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EPI: S [D05|1800] Patterns in External Reality

Chapter 03: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1800 hrs. ] Patterns in External Reality

[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ]

Chief Eboh sat at one of the five small tables in the Allegiant’s cramped mess hall, lost in thought as he stared absently into his mug. His hands were cupped around the sides of the mug, cradling it and savouring the warmth radiating from it. He raised the mug and took a long, appreciative sip of the raktajino, letting the taste of the beverage seep into his taste buds before he swallowed. He felt the heat descend into his core as the liquid ran down his throat, warming him from the inside.

He had been working on various minor repairs for the past several hours, fixing small things here and there that the repair crews aboard the Theurgy hadn’t had time to get to. Thankfully none of the issues had involved major systems, and he had made a large dent in the list. Now that he was finally taking a break, his mind was taking a stroll through the past.

He had been happy to accept the assignment to this mission, though hunting down the Borg cube which had attacked the Cayuga couldn’t fail in bringing memories to the surface, causing them to play through his mind like old Earth motion pictures. Memories of Wolf 359, of carrying the injured to the escape pods when he had been serving as a nurse aboard the Saratoga. He could still remember how the Saratoga had rocked, making a horrible noise as if the ship herself was crying out as the Borg cutting beam had torn swaths out of her hull. More recent memories from the Cayuga. The Borg boarding. Shooting Lt. Mason after he had been assimilated. Seeing the dead and turned members of the Cayuga’s crew in the corridors…

His thoughts were pulled back to the present when the door to the mess hall hissed open revealing the Allegiant’s hybrid scientist, Lieutenant Junior Grade Izar Bila. Now here was someone who gave Eboh pause.

While he had become more accustomed to working alongside Cardassians, especially while working with Ensign Dumral in the cramped quarters of the Jefferies tubes after the Borg attack on the Cayuga, and although his feelings towards that particular species had grown less hostile in the process of dealing with the Cardassian helmswoman, it still have him pause to see the Cardassian-Bajoran hybrid. Ekon knew there were plenty such hybrids following the occupation, most abandoned when their Cardassian fathers fled with the Cardassian withdrawal, but he had never dealt with one before. The man who now strode into the mess hall elicited a mix of emotions in Ekon. Uncertainty, anger and, to some extent, pity. Ekon couldn’t help but feel some resentment for the Cardassian part of Lt.(JG) Bila, and some sympathy for the Bajoran part. Knowing they were the same man made Ekon wonder if Bila experienced any kind of internal conflict, as Ekon did between his Human and El-Aurian halves.

Too late Ekon realized he’d been staring at the science officer, the hybrid having noticed. Bila was now making his way towards Ekon’s table, the only occupied table in the small room. As Bila came closer to the table Ekon lowered his mug to rest on the table’s surface and nodded to the officer.

”Good afternoon, sir.” The El-Aurian said respectfully. His face remained neutral as he spoke, not because the man was half Cardassian, but because he was an officer. Ekon had been an NCO for a long time, and had a habit of using a neutral expression and tone of voice when dealing with any officer he wasn’t familiar with, as some of them had a habit of taking the pips on their collars too seriously.

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ]
Att.: @Fife 

With a mechanical gesture, Bila transmitted the data with which he was working from his workstation to one of the PaADD, and left the laboratory, ruminating what his next steps would be. The modified nanoprobes were synthesizing at a good pace but the only thing he could do to catalyze the process was look intensely at the screen watching the numbers rise in an amazingly slow rate and felt the despair due the interminable process. The hybrid prided himself on having received a good amount of patience in the personality raffle, but spending hours looking idly at the screen while watching the nanoprobes amount thickened and the time thinned far outweighed his self-control.

He leaned backward in his chair, looking at the tablet and the parallel project that it displayed. The theoretical calculations seemed correct, but his empirical knowledge about particle emitters and the control of matter and antimatter reactions was rather limited. If he had that time that he knew he didn't have, it could be an exciting side project in which embark himself, but time played against him. He left his schemes in the background and tapped in the narrow screen until he found the list of crew assigned to the mission. He discarded the engineer, assuming he would be busy at that time and focused on the CPO Okotie-Eboh. The scientist skimmed through his Starfleet records, surprised by the large amount of years of service of the petty officer. Curious about it, he scrolled through the profile of the man, until he discoverd that he had El-Aurian blood in his veins. That at least explained his longevity.

