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CH05: S [D03|1200] Any Port in a Storm

[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Warp Core Room | Lower Deck | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @BZ

He'd expected their return to the Allegiant to be triumphant. With both missions completed, the joint crew could spent some time, both in resplendent celebration, as well as contemplation over who they had lost. They'd be able to return to the Theurgy heroes, having given their all, and come out winners. However it seemed, as Frank often said, that human's weren't meant to have easy lives. Apparently it was not a phenomenon contained simply to humans, but to anyone who seemingly came near the Theurgy. They'd returned to the Allegiant to discover their leader had been taken by the Breen, and they themselves were ordered to return to the Theurgy without Commander Dewitt.

Naturally the crew aboard this vessel, picked not only for their skills, but as Frank suspected, for their strength of character as well. Captain Ives seemed to have an all knowing sense of the right decisions to make. Perhaps one day it wouldn't be so, but so far it seemed the chameloid captain had chosen a winning hand. Whether or not that hand would continue to hold strong in 'double or nothing' territory, remained to be seen.

While they reached out to the Savi for any aid that they might be able to get in finding Commander Dewitt, Frank had sought out the only part of the ship where he was able to lock himself in for a bit of private reflection with more barrier than a privacy curtain. He'd come to the warp core room on the Allegiant, and as the acting Chief Engineer, had sealed himself within the cozy chamber. The gentle thrum of the warp reactor, what Frank affectionately referred to frequently as the pulse of a starship, kept him company, and for some reason always made his thoughts more cogent. 

For the hour between now, and when he and the other Lieutenants had met in the airlock, he'd simply paced about, making a circuit of the six terminals within the room. He chattered away to himself, guiding his own thoughts as he pondered the potential incoming response from the Savi. They'd already begged borrowed and stole more help from the Savi than the spindly aliens had been initially willing to give them. There was a potential chance that the aliens would simply tell them no, and if they did, the chances of a heroic rescue, at least its success, plummeted.

Eventually however he'd become fed up with his own anxious company, and had sent a message for the one person that he seemed to grow closer with by the day. He'd invited Jaya here, and in the interim between her arrival and his message, had fetched a menagerie of treats. Whether they were eaten or not, atop one of the consoles within the room was a plethora of pastries, a cornucopia of cheeses, a trove of treats. The assembly looked almost comical, and was very reminiscent of the feast they'd first time they'd had a 'date'. The very same time when he came home to his bunk smelling of nacho cheese.

He waited patiently for her arrival, knowing she was close to Jen, just like him. He suspected she would come, at least he hoped she did. He knew he drew comfort from her presence already, and he mused she might as well. If nothing else, in the note, he had mentioned the feast, and good times. He'd laid out a makeshift blanket fort, having moved several crates together, and hung blankets between them to make a sizeable cove, about the size of a queen mattress, and he'd lit it with the glow of several sensor disks in a low hue. It was warm, and cozy, the perfect place to wile away a few hours whilst they waited upon news, good or bad.

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[Ens. Jaya Thorne | Exhausted & Worried | Trying to Find a Good Thing | Dates From Gradeschool]

Jaya had received the message as she lay in the center of her bunk staring up at the ceiling.  She had gotten off duty, and the first thing she wanted was a shower.  She felt dirty, and tired, and hoped that a shower would refresh her.  Often times she opted for the sonic shower because it was quicker and easier than messing with water and the hair that came afterwards.  Jaya was more of a quick and done kinda girl, much more fun to be had than cleaning oneself.  Today though the hot water had called to her in a rare moment and she had stepped under the flows of hot water allowing the steam to caress the tired and stressed muscles.  Trying to keep her mind from turning to Jenn or any of the other things that seemed to be dominating her mind despite her efforts to clean them.

Temporarily she had thought about hitting the gym. Do the Savi even have a gym? If she started running on the treadmill or something her mind would stop working so hard but her body was just too tired and a lack of any good serious sleep had denied it the possibility to truly recharge.  That was out of the wheel house if she wanted to function in a couple hours when she might be needed again.  The ping from her padd caused a loud groan to escape her lungs as she looked over at the corner of her bed where her PADD lay blinking expectantly at her.  Shifting one arm out she tried to reach for it with minimal effort but she couldn't.  Just a couple inches too short.

Why do I have to be short?

With effort and another unladylike sounding groan she rolled over onto her side giving her the needed inches to grasp her tablet and pull it to her. If it's another shot on duty I'm going to scream. she thought to herself as she palmed the biometrics to open the PADD. 

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Well no shit, Sherlock.  she thought to herself.  She still had no idea who Sherlock was but someone had said the phrase a long time ago, someone that wasn't even around the Theurgy anymore, but it had stuck with her and Jaya found she liked it.  It tended to only come out when she was frustrated and tired.  Clicking on the message brought up a quick little thing from Frank.  A smile slowly drew across her face as he invited for her to come hang with him.  The promise of food made her stomach growl loudly as she had not had the energy to move to the replicator and bring herself something to eat.  Course, where Frank had located himself was a much further walk, but the promise of good company could not be denied. 

