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Day 10 [2130 hrs.] AWOL

[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Mickayla’s Personal Quarters | Deck 16 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath even as the last waves washed over her before ebbing away. She had returned from the surface with Faye earlier that evening after a day spent together and the Klingon felt as if she had had her eyes opened to an entirely new world that, while she might have heard about it, she had never seen or dared to look for it. Looking down her sweat-sheened body, Mickayla could easily see the piercing at her navel that she had gotten less than twelve hours earlier. Running her hand along her body, she delighted in the tingling sensations that it brought as she wriggled slightly in the afterglow.

The shower had done wonders for her, washing away the day’s adventure and leaving her crisp and clean. She was about to order something to eat when the internal com chime sounded.

<Security to MacGregor>

“MacGregor here,” Mickayla answered, sighing in frustration, knowing that if they were contacting her while she was off duty then something had happened.

<Ma’am, you need to head to the FAB. A pilot has been reported overdue for their patrol and a search of the ship has not found them.>

“On my way,” Mickayla acknowledge, turning back to her wardrobe to pull out a clean uniform. She had been assigned to investigate and trace the movements of several missing crewmembers over the past few days and so far, she had not liked what she had found.

“I wonder if my luck will change this time?”

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Isel sighed as she stepped out of the squadron locker room and into the corridor, having just changed back out of her exosuit. She had been due to set out on patrol a little under a half-hour previous, though her wingman hadn’t shown up. After waiting a while, Isel had tried to contact Blizzard over comms, with no response. A query to Thea had informed her that Blizzard was not aboard the ship.

The Andorian had had leave on Aldea the previous day, and Isel had begun to suspect she had never returned from the planet. Having reported the development to Security as a safety concern since Jhozahosh sh’Avhennes could very well be injured on the spacedocks or the planet below, Isel had been instructed to meet up with a member of Security in Transporter Room 3. Another patrol had been sent out, and Isel tasked with helping Security locate the missing Tac CONN pilot.

And so Isel found herself striding down the corridor to the turbolift, sweeping the hair out of her face as she stepped around a pair of blueshirts who were shuffling down the corridor with their heads bent over a PADD which Isel assumed contained some dry, boring scientific readouts. Stepping into the turbolift, Isel ordered it to Deck 12 and leaned against the wall, sighing in annoyance. She didn’t lament missing her patrol, especially given that their time in Aldea thus far had been mostly boring and uneventful as far as their patrolling went. Instead, Isel was annoyed that she now had to spend her day hunting around for an Andorian who was more than likely drunk and shacked up down on Aldea with someone she had met the night before. Isel’s musings were interrupted by a chirp from the small PADD in her pocket, prompting her to pull it out and glance at the message which confirmed Blizzard had never reported back to the ship after leaving the previous day.

Stepping out of the turbolift on Deck 12, Isel pocketed the PADD and made her way down the corridor, coming to a stop outside the transporter room. The Vulpinian leaned against the wall, one knee bent with her foot propped on the bulkhead and her hands stuffed in the pockets of her Tac CONN hoodie as she waited for this MacGregor person from Security to show. She didn’t have long to wait. Isel glanced up as a Klingon woman in the gold uniform of the Security Department strode down the corridor towards her.

”Petty Officer MacGregor?” Isel asked as the Klingon drew near, pushing herself off the wall and turning to face the Klingon, shoving her hands deeper in the hoodie pockets. ”I’m Ensign Isel Nix. I’m the one who reported Blizzard… err… sorry, Lieutenant Jhozahosh sh’Avhennes, missing.” Isel withdrew a small PADD from her hoodie pocket and held it out for MacGregor. ”I’ve been instructed to help you in tracking Jhoza down, though I don’t know how much help they expect me to be. I’m a pilot, not a fucking detective, but…” Isel shrugged. ”… here we are. I wrote up my initial report, and I just received confirmation that Jhoza never returned to the Theurgy yesterday after heading to Aldea on shore leave.” Isel stuffed her hand back into her hoodie. ”So, where do we start, P.O.? Do we beam down and start looking for footprints with magnifying glasses? Should I replicate us some of those deerstalker hats? Is the game afoot?” It might have been a bit much, Isel thought, but if she was going to be stuck on this wild goose hunt, then she might as well have a bit of fun with it.

