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Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | USS Theurgy ]
Loosing herself in the complete fulfilment Lorad gave her, Sera's glowing eyes winked out when she shut them, only her panting moth making the shadows inside the Sabine dance. She didn't need to offer any verbal encouragement, to spur him on, for the Reman seemed quite into it already. Thus, the sounds she made were just primal mewls of contentment - a language shared by most species.

As wet as she was, she didn't really notice how there were added secretions in their joining, but she did feel herself clamp down more on him than she tended to do at other times. She had no way of knowing it was unique, or that it was a lesser reaction compared to a Reman female's, and she was enjoying herself far too much to notice. She merely thought the Reman was getting more engorged, and it made the continued friction all the better.

What she did lack, however, was the added fun of facing him, since while the way he filled her was good, and his strength was amazing, the front of her sex was not getting anything from him. Therefore, her fingers whitened around his wrist, and she pulled his hand away from her hip. "On the floor with you..." she growled, her glowing eyes opening. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Once he, eventually complied, the sense of loss when he vacated her was short-lived. She got on top of him, one tattooed hand on his chest, and the other guiding him back. The large crown of his phallus offered quite some resistance when she sat down unto him, straddling his waist, but with a groan of delight, she soon felt it ascend through her. On top, she could control the pace, and she could grind down fully on him - feeling the whole of her sex getting the attention she wanted.

She looked down at him as she began to ride him, her nails digging into his chest, and she could see the light of her eyes reflected in his. She grinned at him, encouraging him further by rolling her hips on top of his, for the euphoria was nigh - the crescendo of her pleasure about to hit her in full. She couldn't wait for him any further, and she wouldn't.

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Tesserarius Lorad | Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

Time was…. irrelevant. It didn’t even factor into Lorad’s thoughts as he thrusted into Sera from behind, pulled out and then pushed back in again. Was it because it was his first time with a non-Reman? Her exotic nature? Or just the sheer enjoyment and emotional release the experience was providing? Lorad would think back later and wonder which it was. But none of that mattered right now.

He had begun to feel the vaginal contractions he was familiar with from Reman females coming from Sera, albeit at a lesser strength and frequency. “All the better,” Lorad thought to himself. Beneath his clawed hands, Sera was mewling in a way even Lorad could understand. She was obviously enjoying his ministrations.

Eventually though, he felt the Câroon’s grip on his wrist through the haze and realised she wanted his attention even as she managed to dislodge his hand from her hip. Her yellow eyes, still glowing like torches, were turned to look back at him over her shoulder. The look on her face, to Lorad, was one of utter desire.

“On the floor with you...” Sera growled at him, her tone making it absolutely clear, even to him, that it was an order. Removing his hand from her shoulder, Lorad used it to grasp her other hip before slowly pulling himself completely free of the Câroon. The air of the cabin was cool compared to the blazing warmth of Sera’s tunnel and Lorad had half a mind to ignore her plunge back in. But he held himself in check and complied with her wishes as he laid down on the Sabine’s deck.

Thankfully, the chill was short-lived as Sera immediately pounced on him, straddling his waist and using one of her tattooed hands to guide him back towards her fiery core. His secretions were still at work inside her, causing her to have tightened more in his short absence and there was resistance to his re-entry. But the Câroon would not be denied and with a groan overflowing with pleasure, sank herself down the entire length of Lorad’s rigid shaft.

Lorad himself groaned as Sera began to ride him, raising and lowering herself on him. Her nails dug into the skin of his chest but Lorad cared not as he stared up into her glowing eyes. They were... intoxicating as they stared back down into his own. Soon, Sera began to roll her hips and Lorad could tell, or at least hoped, that she was approaching the peak of her pleasure.

Moving his hands from where they unconsciously rested upon Sera’s hips, he ran them up the sides of her body to cup both of her firm breasts in his hands. As Sera continued to ride him, her pace, to him, increasing with every ascension, Lorad ran his thumbs across the pinnacles of her mounds; caressing the sensitive nipples that were present there as he passed over them.

