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INTERREGNUM EP 01-02: Checkups and Medicial

Theurgy Medbay - 10 days following Amikris's surgery
Cadet Amikris Neotin frowned as she sat in med bay.  Her treatments were going well and slowly the signs of addiction and withdrawal were disappearing.  Given the current situation, Amikris had stepped up to take over the physicals and less demanding medical procedures on board.  It wasn't that she couldn't handle the more complicated matters but her 'Administrative Leave' was still ongoing, and with things as they were right now the ship couldn't handle having even one medical staff member inactive for to long.  Her symptoms of allergic reaction had ceased following the surgery, and now the most obvious symptom that anything was wrong was the signs of ovulation.  Something that rarely occurred in Ash'reem females.  

She lay her head on a desk and idly fantasized in her mind about Sarresh, she wasn't sure why he was having such a strong impact on her although she suspected it mainly was the fact he was the first male Ash'reem she'd encountered besides her father.  Coupled with the ovulation it made sense that, idly fantasies would form but why were they so common compared to before?  It was like a gnawing obsession in the back of her mind, seeping into all her thoughts, causing a warm sensation in her hips and a fuzzy sensation in her tummy.  She glanced up at the clock and took out a small bottle of water beginning to apply it to a thick cloth strip and run the strip across her skin allowing the moisture to soak into her skin revitalizing her.  The faint purple tone of her skin subsided for now, as the skin returned to a deep sea blue, with speckles of sea green and dark cyan flesh here and there.

After a few moments thought she glanced up at the holocams and spoke up. "Thea, could I speak with you a moment?  I want to run something by you well I wait for any of the squadron members that need to undergo their physicals for this six month period..."

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The newly appointed SCO exited the turbolift.  It hadn't been very long since his last physical.  In fact it had been right after he had been pulled from the buffer.   However, he hadn't had one since he had been un-grounded and promoted.  His schedule had been busy since his promotion.  He had a backlog of paperwork to deal with since the squadron had been without an SCO, and, as such, as soon as he began that new duty he had found himself with every ounce of unfinished business Iceman had left him with.  Add to all of that, was his having to sign off on maintenance reports and schedule maintenance on the fighters and repairs to the fighter bays.   Then there was reporting to the XO on the patrol flights.  Most recently, was the recently sent order for everyone in the squad who was on-board to report for physicals, which he had signed off on.  To that end, he had not once set foot in his inherited fighter.  In a way he thought this a good thing.  Now he would be medically cleared for flight before he even attempted to fly again.  At least he wouldn't have to hear an earful from medical for taking off without medical clearance.

He approached the med-bay main door and it opened for him and he stepped in.  "Good day Miss. Neotin."  he said with a soft smile noticing the young Ash'reem at the medical desk.  "I had heard you would be handling my pack's 6 month physicals,"  he said softly with a gentle smile happy to see that he must have been the first of his squad to arrive.

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[ Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

The new SCO arrived about the same time as Thea materialised a couple of feet away from where the Amikris Noetin was seated.

"It seems your waiting has already come to an end, Cadet," she said with smile to the Ash'reem. Then, she turned her brown eyes to the Vulpinian and inclined her head - a slip of hair escaping and falling forward to frame her jaw. "...and congratulations on your promotion, 'Commander Renard."

She was 'dressed' in her chameleon body-suit and wore the teal colour because of her current whereabouts and her assumption that she had been activated by the Cadet because of a medical inquiry. She turned her attention back to Amikris and folded her hands behind her, back straight, shoulders squared and the gentle curve of her eyebrows raised in anticipation of the reason that she had been called for.

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Amikris smiles "I asked you here Thea because I wanted you to inquire with the Captain if he'd like to have a second physical encase of .... changes do to the infection that ravaged his system.  Also, do you think you could extend such an offer to any other personnel who were infected, to check for any secondary complications?" she asks curiously as she glances at the Vulpinian and smiles politely.  Doing a quick check to make sure she had his medical records at hand and all the gear she'd need for the physical. "how are you feeling Thea?  Is....freedom suiting you well?" she asks awkwardly not sure how to proceed with that inquiry.

After a moment she turns her attention to Commander Renard, a slight smile crossing her lips. "I'm glad you've arrived as well Commander...I'll be a moment to check over your charts for anything I should be aware of if you want to wait in the first suite.  It shouldn't take to long.  Thea...thank you for everything" she gives a slight bow and begins to review the vulpine's charts with interest making note of any health concerns before making her way toward the room.