He stared at the serious and austere face of the Ops officer's profile picture for a moment, chewing over what it said about the man until, finally, he decided to locate Okotie-Eboh's position on the ship and put his determined steps towards the Mess Hall. He had always considered himself a face reader, a skill that had allowed him to survive by foresee the reactions of those around him, but a mere photograph was a poor ally to know if the other man would collaborate with him willingly or if he would be problematic. It was preferable to face the problem and see what surprises the man had hidden beneath his skin.

In a short time, his steps led him to the Allegiant's canteen and, as soon as he entered the room, he could felt the dark eyes of El-Aurian fixed on him. Bila had become accustomed from an early age to the prying eyes that caused his exotic appearance and knew how to use that for his own benefit, whenever he had the chance. Even though he hated that gazes. Therefore, he moved towards the table occupied by the dark-skinned man, with a calm smile on his lips and the hazel eyes fixed on his face. Briefly, he saw a serie of confused emotions pass through his face, among them the pity that the half cardassian detested. Bila frowned slightly, his superciliary ridges shadowing his eyes. However, as soon as the Chief noticed that Izar was returning his gaze, he adopted a neutral expression that prevented his emotions from reflecting on his face. Bila smirked as an answer, another poker player, he thought, amused in spite of his shortcomings.

"At ease, Chief," he said as a greeting, a mischievous smile slowly spreading across his face. "I'm only one lab accident away from being an evil genius in a holonovel so, please, do not feed my vanity by being so formal" He chucked, trying to confuse the El-Aurian. Without further ado he sat on the other side of the table, leaving the PADD he had carried on his side. He leaned his elbows on the table and interlaced his fingers, which allowed him to rest the chin over his hands as he scrutinized the petty officer closely. He let the silence thicken between them, on one hand to allow the other man to initiate the conversation but, mainly, he sought to disturb him, lowering those defenses that he had so quickly raised at his arrival. If Bila had inherited something from his unknown cardassian father was an innate ability to adopt a deadpan expression and fixed stare without batting an eyelid, reptile style. A comfy way to irritate those around him.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] @Numen

The scientists words and casual manner caused a quizzical expression to cross Ekon’s features. He watched silently as the Cardassian hybrid seated himself across the table from Ekon, resting his elbows on the table and lacing his fingers so as to rest his chin on them. Once the half-Cardassian had seated and situated himself he simply sat silently, staring at Ekon with a neutral expression. Ekon returned the stare for a moment, wondering if he was going to have a problem with the half-spoon scientist. Aside from Ensign Dumral, Ekon had never had positive dealings with a Cardassian, and although Lt. Izar was only half-Cardie, that half was all Ekon could see at the moment.

”Did you come here just to stare at me?” The Chief asked as he raised the mug to his lips and took a sip of his drink, swallowing before he spoke again. ”Or is there something I can help you with?” He paused, lowering the mug back to the table. ”Is there a problem with your lab or equipment? Or just your manners?” Ekon’s eyes narrowed as he spoke the last part of questioning, and as an afterthought he added a ”Sir.” to avoid any accusations of insubordination. Just because the strange fellow had told him to be at ease didn’t give him leave to be rude or outright hostile to an officer.

Not even a rude Cardassian officer… Ekon thought, wondering for a moment if Ensign Dumral was the only civil Cardassian he would ever meet. This man certainly didn't seem like he was going to become the second.

Ekon leaned back in his chair, his body relaxed, regarding the scientist. Lt. Izar was tall, though not as tall as he was, and Ekon guessed he had a good 20 pounds on the scientist. That, added to the fact that the scientist seemed to be relaxed and simply trying to unnerve him, indicated that Ekon likely didn’t need to worry about this encounter escalating into a physical altercation.

Which then begged the question: Why was the scientist sitting here staring at him?

”If you are attempting to use some interrogation tactic in an effort to make me uncomfortable, I will admit that it is working to some degree.” Ekon said in his deep, accented voice. The statement was accompanied by a slight chuckle which manifested itself more as a low rumble in his chest. ”I have had more negative dealings with Cardassians than positive, and I would not wish to have another reprimand on my file for assaulting an officer…”

Ekon left it at that and once again lifted his mug from the table, raising it and taking a long sip of the raktajino as he regarded the scientist above the rim and waited for him to speak.