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Passageway | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

She had almost reached the FAB when she had again been contacted by Security, this time informing her that there had been a communication error and that she was to meet with another of the pilots from TacCONN at Transporter Room 03. Acknowledging the change in destination, Mickayla had turned and walked back to the turbolift she had just exited, muttering under her breath about crewmembers getting lost. There were potentially other reasons for failing to report for duty; Mickayla herself had been subject to one of those reasons only a few days earlier but being lost or asleep were still more likely at this point.

Arriving at Deck 12, the Klingon exited the lift and headed for the transporter, muttering under her breath about pilots being unable to navigate without a computer in front of them. Turning a corner, she spotted a woman leaning against the side of the passage, her clothing informing Mickayla that she was likely the officer she was to meet. When the white-haired woman looked up and saw her, Mickayla knew for sure. Stopping a short distance away, she listened as the Ensign introduced herself and filled her in on what she knew so far.

“We should check with the station security first, see if they have had any reports about her location while aboard the docks,” MacGregor stated, not used to officers deferring to her so easily while also being irritated at the woman’s cavalier attitude. “Failing that, we go down to Aldea Prime and see if they have any knowledge of her there. An Andorian is going to stand out, so we should find her easily enough.” Movement caught her eye and she saw the bushy white tail behind the pilot for the first time.

“Not Vulcan, Vulpinian,” Mickayla realised. “Don’t make any jokes about catching Blizzard’s scent Mickayla. Be professional,” she told herself, understanding the irony of that statement given how she had spent her day ‘guarding’ the Betazoid Ensign. 

“Shall we?” she asked, waving a hand at the transporter room door. Entering, she requested that the two of them be transported across to the dockyard.


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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Transporter Room 3 > Aldea Spacedocks ] Attn: @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Isel suspected the Klingon might be a touch irritated by her behaviour, though that was hardly reason enough for her to change the way she acted. If anything, it would give Isel a source of amusement for the duration of the day. As MacGregor stated that they should start with station security, Isel just nodded and allowed MacGregor to take the lead into the transporter room, stepping onto the transporter pad as MacGregor made the request that they be transported to the dockyards. Before the dematerialized, Isel half-unzipped the front of her Tac CONN hoodie so that the white collared Starfleet uniform underneath would be visible. Isel might be reckless, but she didn’t want to get into any unnecessary trouble during their pointless hunt.

”Energize” Isel heard MacGregor say, then the world around her dissolved in the familiar dancing glow of the transporter.

Isel glanced about as she rematerialized aboard the station, the scents, sounds and architecture around them vastly different from the ship they had been standing on moments before. Isel glanced to her right to see MacGregor taking form as well, then solidifying and looking about to take in their surroundings just as Isel was.

”I’m really hoping we can find something here,” Isel muttered to MacGregor as they set out in the direction of the station security office, ”I don’t really fancy a trip down to the surface. Not many Vulpinians ‘round these parts. My tail tends to stand out, and I’m not a fucking fan of dresses that cover it up.” Isel pulled one hand free of her hoodie and patted one of her uniform pockets, making sure it’s contents were still there. ”Though I may have a plan if it comes to that.” Isel gave MacGregor a wink, burying her hand back in her pocket as they walked, weaving their way through the various crews of the spacedocks. ”So, P.O. MacGregor, how’s a Klingon gal like you end up serving aboard the Theurgy? You sign up to fight the evil ass-worms? Or were you shanghaied into this shit same as me?” Isel directed a grin at Mickayla, trying to seem friendly and sociable in the hopes of putting the security NCO a little more at ease.

