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[Komial Dotnhil | Starbase 84 | Base Commanders Quarters]Atten: Lucan

A playful little pout, utterly out of character with her public persona of a hard nosed security chief played across her full lips. Komial straightened up, and gently reached out, a cool finger tracing a slow line down the wet and warm expanse of his chest as she met his gaze. In all seriousness she began with, "I have a written offical report right back here, Sir," she gestured behind herself with a tilt of the head, "that you're welcome to pursue at your leisure." Wasn't that statement just full of promise and so very open to multiple interpretations, she thought coyly.

"And in regards to the unfortunate delay," she continued, letting a hint of her underlying displeasure - renewed now at the realization of a missed opportunity to share a bath - seep into her voice, "was the direct cause of my forensics analysts being late to the scene - she was in the middle of her regeneration cycle and did not respond to the security summons. I had to suffer through the....assistance," such disdain in one little word, even as those cool finger tips moved now along the cut of his hip bone, "of the Assistant Chief Science Officer, Hi'jock...or was it jak?" She rolled her shoulders, "accidentally" allowing her jacket to slide down on one side so that it pooled in the bend of her elbow.

"Regardless, that left much to be desired. He may or may not have suffered from a self inflicted head wound as well. We may wish to follow up with medical later," she informed Ian with bitter amusement as those eyes flicked down. Her hand came to a stop, resting on his hip, longing to move in and grasp what was so pleasingly left on display for her eyes alone.

"We do have at least one suspect in custody. According to my people she - an Orion - was found on the scene and resisted arrest. She may also be a victim. Unfortunately I have not as of yet been able to interview her - again, because I could not turn the scene over to Ensign Six." She was clearly displeased by this, and equally, she clearly was battling the urges to give into her desire for the dark man before her.

Duty was proving to be the most torturous aphrodisiac...

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84] Attn:  Auctor Lucan & Ensign Six

Keval's antenna twitched a certain way as he could "hear" the ambient energy that the young woman known as Ensign Six left in her wake and motioned for the pilot to follow him. "To answer your question, Krystal, we did meet with the base's commander and something about what he said set my instincts ablaze with a feeling of utter alertness." The andorian explained as they went. "He spoke of a ship that supposedly went renegade called the Theurgy and why it supposedly did as well as mentioning another ship in passing."

He stopped and motioned her into a side alcove for a moment. "Now I will share something with you, Krystal. During my time at the Academy I had a mentor, a Lieutenant Commander Wesley Striker, he was in charge of advanced security operations in my second year and I gained a few things from him such as my attraction and admiration of women with red hair but most importantly I gained an understanding of listening to a lack of something during a conversation."

Keval took a second as he recalled the entire conversation that he and the captain had with Captain Hawthorne, his eyes narrowing as his tone lowered just in case anyone came up on them in the alcove, they would assume something else. "The way that he spoke and handled himself was too much like he'd rehearsed it, every step was measured and he kept his tone at an almost too casual level."

"Then there was the story about the Theurgy, he gave just enough details to make it sound like it was simply alerting us to the possible threat while at the same time *DARING* us to prove not only our's but also the entire ship's innocence because the Theurgy supposedly defected in whole to the Romulans but now we show up having traveled from the far end of their made the captain and me start to make the arrangements to try and keep everyone from the Resolve safe before this bombing happened."

Keval then went past her but stopped and gave her closest shoulder a reassuring squeeze, "we may not be safe yet, my friend, but hopefully soon." he said gently to her before moving on.

Once they were back into a main section of maintenance corridors, he was reviewing mentally everything that had been said recently as he followed the "voice" of Six's energy when he turned to regard the younger woman again with a somber and serious expression. "And as for your comments a few minutes ago, Krystal, I can honestly say that I respect you too much to view you as anything more than a real woman and one of the finer officers that I have served with in my entire time in the service..but also since you were blunt and honest with me, all me to return the favor on that one."

"You Krystal are actually out of my league, pure and simple. You've got the brains, beauty, and balls that would make any man want to chase you and because of that, I could never look at you like I did you put it..a ferengi dock monkey wasn't it?"

Keval took a breath, he'd wanted to be honest and clear the rest of the air fully since her explosion earlier. "Just thought you should know... Now come on, we have a mystery ahead!"

Keval resumed walking a short distance before coming up to the sight of the explosion and the strange ensign. "Ah, Ensign Six wasn't it? My name is Lieutenant ch'Rayya and this is my partner Ensign Tancredi, we're here to help."

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Daniel stood by the patient listening to the EMH speak about the his condition.  All Daniel could think was that this man had information that he needed and if he was going to die in the next couple minutes he needed to act fast to get it.  How to go about getting it was the main problem though, he supposed he'd have to have the EMH wake the man so that he could speak to him.

"I need to speak to him before he dies, wake him please."  Daniel said, his next of kin could be contacted at any time after he had the information he needed.  Right now he needed to know what exactly the man was doing before the explosion and the only way to find that out was to question him before he died, even the most minor bit of information could help him right now.

Daniel was sure to get some sort of protest from the EMH, the Mark I's tended to be like that but he didn't need to hear a lecture about it, if needed he'd do it himself but he wanted the EMH online just in case something went wrong and to inform him of when the patient would die.
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[ Captain Ian Hawthorne | Base Commander's Quarters ] Attn: Brutus

Remaining where he stood, Ian made no moment to indulge Komial by touching her in kind - teasing her still. Her fingers upon him made him stirr, yet he kept his hands wrapped around both ends of he towel and listened to her review and her apology. He did not have to read the report hidden behind her back, instead opting to hear what was not in that report. After all, he already knew the composition of the bomb, the yield, as well as the original device's purpose before it was set to detonate. Indeed, he knew more than the guesswork that would be in the report. How could I not? he thought and smiled to her, giving her the credit for his private humour when she spoke of the science officer.

Yet when she spoke of having an Orion girl in custody, and that she had been found on the scene... the bubbling mirth in Ian mind turned really, really sour.

The blackened presence within coiled in response. It tried to seize control of him and lash out at her in the ire that he felt - to punish her for the unfortunate development. If there was someone alive who had heard Aruto place his contact in the command centre of the base, calling him Captain, and understood Romulan... then this someone had to die. As the host, bound to order still and with caution a priority, Ian restrained himself. He had already killed Trish, and while he could kill Komial, it served no purpose. It was rather a detriment given how smitten she was with him - prone to follow him to her death. She was useful, whereas Trish hadn't been.

