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Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 0800 hrs. ] Swing of Things

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] @Blue Zephyr
Relieved that Zy didn't have the wrong idea about the situation between them, Sera couldn't help the rueful smile on her face as she stepped aboard the Sabine in the El-Aurian's wake - appreciating the sight of her posterior when she ascended the short ramp leading up to the airlock.

"Burn me, I like how your mind works," she said in her heavy accent in reply to the comment about grease.

Once inside, she tossed her jacket over the chair at the work station and went rummaging around the refitted ship's interior, thinking she'd seen how Melissa Wright had equipped the ship with a tool box. She found it in a storage compartment, and inside it, there was an array of things she recognised, and a lot of things she had no idea what they were for. She was hardly an engineer, but after having spent years cobbling together the rust bucket that the Sabine used to be she believed she knew one end of a plasma torch from the other.

[ Two Hours Later ]

The main compartment of the Sabine was a proper mess, and while progress had been made, there was a lot of cleaning to be done afterwards. Sera hated cleaning with a vengeance, but as littered as the deck plating of the Sabine had become, with tools and plating and circuitry that they'd have to ask one of the Starfleeters to reconnect, she did think that the Sabine was better off than when they had begun.

Of course, the welding had raised the temperature in the compartment, and the hard work had made Sera's tanned skin beaded with sweat. She'd tossed away her green top a good while back, her red bra damp and clinging to her like a second skin. She had small cuts and scrapes up her tattooed forearms, and her throat was parched. The blasted transporter alcove was all broken 'glass' and electronics, and she couldn't do anything about fixing that, but at least the escape pods underneath the deck were not death-traps anymore.  The grates in the deck were opened, and Sera was standing in one of the small pods, catching her breath. If the pods were needed, she'd feel pretty confident that they would remain pressurised and have air. She... might have to ask one of the Starfleet engineers to verify that, though.

"Last pod done," she said, swallowing, and picked up a bottle of water. She poured some of the contents over her head, enjoying how the cold liquid ran down her hair and skin, and then took a long swing from it. "How's it going on your end?"

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[Zyrao Natauna | Fixin' Shit | Keeping Busy |  Finding Focus | No Blood Spilled]
@Auctor Lucan

Zyrao had taken her one piece Klingon jump suit off the top of her body some time ago.  Slid underneath the deck plating pairing and replacing some of the fried wires was something easily done and left little room for fuck-ups.  She wasn't an engineer and she wasn't a mechanic.  But you didn't get to her age without knowing some basic maintenance.  Wires went bad all the fucking time so she didn't really mind taking that kind of tedious work for herself. 

Sera had been busy heating up the interior of the small ship all on her own.  Hence Zy's state of semi-undress.  If she hadn't wanted to protect her legs from any errant sparks or anything she would have gone completely nude.  But she had a hard enough time with the fleet she didn't fancy a visit to their Sickbay because of some kind of burn.  Welding in such a tight place came with many of those challenges and threats. 

The light shimmered off her heavily tattooed skin.  All of them told a story and not a single person alive knew any of them.  She hadn't been much into talking about them.  Those that had known them before, on the Hakkarl were dead.  Space dust.  Cosmic particles.  Whatever someone wante to call them.  They were all gone and she didn't really feel like it was story time with Sera.  Sera was a free woman, she was the sort that would likely float from a person to person.  Zyrao didn't mind this she had not expected nor looked for monogamy in some time.  It wasn't that she preferred to share, in fact she was bad at it, unless it was stated at the get go.  Zyrao could be a jealous bitch when she connected with someone.

Zyrao's eyes flickered to the Câroon woman who had finally stopped with the welder and stood there far more drenched in her own fluids than Zyrao herself who was still laying across the upper deck above Sera.  Her lower half bent over the opening as she was double checking all the wires, conduits, and relays that would make sure the escape pods would release properly if they were needed.  Only one of these had been fried by the blast the ship had suffered.  Zyrao had replaced it and double checked her work to make sure electricity was now flowing through them again. 

Grey eyes took in the form of the woman.  Pouring water over her already wet body, likely to cool it's temperature, and then drinking what was left from the bottle.  The el-Aurian didn't answer right away, instead she just stared at the woman before their eyes met one anothers.

