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Keval's attention flicked back to his captain and nodded in quiet agreement. "I can only give possible tactical outcomes, nothing major at this time. Apologies, my captain."

[ Tristan Kendrick | Executive Office Complex | Base Commander's Ready Room | Starbase 84 ] Attn: Ian Hawthorne & Keval ch'Rayya


"It's fine, Keval," said Kendrick, "I'm sure we'll get more tactical info in due time."

When the Trill officer entered, the Resolve's captain straightened up, standing at attention. He said nothing to her greeting to him and his Tactical Officer, merely nodding in acknowledgement, with a tight, polite smile. There seemed to be something going on between the Starbase commander and the Trill, from his discreet observation, and she certainly was easy on the eyes, but he had no appreciation for beauty at the moment, his mind only playing out mental simulations for an encounter with a Theurgy-class warship, bristling with the latest technology and weaponry. Then he had to take into consideration all that Hawthorne had to say on the matter.

He wasn't a particular fan of Starfleet Intelligence, so when the Starbase commander suggested he ask them what they were doing to safeguard their secrets, he couldn't help but wonder if he really felt any sympathy for their plight. But if those secrets reached Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian eyes and ears...well, that was a different matter entirely. Thankfully, Hawthorne was indeed placing priority for the repairs to the Resolve's shields, weapons and engines. ch'Rayya would be happy to be getting the specs on the Theurgy, so would he for that matter. The sooner they could identify the weaknesses of this ship...

His eyes briefly widened when he saw Hawthorne's expression. They had more bad news? An Akira-class escort cruiser was allied with Ives and the Theurgy? Well that was great. Was he building his own renegade fleet out of Federation officers? This was worse than he thought and he shot his Andorian officer an alarmed look, well recognizing the look he had. Narrowed eyes. Kendrick's expression was unreadable to all but his closest companions, including ch'Rayya. Say very little. Very, very little. The information was all well and good, but something

A whole task force, a fleet of starships were dedicated to hunting down the renegade vessel, now with an ally, and they broke the treaty of Algeron...the task force was incapacitated by a virus? Just how resourceful was Ives and Vasser? If a task force couldn't harm them, would they really find a Starbase and a mangled Luna-class starship a deterrent? But Hawthorne had a vested personal interest in both renegade ships. "I'm sorry to hear that, captain. I personally hope your daughters are well and alive."

He started slowly pacing, thinking as he walked, "This sounds very much like something Romulans would try. Their ever-scheming ways and subterfuge. But it seems rash, especially at this time, in light of what you've told me."

He glanced at Hawthorne, "The hull of the Resolve also needs reinforcing. Over the last three years, the bridge has suffered frequent attacks and damage. Right now, it's so loose, a stray asteroid can knock the whole bridge off from the rest of the ship." A slight exagerration, but it would imply how dire the ship's condition was.

"Thank you for letting us know about all this, Hawthorne. I can only hope that the task force is back on the path of those renegades," said Kendrick, "I know how the loss of even one life can affect a commander. The burden of responsibility upon us is heavy, sometimes unbearable."

He imagined those people and their last moments as they were sucked out into the vacuum of space, and then he remembered the losses he himself suffered, in the countless battles he had to lead the Resolve through. He had to forcefully blink and clear his mind, then he turned to look back at ch'Rayya, quietly gesturing with an expression that they needed to talk somewhere private. "There's a lot to process...and I would like some time to rest and recover. It would seem like we are far from done with our battles." He said to the Starbase commander, "Before we go, is there anything else you want to tell us?"

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[LT Komial Dotnihl | Security Level: Brig | Starbase 84]Atten: Drauc, medical?

Komial listened to the man and did her level best to repress the little snarl that wanted to work its way across her lips. She just crossed her arms a bit tighter under her bust, and raised an eyebrow in an impeccable impression of a Vulcan.

What happened next was fascinating, and then some. She sucked in a sharp breath as she watched Drauc suddenly lash out at the force field. "What the..?" She asked, her words echo'd in the thoughts around her. Then he smacked his head into the wall and dropped like a rock and her mouth popped open for a moment. "Sunova - get me a medkit," she ordered out, tapping the badge on her chest with her right hand, her left pressed to the wall by the security field.

