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Chapter 01: Tensions Rising

Episode 04: Simulcast | Chapter 01 "Tensions Rising"

[ Three Hours Later | USS Resolve | Conference Lounge ] DocReno & Absinthe

"Any word on A'vura yet?" asked Tristan Kendrick, pacing the length of the briefing room with Keval seated by the table next to Krystal Tancredi. F'Rell was present as well, and the rest of the gathering was the surviving Senior Staff of the Resolve - all having heeded Tristan's call. Derik Veradin was there, as well as Chief Medical Officer Lyhn. The Counselolr Ejek and Suq, their Cheif Engineer, along with Vivian Martin, the Chief Science Officer. All except for Tristan's Chief of Operations, who was not responding to calls.

"I've tried tah make contact with Security," said Krystal in her Sourthern drawl and shrugged with one shoulder, now in her regular white-collared uniform. She had her feet on the briefing room table, and Tristan could not remember at which point during the past three years he had ceased to tell her to sit properly - leaving her sit as she might. "Says they are not priviliged to tell meh anything. Sound faking fishy to me, and I can't help to think this Bradford guy I end up speaking with when I hail them is lying, to beh honest. Says I need to talk to sameh Komial woman, but she is nah available. I learned she was at tha scene of the explosion."

Frowning, Tristan was tired of waiting. He was split between remaining aboard his ship in case something happened, and to head back on the starbase to find A'vura.

"All right, I have had enough of this. I need volunteers to go find this Lieutenant Komial, probably still at the top of the base, and I want others to head to their security offices to see if there anyone else we can talk to. They must have a surveillance system, and if we have to search the recordings for ourselves, we will. I want A'vura back on the ship. So, who goes?"

OOC: Note that 3 hours have passed in waiting since the bomb went off. DocReno & Absinthe, have your characters pick either the bomb scene or the security offices. My next reply will have either Tristan and Krystal joining you respectively and leave the ship.

[ Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84 ] Attn: 1) Brutus, 2) Kaligos or Vystori

The body of the Romulan still lay on the floor in the dim light, untouched.

The Chief of Security had been at the scene for almost three hours, and the simple reason was that she had to wait for forensics to show up. Apparently, the Borg had to regenerate, leaving Security to make their own guess-work about what had happened. In wait for Ensign Six, the coordination of the station-wide searches had been handled  from the foul-smelling  place, and while they had a suspect in the Brig, she had yet to come to after having been stunned by Crewman Bradford.

The search teams had found nothing out of the ordinary on the starbase, leaving everyone to guesswork. Bradshaw remained in the security offices, taking over the aides duty station and answering messages and hails. His suspicions about what had gone down quickly spread among the officers as if it was the truth.

When Ensign Six hadn't shown up right away, someone from Science had been ordered to go there instead, and he had spent the last hour on the scene - filling in and logging findings until the Borg arrived. As soon as she did, he was to report back to his Chief Science Officer.

After three hours, Ensign Six arrived at the scene.

[ Security Offices | Brig | Starbase 84 ] Attn: 1) Nyla, 2) RedBaron

After Crewman Bradford left the Orion woman in her holding cell - facing the one where the last remaining Romulan raider was being held - three hours had passed without events or news on what had happened on the starbase after the bomb went off.

The posted Brig Officer was an Ensign by the name Turlington, a soft-spoken and large man that did his duty but only as far as he was required to. He spent his time by the brig duty station scouring the database for things to read while he waited for his shift to end. He had a fascination for last century vehicles and aeroplanes, and could spend hours immersing himself if the specifications on antiquities.

A meal had been served a few minutes ago, and the trays in the Romulan's and the Orion's holding cells were still left where they had been replicated. That was when the Orion woman came to, and found herself in the stark white cell, and with only another Romulan staring at her from across the floor of the Brig... Unless, with the lack of forehead ridges, he was actually Vulcan. A small comfort, in that case, given the circumstances.

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[Lt Hi'Jak| Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84] Attn: Brutus, Vistori, Auctor Lucan

Strait from one alien to another. Hi'Jak had been in his office as he had been working on various animal studies from his lab when the call had come down to his office. He was the assistant science officer on duty and apparently the head of his department couldn't be reached. He wasn't an admitted CSI, but even he could work a Tricorder and run a C.S.I. while they waited for Ensign Six to reach the point of interest. He had taken good care in not disturbing anything and documenting things as they were.

Admitting despite the severed head and body of a Romulan, Jack was noticeably excited. While this had turned what was supposed to be a relatively boring day around and was now one of the most dangerous in history as he worked his way around the crime scene and tried to come up with theories he couldn't help but smile. Hi'Jak had even gone so far as to replicate a pair of sunglasses for this occasion just because he had seen it once or twice on an old Earth centered video record, which was later turned into a set of holo entertainment features. Sure the entire sector, his home, his lab were all compromised but there was something about the work that was always immersive.

His current scans were all set on trying to get the make of the bomb, at least he assumed it was. He wasn't too familiar with things that made people's heads fall off, but he was pretty sure that the burn marks around the neck, and the fact that there was fragmentation around the bones he could see, as well as the splatter all suggested a controlled explosion.

"Walk me through this one more time, how did Security find this body?" Hi'Jak asked as he made a step around him it and took a few more scans of the mans neck and the area around him. There were some signs of a minor struggle, and he was pretty sure that they had taken an Orion girl in.

Hi'Jak stood up after a few more moments of analyzing the results. Reaching onto his belt he pulled out the sunglasses and took a deep breath as he unfolded them. "Looks like this guy was getting ready."

He slowly placed the glasses on as he turned to the chief of security. "to blow his load."

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[LT Komial Dotnihl | Security Level: Brig | Starbase 84]

[Yellow Alert. Yellow Alert,] the starbase computer said on the intercom while the noise lasted. [Explosion detected in the Subspace Acquisition Grid area. Sector 5. Yellow Alert. Yellow Alert.]

All thoughts of Drauc fled her mind as she snapped into action, moving from the console to take a phaser from Mac as he made the rounds. He really was a life saver, and that was just one of the many reasons she kept the competent man on her staff. Drauc was shouting something, telling them to stay away from the Subspace Acquisition Grid. She shot him a glare over the shoulder of the team leader as the man came to attention to report readiness.

Schooling her features, her appearance became collected, calm, no evidence of the worry that was running through her thoughts, the increased pace of her pulse from her heart thundering in her chest. Fight or flight, they called it at the Academy, and with the memories of her near death fresh in her thoughts - thanks to a nosey Romulan - she could be forgiven if the reaction was flight.

