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EPIL: S [D06|1900] Picking Up The Pieces

[ Samala | Apache | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin @Auctor Lucan

He had told her to leave. She had gone to see him, and he had told her to leave. That he didn’t want her to see him like that. In truth, she hadn’t known quite what to expect but seeing like that was beyond anything she had imagined. It looked like he could be gone at any moment and he had told her to leave!

Samala resisted the urge to hurl the bottle across the hanger and instead took another long pull of the Reman whiskey. It burned her throat as she swallowed but she didn’t care as she searched for a way for everything to hurt less. And it wasn’t even a physical pain now that her arm had been healed.

She had tried the gym on the ship, hoping that exhaustion would help her to forget but that hadn’t worked at all. So, she had come here and decided to try a chemical remedy instead. So far, that wasn’t working either, but the bottle was still half full. There was still a chance.

A shuffling sound reached her ears and Samala looked up from her position on the rear ramp of the Apache to see the last creature she ever expected to see aboard a Federation starship entering the hanger.

A Gorn.

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[ PO2 Sithick | | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

Main engineering was a mess, search and rescue was still being performed throughout the ship, there was a ton od damage to all of the fighters. It felt like the duty roster was simply never going to end. Sithick had been on claw since early morning, though he did have one very rewarding break before the battle where he had managed to take an actual bath with Vivian. A memory that helped to cushion the fact that he had gotten the news that Lahkesis had not lived through the encounter of the versant.

He didn't know the direct details, of what happened, he hadn't really wanted to know. She was gone that alone was painful enough for him to deal with. He had buried his muzzle in work, and decided that he would just focus on the duty roster and try to work through the pain of loss. He had taken a small break to change his burned out uniform for a new fresh one, and a quick meal.

Walking onto the shuttle bay things were starting to calm down. Most people had been dragged out to sickbay at this point, and while the warp core was still having to be constantly monitored and couldn't be taken off line, they at least had word that they would get help to finalize repairs and rebuild the ship to dry dock conditions. Crew was even getting shore-leave.

It was something to look forward, but for now he had yet one more thing on the list to take over. The Apache, a Reman shuttle, of some sort. He didn't have the full MDS yet so he would need to work out exactly what problems the ship was having manually. Apparently it had been damaged when they had integrated the cloak from the ship into the Theurgy at large.

Walking up to it, he placed a claw along the hull, touching the ship almost like he was expecting the thing to talk to him. He tapped the hull with a claw and listened to it for a second. "I'sh okay, I ha'th worked with a number of Th'ips from acrossk the quadrant." He said loudly, at first it looked like he was talking to the ship, but as he actually moved to enter the shuttle. He addressed the woman inside. "I grew up on floatila, Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Reman, all part'th built alike. we may need a few part'th but we can at lea'th-t get the ass-ass-mint done."

He groaned for a second, tapping his collar where the translator should have sat, tied into his speach functions. "Transsklator broke." His deep voice having a noticeable lisp due to a lack of lips and a longer tongue not designed to speak Federation common. "It take'th time to get a new one."

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[ Samala | Apache | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin

Samala had watched as the Gorn had walked directly up to the Apache, placed a clawed hand on it and waited. Samala understood what her was doing; she had done it many times herself as the Apache had spoked to her in a language only those who used or worked on the craft understood. He’d then tapped the hull and listened before telling the Reman spacecraft that it was ok and that he had worked on several ships across the quadrant.

“And you think that gives you the right to feel up my ship?” Samala thought angrily, the whiskey affecting her emotional state. "You make be a Gorn but you wear a Starfleet uniform. You think that gives you the right to touch whatever you like; use whatever tech you like. Whether it is yours or not. Not this time.”

“Not all the same,” Samala replied when Gorn had come around and addressed her, telling her that all parts are built alike. While in a sense that was quite true, Samala was insulted by the Gorn’s lumping of the Apache into the same group as a Romulan ship. Despite being half Romulan herself, and being very proud and loving her mother, Samala considered herself Reman to the core.