"Komial to Sector General, medical emergency in the brig." With those words, the Starbase medical hospital - so much more than a simple sickbay - would be notified and a medical officer would be scrambled, sent down to the brig with as much haste as could be mustered.

Procedure's needed to be followed after all. She spared a moment for a dark thought at the paperwork this prisoner was going to cause her.

"Was there anything, anything in his file that indicated he was prone to seizures?" She spat the question out at her security team, as Mackenzie tossed a medkit towards her. She caught it out of the air and snapped it open on the floor, fishing the tricorder out and popping it open. "Ah hell, field's interfering. " There was no heat in her tone, just a thin line of frustration as she frowned, watching her prisoner on the floor.

"Drop the field, Mack. You and you," she pointed to two of the nom-com guards that had come rushing in when she'd sounded an alert. "Phasers drawn, target the prisoner. Just in case." She wasn't going to take any chances as she waited for her orders to be filled. A chorus of "Yes Ma'am's," rang out and then the field was gone with a snap-hiss. Komial wasted no time, stepping over the threshold and dropping to one knee at Drauc's head, tricorder once more open, medical wand in her left hand as she ran it over his forehead, frowning at the readings coming up.

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[ Ian Hawthorne | Executive Office Complex | Base Commander's Ready Room ] Attn: Kendrick & ch'Rayya

When asked if there was ought else that needed to be said, Ian took a deep breath and shook his head. "There are plenty of details to all that has happened during the past three years, besides the current threat of Ives and Vasser," he said in reply and got back on his feet behind his desk, their first meeting at and end on the returning Captain's request. "None of it, however, isn't something you can't look up yourselves through our station logs or from Starfleet Command. Then again, you can just download the latest news from the FNN if you want to see how things stand now in the Federation. At least you have my warning to prepare you for the brutal media coverage of our current affairs."

Walking around his large desk, Ian shook Kendrick's hand, followed by ch'Rayya's. "Again, welcome back, gentlemen. I am sorry that you didn't return to more pleasant times. We will speak again soon, but rest assured that your ship is in good hands, and that hull of hers will be in pristine condition for her voyage back to the Sol System."

Stepping back to his desk, Ian picked up the Theurgy-class model and seated himself - not watching them as the two officers from the Resolve left his office. The grieving father, he was turning the model over in his dark-skinned hands when the sliding doors closed behind them.

When they did, he raised his eyes - and only his eyes - to stare in their direction.

OOC: Vystori is about to post with Six on the Promenade. RedBaron is next to post with Drauc in the Brig. DocReno can begin the private conversation between Tristan and Keval as they walk the station.

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[Ensign Six | Promenade | Starbase 84] Attn: F'Rell, Jack, and Tancredi

Each movement, each subtle gesture, each reactive tension or lack thereof was not lost on Ensign Six. For the briefest moment a sort of sadness crossed her face when she noticed the tension in Tancredi's form, a reaction that she was all to use to, but still disheartened to see, even if it was rather well played off. Like the young woman, Six also played off her expression, quickly reverting back to the neutral look she often portrayed, hands tucking back again behind her as she squared her shoulders and lifted her chin.

Just as she stood back into her typical position a familiar voice chimed in from the table not far from them. Lieutenant Hi'Jak got up and walked to where they all stood, or hovered as the case may be, her eyes glancing over at the Lieutenant to give him a courteous nod in response. "I'm doing well Sir, thank you. I hope that you are doing the same?" she replied formally before F'Rell responded in kind.

Just as soon as she had though, a strange look came over her, her sides flashing like a species equipped with bioluminescence. Six tilted her head at the sudden change in coloration and was just about to ask when F'Rell excused herself for sneezing. It was quite intriguing to say the least, and the information that was given to her was permanently stored in her memory banks now, including the reaction to the 'sneeze'.

Eventually she turned her attentions back at Tancredi who now seemed to be interested in knocking over bulls. Six quirked a brow at the woman, seemingly interested in her desire to rough up the male bovines. "You wish to knock over cows? What is the significance of this? Do you derive pleasure from such things?" she asked Tancredi, quite curious as to the woman's interest in activities.
"You wish to knock over cows? What is the significance of this? Do you derive pleasure from such things?" - Ensign Six

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Security Level: Brig | Starbase 84] Atten: LT Komial Dotnihl, medical.