As they drew up in front of the station security center doors, Isel glanced at MacGregor and gave a shrug. ”Here goes nothing…” With that line, another Human phrase that Isel didn’t really understand but had somehow gotten into the habit of using it herself, Isel keyed the security center doors open and strode through. The smell was worse in here, as was the scenery. Isel found herself approaching one of the station security officers, a large Klingon with greying hair and several teeth missing, as was made evident by the open-mouthed greeting he gave them, though Isel wasn’t sure if it was a grin or a snarl. When it came to Klingons, Isel could rarely tell the difference, though MacGregor seemed a slightly different case. MacGregor also seemed like a slightly different Klingon, especially with a name like MacGregor. It didn’t contain the usual compliment of hacking and spitting noises that Klingon names usually flaunted.

”Hi!” Isel said cheerfully as she stopped before the semi-toothless targ-muncher, deciding the Klingons would likely expect her to take the lead as the ranking member of their two-person search party. ”I’m Ensign Isel Nix from the USS Theurgy. We’re here to see if you and your… comrades…” Isel glanced around the room, assuming all the Klingons were comrades, however surly they seemed towards one another and those non-Klignons they interacted with. ”…might be able to help us in locating a missing member of our crew. Lieutenant Johzahosh sh’Avhennes, an Andorian.” Isel smiled sweetly at the Klingon. ”You know, skinny blue folks, white hair, bad attitudes, got those antenna things that go like this?” With those words, Isel moved her hands up to the top of her head, wiggling her two outstretched index fingers to mimic the way Andorian antennae always seemed to be wobbling about. Dropping her hands, she continued. ”She left the ship on shore leave yesterday, and never reported back. Can you check to see if you have any record of her? I can spell the name, if you want. Andorian names are almost as wobbly as their antenna.”

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Klingon Dockyard | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

The bright lights of the Theurgy were replaced with the muted colours of the Klingon dockyard as the two of them rematerialized. They could have walked to a docking arm and then travelled the length of the installation but, much like Isel beside her, Mickayla wanted this task to be completed as quickly as possible. It was eating into her allotted rest time and the Klingon was sorely in need of it after the day she had had spent with Faye. 

“I agree,” she muttered as her mind flashed back to how she had spent her day. She turned away to hide the flushing of her cheeks as the Vulpinian beside her continued to speak, explaining how it would be difficult to blend in as she was but that she had a backup plan, in case it became necessary. Then she decided to prod the Klingon about how she came to be aboard the Theurgy with Mickayla getting the distinct impression from the officer’s tone that her own presence was less than a welcomed choice.

“I was aboard the Endeavour before the Borg destroyed it,” the Klingon revealed, crushing the anger that was threatening to rise as her mind rushed to recall the ordeal she had suffered. “After that was a trip to the Versant before escaping there. Given I was bleeding pretty badly after killing a scion, it was a case of a lack of better options that brought me aboard.” She squashed her memories then, burying them as she saw their destination approaching. “There is the security centre.”

As the junior member, the petty officer stayed back as Isel led them in and addressed the Klingons present. Mickayla wasn’t sure if Isel had realised it or not but the Klingons present were doing their level best to ignore her as they continued with whatever it was they were doing. As the Vulpinian mimed Andorian antennae and made her request, the male she was speaking to glanced at her before turning away to reach for a bottle, seemingly ignoring her.

“Allow me,” Mickayla offered, stepping past Isel. With barely a pause, she grabbed the bottle from the Klingon’s grasp mid drink and proceeded to break it across his head, showering him whatever fluid it contained. That caused a reaction as every Klingon present came to their feet. “My companion kindly, and politely, asked a question. Now, answer it, please,” Mickayla requested, her tone challenging. Truthfully, she was bluffing because if it came to a fight, then the two women had already lost but she was too annoyed and angry at that moment to really. When the damp male turned to her and began to sound off in Klingon, Mickayla backhanded him to silence him. “Federation Standard will do.”

“Blasted Female!” the male bellowed, turning to face Mickayla again. He climbed to his feet and stared down at the female, fully intent on making her cower into submission. Instead, he was the one losing his nerve at the haunted look that sat at the back of the woman’s eyes. The fury in them was plain to see but behind it was pain and a desire to never back down. And it told the male that whatever he might be able to do to her, she would do worse to him before she let him win. “I will check for you.”