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Nodding slowly, Thea took in the request and followed the protocols for the given kind of message, batching up send-lists for each of the shifts, Alpha shift being the first one,  to have the crew be informed about the opportunity that the Cadet offered.

"A very good idea, Cadet," said Thea and brushed her own full lips in thought with a gloved hand - or mimicking the casual gesture since the time for such a simple process was nigh instant, "I am sure that Dr. Nicander, had  he returned from his away-mission, would approve of your initiative. I am sure he would suggest to make use of the EMH programs to cover the needs of the Beta and Gamma shifts, lest you'd be here all night. Anyway, I will schedule the missives to be sent out, and I will speak with the Captain personally."

When asked how she was faring, Thea chuckled a little and folded her arms underneath her breasts - looking down and cocking a hip in thought. "Quite well, I must say. Lt. Kae was helping me set up the sub-routines that disallows me to make mistakes that my freedom might allow me to make - at the danger or myself or the crew. I still have to use more processing power to deal with my scheduled and impromptu tasks than before. I am always alert and dedicate myself to things that were automated before, but with the changes that Kae did before he left, I get by."

It was no secret that Thea looked forward to Kae's return so that he might continue make her existence easier, but the merits of this... extraordinary feeling she felt - the control of her actions in every way - it more than made up for the extra strain that was put on her systems. The major - if still utterly minor in relation to other things - issue for now was how she consumed more power than before to keep her pasitoronic brain operating the way it did. For in relation to what the rest of the ship consumed, the change was minimal. The long-term complications might be a shorter life-expectancy for her hard-ware, but such things would be addressed in due time.

When Amikris Neotin thanked her, Thea smiled. She liked the Cadet, and it did not have anything to do with what had happened between them in the hot confines of the Jefferies tubes during the Niga-incident. Much of that ship-wide madness and the memory imprint of her optical sensors had been deactivated by herself to keep it from hindering duties aboard. Adding to this, it had been such a great relief when the XO had deleted the security surveillance recordings that took up her storage buffer.

"Don't mention it Cadet, good luck with the physical examinations," she replied, and then... she was gone.

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Miles walked into the first suite as requested after nodding in agreement to the cadet.  He shut the door behind him as he spotted the exam robes.  He knew this would be the full exam so taking the initiative he began to remove his attire.  He began with the top layer of his uniform removing it to reveal the white undershirt he wore as a member of the Tac-Conn department before slipping it off as well revealing his bare chest.  It was a sense of irony possibly that had dictated that his most human like form would contain nearly no body hair.  He quickly removed his shoes and socks before stripping off his pants and underwear Walking over to where the other clothes were rather casually folding everything before walking over to the gowns. He took one and slipped it on over his body tying it in the back as he waited for the cadet to arrive to begin his examination.

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Amikris entered and glanced up at him having just finished reviewing her files on both his race and his specific medical background.  Her eyes focus on his form and her skin turns from a light green/blue to a deep purple for a moment before she takes a deep breath in and slowly lets it out approaching. "Ah, I wasn't sure how you wanted the examination to go I take this means that you don't mind being nearly nude in front of female crew members?" she asks curiously, glad that no one could actually see the way her eyes lingered as she approached and began to start up the medical scanners and such for the physical.  "Any difficulties recently? I understand you just got put back on active duty..." She asks well beginning to make note of all the scans details.

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He smiled looking at the cadet noticing her change in color and smirked slightly, "I've never been the shy type, Especially when clothing can interfere with the task at hand.  If you wanted I could drop the gown too if you felt it interfered with the scans."  He said His tone very nonchalant even bordering on flirty.  "And, no dificulties really.  Little pent up and the like from the lack of operational holodecks but otherwise fine." he said answering the questions letting the scans do their things as he sighed. "I am assuming you will want to do complete scans on all three of my forms." He said as he knew most times he had been given these kinds of full physicals he had been asked to shift through all of his forms or at the very least both of his bipedal ones.