“Why are you here?” Samala demanded to know, coming to her feet, bottle in hand. While she could understand some of what the Gorn had said, given her own brother’s difficulty with Standard, other parts of it were incoherent without the translator that the Gorn said was broken.

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[ PO2 Sithick | | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

Sithick lifted up the PADD that represented the current work list, and pointed to where he was in it. The work roster was designated through all of Engineering. To Starfleet ships the roster was an immutable fact. Engineering was the backbone that kept every ship held together with more than duct tape and voodoo fetishes. The master of assignments, and her ship had for lack of a better word been handed to him to assess.

"Your Th'ip is broken, I wazt Th'ent to ath'e'th it." He groaned for a moment why did so many common words have to have that singular letter he couldn't seem to pronounce. Even his own name had taken him so long to learn to say properly, but he had wanted that name in particular, he was very proud over that choice, and it was technically a word from his own language, the S was much more soft in his speaking of it. "I am Petty Officer Sithick." He said nodding his head.

He sniffed the air, and caught the harsh smell of alcohol on her breath, and sighed at least that made him understand why she was so combative. "Who you?"

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[ Samala | Apache | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @Masorin

It seemed that the Gorn, she still couldn’t believe that there was a Gorn aboard the ship not even mentioning that he was a part of the crew, was an engineer and had been sent to inspect her ship and see what damage it had sustained.

“Why do they even care?” Samala thought to herself through the haze of the Reman Whiskey she was holding. "They got the one bit from the Apache that they wanted. What’s the point of keeping the rest?”

“Well Petty Officer Sithick, I am Samala and this is my ship. Mine and my brother’s. It’s called the Apache,” Samala announced, trying her best not to slur her words. “I bet your little list didn’t say that did it,” she challenged as she stood up slowly. “And my ship is damaged, Mr Starfleet, not broken. It’ll fly if I need it too. I just need a few days to fix up the hole in her side is all.”

“Not even sure if it was you that made the hole, but I wouldn’t put it past you,” Samala considered, eyeing the Gorn. “I just can’t think of how you would have seen us to do it.”

“So, unless you’re here to help me,” Samala began, her eyes fixed and hard. “You can move on to the next part of your list. I’ll have the Apache fixed before my brother is better. You’ll see.”

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Stegro88 @Masorin
[Show/Hide]“Sithick!” came a call across the shuttle bay, and Chief Petty Officer Liam Herrold limped around the aft side of the Sabine - another unorthodox shuttle in the area. There were crew working on fixing the sleek ship, and Liam had thought the Gorn had been working with that repair team. For as much time as the Petty Officer had spent in the Fighter Bay, Liam knew that the reptilian officer was not dedicated to the Fighter Bay. Something that he’d like to change.

While Liam approached the tall Gorn and the Reman shuttle, his eyes fell on a woman he’d not seen before. Young... and almost looking human, even though he doubted that was true. Everything besides her appearence was off, not suggesting any heritage from Earth, Alpha Centauri, Mars or some other human colony. Her mannerism was just... off, in that sense. He raked a hand through his hair and greeted the young woman with a quick smile, putting his calloused hands on the hips of his gold-coloured jumsuit. His light blue eyes sought out Sithick, hoping he hadn’t interrupted their conversation.

“Hi,” he said, rather informally. “I would like talk to you about something. Do you have time now?”

He glanced towards the young woman again, clearing his throat. “I’m sorry, if you were waiting for him to repair your ship,” he said, just assuming it was hers since she had strange clothing and had likely arrived with the Reman crat, “I can make sure someone else comes here and help you out. If you wait just a moment, I can find someone.”

He fished up his PADD, meaning to replace Sithick, when the woman spoke up.

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[ Samala | Apache | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin @Auctor Lucan

Before the Gorn got a chance to reply to Samala’s alcohol-fuelled tirade, a voice from the bay was calling his name. Turning in search of the voice, Samala saw a Human in a horribly coloured yellow jumpsuit limping around the rear of one of the other ships in the bay with a PADD of his own in hand.