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ]
Att.: @Fife 

"In fact, yeah, I 'm using my evil skills to take your measures. I've taken a quick glance at your profile and I discovered that I need to deal with a veteran of Dominion War, not only that, but one that just confesses me that he has attacked several officers several in the past... " Bila left the sentence hanging on the air, and allowed himself to adopt a slightly stern pose, his hazel eyes darkened by his frown. However, his sly smirk kept in place, giving him a tremendously ambiguous expression. “So I need to check your credentials”

Finally, he leaned back, reating his torso on the backrest and roared with laughter. The sudden outburst made his bajoran earring tinkle gently, following the rhythm of his guffaw. "The truth is, that I wanted to check if I can work with you, Mr. Okotie-Eboh. I know that although few crewmembers have problems working with a bajoran, my father's people are seen with worse eyes. And the Prophets know that I cannot divide myself in half to show you only my ... grayless side, if we could call it  that way" The scientist relaxed his expression, adopting one more natural and less quarrelsome.

The dark-skinned man seemed direct and sincere, with the subtlety of a punch in the face. It was something whith what the half-bajoran could work with, at least the dialectical dance with the Ops Chief wouldn't need a deepnes of thought that aggravate his headache. Almost as if he had invoked it, a lash of pain seized his temples, making him lower his eyes to the table, squeezing his eyelids. The scientist put a hand to the painful area, massaging it lightly, while searching with the other in his uniform, to take out a half-full bottle of capsules. He took out two tablets and threw them into his throat with a fluid movement, and swallowed them as quick as he can. Following that, he looked back at the El-Aurian, a forced smile spreading through his features. "My apologies, I'm still recovering from the Borg attack. I guess you had had to withdraw pieces of me from my lab console, I assure you it was totally unintentional, I use to have all my body parts firmly glued to myself... " He jested, trying to play down his health issues. He had been working with the nanoprobes for hours now and, absorbed as he was in that fascinating project, probably he had forgotten his dose. Or had he taken it? Whatever he was or not, the stubborn pain had returned and the medication wouldn't hurt.  If he had had more time, he would have tried to synthesize some more effective component, but between his awakening in the sickbay, and the call to the ranks, too little time had passed, and he'd been unable to make it. Nor had it helped that the laboratory he used to occupy had been turned into fireworks and stellar trash thanks to the Asurians.

Izar dismissed those useless thoughts with a shrug and looked back at his fellow crewmember. "As I was saying ... what experience do you have with the design of particle emitters? I need a thin-gauge controller, designed for medical purposes, but in a device  capable of withstanding a matter/antimatter reaction …" he began to explain enthusiastically. "I've been studying old reports and I think I've found a method to reverse assimilation relatively quickly, but I'm afraid I don't have too much time to develop this project myself. I need a catalyst ... or a minion, if you prefer to continue designating me as an evil Cardassian scientist instead of as a pious Bajoran who devotes his life to science” The mischievious smile came back to brighten the face of the hybrid while he tossed his padd to the other man, tapping the screen to show the calculations about the amount of radiation and the variability of it that they needed.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] @Numen

Ekon wasn’t sure exactly what he thought of the scientist sitting across from him. On the one hand, he spoke of trying to develop a way of treating assimilation, something which struck a chord with the Ops Chief. On the other hand, he genuinely gave off the impression of being a pill-popping madman.

That being said, everyone aboard the Allegiant had agreed to willingly venture forth to seek out the Borg in what was basically a fancier version of a runabout, so couldn’t it be said that they were all a little mad? The thought gave Ekon pause, leading him to reconsider his judgement of the science officer.

Ekon took another sip of his raktajino as the scientist continued speaking, his brow furrowed in concentration as the scientist explained what he needed. Those same brows took on a quizzical expression when the Cardassian referred to him as a minion, leading the El-Aurian to ponder exactly what Lt. Izar meant by that.

”Am I to take it that, having conducted your little test, I have passed muster?” Ekon asked dryly. He understood the Cardassian’s caution to some extent. It couldn’t be easy for the hybrid scientist to endure the constant suspicion his Cardassian half would bring down upon him. On the other hand, he disliked the fact that the scientist was playing games. It seemed a very… Cardassian trait.