The truth of the matter was there was one thing bothering him which he mentioned but far understated. To say he was pent up was an understatement.  It was hard to compare his species views on emotion with any other Federation encountered species. It was as if vulpinians were a contradiction of similarities.  Vulcans were known for having a serenity that suppressed their emotions from manifesting it kept them from feeling those emotions unless they were affected by something else.  Romulalans were known for being like Vulcans but they let those emotions rule them and if anything put those very same powerful emotions at their forefront. Vulpinians had those same emotions though were always more like humans in the power that those emotions held.  Still they could play the Vulcan quite well.  They couldn't suppress the emotion, but they had become known as a species with an exceptional poker face.  Despite the swirling of emotions and passions they experienced, they outwardly were amazing at not showing it or letting it appear to influence their decisions.

Of course there was one other factor that ruled their decisions. They were creatures of instinct. Once they experienced something their brains were hardwired in a way that they had exceptional subconscious memories.  As such their decisions were always tinged with a gut feeling that guided nearly every pivotal action they made. Their decision making could sometimes be seen as rash but in reality there was a subconscious form of cost benefit analysis that went on in their heads, and the results were like a gut feeling, an instinct to do what the subconscious told them to do.  They didn't have to mind it but their culture had always been one that had taught them to follow those instincts. 

At the moment and for several weeks now his instincts had been screaming at him. Like many other species, his was one that was never shy about the act of intercourse.  Mating was a societal norm in his people, public or private it was never seen as taboo.  If a connecting pair wanted to screw they could at any point on the spot.  Add to that, his instincts unlike most more evolved species were always more in tune with his bestial heritage. Mating was part of life it was a primary instinct.  As such though, Starfleet duty prevented many things. One of which was the level of casual relationships his own military had allowed but it was not something he had real trouble repressing. Holodecks allowed for him to act on those urges quite effectively without Risk or breaking of regulations.  But, since the ship had been on the run the holodecks had been either damaged or power was shunted from them for obvious reasons.  Since he had been pulled from the buffer, he had seen that strange tension around the ship. He had noticed that several crew members had fallen to those urges and unlike him they were of species with better reputations for keeping their legs closed than his.

Right now the instinct within was screaming.  Here he was, alone with a female crew member.  He was nearly naked and she was looking over his body, inspecting it.  Every urge was telling him to proposition the young doctor.  His mind could visualize it already.  Undressing the young lady, touching her species' unique, moist, skin and taking off those suppressors they had to wear, and basking in each others pheromones and letting each other express every desire they both no doubt had.  Still, his calm exterior was showing otherwise.  He was an officer and would not fall to such base urges.  He could fantasize but to act would be unprofessional.  However, there were of course parts of his body that betrayed his calmness dispute how much he tried to maintain his composure.

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Amikris listened to what he had to say and nodded slightly. "That would be advisable, although it seems slightly redundant given that the physical abnormalities of one form would pass into the others wouldn't it?  Meaning that the abnormalities should be found in any and all forms you take." She stated calmly as she stares at his hips  blushing deeply for a moment.  Her skin turning three shades of purple it takes a few moments for her to compose herself properly and then she stands a little straighter. "Your blood work appears to be slightly off, your hemoglobin levels are slightly lower then they should be.  I'm assuming this is due to the replicators being damaged though it would be good for you to get some actual red meat in the near future." she states calmly as she walks around the table calmly. "Already I guess we can change forms now if you want, unless you actually have had any difficulty with movement but you stated that isn't the case."  Amikris couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with his erection pointing at her which made her painfully aware of his attraction to her.  "Commander as much as you may find me'd be ill advised for anything to happen. I was the last person to be cured of the infection we recently faced, and its been noted that I have several...unaccounted for mutations in my ovarian tissue." she warned him hoping that would dissuade him from his interest.  She doubted it would though given what little she'd read about  Vulpians.

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He nodded understanding, "Please try to ignore my body's... Involuntary actions.  Rest assured I have no intention to do anything unprofessional towards you.  My body is merely reacting the way any healthy Vulpinian's body would in the presence of such an attractive lady.  That and your species' Uniquely powerful pheromones don't help much about it either.  You forget,"  he placed a finger against his nose,  "canine."  That said he relaxed his body and sighed exhaling as he began the shifting process.  It was similar to the werewolf transformations from an old Terran story.  His muzzle elongated, and his fur began to grow in place. He soon seamlessly transformed into a bipedal canine humanoid.  he finally answered her question about the whole redundancy issue. "Yes it is a bit redundant but some things can show up slightly easier in one form over the other.  That and this form is the most accurate for scanning as it's my most natural form."

