged and calibrated with 0,2 ccs of Amoelacin and 3 ccs of Umoxon, resulting in the inoculation that would make the patient docile and put in a dreamlike state of utter comfort during the neuro-pressure therapy. It was necessary to prevent any effect upon his neurological system, since a sedated state or a spinal inhibitor would block the nerve signals.

If Sarresh Morali were to open his eyes, he would not be able to give any credit to what he saw. Despite all that had happened to the Ash'reem, there was no risk of traumatising the patient if he was drugged and kept from full realisation about his whereabouts. With a clicking sound from his medical insturment, Lucan pressed the muzzle against the side of Sarresh's neck and released the mix with an audible hiss. Nothing happened since the patient had not been awakened yet, but the second charge in Lucan's hypospray would simply negate the sedatives that were currently running through the Temporal Affairs Officer's new veins. Twisting the handle around, Lucan stepped to Maya while he counted the seconds for the Umoxon-mix to take hold under his breath.

Yet before he did anything else, he locked eyes with the Vulcan before him and stroked his hand over her cheek - smiling to her. "Good luck, Doctor. I will be instructing you from my office," he said, yet he supposed his words were a bit wasted, remembering the last time they had been alone together. More precisely, the trigger he had made for her trance.

Circling Doctor Maya as he spoke, he continued. "When you wake up, you will do so under the following condition. At any point when I'd lay my hand upon your cheek and look into your eyes, like this,'' he said, and did so with his free hand - staring into her blank eyes, "you will instinctually, without delay, make yourself enter this kind of trance again... with the same spoken word meant to wake you from it, which I now will wake you with."

Only then did he return to Sarresh, using his hypospray once more and waking him into his imagined nirvana. Before stepping towards his office, Lucan finished his business by the biobed by ripping the thin medical blanket from the former Ash'reem's naked body with a bit of flourish - making it settle in a corner. 

"Computer, seal Main Sickbay area and close the office." Lucan did not turn around to look at the glass walls as they shut behind him. Instead he stepped to his computer console and pressed the command to make the glass a one-way mirror - making him perfectly able to see Doctor Maya standing before the biobed while neither her nor the patient would be able to see Lucan where he stood behind the glass. "Move the display of biobed readings to the wall and let my voice tap into frequency three-five-niner and the earpiece that Doctor Maya wears."

While the bio-readings of Sarresh Morali flared up across the shut glass wall in superimposed orange and teal numbers and letters, Lucan stepped up to the glass and folded his tattooed hands behind himself - eyes on the Vulcan and his patient. "Please initiate neuro-pressure treatment. Begin by rectifying behaviour in the cerebellum and pituitary gland. Discontinue any attempt his body make to try and maintain Ash'reem bio-systems and reprogram his nervous and endocrine systems to maintain human biology. Make sure to use the dermatiraelian plasticine during the treatment, rubbing the compound into the patient's skin."

Rubbing his jaw after making his instructions, Lucan smirked a little and added one last thing. "Oh, while the dermatiraelian plasticine is quite transparent, its hard to get out of textile... so I would suggest removing your clothes before you begin, Doctor Maya, and you can use your whole body to apply it since it won't have any effect upon your skin. You may proceed at your own leisure."

[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

Outside, Nurse Maal walked across the floor of the recovery wards with a PADD in his heavy hand, reading it with furrowed, thick eyebrows. He was Klingon, yet very young and had been raised on Earth with no belonging on his native homeworld. With no House, and with no known family there, he considered himself more human than Klingon in any regard, and he even wore his hair cut short and in a Earthen fashion. The information on his PADD was nothing noteworthy, save for the connection of a name on the list and the new colleague of his - the Ovri named Vojona.

He looked about, tried to see if she was present at the early hour, and when he did, he walked up to her with what he hoped would pass for a friendly approach. He knew naught of the Ovri in general, and even less about the woman before him. He knew she had been picked over him to help Dr. Nicander with the eye surgery of both Miko Dauntless and Sarresh Morali, and he supposed that if he was a career-person, he would take note of this, but he was not. He just wanted to survive one day at the time so that he could return to his mama and papa on Earth.

"Nurse Vojona?" Maal asked politely and cleared his thick neck, for while considered slim and short in Klingon regard, his introvert persona would never hide the lean strength of his body - even being twice over in contrast with his profession as a nurse. "I am Maal, I also work under Eve Jenkins. Good to meet you."