But it wasn't. Every bone in her body screamed for a fight. A chance to prove herself again, unafraid, to live up to the trust and responsibility that Ian Hawthorne had placed on her shoulders. To spring into action, along side her people. To find the threat and deal with it, and protect the thousands of lives under her care. But she didn't let that eagerness show either. No fear. No anticipation. She would not come off as some trigger happy pyscho.

She had the safety and security of the station to attend to, and the laws of the Federation to uphold.

"All right, move out. Travel cores locked down so lets put that to use. You all know what to do. Phasers on heavy stun - dont shoot unless you have to, but if you need to shoot make sure you take them down. I want two people on each team tricorders out. Be ready for anything." She held her own rifle against her chest, military sling over her shoulder, emitter pointed down and to the left.

"Beta teams got the better bomb tech - Alpha, you're on point. Clear out resistance, beta can do sweep on any remaining munitions. Remember folks, we are the good guys here. You give them a chance to stand down. Lets not give our friends in JAG any excuse to come after us today," she reminded them again, before nodding slowly her eyes taking each security crewman and woman into her gaze, one at a time.

"Move out people," she ordered, before turning to Drauc, one last time as her men filled past. "We are always geared for War. When you're this close to the boarder with your people, we have to be." She ignored his tone of worry and turned her back on the prisoner, exiting the room at a brisk pace and making her way to the travel core to take advantage of the fast descent pods that ringed the central corridor.

[Three hours later | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84]Atten: Hi'Jak, Six

Komial's finger itched over the trigger of her phaser rifle. All it would take was one little push of the button to send a pulsing beam of orange light flaring across the room and splattering against her target. He;d fly back from the impact, and slump down, stunned. Or maybe, just maybe, if she flicked her thumb over the power settings first, the little pulse fire would hit him in the chest, and the orange fire would wash outwards, ripping him from reality and leaving behind just minute traces of organic matter.

If she were lucky, those damn shades would vanish right along with the rest of his body.

It would be great stress relief, to be sure, she thought. Sadly, her phaser was only raised in her mind. In reality, it hung against her side, from the strap over her shoulders, and her hands were tucked under her arms, which in turn were crossed under her breasts as she stood, legs apart, one hip cocked to the side while the science officer made his horrible pun. Given that the man had his pants down around his waist, his cock out, and his head - well, not attached, she couldn't argue with this summary of the situation.

Just his delivery.

and where the hell is Six? Goddamn regeneration cycles. Useless wet behind the ears..... Komial understood that the cream colored woman's implants - those that the crew of the USS Voyager had been unable to remove - required a very specific sleep schedule. But it was just like that drone to be useless right when Komial needed her. Instead she was stuck with a second string comic for a CSI stand in. Added to the stress of the fact that one of her crewmen had stunned the only likely witness and possible rape victim - though what her role in things were was still a mystery - and her conversation with Drauc three hours earlier....Komial was having a very, very bad day.

Watching the stations Assistant Chief Science Officer pull out a pair of sunglasses in the darkened room was just the last straw.

"Lieutenant," she snapped off, drawing the gaze of a few of her security staff whom immediately straightened up from their own tasks, and very pointedly did not look at what was a bout to happen, "May I remind you that first and foremost, you are a Starfleet officer in the process of discharging your duties." She walked forward, reached up, and snatched the glasses off his face. "This is not some cheap holonovel, this is, at the very best, a murder investigation,  and at worse we are dealing with both an attempted rape, and an act of terrorism that could have resulted in the bottom half of this starbase being blown out into space!" She hit her stride, hard, and didn't stop there.

"You will conform yourself to be the officer that your rank indicates. Mr. Hy'Jock," she continued, "I understand this isnt your usual duty but frankly I don't care. This is not a joke Lieutenant. This is deadly serious. Make wise cracks about it later." Others of her team might have made the exact same pun, given the situation, but they wouldn't have been dumb enough to do it in front of Komial Dotnihl, during the middle of the investigation. Well, Mac might have, but no one else.

 "Do I make myself clear?" She asked, her voice as cold as ice.

The half breed was spared having to reply as a new source for Komial's ire walked in, from behind the Science Officer. She glared up at Hi'Jak, just a quick, angry glance, before walking right around him. "Ensign Six, so glad you could join us," her tone was all professional but it wouldn't take a genius to know that she was not at all pleased. "You'll find we have one body, head blown off, and one science officer about to meet a similar fate if he cannot remain professional. See to it you do not follow his example. I want this place swept. Anything and everything. This is your specialty after all, Ensign. Time to show us what you can do." Which has been jack shit so far she thought, but did not say aloud.

OOC: Please note that Komial's reaction to Hi'Jacks pun is not necessarily the authors reaction.  Your post lead to a spark of inspiration, Kaligos,  and I just ran with it.

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[Ensign Six | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid| Starbase 84] Atten: Hi'Jak and Komial

By the time Six showed up, her superior had already been there for quite some time. In fact it had been long enough that they had requested one of the Science officers to the scene to begin forensics for now, Hi'Jak in fact. It wasn't that she was entirely against it, however, there was a particular process she enjoyed when doing her work and she was a bit obsessive about anyone meddling and moving things around before she had had a chance to look over the scene first. Even still, she managed to show up with her forensics kit in hand, despite her delay, and was already making observations with her optic implant.

Even as her commanding officer remarked against her tardiness, Six kept her face emotionless as she spoke in response. "My apologies Lieutenant. Once I begin regeneration I cannot stop it until I am finished. I shall try to find a method of override from now on." Without much else in the way of formalities, Six got to work on what it was she did best, solving puzzles.

For a moment or two she just stood in one place, her eye scanning the scene carefully, meticulously, taking photos in her mind of everything exactly as it is. Then, taking her tricorder from her kit she scanned the room and body, storing away samples of residue and other residual elements that were left behind from the actually rather minor and precise explosion. Granted that explosion took off someone's head, but had it actually been large enough to do any wide-scale damage there would be little head left for her to examine, and the fact remained that his head was not all that far off from his body.

Finally, Six began to slowly make her way around the room and all of its inhabitants, including that of the dead Romulan. Every so often she'd stoop down and carefully turn or lift a limb, or poke and scrape at the residue left behind around the dead man's neck and head, or judiciously picking up or dabbing at small fragmented pieces of metal and flesh and blood from around the scene. Eventually she finished her initial examination and closed her kit after putting everything back in its place, specimens and samples held within. Turning to Hi'Jak she spoke to him formally, and without much in the way of hushed tones. "I need everything you've found so far, and anything you may have picked up. I also need for you to tell me if anything was moved or tampered with before I got here."