But through the fog of pleasure that surrounded his mind, Lorad knew that he could not reach his own summit of pleasure inside her, not this time; lest they be sealed together for an hour or more. 

“No, that can come later. At the end.”

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | USS Theurgy ]
When the Reman sought to fondle her, Sera encouraged him, putting her tattooed hands over his, and let his hands grant her leverage when she ground down on him. His coarse palms were a delight, yet still definitely second to the size of him, and feeling him fill her up so completely.

Her breathing was shallow and paced with each rise and fall she made with her hips. Her breasts ached with her excitement underneath his fingers, and her throat felt raw from the sounds she made. She could not hold out any further, and in grinding down unto him as hard as she could, she crossed the threshold, trying to let out a scream. Yet the convulsions that seized her stole her breath, and she ended up choking on the cry, blazing eyes and mouth wide. She tried to move throughout her climax, but his girth had been trapped by the seizures that coursed through her sex. Her efforts to continue riding him was in vain, but it didn't lessen the sensation.

"Burn me," he finally managed, and while still straddling him, feeling him throb inside, Sera reached for her cup and the bottle of Reman whiskey. Her throat was too dry and she needed another drink before she could finish him off. Her hands shook too much, though, so she ended up tossing the cup aside and drinking straight from the bottle, three healthy, fiery swallows. She believed she was getting used to the stuff, even though she still felt how the aft compartments of the Sabine were a bit blurry.

Grinning to him, her eyes had now returned to normal since she'd lost the touch to her zi'naaq. She put a hand on his chest and held the bottle towards him. "Need some?" she asked with a rueful smile, unable to help herself from teasing him a bit - shifting her hips a lazily as she were. Taunting him with her lack of movement.

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Tesserarius Lorad | Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Lorad had heard it spoken that different females liked things done different ways and that no two females were alike. And that trying to figure what they liked was a risk unto itself. But it seemed like that Lorad had figured out one thing that Sera liked, given how hard she was pressing his palms into her breasts as she forced herself down onto his shaft.

Where before he only hoped that Sera was reaching her peak, now he was sure. Her breathing matched her movements and her hands were like vices over his own. Her grip only intensified as she bore down on him one last time. Her mouth opened in a soundless wail, light shining from it and the Câroon’s eyes as Lorad arched his hips to full her fully. Eventually though, Sera sagged slightly, and her light stopped shining as she looked down at him.

“Burn me,” she finally said as she lent to the side, carefully to stay astride him and reached for her cup. But her body was still shaking from her peak and the cup splashed empty before she had moved it far. Tossing it aside, Lorad watched as she grasped the bottle instead and took a long pull. Finishing her drink, Sera smiled down at him and rested a hand on his chest and held out the bottle with the other. “Need some?” she asked, her smile seeming to say that she had no intention of letting him up. Her question was punctuated by a slight shifting of her hips.

Lorad was almost of the mind to roll her over and take her on the deck where they lay but that was the greedy way. No, he would savour this night; lest it never come again.

“Please,” was all Lorad said initially as he considered how best to say what he felt he needed to say without scaring her off. A part of him wondered if he should say anything at all. But his father had instilled in him honour and his honour said that he should speak.

“Sera,” Lorad said hoarsely, his throat dry. “Reman not like others. When reach end, we make other…what word…ah, tighter. We stuck together for time. Different each person.” Lorad wasn’t sure if he was making sense. He hoped he was and moreover, he hoped he wasn’t scaring her off. Not that she seemed the type to scare easily.

“I, I thought you need know, before,” Lorad said as he rested his head on the deck. “I, when time, finish there. But not yet,” he concluded. He had said his piece. Hopefully she could understand what he was saying. If not, at least his honour would be satisfied…. if nothing else.

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | USS Theurgy ]
It appeared like the Reman wasn't that interested in his own whiskey, which Sera supposed was a good indicator that he was enjoying her well enough. Therefore, she just shrugged with a grin while he began to prattle in his forced way, and she ended up drinking some more from the bottle. Undulating her hips lazily where she remained, she licked her lips clean from whiskey and put the bottle back on the table with a loud noise. She might have misjudged the placement of the tabletop a bit, but who could flaming blame her, given present circumstances?