Helps he's hot too, and damn, he's good for nappin'

Sitting up, Jaya's brown hair fell around her, it was mostly dry, so she just brushed her fingers through it.  Looking down she sighed.  I forgot to get dressed.... she was still just wearing her panties and bra.  Both of them were a soft peach color with a little lace trim, nothing fancy, just workable.  Sighing she struggled to get her body moving to the replicator where she replicated herself a pair of jeans which hung low on her hips and a very simple lavender tank top which accented her skin tone.  Sliding her feet into some flip flops because she couldn't be bothered with actual shoes at this point she headed out to find Arnold.

It was just down the hallway from the crew quarters on the Allegiant and she had reached the scoutship's engineering room, lit by the iridescent light of the warp core.  She peeked in at first noticing the box fort he had built for them, with blankets over the top.  Little fairy lights blinked from inside and the smell coming from the interior was almost more enticing than the man waiting for her.  Lucky for him, he was yummier. 

“We're moving up.  From food fights, board games, to box forts and food.” she said though it lacked her normal witty snap it was still very Jaya as she stepped into the room in her casual dress and tired eyes.  Eyeing the box fort for a moment and then Arnold, who looked as tired and as wrecked as she felt.  Her heart softened to a little blob of compassion in the center of her chest for him.

Walking over to him she didn't even pause for permission she just flat hugged him.  Wrapping her slender arms around his waist and letting him hug her back as well.  Burying her face into his chest she just stayed that way for a long moment wanting to just get solace and to give it at the same time.  "Smells wonderful." she said as her stomach growled.  "You too." she winked as she lowered herself down and disappeared inside the box fort.

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Fort No-Cares ] Attn: @BZ

Frank had time for a shower, not much time, his showers were four minutes flat, every day. He still took the luxury of an aqua shower twice a week, at the start of his duty week, and at the end of his duty week. Otherwise it was a sonic, or cold aqua, unless he worked out hard that day. Personal maxes were rewarded with ninety seconds of warm water. While silly and casual in his daily life, his physical shape was something he took very seriously, between every other day sessions of boxing, to daily beastings on the weight machines. As a result, he got to reward himself with warm water a couple times a week.

Today however, he'd simply had to settle for a sonic shower. His mind did not allow him the luxury of slowing down for the sake of his thoughts to be discernible, so the gentle scream of the sonic unit, had been overpowered by the much louder scream within his head. Since he'd been back it had been more bad news. The lack of facilities on the Allegiant didn't help, no gym, no running track, no workshops, holodeck, the Theurgy and the vessels before her had spoiled him. He got his first chuckle of this particular day as he took a long sip of his coffee, thinking about how his pops and his before him would view his agonizing over the lack of amenities.

He'd inserted himself into a standard PT tanktop which did a good job of showing his arms, which were appreciable in diameter and definition, as well as a pair of Starfleet sweatpants and believe it or not, a pair of slippers. Frank wasn't used to having wardrobe choices, having gone from jumpsuits, to jumpsuits, to cadet uniforms, to proper uniforms, the idea of clothing being personally expressive was just lost on him. Whether or not it went noticed long term was something that remained to be seen, but he did look dilapidated by the time of Jaya's arrival. Like an abandoned mill, standing, sturdy, but clearly in need of a coat of paint. Were she to notice, he might smell of old pine, he'd found a whittling project at least, some sawdust still beneath his fingernails, in his beard.

He'd tucked his reading away, at least for the moment they didn't need to talk about missing comrades or missions, he'd locked out the world on purpose, so they could just decompress.

When she arrived, he took a deep inhale, scanning her over. She wore a lilac tanktop of her own, and jeans that seemed to hang off her just right. He gave a gentle smile, sucking wind through his teeth as he found himself taken in a way he hadn't for sometime, his stomach seemingly falling out the bottom.

Frank smiled warmly and went to make a remark when he felt someone slap into his chest, the residual dampness of her hair making the crown of her head cool on his chin. He wrapped massive hands about her back, and let her nestle, only for a moment, saying lowly, "I missed you too." He chuckled gently, and at her own remark, he offered lightly, "I've figured out the way to your heart is in fact through your stomach." He grinned, "Seconded only by your sense of humor."

He cracked his knuckles, and would say as he watched her descend into Fort No-Cares, "Reclaimed oak." He gave a slow nod, "I brought a little chunk with me. Not replicated, genuine Venus grown terraformed Ishtar Oak." He gave a gentle smile, not telling her what he was whittling intentionally.

He settled into the fort too, it was cozy but not cramped, well lit but not bright, and warmed by their body heat. The gentle thrum of the warp core in the background comforted Frank, and if she allowed, he would lay next to Jaya and place her head upon his chest. He rolled his shoulders, and settled in, offering lightly to her, "This would be easier for all of us if we were quitters." He chuckled softly, a stark contrast to the very serious thing he'd just said, as he gently stroked her hair with one of his hands, his fingers gently teasing her scalp. "Do you want to talk about Breen?"