She then turned to other security officers, namely those that were within the same ranking field as her, but under her in regards to her specialty. "I need the body moved to the lab so that I can perform an autopsy. Please have it there immediately so I can complete my formal investigation." Everything she had done so far, no matter how little it had seemed, had been done with a meticulous precision that regarded her obsession with her work and what it entailed. Even though deep inside she was giddy with excitement at her first, real, case to solve, not once did it show on her exterior. She didn't crack a smile, she didn't tremble, she didn't even so much as sweat at the opportunity. Instead she did her job as she should, detailed, accurate, exact.

Lastly she turned back to her superior. "Lieutenant, with your permission I will head to the lab as well. I can have results from samples and the autopsy completed within the next few hours."
"You wish to knock over cows? What is the significance of this? Do you derive pleasure from such things?" - Ensign Six

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[Lt Hi'Jak| Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84] Attn: Brutus, Vistori, Auctor Lucan

Jack had been rather proud of his pun and work, the blindness due to sunglasses were totally worth it, that was up until he felt his sunglasses pulled litterally from his face. He blinked stunned for a moment, as everything seemed to play out in slow motion. Komial chewed him out and some parts of his eight chambered heart beat slower. It was amazing, he had never wanted to strike a woman more then he had Komial.

It was amusing, he always tried to think of himself better than his klingon uprising, and yet the part of him that had been raised on Qo'noS was in awe of the other lieutenant. That part of him that had been taught to respect and admire the strength of a woman, caused his blood to boil a little, and he himself took an instinctive step back as he saw the fire in her eyes as anger illuminated them. She wasn't just hot when she was angry... She was stunning!

As she made herself clear that he was too be on his best behavior he was looking over the woman in a stunned slow silence. Unsure of what he was supposed to say. After a moment of looking at her rather dumbfound he coughed and regained his sense of self. Pulling himself back up to full height and doing so as he stepped away from her again. "Yes lieutenant you have made your point."

and my day... and my life! If he could have lived with himself he would have snapped some sort of salute, but frankly they were both of the same rank, and his human brain was doing his best to hide his emotions at the moment. It had been exciting yes, but he couldn't get too caught up in her  the fact that the chief of security was attractive... rather he had to take a breather and separate that. He did however have one complaint with the way she addressed him. "I know that Klingon can be a difficult language Komial, but my name is pronounced Hi'Jak, or if you would rather you can call me Jack, which ever you would prefer is fine."

When Six entered the room Hi'Jak stepped to the side giving her the crime scene as she went about scanning things with her implants the same way he had done with the tricorder. He was happy to see former Borg again, and her care in her craft was impressive. Stepping back he gave full control over the crime scene to her, and as she interogated him he playfully rolled his eyes. "Hello to you too Six."

He was second in command of the science division on this station, and yet once again someone was doubting his capabilities This time however he was able to chalk it up to lack of social skills. He turned away to address Komial though he didn't really know what to say. He turned to look at her, and almost immediately he lost his nerve to do so. He stood in front of her for a moment drawing a blank but desperately wanting to talk to her after the first impression she had made. He snapped his fingers trying to calm himself down and talk. But he instead stood there for a good minute just snapping his fingers... and looking like a complete idiot.

He snapped out of it when Six said she was finished her sweep and wanted to move the body. Lack of social skills aside it was actually good to see the borg, it gave him an opportunity to share what he had learned, and as she ordered the body moved to her lab he stopped them for a moment. "Wait, wait, I've been waiting to show you something."

As he spoke he pulled out a glove to use for one hand, while holding the tricorder in the other it took him a moment to locate one of the fragments that he had picked up the scanner. He had to dig into the dead mans neck which no more pleasant than it sounded, till finally he pulled out one small fragment of an unknown metal. "Check this out, it's definitely part of what ever exploded his neck. I don't know the make of the metal yet, the tricorder can't get a clear reading so I'm going to take this piece back to my lab and check it out, but it's not the only fragment."

He ran the tricorder over the guys head. "this thing is picking up fragments going up as deep as his brain, and even into his chest cavity. Who ever this guy was someone wanted him not just dead but like super dead." He handed the Tricorder to Six and placed the fragment into a small plastic baggy.

"I'm going to take this piece down to my lab, and run a metallurgy test, among a few other things. When you get them all out we should have a better picture of what they were." He had his supsicions but he wasn't going to say them out loud without any evidence. He was pretty sure that the dead man hadn't detonated the bomb in the middle of a rape attempt. Rather he was pretty sure someone else had summarily executed the Romulan... it was a thought that gave him chills and not something he would bring up here.

As he left for his lab he turned to Komial."I know you think that I like to joke, and trust me I do, but I do understand the gravity of this situation. This star-base is my home too, and the last place I expect something like this to happen. So I am very aware of the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads with this, now if you don't mind you have something of mine." As he passed her he plucked the sunglasses from her hands, and placed them back, so he could leave the room in style.. this immediately backfired however as the fact that the dimly lit room made it impossible to see and instead of walking out of the room he walked into the doorway smashing head first into it.

"I'm okay." He said after a moment of searching for the door and walking blindly out of the room.

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[ F'Rell of the 12th House | USS Resolve | Conference Lounge ] Attn: Auctor Lucan & DocReno

Of all the things that had happened already that day the fact that there was a missing crewmen bothered F'Rell the most. Her relationship with the Orion woman had been thus far one of simple friendship. On a ship of mostly humans it seemed natural for those who were in anyway alien to band together. But still there was some restraint on F'Rell's side. She usually preferred to keep to herself, less of a risk of saying something she knew she should not. But still for A'vura to be missing caused her no small degree of concern. She did not trust the crew of the station any more than she trusted the various predators of the deep oceans of her home world. She knew how brutal man could be.

She knew of how barbaric some races could be and the lust many held for the green skinned women of the Orion race. She counted herself lucky to be so alien that most viewed her with curiosity rather than primal lust. It was also concerning to her to note that many men she had encountered were far more willing to be reduced to primal lust under stress than she had previously believed possible. In her educated opinion it was likely the result of some primitive part of the brain becoming active, a desire to procreate to ensure species survival. It was the sign, or so she was very certain, of a less evolved race.

"I will go to the station's security offices," came the voice of her communicator as her long tendrils vibrated softly. It was not what she would have ever wanted to do, but she could not allow a member of the crew to be left behind, in the hands of those that might abuse her. It almost surprised her that she felt so protective of an alien, she knew it would be a liability later. Only now she did not care. "They will be less likely to risk damaging me or attempting to hold me prisoner. I am, after all, far to valuable to the scientific community of your Federation." It was almost a sarcastic remark, though the tone and inflection did not translate from the communicator.