“Great, just what I need. More ‘help’,” Samala thought as the Human looked her over. Resisting the urge to punch him in the face for his open examination of her, the hybrid simply stood there as he first spoke to Sithick before turning to address her. 

“Actually,” Samala began without thinking about what she should say. “I was just telling Mr Gorn here that this was my ship, its name is the Apache and that besides the hole in its side, she is perfectly space worthy,” she said, her anger now being directed at the Human in full. “And that unless he was here to help me, then he should just move on to the next thing on his list because no one will be in charge of repairing this ship but me. The only things I need are a few tools that I don’t already have and some supplies to fix the damage.”

“Oh, and I’ll be wanting the cloaking device back,” Samala declared, her voice decidedly firm despite the amount of whiskey she had consumed. “Or access to the equipment to build a replacement. You choose.”

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[ PO2 Sithick | | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

Sithick opened his mouth like he was about to reply, a claw raised up as he was going to point out that the craft was on his duty roster, and that since they were on a Starfleet ship there were some standard practices about going over repairs and such, but was cut off when a new voice one of Liam Herrold spoke out asking for his help. Sithick decided that for the moment he would turn tail and talk to his superior considering the lady was drunk, and possibly violent and he didn't really want to deal with that at the moment.

"Zir." Sithick spoke walking up to Liam, nodding his head when Liam said that he wanted to speak with him. Sithick walked up to his superior officer. "Samala iz, currently in a bad mood." He said regarding the woman who then went and spoke alongside them. Asking about a cloaking device that she needed back.

Sithick eyed the size of the shuttle, a cloaking device this size, he had worked on klingon ships with cloaking devices in the past. "Zir, if we are in acquisition of a cloak, we should consider attaching it to the Allegiant instead of giving it back." A cloaking device that size seemed a waist to give it back to the angry woman.

He put the thought aside and looked back at Liam. "You wish to speak to me?"

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Stegro88 @Masorin
[Show/Hide]The verbal assault from the young woman was completely unexpected, and Liam's eyebrows rose, until he realised that she was quite inebriated. Something confirmed by Sithick, who suggested that this cloaking device that she spoke of would be a good fit for the Allegiant. Liam had no idea what to make of this suggestion, much less the claim that any such cloaking device belonged to the young woman. Sithick did provide Liam with the woman's name, however, which helped a great deal. So, he nodded to Sithick and took a limping step closer to her.

"Samala," he said, giving her a quick smile while he figured out what to say. "Forgive me for not introducing myself, I'm Liam Herrold, and while I currently run the Fighter Bay on this ship, I have no say in what happens to that cloaking device. You will have to ask the Senior Staff of this ship, perhaps starting with Asst. Chief of Operations Nator 159 or Commander Stark, depending on who's available. They might even have to raise the question to Captain Ives. I - however - have no say in the matter, but I do believe I heard this cloak was given to us by a Reman. I do not know if this is true, however. That's just hearsay."

Liam then glanced towards the Reman shuttle, seeing the sizable hole where there was likely once a thruster - now gouged out by some kind of detonation within the thruster assembly. The hull of the shuttle had made the shockwave bounce inside the metal confines, creating even more damage than an exterior explosion would. It looked like the thruster might have been fired up and ignited something, given the scorch-markings over the entire aft side of the ship. Sirillium pocket, perhaps? Someone hadn't checked the sensors before firing up the engines.

Eyebrows still raised, Liam knew he had to give the woman some bad news. "Unfortunately, even though I don't doubt you think you can repair your ship, our protocols prevent me from handing you any equipment that may serve as a danger to yourself or the people working in this shuttle bay. It appears you're intoxicated, so you should neither wield a plasma torch, nor speak with the officers aboard this ship about the cloaking device. My recommendation is that you sleep it off and try again in the morning, when you're feeling a bit better."

Giving Samala the respect of letting her answer first, Liam didn't walk away with Sithick just yet.