Gruff intonation yet pure human in his lack of accent, his voice rumbled slightly even if speaking quietly. "I just saw the latest transfer list of patients from the Harbinger. It would seem someone with your last name will be beamed over here momentarily. Apparently, they are shorter on staff on the Harbinger and we have more space to keep those immobilised and comatose after the battle. We have two Battle Sickbays besides this area, so I suppose these transfers make sense. I... just thought you wanted to know."

Not sure what to add or what to do, he supposed she wanted to see the list for herself and handed her the PADD. "Looks like he has been put in a cryogenic stasis pod because of the lack of biobeds, or perhaps it was just the lack of medical officers to attend to him."

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[Maya | Main Sickbay]  Attn: Brutus; Auctor Lucan

"Yes Doctor," the little Vulcan replied while removing her surgical scrubs.  She was in fact, wearing nothing underneath for she had donned the crimson surgical gown in place of the ceremonial robe she would normally wear while reordering her mind so thoroughly.  As she folded her surgical gown and placed it on a table Lucan could see her pale slender, body quite clearly.  The little Vulcan even removed her footwear leaving her only in what the universe had given her when she was born on Vulcan centuries ago.   Counselor Hayden O'Connor had done a good job with the dermal regenerator the night before and the little Vulcan's bruises were invisible to the naked eye.

There was no hesitation in following Lucan's churlish and seemingly absurd suggestion.  On the contrary, to Maya's logical and focused mind it made perfect sense.  The green blooded surgeon was going to need her hands free if she was going to override Sarresh's cerebellum and pituitary gland to keep his biosystems stable.  She was going to have to apply the artificial epidermis some other way, in this case, body to body contact.  Since the little Vulcan was a licensed sex therapist, there was no violation of procedure or medical ethics as long as the Chief Medical Officer allowed it.

Maya moved with eerily fluid alacrity as she oiled her body up in the dermatiraelian plasticine.   She didn't move stiffly like a staggering Borg, she moved gracefully and fluidly like an Orion dancer or a Caitan acrobat.  Once her body was glistening with the artificial epidermis, she climbed on to the biobed to straddle Sarresh's body.

Lucan was treated to a sensual yet absurdly pornographic performance as the little Vulcan rubbed and grinded her body against the dazed time traveler.  Her fingertips dug into the back of his head at the base of his neck and Maya closed her eyes.  "Contact has been made," she murmured in a nearly inaudible voice that was heard clearly over Lucan's earpiece. 

Maya's eyes rolled back in her head.  Although Sarresh Morali's thoughts remained his own the little Vulcan could now feel every sensation the former Ash'reem was feeling.  She could sense the euphoria from the anesthetic and the slight stinging sensation from his artificial corneas.  She could feel the human heart forcing iron based blood through his altered body and the air going through his bronchial tubes as it entered and left his transformed lungs.  She could even perceive the instinctive arousal and her own slippery flesh grinding and rubbing on top of him.  Through it all she separated and compartmentalized these sensations as she focused on keeping his biorhythms stable and getting his exposed dermis protected.

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[Recovery Wards] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Hylota was going over the records and now with free time, filing the report on her surgery on her former coworker who she had assisted in the removal of her optical implants, it was grim work, recording how she had suggested the use of corrosive chemicals to free the implants and remove them. She was anything but vague in her report, detailing her account on what had transpired that night. She was getting tired of filling out these forms, but she needed to do it, once this was don she needed to take care of her brother's files and then collect her information on Ovri physiology for Lucan. So much to do, and so little time to do it.

As she went through the data one last time she noticed a shadow drop over her and she looked up at Maal, she lowered her PADD as he greeted her. "Indeed I am, nice to make your acquaintance Maal." She looked out over their patients and sighed. "Yes, I am the one that organized the transfer, I feel my brother's recovery will benefit from him being with the only other medical member of our race." She looked at Maal as he mentioned that her brother was coming over now, she wished she could be there to transport him personally, but she had a job and she needed to stay.

However as Maal mentioned the cryo pod her brother was being transported in she sighed and bowed her head as she felt guilt well up inside her. "Yes I know of this, it was not an easy choice, but he was more likely to survive if frozen...I just hope he is hydrated properly, otherwise I will likely be the only Ovri here." Sh looked up at the Klingon and she profiled him, noting the race and his appearance and noting him to memory. "Listen Maal, if my brother is being beamed over shortly we should prepare a bed for him, I already have everything else I need for him set aside. we just need to prepare a bed for the recovery." She set her PADD aside. "Care to give me a hand with that? or do you have some work that needs to be done?" She got up from the desk.