He had failed. In agony, Drauc waited for what felt like eternity - all his senses on high alert as the aftermath seized him. Over the years, it had never gotten any easier.
He heard the force field come down it sounded like a cannon going off. He felt rather then heard each step the Trill took to get closer to him. He felt her drop to a knee next to his head...

...and like a viper, his left fist struck her right shoulder with enough speed and force to spin her around. Years of training was kicking in. He flipped to his knees and slid over to Komial, wrapped his arms around her in such a way to where if they didn't know any better it would look like they where lovers, and she couldn't move her arms to get anything.
Drauc whispered in her ear, "You are shaking a bit. Is this the first time someone has got the drop on you?" Drauc let go. With a small shove and a push from his legs, he ended up about to the back wall of his cell - staring at the Trill. Now, they both knew he could have killed her, but he chose not to. Slowly, he lifted his right arm, indicating his left temple, bloodied from the impact with the wall. "Would you could be so kind as to have the medical team have a look at this? It does hurt."

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[LT Komial Dotnihl | Security Level: Brig | Starbase 84]Atten: Drauc, medical?

The readings didn't give her quite enough warning, sadly, and the pointy eared bastard got the drop on her. The fist snapped out and she felt the impact against her shoulder like a rock. Trill were no more or less physically capable than a human - which was to say from a biological stand point, and a considerable disadvantage against more constitutionally stacked races like Klingons....or Romulans. Races such as Drauc's. The hammer blow staggered her back and the medical tricorder went flying. And the prisoner was fast. Komial barely had time to suck in a breath before his arms were around her.

Her fingers reached back, grasping, brushing feather light through his hair as his hold forced her chest out. She planted her feet and tried to twist to no avail. A Trill curse broke past her lips as her heart beat ticked up considerably. The angle he held her at placed her squarely between the phaser emitters of her crew and him in turn. The embarrassment was unfathomable for the chief, and sadly, brought back angry memories. This was not the first time someone had gotten the drop on her, and in an instant, she was back, deep in the bowels of the starbase, pursuing Cardassian dissidents. It wasn't a tricorder that had flown from her grasp, in her minds eye, but her phaser, kicked from her hand. She felt the heat of a plasma conduit pressing against her back as the muzzle of the gun came down to bare on her. It was a different heat in her minds eye, than the bodily warmth of Drauc, pressed in a firm line along her body. It wasn't his words that registered, but the cocky tones of a fanatic, "The True Way will once more cleanse the universe of your alien taint, Federation whore," the hand before her barely wavering, the finger squeezing the mechanical trigger -

Komial was pushed forward and the moment broke. She rolled, crouching as she came up facing the Romulan with a snarl of pure rage on her face. It was all she could do not to turn around and lash out. She wanted, oh she wanted, to spin, to kick the smug bastard square between the legs before bringing her knee up into his face. The way his nose burst into a crumpled mess, green blood splattering his face and her pants - it was almost real to her, that vision, but she clawed it back into her gut, held it in and smothered the fire. Slowly, she stood, and glared, his words finally running through her mind. It made no sense, he made no sense, and her snarl stayed in place.

Before she could speak again, the medic arrived, in a rush, looking around, confused. The young Tellarite's nostrils flared as he smelled the tension in the room, as much as saw it, and carefully approached, medkit in hand. "If you'll excuse me, Lieutenant?" He gestured towards the prisoner whose held the bruised wrist up. "I don't think that constitutes a medical emergency. Are you sure you people aren't wasting my time." Though his words could be insulting - from a Tellarite, insults were their native way of diffusing a situation. Not that it didn't irk the Trill, and the gaze that Lt. Dotnihl fixed on the poor medic would have made anyone quake.

"He faked a seizure. Fix him, but don't bother being gentle about it."

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[Lt Hi'Jak| Promenade | Starbase 84] Attn: F'Rell, Tancredi and Six

Tancridi's tensions were completely lost on Jack who took both of the women's words at face value. To him Tancridi's smile was complete and honest, she was a little attractive, and that was about it. He found F'rell's sneeze to be a little concerning wondering if something had aggravated her alien biology though considering that she used a device to breath he was doubtful, either way as far as he was concerned this was a pleasant conversation.