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[ Keval ch'Rayya   | USS Resolve | Conference Lounge ] Attn: Auctor Lucan & F'Rell

Keval's antenna stood straight up at F'Rell's statement and turned to regard his fellow crew member and narrowed his eyes slightly. "I am not going to just allow another one of our people go alone on that station, F'Rell, and that includes you." he said in a respectful tone despite his facial expression. "I wil freely admit that I let my guard down once I stepped onto that station and tried to enjoy the presence of a beautiful woman, but my gut kept telling me something which I thought was just paranoia.."

The Chaan looked at the other occupants of the room and his antenna bowed because he did allow himself, the ship's own Chief Tactical Officer and the Captain's right hand, had allowed himself a chance, a mere small chance, to lower his defenses as his ship was back home at a safe port in the Federation.

Then the meeting that he and the Captain had with the station's commander and the news that brought which automatically set the two Resolve officers on the edge and then this new situation...

Keval's jaw clenched tightly as he looked up at his commanding officer, "I'm sorry about that, Kendrick. I'll head up the search at the top of the station." he offered.

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[ Captain Kendrick | USS Resolve | Conference Lounge ] DocReno & Absinthe

Tristan heard F'Rell and Keval volunteer, but he knew better than to let either of them go alone - just like Keval had suggested.

"Tancredi, you go with ch'Rayya to the bomb site, try to find this woman named Komial if she is there, and if she is not, then someone there that is more cooperative than this 'Bradford' fellow might aid us. That security won't reveal anything strongly suggests that they are holding A'vura, even if they won't admit it."

"Aye, Captn'," said Krystal and set her feet down, walking over to Keval with her thumbs behind the waistline of her uniform trousers - strolling over there as if she were in boots and had a cowboy hat askew on her head.

Taking a deep breath, Tristan mulled it over for a second. "So, with this in mind, I will go with you personally, F'Rell. If she is in a holding cell, I want to be there and demand her release personally. Perhaps my word might make a difference, and I can even ward off any bad ideas from the scientific community on the base too, should they be more bold than you think. Then again... with you in my company, you would perhaps be more intimidating than I. If I were a security guard, I would consider my options thoroughly if a Captain walked in with a magnificent dragon behind his shoulder to back him up."

Having told F'Rell about the folklore of dragons back on Earth, Tristan was confident that she would know the reference and perhaps even see the humour in it. Pre-emptively, he turned to his CTO again, suspecting what he'd say since the Andorian served as the Chief of Security on the Resolve as well. "Yes, yes, I know I should not head there alone with F'Rell either, so I'll gladly accept having two of your men accompany me and her to the Brig. I will pick them up my self on the way out, and with any luck we'll meet here or at the Brig, depending on mine and F'Rell's success. The First Officer has already left on his assignment, so Lieutenant Havenborn, you have the command of the ship in my absence. Keep an eye on the repair crews and what they do. If Keval is right, they could be looking for evidence that would suggest we are conspiring with the Romulans, just like the Theurgy and the Harbinger. Dismissed."

True to his word, Tristan did select two security guards before he stepped off the ship - armed with hidden non-energy weapons. He turned his head to glance at the T'Fanrell in his company. "You know, I realise that you might not want to remain with us now that we have reached this base. Would you rather take off on your own and try to find a way to return to your home planet?" he asked F'Rell, not liking the idea of loosing her after having spent a good number of months together in dire straits. "If you do... you should know that you will always be welcome aboard the Resolve. You are a part of my crew now, and I would love if you'd consider staying with us."

Meanwhile, Krystal was walking next to Keval, her swaying step keeping pace with the Andorian as they stepped off the Resolve. "Sah tell me, ch'Rayya," she said and grinned to the 'blueskin', as she preferred to call him in retaliation for the pinkskin remarks. "Who was tha beautiful woman that you enjoyed tha presence of? We barelah got off the ship and you managed tah have someone flip her skirt for yah!"

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[ Keval ch'Rayya   | USS Resolve | Conference Lounge ] Attn: Auctor Lucan 

Keval stopped and turned to look at the red-haired pilot with an even expression before saying "Nobody..flipped their skirt for me, Krystal. The station's security chief caught my eye pure and simple."

The andorian then started walking again, trying to act casual as they went even to the point of slipping behind the shorter woman after they had passed something to try and get a second look at it but as he did so, he caught a quick look at the Tactical CONN officer's rear and let out a low whistle at what he saw before moving to walk next to her again.

"So tell me Krystal, why are you curious as to who I was interested in?" he asked with a bit of a wolfish grin.

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[ Krystal Tancredi | USS Resolve > Travel Core ] Attn: DocReno

At first, it seemed like her Andorian Chief Tactical Officer had a good ol' broomstick up his arse, not liking her joke one bit. Or he was simply embarrassed about casting furtive glances towards a 'pinkskin', or better yet, that he just happened to have another skirt to chase than those on the Resolve. Had he become weary of present skirts on their ship? She amused herself with her idle thoughts, just saying with a chuckle, "Simpahl an' pure? Ay think women are generally neither..."

Yet then the CTO whistled as he walked behind her, and Krystal couldn't believe she had actually heard it, thinking it was something else that made the sound, but then Keval walked beside her again, and his question made her frown in consternation. He was grinning at her, and her frown became two eyebrows raised in surprise. It would appear that she had been wrong on all accounts. She was neither a new skirt nor Andorian, and he would look at her like that? She had never considered the Andorian in quite that way before. One thing was certain, she might be young, but she sure as darn wasn't some simple and easy little city girl..."

"Ummm... I don't know," she said, chin raised as they stepped into the lift at the Travel Core, "I mean, yah brought it up, so I figured you'd..."

She cleared her throat, and started over, clenching her fists at her sides and glaring at the Andorian. Part mortified, part furious. "I don't care, and whay are yah looking at me like that? Not going tah happen, blueskin... and did yah just whistle at me like some Ferengi dock-monkey? Keep that thang sheathed or I'll kick you so gosh-darn hard it comes out yah mouth next time you try and flip a damn skirt." And with that tirade, she turned her back to him and folded her arms underneath her chest, blushing as much from Keval's attention as the indignation of going at him like that in front of a group of Starfleet officers from the base - three non-commissioned officers that they were sharing the large lift with.

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[Lieutenant Keval ch'Rayya | USS Resolve > Travel Core] attn: Auctor Lucan 

Keval took the response in turn, his antenna lowered slightly but once the two non-coms got off of the lift and they were alone again on the lift, the smile dropped from his face like it really didn't exist as he drew close to the younger woman and when he spoke, his voice was a hard whisper so that she could easily hear him.

"I'm sorry if I insulted your person, Krystal, but certain appearences have to be kept up until we know what is going on here." He explained, his eyes were looking around and scanning, looking for something. "For all intents and purposes we need to act like nothing is wrong, like we are simply a lost ship come home..nothing more or less."