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There was a hiss...or was there? He wasn't sure. Bathed in a cool, otherworldly darkness, he didn't want to move. His consciousness...his form? He wasn't sure...seemed to float. Floating was natural. Floating was right. Floating, swimming - Swimming through the boiling, searing water, the acidic bite eating away at - natural and peaceful.

His body gave a jerk, just the slightest. There in the darkness? Or on the biobed? What was a biobed? He didn't know. Something...a fog was wrapped around him. There was warmth. The warmth that he alone could not create. And a welcome slick sensation? He suddenly felt dry. Cool, but dry.

There was pressure too, a heavy, odd but yet, familiar pressure. A weight on his hips, his chest - his chest, aching, searing in pain. The water coursing through him, eroding the very bones in his body, the pressure causing him to buckle as he strode to close the distance - and then a blossoming of awareness. Simple, pleasurable contact. Contact like had not had since her - Floating, keening in the wind on that driftwood as he swam closer, his eyes flaring in pain, watching her slowly dissolve - not since he'd last wrapped his limbs, and tongue, around her, around -

<Amikris?> the word was croaked from a man barely conscious, unaware that he'd spoken aloud. Not that the name was recognizable, from a throat so parched and missing the proper vocal cords to approximate the acoustical range of an Ash'reem male. It didn't come close to the nail on chalkboard screech that most humans would compare the alien language to. And yet, it was speech, all the same. The drugs were already starting to work.

OOC: let me know if this works for y'all. I'll be the first to admit I'm not sure exactly how Saresh should be reacting to coming out of a medically induced coma into a medically induced high.

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[ Main Sickbay & CMO Office ] Attn: Doctor Maya & Brutus

Standing behind the closed glass wall, studying what was happening upon the single biobed, Lucan remained still while the superimposed bio-readings streamed across the glass surface. From floor to ceiling it shone, data that might be deemed the new life-pulse of the former Ash'reem. Human readings. Common and crude. Easy to read. The primal reaction to the Vulcan's body was quite expected, and since the readings were there, Lucan continued his log.

"Time: 0707 hrs. The patient has attempted to speak. As a side-effect to the epidermis treatment, the patient is showing arousal. This might be due to the manual application of the treatment, or simply as a natural reaction to the flow of blood in his new veins, effect perfectly similar to nocturnal penile tumsence. Reason may even be twofold. Treatment continues without complication."

The display was delectable, of course, and the urges of the beast inside bubbled underneath Lucan's impeccable surface. "Doctor Maya," he said after opening the frequency to her earpiece, "continue treatment until his nervous system has been aligned, and make sure the patient is comforted in his current state of arousal. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, it is the least we can do to ensure that his new genitalia functions in the way it is supposed to. You may do whatever you feel required to test his copulation ability and make him ejaculate."

Doctor Maya was in a trance, so he did not know why motivated his commands aloud. He was certainly going to make sure she didn't remember what he made her do either, lest his image and his methods would come in question...

[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

Nurse Maal nodded.

"I can assist you," he said in his gruff voice and thought about what it would be like to have a sister or brother to look out for. He might be one of the very few of Klingon origin aboard, Master-at-Arms Zaraq being the latest crew addition from the Harbinger, but he was not as lonely as the Ovri. She was almost alone, besides her brother, in the whole of Starfleet. That was hard to imagine. What would it be like to feel even more secluded than he felt, attempting to uphold a human life with blood to show for it.

"I will follow you if you have found a place where we can move him after the stasis unit is beamed over. Where to?" he asked, clearing his throat behind his large hand.

Soon, Thea would say that the transport was ready. It would be nice to remove someone from a stasis unit for a change. Too many had vanished into those pods and the rooms where they were stored in wait for a time when they had time or methods to reciussitate them and treat their life-threatening injuries.

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Hylota bowed thankfully to her coworker. "Thank you Maal, and yes I have picked out where it is that I intend to put him." She got up and set her PADD down as she walked to one of the empty bed in the corner of the medical bay, it was one that had been vacated this morning by a fortunate crewman that managed to recover from his burns enough to return to active duty. Stepping over to the bed Hylota's finished logging away the station and she looked to Maal.

"We will put him here, we will need to set up a isolation field and turn up the humidity within the field to begin the recovery process, I have already taken care of everything else on the Harbinger. We jut need to sterilize the area for his arrival because we will be turning this space into the perfect area to incubate bacteria and a recovering burn patient will not benefit from that." She looked to Maal. "So I am going to need some help getting thing sterilized and then you can help move the body onto the bed. Fortunately we just need to take him out of the pod to be finished with him, Ovri bodies thaw in a way that allows us to survive being frozen naturally."