The fact that Security had a suspect was enough reason for his smile to die. It was a serious matter even at face value. "So for the same reasons, I presume you have not identified the suspect yet," he said, and only then did he indulge her a wee bit, reaching around her and taking the PADD from her waistline. As he did, he slanted his lips across hers, kissing her briefly but firmly. "If only your people were half as good as you, then you would have learned about this meeting before it even took place."

While his lips were parted from hers, he dropped the towel from the hand that did not hold the report and raised it to the side of her neck - his thumb brushing across her full lips while he spoke. "I am truly fortunate to have you, Komial... and you might have to take things into your own hands to get ahead of the development..." Saying this, he ran his fingers down her arm and took her wrist gently. He guided her hand to himself. He looked her in the eye with a playful gleam to his gaze, and he slowly raised his hand back to her face. He ran his thumb into her mouth in anticipation of feeling those lips around himself. "I am certain you can bring those responsible on their knees."

Leaving her to attend to his condition, he started to read the report. With the parasite and his own mind working in tandem, he remembered something from the Resolve's personnel files. He read the description of the suspect again - enjoying the development with Komial but not letting it dull his thoughts. When he found the connection, he almost chuckled in contentment. The situation was not nearly as grave as he had thought. He knew what to do.

"It would not be the first time the Orion Syndicate would try something, but what is the syndicate up to with the Romulans, I wonder?" he said initially, voice thick in the dimly lit room. "Regardless, what is most concerning is that they managed to get aboard the base to conduct their business. The only new ship that docked today was the Resolve... and given the fact that they came through Romulan space, it does seem like Captain Kendrick and his crew could have something to do with it. Now that I think about it... Kendrick does have an Orion Operations Officer, and it says that the suspect was reported wearing a dress uniform stained with Romulan blood. Only the crew of the Resolve wore dress uniforms aside from the senior staff here on the base..."

Pausing, Ian swallowed - lips pursing. "Her name was A'vura, I think, and if it is her you apprehended... I do wonder what she was doing all the way up there underneath the subspace aquisition grid after just arriving to the base." Closing his eyes, Ian knew that he would have to execute the plans he had for the Resolve ahead of time. Forunately enough, the incriminating evidence would already have been uploaded to the ship's memory banks, so the fate of Kendrick and his crew was already sealed. Pleased that the unfortunate development could be handled, his hand sought a firm grip around Komial's silken hair, and he took a deep breath.

"Be careful with her. Take every precaution... Orions are manipulative... dangerous. Assume that she is lying at all times... and that she was not alone in this. Your people may not be equal to the task, but I trust... you will not fail me..."

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[ EMH Mk. I | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Havenborn

The order gave the hologram pause, naturally.

"I beg your pardon, Lieutenant, but under the edicts of Starfleet medical practice, I cannot wake a dying patient in this state of fatal injury," he said dryly, frowning at the Tactical CONN officer as if he had actually been asked to bring someone back from the dead. "Look at him. The patient has no face left, and it is not certain that he can articulate speech successfully. Even if I would wake him up with the anaesthetics he is on still in effect - preserving him from feeling the unabated shock to his nervous system - his words would likely be too slurred to make out."

Folding his arms across his chest in protest, the EMH raised his chin. "No, I will let my patient die peacefully, spared from the experience," he said, and then... he tilted his head a bit - looking at the pilot with something akin to empathy. Something not expected, surely, given his so-often curt and rude demeanour. "Likewise, I will spare you from having it on your conscience to put another man through such an experience, and from the sight of it - which would likely haunt you for the rest of your life. "

He paused then, to let him think about it, before he resumed his activities, as well as his crude bedside manner. "I recommend you leave the patient in my care and return to your flight hangar, where you know what you are about. You are a pilot, Lieutenant, not a doctor."

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[Ensign Six | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid| Starbase 84] attn: Lucan, DocReno

Six sort of frowned with Jack went toward the body and started removing the bit he had found outside of a forensics lab, potentially contaminating the body more than it might have already been. He was obviously not trained in the same way she was, but with him being higher in command over her, she bit her tongue and simply nodded in response. She was used to people treating her like she didn't know her ass from her elbow more times than she'd care to admit. But for the most part that's what most people assumed of her considering her severe lacking in sociality, and in the fact that she was never really considered to be a human, even if she technically was.

Despite being used to it though it still bothered her sometimes. Her peers hardly ever forgot that she was a Borg, but they almost always forgot that her optic implant would pick up on even more than a tricorder would. It flustered her at times, but it was soon forgotten when Hi'Jak continued his antics with Lieutenant Komial, snatching his glasses from her hands, placing them back on his head, then proceeding to walking into the wall before making his way successfully out of the door.

She stood there a moment staring in his direction, utterly confused with the interaction, not to mention his actions. If she had been sore only moments before, at that moment she was stumped, and tilted her head curiously until Lieutenant Komial turned to face her a moment only to storm off instead. That also confused her greatly, but for now she just let it go and began to help in the process of carefully moving the body. Just as she had instructed a couple of officers to help place the body in a sterile, boarded body bag two new individuals came onto the scene.

One she recognized as Tancredi, the other however, she did not. She did recognize his species though, and quickly noted it in her mind. The blue skinned man quickly introduced himself though, and Six nodded stiffly in response. "You are correct Lieutenant. I am afraid I have just about finished here, though, there are still small fragments scattered throughout the local area that need to be collected and brought to my lab. If you would like to help then collecting those for me while I go with the deceased to complete my formal inspection would be most helpful." She gave him the coordinates on the Starbase as to where her lab was located before moving to finish gathering the body and its detached head for her autopsy.

[ Ensign A'vura Zeshryr | Detention Center | Starbase 84] Attn: RedBaron, Lucan, Brutus, and anyone else I missed. xD

A'vura eventually began to stir in her new cell, though she hadn't quite realized that that was indeed where she was at the moment. Memory came back to her in foggy flashes, incoherent at first as if she had been out for a night of drinking and had drunk herself into a black out episode. Slowly though, her wits came about her, the Romulan who had tried to force himself on her, the fact that he had lost his head somehow in the process, the more than a little racist, and very insistent security officer who had fired his weapon at her.