“Thank you,” Mickayla acknowledged, crossing her arms as she watched the male sit back down at his console and begin to go through records.

“I have found the Andorian,” the male announced after several minutes. “She came to the station before transporting down to the surface. There is no record of her coming back through the station.”

“That’s that then,” Mickayla said, turning to exit the security centre without another word and dutifully ignoring the murmurs starting behind her as she left. Outside, she turned to Isel and asked. “So, about that backup plan?” 

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire” Nix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
”Fuck.” Isel cursed, followed shortly by a heavy sigh as MacGregor asked about her backup plan. ”I was really fucking hoping it wasn’t going to fucking come to this…” Isel reached up and tapped her combadge. ”Ensign Nix to Theurgy, two to beam up to Transporter Room 3.” Before the glowing embrace of the transporter took them, Isel looked at Mickayla. ”I’ll fill you in once we’re aboard.” Isel took her final moment aboard the Aldea station to make a not-so-friendly gesture to the Klingons, sticking her tongue out for good measure before she fully dematerialized.

Isel dropped her hand and pulled her tongue back as she rematerialized on the transporter pad in Transporter Room3, giving the confused looking Enlisted working the console a smile. ”Sorry, Crewman, that wasn't for you, that was for the fucking asshats that work in spacedock security.” Isel gave the crewman a wink, then stepped off the transporter pad and made for the replicator. ”Ok, MacGregor, here’s my idea…” Isel pulled a piece of material out of her pocket, tossing it to the Klingon woman. ”Andorian underwear, for your viewing pleasure.” Isel grinned at MacGregor, gauging her reaction. ”I took them from Blizzard’s locker when I found out I’d be working with you to track her down..” Isel began stripping off her hoodie and uniform jacket, tossing them in a pile in the corner of the transporter room, then began punching commands into the replicator.

”You get changed into something non-Starfleet for while we’re down on Aldea, and I’ll be my own camouflage.” An Aldea model combadge on a clasp, a pink dog collar with cartoon skull & cross bones printed on it and a matching leash materialized in the replicator with a whirring noise. Isel picked up the collar, attached the combadge to it, and fastened it around her neck, then tossed MacGregor the leash. ”Once I strip and shift forms, clip that on my collar, and I’ll look like your pet. Then, we beam down, I sniff Blizzards undies, and we see if I can’t track that bitch down.” Isel paused, giving MacGregor a hard look. ”I don’t need to be that close to those things to get her scent, so don’t go stuffing them in my fucking face, ok? And no yanking on my goddamn leash. That shit hurts. You smother my nose in Andorian ass-stains or yank my fucking neck, I’ll use you as a fucking chew toy, are we clear P.O.?”

Isel unzipped her undershirt, exposing a strip of pale flesh and the curve of both breasts, and was about to shrug out of the shirt when she paused and glanced at the Crewman, who was staring at her wide eyed. ”And you, Crewman, can stop fucking drooling, close your fucking mouth and turn your horny ass around to stare at the fucking bulkhead until you hear a bark. If you glance before the bark, then I get two new chew-toys today. Lucky me.” The man Isel had just threatened quickly turned around and faced the bulkhead as instructed, at which point Isel directed an amused wink at MacGregor and stripped off the rest of her uniform until she was naked. Then, giving MacGregor a grin. ”I can’t talk in my feral form, so I guess you’ll just have to try and guess what my barks and growls mean.” Isel cast a quick glance at the Crewman, who had been in the process of trying to sneak a peek. ”I’ll deal with you when I get back, Crewman Chew Toy.”