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[ Samala | Apache | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin  

“What the actual fuck!” was the first thought that went through Samala’s brain when the Human suggested the a Reman had given, GIVEN, them the Apache’s cloaking device. And since there was only one other Reman around, he was inferring that Lorad had given them the cloak. Her brother. The one that had taught her how sacred the secrets the Remans held were. It didn’t matter that he said that it might be hearsay. It had flipped the switch inside her head.

“First they steal the cloak from the Apache. Then they butcher it to use on their starship. And then butcher it some more to use on a bigger version of their ship. Now the Gorn is suggesting that they keep something that they do not own to use on another of their ships!” Samala’s thoughts raged. Adrenaline mixed with whiskey, a dangerous combination for a woman who already had a short temper to begin with.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Samala snarled, her teeth bared as her voice dropped. Her eyes locked on Liam Herrold, she had heard nothing the Starfleeter had said after he had suggested that her brother had willingly given them a Reman Cloaking Device. “You stand there and speak as if you own anything that crosses your path. That it doesn’t matter if it is owned by others first. That it might be the only thing that keeps their race from fading into the obscurity of history as nothing more than a slave species. You Know NOTHING!” Samala shouted, punctuating her shout by slamming the bottle of Reman Whiskey into the surface of the ramp beneath her feet, shattering the bottle and sending the remaining contents trickling down the incline.

“I want. My cloak. BACK!” Samala demanded, her voice dropping back into a seething growl, her eyes locked on the Human standing before her.

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[ PO2 Sithick | | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

"Is that not how salvage laws work?" Sithick paused for a minute he had never attended the academy proper only simulated Federation bootcamp so his understanding of intergalatic law was a little lax, however his experience dealing with salvage came from years of piracy, slavery, and work within the Klingon Empire, all factions that dealt in the international law of 'dibs' as he had heard it called colloquially. The law of space salvage meant that if you found it than it was yours to keep, study, and use.

For a ship like the Theurgy which needed every possible advantage that it required the laws of finders keepers should definitely have applied. Liam however was the one who spoke up about proper regulations, the fact that an inebriated person should not hold tools, and whom to address her personal complaint too should she need to ask what was going to happen to the cloak.

Perhaps he would file his own suggestion for what to do with the device.

"Liam is correct, we has no actual s'thay in this matter." He was willing to leave it at that, until she came at him with the line about not knowing what being a slave felt like.

He turned to his commanding officer Liam in a moment, his yellow eyes narrowed with the glance of a predator for a moment a wet sort of snarl escaped his throat, before he straightened himself. and did something he would not normally do. He reached for his own combadge for a moment, glancing over it, his claws felt the metalic object. "Permis'thion to speak as tho off duty zir?"

It was very clear that Sithick was actually trying to bite his tongue on this matter, he was chomping at the bit to say something, but couldn't actually bring himself to do so in the company of his commanding officer and while also wearing his uniform proper. If Liam denied him than he would swallow his objections for a the moment, but there was a small drip of saliva down his muzzle that spoke volumes to how much he was trying to hold back his emotions.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Stegro88 @Masorin
[Show/Hide]It was clear that the young woman was far more drunk than she'd appeared to begin with, or perhaps having some kind of exaggerated reaction to something he said, but it was clear what she'd said - about slavery - had resonated with Sithick. Liam knew the Gorn's past only by hearsay, but what he'd heard was enough to suggest that Sithick wouldn't dismantle the situation with the girl. Quite the opposite. No, the last things Liam wanted to do was to get the inebriated girl even more worked up about potential insults to her person and her people. Hardly constructive, he give the Gorn a small shake of his head before returning his attention to the aggressor.

"Miss Samala, I'm sorry, but I have already told you how it is. There is nothing more I can tell you, much less give you. The cloak is not mine to hand back after the Reman gave it over. I have personally not even seen it. You must ask again tomorrow when you are sober."