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[Ens Jaya Thorne | Stomach Romance | Food over  Flowers | Bring me Junk Food]

He was right, or at least he wasn't wrong. 

The best way to get to her heart was probably through her stomach.  She was almost always hungry, a constant state of needing to shove food in her face.  Perhaps it was because she was a fighter pilot, perhaps it was something else, but the girl liked food and it was something that Frank had picked up on rather quickly despite her not having to tell him.  She wasn't huge on sweets but she loved junk food especially chips, grease, and finger foods. 

“You figured that out already huh?  I guess that's why you get paid the big engineering bucks.” she teased.

As they moved into the fort, she slid down onto the mattress.  There really was food everywhere, she wasn't all that hungry though she knew that she should eat because one never knew when it was going to be important to have done so especially in Starfleet.  Everything just kind of happened and sometimes it would be hours and hours before they would be able to have food.  Right now though, as he lay beside her and pulled her over, she allowed it.  She put her head on his chest as he pulled her there and she snuggled into him.

This was everything.  He told her about the wood that he had brought, the actual wood that he had gotten.  She smiled softly as he told her that he was whittling something.  She rose her brow.  “What are you going to make, real wood is rare and hard to find.” she told him, knowing that it was so rare that she would want to be ultra careful if there was to do anything with wood like that.  But she supposed that he was probably going to be good at it.  Or he wouldn't be doing it with real wood.

He admitted it would be easier if they were quitters.  She chuckled softly and his large hand moved through her loose hair.  “I wasn't born to be a quitter.  It's probably my best trait.” she admitted looping her arm around his waist.  He asked her if she wanted to talk about the Breen.

“Does anyone?” she asked with a bit of a chuckle, then she sighed.

“I could still punch Jen in the face, I would.  I'd probably hug her right after, but first, definitely a punch.  She should have to carry around a black eye for a while, to remind her of how pissed off I am that she went to the Breen voluntarily.” Jaya said with a bit of bite in her voice, she was pretty pissed off when it came to Jen and her sacrifice to the Breen. 

She shifted her head so that she could see him.  Her soft eyes surveying his face, letting her hand shift up softly so that she could scratch at his beard.  “Do you want to talk about the Breen?” she asked as she shifted up to nuzzle her face against his beard, it was both soft and scruffy and she liked it quite a lot, it was odd she had never really thought much about facial hair in the men she dated but she found that she really was enjoying Franks.

She sat up slightly and picked up the plate of cheeses and meats and began making herself little sandwiches with the offered crackers sitting up so that she didn't make a mess all over their make shift bed but she figured it was better to eat than to curse Jen's name up and down.

“You holding up okay?” she asked since apparently they were having serious conversation time.

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Movie Night | Gremlins ] Attn: @BZ

Frank smirked, she was just cute, and he couldn't help it. When said that's why he got paid the big bucks, he gave a gentle laugh, and raised a brow, "Oh is that why? I've been faking it for years, and just expecting to get shit canned one day. Glad I finally figured out what I was good for." He laughed gently, and as they settled into the mattress, and she set her head on his chest, he just let out a contented sigh. It was, if nothing else, very peaceful and pleasant in their little fort.

When she asked him what he was going to make out of the wood, and he got to thinking about how he had gotten the wood at all. He thought about the spunky little botanist that had given him the time of the day, they'd had breakfast, and bacon, and had agreed to be friends. He hoped that she was okay now, things were so in flux, everyone was so far away. Jen was far away, the Theurgy was far away, his confidence was far away. And yet, somehow he felt like his happiness was laying on his chest.

He smiled and said, "When it's done, you'll see. When it's done you can have it." He gave a nod, "I had some projects started on the Theurgy, but I just brought one little piece to work on here." Until he'd actually met Jaya he hadn't known what he wanted to work on. He rolled his shoulders, "I know the anticipation is going to kill you, which is like, twice the fun." He laughed softly at that, and just gave her a squeeze before he propped up to grab a few bits of cheese, chips, just odds and ends to sate his gut.

He nodded, "If you were you'd not be an officer on this Vessel." He gave a chuckle, "You'd probably have a parasite up your bum."

But at her question he shook his head, "No I don't think anyone does really." He gave a slow nod, "I never told you, then again I don't think I had chance. Jen and I actually go way back believe it or not. At one time we used to date." He offered and awkward chuckle, and rubbed the top of his head, "We've well outgrown that, trust me, but yeah, my first posting was on the Cortez, we fought in the Dominion war together." He grunted, "So I'd also like to punch her in the face. Don't worry, we'll get our chance."

As she came to snuggle in his beard, he'd steal a little kiss, and then another one that was deeper and more passionate if she allowed it. He would let her go back to nuzzling after that, but he wanted at least that little piece. After that he'd let her sit up, eat her cheeses, propping himself up so they could stay close.