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Amikris blushed again as the Vulpine commented on involuntary actions.  She was however quick to comment back at the mention of pheromones.  Reaching down she lifted the side of her shirt to reveal the plastic like container around her torso that kept her pheromones in water, safely out of aerosol. "I doubt my pheromones had much to do with it Commander, their contained..the only pheromones you'd smell would be uniquely catered toward my own species, and deal far more with non verbal communication then actual reproductive availability. It was a concession my species made when we joined the Federation, not forced on us but willingly offered to limit our effect on other species" she lowered her uniform top back to where it belonged and glanced over the transformation with interest.  It was a strange adaptation honestly, not to different from that of the Captain's unique shape shifting powers.  As a predator she could see the advantage that it would give a fellow hunter.  Were as her species used pheromones to confuse, control, and manipulate prey and other species, this shape changing power could let a creature go between forms better suited for different environments.  The keen senses of the wolf, the speed of a true wolf, and the agility of a human hand for example.

It took her several moments to read over the scan of the hybrid form and she made note of various changes from before.  They were slight and likely inconsequental but she still added them to his file.  "So, I take on the same discipline that my kind have to keep your urges in check then?  Months of training and dedication to purify your thoughts and motivations, and focus how to react to different situations despite your urges?" she asks curiously as she did a second more detailed scan of certain vital organs.

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he smiled softly, "Even if your pheromones are just communication ones you still do have a stronger scent than most others on this ship. to say it more flatteringly you definitely have a distinctly feminine scent to you one more pronounced than most of our fellow crew members. As for the disciplines yes it can at times be difficult.  To be honest it is nice to be able to talk to someone that can understand those difficulties. If nothing else Its nice to have someone that understands."  He then noticed her scans and her seeming interests as he smiled.  "If you want I can take it off and you can examine me more thoroughly.  After all you are a student of medicine and I doubt you have came across my species before.  It would be unfair for me to deprive you the chance to examine a life form you have not yet examined.  He said providing her a sort of Excuse for her curiosity a sort of loophole from normal Federation procedures if she was looking for one.   He could tell if nothing else she was a curious medical student as for himself he was as far from shy towards curiosity as possible.

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Amikris smiled at the vulpine a little as he talked to her but kept her instincts in careful check as well.  She thought about teasing the poor vulpine a little more by informing him what her parents thought she smelled like, and the bestiality that his comment implied but she decided against it for now.  The reference to a small marsupial rodent, and one of the Ancestral Species that her kind have evolved from prior to being altered likely would have been lost on the foreigner. "If you want, that would be nice, I can move onto the next form if you'd prefer though.  Its interesting how your tissue and Captain Ives have similarities on a molecular level.  Where as the captain has no true form at all, your cells have a collection of enzymes and a variant of stem cell I'm not familiar with that allow for the free floating alteration of certain key anatomical points in rapid succession.  Its interesting, and I don't think that I've seen much on this exact variant of shape shifting, at least not in the various journals and papers I've read.  I know I can't share the details with anyone but it would be interesting to write back to our home world about and see what the medical specialists there thought of this.  So all vulpines are like this then?" she asks curiously in a semi excited voice, under her goggles her eyes were wide with interest and excitement.  Shape shifters were one of the few species that provided an actual challenge to study medically.  From a chemical standpoint they didn't make much sense, evolutionary standpoint they were a brilliant adaptation to an ever changing environment, and from a sociological standpoint they were an unknown to her people. 

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He softly laughed to himself, "To say the least that question is a complex one to answer.  All of my race are capable of shape-shifting and the three forms became more and more prevalent as social tool more than survival tools The most human like form is relatively new to my species having only been created in the last 500 years.  as such we are all capable but not many use the mostly hairless form as often as I.  It just seems that form is the one the Federation is most comfortable interacting with and as such we began using it in our interactions with them.  As for my unique form of shapeshiftng from my understanding the Dominion Founders species is a mimic type species that has no real physically solid form and merely makes their solid form as a mimicry of other humanoids.  Our captains species well I don't know much about them as they are something of a humanoid with the ability to look like another humanoid species.  My own species as you see though has said shape shifting in a much more limited way.  We have a limited number of forms and all of them are interrelated and share certain characteristics.  The part i find the oddest though is all three of my species forms exist in Terran mythology.  The fur-less form I take is almost like the fae and elf kin of their stories, the change from that form to this one is almost identical to their depictions of were creatures, and my third forms ability to be a canine that becomes discussed as a human is almost identical to the mythology of the Japanese kitsune.  to be honest though I have no clu on why I am able to do what i do. For years my people were a spiritual sort who just attributed it to some kind of magic within my kin.  Hell I don't even think even our best doctors know how it works fully."