Keval took a step away from the younger woman and said "Halt lift."  before studying a map of the station to get his bearings before saying "resume." and moving next to Krystal again. "I ignored my instincts, I let my guard down...*ME*..the ship's tactical chief and let myself get distracted by feeling safe but after our meeting with the station's commander, my gut let me know how angry it was when the bomb went off and one of our ' s was captured...I can almost taste how wrong it feels and I let myself hope that the danger wasn't there."

He then moved away from her, he was angry with himself and with good reason - the crew trusted his instincts, he had managed to help keep them alive and right after Kendrick had told him what to do to ensure their people's saftey..

Keval's eyes narrowed, he wasn't going to let their operations manager sit in detention like some common ferengi flesh peddler..he was going to get A'vura out, safe and sound.

The blue skinned Chaan then looked at the young human with an apologetic look, "My job is to ensure your saftey as one of the ship's command staff and in that I failed." he admitted to her.

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[ Krystal Tancredi | Travel Core ] Attn: DocReno

When Keval got up close and personal with her, Krystal thought he was going to make good on his innuendoes, and braced herself to defend her modesty - the sudden change in his face perhaps being the most frightening thing about the Andorian's sudden approach. She rounded back towards him while she took a step back, but his words reached her before she raised her guard, hearing him reassure her that it was an act for anyone watching them.

"Oh," she said when the CTO stepped away to study the station layout, feeling a bit foolish about not catching on to the blueskin's ploy - a tactic she had more or less ruined. Then again, perhaps not. She would have reacted the same way even if it was for the benefit of an observer, since it was true to herself that she would lash back in that kind of situation. What was most embarrassing was how professional Keval was about it in spite of her outburst. And what he might have lacked in cold pragmatism and professional attitude when he lamented his shortcomings to her, he made up for in charismatic ire. He said he failed A'vura, taking it upon himself that they somehow lost the young Orion woman.

"Well, yah shouldn't beat yahself up about it on mah account, and there is no knowing wha' A'vura got herself into. No matter yah responsibility, we all have a responsibility t'wards ourselves first. The mistakes of others are not yours to answah for." She said this and walked up to Keval, putting a hand on his shoulder and raking her red hair back from her face to look at him in the eye. It was a reassuring touch, and he could take as much comfort as he wanted from it. "As my papa used to say, first we have to learn if tha' fox broke into the hen-house, or if tha chicken got herself caught in tha yard. Regardless, we'll get tha fox, but we'll have to find tha tracks first, right? You know chickens right? "

Krystal dropped her hand, and right then, they had arrived on the right deck, so she stepped out of the large turbolift and looked around - seeing no public area but rather winding corridors with doors to maintenance sites. She had to look at the layout of the deck on the map as well to see where they were supposed to go, but once they are sure, they were off towards where the the bomb had gone off - the intercom on the base already having alerted all personnel to stay away from the bomb-site's section of the starbase's mushroom head.

"You met tha base commandah with the Capt'n, right?" she asked Keval next, her thoughts dictating her sudden question. "Did he give yah any reason to doubt what is going on here in tha Alpha Quadrant?"

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[ Komial Dotnhil | Below the Sub-space Acquisition Grid | Starbase 84 ] Atten: Hi'Jak, Six

She counted back slowly, from one hundred, trying the little anger management exercise she remembered from the Academy. The one that was supposed to keep you from reaching out and snapping a subordinates neck with your bare hands. Especially a mouthy one like Mr. Hi'Jok - Hi'Jak apparently, as the junior officer gave her a lecturer on Klingon pronunciation. The truth was she didn't much know the Assistant Chief Science Officer, but the first impression of the man was poor enough that he'd be considered lucky to not have the Trill responsible for his quarterly performance review.

Komial didn't even take - much - satisfaction when the blithering idiot smacked into the door way. She doubted the impact would jar some sense into him, and hoped the embarrassment of that would be more painful than any immediate dressing down she could give the junior officer. If I didn't need to make my report.... she thought darkly, sighing, and once Hi'Jak was gone, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"I'll take terrorists over idiots any day," she whispered to herself. She turned to her forensic specialist, started to say something, then stopped and shook her head. She had better places to be - hopefully much better, and didn't want to spoil her mood any further than it already had been, by talking to the borg Ensign.

Instead, she stormed off - managing to not bump into any thing, unlike the idiot that had just left. A few well practiced turns, being quite familiar with the layout of this part of the starbase, Komial entered one of the lift carts with more than a little bit of haste. Once inside, she queried the base computer as to the location of Captain Hawthorne, and smiled at the response, as she was alone; setting a course for the residential officers section of the starbase.

She had no idea that she'd just miss the two officers from the USS Resolve headed to the crime scene to question her.

[ Starbase 84 | Base Commander's Quarters ]

Komial took a moment to catch her breath as she came to a stop at the end of the hallway. She looked down the corridor and nodded, happy to see that there were no crew-members in sight. Not that there was anything uncommon about the Chief of Security reporting in to her CO - even if it was at his quarters, and no his office. It wasn't all that out of order for Captain Hawthorne to have various members of the crew over after hours to discuss work.

What was out of the ordinary was the way it made Komial feel.

But she maintained a professional demeanor as she hit the door chime and spoke softly, "Lieutenant Dotnhil, reporting, sir."

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[Drauc | Detention Center | Starbase 84]Atten: Nyla

In the security cell, Drauc sat had seen the Orion was carried in. She was put in the cell across from him. Even if he could not see the blood on her, he could see she had been through a rough time before her arrival.

Once the security officer had left Drauc turned his attention to the Orion girl. She was passed out, so rather than trying to talk to her to figure out what had happened, he moved up to the force field and closed his eyes to concentrate. He reached out with his mind and began to lightly probe her dreams. Images of a Romulan flashed through his mind.
Words that she did not know, but he did. Within a minute of espying her dreams, he had witnessed the the incident. and he understood.

They were all in danger.

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[ F'Rell of the 12th House | USS Resolve | Conference Lounge ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

For the floating alien it was humorous to be compared to a mythical beast of ancient Earth. She had seen a number of fantastical interpretations of the creature known as dragon, both in still images and a few in video form during the quiet hours when they set up a make shift, as the crew called it, 'movie theater' in the Mess Hall. She made a noise with her whisker like tendrils that the small combadge in her appendage could not translate, laughter having not viable translation. Regardless it was comparable to a soft chuckle made by an upright bass if the strings had been closer to 8 feet long.