At her question, he offered a soft laugh, "You know I keep asking myself that." He stroked his beard. "The operation was a shit show." He nodded, "Nothing went right, we lost two people, a couple more are permanently injured, Vanya got skinned. It's honestly only by luck, the right people, and the Savi that we made it back." He gave a slow roll of the shoulders, "I guess, I'm used to disasters, but I'm not used to planning those disasters, and then having to get those same people out. I keep thinking maybe if someone more qualified had been in charge...I...I dunno...I wish I could articulate it better." It was obvious he was a bit flustered as he let a small break in his demeanor showed, but as quick as it had opened, the gap closed, and he grunted out after a moment, "But we have to soldier on."

He gave a slow nod then, and would put his arm over her shoulders and around her, reaching under his pillow with the other hand, and producing a PADD, "Now you said you like Classic Movies." He gave a slow grin, and would rattle the PADD, "I'll give you one guess, little, furry, cannot be fed after midnight. I don't know if you've seen it, but if you have, too bad." He clicked the PADD on, and whether or not she guessed right, slowly the opening scene of Gremlins started, 'Hey Gang You're with Rockin' Ricky Rialto' gave way to Darlene Love singing Christmas, and he settled in, his hand settling atop her right bicep, his arm around her back, his finger idly tracing a little pattern on the outside of her arm.

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[Ens. Jaya Thorne | A Moment in Time | Quietness is Under-rated | This is What Life is]

He told her that the wood, whatever it would be, would be hers when it was done.  Her brow lifted as he said so, and she eyed the wood in a teasing way as though she couldn't figure out what it could turn into.  Truthfully, Jaya was truly gifted at flying, fitting things into tight places at high rates of speed, and other useless things when it came to relaxing.  She was killer at darts.  But, when it came to actually crafting something with her bare hands she didn't ever remember doing so.  Oh she probably had at some point done it when she was a kid with messy paints and lots of paper.  But, she didn't really remember it, she didn't really remember much of her childhood to be honest.  Well, that wasn't true, she tried not to think about it, was likely the more apt term.  It had been ripe with heartache, deaths, betrayals, and a slew of bad choices.  It wasn't something that she talked about often or.. at all really.  She had done some shady things, and had turned her life around, but most people didn't see the turn around as much as they preferred the gossip of the bad.

“Well I look forward to seeing your wood.” she grinned.

Arnold told her that if she hadn't been an officer on the Theurgy she'd probably have a parasite up her bum.  Jaya's brows furrowed, she knew he meant it as a joke, but to be honest given her past, he wasn't wrong.  She had done some things she wasn't overly proud of and was a product of her environment growing up.  However, she had never blamed anyone for her decisions besides herself because she had made each one of them.  Even if she didn't see it that way back then, as she had become an adult and gotten to the point where she was able to look back on herself she had realized it had been all her fault.  Events had been set in place by the people she had counted on the most, but ultimately it was her fault.

“That's true.” she said softly, and seriously.

He told her that Jen and him actually knew each other a while back and had at one time even dated.  Jaya looked over at him, thought about it, but knew that it didn't lessen Jaya's care for her friend, and it didn't make her jealous.  Jaya wasn't a very jealous person overall, she didn't think, but then she also had never really gotten into someone like Arnold.  Jaya had a lot of history of people leaving and betraying her.  So it was hard for her to really put all her trust in anyone, but she was really hoping that Frank would be the one.  He was the right mix of fun and supportive for her.  In the back of her mind she feared what it would take for him to leave, someone less jaded and more serious than her.  But like most of her life, Jaya just endeavored to enjoy the ride while it was going good.

He stole a quick kiss as she snuggled into his beard and then another more passionate kiss a few moments later which she returned in favor.  As the kiss broke he allowed her to sit up and begin her snacking, brushing some of her hair behind her ear as she snacked.  He vented with her a little bit about the horrible situation they found themselves in for the time being.  She sighed softly.  “Don't worry so much there isn't anything we can do about the situation we are in and I assure you, you did your best.  I know you don't cut corners, I don't think it's your style.  Besides, the universe is out of our control.  We may wish that we could alter it or save it or something, but we can't.  People are going to die, people are going to leave, people are going to hate, it's just... reality.” she stated with a lot of truth and experience behind her words.

He sat up with her and put his arm around her.  She reached for a drink and a plate of nachos nearby.  Putting the nachos on her lap as he told her that he knew she liked old movies and he didn't know if she had seen this one yet.  So she listened as he began to describe it and grinned.  “Gremlins, lets do it.” she said nudging him a bit.  Old movies had become a thing when she was in the detention facilities, it was all they had access to on movie nights and the people that ran the center gave movie nights for good behavior.  She didn't always get to attend, because Jaya was, well, Jaya, but when she was able to she them it was what she liked and the laughter and light hearted comedy was what all of the kids there needed. 