He held up a calloused hand, perhaps even having to raise his voice to override her objections. "If you can't behave, I will have to ask Security to take care of you so that you don't hurt yourself," he said, looking down at the shattered glass in front of the Reman shuttle. He would have to someone working in the bay to take care of that, since he doubted the girl was able to. At least not without hurting herself on the shards. "Petty Officer Sithick and I will be leaving now, so I suggest you go back inside the shuttle and sleep it off. I'll gladly help you on the morrow. In fact, I'll contact you at 0900 hrs. to make sure you get the right information about who to talk to. Until then, good bye."

Nodding for Sithick to accompany him, Liam limped away from the Reman shuttle, shutting out whatever profanities and words that might be shouted after their retreating backs. He didn't even encourage her by glancing back towards her, instead talking to Sithick. "I have a proposition for you, and I'd like to talk to you in private. Let's head up to the upper level. We can make sure she goes back into her shuttle from there. We'll be able to see the shuttle from the railing."

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[ Samala | Apache | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin

She had been dismissed, that much was clear to Samala as she stood there and watched the Human and Gorn walked away. They had told her they couldn’t help her with her cloak, that she was drunk and so they wouldn’t give her tools either to fix the Apache. And, since she was drunk, that they weren’t going to direct her to someone that could help her with either tools or her cloak.

“Fuck,” Samala thought to herself as she sat down on the end of the ramp next to the broken bottle. “Why is everyone being so unhelpful. And lying about how they got the cloak? There is no way my brother would give up the secrets of our cloak; not even if the Romulans through him into The Pit and refused to let him out until he did. He would gladly die first. They must be lying.”

Looking back up the ramp behind her, Samala considered going to get another bottle and continuing to drown her sorrows but decided against it. Her brother might call for her and besides that, if she was to have a meeting tomorrow about the cloak, it would probably be best if she wasn’t hungover. Freshy bathed was also a consideration.

Remembering that Lorad had said they had been assigned quarters aboard the ship, Samala decided they would be better than sleeping in the Apache. She had checked on her cabin earlier and noted the dried blood over several sections of the room, the visual painting a picture of just how injured she had been.

“Another thing that Starfleet owes me,” Samala mentally added as she looked around. She had no idea how to find these quarters and the Gorn and limping man had disappeared from view. Figuring that any crewman would do, Samala climbed to her feet and stalked over to the first one she could see.

“How do I find the quarters assigned to me?” Samala asked bluntly. While she wasn’t aiming to be rude, her abruptness came across as such.

“You don’t know where they are?” the deckhand wondered, unsure how someone could be that drunk yet still be standing.

“Would I be asking if I did?” Samala retorted, her face falling into a scowl. “Is all of Starfleet this dense?”

“Ah, you could ask Thea,” the deckhand offered.

“Who is Thea?” Samala questioned, not knowing who the man was talking about. “And how do I contact her?”

“You just tap on you combadge and ask....” the deckhand explained before realising that Samala had no combadge. “Right, ah Thea, I have someone here that could use your help in finding her quarters,” the man said after activating his own badge.

“Of course,” came a disembodied voice from no where. “Samala, if you will head towards a turbolift, I will guide you to your quarters from there.”

“Ah, right,” Samala asked, still confused but guessing that Thea was the designation for the ship’s computer system. “Thanks,” she called back to the man as she headed for the exit.

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[ PO2 Sithick | | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Stegro88

Sithick's jaw remained sealed, the words that he wanted to spit at this other creature were denied by his superior officer. To speak now would cause a loss of face, and he didn't want that. But it was so tempting to verbally rip into this creature, to stomp on her with his words, to rend her apart with facts till her mind was dashed into a million shattered pieces along the wall.

Or perhaps he just really wanted to hit her. He wasn't accustomed to that feeling, he usually hit things out of a feeling of a need to protect others, not the want to rip apart a drunken bitch who clearly overstepped her boundaries.

He turned to walk when it was clear that there was nothing more to say toward Samala. Walking up and going to the second level like he was asked, he sighed slightly trying to let go of the sudden anger he had towards everything he had felt. He leaned the railing looking out over the shuttlebay. His yellow eye turned towards Liam.