”I think I should be able to help you with your project, sir.” Ekon lowered his mug back to the table as he spoke, regarding the Cardassian with a neutral expression. ”I’ll need to have a look at the exact specifications you require. I am not due on the bridge for a couple of hours, so we can get started now if you’d like.” Ekon’s eyes took on a hint of mischief as he continued. ”And if I am being honest, regardless of whether I look at you as a Bajoran or a Cardassian, “mad scientist” would still seem like an apt description.” Ekon let out a low chuckle and gave the Cardassian a half-smile. ”So if I am to help you, would that make me the Igor to your Doctor Frankenstein?”

Only after he made the comment did Ekon realize that Lt. Izar might very well not understand his reference of the fictional human mad scientist, but following the little games Izar had played so far, Ekon figured it would give the scientist something to ponder for a little while. Perhaps it would keep him busy and stop him from annoying the Ops Chief while they looked over the specs for Lt. Izar’s project.

However, Ekon knew full well that he might be hoping for too much.

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ]
Att.: @Fife 

"Well, my little test told me that you are frank in your opinions, that you don't mind judge a superior and that you aren't too fond of me, although you'll take care of not being openly violent with an officer. I can work with that, although I would prefer a more cordial environment, the Prophets known that I have found myself in worse situations." He answered to Eboh's inquire, shrugging apologetically. He could had pointed out how many times his gray skin had caused suspicions that had spoiled his work. Up to a point, he was used to having his words taken with caution and reticence and he preferred when that suspicions were open and obvious. At least that allowed him to smooth things over witingly.

"Anyway, no more quizzes for you, you don't seem to be of the gambler type" Bila conceded while he spread his long hands in front of him, with his palms facing the CPO. Despite he tried to show himself with all the appearance of honesty that was capable, a cynical side-smile was installed on his face. He knew when he was labeled as an Evil Cardassian and he had felt perfectly how the El-Aurian decorated him with that label.

However, as soon as the petty officer began to ask about the concrete specifications of the device he wanted to develop, he soon found himself in a accusation  of being a mad scientist in light of which he laughed openly. It wasn't the first time he had been designated it that way and, possibly, it wouldn't be the last one. He knew that the combination of his verbose and open attitude, his complex bloodline and the scientific babble didn't help to point him out as the most sane crewman. In addition to this, Bila always had found that designation humorous and had favored it anytime he could. He preferred to be a madman to an evil one.

"Well i dunno who that Doctor Frank ens Tein was, but if he or she builded a potentially dangerous device with the best of intentions, I think you can call me that way... Igor " he said trying to hide his puzzlement when he faced a reference for which he had no basis. The name sounded vaguely Tellarite, but perhaps it could be human or of another species.

Without turning the matter over, he took the Padd and began to explain his idea. "Well well, as you, Mr. Igor, will know, the Omicron radiation is a form of radiation that can be created by certain forms of matter-antimatter reactions. By default it's usually toxic for certain life forms and can sicken most humanoids. Nevertheless, it was pointed out that it could be used to destroy nanoprobes intramolecular processors, which implies that it would revert an assimilation in its initial stages. It wouldn't serve to return to normal a drone that had been assimilated for weeks or months because the nanoprobes would be too integrated in his or her system, but would it allow to revert to its initial state a newly assimilated drone" While talking, the hybrid was enthusiastically pointing the graphics in the PADD, where the simulations that he had been carried out with the collected data of Doctor Phlox were shown.

"However, the amount of radiation that an organism can deal with is ... let's leave it as scarce. And you already know that a matter-antimatter reaction is mostly explosive in its radiations. I would need to be able to regulate the amount of omicron particles emitted as well as their the wavelength as accurately as possible. I know it can be complicated but it can mean the difference between becoming a borg or frying all the nerve endings of the patient's organism." While the scientist's tone was light, his brow ridges were deeply frowned. The solution he had created until that moment in the presence of an encounter with the Borg was purely prophylactic, and he wanted to have a real solution to a possible contagion. One that did not lead to certain death.

"According to the investigations of my former comrades, this is the safe radiation strip to use against humans and denobulans," he continued pointing to a data table on the small screen. "But as you will understand Igor  I would like to expand that margin a little bit above and below to cover more humanoid species."