With those words, Isel turned away from MacGregor. The Vulpinian glanced over her shoulder to give the Klingon woman a sly wink and gave her hips a little shake, adding a swish of her tail for good measure, and shifted. Her limbs contorted, her joints changing and morphing into a new configuration. Snow shite fur sprouted from her bare skin, and her face elongated, her nose changing to a furred muzzle. When the transformation was complete, the only thing familiar about her was her eyes, one blue and one green, which looked up at MacGregor expectantly as the large, white fox/wolf creature gave a small woofing noise. The feral Vulpinian gave Crewman Chew Toy another glance, letting out a low growl, then looked back to MacGRegor, let it her mouth hang open, her tongue lolling out the left side of her white muzzle.

Isel sat on her haunches and quickly scratched at her collar as Mickayla attached the leash, the thing feeling uncomfortable and annoying, then padded up onto the transporter pad with Mickayla to wait to beam down to the surface.

Isel's Collar:

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Klingon Dockyard | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

Whatever ‘backup plan’ that Mickayla considered that the Vulpinian might have had, was not the one that was slowly materialising before her. They had quickly transported back to the Theurgy, Isel needing to apologise to the transporter operator for her behaviour the officer moved over to the replicator in the corner. There, instead of creating some sort of outfit for her to wear, instead, the Vulpinian had replicated a collar and leash.... for a dog!

“Well, that, ah, makes sense,” Mickayla thought to herself as the Vulpinian explained her plan while casually stripping her clothes off, needing to admonish the man who had beamed them back aboard for peaking when told not to. As the woman stripped, Mickayla couldn’t not look at her, appraising her and unconsciously comparing Isel to both Faye and herself. And she found she liked what she saw before her. With a last-minute directive and a shake of her hips and tail, Isel shifted her forms and dropped to all fours, appearing, for all intents and purposes, as a dog. Shaking off her amazement, Mickayla turned to the transporter operator.

“Outisde. Stand at the door until I call you back in,” Mickayla ordered, not feeling as risky or adventurous as Isel. As the crewman moved to comply, the Klingon replicated a simple outfit and proceeded to change, trying to ignore that fact that Isel was almost certainly watching her. Dressed, she called the operator back in as she pocketed the Andorian underwear, trying to not think about it. “Transport us down to Aldea,” Mickayla ordered as she stepped up onto the pad and took Isel’s leash in hand.

“This day just keeps getting better and better,” she mused to herself as the transporter activated.

Appearing on the planet, Mickayla quickly moved away from where she had arrived, heading for a small alleyway where she could speak to Isel quietly. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the garment and held it out, allowing Isel to come as close to it as she needed to.

“Alright, do your thing.”

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[ Woof | Bark Bark | Bark | Arf ] Attn: @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Isel shook herself as she materialized next to MacGregor on the surface of Aldea, her thick white fur flailing about momentarily as she did so. She followed the Klingon woman holding her leash as Mickayla led them into a small alleyway and away from prying eyes, though Isel noted that very few people seemed to be looking at Mickayla. She supposed that a Klingon was a normal enough sight on the planet, even if one wouldn’t usually have a canine companion in tow. It also occurred to Isel that few people were likely to question the Klingon openly about it, Klingons being Klingons.

Isel sat on her haunches as Mickayla drew up in the alley, the Vulpinian’s tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth in amusement as Mickayla fished Blizzards underwear out of her pocket and held it out for Isel to sniff.

”Alright, do you thing.”

Isel couldn’t laugh in her current form, which was just as well, as the situation would likely have sent her into peals of laughter otherwise. Isel, keeping her muzzle well enough away from the underwear, sniffed the garment several times, making sure she had the Andorian’s scent, then looked up at MacGregor and gave a soft woofing noise.

The scent in her nose, Isel turned away from the proffered panties and raised her nose, sniffing the air first in one direction, then the other. No luck. Isel looked back at MacGregor, woofed softly again, then led the Klingon woman back towards the beam-down site, sniffing intermittently as she went. Aldea was unfamiliar, it’s scents unusual to her, which Isel hoped would serve their purpose. Alien scents could make picking out the familiar smell of the Andorian all the easier.