Reaching up to her breast she tapped herself as if to use her combadge, only to remember first that it hadn't been synchronized yet, and to realize second that it wasn't even there anymore. Wiping her face with her hands she sat up better in her cell and glanced around. It took a moment to figure out that she was indeed in a cell in a brig, though that moment went by a little faster as the steady, and unmistakable hum of a force field keeping her in filled her ears along with the chatter from the other side.
Her brow furrowed as she looked at them confused, her mouth working to speak only to be held back by that chalky taste you get when your saliva diminishes due to some sort of trauma or being asleep too long. Finally, her voice cracking at first, she was able to utter those first few words. "Why am I in the brig?" When no one immediately responded her more assertive side came to the forefront and she spoke up a little louder.  "I demand to know why you're holding me. I'm a Starfleet officer. I've done nothing wrong. Why am I here? And where on earth is my combadge?!"
"You wish to knock over cows? What is the significance of this? Do you derive pleasure from such things?" - Ensign Six

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[ Krystan Tancredi | Starbase 84 | Below the Subspace Aquisition Grid ] Attn: 1) DocReno 2) Vystori

Krystal listened to Keval while they closed the distance towards the bomb site, and he spoke of a man in the Academy who had taught him detecting bullshit and to fancy red-haired women. The contrast of the two things he'd learned made her do a double-take, suddenly not so sure the act he had played before, when they had company at the Travel Core, had been an act at all. She was distracted, however, by the story about the Theurgy and how Keval thad thought Captain Hawthorne had rehearsed his briefing. But... it could hardly be tha only time he had to inform his staff about tha renegade ship if it has been at it for a couple of months, right? she thought, wondering if she and the rest of Kendrick's crew were being paranoid. She had grown up on her farm with great faith in the Federation and Starfleet, and it seemed so misplaced that the Theurgy was anything but a ship commanded by a traitor.

When the Andorian squeezed her shoulder, she was returned to the present again, and found himself staring into his eyes. Keval was apologising for before, and at the same time... he was flattering her again - making her blush when he said she was was way out of his league. His brutal honesty blind-sided her completely, and the only thing she could come up with was a joke in response to his claim that she had balls. "I reckon I can't make yah take back all that, yah bloody charmer there, so I'll just say I have just as many balls betwixt mah legs as you do, blueskin! None!"

She laughed loudly at her own joke before they reached the Borg she had met on the Promenade. She and F'Rell had told Keval about her on the Resolve while they waited for A'vura, but the Brunali woman with the shiny eyebrow had not met the Andorian yet, so Krystal decided to pipe up before Keval spoke again - hoping the woman would be more forthcoming with her. She made sure to remember the directions to the lab before she caught up with Six.

"Wait, we had something ta ask yah!" she said, hoping Keval would follow along too so that she wouldn't have to try and convince the Borg to tell them what they needed to know by herself, "We have been traying ta locate our Operations Chief since t'is bomb went off, an' we'd loveh to hea' if you've heard or seen anything tha' suggest she was here. Her name is A'vura Zeshyr an' she is an Orion, just a wee bit olda' than mahself. Have yah heard anything? Seems so odd she gone missing right whan the bomb was announced, right?"

The sight of the Romulan's head was quite... unsettling, and Krystal swallowed and focused on looking at the Borg and Keval instead. No, she shouldn't look at Keval, tho' the notion about him fancying her was a great deal more compelling than looking at the head, that was certain.

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84] Attn:  Auctor Lucan & Ensign Six

Keval tried to shake off mentally the comment that Krystal had made, sure it was her usual rowdy way of trying to make a joke but still one of the few times that he tries to be nice and open..

The Chaan simply pushed that thought out of his head as he heard Krystal try and explain the situation with the young former borg ensign as he regarded the head in the young woman's hands. "Well ensign aside from finding out about my fellow shipmate, I am curious about the bomb here and why it seems that you are holding a romulan's head in your hands like it's some kind of meat puzzle." the Resolve's CTO asked as he arched one slender white eyebrow at the scene before him.

As Keval took in the entirety of the room, something just felt..strange to him and it made his antenna lower just ever so slightly as he regarded the room around them.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

Daniel was really beginning to hate the EMH Mark I, he needed information from this man and it seemed like the only way that was going to happen would be without the EMH's assistance.  "Computer, deactivate EMH."  He said as the balding hologram disappeared.  When the EMH was gone he moved towards the injured man and although it'd been a while since his medical training if he remembered right the hypospray on the left would wake the Petty Officer.  Daniel picked it up and placed it at the base of the man's neck.

He looked down at the man.  "Petty Officer Sanford, can you hear me?"  Daniel asked the man on the biobed, he'd have to make this quick, he'd only have a couple of minutes before the man died.  Daniel had had to make tough choices before, most of them during the ar and a few of them on their way home this would not be any different with the sole exception that they were in a spacedock.

Daniel had pushed his doubts aside he had a duty to the ship to find out who was behind the sabotage and he'd be damned if he wasn't going to do that duty to the very end.  If Petty Officer Sanford was loyal to Starfleet he'd understand that and do his duty right to the very end as well.
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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Science Center | Lab 17 ]

Sera felt her fist tighten as the bald headed science officer mouthed off. She was moments away from taking one of the relics she'd brought along with her and bashing the smug man's face in with it. "Fuck off..." Sera hissed under her breath glaring daggers at the man as he took his leave. She'd been so preoccupied with her anger toward the man and his dismissal of the objects she'd risked life and limb for that she hardly noticed the newcomer until now. She blinked at Hi'Jak her mind took a moment to rewind back to remember what he'd previously asked her. Her mind could vaguely recall him asking for her help in some way she forced herself to calm. "Ummm sure I suppose I can help..." Sera muttered rubbing the back of her neck.

She glanced back at the table her relics sat upon and sighed before stepping over to the table and grabbing the rough canvas bag she'd brought along quickly stowing her findings away and leaving it on the floor by the table. She moved back over to stand beside Hi'Jak silent for a moment before she finally spoke "Your boss is a scumbag...I just thought I'd leave that out there." Sera said. She was quiet for a few more moments before another outburst came forth "I mean he wasn't even interested in anything that I brought he just sat there fucking me with his eyes." She hissed her fists tightening once more as her anger surfaced again. She took a few deep heavy breaths in from her nose and out through her mouth. "Sorry, Sorry I'm done now...So what needs doing?" Sera asked.