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Amikris listened to Commander Renard with interest as he talked continuing her scans of his form as they conversed.  She mentally compared his species to her own as far as how the Federation viewed them.  Both were apex predators in their own way, the vulpines being closer to a terrestrial wolf and therefore having more in common with most of the Federation races then her own species that was most accurately described as an unusual offshoot branch from the Chordate phylum with strong similarities to the Order Anura, well retaining several distinct differences mainly the lack of a true boney skeleton, but also several traits found primarily in mammals.  Both had humanoid forms they used in their day to day lives although in Renard's case it seemed that was by choice rather then biological limitation.  Her thoughts were however cut short when he mentioned the ancestral history of his species. "Does that mean that you can choose your form as your ancestors did or has more specialized evolution occurred that limits it now?   I mean, if a form can be added to what your body can change to it implies that your not limited to just those three forms correct?  It is interesting that humans would dream up something like you without first contact but for all we know representatives of your race had been on earth in the distant past.  We know even before the Vulcans and Romulans were space faring civilizations there were races traveling this part of the galaxy.  My own species shows signs of extensive genetic modification to encourage bipedalism for example.  I'm sure in time science will discover how and why you can change form, and possibly even if there is a link between your race and human mythology." She grinned at him slightly as she continued her scans slowly drawing them to a close. "So...overall your looking fairly healthy, given the normal ranges i'm seeing.  Only a few abnormalities which can be altered by changing your diet most likely.

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he nodded, "I have wondered if my kind is indeed limited to just these three forms." he said looking over and smiling as he looked to her. "So then Guess that means I am clear to fly then?" he said with a smile.  "Cause if that's the case I am indeed in your debt."  He said looking around a bit. "So aside from the checkup is there anything else you would like to discuss or any further scans you would like to make for personal records As you can tell I am far from shy."  He said softly flashing her a smile as he sat down on the examination type table and leaned back slightly his erection still visible to her as he gave her a sort of coy sideways glance.

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Sarresh rubbed the back of his neck, frowning now, because it was slightly dryer then he'd like. IT came from longer shifts, he knew, and not enough time in his private pool. That he had a private pool, in his own quarters still was...troublesome. He'd gotten used to it, on the Relativity. There had been advanced medical stimulants to...sate any needs. Plus, there was the coridcal node in the base of his skull. Impervious to scans of the 'modern' medical variety, it did help regulate most of his separation issues. But now, faced with more of his own kind near by....

You cant put it off any longer, he thought as he stood just outside the sensor range of the med bay doors. One foot forward was all it would take. he'd avoided the place far longer then he should have, for reasons not the least bit professional. No, he couldn't avoid it any longer. Without really thinking about who might be in there already. Sarresh shrugs, resigned, and walks straight into sickbay, his nose curling slightly at the medical tinge in the air...and the faint scent of pheromones.

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Amikris blushes at the erection staring at it for a few seconds as it stands on display for her.  "yes your clear for flight, congratulation Commander."  Her head tilted slightly as the pressure wave of the door opening out in the main room rushed over her tympanum registering the sound with intrigue.  She walked to the entryway of the examination room and peaked out at Sarresh blushing even more at his arrival. "I can't really think of anything else that needs to be examined off the top of my head, unless you can think of something that may be important for your records?"

She tried to remain calm despite her pulse quickening and the blush spreading, her nostrils flaring to take in more of the pheromones that were just beginning to fill the air.  Causing slight chemical changes in her body, increasing arousal, slowly sedating more reason based parts of her brain and moistening her nether regions in anticipation.  It was awkward, to say the least and a part of her wanted to ask her mom how she resisted this impact so well?

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He gulped, slowly, feeling a subtle shift in the air, hearing her voice. There was someone in the examination room already. He couldn't see who, but the Ash'reem let out a small little breath of air he hadn't realized he'd been holding. They wouldn't be trapped alone, that was good. He wasn't sure being alone with her would be the wisest thing ever. She was young, and as her mother had said, unused to males of her own species.