As they approached the beam-down site, Isel sniffed more frequently. She sniffed the ground, vendor stalls, and benches, all to no avail, until…


Isel turned her muzzle up to peer at MacGregor, letting out a slightly louder bark before turning in the direction the scent was heading, lowing her head and raising one paw just like one of the hunting dogs she’d seen in an old painting in one of the corridors back at the Academy, though she held back from baying loudly as that floppy-eared hunting dog had seemed to be doing. Once sure she had Macgregor’s attention, Isel began to move at a quicker pace, her head kept low as she followed the scent the Andorian had left as she walked. Isel had to pause every now and then, either to make sure of which direction the scent turned, or to avoid running into people. On two occasions she failed to avoid such collisions, on both occasions receiving a scratch behind the ears and some cooing words from those she had bumped into, causing her tail to wag. If there was one thing Isel enjoyed in both her Feral and Natural forms, it was ear scratches.

Setting off after her second collision and scratch session, Isel was drawn up short by her collar, the other end of the leashing having stopped moving with her. Isel turned and peered along the pink leash to the hand that held it and saw that Mickayla had stopped at a vendor’s stall as Isel was indulging the most recent stranger’s desire to pat her. Curious, Isel moved back to Mickayla and pushed herself up on her hind legs, resting her paws on the counter of the stall and peering at the counter’s contents. The stall owner laughed, seeing the white head of an unfamiliar canine-like creature suddenly inspecting his wares next to the Klingon, though the amusement in his face was quickly replaced by a look of puzzlement as Isel growled softly at Mickayla, who was inspecting a piece of jewelry. The Vulpinian growled again as Mac looked at Isel, then pointed her muzzle at a different piece which would probably suit Mickayla’s features better, letting out a soft yip as she gestured. The store owner laughed once more as Isel watched Mickayla pick up the piece for inspection, then once more dropped so that all four paws were on the ground.

Sitting on her haunches, Isel scratched at her collar again, unused to wearing the thing, and waited as Mickayla browsed a bit longer. Then, getting impatient, Isel took a loose loop of the leash in her mouth and gave it a tug, letting out a low, impatient growl as she did so.

Once they were on the move again, it didn’t take long for Isel to track the scent to it’s destination, the Vulpinian stopping outside a set of doors which led into a shuttle hangar. Stopping at the doors and giving the area around them another sniff to make sure that was truly where the scent terminated, Isel turned to look at MacGregor, gave a soft whimper, and scratched at the doors to indicate that Blizzard had entered the building.

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Klingon Dockyard | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

With the main role passed to Isel in her canine form, there wasn’t much for Mickayla to do but try to interpret what the Vulpinian was trying to tell her and to follow along behind whenever the pilot moved to a new area. And it wasn’t as hard as she thought it might have been. Understanding the yips and woofs was a lot easier when she knew that there was a sentient intelligence behind them. Soft sounds were negative while the loud one that had the Vulpinian excited told Mickayla that Isel had picked up the Andorian’s scent. After that, all she had to do was follow as she was led through the city.

Their only hiccup had been after Isel’s second collision with someone. While receiving her ‘feel better’ pats, Mickayla attention was taken in by the wares of the stall they had stopped before. It was selling jewellery and Klingon was taken in by several pieces that were meant to be worn at the navel. She was just beginning to sort through them, imagining what they would look like on her when Isel made it clear that the Klingon had selected the wrong item. Instead, she pointed her muzzle at a different piece and yipped at it. This brought a laugh from the stall owner who assisted Mickayla with purchasing the item before Isel once again asserted her authority, tugging on her own leash to get the Klingon going again. After that, it didn’t take the two of them long to follow the Andorian’s scent to its destination; a location that brought the Klingon up short when she realised where it was.

“Shit,” Mickayla uttered under her breath as she looked up at the entrance to the shuttle hanger. It was a part of a larger terminal that handled most of the civilian shipping that Aldea saw. And Isel was scratching at the door, making it clear that Lieutenant Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes had passed through the doors. “Guess we better find out where she went,” Mickayla said as she walked up and allowed Isel to enter through the doors, following the Vulpinian as she walked first to the departure board and then the ticket counter.