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[Lt Hi'Jak|Science Center | Lab 17] Attn: Rosaria

Hearing someone else telling his boss to fuck off was practically music to his ears. Hi'Jak was impressed with the woman, there was no question about that, and it didn't stop there. When she said that the man was scum he kinda had to agree. "Don't apologize to me for speaking the truth." He said lightly as he moved through the room prepping equipment before placing the plastic bag containing the fragment onto the table.

"Your not the first to complain about him, and frankly I can't stand him, but you don't get to pick who you work for. Sadly I just have to keep my head down half the time." If nothing else he was the chief science officers favorite punching bag, and frankly he was starting to wonder if this was even a good position for him to be. It hadn't really been the vacation he had thought it would have been. He had wanted to stay out of things like the dominion war, and put himself on the front line of a cold front. Now however that cold front was starting to heat up and frankly he wasn't a fan of what was going down around him.

"Right, do you have any experience with metallurgy? i'm trying to run a full spectrum on this thing to try and find what it's made of, if it's radio active, explosive, and if were lucky we should be able to run a match of that information against known explosives and get a possible ID for a bomb that went off earlier today." This was not his ground of expertise, far from it actually considering, but he had enough information to go off that he was confident they could find a match.

Looking at the woman he saw someone with more adventure in her step, and it was odd to him. He had lived his entire life trying to get away from adventure wanting a more stable life, and here was a woman with what was clearly the opposite intention. "So you're a relic hunter of some sort?" He asked finally curious about her. "Isn't that illegal on most Federation worlds? You'd have more luck selling to some ferengi... why come here?" hell why do it all was the question Hi'Jak really wanted an answer too, traditional money was not a Federation concern, why risk ones life over monetary value when traditional value no longer had meaning, outside the resources it took to repair and manage a space ship at least.

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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay ] Attn: Auctor Lucan, Havenborn

The funny thing about bad memories is that they're often the clearest.

He remembers he was doing something in Main Engineering, it was probably insignificant if he couldn't remember what it was. 'It seemed like it had to do with computer diagnostics? Something I could've done in my sleep', he thought, 'Spirits, do I need sleep'. The explosion marks the true beginning of the memory. He felt it in his ribs before he heard it. He dropped his PADD on his shoe. His body moved on its own, towards the source of the explosion. He kicked his PADD under another console by accident. He smelt burnt flesh. He saw a brilliant light that he knew to be fire, but he couldn't tell what was the fire and what was the officer. The fire suppression system kicked on. He ordered someone with a sharp face and fear in her eyes to start clearing the area and when he spoke, his voice didn't sound like his own. Someone else found a fire blanket. They worked together to pull the victim away and put the fire out. Suq had every intent to perform first aid, but when the kit arrived and with the blanket off, he had no idea whether he was looking at a humanoid or a mass of melted flesh. It was all he could do to call for help.
“This is Lieutenant Jg Suq, I need an emergency beamout from this location. There was a bomb, someone is injured.”

Even still, standing in the hallway in front of sickbay, he smelled burnt flesh. He saw fire behind his eyelids, consuming all his thoughts, scorching his mind. He leaned on the wall behind him in an attempt to cool himself down. To anyone else, he was nodding off again, falling asleep while on his feet.

The USS Resolve had left him with many bad memories just like this one. Each one was crystal clear. He'd put out fires before, just the way he did in Main Engineering. He had to use a hand extinguisher to put out what the suppression system didn't register, he organized others to do the same – he'd done that before too. He's not really sure when the chaos ended. It was typical of all his bad memories to end in panic, then exhaustion, but Suq wasn't done riding the roller coaster that was Today. The acting chief of operations, A'vura was gone, and Kendrick had gone after her. Pure chaos.

It's not over yet, he thought, and rubbed his eyes with his knuckles. He had to focus on the now. He pushed himself off the wall and brushed his hair over his shoulder. A perfectly good console doesn't blow like that. He had to know what happened. At the same time, he didn't want to see what became of the burn victim.

He took a deep breath and walked into sickbay, to see Havenborn putting a hypospray to the neck of—the neck of that which used to be human, he supposes. Petty Officer Sanford. Pett Officer Jelly-flesh. Ha ha.
He took quiet steps to Havenborn's side, watching the other's hands carefully. At first, he thought he meant to put Sanford out of his misery a little faster, until he spoke,

"Petty Officer Sanford, can you hear me?"

He meant to wake him. That made more sense, but only a little. How much can Sanford say in this state? Can he say anything at all? Suq folded his hands behind his back and tried to keep his eyes trained on Havenborn, not the body. It seemed to him that hell followed them home.

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[ Petty Officer Sanford | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Havenborn & FollowTomorrow

When he woke, his mind was abruptly stirred. It was curious, for Sanford could not remember going to bed, or anything at all, from before he went to sleep. In short order, he began to make several observations. Pragmatical as he was, he listed them. Firstly, it was utterly dark. Not the pitch-black sort of dark, but the sort of dark that held neither colour nor essence. He had never experienced such darkness before. Second observation; the air had a sterile smell to it, and there were few places on Starbase 84 that was like that. The third and last observation came slowly but surely - undeniable as it asserted itself. It started as growing ache, as if a painkiller was wearing off to fast, but the agony was no mere headache. Gradually, gaining traction through his nervous system, the pain grew... and Sanford could not keep still.

He began to stir into a more upright position, but something was stopping him, as if he did not have the muscles required to preform the action. A voice shortly followed, too loud, even if the speaker wasn't shouting.

"Petty Officer Sanford, can you hear me?"

The pain was permeating everything, and he was starting to panic. He turned to face the source of the voice. The world remained dark. He was shaking. I am in the infirmary, aren't I? That was what he meant to say, but it came out in a nightmarish imitation of words.

"Ah-eh-eferary, arh I?" It was as his lips weren't working, unable to to shape the sounds properly. Then, his mind began to race in truth, trying to remember every scrap of information that led to his current predicament. He could hear another person some distance away, approaching. Feeling the pain still growing, he was steeling himself as best he could against it - anticipating the way it cut into his chest, and the sides of his face. Oddly enough, there was no pain at all in the centre of it - as if there were no nerves there to feel the wave of agony as it built.