“Should be all done.  Good to go, at least this part.  What don't you come out of the hot hole and take a break.” she said as she quickly contracted her abdominal muscles and pulled herself up straight.  Scooting back from the hole she had been bent over in she left room for Sera to climb out, offering her a strong hand if she needed it.  Zyrao honestly enjoyed the tattoos on Sera's body.  She was unsure if they told a story or if they were merely for decoration.  Often, it was both.

Once the woman sat down next to the El-Aurian Zyrao leaned over and grabbed another couple bottles of water she had replicated a while ago and tossed one to her.  “So I'm curious about your tattoos.  Are they decorations or stories?” she asked her curiously.  Zyrao leaned against the cool bulkhead behind her of the Sabine.  She wasn't done working, or she wasn't planning to be.  This was the kind of stuff that exhausted her and if she was tired she would sleep tonight instead of trying to figure out what to do with herself. 

Sera had been kind enough to give her refuge here on the Sabine and Zyrao was grateful though she doubted she could easily repay the woman.  Reaching over her fingers slid against the wet skin that was covered in the lovely marks.  “Are they from your planet?  I admit I have very little experience with your race.” she admitted before dropping her hand back to her water and taking another sip. 

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] @Blue Zephyr
Sera gladly took Zy's hand in order to get out of the opened escape pod hatch. Oh, but the El-Aurian looked exquisite after having worked up a sweat, and Sera couldn't help but look at the way her short hair clung to her temple. "My thanks," she said in her accent and climbed up, catching the water bottle as well. "Yeah, burn me, I need a break."

She sat down next to Zy, and heard her speak of her tattoos, which made Sera smile - unable to help looking at the El-Aurian's as well. Hers were definitely of different origin, seemly planets apart in their texture and motifs. They spoke of the woman's diverse past, and her long story. Sera had merely been granted the privilege of hearing some of those stories the night before. How could you summarise a life long led in just one night - under severe intoxication? No, Sera knew that she had likely just heard the wide, sweeping brushstrokes of all that Zy had been through. Whereas herself, yeah, she might have stories too, but she had to be a bit choosy in what to tell Zy, since all her endeavours hadn't been on the right side of Federation law. Much less the laws of the indigenous people who's ancient ruins she'd frequented and relieved of treasures.

Yet as long as Zyrao had lived, it seemed she was still curious about Câroon, and while the topic of her home planet was a sore one in the respect that she constantly tried to forget about it, it didn't mean she could still tell the woman about her people. Most of all, the Fire Region.

"These are my gadd," she said, putting the water bottle down after a couple of swigs, and held out her forearms in the artificial light of the Sabine's interior. She turned her arms a couple of times to make the light dance over the faint sheen of perspiration and water, making the raging flames dance. "They are the only markings I will wear. They are given to all Câroon when they come of age, and they are inherent to where on the planet we were raised, what families we belong to, and what our parents did before. There is a language to these, yet I can hardly read the gadd of other people well enough. We have people that are flaming experts in it, but I can only see the wider meanings. The way this flame is curled, it says my father worked the land, as did my mother, when you look at the flame next to it. I could never read the gadd of the other Regions though, burn me."

She chuckled, realising that Zy likely didn't know them either. "I am of the Fire Region, but there are Câroon from the Wind, Water and Earth Regions too. We don't tend to get along very well, many wars in the past, but we share the bond to our planet in common... only in different ways. We have affinities to the elements, granted to us by some kind of psionic bond to our home planet. It has let us utilise the elements, channeling them through our bodies."

Slowly, Sera dropped one hand, and raised three fingers before them where they sat against the bulkhead. "I can open myself up to the elements, making them flow through me. I am bad at it, but..." She closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, they were white, glowing with light, and when she spoke, her mouth cast shadows across the messy compartment before them.

"Here..." she said, and and on each of the three fingertips danced fickle flames - unmistakably there yet small. "I pull the fire from the plasma conduit behind me, and had I utilised more, the lights above us would have faltered by the depletion."

It was, essentially, a magic trick, which she wondered if she'd impressed the other woman with.

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 04 | 0800 hrs. ] Swing of Things

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[Zyrao Natauna | Learning of one Another | Story Time | The Young and Old | Friendship]
@Auctor Lucan

The young woman, began to tell her about her gadd.  Zyrao leaned back against the bulk head and listened as she spoke of her home world.  The El-Aurian rather enjoyed gathering up the stories of other races, hearing of their cultures, and of course getting to know them.  It was interesting, to her, the way that people tended to go with all their culture or rebuke it all together.  Some people rebelled for the sake of rebelling and yet others endeavored to hold the culture they knew dear.  Sipping her water she allowed the woman to continue to speak.  Talking of the gadd and what it meant.  The flames and the curls of them were a language all to their own.