As the movie started up he hugged her closely and they began to watch the movie.  This was the down time that she could wrap her head around.  It was funny how they had met not that long ago and yet when they sought solace and a safe place they seemed to find each other.  It was nice to actually have someone to count on in that way.  She was afraid one day it would end, and if history repeated itself, it would but for now she would have to do her best to keep him interested and around.

“So if we ever get out of this part of space and get some actual down time.” she said after the movie had played for a while and between the two of them the plate of nachos was only left with cold bits of meat and congealed cheese.  “I think we should do something fun.  I wonder if where we end up will have an amusement park.. or .. a fair.. carnival.. I don't know.. something really fun.  I am such a child, I know, but dinner dates are boring.” she smirked slightly.

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | I'm slowly figuring you out. Nacho Cheese and Coasters ] Attn: @BZ

Frank saw her interest once she figured out what he was making was for her. He had a number of projects going at any one time, although sometimes his visions were curbed by what he could beg borrow and steal from the arboretum. He made up the difference with replicated wood, which even though his classical training told him was structurally identical, lacked the soul of a real branch. He turned the piece over and over in his hand, and offered, "It's about removing each layer, slowly one at a time, until the form reveals itself." He gave a shrug, "If nothing else it's something to do." He didn't want to take himself too seriously.

At her statement, he smirked, and offered, "Easy there tiger, we're not even past the opening yet."

At her sigh and her assurances, he simply nodded, although his face wasn't overly convincing. "I don't know if I believe that's true. After all we're Starfleet, and creative solutions to impossible problems is what we do best." He nodded slowly, and then would hear her offered compliments to him, and he would snuggle into her, hearing her harsh reality speech, "Reality is so macabre as of late."

He chuckled gently at her faux acquiescence to the movie, which in turn revealed she knew the film, and said much more lowly now that the movie was playing, "Let's do it." He would reach for a few sweets of his own, toffees in foil that he opened by placing them between his teeth and pulling, spiraling the candy out silently, so as not to disturb Jaya.

His hand over her shoulder became his hand over her collarbone after their kissing and carrying on. He would slowly slide his finger beneath the strap of her tanktop, and would trace a fingernail up and down the thin skin covering the bone. It always gave him goosebumps, so he figured it was a fair go to as they watched the movie.

She asked a question after a little while, and he would take the nacho plate to set it off to the side, "you commited a crime against cheese-kind" he said as he shifted his chest towards her so she could be more comfortable, "Once we get back to the Theurgy, there's definitely some things I want to show you." He nodded emphatically, apparently excited, "I've got some great programs. I hope we end up at a free-trader station, they're the most fun." Having not had many planetary experiences in his childhood, Frank looked forward to a different kind of leisure leave.

He stroked his chin, thinking of the times he had been planetside that he'd really enjoyed himself. Most had involved someone he really enjoyed himself with, so he thought about it for a while and then offered, "I once went to a water themed adventure park. Very neat, they had biomemetic suits so you could experience underwater. The weightlessness and freedom was, very interesting." He grinned, "Weightlessness does seem to bring about a childlike wonder."

He chuckled, and then leaned back into the pillows, "Let me guess, you're a rollercoaster girl." He smirked, "All you pilots chase adrenaline like a fat kid chasing an ice cream van." He had to get a little bit of a tease in.

He chuckled softly, "Oh don't worry, I know you don't like to be bored. That was apparent immediately." He would lean down and plant a firm kiss crossed with a nibble on her neck. He'd murmur against her skin, "I've seen this bit anyway" with a soft chuckle before he eventually resurfaced to watch more film.

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[Ens Jaya Thorne | Time to Chill | Carbs are the Best Medicine | If Only This Were the Norm]

He told her that as soon as they got back to the Theurgy, when time allowed, he wanted to make sure that he could show her some of the programs that he had created.  She was eager to see them, she usually just thumbed through the collection of lists and what not that had been created for such people as her who had no time or knowledge to create anything of the sort.  She didn't feel sad about it, she had worked her ass off to be who she was and where she was.  Her past was a pockmarked collection of memories because of all of the things she had done and trouble she had been in.  However, she was not going to feel bad about it.  No one could make her feel less without her consent, but more so than that, was the fact that she was proud of where she had gone with her skill set.

“Sounds like a plan I am eager to see what you got.”

He told her all about a park that he had been to before where they had biometric suits you could wear that simulated weightlessness of being in water.  Her brow rose, she had never been anywhere so neat, but she didn't really regret it either.  Jaya wasn't one that really lived with regrets.  That wasn't how you moved forward in life and that certainly wasn't how you got anywhere in it.  Looking behind you instead of in front of you could only cause you suffering since nothing in the past could be altered.  He then looked at her and asked if she was a roller coaster girl. 

“If you have to ask, I'm ashamed.” she said teasingly as she looked over at him.  “Those and the dungeon drop kind of ones.  There is nothing quite like going all the way to the top of a tower and then just dropping down into nothing it's totally worth every second.” she laughed knowing that thrill of falling would get her every time. 