He heard a new sound. Biobed. A chirping noise measured his pulse. It was speeding up. His first question was moot. He knew where he was. He began to register everything around him with extreme clarity.  Perhaps his body was producing something in reaction to the damn pain. Doctor... Why are the lights off?

"Doctoh, hay are teh layts oh?"

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[Ensign Six | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid| Starbase 84] attn: Lucan, DocReno

Without missing a beat, Six replied to them both. "I do not know if it is your shipmate or not, but it was mentioned in my last communication that an Orion had been detained here at the scene and was now in custody." She thought for a moment. "I do suppose it's possible to be your Operations Chief since there are little Orions that frequent this Starbase, though I could not tell you for certain at this point."

She watched carefully as the body was carefully lifted and placed in a stiff bag that could easily be gurnied to her lab. Then she spoke again, this time directly at Keval. "As for what has happened here, I have yet to determine that, which is why I am collecting all the evidence that is here, so that I may perform my autopsy and develop a theory as to what has transpired here based on what is collected. At this point everything is undetermined. If you'd like to assist, as I stated before, I could use help ensuring that nothing is missed and every single sample left behind from the incident is collected and labeled for documentation and analysis."

When she finished speaking, Six looked down at her hands and regarded the head she still held there for a moment before looking back up at Keval. "What do you mean by meat puzzle?" she inquired for a moment, "I do not see any puzzle pieces here, and I can assure you this is no child's game."  Carefully she placed the head inside of the bag where it would normally be, sealing the fabric before sending it off to her lab. Afterword she glanced around, taking some last photographs with her optic eye of the scene, the splatter, and the remaining fragments before setting to work in collecting them, hopefully with help, so that she could hurry to her lab and find some more pertinent results.
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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan, FollowTomorrow

Daniel could barely make out what the Petty Officer was saying, it sounded like he asked about the lights which meant that he could hear him at least and that he was able to think clearly enough but he wasn't sure how well this was going to work.  Nothing for it he supposed, but as he was about to ask his question he took notice of Lieutenant JG Suq, the Resolve's Acting Chief Engineer.  He watched as the man stepped in and watched him, Daniel could only think that the reason he was here was to find out answers as well.

He turned his attention back to Petty Officer Sanford.  "Petty Officer, there was an accident.  You were hurt, you're in sickbay but I need to know what you were doing before the accident."  He said.  He hoped that the man would be able to answer him.  If he couldn't get the information from the Petty Officer maybe he and the Assistant Chief Engineer could search to find what had happened.

Daniel kept a hypospray ready in case the Petty Officer needed some pain relief, he wasn't really sure if it'd help but he wanted to keep his options open.
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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay ] Attn: Auctor Lucan, Havenborn

It seemed like an eternity, watching Sanford struggle to rejoin the living. He heard words, or the sad imitation of them. He still couldn't bring himself to look right at the biobed's occupant. This was cruelty as far as he knew. The desire to know the truth suddenly fought with his sense of mercy. He was glad Havenborn was the one talking. Suq couldn't find it within himself to put his thoughts to words, to say 'stop' or 'this isn't right'.

Curiosity got the best of him at last. As Havenborn explained the situation and asked for information, Suq glanced over at Sanford. All at once, he felt the explosion rattle his bones again, the smell of burning flesh overtaking everything, and his heart beating against his chest as if it wanted out. More tangibly, he felt a burning sensation rise from his stomach. He folded one arm in front of him and the other over his mouth. He was attempting to look as if he was thinking, to hide the fact he was attempting to quell his nausea. He closed his eyes and just let Havenborn talk, while he listened for the raspy, quiet response from Sanford.

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84] Attn:  Auctor Lucan & Ensign Six

Keval mentally sighed as he arched one pale white eyebrow at the borged woman. "It's an old terran forensic term for what you call a body that has been completely and forcably disassembled like the one in the body bag there, ensign." Keval said simply in a respectful tone to the younger woman and feeling his age. "It was often used by those medical examiners that had the unfortant duty of sorting through the various bits of debris that was once one or more living creatures to see which parts went with which body and to also cover the other aspects of it as well."

The Chaan motioned for Krystal to follow him as he met the stride of the shorter starbase officer. "It was not meant as you thought that it was because unlike some people I do not take bombs or their ilk lightly, so my question is now do you have any prelim data that you can use for a better understanding of what happened here. For instance was there any form of explosive such as Bilitrium, Divalent triceron or even simple Nitrilin for example?" he offered up as he walked alongside of the woman. "Furthermore why was there an officer down here with the romulan or was he like Lieutenant Nog or Ensign Sakal, the first of their species in the fleet, what conclusions have you started to form?"

The three explosives mentioned are three that appear in Trek. Bilitrium and Nitrilin appeared in the Deep Space Nine episodes "Past Prologue" and "Improbable Cause" while Divalent Triceron appears in The Lost Era novel "Well of Souls" for reference.

Also, Ensign Sakal is Ensign Zurin Dakal, the first "official" Cardassian Starfleet Officer who is a member, up till the most recent novel in the series, of the USS Titan's Operations department and a very cool character might I add :)

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[ Sera Vers Aldnoah | Science Center | Lab 17 ]

Sera wasn't at all surprised to hear that she wasn't the first to have a problem with the Chief Science Officer. She frowned feeling a bit of sympathy for the man beside her when he stated he didn't get to choose who he worked for. "That sounds rough..." She muttered she leaned over a bit closer to look at the object he'd collected and placed on the table. She raised a single eyebrow as she looked upon it, It looked like any other piece of shrapnel burnt to a crisp and sharp and jagged looking. She'd had to pick enough of them out of herself after blasting accidents in ruins to know what one looked like.

"I can't say I know a lot about it...Though if this did come from a bomb you can probably check for chemical residue on it from the blast. If it uses anything specific than you can cross reference it with other explosives using the same compound and narrow down the search." Sera said. She shut her mouth afterwards considering that she was on the fast track of making herself sound like a terrorist with her knowledge of explosives. Though technically she likely did fall into that category a few times considering she'd had to use explosives to gain entrance into a few of the ruins she found herself sifting through usually scaring the hell out of the indigenous population at the same time.