Due to the battling, the built in sterilization systems were shot in many of the beds so it was mostly being one by hand, so the tools were already out. Hylota looked to Maal and handed one to him. "Here, since I guess you can handle pushing through a field better than I can. I will work on making sure that the field is operational." Hylota patted Maal on the back and walked over to the wall console and began to try and get things operational.

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[ Main Sickbay & CMO Office ] Attn: Auctor Lucan & Brutus

"Yes Doctor," Maya said in a strangely professional voice.  Apparently the trance she had placed herself in wasn't causing any mental conflicts for she sounded almost normal.

Sarresh could feel a lithe feminine form rubbing and massaging his body.  Long spidery fingers caressed and explored as an underdeveloped yet pert chest squished itself against his as a woman's legs snaked around his lower extremities.  The probing hands stroked every crack and grove of his back, working their way down until they stroked every crack and groove of his backside.   He felt the slippery female body off of him before the fingers stroked and caressed every line of his face, every crease on his chest, and every muscle on each of his limbs. 

The little Vulcan kept Lucan's orders in mind.  "Continue treatment until his nervous system has been aligned, and make sure the patient is comforted in his current state of arousal. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, it is the least we can do to ensure that his new genitalia functions in the way it is supposed to. You may do whatever you feel required to test his copulation ability and make him ejaculate."  She didn't find any conflict for the ecstasy of the climax would put Sarresh's nervous, cardiovascular, and hormonal systems through their paces in laboratory conditions.  As a matter fact, it could very easily jolt his body into human norm and keep his brain from trying to run it like it was an Ash'reem body anymore.  Like a neural stimulator or a cardio defibrillator, this could be the 'reset' button that Sarresh needed.

Placing the fingertips of one hand on Sarresh Morali's face while her hand slid down his abdomen until she found his shaft.  She stroked it as gently as if she was stroking a tiny kitten, using only her fingertips.  She closed her eyes and made contact with him in order to find out what would give him the greatest pleasure.  Quite frankly, her secret to being a successful sexual facilitator was her ability to know what her paramours wanted.  By closing off parts of her mind and opening others she could usually give it to them.  Of course in Sarrash's case the former Ash'reem was literally not himself.  Not only was he the wrong species but he was so tranquilized he could barely react like a human, but she had to try.

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[Lt. JG Sarresh Morali | Main Sickbay] Attn: Dr Maya, Auctor Lucan

There was certainly physical arousal, not that the drugged and hazy Temporal Affairs officer was really aware of said state. Not yet, at least. He was still floating - swimming through the burning waters - in something approaching bliss, despite the painful memories that seemed to phase in and out with no warning or sense of reason. He could feel....something. It was the neurons slowly being reconnected, bit by bit, pressure point by pressure point, but he was in no state of mind to understand what was happening. Truly, how could he be? A new body? A new species really, not even truly himself anymore, save perhaps that immortal soul. Or had that changed now too?

His ears - which now stuck out far from his head, compared to his previous incarnation - were straining to hear a reply to his words, waiting for her reply, the woman he loved - he needed to tell her, couldn't let her die without knowing, had to save her, his love - to tell him she was there, that they were together.

"Yes Doctor," the professional voice grated on his new found ears, but perhaps she was with him in sickbay? <Amikris?> he asked again, in that bastardization of his 'native' tongue. Slick fingers danced across his body, teasing and caressing. The cheeks of his ass squeezed together in response to what his addled mind assumed was the redheaded Ash'reem woman's touch, coated with the life restoring gel his people secreted from the palms of their hands. He groaned, unbeknownst to even himself, at the touch, memories surfacing - Her finger, her tongue, probing the rim of his ass, pushing their way in - and then the form moved up to his face and he coo'd.

He stiffened again, when those fingers brushed his cock. It was not as long as it might be, half aroused as it was, thick, warm, and utterly human. As her fingers caressed him, so too did her thoughts, revealing the last coupling he'd had with Amikirs, how their bodies had glided together, how she'd worked herself into his ass while teasing his cock and ensuring a heady orgasm ensued. How they'd fucked like animals, rutting and cumming over and over. <Amikris....>

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

Nurse Maal followed Hylota to the corner of the recovery ward, not having known whether it was correct to return the bow she had given him or not. The belated nod had come to mind when she had already turned her back, but she did not seem overly insulted by his lack of manners. He watched her log the new patient that were to occupy the bed and listened to the information pertaining to her brother's condition.