At the notion that she might return home F'Rell paused and turned down the volume of her communicator before she spoke. "It is unlikely that I will be allowed to return home. I have spent to much time amongst alien life forms. I would be treated with a degree of distrust. And should I return I could likely leave a trail for others to follow. Both would make things less than pleasant for me and my people. By now they have buried me and I am dead to them. So I will continue on in exile," she explained, the communicator softness made it almost seem like a whisper. She was not entirely comfortable sharing these thoughts aloud, but she knew she could trust the captain, he was a good man, at least from her observations of him. "The Resolve is now my home and it's crew are my family. It was not a fate I would have chosen for myself, but it is not altogether a bad fate."

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[ Lieutenant Simon Walt | Science Center | Lab 17 ] Attn: RosariaRosette & Kaligos

It was as if the lines underneath his eyes were burning. That was how tired Walt was. He should have left already, so the trinkets presented to him by the scavenger was no longer catching his interest.

"Listen, I am sure these were all hard to acquire for you, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the Science Division of Starfleet will be paying you any latinum for them," he said, having been polite up to that point, and he truly did try to remain polite too. He ran a hand over his watery eyes and back over his bald head.  He adjusted his seat as if it would make any difference in his argumentation, shifting his great weight forward and gesturing above the 'relics' on the table between them - speaking slowly. "As a scientist, I have no use of these. I agreed to see you, yes, and do all these tests, since you said you had items from Tartaras V. Specifically, the ruins of the Rokai provincial capital that was unearthed in 2369. But neither of these are Rokai as far as my tests can show. The results say they don't have the mineral composition to match the era... much less the planet."

The woman with the yellow eyes across the table was a looker, that was for sure, and that was part of the reason he had indulged her for the last hour they had been going over her findings, but now, his patience was running out. Furthermore, the lab was scheduled for the poor excuse that was his Assistant Chief Science Officer - too grand a title for a second rate scientist such as Hi'Jak in Walt's opinion. The lab had been the only one available to run the tests, and... she had been a looker. Inconveniencing Hi'Jak has been a fringe benefit, of course, but when the relics proved false... it turned out it was all just a waste of time.

Speaking of the little devil, the sliding doors to the lab opened and admitted Hi'Jak just after Walt finished repeating what he had already said to Sera vers Aldnoah twice before, and Walt pushed himself to his feet - seeing a chance to excuse himself. "Ah, this is Junior Lieutenant Hi'Jak, who's lab we had to borrow, but now that he is here, I am sure he wouldn't object to running more tests for you. Hi'Jak, please say hello to Miss Aldnoah. As you can see, she has a collection of fine relics that might be of import to our research, so why don't the two of you go over the inventory again. Hi'Jak here is perfect for the task, since while his forte might be in Animal Psychology, he also has a minor in Temporal Mechanics, so he might be able to tell you how the relics you found on Rokai ended up where they did, for nothing short of a temporal incursion would have made them end up hidden in those ancient ruins."

Walt gave them both a mock-pleasant smile as he gestured for Hi'Jak to take the seat across from the Câroon woman.

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[ Captain Tristan Kendrick | Travel Core > Brig ] Attn: Absinthe & RedBaron

When F'Rell lowered her voice, so to speak, Tristan respected her need for private words with him on the topic so he gestured for the two security guards behind them to fall back a couple of steps. What F'Rell told Tristan gave him mixed feelings, since while he was glad to hear the T'Fanrell wished to remain with his crew, he regretted the fact that she might be unable to return to her home and her own people again. Tristan could not help but feel somewhat responsible since he had unwittingly sealed her fate by picking her up - forcing her into exile by affiliation alone. He could respect how some species wished to shroud themselves in secrecy to keep themselves safe, but to shut their own out like that?

"As glad as I am to have you aboard, please don't think for a moment that I would neglect to do anything I could to let you end your exile safely - should the day come and you wished to return to the T'Fanrell." He said this with gravity, a promise that he meant to keep. She might seek her native home one day, and he would be there to help her.

They had left the docking levels behind and entered the large cabin of the Travel Core, where the present crew were not sure what to make of the odd travelling companion that floated above them. They descended in the lift towards the deck with the Security office of the starbase, and as they got off, Tristan marched directly into the reception area with his entourage. At the aide's duty station, there was a shaven man with an unkind look about him. He narrowed his eyes at F'Rell where he sat too, obviously not too keen on the unknown.

"Can I help you, Captain..?" asked the the Security officer with a sour look.

"Kendrick, Commanding Officer of the USS Resolve. I am here to inquire about a lost crew member of mine - Ensign A'vura - and I believe she is being held here. I demand to see her, and know on what grounds she is being held. As her commanding officer, I have not been notified of her arrest, which is a breech against Starfleet regulations."

"I am not permitted to give our information about who is and isn't being hel-"

At least regulations from three years ago, he thought, and then decided to gamble before the security guard could make further denials. A small lie could open up large doors.

"Officer Bradford, isn't it? She was seen on the way to your custody, so I will not hear anything else but you immediately permitting my entry to the holding cells, or her release," he said placing his hands on the edge of the duty station and staring at the man with eyes that had seen far too much on his voyage through the unknown.

Bradford, which was the name Tancredi had mentioned, folded his arms across his chest. "We have a woman in custody....sir. Orion girl, and she is under suspicion of murder and espionage for the Orion Syndicate. She has yet to awake after being apprehended, she resisted arrest, so she had to be stunned. We do not have a name to her face, so we could not inform anyone that needed to be notified."

Tristan didn't know if he ought to laugh or strike the man. "It just so happens that my Operations officer is an Orion woman, and I can guarantee that she has no affiliation with the Orion Syndicate. I would insist on assisting base security by identifying her... if you would be so kind to admit me and my crewmen here."

Scowling, Bradford eyed F'Rell behind Tristan's shoulder. "What is that?" he said and got to his feet, offering any objection he might, it seemed. "Has it been processed yet? Unknown lifeforms can't... fly about the base without proper screening."

"Word of F'Rell's arrival has been passed on ahead of arrival, so don't give me a reason to escalate this to your base commander." Tristan did not budge an inch in his demand, eyes staring at the man.

"I can't admit all four of you into the Brig," Bradford said, chin raised.

"Fine, my Security officers will remain outside the doors. Gentlemen, you heard the good officer, you will remain outside until we come out again." Not going to let the argument continue, Tristan treated Bradford's word as final, already heading towards the security gate to the Brig - making Bradford step after. "Open it."

Eventually, Tristan and F'Rell stepped into the Brig, and the posted Brig Officer was confounded by the arrival. Bradford was there too, walking in together with them, and Tristan scanned the empty holding cells - all vacated save for two of them...