"You hass proposition? I sorry, I do know this word, but I do not... er, how do i say this? It is inappropriate for a sh'uperior officer to say such a thing? and I prefer the female form. So I must deny your... advance..." He felt a slight bit awkward. If anything he had thought his actions with Vivian skirted the boarder of what was appropriate, and he had always approached others. Never once had he thought he would be approached for something like propositioning. Did he report this to internal resources as harassment? He supposed that was the appropriate next step, but he didn't really want to add to someones work load after all the chaos of the last week or so.

Still Jaya had been propositioned many times, and he knew how that always ended.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin
[Show/Hide]Once they had reached the railing on the upper level, which overlooked the shuttle bay and the activity below, Liam turned towards Sithick when the Gorn began to speak... and Liam's eyebrows rose.

"Oh, um, no..." he said and cleared his throat, even beginning to chuckle a bit since he realised what his words may have sounded like. Then again, it was up to Sithick to make the interpretation, and that wasn't something Liam could answer for. Did the Gorn not notice how Ji and he had been having a lover's quarrel just the day before? In any case, Liam scratched the back of his head with his eyebrows raised, feeling how awkward the turn of the conversation was. "My proposition is duty-related, I assure you. Not that you're unattractive, so no offence, but my intent was to speak of your experience in the fighter bay and with weapon systems in general."

He cleared his throat again and proceeded to detail what had happened. "During the battle at the apertures, before we escaped, Chief Sten Covington was killed in action. As you know, I was second in command in the fighter bay, and after speaking with the Chief of Operations, it would seem it might be my permanent position as well henceforth. It would appear there are few aboard with the right qualifications and experience with warp fighters. Apparently, Commander Stark wishes me to undertake some kind of tests and make me an Ensign, giving me officer rank if I pass those tests, but regardless the outcome... I need someone to take up my old duties in the fighter bay."

Liam nodded towards Sithick. "Having read your file, and worked with you during the past week in the bay, I know I would like you to have a permanent role in handling the weapon systems on the warp fighters. I would like to ask Stark to promote you to Chief Petty Officer, and take over my old deck teams. My weapon technicians know you already, impressed enough by what you did with the graviton tech, and I am confident you'll be able to take on the responsibility. So..."

Shrugging, there not being much more to say, Liam finished with, "...what do you think? Are you interested?"

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[ PO2 Sithick | | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Sithick let out a noise that kinda sounded like a frogs croak as his claw brushed face, clear relief was showcased on all of his features, his yellow eyes widening slightly as he felt like a weight had been lifted off of him when Liam said this was not that kind of preposition. Now at least he knew that there was more than one meaning to the word. It also meant that he wouldn't have to report Liam Herrold to the ships internal review system.

Instead it seemed he was getting a promotion, one that would put him as second in command of the fighterbay, or rather it would give him Liams old job overseeing the deck crews. He thought about it for a moment, he had never really had a chance to have authority before, he wasn't entirely sure how he would handle the extra responsibility but on the other claw this was what some would call a smart career move. It would put him higher on the rankings, closer to work he had done with his specialization on weapons, and the rank would be the first real brush he would have with actual authority. "I've never worked with teams that large with out s'thuper vision."

His claw brushed his muzzle for a moment thinking it over. His only real brushes with leadership had been in the engineering bay of the allegiant one of the reasons he liked those missions so much. Not just because it was crewed by members of the former Black Opal station that he had worked with for years now, but because it gave him a chance to stand a bit taller, but this would take him away from the Allegiant crew and put him squarely in time with the deck crew of the fighter bay. He measured out the chances for a moment. "This would put me in your old shoes? I would be the second in command of the fighterbay?" He asked tentatively for a moment.

"When I built the weapon, I worked mostly alone, this is more team oriented position. People may not listen to the 'dumb crocodile' on zhe team. I am intrigued, but I would like to take with me, People I have worked with in the past. One from Black Opal, Cadet Zhong Wu, and Crewmen Rel, I'd like them to be added to duty shift. I truzt them to follow me." it seemed like a reasonable request, and he had worked with both of them before. Adding them to deck crew would require some retraining perhaps, but he could see to that during the time that the fighters are out of commission, and during which time he could familiarize himself with the role.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin
[Show/Hide]Liam realised that he may have given too little information in his offer, letting the Gorn make assumptions about the role of being second in command on the Flight Deck despite not having the experience that Chief Ji had - newly promoted to CPO as Sithick would be. He had the wits to ask where Liam had failed to give the full picture, at least, to his credit.