"I take it your species require humid conditions to heal better," he mused and watched the slightly simmering surface of the isolation field, a kind which he was fairly familiar with. It was not the kind of forcefield that Security might deploy to contain boarding parties over the course of the last couple of months, but a medical version that enabled altered environmental conditions within. "Okay, I can do that."

Maal picked up the sterilisation field emitter in his large hands and waited for Hylota to activate the field. When it did, he cleared his throat and stepped forth, digging his feet in and pushing with his shoulder first to pry his massive body through the repelling wall. It was not a strong field, but rather meant to prevent medical officers or patients to breach the field by accident. With a second step, he pushed through, and laid the emitter upon the foot of the biobed.

Turning his head, he verified that the field was stable before pushing the button on the portable emitter, which lit up and sent wide beams of yellow light towards the ceiling. The beams split and shifted out into a descending pattern - flicking sideways and sterilising all surfaces the beams touched within the isolation field. It would take a minute for the beams finish, so Maal raised the emitter in his other hand, which kind of resembled a hand-phaser, and used it to take care of areas that the emitter on the bio bed could not reach. The yellow lights flashed over Maal's uniform while he worked, and while he finished, he could hear computer's voice over the intercom.

[Thea to Sickbay,] said the Ship AI, [prepare for scheduled medical transport of one stasis unit containing Ensign Vinata Vojona. Please verify exact location for the transport.]

"I'm finished, so you can proceed," said Maal, stepping aside to clear the floor and removing the emitter from the biobed. He still remained within the isolation filed while he waited for the Harbinger patient.

[ Main Sickbay & CMO Office ] Attn: Doctor Maya & Brutus

Watching from his place behind the glass wall, Lucan frowned at the strange noises Sarresh Morali was making while Doctor Maya stroked the patient's hardening penis. The readings that coursed down the glass wall did not describe any ailments or signs of an underdeveloped larynx.

"Time: 0709. The patient has made further attempts to speak, without success. If the patient is trying to communicate during his medically induced state of mind, it might he is trying to speak in his native tongue, using ultrasonic frequencies to form his syllables. Given the fact that the human vocal tract is not equipped for the task... it might explain the unintelligible sounds that the patient is making."

With this in mind, Lucan looked away from the erotic display of the Vulcan on top of the human, both their bodies slick and glistening in the artificial light of Sickbay as they moved, and activated a translation program. With hand-gestures made before the glass wall, he inserted the audio-file of Sarresh's sounds into it, which resulted in static and a monotonous voice rendering of what might have been said, Ash'reem linguistics and the patient's new physical condition taken into account.

[No comparative reference available in Ash'reem vocabulary. Direct sound in normal hearing frequency and in Federation Standard: 'Amikris'. Common Ash'reem name,] said Thea, repeating the name as many times as Mr. Morali had said the name, ['Amikris. Amikris.']

Of course the Temporal Affairs Officer would be saying that name... Images of the Medical Assistant came unbidden to Lucan where he stood, remembering her fellating him in the Triage Centre, and weeks before that, in the blue light of the decontamination chamber, where Amikris had used the duct in her hand and rubbed his hard cock in the fashion that Maya was right then rubbing Sarresh. It was both fortunate that the Ash'reem had ended up dead on Theta Eridani IV... and a slight pity. Ash'reem are interesting lovers, Lucan thought, or 'were', rather.

It was fortunate that he had taken care of Thea's surveillance system, because otherwise the A.I. would be able to see what Doctor Maya was doing to the patient. Lucan was not sure what she'd do, but chances were that she'd tell the Captain. As it were, there was only readings being made of the ongoings upon the biobed. Lucan gestured with a tattooed hand towards the symbol that represented the channel to Maya's earpiece, activating it.

"The patient seems to think you are his former Ash'reem mate. To prevent confusion, I suggest continued treatment without speech to facilitate the daydream he is having. If he is made to doubt, he might struggle and try to fight the medication in his blood. Ample distraction is advised while treatment continues."

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As Maal took the portable sterilizer and began to push through the field Hylota answered his question. "Well yes and no Maal. Hylota are native to a more humid environment and that tends to be better for recovery, but he real reason I am putting him in a high humidity area is so that he recovers from the damage he sustained on the planet while exposed to the high heat. Our bodies were not made for this type of thing, Ovri a not as resilient as mammals in some areas." As Maal worked on finishing the sterilization she fine tuned the field.