This didn't surprise the El-Aurian.  Most tattoos told a story or they were marks of ownership.  The act of inking the skin of others had been around much longer than she had been alive.  Her mother and father had worked the land, and it made Zyrao curious what kinds of things they had grown.  What the fields were responsible for.  What exactly the people of Câroon were all about.  While Zyrao was old she had not always been free to travel where ever she wanted.  There was a great deal about the universe that she still knew nothing of. 

Zyrao listened as she spoke that there were various elements that people could be privy to on the planet.  Of course, with different people, and different affinities, war had broken out countless times.  Sera, herself, was from the Fire element.  She stretched out three fingers and began to focus.  Zyrao quietly watched, she had said nothing as the woman gave her the information about herself.  Absorbing all that she could about the woman beside her.  She found herself rather interested in Sera.  Whether what they had between them developed into more she had little concern one way or another.  She knew that for the most part they had been thrust together out of similar circumstances.  Zy had no doubt that Sera would find herself ample lovers as would Zyrao were she privy to search for them.

As Sera's eyes opened again, there was a hot white light within them and flames, small, but present danced on the fingertips of her hands.  Then, it was gone.  She stated she had pulled from the engines and had she pulled any more she would have killed the engine all together.  Zyrao tilted her head, taking in all this information for a moment, filing it away into her mind before she sat forward a bit.

“I'm intrigued.” she stated calmly.  “You must pull from something to use your fire then?” she said with a calm but curious voice.  Her lovely grey eyes taking in the woman beside her.  Searching her face and her eyes.  “Can you use this ability of yours in a fight, or battle?  I am curious because that could, in a moment of necessity if it could turn the tide of a battle in your favor.  Do you have to concentrate to use it or does it come up through your emotions and necessity?”

Zyrao was quiet curious.  It was not magic, it was something else.  But, people would likely be surprised, especially those that didn't know about the Câroon.  It would enable her to have a secret advantage.  At least, that was what Zyrao felt.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] @Blue Zephyr
When asked more about how her Câroon abilities worked, Sera chuckled and felt like she had to put a bit of a damper on the intrigue. It was with mixed feelings, since the reason for her lessened affinities to use the elements came from her being away from Câroon.

"There used to be those who could make the oceans heave, and the mountains split. Some could create storms of fire that scourged the battlefields. Burn me, those people are mere myths these days," she said, yellow eyes distant. "Now, some say our link to our planet has become diminished because we rely on technology and other means, and that we do not have to fight for our survival to the same extent that we used to do."

Saying this, she let the small flames flicker out and vanish, and immediately upon the release, when her zi'naaq ceased to shine though her eyes and mouth, she felt the vertigo of the aftermath. She raised her other hand and ran it through her hair, taking a deep breath. "What you saw is the extent of what I can do, and it takes a toll. It flaming exhausts me, even if opening up to the elements is not too difficult. It's a form of acceptance, but its treacherous, burn me, because afterwards, the amount of time and usage can floor you. Câroon die every day from using the elements, because they grow too bold, and exert themselves too much, before they release their hold. It's especially dangerous to children, who don't know moderation, and think they can do anything. If our zi'naaq, the energy centers through our body, become unbalanced, we suffer for it. I almost killed myself too, thinking I could make more than these fickle flames, when I was young."

Sera turned her head and looked at Zy, a bitter smile on her lips. "We are but a shadow of what we once were, the people of Câroon, and the longer we are away from our home planet, the less we're able to use the elements around us. When I said the lights would flicker if I pulled more from the Sabine, it was hypothetical." Her smile became a tad more rueful then. "It's just something I can do to intimidate dealers or bartenders in in the spaceports I visit... and perhaps impress a guy or a girl to have sex with me. Cheap trick, but it might work now and then."

Saying as much, Sera leaned her forehead against Zy's, the transition slow, and her fiery eyes creased mischievously at the corners.

"Now, you tell me," she said deep down in her throat, and ran her warm fingertips up Zy's leg, grazing her inner thigh. "Is it working?"