“You!” Mickayla called out to the Aldean behind the counter, her voice authoritative and demanding. “An Andorian came through here recently. Where did she go?” she demanded, daring the seller to argue with her. He looked like he was about to but a growl from Isel broke him and he slumped back down as she consulted his computer.

“Argazian IV,” the Aldean revealed, showing Mickayla the screen. “It's a Class P world just over the Federation border. Known for....”

“Known for hosting several colonies of Andorians,” Mickayla finished for the man. “When?”

“Transport departed orbit last night,” the Aldean answered. “Will that be all?” Glaring at the challenging tone from the seller, Mickayla tapped her communicator. 

“Chief, two to beam up.”

Appearing back on the pad, Mickayla took a deep breath before looking at the operator and glancing at the door. Taking the hint, the operator took the hint and left the room.

“I’m sorry, but I will be reporting Lieutenant sh'Avhennes as a deserter.” 

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[ Ensign Isel “Foxfire”Nix | Transporter Room 03 | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Once the Transporter operator had vacated the room, Isel shifted back to her Vulcine form and made for the uniform she’d left in the corner, rolling her shoulders as she moved. She didn’t take her Feral form often, and the transition to the quadrupedal always left her back feeling a bit once she’d shifted back to her more normal bipedal self. Retrieving her trousers first, Isel was stepping into them as Mickayla informed her that Blizzard would be reported as a deserter.

”You do what you gotta do.” Isel said casually, glancing over at MacGregor as she finished pulling her pants on and bent to retrieve her undershirt. ”If Blizzard wanted to make a run for it, that’s on her. I’m sure plenty of other people aboard have thought about it.” Isel paused as she donned the shirt and stooped to pick up the uniform tunic, reflecting that she ought to be listed among those who had thought of desertion. It was an inviting idea, running off. Disappearing to who-knows-where to start fresh. Not that the Vulpinian had any idea of what she’d do. ”I’d rather have Bliz fuck off now than get into a dogfight with a wingmate who… ah shit…” Isel paused in zipping up her uniform tunic, reaching up to unfasten the collar which she had still been wearing. ”Who might flake out on me and get my ass killed.”

Isel pocketed the collar, having decided she liked the print on it, and turned to face MacGregor, once more fully dressed. ”That was a fun little romp though. Nice to stretch the legs once in a while. Anyway, I should probably go give Razor the heads-up about Blizzard. He’s not going to be happy to have lost another pilot. Though at least this time he didn’t lose a fighter as well…” Isel shrugged. ”Anyway, see ya around, PO.”

With those words, Isel made for the door and stepped out into the corridor, her eyes narrowing as she passed the Transporter operator. ”Oh, I haven’t forgotten about you, chew toy!” Isel’s growled words could be heard from the corridor. ”You're lucky I've got to go make a report, but sometime soon you and me are gonna have a little chat!”

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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Transporter Room 03 | Deck 12 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] Attn: @Fife

The nonchalance with which the Vulpinian accepted Mickayla’s decision was a little off-putting to the Klingon. Mickayla had devoted her life to serving Starfleet, in part because it was the first place where she had ever felt truly accepted, but also because it was how she was raised. Duty, loyalty and honour were the cornerstones of her upbringing, much like everyone else in the highlands. The only sad part was how different people interpreted those ideals, even in the highlands.

“Surprisingly, given everything that this ship, and the members of its crew, have been through, the total number of people being logged as AWOL is quite low. Less than two dozen from a crew of almost a thousand. I’d call that a good record all things considered,” Mickayla observed, having had her own thoughts about leaving the ship after what the Savi had done to her. Gathering up her discarded uniform, the Klingon turned back to the Vulpinian as she finished dressing herself.

“I could have done with it not occurring while I was off duty,” Mickayla added. “I have no doubt that we will cross paths again Ensign. Good luck with Commander Ravon." She watched as Isel Nix left the room, trying not to laugh at the look on the operator’s face. “I’m sure she didn’t mean it,” she commented as she passed them.

“But, I have been wrong before.”


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