Not that he was particularly pleased to be working with the Cadets mother. That woman was a taskmaster! He shook his head. Thinking about the Cadets mother wasn't exactly wise either, consider how long he'd been...away. With a barely audible groan, Sarresh starts to head for the exam room. He was making an extreme effort of will to not blush. He was a professional, he had years of experience, and he would control his urges!

So, hands behind his back, he strides towards that exam room, calling out "I believe my presence was requested? Something about another check up?"

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The SCO smiled softly as he heard the other's voice. That heard he nodded to the cadet and nurse, "No, nothing else I can think of," He said calmly as he walked over to pick up his regulation boxers and put them on picking up the uniform top and putting on the uniform pants before pulling the flight jacket on and zipping it up about halfway affixing the com-badge to its front having learned from experience that his uniform usually didn't fit right in this form due to the fur though his pants and jacket usually did fit.  He smirked, "Well I think i have a a departure or two to get cleared very soon." he said walking through the exit before noticing the one who was waiting on the nurse for his own physical.

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It was the Ash'reem's chance to stare this time, as the SCO walked out of the examination room. The man was taller then Sarresh. And he appeared to be partially covered in fur, which caught the TAO off guard. He looked up, and then over his shoulder as the man walked across the medical bay, and tried to recall anything he knew about the species. His memories were...fuzzy. Another block put in place by the Relativity he thinks, some what bitterly. It was like a loose tooth that just wouldn't come out. He returned the nod, off course, as it was polite, and frankly, there were only a few people on this ship that Sarresh felt no need to be polite to, mostly out of disgust. And then he turned back to the waiting room, and gulped, walking forward once again, ignoring all the tell tale signs that his nose was picking up.

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Ami'kris smiled subtly as he entered, although to Sarresh the signs of her own anxiety and awkwardness at the situation were plainly visible in her stance.  To most species the body language of Ash'reem was similar enough to read but a lot of specifics were lost to them.  Being communal organisms though, and preferring groups to solidarity however was hard coded in their genomes almost to the extent that Lemmings would gather until a population threshold was met.  The subtle way that the muscle groups controlling the retraction and extension of her finger membranes twitched, the way that her thigh muscles shifted to balance herself in the surface world, even the positioning of her feet and the slight twitch of her tympanum membrane spoke of conflict and interest in her mind.  Her pheromones betrayed her excitement but also slight anxiety over the encounter as well.  Slowly altering the smell that permeated the room from her last patient. 

 Her voice however did its best to remain calm and professional, or as best as she could manage.  "Yes, Lieutenient Morali, Lt Neoten feels its essential that before your given additional duties within the science department, as she imagines Temporal Affairs will not take up your entire time in this timeline and our recent...crew shortages make it more imperative that we have flexibility in our staff...insists that you have a proper full physical before reporting to duty next week." Despite her attempts it could be discerned that not all of that she believed, or was really said.  "When was your last physical, and do you have any preexisting conditions I should be aware of?" She asked walking over to a nearby terminal to attempt to access what medical files there were available to her.  Although given the abruptness and nature of his arrival she doubted much were provided. 

She gave a short forced inhale through her nose, and closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the scent well it was present in such proximity.  Pheromones were an essential part of life as an Ash'reem, broadcasting to any nearby Ash'reem not only your desire to mate, but also your emotions, your physical health, and even your diet to a limited degree.  To her it told her most of the information the scans would pick up, for starters he was dehydrated, meaning an elevated blood pressure would be present, the faint traces of mating pheromones suggested interest but there was a subtle undertone to them that she attributed to anxiety.  There were other scents to, although exactly what they were she wasn't sure, probably something related to his last meals on the Relativity though.   Her head tilted as she processed this information. "When was the last time you soaked sir?  If necessary I can dispense some water into a cup for you to drink, it won't help quite as much as soaking but it will stave off the early effects of dehydration for a few hours at least."

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"I was subjected to a round of tests by your Dr. Nicander" unnerving man...can't shake him, "when I joined your ship." he replied, trying for cold, professional, and as he continued, perhaps a bit sarcastic. "Before that, Cadet," he used her title, trying to keep some professional distance, if only, he told himself, to help her with her awkwardness, "My last physical was" he starts ticking off on his fingers, "two hundred years, 5 months, and 10  days ahead, starting from tomorrow." he says it as if there was nothing at all out of the ordinary, then, amends, "Or, 4 months ago. Take you pick. It's all relative to me." A bad pun. He winced a bit, realizing that he couldn't pretend she wasn't the only one in the room having difficulties.