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[Zyrao Natauna | Fire Witches | Amazing Abilities |  Learning More |  Sweaty History Lessons]
@Auctor Lucan

Zyrao found herself intrigued.  Learning about another culture, another planet, another race, was something that she was always interested in.  People knew that the El-Aurian's were predominately rumored to be the Listeners.  And, she supposed, that was true.  It was mostly that one had been around such a long time that you had gained a large amount of wisdom.  They tended to be quiet and listen because it was how you got the whole picture and not just a piece of it.  It was how things were given a full view.  She also appreciated getting as much information from the whole situation before she made any decisions what so ever.  Zyrao herself had a lot to learn, anyone no matter the age who thought otherwise, would find themselves absolutely over estimating themselves.  You had to look at your own faults before you could garner judgement of others.

The flame went out as Sera talked about herself and her race.  How powerful they used to be and how over time, because of technology and distance from the elements, their powers had fallen.  She was interested in how this had come to be but honestly it made sense.  Something that was once used a great deal probably became less necessary as the Câroon people began to learn how to survive without them.  They would fall out of practice of using them so quickly without the actual need for them.  Then, with evolution and more generations not relying on such powers they would fall to disarray. 

It was a sad evolution, but it was one that she could understand and had seen before.  The El-Aurian woman watched Sera as she talked about her family.  Taking in the facial cues and the tones in her voice when she spoke of her home.  Zyrao could understand the loss of a home, the loss of a power that was once great.  While she had never been able to control an element the El-Aurian's had been great in their own right.

“At least, you have a planet out there.” she said softly, her voice was heavy with the past horrors and the hatred that had settled in the pit of her gut when it came to the Borg.  She didn't need to entertain Sera with her own past, and the likelihood was that like most people, Sera already knew about it.  Zyrao was not secretive to who she was or what she was.  Even though she identified largely these days with Klingon she still had her roots founded in a planet that no longer held population.  Her own kind scattered heavily among the stars.  She had only met another one of her own kind a handful of times in two hundred years and she doubted it would ever be more.

Sera admitted to the fact that the light show was just a trick she used to mess with people and make them think she had abilities that she hadn't even shown yet.  The el-Aurian couldn't help but give a grin of interest.  She liked Sera.  Whatever happened between them in the end, she had, in the very least, found a good friend.  Someone that she could truly get to know and really enjoy time together.  Suddenly, the lovely woman was in front of her, pressing her face against Zyrao's own.  Fire light behind the grey eyes of the woman a bit of a grin tweaked against her lips as she stared into the lovely orbs of Sera.  The beautiful women knew that she could likely have who ever she wanted and most likely would. 

“I think, you look exhausted.” she said simply.  Her fingers trailed along the now dry jawline of the woman grinning at her.  Seducing her.  Zyrao had never truly been into women however something about Sera just called to her.  She felt comfortable and was quite enjoying ehrself.  It was nice to have someone on her team at least.  “Maybe I should make sure you sleep really well.  Again.” she grinned playfully and brought her pale lips to Sera's own making the move this time.  Pushing the Câroon onto her back against the deck plating.  Not the most comfortable of places, but knowing the two of them, they wouldn't stay in the same positions long anyway.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | SS Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] @Blue Zephyr
When she landed on the deck, Sera couldn't help but laugh ruefully at Zy's comment about sleep, even though in the back of her mind, she still wanted to say something about how Zy had lost her planet to the Borg. Yet what was there to say? Personally, she'd do anything to not feel the longing for her home planet, so she could hardly sympathise fully. Perhaps it was better to distract the El-Aurian?

Oh, she was getting ample enough distraction herself... The former Klingon strategist was on top of her, kissing her, and Sera couldn't help the sound she made deep down in her throat, craning her neck to meet those full lips of Zy's. Half-dressed as they were already, Sera didn't immediately seek to shed more clothing, instead running her tattooed hands over the other woman's inked body, The blue carpet upon the deck might be thin, but Sera didn't mind it the lest. She used the hard surface for leverage instead, raising her thigh between Zy's legs and getting even with her for that push - forcing the El-Aurian to grind against her with each minute movement they made.

"Burn me, I hope those Starfleeters don't come here to finish the repairs anytime soon." she murmured against Zy's lips, the passionate kiss paused for a brief moment. Greedily, she ran her hands up her lover's front, her forehead resting against Zy's again - golden eyes closed. "If they do, blast them. They'll have to swing by another time..."

For it was not like she'd stop anytime soon, the El-Aurian the finest she'd had in years.


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