As Hi'Jak asked about her profession she looked toward him "Sort of...Relics, Treasure, Junk that some Ferengi thinks has value...Whatever makes the most money I suppose..." Sera said in response to his question. She shrugged her shoulders as he mentioned the legality of her work. "It's only illegal if I get caught. And here is not on my list of places I'd like to be at this current moment in time...I'd much rather be off brokering a deal with someone who actually knows what the hell he's talking about instead of an arse who likely spends the majority of time polishing the bald spot on his fucking head." Sera muttered her tone growing a bit bitter towards the end of her sentence. She was quiet for a moment before she realized she hadn't fully answered his question.

"I got into a spot of trouble on my last expedition...I got it cleared up but port authority still has my ship impounded and I have to wade through a sea of red tape to get it out." Sera said crossing her arms. "Once my paperwork clears I can get going again." She added.

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[Lt Hi'Jak|Science Center | Lab 17] Attn: Rosaria

Hi'jack hadn't thought of that, and it was pretty clear from the look that ran across his face that he had a brand new respect for Sera as she mentioned the idea of matching up chemical residue rather then just the metal type. It was pretty clear that he was out of his area. "Thanks, that will work a lot better then I thought."

For the moment he was disregarding the fact that she was knowledgeable in explosives simply because she was more knowledgable than him. In any other situation he may have gave security a ring up, it would have even given him an excuse to message Komial, but that could wait for when he actually had a result he could show her. He could set the machine to scan the device for residue, but then paused. "Wait how do we know which residue is explosive, and which is... Romulan?"

It had exploded inside someones neck after all. He grimaced slightly at that but figured he could work it out in the long run. He could also cross refrence the list even further on the hope of finding a remote detonated bomb on the list. Putting the fragment to work he set the scanner and let it work.

He sighed. "I'm probably not even authorised to show you any of the results, but something is telling me that you will probably have an easier time reading them then I would. This is a little out of my field actually. And if I were you I think I would work on getting your ship back quickly then. While normally I'd say that this is probably the safest place in the universe, things are really starting to go tits up from what I understand. First there was all this talk about a renegade Federation ship, and now a bomb goes off inside a romulan's neck inside the Starbase... things are only going to get wierder."

Jack scratched his head and gave a soft nervous laugh. This wasn't exactly the type of thing he liked to talk about as his main field of expertise rarely if ever meshed with the actual work he did aboard this station. "Any way the results should be done soon-ish and will display on that screen."

OOC: I'm thinking that after Hi'jack's next post we should get the results from Auctor.

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[ Melissa Wright | Shuttlebay 17-C | Starbase 84 ] Attn: RosariaRosette

When she'd been carted off from the Andorian shipyards way out to Starbase 84, Melissa had expected her life to get quite dull, quite fast. No more patching up precious old vessels and giving new life to venerable aging chassis; just a whole bunch of glorified inspection duties and maintenance on phaser arrays that weren't going to be put to use for at least another five years. The work on this station had thus pleasantly surprised her a few weeks after reassignment when a project equal parts unexpected and exciting landed in her lap.

Thanks to her experience with refitting ancient ships for modern service, Mel had been assigned to strip out half the systems on an old shuttle that had been recently impounded and mount on brand new tactical components. The Sabine, as it was apparently christened by the former owner, had become an abandoned prototype for a fighter-like craft that was sold to a high bigger when the original project fell apart. Now that it had landed back in their hands, Starfleet had decided it wanted to reopen the old program and refit the chassis with entirely modern systems.

It had made for one hell of a challenge over the past weeks, but not an unwelcome one. Starfleet being as obstinate as it was, the higher-ups expecting her to take this ship apart and piece it together again had decided not to declassify the old production records and blueprints. The first week alone had mainly involved tinkering with the aging vessel in order to sketch up schematics of it and figure out what parts were going where. That work had ultimately led her to the conclusion that little more beyond the hull itself was salvageable; quite frankly, with all the decay this ship had undergone, she didn't know how it had ever stayed in one piece for this long.

Since then the work had proceeded relatively smoothly. It kept Melissa and a couple of occasional helpers busy all through the duty shift, but it was enjoyable work. Ripping out computer systems well past their prime and EPS conduits corroded beyond any safe usage held its own gratifications. New computers had been installed within a day, soon hooked up to a completely redone EPS grid, a new propulsion system that was about ready to be brought online, and her personal favorite, a tremendously expanded weapons array.

Starfleet had asked for a heavily-armed vessel - a gunboat, to be specific - and oh lordy had Mel delivered. Aside from a heavy phaser pulse cannon on the end of each wing, she'd fitted another pair of smaller, anti-fighter cannons onto the front of the ship, right above an underside-mounted micro torpedo launcher. Two more conventional phaser arrays had been integrated into each wing, able to be hidden underneath a retractable sheath that she'd installed on a particularly insomnia-filled night. The shield systems were the heaviest that she'd been able to cram onto the vessel without having to rip out other systems to make room for the generator.

There had been a hiccup as the engineer had been forced to replace the EPS conduits a second time upon realizing the ones she'd installed couldn't handle the power load coming from the new warp core, but that had been the only major impediment. Said warp core was the last major item to be installed, and the biggest thing to address on today's agenda. It was already in place and simply needed to be fully powered on and diagnostics run before the ship could be declared space worthy. She'd already talked - alright, bribed with some genuine alcohol - some of the base's piloting team in order to ensure she could fly her latest project on its first test drive. After all these long hours over the past weeks, the blonde couldn't imagine letting it go out into the void without even once being at the helm.

Well, it was the second to last item. She fully inteded to paint some fine-ass flame decals onto this thing's hull when all the internal work was complete.

In the midst of hooking up some of the last antimatter injectors, she was distracted from her work by the sound of knuckles rapping against a bulkhead. Her head swiveled to find one of the senior engineers, Lieutenant O'Hanrahan, standing in the doorway to the small vessel's engineering compartment. The expression of weariness on his face didn't exactly fill her with optimism, but there was enough of that emotion already coursing through her veins to make up for his sour demeanor.

"About wrapped up with the repair job?" he asked in a dull tone.

"Just about, sir," she replied with an excited nod. "Gotta get this core hooked up and give it a checkup, but this thing is gonna be ready to fly by tomorrow. Maybe even this afternoon."

His own nod was decidedly less enthused. "Good. Once you have the Sabine ready, you're to remove the additional weapons systems and hand over the ship to Security."

The color vanished from her previously-rosy cheeks. "Sir? Can you run that by me one more time?" Remove... remove the weapons? The guns she had spent weeks bolting onto this thing? What? Who? How? Why in the hell?