Was he talking about him getting stuck with him if he came? She raised her eyebrows and chuckled at the peculiarity. That was a funny word. Like pecker and hilarity, Fleeting notion. She blinked and focused on saying something back. "Burn me, I'm glad you didn't spend yourself in my mouth," she murmured, biting her lip to keep herself from laughing out loud. Not nice to laugh and men about their private parts. Wars on countless worlds had likely begun that way. She mulled the information over a bit. "Seriously though, I might have died for all I know. Blast you and your whiskey. You still owe me five bottles."

Having chastised him well enough, something mischievous entered her mind, and she leaned down towards him, as if to kiss him... but instead, she pushed against his chest and rose to her feet - the sense of loss almost making her wobble. She had to use the table to support her strangely poor balance, before she gave him another grin. "Don't just lie there like some stuffed Reman carpet I didn't order," she said and sauntered over towards the lower bunk next to the table. She laid down on top of the covers, and ran a fingertip down her side.

"If I'm to get stuck, I sure as storms won't get stuck on the deck plating. You can at least have the courtesy for letting me sleep it off... along with your flaming whiskey." She couldn't give ashes about the mess on the table either at that point. "Come here and finish what you started, trooper."

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Tesserarius Lorad | Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan 

"If I'm to get stuck, I sure as storms won't get stuck on the deck plating. You can at least have the courtesy for letting me sleep it off... along with your flaming whiskey,” Sera said as she reclined on the lower bunk of the Sabine, running a finger alluringly only her skin. Lorad found that he couldn’t look away from the movements of the finger as it traced a line along her side. "Come here and finish what you started, trooper."

Lorad wasn’t sure if it was what she was doing, what she had said or what she was offering but the result was the same; his shaft, having begun to wane ever so slightly in the cool air of the cabin, immediately stiffened harder than it had been all night. Climbing to his feet, he paused to admire the naked form of Sera as the female Câroon laid on the bunk. Finding his mouth dry, Lorad absently reached for the whiskey bottle that his companion had drank from and took a long pull for himself.

“Yes, ma’am,” Lorad drawled out like a cowboy as he set the bottle back on the table. Shuffling over to the bunk, he considered, for a moment, how to go about the task as commanded. With no immediate idea popping into his head, Lorad reached out with his clawed hands and carefully pulled Sera’s legs apart at the knees before climbing onto the bed and kneeling in between them. 

Adjusting his position, Lorad brought his bulk down atop the Câroon’s, mindful of the fact that he was twice her size. Supporting his upper body on his elbows where they rested alongside Sera’s breasts, Lorad stared down into a pair of yellow eyes.

“Three bottles,” Lorad declared before, without waiting to hear her response, he began to drive his shaft back into the warm tunnel at the apex of her long, toned legs. When his pelvis met hers, Lorad pulled himself almost all the way out, until only the bulbous head remained before driving in once more. Settling into a rhythm, Lorad set about the task commanded of him. One he attacked with eager enthusiasm.

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | USS Theurgy ]
Oh, but Sera did not have to wait long for the Reman to join her on top of her sheets. She bit her lower lip in anticipation and ran her hands up his sides in wait for him. "Oh, you'll have to earn those two bottles back, burn you..." she murmured, digging her nails into his back when he pushed inside her anew.  She cried out and ginning arching her back at the feeling, before she began to work her hips against him.

She made sure he put that pelvis in to proper use, urging him on with the unspoken language of her body. She ran her nails up and down her back, bit his shoulder enough to make him feel it yet without meaning to draw blood. She was feeling really drowsy because of the Reman's whiskey, the effect increasing by the moment. She didn't have too many inhibitions to behind with, but with those drinks taking the edge off? Oh, she was properly enjoying herself.

The size of him, and the force he could put behind that size, it was soon making her delirious, her staccato panting and moaning out of her control. All caught up in the feeling of fulfillment, she forgot about Câroon, the bottles and the Sabine - lost in the maelstrom of intoxication and satisfaction.