Once the field was finished being set to ensure a sterile environment Hylota set up the environmental conditions needed for Vinata's recovery and left them on standby until he was beamed in. As she waited Hylota let out a long yawn and then rubbed her forehead before looking to Maal as he worked inside the field. "You know looking back I think it as a bad idea to have gone to that big festival last night,  am still not feeling 100% for some reason...might have been the drinks." Hylota was taking her brothers advice and was trying to make small talk with her coworkers and tying to fit in  little, although she flt this was time to be silent and professional.

Things were cut short though as they were contacted with the news that Vinata was ready to be beamed over. She looked to Maal and nodded as he said he was finished sterilizing. Hylota nodded to him and activated the new command for the environment in the space, making it warmer an much more humid. "Alrigh Maal I will need you to gt out of there quickly, I do not wish to expose him to anyone just yet." She waited for him to move out as she responded to Thea.

Hylota cleared her throat before she tapped the badge on her breast and spoke. "This is Sickbay, a medical barrier has been erected in preparation for Vinata Vojona, please beam him directly from the cryo pod to the prepared bio bed. " She input the destination to the computer. "His race does not require a cryo wake up so we will not need to bring over the pod...the medical officer of the Harbinger was informed of this before hand."

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[Maya | Main Sickbay]   Attn:  Brutus & Auctor Lucan

"I'm here," Maya replied without thinking as she leaned over to whisper in his ear.  "I'm here."  Despite the highly compartmentalized state of her mind, her facilitator's training kicked in.  Sarresh's need for comfort was undeniable.  He needed a friend, he needed her to be his lost love, he needed her to Amikris.  And deep down, some part of the little Vulcan really wanted to be Amikris.

Maya had left Vulcan because on her home planet her life was empty.  Her work with as a sexual facilitator had left her with a longing for physical and emotional intimacy that couldn't be received from patients suffering from Ponn Farr.  She craved ecstasy, bliss, and togetherness.  She craved love, that primitive primordial state that draws people together. 

<I'm here> she assured him as she used her telepathy to translate her words into his native tongue.   She sent the words directly into his addled mind, allowing him to hear her voice and create the illusion of his lover that would allow them to immerse themselves in paradise for a poignantly short period of time.   Sarresh needed Amikris right now, and after the abuse she suffered at Phantom's hands last night, Maya needed to <be Amikris.  <I'm here my beloved, and you're not alone>

A wide smile that was completely alien parted her lips, and Maya let go of his member to reach for his backside in order to snake on of her long spidery fingers between his gluteus maximus muscles.   With one hand on his face and the other at his posterior, the little Vulcan got creative when it came to stimulating his penis.  She leaned down and placed her mouth the tip, heedless of the bitter taste of dermatiraelian plasticine that assaulted her tongue.

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[Sarresh Morali | Main Sickbay] Attn: Dr. Maya; Auctor Lucan

He was utterly unaware of his surroundings, beyond the hazy sensations of nerves connecting and firing off along his slick body. He had know concept of time, or sense of place. Lucan's words were lost on him - perhaps had they been able to fully restore his Ash'reem ears, their acoustical prowess would have allowed him to pick up the words from the transmitter in the Vulcan's pointed ear. But as it was, his hearing was (mostly) at a human level now. Certianly not capable of eaves dropping on such a monologue as the one the smaller Vulcan was undergoing, courtesy of Dr. Nicander

But none of that mattered now. His (human) heart began to beat faster in his chest, blood flow hastening to his extremities - one extremity in particular swelled at the feather light touch, then the firm contact, between his legs. He heard her. At least, he thought he heard her. Her voice, that sweet, sweet voice filled his whole mind. His Amikris was back. He called out to her, words too jumbled, too mangled and smashed together. IT didn't matter, the meaning was clear, even to someone not probing his inner thoughts and desires. That sense of wonder and welcome.

The newly minted body was responding wonderfully to the physical stimulation. If Dr. Nicander wanted a show, he was sure to get one. The mostly human male arched up when the slick finger slid down between his ass cheeks. They clenched, as men are often want to do, but his relaxed, in anticipation. A groan, purely human, bubbled up as soft lips curled over his swollen tip. And her fingers were still on his face. He tried - and failed - to properly nuzzle her hand. His tongue slid out, seeking her skin, just long enough to graze against her wrist.

And all that mattered in that moment was one simple truth: He wasn't alone.

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

Before stepping out, Maal turned his corrugated forehead towards the Ovri when she spoke of her evening on the holodeck. When it came to idle talking, Maal was not perfectly adjusted to normal human standards, being a bit on the quiet side. Still, he enjoyed hearing his fellow nurse talk.