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] @Numen

Ekon listened intently as the scientist explained what he wanted. As he looked at the PADD that Lt. Izar was showing him, Ekon absently wondered if the Cardassian hybrid would become less annoying as time went on.

Something told Ekon that he would not.

”So just to clarify, Doctor Frankenspoon, you want me to help you in the construction of a particle emitter that will allow you to administer a carefully controlled dose of omicron radiation to a patient, and that you need that dose to be limited to these safety specifications.” Ekon recapped, wondering why scientists always needed to prattle on so much.

”Such a device will not be easy to construct aboard the Allegiant.” Ekon said, taking the PADD from Lt. Izar and looking the specifications over. Ekon absently rubbed his chin as his eyes ran over the data on the display. ”We will be working with limited space. And we will need to replicate most of the materials.”

Ekon leaned back in his seat, holding the PADD up in front of him with one hand while running the other over the top of his head, his palm sliding across the cornrows and ran over his scalp.

”However…” Ekon mused, talking more to himself than to the scientist as he pulled up a schematic of the Allegiant on the PADD. ”We may be able to pull a small amount of matter and antimatter form the Allegiant’s warp core. If we can alter the reaction so as to create the omicron radiation, then we would only need to worry about the delivery system.” Ekon placed the PADD on the table and slid it towards Lt. Izar, taking his mug up in the now empty hand and sipping his raktajino. ”The delivery system and controller will take some time to build. How soon were you and Dr. T’Panu looking to have this device operational?”

Ekon took another long sip of raktajino, draining the mug. He placed the empty mug down on the table, entertaining the thought of having another. Ekon had the feeling the next few hours would keep him rather busy, most likely until his duty shift began.

A part of his also held the suspicion that he’d need the caffeination in his system in order to keep him from throttling the quirky half-Cardie scientist sitting across form him.

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ]
Att.: @Fife 

"I know it wouldn't be an easy task and this runabout with delusions of grandeur isn't the best place to develop this emitter, but the more options we have in case of a  Borg's boarding, the better," replyed the scientist, while observing how the ops officer was engaged in the study of the diagrams and calculations of the PADD. From the other side of the table, Bila could see the gears of the other man's brain running at full power, hesitating between the viability of what was in front of him and told the scientist to get stuffed. Possibly both things at the same time, seasoned with the desire to see if that crazy idea could really be carried out.

Izar remained silent, he had teased enough the other hybrid, so he leaned his elbows on the table, fingers interlaced, and the shagy chin over them. It just needed that, in spite of all his hesitations, Eboh agreed to collaborate.  That he put the obvious dislike that he felt towards him aside, so they could work together. That would allow them to gain some precious time. And they had so little time that any minute gained was more valuable than Latinum. "We will not need to purge a lot of the WARP engine fuel to get the antimatter that the ORE need, modifying it may take a little more time, but I think I could dedicate myself to it in the lab if you take care of the delivery system in the meantime." He nodded, offering the theoretical candy before offering CPO the bitter pill that he knew would be very unpleasant to hear. "Truth to be told, time ... is the REAL problem" he began to say, spreading his hands to pinch his ridged nose. "Ideally, the device should be developed as soon as possible. Yesterday would be a good delivery date." Bila grimaced, esqueezing his fingers hardly against his bridge. "I don't know when we will face the borg, not even if we really would face them, but I'll buy any chance to save our butts that I have in hand. Even if I need to put the caffeine directly streaming through my veins.”

The chemist leaned back, resting his back against the backrest. He massaged slowly his temples, eyes shut. "You were in the Cayuga, you know what we are meeting. It wasn't the first time i confronted those ... things, and i don't want to be utterly helpless against them another time. So let's do this as well as possible for the good of the entire crew, okay? "

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] @Numen

Eboh listened in silence as the half-spoon scientist spoke, understanding the need for swift action if this device was to be of use in the event of an encounter with the Borg. Eboh kept his eyes on the PADD, reading over the specs and only offering a grunt by way of agreement. He did this not out of any spite for the scientist, but rather so as not to break his concentration as eh thought about how they might achieve what Lt. Izar had thought up.

He heard Izar’s comment about him being aboard the Cayuga, as well as the words that followed. This time Eboh did look up from the PADD, looking at the scientist sitting across from him with an understanding expression.