Until she crossed the precipice again, and she cried out louder, fingers digging into Lorad's upper arms. At this point, her eyes flashed white anew, for the duration of her second time, and it lit the sweat beaded upon their skin - casting them both in brilliance.

Re: Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs. ] A Night To Remember (Or Not)

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[ Tesserarius Lorad | Sabine | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Lorad growled in the back of his throat as Sera’s teeth nipped at the skin of his shoulder. She had no way of knowing but the area where she had bitten was one of the spots on his body that inflamed his passion and drove him wild. His rocking motion quickly intensified into a more frenzied and primal thrusting that soon had Sera panting beneath him.

A part of his mind registered the continuing secretion of fluid from his manhood into Sera’s warm wetness. But that part was bashed aside by the ever-growing part that sort fulfilment within her depths. Sera’s staccato panting and moaning served as easily understood encouragement to the Reman and he continued his strong thrusts into her, grounding out his pelvis against her with ever push. Sera’s own hips were rising up to meet his own and her hands, having moved away from his back, were now gripping his arms.

Lorad was considering what else he could do to bring pleasure to Sera when suddenly, the Câroon cried out as he fingers dug into his arms. Before Lorad could think, Sera's eyes flashed open, shining so brightly that Lorad was forced to close his own. Understanding what was happening, Lorad continued his efforts as he sort to bring her as much pleasure as possible. 

But even a Reman as steadfast as Lorad could only hold out so long. As Sera’s orgasmic rippling continued, the pulsations of her fiery loins brought him ever closer to fulfilment until he simply could not hold himself back any longer. 

With a groan that echoed around the small cabin, Lorad’s engorged shaft released his seed within her hot, rippling tunnel. Pumping himself deeper, Lorad instinctually sort to maximise the chances of his seed finding root; the consideration that is wasn’t even possible never crossing his mind. As his release flooded her depths, the overflow of his secretion that joined it caused Sera’s muscles to contract around his rigid length. With his bulbous tip buried inside her, those same muscles tightened around his shaft so firmly that he could no longer withdraw himself. And yet the rippling continued from them, milking him dry and furthering the effect until it would eventually drain him dry.

Lorad though, he wouldn’t be awake for this. As his orgasm ebbed slightly, the Reman hooked an arm underneath Sera and rolled sideways, pulling his companion with him until he ended up sprawled beneath her. Knowing that he would not crush her now and as unconsciousness claimed him, Lorad’s mind processed a final thought.

“I have to do this again.” 

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Vector 01 - The Helmet | USS Theurgy ]
As euphoric and drunk as Sera was by then, there was little the Reman could do that might kill the buzz. Through her climax, she had bucked against Lorad, and continued to do so when he finally spent himself inside her. Sure enough, she felt her sheath clench hard around him, which made the immediate aftermath even that much better for her.

True, as much as she tried to move against him, there was considerable more friction in their joining, the two of them almost sealed together completely by the time the Reman finished, leaving her panting in rhythm with him. Gradually, her eyes returned to normal, and the light behind her pursed lips faded out as well. There was nothing to say, really, that would equal the deep satisfaction she felt. It seemed Lorad had naught to say either. Sera’s mind was leaden by the sex and the whiskey, so she did not offer any protest when the Reman pulled her with him, rolling over on his back. Eyes hooded in langour, she propped herself up on her arms, hands against his bare chest, and looked down at him. There was something about the bottles. She couldn't recall what she meant to say, and when she tried to meet Lorad's gaze in the dim light, he was drifting off to sleep.

"You still owe me..." she rasped, finding a grin, her throat raw from all the sounds she'd been making. She raised her hips from him, feeling how she was almost stuck on him. She wasn't a Reman female, however, so when she tried again, that thick crown of his slowly squirmed its way out of her. When she was free, at last, the sensation of him vacating her made her groan anew, and the intoxication was getting the better of her. Her vision was becoming too blurred to see, and in the end, she slid down next to the Reman, and there, she passed out.

Not so much from fatigue as from the high grade alcohol, and in the morning, she memories of the night with the Reman would be sketchy at best.

Little did either of them know what awaited come morning.


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