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[ Captain Ian Hawthorne | Base Commander's Quarters ] Attn: Brutus

The matter of making Trish's body vanish was fairly easy when he could deactivate internal sensors in his quarters. Unceremoniously, he had dragged her naked body to the lare bathtub and dropped her into it. Unhurriedly, he had gone to get his handphaser and returned to her, set it to the highest setting, and vaporised her. It left a scent in the air, of course, so he had washed out the tub and filled it with essential oils - permeating the air scents far more pleasing. Conveniently having filled the tub for that task, he had taken a bath to rinse the scent of his ex-wife off his body.

As he sat there, occupied in thoughts that had already left Trish far behind, the chime and the voice of Komial reached him. That the Chief of Security would be at the door so soon after what he had done would likely have concerned most people, yet Ian merely smiled where he sat with his arms on top of the sides of the large bath tub - not even getting up and donning a bathrobe. It was not like Komial would be seeing something new. Inside, the darkness shifted in elation - different thoughts of killing the Trill making images of the acts flash before his brown eyes. So many options. Drowning her across the edge of the tub whilst sodomizing her. Skull-fucking her underneath the surface of the water - watching the redness spread around him. Gouging out her eyes with his thumbs while squirming his hardness down her throat.

"Enter!" he called, letting her find him on her own - idly indulging in his shared imagination while he waited for her.

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[ PO Sanford - NPC | USS Resolve | Main Engineering ] Attn: Lieutenant Havenborn

Petty Officer Keith Sanford tugged absently at his uniform collar as he ran the Level 3 computer diagnostic. He was but one of the many technicians that had been deployed to the Luna-class ship for a complete overhaul. The ship had only returned that day, and already more than 100 people were working on preparing Captain Kendrick's ship for the voyage home to the Sol System. 

Keith had orders to perform a secondary task too, and the duty station in Engineering was as good as any to do it. Evidently, there was some risk to the accumulated data in the Resolve's database, the explanation he got being that there could be all kinds of alien code could compromise Starbase 84's systems since no one could foresee what the data from beyond Romulan space would do if uploaded to Starfleet. That was all well and fine, but he had been ordered to do it in a rather unorthodox way - at least as far as he was concerned. I was not by the book, at least, but he had seen given stranger orders than that before, so he did not think too much about it. I figured it was just a preliminary check before the experts took care of that risk.

He fished out the isolinear chip from his pocket, one that he had been given that morning, and he crouched down below the control table. He opened the maintenance panel and switched out the chips, rising with a sigh to initiate the transfer. He raked his fingers through his red hair and went right to it, his fingers inserting the commands one by one.

The computer chirped, and he looked down at the results. He grunted, seeing that instead of downloading the targeted sample of the Resolve's database, an upload was made instead. Cursing, he initiated a search to find the new data, but no more had be begun the search than he saw warnings flare up on the touch panel. His green eyes widened, and a power surge bounced through half the console's systems until it...

The detonation threw him back, but the power surge caught him across the eyes before the shockwave hit him - the world turning dark before oblivion seized him.

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[ Sera Vers Aldnoah | Science Center | Lab 17 ]

Sera could feel her patience wearing thin with every second she was forced to sit in the insufferable presence of the man in front of her. What the hell did this guy know about how difficult it was to get these things. She'd nearly died almost a dozen times trying to navigate that death trap they called a ruin. And this joker had the gall to sit across from her and tell her that artifacts she'd collected were worthless pieces of crap? Granted he didn't use those exact words but it was close enough to thoroughly frustrate the young woman. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she tapped the heel of her boot against the floor she had managed to hold herself back for the most part from verbally assaulting the man she'd spent the better part of the hour with. He was lucky she was only considering verbal assault if she was forced to sit here with this fool any longer she had no doubts her thoughts would steadily get more violent as time passed.

As Simon introduced a new man she looked away a sour look upon her face. "Just get lost already you've wasted my time enough haven't you?" Sera said. She turned her head to shoot the bald man a venomous glare. She turned to the new scientist who had entered the room mentally praying to whatever godly entities existed that this one wouldn't continue to mock her and her findings.

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[LT Daniel Havenborn | USS Resolve | Deck 1 - Bridge ]

Daniel sat in the Captain's chair reading a PADD with the latest schedule projections, he knew the ship needed this but it almost felt wrong somehow although he couldn't quite explain why it felt wrong.  When Captain Kendrick had assigned him to oversee the repair crews he had almost protested he didn't like sitting around waiting but he knew Commander ch'Rayya and Captain Kendrick carried more authority than he did but he still hated to wait.  A few minutes after the Captain had assigned him this detail he had chosen three of his pilots to help him out.  He was after all only one man and could only be in so many places at once.  He had his pilots moving from repair team to repair team.  He still felt a little weird calling them 'his pilots' even though he had been SCO for a couple years now he had wished that the circumstances behind his promotion hadn't been because Lieutenant Sorrell had to die.

He was halfway through the projections when an alarm sounded and his combadge chirped.  "Salvo here, go ahead."  He said as he tapped the combadge to silence it.

"Salvo, there's been an incident in Main Engineering."  Came the response, he recognized the voice immediately as Lieutenant Ahern one of his pilots.

"What happened?"  Daniel said standing up and heading towards a turbolift.

"We've got one of the repair crew being taken to sickbay, he was the one working at a console when it suddenly exploded."  Lieutenant Ahern replied.

"Understood Knight, I'm on my way to sickbay to talk to him.  Don't touch anything down there until I arrive to investigate, call our security personnel if you have to."  Daniel said as he stepped into the turbolift.  "Sickbay."  He told the computer and the lift began to move.

"Understood Salvo, Knight out."  Came the response.  Daniel was concerned about this new development, A'vura was already missing and now he had what could be sabotage on board the ship.

The turbolift came to a stop and Daniel exited it making his way towards Sickbay.  As he entered he noticed the EMH already active and tending to the patient.  "How bad is he?"  He asked the hologram.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ EMH Mk. I | USS Resolve | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Havenborn

Raising his chin and an eyebrow, the balding projection acknowledged the arrival of Lieutenant Havenborn before turning back to the repair technician lying on the biobed.

"The patient has suffered fourth degree plasma burns to the face and torso... which ought be fairly evident," he remarked and sighed as he tapped the control panel on the biobed to look at the readings. "I have given him large doses of anaesthetics and cortolin in order to keep the body from going into shock and the lungs functioning at the minimum capacity that they are able to without transplants, but it is only a matter of time until the heart gives out. Unfortunately, there is little to be done for him than to ease his pain. He won't be alive for more than a couple of minutes, but he will pass quietly."

The EMH picked up a PADD and handed it to the squadron commander. "I was able to determine the patient's identity with Starbase 84's medical records. I needed to consult his journals to see if he had any aversions towards the anaestetics I had to give him. His name is Keith Sanford, next of kin being a mother at a colony floating above Venus. No other family. Should I inform the proper channels on the base?"