He turned and began to kiss her claiming that he had seen this part of the movie.  She leaned into him and kissed him back as well.  Here in their little fort you could almost forget that there was such stress and strife going on in the other corridors of the ship.  You could almost forget that they weren't with the Theurgy, that they were waiting for another friend to come back, the friend that Jaya still wanted to punch in the face.  She could almost forget all of that in the fact that she could easily get herself lost in Frank and all that he brought to the table.  Jaya had never thought she would find someone that made her wish that she could settle down a little bit more, to be her lodestone in the darkest nights and yet, right now she felt very much centered when she was around him.

When their make out session ended, she breathed heavily and leaned forward for a bottle of cool water that would allow her to wet her throat.  Leaning back against him again her eyes turned to the movie. 

“Thanks Frank.” she said softly.  “For always taking my mind off of the horrible shit that goes on.  When you're around I don't feel so bad about life.  I feel.. pretty optimistic actually.” she admitted to him though her eyes were on the screen.

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | There are some things better than carbs | Maguis in the Middle Act | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ 

Frank gave a slow smile, and would just listen to her, occasionally glancing at the movie, but honestly more interested in what she had to say, and closeness than anything else. At her comment he gave a chuckle and a shrug, "It's a decent collection. I will leave the Greco-Roman style oil wrestling for another day though." He left it at that. Really he had some awesome programs. One or two that he'd made himself, featuring his wood shop, his bike, and the pacific coast highway re-created from the onboard cameras on his bike. He also had a couple that had been made for him, including one made by a particularly talented Orion.

He moved himself a little if she allowed, settling behind her, so he could let her sit between his legs, his chest at her back, his arms wrapping around her waist from behind. So long as she didn't shift, or move him out of the way, he'd have a nice view of the movie, and a nice access to her, which was his real concern.

He'd slide his hands softly over her stomach, teasing lines in the soft fabric of her top, looking to transfer those same sensations to the taut soft skin below. He ran his little trails over her covered flesh as they spoke. He gave a nod, his chin touching her right shoulder as he did, "Oh no, I basically figured it was a given, but it's impolite to assume." He shrugged, "Then again, it's a pretty safe guess." He heard the types that she liked, and offered, "Yeah you never really get over that initial shock of fear and adrenaline. We can tidy ourselves up, but we'll never fully breed our primal instincts out." He gave a hmm, "I guess my favorites are the ones where you lay down on your stomach, and you fly through the air. Either on big cords, a rope, inside one of those metal balls from the twentieth century. Mechanically terrifying, but exhilarating."

Frank had completely left the outside world behind. The ability to get lost in something, usually his work, or a tinkering project, was a strength that benefitted him in his career, especially as he developed expertise. It was something he had to set aside for damage control, because getting lost in one thing, could mean missing another. But the convenient disassociation into a space free of anxiety or anticipation, was a powerful tool in his arsenal.

So he found himself, settled in a world no bigger than a wardrobe, with someone who made it feel like a home. As she took her water break, he gave a gentle smirk, and would lift off his tee shirt, he was getting a little warm anyway. The chemicals of courtship coursing through his veins as they settled more and more into the evening.

Once she settled back in, he would pull her back to his chest, and would lean into her, his mouth planted a kiss the back of her right shoulder, before he made a slow ascent to her neck, pausing along the way for the occasional peck. When he found his target, the soft creamy skin of her neck, he planted a deep kiss there, and as he pulled his lips away, a soft bite afterwards. He followed it up with another, before leaning up to say gently into her ear in response to her thanks, "You're welcome."

As the movie moved into the middle of the first act, with the protagonist getting his Magui, Franks fingers became more bold, peeling her shirt slowly up her tummy, each centimeter of exposed skin lightly teased and traced with his wide fingers. He expected he might leave a trail of goosebumps along her skin as he did.

Were he not stopped eventually he would work her shirt up to a point, where he would lift it off of her, leaving her in her peach bra. His lips would continue to focus on her neck, but now would reach to both sides, as well as the backs of her shoulders, little bites as well as kisses peppered here and there. His fingers ascended her torso, settling on her ribs just below her breasts, his traces started just above her navel, and rose to eventually trace her bra line before they descended on the same path to eventually repeat as their make out escalated.

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[ Ens Jaya Thorne | Makeshift Engineering Room Cove | USS Allegiant ] @uytrereee
The quiet little interplay of their teasing was coming to a head, all the while the old movie wore on towards the troubles to come. Jaya's mind was gradually drifting away from the mission and the predicaments they'd suffered, with the possible attempt to try and reclaim the friend Frank and her had in common. Instead, Jaya was enjoying the sensations inherent to being seduced, and willingly wanted it to happen. Not so much for the well-needed distraction, but because she found herself rather fond of Frank as well.

"Idiot," she breathed when the poor sod in the movie fed the furry little thing, having foreseen the contrived plot point of the kid not knowing what the real time was. It was just a passing comment, whilst feeling her heart beating in her chest and her breathing getting more shallow. It hadn't passed her unnoticed how Frank had removed his shirt earlier, and she was enjoying the feeling of him behind herself. Nor did she mind how he began to tease her clothes of her as well, though when he quietly slipped her top off her arms, she did glance up at him over her shoulder with a cheshire look. "Well well... aren't you cheeky?"