Then again, there was not too much time for an answer, since Thea had announced that Hylota's brother was ready for medical transport. There was no need telling him twice either, with him wrapping his work up as quickly as possible and taking the equipment with him as he stepped out of the isolation field shoulder first. He put the things aside and brushed himself off, nodding to Hylota that they were all set before she gave the green light for the patient to be moved out of stasis and into their supervision on the Theurgy.

[Acknowledged,] said Thea, [initiating medical transport now.]

Odd that the Ovri did not need the cryo-stasis awakening signal in the pod to recover well, but Maal would take Maya's word for it. Maal folded his brawny arms across his chest and saw the patient materialise upon the sterilised biobed....

OOC: I am taking a backseat with Lucan in Main Sickbay so that you, Maya and Brutus, can focus on the development. Maya is next I think!

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As Thea beamed in the body a very female looking body materialized on the sterile table, it looked much like Hylota except the skin looked scaly and rough. The body was frozen solid still and the cold rolled off the body in a mist as he chilled the humid and heated environment inside the isolation field. The body had large breasts, blue skin with spots of red all over that matched Hylota's skin color. Vinata was finally aboard the Theurgy, and he was slowly developing white frost over his body.

Walking over to the field Hylota began to log away the information. "Patient is an Ovri, Male, name Vinata Vojona, rank Ensign. All scans are clear not complications fro transportation. Thank you Thea, and thank you for beaming him over as he is now, I know it was not procedure to beam a body from a stasis pod, but as an Ovri we can save the power in the pod this way." he finished the patient log and looked to Maal. "Thank you again for helping  with the sterilization Maal. It should be an hour before he thaws completely, but it should hydrate him properly so he will not need further treatments. He will need to be on a special list though, h is not going to heal as quickly as he used to now."

The more masculine looking Hylota started up the medical scanners to notify her when the heart started up again for her brother. Looking at the seemingly female form she looked to Maal. "Since we have time is there anything you would like to ask about the Ovri?" She smiled as she tried to engage in some conversation. 

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[ Main Sickbay ]   Attn:  Brutus 

Maya raised her head from Sarresh as her eyes darted left and right behind closed eyelids.   Her lips moved unconsciously as she reordered her thoughts in order to simultaneously monitor Sarresh while fulfilling his fantasy.   She needed to divide and reintegrate her mental processes in order to be both neurologist and sexual facilitator.   Even though her mind was assaulted by Sarresh's thoughts and perceptions, her trance was deep enough for her consciousness to make room for both her mental 'medical computer' and Sarresh's desires by suppressing Maya's base personality.  By clearing her mind of her own thoughts and predilections, the little Vulcan was able to perform as both a doctor and Sarresh's memory of his lost love.

A wide playful smile alien to Maya's nature broke out on her face before she lowered her head down and put her mouth around Sarresh's manhood.  Her finger teased its way into his anus as she licked his member like an ice cream cone and made quiet cooing moans as she hungrily drank him in.  She was empty, so empty without him, so empty without is passion, his perception of her, his memory of Amikris.  Tears trickled out of Maya's eyes; she wanted to be Amikris so badly.   And right now, for a brief moment, she was Amikris, or at least the woman Sarresh thought his love was anyway.

"I'm here," she murmured in the version of the Ash'reem language Sarresh's people used on dry land.  "I'm here for you Sarresh, and I'm not going to leave you alone."  Using her telepathic powers, she created the sensation that Sarresh as in a large bathtub rather than lying atop a biobed.  As an aquatic being, he would find the illusion both comforting and stimulating.

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

Seeing the body that materialised within the isolation field, Maal's eyes widened in surprise. He had expected something even more masculine than Hylota when she had told him it was her brother that would be transported to the Theurgy. Instead, the extravagantly coloured body was instead female, and to Maal's eyes, very feminine to add. He raised a hand in attempt to form a question about it, but he could not seem to voice the question without feeling that he'd make a fool of himself. So he dropped it and cleared his throat, tearing his eyes away from the curvaceous figure on the biobed lest he'd seem to be gawking.

[By all means, Nurse Vojona, it was no trouble,] said Thea over the intercome, and then Hylota was thanking him for his help as well, asking if he had any questions about her species. Prudent question, he figured, since they had one of her people to treat in Sickbay once... 'he' woke up.

"Your brother does not seem like males of most other species in the Federation," he said, clearing his thick throat behind his fist. It was the question that he had compiled in his head that he could pose without seeming like a adolescent human wishing to mate before his time.