The sound that came from what was left of Sanford was like a sleeping man trying to breathe through a thin straw.

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[Komial Dotnhil | Starbase 84 | Base Commanders Quarters]Atten: Lucan

"Enter," she heard the voice of her commander call out, and the computer picked up on the words as well, unlocking the sliding doors to the captains suite, granting the Security Chief access to Ian Hawthorne's quarters. Quarters she was not exactly unfamiliar with, a fact that brought a shyer smile to her face then one might expect. It was all still relatively new for Komial - the thrill of it, being involved with the man that had saved her life. That her feelings had started as hero worship surprised neither officer. Where things had led well, that had certainly surprised the Trill.

She stepped inside though, professional as ever where eyes could be watching, and took a look around. Lights were low, and there seemed to be more light coming from the 'fresher. Her dark eyebrows rose on her forehead and she bit her lip for a moment, before throwing caution to the wind. She quietly stepped out of her boots and socks, and padded barefoot across his quarters as the doors sealed themselves behind her.  Komial unzipped the jacket of her uniform and let it hang open as she walked into the doorway of the bathroom. She reached up, her hands resting against the top of the door frame as she stared into the steam filled room where her CO lay in the tub.

Her eyes took on a heated, lustful look as she drank in the site of the man. He was a talk, delicious drink of dark, dark chocolate, and she indulged in a moment of shameless ogling. Those eyes darted all along his soaked form, partially hidden from view, what was displayed before her mixing with the scrumptious memories she already had of him in his - what was the Terran phrase? Birthday Suit. Her shy smile became something that was best described as  a saucy smirk, and her pink tongue darted out across her lips, ever so briefly.

"You wanted that status update on the explosion, Sir?" She asked, having tucked the PADD with said report into the back waistband of her pants. Admittedly, a report was the last thing on her mind, as she took a slow breath through her nose, smelling the oils in the bath, and feeling the moist air on her cold skin. It took everything she had not to moan just from the sensual display before her.

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[Lt Hi'Jak| lab 17 | Starbase 84] Attn:  Auctor Lucan & Rosaria Rosette

Lab 17 was supposed to be his half an hour ago, at this point he wasn't even sure he was going to be able to run all of the tests he wanted too on this fragment. Considering that the tricorder hadn't been able to tell him the composition he needed a break down analyses of the thing, not to mention he wanted to try and figure out the type of explosive that was used.

The fact was an explosive device had been detonated on a Starbase, and his own theory was that it had been remote detonated. Which made everything all the more difficult. If it was just the sub space relay then he would buy it, but the fact was this was a Romulan, and he had to have gotten onto the starbase somehow. There were no easy answers right now. Which was an honest shame because if there was one thing he desperately wanted it was easy answers, and of course his boss had decided to take up the only lab that could give him the answers he needed for longer then he was scheduled. Someone somewhere had fucked up, and he wasn't about to let this oppertunity go to waist. Hi'Jak was oddly ready to work as he walked into the lab.

Moving past his boss he ignored the fact that he was still here at first, and only casually regarded the woman. She was attractive, but then he had just met his dream Trill and he wasn't about to let go of the image of the sweet security chief angel who had soundly handed him his verbal ass with her talking down. What am I thinking? He tried to push aside his school boy crush, but it was considerably harder than he thought it would be.

He started to get the machines ready to do the work he needed, all the while moving through cloud nine. "Hello." He said finally regarding the other two people. As he was trying to set up a device that would get him a better reading on the device, tell him at least what compounds were used to set the explosion he glanced up between the two people. His boss who was frankly a major pain in his ass. "Sorry if I'm interrupting anything, but I was scheduled into this lab a while ago, and you have been eating my time."

Hi'Jak spoke towards his boss, who probably knew he was causing an inconvenience to him. As he turned towards the woman he finall gave a more respectful glance at her. "Hi my names Jack, pleased to meet you. Uhm, i'm sorry to bother you a little, but do you mind acting as a lab assistant for a moment." normally he would have someone but his own staff played him like a fiddle as often as he played his boss, and he was not about to ask his boss for help. "Also I'm going to need that table, if you don't mind."

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[ Captain Ian Hawthorne | Base Commander's Quarters ] Attn: Brutus

She was reacting as expected, and Ian indulged the ideas in her mind. She in a carefree demeanour, he stepped out of the bath in front of her. "Indeed, did you bring the report?" he said, a small smile at the corner of his mouth hinted on how he knew exactly what he was doing. "Or do you mean to debrief me in person?"

Saying this, he reached for a towel and draped it across his shoulders - stepping up to Komial. He had come to appreciate the Trill for her body, and the fact that she had removed her footwear and had come barefoot to him suggested that she had an idea to stay instead of returning to the Security offices. She had even unzipped her uniform jacket, revealing the golden colour of her undershirt and how it outlined the curves hidden beneath.

Less than an arm's length away from her, he grabbed both ends of the towel that he had draped across his shoulders. The light in the room caught the way the oil-laced water pearled and ran down his dark skin, and he tilted his head to look her in the eye - expecting her to either take liberties with his nakedness, or hold back to build anticipation. It depended on how anxious she was for his touch that day, and if she could restrain her urges and deliver that report. Ah, yes, the report.

"Either way, I would very much like to hear what happened... and why it took you so long," he said, words void of reprimand but serious. While the preliminary report she had given him was that the detonation had been too small to be any serious thread to the starbase, it was still a rather grave matter. "I would gladly have shared my bath with you if you had come earlier, so I hope you had a good reason for being so tardy. Perhaps you already have a suspect?"

[ Lieutenant Simon Walt | Science Center | Lab 17 ] Attn: RosariaRosette & Kaligos

It seemed that the scavenger's patience had come to an end as well, telling him to get lost at long last. Walt merely chuckled and shook his head, but the mirth trailed off when his taunts towards Hi'Jak's schooling passed unheard. The halfbreed seemed preoccupied in thought, and Walt frowned at him - hardly expecting something close to politeness when he had used the lab for his own devices. Devices that had originally been to strike a deal with the scavenger for his own stash of latinum, and perhaps blackmailing her into using that mouth for something else than talking about alleged ruin exploration.

"Well, it was good that the lab came to use in your absence, as little use at is proved to be in the end," he said to Hi'Jak, and then directed himself to the scavanger again. "Some honest work might be good for you. Hi'Jak could use all the help he can get any way. I wish you both a good day and don't forget to take all that junk when you leave these offices, Miss Aldnoah."

With that, Lieutenant Walt left Lab 17 behind, but he was curious about what it was that had Hi'Jak so ambitious all of a sudden... so he was going to return later and find out.

OOC: Walt is leaving, so have fun you two! Play nice, and let me know when you need input and results from the tests. :)

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