He gave a small chuckle as Six completely missed the words. He never understood that with the logical races, they were also messing up their wordplay and you think that for a woman who had an entire universe worth of encyclopedia's in her brain she would be accustomed to a little wordplay every now and than. Still he didn't judge her too hard for that.

"She means she wants a strong drink Six, it's an earth phrase." He looked between the girls finding it amusing that out of all of them it was him the half Klingon who got to explain that kind of thing. F'rell could be forgiven but between Six and himself he was pretty sure that Six was more human than he was.

"Anyway,  Tancridi you should really pull up a seat. If you want a good drink to try why not try Chech'tluth It's a little smoky but if you can pound it down it should knock you around a little. As my father would say best served before any battle." He gave a small grin, out of all the things he did from his old home the one thing he had enjoyed were the beverages. The food left something to be desired, Mo'ch was... well best not said about it was for the better, but the drinks had a sting to them that human food didn't. "The replicators know it... I made sure of that."

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[Drauc | Security Level: Brig | Starbase 84]Atten: LT Komial Dotnihl

Drauc had no smile on his face as he looked at Lt. Dotnihl. He had absorbed her experience.

"My apologies, I did not know it would bring back bad memories." His voice seemed to strain as if he was in great pain. Drauc knew it was not from his arm that was but a pinprick in comparison. Drauc looked at her not with pity or sadness but with respect, "What happened after he pulled the trigger?"

While his eye focused only on her the Tellerite medic began to work on his temple, it was a minor cut, nothing that a quick run over of the autosuture couldn't fix. The medical officer was half tempted to leave the bruise behind, but after a quick pass of the autosuture it was gone.

"Now if you don't mind I've got more important problems to deal with." The Tellarite's tone was curt, but not impolite. And with that the alien disappeared back out of the cell.

The guards had looks of pure hatred on their faces and without even bothering to read the one's mind he was pretty sure the guard was considering shooting him anyway. The force field snapped back into place, separating them once more.

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[Ensign A'vura | Main Engineering | U.S.S Resolve]

A'vura was still on board the Resolve as the crew disembarked to partake in the celebrations, as an Operations officer she simply couldn't leave her post... Nor let the Starbase's repair team ruin her repair filing system. She had prepared a detailed list of what needed to be completely replaced or fixed once back in Federation territory and she'd be all too happy to boss around eager repairmen if meant getting her ship back in order.

She was happy to direct some of the repair teams around to show them some of the more complicated problems that had been bugging the ship, well her, for the past few months, "Without the proper equipment it's been rather difficult to not having to reroute half of the ship's relays down into pretty much three decks... Data transfer has been so slow, it's a compl-" she was cut off by a couple of gasping crewmen in the back of the group she was directing, having confronted them she learnt about the situation with the Romulans, the Theurgy and also the Harbinger. She was rather confused by it all but allowed them to go back to work. She knew she had to inform the Captain Kendrick, not knowing he was already being debriefed she assumed he'd still be celebrating along with the others.

[An hour later | A'vura | Starbase 84]

A'vura was happy to be on board the space station, she was happy to simply wander around aimlessly without an objective to accomplish or knowing what was in every corridor. She had been able to memorise the entire layout of the Resolve over the three years she had served aboard and was eager to be lost, although the notion did seem strange to her. The celebrations were still on going when she arrived, many of SB84's crew were busy trying to ask her questions and all the new adventures she got to experience but she had a mission she had to complete. The very notion of a Starfleet officer willingly comply with an order to kill another of their own was enough to make her stomach churn, the Captain had to know.

She didn't exactly want to approach anyone and appear a fool for not knowing where she was going; the previous notion of being lost quickly lost its charm. She huffed and sighed as she went around corner after corner trying to find Captain Hawthorne's office but without luck she continued to wander around the deck. Following sign after sign she still appeared to have no luck finding her way around the ridiculously large starbase. She still couldn't quite believe what she had heard, of all the things she had experienced and with all the losses she had to suffer during the three years she was out there she could have never pictured one of her crewmen to turn on one another.