She settled back without further comment or protest however, and as he began to caress her bare skin, she arched her back a little into his touch, making some content, quiet noises. Her eyes were hooded, and though she still looked at the movie, her attention on the silly plot with the monsters was more than a little compromised.

When Frank got even bolder with his hands, she couldn't help but bite her lower lip a little, and began to squirm beneath his touch. "You always try to seduce women... by showing movies where they grow monsters?" she breathed quietly, and then she slowly reached behind herself, slipping her hand behind her back and down towards where he had his legs spread around her. She found her mark with her fingers, and began to tease him back. The game was punch for punch, pound for pound.

"Speaking of which..." she murmured with a sly grin as she began her ministrations.

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Warp Core Room | Only the Cool Girls | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @redshift316

Frank had long forgotten the movie at this point, he'd seen this one anyway, it's why he had chosen it. The last time he looked to the screen was tens of minutes ago, and that was A-okay with him. He had an A-List movie going on here, where he even had speaking lines. Gremlins could wait, especially as he found his partner willing.

He heard her say Idiot, and he had to turn his eyes to the screen for the first time in a long time, to make sure she wasn't referring to him. Then again if she had been, there was almost no chance he would have surmised it, with her supple flesh under the touch of his fingertips. His fingers continued over her flesh, focused on the front of her chest now. His massive mitts started with fingertips just above her waistline, and traveled upwards in random tandem patterns that made spirals upon her taut tummy, spending plenty of time lingering in each place they touched, treading the same ground many times.

With time his fingers found their way to her ribs, taking time to trace each of the bones, each of the intercostal spaces between them with tenderness, making sure he let ample time for trails of goosebumps to follow where his fingers wandered. Even her question did not interrupt the tireless march of his digits, only slowed as he replied with a cheshire grin upon his lips, "If you are going to play, play to win." He punctuated the point with a light squeeze of her, with his hands splayed across her ribs and around her abdomen, massive as they were.

At her second question, he just gave a gentle chuckle as he lowered his voice even more, the intimate space made even moreso by their shared hushed tone, "Only the cool ones." He hadn't noticed the procession of her hand, until she gave him a light squeeze, and began to tease him between his thighs. He offered a gentle chuckle to her remark, and a light jump at her first ministrations before she more properly settled in.

He replied in kind, and began tracing the skin above her breasts in lazy wide circles which slowly increased in radius until the tips of his fingers descended below the top of the cup of her bra. Each lazy circle teased more and more of the supple flesh of her breasts, until eventually the pad of his fingertips passed over her peaked nipples, around which he would make the occasional tight circle, while he kissed and nipped at the sides and nape of her neck.

He saw the sly grin on her face, and murmured softly into her ear, "Now are you nibbling, or did you come for the whole meal?" He had not at first thought that tonight would be their first time together, but had begun to wonder in recent passed minutes, if he was to be mistaken. 

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Jaya chuckled huskily as she undulated slowly against Frank with his query. It was a fair question. He was stirring up feelings in her far more than simply in her body. She had to face facts, she really liked Frank. Sure, she liked most of the guys she’d gotten involved with over the years on one level or another. Sometimes it was all about scratching that proverbial itch and taking the edge off life. Other times, it was to feel wanted and appreciated by someone, anyone. Jaya cursed her inner voice regarding that inner neediness, but if she couldn’t be honest with her own thoughts, then with who could she be?

“You know, lad, I’m asking myself that very same question. Here are my thoughts on the matter. When I’m first checking out a buffet, I might nosh a bit, as you say, nibbling on the choices at hand.”

Her hand wedged between the two of them continued its focused efforts. She was fully appreciating him as she caressed his growing ardor. Behind that cloth was a beast stirring from slumber, and that made Jaya’s grin grow wider.

“Seeing what fancies my tastes at the moment, if you will. And truth be told, I’m looking forward to trying everything on the menu, as well as seeing just how creative the chef can be with the ingredients on hand.”
With her unoccupied hand, she reached up to cup his fuzzy cheek with an affectionate tenderness that might be unexpected from a woman such as herself. She might have been a Starfleet officer, but she had never attended the Academy. She was the exact opposite of a refined lady, and that was all right with her. She got the job done, and that was her focus. She might not have done everything the spit and polish Starfleet way, but she did her job with flair and passion. She probably would never be the chief of her department, but she would damn sure be the best pilot for the job at hand.

Frank’s hands were finally dragging her out of her thoughts into the here and now. If the way to her heart was through her stomach, the way into her pants was through her breasts. They were sensitive in a great way, and his fingers were doing wonders with them. The sensation of his touch--gentle but given with a working man’s rough hands, had her squirming in his burly arms. His nigh-diabolical caresses worked wonders with her stiffened caps under the thin fabric.