"You heard me, Petty Officer. This vessel has been cleared from impound. Starfleet has decided to return it to its owner, Ms. vers Aldnoah, once your modifications are removed."

You've gotta be shitting me. "Sir, permission to speak freely?"

"Denied. Do your job, Petty Officer, and report back when complete for your next assignment."

With that he left as suddenly as he departed, leaving behind a blonde who was equal parts befuddled and infuriated. Just like that, all her work was for naught? Here she'd been following orders for weeks, doing everything she was supposed to and throwing herself into this project. And that was how her superiors showed appreciation for all that dedicated effort? A curt order to undo the most critical portions and hand this freshly-restored machine off to the idiot who'd kept it in awful condition? What, had the universe suddenly mistaken her for a toilet?!

Oh this was not going to go down this way. Not a chance in hell was she just going along with that. Growling in growing anger, she peeled away from the antimatter containers before her frustration could cause her to slam a fragile injector into the floor and blow up half the station. Fuck orders, she wasn't just going to hand over weeks of hard labor to security officers who'd give it to an irresponsible owner without a second thought. At the absolute bare minimum, she was going to have a thorough talk this this 'Aldnoah' chick about proper care for a starship before letting her get another crack at the vessel. And possibly, she was going to knock the woman's jaw off for letting the Sabine get into such poor condition in the first place.

The joy in her voice was gone as she spat out a vocal order to the air. "Computer, send a message to Ms. vers Aldnoah, telling her to get her ass up here, right now."

"Request could not be completed," the monotone voice responded, "Please restate."

Fucking formal voice input software. "Send a message to Ms. vers Aldnoah," she said again, fighting to keep her tone a bit more subdued, "Telling her to meet me in Bay 17-C as soon as humanly possible."

"Acknowledged. Message has been sent."

Now she just had to fight to keep down the urge to punch through a bulkhead until this woman arrived.

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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Science Center | Lab 17 ]

Sera's as Hi'Jak mentioned differentiating the bits of chemical residue from bits of Romulan recoiled a bit how was she supposed to know that. "I'll um..." She paused for a moment as the image of a Romulan's head being blown to bits flashed past her mind's eye. "I'll let you figure out how to deal with that particular issue." Sera said giving the science officer a hesitant pat on the shoulder. Generally when she used explosives it was to blast open a bulkhead or a wall sure there was one time when a some monstrous beast on Sedna had eaten her rucksack. But that was hardly on purpose.

As Hi'Jak continued to prep the fragment for scanning she listened to him speak as he worked. She walked over to the table she'd been seated at not long ago and sat on the edge. "Trust me if I had my say in the matter Sabine would be mine again already...But apparently my paper work isn't at the top of Port authority's to-do list." Sera said. She had to admit she was really getting impatient waiting to get her damn ship back sure it may be a bit old and far from working order but it was still her damn ship. It was more than her ship it was her home and she was getting it back one way or another even if she had to steal the damned thing back.

As Hi'Jak spoke about how long the scan would take Sera nodded and settled in to wait. Her wait was cut short however as a chime rang throughout the room catching her attention. "Ms.Sera ver Aldnoah your presence is requested in Bay 17-C at your earliest convenience." A computerized voice said. Sera pushed off the table and took up her bag "Well then I guess that cuts our time short then." Sera said shrugging "I'll be back and you can tell me about what the scanner said." Sera said nodding before heading toward the door. She stopped at the door before reaching into her bag rummaging through it a bit until her hand wrapped around one of the relics she'd neglected to show Hi'Jak's superior officer. "By the way mind scanning this too? I know your idiot boss took a look already but maybe you'll see something he can't." Sera said walking over to place the object beside Hi'Jak.

She quickly moved back toward the door "I'll see you later." She said before leaving the lab and Hi'Jak behind.

[Shuttlebay 17-C | Starbase 84]

Sera could only wonder who had asked for her. Maybe she was finally getting her ship back the very prospect of the idea made a smile form on Sera's lips as she navigated the halls of Starbase 84. But still she shouldn't really get her hopes up too much it didn't take her long to arrive at her destination. As she peeked inside of the bay her eyes widened at the sight that awaited her within. Sitting in the center of the bay was Sabine but rather than the old and ancient looking ship she'd been so used to piloting over the years she instead had a ship that looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line at some Starfleet shipyard.

She approached the ship blinking at the new armaments that adorned the ship's hull. Before the only weapons she had on the ship were a few small arms and the aged Tetryon cannons that some junkyard merchant had fitted onto the ship for her at the cost of a few more credits. She reached out placing a hand on the ship's hull smiling as she could see her reflection faintly in the cleaned nearly chrome looking metal of the hull. "Someone took good care of you while I was gone huh Sabine?" Sera said grinning.

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[ Melissa Wright | Shuttlebay 17-C | Starbase 84 ] Attn: RosariaRosette

“Well, somebody had to take care of it, ‘cause God knows you didn’t.”

The confrontational voice came from the blonde rounding a corner around the front of the ship. Gripped tightly in the jumpsuited engineer’s hands was one of the Sabine’s old EPS conduits, its weathered state a testament to just how rough the ship had gotten before being impounded. She looked the other woman up and down with a matchingly rough expression on her face. Quite frankly, she was expecting someone in terrible physical shape with the hygienic habits of a feral baboon, given how little essential maintenance the Sabine had undergone; that it was a woman who seemed to be in shape and clearly took care of herself ran rather perpendicular to her expectations.

Despite that, Melissa didn’t even bother with introductions as she held up the aged piping for Aldnoah to view. “You see this shit? This nasty-ass corrosion?” She pointed to the heavily pitted walls of the conduit, a mess of dings and thinning metallic shielding. “I’ve seen conduits in better shape than this blow up under high stress. Jesus Christ, I don’t know how in the flying fuck this thing didn’t explode every time you accelerated to warp!”

It was a struggle to stay calm as she tossed the conduit over her back, letting it clang against the floor several times until it stopped bouncing by some cargo crates. Calm, calm, calm it Mel, don’t hit her, don’t hit her, don’t hit her too hard. She let out a flustered sigh as both hands lifted up to rub her temples. “Your ship’s out of impound,” she groaned out, “But we need to have a chat before you take it anywhere. There’s a whole bunch of new systems that we installed, and someone in this room needs a remedial course on How To Maintain a Starship and Not Blow Yourself to Hell Every Time You Fire Up the Engines.”