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[ Top Deck of the Drydock Section | Traffic Control Offices ] Attn: Nyla

The slightly curved corridor ahead of the Orion had doors on the left hand side, and on the other, the windows showed her that she was high up in the drydock section of the starbase. If she would look out the windows, she would be looking down on top of all the starships and shuttles that were moving about inside the mushroom head of the base. The height would be unsettling for some, with a drop of more than a hundred decks until you reached the cold gravity nullifier plates at the bottom. That was, of course, unless you collided with one of those shuttles or workbees that milled about on the way down.

In her wandering, and because of the size of the base, the Orion had yet to find the travel core so that she might leave the drydock section, and had in her search for her Captain and the base commander's office - where he was supposed to be at - mistaken the traffic control areas for the executive offices in the recreational dome. Easy mistake if one hadn't been to an Orunal-class station before, and the offices behind the doors - while sometimes visible through transparent aluminium walls in some sections, were filled with people that she could not speak with - her access through the doors being denied by the starbase computer voice. All she could do, was to wander on in hope to get out of the corridor and to the travel core. With her combadge not yet synchronised with the base's computer, she could not ask for help either, much less communicate with someone.

Then, suddenly, she saw someone, the first person she had seen in the past five decks she had been circling - barred as she had been by the winding rows of closed doors. She saw him only from afar, but his trade was unmistakable. He had a yellow engineering jumpsuit, dirty as most were. Clearly a deck hand working with the maintenance of the bays far below, the grime and oil trademark for his duties. Yet what was he doing all the way up there? He didn't see her at first, moving carefully and looking through every glass wall that showed the busy offices before moving along. He wore a black knit cap low over his ears and eyes, and he was empty-handed save for the bulging pockets of his jumpsuit.

Then, he spotted her behind himself - pausing his step as he looked at her across the length of the winding corridor. With almost eighty feet separating them, it was impossible to make out any facial features, but he was clearing looking at her from underneath the edge of his cap.

Then, he began to run away from her.

OOC: Location is by the letter "L" - the Traffic Control Offices - in this map here:


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[ Ensign A'vura | Top Deck of the Drydock Section | Traffic Control Offices ]

A'vura had always hated heights, not for the height itself but for falling. One too many times on her little adventure away from home caused her to fall down ditch after ditch, ledge after ledge and as she walked across she felt her nails dig down into her skin to try and keep her composure. She had been looking for a single person for at least an hour now, she thought that the Captain would know by now and simply wanted to get to somewhere less transparent.

She had attempted several doors and each time she heard the same monotone voice reject her access, to which she simply muttered "You little bitch." under her breath. Having had enough of the computer, she wandered around the deck looking for anyone she could find. She was getting rather agitated with having wasted so much time and could only think about what mess the repair teams could be doing to her ship... The Captain's ship, she had to correct herself numerous times after trying not to get too possessive with it. The Resolve after all was simply beams and bulkheads, beams and bulkheads that she had poured hours of her free time into helping stick together and become more efficient; after a while she even began to have small conversations whenever the ship agreed or disagreed with command prompts.

She was getting off track, but eventually her mine snapped into focus when she found one of the ship workers. In truth she had never met one before and was unsure how to address him, instead she'd wait for him to turn around to offer him a large friendly and beaming smile that would let him know she needed him. She was quite surprised however when the man began to break into a sprint, perking a brow she began to jog after him to which she wasn't quite sure what she'd do if she caught up with him. While running, she tapped her combadge and called out, "Security to the-" she sighed out as the line was dead, remembering that her badge wasn't yet synchronised.

Deciding things may have to take the harder approach, she broke off into a sprint after him... Hands met corners as she launched herself into the next corridors, hair was tied up and she took a good look of what she could see just in case he got away.

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[ Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Promenade | Starbase 84 ] Attn: F'Rell, Jack Hi'Jak and Six


"Ye're a gem, sugah," said Tancredi, winking at the half-Klingon, then nodding at Six and F'Rell. She started making her way over to get the drink recommended by Hi'Jak. She had initially been about to answer Six, a look of genuine surprise and disbelief on her face, but Hi'Jak had saved her the need to do so, and she had given him a grateful warm smile that might have actually been real. That didn't mean she trusted him any more than the next Undine.

She went to the replicator and said, "Chech'tluth."