He knew, that the questions she asked were pointless. He almost called her on that, but, they were trying to be professional, after all. appearances had to be kept up. It was hard, after years of being on his own, for a being so genetically wired for...closeness, to not simply rush across the room. Add into the mix the.. yes, the very detectible tang in the air, to the Ash'reem's nose, at least, of an excited female...Idly, as he walked towards the bio bed, easing himself on to the end of it, the time traveler wondered how much it had to do with him, how much of her....chemical perfume came from the man whom had just left. It was not exactly unheard of or forbidden among his species to sample the offerings of others, after all. Not exactly encouraged either.

Sarresh coughs a bit, when she brings up soaking. It had been quite a while. He hadn't been able to pull himself away from his pet project..."A little while, Cadet. Perhaps..." he paled, slightly, thinking back, "too long" he amended, "water would be...welcome. I have a nasty habit of focusing too much on my work. Despite what your m--Lt. Neoten may think, Temporal affairs will be taking up a rather large chunk of my time. At least for the near future." he tugs a bit at the membrane laced uniform he was wearing. Was it just him, or was it starting to get hot in the med bay? He made a mental note to check the environmental systems on this deck. A detailed scan would show that Sarresh is more dehydrated then his appearance, and scent might other wise lead one to suspect.

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Amikris listened to him as he talked about his recent medical examinations and then smirked slightly at his pun. "All relative to you on the relativity huh?" She replied to show that she knew about it.  "Sadly I don't have access to your physicals from the relativity." She approaches and begins to do some scans with her tricorder as she handed him a glass of water.  Her eyes widen slightly as she reads the scans and her smile is slowly replaced with a frown.  "During your time on the relativity did they alter your pheromone glands in any way?  Do any of the implants I'm detecting have secondary functions that may alter hormone levels such as 1, 4 tri-lactamic acid, or your Heptagliceride levels?"   Her expression completely serious and even slightly worried. As she turned the tricoder's scan toward the hormone glands.  Turning its sensitivity up to maximum to check if anything is wrong. 

Her brows furrowed slightly in frustration as she tried to discover the cause for the abnormal readings, or perhaps the readings were right and her tricorder was off.  If that was the case she'd have to reschedule all physicals for the day. The hormone levels were abnormally low, which would alter her readings, especially the tri-lactamic acid levels.  A number of other hormones were also off, she adjusted her scan to focus on the implants just as he spoke up replying to her question.  "So...the implants are reducing several hormones so that the glands are dysfunctional then, or more precisely being told that the requirement to secrete is not necessary.  That your in starvation mode?"  A slight nod of her head was the only sign she was considering it for a few moments. "it explains why your not wearing one...but also why you need to take a prolonged soak...I'm guessing three to four hours minimum sir.  You're entering middle stage dehydration right now, you'll begin to have a headache within the hour likely, and its all downhill from there."

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She got the joke, which showed perhaps a bit more of a level of intelligence then he had anticipated in one her age. Then again, she was studying medicine, which required a certain amount of intelligence not found in some other Starfleet departments. That was a less then charitable colonization of said other departments didn't quite filter into Sarresh's thoughts. He would blame the rudeness later, on a lack of water. A perfectly reasonable excuse, of course. Its not that the time traveler was arrogant or anything (he was, but he'd never admit it).

"Yes, they did, Cadet. The implants, specifically. Instead of requiring frequent dosage modifications as some of our species do, or, conversely, as you and your parents do, wearing a liquid wrap, the implants limit the production, to a small extent, of the tri-lactamic proteins. As you know, the glands in our torso are the ones that tended to cause the most trouble among the other species on the ship, therefore, that is, to an extent, what the implants limit." He frowns. "It does...more, but...sadly, the crew of the Relativity did not deem that information fit for me to retain"

He watched her, trying to work the scowl off his face as she began her scans, and further more to...fret, for lack of a better word, over him. That he had apparently neglected his own needs to such a point..."Dehydration, Cadet? I don't feel..." he had to stop. It was there, faint, but there, right behind the eyes. A small, pinching sensation, the first signs of the headache. "I...very well," he sounds resigned. And for once, he's not worrying about the awkwardness of being in such close quarters with the Cadet, nor thinking about how lovely a soak with company might be. He was far more focused on the apparent self neglect. "How will this impact the rest of the physical?"

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