Looking at the figure on the biobed out of the corner of his eye, he then added another question. "Will... s-, he not be cold lying like this once he had emerged from his cryogenic stasis? Should we not increase the temperature in the isolation field besides raising the RH to accommodate for a quicker recovery?"

He did not like the fancy words, feeling that his tongue was not meant for them, but Hylota had suggested that the relative humidity in the air would benefit her brother, but Maal just thought that he seemed a little... exposed where he lay. Already, he saw one or two other patients further towards the front of the wards trying to see more than they should of the Ovri from their vantage points. "A... blanket might be a good idea too."

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[Recovery Wards] Attn: Auctor Lucan

As Maal began to voice his concerns and ideas Hylota remained silent and she just took in everything before she then began to answer his questions and try and sort things out. "Well to start yes, Ovri males are much closer to your female's physical appearances. An Ovri male is a much more beautiful creature, but yes it is very confusing when a male of our kind is considered a beautiful woman to your people." She looked over her brother and she then went on to respond again. "Now as for covering him up, as much as I would love to give some decency, I should not put a blanket over him, so we should put up a curtain." She went and started pulling out the curtain and pulled it into place.

She then turned back to Maal and returned to answering his questions. "Alright, the cryo is just him being frozen now that he is out of the pod, Ovri are capable  or thawing after being fully frozen so he will be fine, and I did not just raise the humidity, I have had the temperature increased since the start, Ovri are native to a hot humid climate and it is our ideal condition for recovery so i am putting him in that." She rubbed her neck.

Hylota sighed as she looked to Maal. "So Maal, is there anything else you would like to know or should I just tell you some things about my brother and me?" She  made sure than no on could see her brother while he was thawing out and she as checking every now and then to make sure that the thawing process was not having any complications.

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[ Recovery Wards ] Attn: Zenozine

After Hylota had closed the holographic curtain - one of many that were being projected along the walls of the Theurgy's recovery wards via the ship-wide hologrid to both offer privacy for the patients as well as preventing some actual cloth from collecting dust and bacteria - Maal felt like a fool when the Ovri had already thought of everything in regard to the treatment of her brother. As much he should have expected, she probably knowing how to treat someone of her own unique species better than anyone aboard. At least until the staff had managed to educate themselves about the Ovri people's specific medical needs.

When Hylota sighed before asking if he wanted to know more about their kind and who they were, Maal was not sure if she was exasperated with him or if she was merely tired from the lack of sleep she'd gotten after the Festival of the Moon. He reckoned it was the latter and rubbed a rough hand over his jaw in thought.

"If female appear to have male physique compared to other Federation species, and male appear female, why do you not change the... pronouns, so to speak?" he said, having to think for a second to find the right word. He believed his question had merit since, standing there behind the curtain and being able to look at her 'brother', Maal could not see any male genetalia. "Is it a glitch in the universal translator that can be amended, or are you saying that you are able to carry children whereas 'he' cannot? Then how do you...?"

Maal trailed off, suddenly realising that the trail of questions had led them to a rather awkward place. His coarse cheeks flushing slightly, he rubbed his own neck in embarassment. "Oh, and how long do you think he needs to thaw now that he has been removed from a stasis pod?"

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Hylota found it oddly amusing when Maal started trying to rationalized how Vinata could look the way he did and no be a female. It was true that that seemed like a logical conclusion from a first look impression, But Hylota had the response ready, he had been preparing since her brother got hurt because she knew this moment would come.

"Indeed we could do that, but that would be incorrect. Yes our genders appear flip flopped for you, but there is a big difference, and you have indeed guessed it. He cannot bear children because male do not carry eggs. You see our genitalia is internalized. If he wasn't frozen I would show you, but yes he has a penis and testicles, his 'breasts' are simply fat build up to display health. I myself am the female, behind my similarly flat crotch is a vagina leading to a womb, but since we are a species with a cooler body core temperature we are capable of internalizing all sexual organs."

Hylota began to pull up a computer model of her brother's thawing. "In the end the Ovri simply took a different evolutionary route. Our females became the strong well built people, while our males became the flashy beautiful ones. and believe me this has been awkward for us. Vinata was met with many sexual advances when we were at Starfleet. It is strange to be considered the opposite gender of the on you actually are." she finished the simulation and she smiled. "As for your question, with current projections Vinata will be fully thawed out in under an hour, he should regain consciousness and full functionality all on his own within an hour and a half." Hylota smiled, he looked very relieved and rubbed the back of her head as she sighed with relife.

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