Hi'Jak wasn't joking when he said it was smoky. The drink looked strong enough to be used as fuel for a Valkyrie. Perfect, she thought with a wild grin. She took the drink and returned to join Hi'Jak and the Borg woman. Settling down with a smooth motion and swagger, the girl sat like a brute, suddenly losing most of her feminine charm, not that she cared for it, and raised the drink in toast to the two Starbase personnel and F'Rell, then downed it in one pull.

"GAH!" said Tancredi, her eyes widening and her throat constricting for a while, and she felt almost like retching, but she forced it down in a battle of will. Then she grinned at Hi'Jak, red-faced, "Well that put some 'air on mah chest, fer sure. Compliments to yer pop and you. Y'all know yer stuff."

She wheeled her head to look fixedly at Six, "Ah don' literally 'ave hair on me chest, ma'am. Just another sayin', is all."

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[Lt Hi'Jak| Promenade | Starbase 84] Attn: F'Rell, Tancredi and Six

Jack couldn't help but smile when Tancredi called him sugar, there was something to her smile that he kinda liked. As she pounded back Chech'tluth however that attraction was a little more so. There was something fine about a woman who could enjoy a good hardy klingon drink. "Damn I wish you would stick around I need a good drinking partner." He said with a soft chuckle.

Turning to F'Rell he was once again curious about her biology. "What about you? Do you do drink or eat anything? What about foods? Any good cuisine where you are from? I'm always curious when it comes to foreign worlds. The exotic menus are always so fun for the palette."

He paused for a moment asking all of these questions about other worlds had got him thinking, not just about F'Rell's unique biology but also about other things. Chech'tluth best served before a battle, he chuckled for a moment and shook his head. "I'll hand you the receipy so that you can program the replicators on the Resolve from what I've been hearing it... you might need it sooner rather than later."

Hi'Jak paused for a moment tapping his hand across the table. Clearly he was entrenched in thought, as far as he knew he was sitting with two ensigns, and a civilian alien. How much of this information was he actually allowed to talk about? "I have a few friends on the repair crews, was supposed to meet two of them here for lunch today, but the priority repairs have everyone in a panic. I don't know all the details but it seems like they want your ship to get back up and running ASAP, and they are running engineers ragged to do it, but that's not all that's weird going on about it... Rumor has it we caught a Romulan. He's down in the Brig I got genetic samples from him on my desk this morning."

There was a clear smile across his face that he had problems suppressing. He had grown up on stories of the star empire, and working out here in the neutral zone... Well it was always something to think about. He shook his head. They might as well know everything and it wasn't like he was good at holding back information or even knew all the critical stuff to begin with. "In all honesty, the Resolve showed up at the worst time. This whole system is going mad and it's mostly because of the star empire. I don't know everything but they are in the midst of a civil war. Now for the Romulans that's nothing new, the star empire changes hands about as often as the Federation hands out promotions. This time however the Remans are getting involved. Warbirds that would normally be patrolling their side of the neutral zone aren't even showing up, of course they could just be cloaked we don't actually know, and from what I've been hearing there is an entire blockade around their own planet. Whats more there's this traitor ship." He struggled for a moment to remember the name and then simply shook his head.

"It is a Theurgy-class vessel all decked out with shiny new experimental toys that they don't let people talk about, and it's Captain went rouge right in the middle of it's mission. All in all I think we might be looking at the next Federation War or at least a fairly good fight."

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[ Top Deck of the Drydock Section > Subspace Acquisition Grid ] Attn: Nyla

Eventually, the chase led to one of the intersections between the outer corridors, where one might dash into the interior corridors of the offices, and with the head start the man had on A'vura, chances were he'd be able to vanish in any direction he wished after that. And true enough, when she got there, he was gone. She would have to pick up the pace if she was ever going to catch sight of him.

Unless... of course, he had gone into the Jefferies tubes behind that grate in the corner of the intersection. A grate which looked suspiciously loose. Upon closer inspection, it was actually not fully closed, and that closer inspection - her approaching it - immediately caused a distinct reaction behind the bulkhead. Shuffle of feet. Tapping noises. As if someone climbed a ladder as quickly as he could.