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[ Petty Officer Sanford | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Havenborn & FollowTomorrow

The increase of pain, it felt like it was about to reach a crescendo, and Sanford did not want to know what would happen then. It felt... inevitable, and it frightened him. The darkness was worst of all, the implication that he might be blind too hard to handle. he shied away from the thought. It was difficult to focus as it were, feeling as if he was on fire but no one was trying to quench the flames. Why couldn't anyone help him? The voice, it had said 'sickbay' instead of 'infirmary'. The homecoming. The Resolve. He had to be on the Luna-class ship, speaking to one of its crew. The pain was making his arms and legs tremble, and he had no strength to move them.

Focus. The pain was getting worse, as if the sedatives he had been given was thinning out in his veins. Was it a doctor? He needed to know what he had done. Perhaps the voice could save him, take away the pain. What had he done? He could barely remember. I was going to download from the database, collect a sample to check for digital contamination.

"I 'as 'oing toh doh-load 'om the data-ashe, collecht a scham-le toh scheck 'or digitahl contha-ination." What was wrong with his mouth? He tried to articulate, but it was as if his lips weren't there. He swallowed, trying to remember what happened next. The pain was getting worse. He could hear his limbs shaking on the biobed, and he felt so weak. Please, it hurts, make it stop... Make it stop, doctor...

"'Eh-se, it hurtch, ahke it scho'... Ahke it scho', dochtor..." He tried not to let his fear take over, but he felt like he was about to panic. His tongue felt thick, and he was breathing fast, as if he was running. Runing while lying down. How did he end up this way? He remembered... flaring bright colours on a control panel. It was the panel he had been working at, wasn't it? The one he had put the chip into. There was something else he recalled... A malfunction. There was no download. The chip uploaded something. There was a warning. Overload. That's all... That's... all I remember. Please, help me. Make it stop. Make it stop.

"There 'as no doh-load. The schip u'loaded schomthing. There 'as a 'arning. O'erload. Thatch... all I reh'e'ber. Eh-se, hel' meh. Ahke it scho'. Ahke it scho'."

He was still running, even though he knew he wasn't, his laboured breaths wheezing through his teeth. Where was he running to? Anywhere else, he reckoned, than the pain of the dark.

[ Ensign Krystal Tancredi | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84 ] Attn: Ensign Six & Keval

When the Borg named Six confirmed that an Orion woman had been apprehended and detained, Krystal looked away and cursed under her breath. That Bradford asshole in Security had kept it from her when she had contacted the Starbase to hear if there had been any sighting of A'vura. She had given him a complete description, and yet he said nothing, saying that he was not privy to share information. That meant that the Captain and F'Rell were on the right track to find A'vura.

But the bomb and the dead Romulan, what was that all about? And why had A'vura been there of all places? Krystal trusted A'vura, and the COps had been with them from day one of their three-year voyage. There was no way in hell she could be conspiring with the Romulans. So while they had an answer to where A'vura had gone, Krystal felt like they had even more questions than before.

The exchange between the Brunali Borg and the Andorian turned rather amusing to Krystal when they spoke of terminology from Earth and tried to explain themselves. Dark humour, perhaps, given the presence of the dead body. She was quite relieved to see the head put in a bag and removed from her sight, even if she was quite used to blood. Her dad used to hunt when she lived at home, and she had even helped him with the game he brought home to the farm. There was a signficant difference, however, between a dead Romulan body and a roe deer. Nonetheless, she followed in Keval's wake as they followed the Borg.

The question about the Romulan was good. Were they looking at a political incident, where the dead Romulan was a diplomat or a part of a Romulan delegation, or had it been a Starfleet officer? If neither, a civilian? Or worse, was there no record of the Romulan, meaning that he had been a spy that had slipped aboard the base? The talk about chemicals, however, went right above Krystal's head, and she refrained from commenting on that. She did not even know the chemical term for good ol' gunpowder.

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[ F'Rell of the 12th House | Detention Center | Starbase 84] Attn: Everyone in the brig

The security officer, Bradford as the captain called him, was a thoroughly unpleasant person. Most members of the Starfleet had treated her with a degree of wonder since her arrival, and it had not seemed that they viewed her as any less deserving of the rights and privileges observed by all, yet this man seemed to view her as some beast that might have been contaminated. Were she not the gentle being she was, she would have remarked on his rudeness, as it was she said nothing and followed after them into the main holding area.

She quickly moved from holding cell to holding cell, peering in and looking for the lost operations officer, her long elegant body drifting easily through the air. She paused outside of a cell. Her long tendrils vibrated in relief when she saw the Orion. "It is alright, we will get you out of here shortly," came the voice of her communicator as her tendrils vibrated. She turned to the Captain and gave him a nod, shooting a scornful look to the security officer.

"I am certain this is nothing more than a mistake made by ill informed and under-trained security personnel," continued the voice from the communicator. She turned it up loud enough for both the captain and the security officer to hear. Though she could not convey tone across through the translator, she hoped her words said enough about her disdain for him.

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[ LT Daniel Havenborn | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan, FollowTomorrow

Daniel listened as closely as he could as he shut out the world around him; nothing else existed in this moment except for him and Petty Officer Sanford.  As the man tried to speak he could feel the pain in his voice.  It sounded like he was trying to a download to check for something, it was hard to understand him through all of the pain he was in.  The hypospray he had on him would put him back to sleep and he couldn't give it to him just yet he needed to know more.

As he was about to ask the man for clarification, he spoke up again in that pain-filled voice of his.  Daniel would likely remember this for days to come but if it helped find answers to what happened he could live with that.  What he asked for next sounded like he wanted the pain to stop, Daniel wanted to give him something for the pain he really did but he needed some more information first.

"Petty Officer Sanford can you remember anything else, I can make the pain stop just tell me anything else you can remember."  He said, he knew that some would find this cruel but he felt it was necessary.  Daniel heard him speak some more and instead of a download it sounded like it was an upload and then there was an overload.  Daniel had hoped that he had understood the Petty Officer right.

"Thank you Petty Officer Sanford, you can rest now."  He said as he pressed the hypospray against his neck and pressed the activator.  So an upload was done and it triggered some kind of overload, this definitely sounded like sabotage.
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