”Aboard the Cayuga was not my first time dealing with the Borg either, sir.” Eboh said, his deep voice carrying easily in the small room despite the low volume with which he now spoke. ”I was at Wolf-359, aboard the Saratoga. I don’t imagine I need to tell you the outcome of that particular encounter.” Sadness tinged the words as Eboh spoke, mingling with his accent as he confided in his fellow hybrid. ”You don’t need to tell me about a feeling of helplessness when it come to the Borg, Lieutenant.” Eboh informed the other man with a sad smile. ”I am half El-Aurian. We know, all too well, the evil that the collective is capable of.”

Eboh sighed and leaned back in his chair, placing the PADD down on the table in front of him as he regarded the man opposite him. ”Where did you encounter the Borg, sir?” Ekon asked, viewing the officer in a slightly different light upon discovering he was a fellow survivor of a Borg encounter. ”You look to young to have been at Wolf-359.” A soft rumble emanated from Eboh’s chest as he chuckled, once again reflecting on the fact that if he kept making comments like that, he was liable to turn into an old man well before his time.

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ]
Att.: @Fife 

Possibly for the first time since the chemist had entered the Mess Hall, Okotie-Eboh's behaviour wasn't plently defensive. Bila even thought he detected a glimmer of empathy in his dark eyes. The half bajoran smiled faintly, his theatrical mask broken for a moment. "Indeed, I was not at Wolf 359, old fellow. My cadet cruise was in the Thunderchild, and some time after I enlisted there we faced the Borg at 001. It was ... a rough first cruise for sure." Bila leaned back in the chair, taking distance from the other man to look at him carefully. Although he had tried to joke accusing him of being a child compared to himself, the CPO seemed surprisingly sad and fragile at the time. "I don't know how you feel being part of a specie exiled from their Homeworld, scattered through the galaxy, but I've been a refugee surronded by foreigners, raised in a planet that is not my own. What feels being one of a kind." The half-cardassian smiled without humor, while his hands played with the bottle of pills. "And as much as this face is hard to look at for some people, it's mine, and I don't feel like embellishing it with cybernetic implants. With a bit of luck, it will not be necessary to use the ORE but it can be useful when we return to the Cayuga. Maybe we'll get something good out of this crazy adventure. "

Bila stood on her feet and rested his hands on the table, leaning slightly forward. His streak of frankness had passed and his face  showed again the same impish smile he had when he appeared in front of Eboh for first time. "I count on you, Igor?"

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | 1800 hrs. | Mess Hall | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] @Numen

Ekon smiled as Izar made his “old fellow” comment, and listened as Izar recounted his previous encounter with the Borg at Sector 001, his mask seeming to fall away for the moment to reveal the true man beneath.

A rough cadet cruise indeed. Eboh thought to himself, knowing all too well the sense of fear that came with encountering the Borg.

Then the hybrid science officer began to talk about his understanding of being an outsider, surrounded by foreigners. He spoke of his time as a refugee, being raised on a planet that wasn’t his home. Ekon found himself understanding the scientist a little better, himself having grown up on Earth, surrounded by Humans. The only El-Aurian he had known growing up was his all-to-often absent mother, who had then left when he was 15 and never returned. Ekon forced his attention back to the present, having missed part of what Lt. Izar had said.

Lt. Izar stood now, resting his hands on the table and leaning forward. The scientist’s face once again bore the impish smile that Ekon assumed was a self-preservation tactic to keep people out.

”I count on you, Igor?”

I should never have made that reference. He’s never going to forget it, now. Eboh thought to himself, shaking his head as he, too, rose to his feet.

”You can count on me, Doctor Frankenspoon!” Ekon said, giving the cheeky bastard scientist a nod and a sly grin as he spoke. ”Let me grab another coffee and I will meet you in the lab. I feel like this is going to be a long day…” As Ekon spoke the words, even he wasn’t sure if he meant the nature of the mission they were on, or dealing with the scientist he had just agreed to help with the ORE device.

Ekon sighed as he moved to the replicator and ordered another raktajino, raising the steaming mug up in front of his face and taking a long whiff of the dark liquid.

At least the replicators are working. With enough raktajino, I might actually make it through today… Ekon mused as he turned and followed the retreating back of the mad scientist out of the mess hall.


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