The choice boiled down to the Orion's sense of duty, perhaps, since if this suspicious person was up to something, and she did not try to pursue him, he would get away, and station security would likely never be able to find him. She had been too far away to describe him, and with the unrest beyond the Neutral Zone, and the rogue Theurgy-class ship that she'd hear about, this might just be a piece of a puzzle that Starfleet could not afford to loose.

A pity she couldn't have brought her phaser aboard the base, but if not apprehending the figure she'd seen... perhaps she could learn what he was up to?

If she climbed the ladder behind the grate, she would likely reach the bowels of the base's primary reactors and the lowest levels of the unmanned subspace communications towers - the soaring structures on top of the base that made it able to communicate with the rest of the Alpha Quadrant and warn the Federation if the Romulans invaded.

The ladder led to another grate, which had been opened and left ajar in a hurry. The Jefferies tubes continued upwards into complete darkness, but there were no sounds of anyone climbing above her. Nor were the crawl-spaces to her left and right touched, with a film of dust still there - undisturbed. In all likelihood, the mysterious figure had gone out through the grate.

Outside, the Orion would see the high ceiling first, the slanted panels on top of the base's structure that acted as the acquisition grid for all subspace communication. The sensitive receivers that were able to pick up any kind of external signal and interpret it into the data-feeds that permeated the entire station. Below the slanted ceiling, the area was clearly not meant to receive any diplomatic officials. Machinery and tubing laced the deck plating in all directions, yet wide apart, just so that one might tread through it all. The size of the dimly lit area below the reactors and the communication towers might have felt like you were a tribble, and you had just climbed into a maintenance access point below the Resolve's warp core. The Orion was completely surrounded by the circuitry and the data storage banks, not to mention the antimatter tanks and tubing for the reactors up top. The electric hum that could be heard on starships was five times as loud below the colossal acquisition grid panels.

In this vibrating air, hearing anything was a challenge, and the light was poor. Hiding places were numerous, but the figure had made mistakes before, provided she kept her eyes open. But what if he attacked her? Could she defend herself? The chase had now definitely become a game of Kal-Toh...

OOC: Location can be found below "A" in Sheet 1, and underneath the panels at "D" in Sheet 7 (left half being the top view of the base):


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[LT Komial Dotnihl | Security Level: Brig | Starbase 84]Atten: Drauc, medical?

At first, his words didn't register with Komial as she coldly observed the Telleriate medic administer treatment to the prisoner. But confusion slowly crawled across the Trill's angry countenance.  She glanced at the guards, trying to sort out what Drauc meant just then. Bad memories and pulling the trigger? Neither of her men had been about to shoot the Lieutenant just then, though clearly all were thinking about simply stunning the Romulan - once the doctor finished - to shut him up and keep him out of their hair for the foreseeable future.

He was talking about the images that had flashed across her mind when he'd held her as a shield. How!? She swallowed, face paling considerably as comprehension dawned on her features. Sudden worry about what might have been revealed, what errant thoughts could have slipped past her mind and into his - not just her personal ghosts, but classified thoughts, the security report she'd handed off to the captain just before heading down here. That was enough to make her sick on the spot.

"Mack," she quietly called to one of the guards, whom still had his hand on the grip of his type-II hand phaser, the mans dark fingers caressing the underside as he resisted the urge to just zap, falling back on the rigorous Starfleet Security training and discipline instilled in him. She didn't dare take her brown eyes off the prisoner's, thought she wondered now if the captive man knew - knew - what she was about to order.

"Yes, boss?"

"Contact someone from the counseling department - a telepath, please. It seems Mr. T'Laus is something of a mind reader." That little revelation hit like a bomb, and everyone else in the room straightened up. A wide variety of thoughts along the same general theme of "oh shit" flashed through the assembled minds, and Lt. Dotnihl wondered how Drauc would react to that.

Drawing a slow breath through her nose, she then answered the question that the Romulan had first posed to her. "I didn't," she answered softly, "or well, it wasn't anything I did that resolved the situation. No cunning or bravery on my part." She wrapped her arms around her stomach for a moment, recalling that moment in crystal clarity, the boot that caught the hand of the Cardassian and in turn sent the firearm skittering off - even as the bullet tore into a conduit near her head, sending sparks and derbies into her hair -  the alien's aim thrown away at the last minute.