He chuckled. "I'm sorry, you'd 'just' have my role as Head of Weapon Systems and Maintenance, and Chief Ji will be second in command, since she has been at it for a longer time, and the deck crews knows her even more than they know me." Liam cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck, realising that was not entirely true. "Well, except for those from the Resolve, I guess. Anyway, sorry, I failed to be clear about what I meant, since with Covington running the place, I hardly had any chance to act in my role as second-in-command. That's why I forgot to bring it up now. The Chief ran his deck with a firm grip, to say the lest."

Listening to the requests for personnel, this being two officers from Engineering as opposed to Ops, Liam nodded slowly in thought. "I will make the requests and we'll see if the brass running Engineering will be letting them go, and also, if they themselves are willing to change to Fighter Ops. I would also like to look at their files and see if they have any prior experience with fighters or weapon systems. If there is any such off the records that you know about, I'm sure you can fill me in on that."

As for Sithick's concerns about leading a deck crew of technicians in the fighter bay as opposed to working alone, Liam smiled. "Well, I think you have a natural talent of being intimidating enough to make them do what they should. Others, like me, have to lead by example and assert myself with my experience, knowing the job and what needs to be done well enough for people to listen and adhere to my word. Key is to let my old weapon technicians recognise the fact that I picked you as my successor, and I did so for a reason; because you have great talent for weapons tech."

Glancing towards the movements of the shuttle bay below them, he continued. "You'll just have to learn the schedules and the operations around the warp fighters. Learn to know well in advance what needs to be done at all times during the shifts. What the deck team you lead has to do at every hour, and make sure they don't fall behind. I hear the Black Opal depot had warp fighter armament as well, ready to be moved to the docking ships, so I have figured you're familiar with both the energy weapons and had-points, so it's just a matter of getting to know my old deck crew next."

He paused, looking back at the Gorn. "If you're interested in this, and regardless what they say about Wu and Rel since that's out of my hands, I'll put your name forward for a promotion, and give your name to Commander Stark in Ops." He gave the alien man a smile and limped the two steps up to him. "I think you're the right choice for the role, but if you'd rather not have the responsibility, I'll have to come up with some other candidate."

He extended his hand to Sithick, expecting him to know the common tradition of a handshake to seal an accord.

"So, what will it be?" he said, his smile remaining.


Re: EPIL: S [D06|1900] Picking Up The Pieces

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[ PO2 Sithick | | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Sithick nodded when it was explained that Chief Ji would be the second in command of the flight deck. That the teams would be briefed on his capabilities and instructed to listen, that he would in a sense not be left out to sea and have a bit more in terms of direction. Which was probably a good thing this was his first time ever being put directly in charge of things. Going from Petty officer to chief petty officer was a bit of a jump, normally he would have had a full rank to adjust to such demands before he would get to work.

He would be taking on a lot more work by the sound of it, oversight of an entire division of the flight deck personel, but in truth this was something he wanted. Sithick dreamed of the day when he could be chief engineer on a starship like theurgy, to command that level of respect it was something he had never even dreamed possible before becoming a Starfleet officer. He paused for a moment looking at the man showing him a smile.

It was kind of odd that the man had picked him. Sithick had personally thought he had always been a bit too shy or kept his head down, mostly cause he was always afraid he stuck out too much already just by his nature. Liam extended his hand, and Sithick's claw reached out to engulf it. holding up to the man's wrist in an excitable shake that probably hurt the chiefs hand a bit, his non lips pulled back to show a mouth goofy, but full of razor sharp teeth, drool escaping him as he spoke in his deep voice.

"I will do my be'sth for you." He said proudly nodding his head. "I will join the Deck crew."


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