With a breathless mewl, Jaya turned inside his embrace to kiss him hungrily. This freed her to address his growing need without dislocating her shoulder. Besides, she wanted to see him. She ran a hand through his hair with a moan into his kiss, her touch becoming more focused with his thickening passion. Her hand worked to free him from his tightening confines. Having exquisite eye-hand coordination was useful in more than piloting, she mused to herself. She paused her kisses to look down between them, offering a soft gasp of rapt appreciation.

“I should have known. When you need a proper tool, go to a bloody engineer.”

With that, she kissed him again, a quick peck. She sat up a little to get the right angle before drooling a bit of spit onto the crown of his shaft. With that makeshift lubricant, she began to coax him to his full glory. She looked him in the eye as she did so, her face alight with joy and affection.

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Warp Core Room | Fair is Fair | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @redshift316

Frank let out the occasional chuckle, but for a man who was remarkably vocal in everyday life, in this moment he was quite quiet. As she began coaxing him to life with her little hands, he would let out the occasional noise of appreciation, a little whisper of air, but Frank was not overly loud at all.

Lack of loudness however, did not reflect in lack of passion, and as she continued to spar with him verbally and physically, he joined her in escalations. "I've never been an overly complex chef, but I've never had someone send a meal back either." He offered a breathy chuckle as he punctuated his point. Once he'd made his remark, his lazy trails became much more determined, he'd come alive.

His girthy fingers retreated from their exploration beneath her bust line, but only for long enough to trace their way across her rib-cage to the clasp that rest atop her spine. Used to working on mechanisms he couldn't see, he'd murmur, "Fair is fair" and undo the snap with remarkable deftness. Frank's mouth descended with fervor on Jaya's neck and shoulder, laying a series of deep and passionate kisses and bites upon her, as his fingers pushed the straps over the very same shoulders, and with a touch of cooperation she'd join him in being naked from the waist up. 

He'd waste no time in lingering as she deepened her touches, and his mouth would kiss deeply and rapidly down her front, neck, collarbone, and ultimately settled upon one of the tight pink buds at the peak of her breast. Almost comically timed with her statement about a proper tool, and her freeing him from his pants, he'd lock his lips over the bud, and flit his tongue around her nipple in tight spirals, until he offered the most tender of teasing bites.

As she freed him, his arousal was fairly evident, and while Frank's member was average length, like his hands he was very thick, made only more apparent by her small hands  working her saliva until he shined. He took a brief respite from her right breast to look her in the eyes, but the look she shot him had him returning to her left with a renewed hunger. His hands tightened on her sides, as they almost spanned her waist, squeezing small white spots under the pads of his fingers each time she moved in a way he appreciated.

Until she stopped him, Frank teased and sucked Jaya's breasts, sitting across from her as they were his beard scratching her upper tummy as he did, however he did take a moment to take his hands away from her sides, to undo the button on her jeans, offering breathily into her ear, "Fair is fair" before he locked his lips upon hers, head turned and mouth open for passionate tongue-play. As he pulled away a small line of spittle still connected them.

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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Warp Core Room|  | Fair Is Fair | USS Allegiant ]

To say Jaya was enjoying her time with Frank was akin to a Vulcan finding a new book on non-euclidean geometry. In other words, the brunette was fascinated. She had presumed the burly man would be good for a distraction from the grief and danger of the moment. But she was unprepared for what surprises he hid behind that serious face and those eyes twinkling with amusement. She should have known that an engineer would have skilled hands. He was on a fast track to give her exactly what she wanted., and so much more.

His hands roaming her skin was leaving warm trails of erotic sparks in their wake. Fresh nerves awakened under his explorations. His mouth found her breasts, and she felt what little will to hold back dissolve like ice in a blast furnace. Her free hand gripped at his thick hair as he pleasured her. Her soft mewls deepened into growls of delight mixed with the curse words from several languages.

While Frank nursed at her flesh, she was far from passively enjoying the moment. She had skills of her own. With a pilot’s sure and delicate touch and a woman’s passion, she coaxed his shaft into its full glory. It suited him, stout and strong and perfect for her needs.

Jaya had not intended for things to get this serious with Frank. A distraction, some fun amid the dangers of life as a Starfleet renegade. But the more they pleasured one another, she found she wanted more than some slap and tickle. The last of what weak internal misgiving were obliterated with his bold unfastening of her britches.

“Fair is fair….” she agreed with a breathless purr. She boldly leaned in to lick at the trail of spittle that lead her to him.  She kissed him hungrily even as she began to tug away at the remnants of her clothes restraining her. After some moments of curses mixed with chuckles, soon enough she was nude enough for  the purpose at hand.

With a saucy grin, Jaya nudged Frank back into their makeshift fortress and kissed him once more. She pulled back enough so she was straddling him.
“It’s like the great philosopher Jack Burton says….what the hell.”

With that, she lowered herself downwards. Her mouth went agape as she felt him find just the right angle, and slide inside….

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