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Writing prompt!

Hey everyone... So, I wrote some of the most terrible shlock ever, exhibited below. But it's good, it could go somewhere, it's a hook that's got teeth.

So while I'll do something with it myself, I want to see what everyone else here can do with it!

The prompt here is 67 words... let's see what we can all do with between 500 and 700?  This is just for shits and giggles, something not  "necessarily" tied to Theurgy or Trek. It's just a prompt, something for us to have fun with. And read each other's take on stuff!

Suddenly, she was at my office door, a tall blonde woman in a red dress that hung off her like dripping velvet. Between her smoky gaze and her dark lipstick, I knew she was trouble, but here I was behind my ratty desk drinking from the last bottle of bad hooch, knowing I was about to lose my apartment because I hadn't paid rent in two months...

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