"Captain Hawthorne stopped the terrorist." She said simply.

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[ F'Rell of the 12th House | 1200 hrs. | Promenade | Circling the Executive Office Complex ] Attn:Six, Tancredi, & Hi'Jak

So many questions, it almost annoyed F'Rell, but she knew it was to be expected of a scientist. There was always more to be known. She knew the feeling well, she would have asked just as many tiresome questions if she had not learned much of humanoid behavior whilst on the Resolve. However she did not at that moment feel like speaking about her own biology.

"My dietary requirements are in my personnel file. I can request you be sent the information on my biology if you so wish," came the emotionless voice of the translator as her long whisker like tendrils vibrated.

With that out of the way F'Rell instead decided to address the other topic he brought up. "The Romulan Star Empire is in a state of disrepair. It had been in a state of near stagnation, but now that, as you might say, the pot has been stirred new factions and ideas are arising. Given the amount of instability I highly doubt they should be viewed as much of a threat," came the translation. She gave her analysis as if she were speaking to her own people, giving a standard threat assessment. "Though it is always possible that rogue elements may amass a great deal of strength. Further observation is required."

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[ Ensign A'vura | Top Deck of the Drydock Section | Subspace Acquisition Grid ]

A'vura was getting rather agitated with the chase, she had expected cake not a rather anti-climactic slow action chase through a starbase she had no idea how to navigate. She had been looking around the interior offices for a while now, well the ones that allowed her access. Attempting to enter the third office with no luck she growled out in anger and decided to turn suit.

Tugging on her uniform she broke off into a speed walk, eyeing every possible exit point finding a rather loose Jefferies tube, hearing the man scatter along the metal she immediately raced after him and pulled open the door with a little more strength than needed; crawling after him she climbed down the ladder to the communication hub.

She was certainly out of her depth; she was an academic not a fighter. She had been in many phaser fights and a few hand to hand spars when on away missions but searching for someone in a dark room without any sort of indication where he was did not quite meet her skillset. She had tread slowly through the various machinery and looked around every noticeable place that could house someone - she was nervous and rather eager to complete her search so that she could leave again.

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[ Below the Subspace Acquisition Grid ] Attn: Nyla

The hum that permeated the entire area quickly became deafening, and the ability to pick out anything else diminished by the second. Yet for the man she had pursued, it didn't matter. He didn't need to hear her... because his dark eyes were staring straight at her.

From underneath the edge of his cap, he was glaring into the back of her head, and he was closing the short distance with a mordant stride - bearing down on her from behind. She had no means to hear him before he reached her. He wouldn't give her any chance to defend herself. Darkened eyes glinting, he struck without mercy. A brutal kick straight into the back of her knee unbalanced her completely, and he wrapped his arm around her delicate neck in an unyielding choke-hold.

"Nei'rrh!" he barked into her ear, and there was no universal translator installed into this area of the base. He did not care the least. He straightened, and as he stood tall, he was suspending her in the air with his hold around her neck. He let her trash all she wanted. It would not matter. Nothing mattered any more. She had compromised him, and she would pay dearly for it. The entire operation had depended on him not being spotted as he made his way up the communication towers. The Orion surely had crew and superior officers that would miss her, so he needed extraction.

His thoughts were racing just as quickly as the female's heart was, and he ground his teeth while he let the fight drain out of her. Her struggle against the inevitable raised dust, made it dance around them. As he waited for her to die, he observed that she was lithe... and quite limber. With the certainty that he was to leave the station, an idea came to him. An impulse born from the countless hours of his cruel and demanding assignment. It was his time to reap some benefit from the ill fortune of his orders.

He choked her until she was right on the edge of passing out, making her disoriented and docile to handle. Then, he whirled her about with a ferocious snarl, and he threw her up against the cold surface of an antimatter tank. He stepped after her without pause, and with precise movements, he pinched both her wrists into his hard grip, and he slammed the fist he had made around her wrists into the tank high above her head - leaving her suspended from his callous grip.

"Au'e..." he rasped in approval as he eyed her figure in the dim light, and he bared his teeth in a grin. He tilted his head as he took stock in her appearance, and decided that he could indeed spoil himself before he left the station. It was rarely he would get an opportunity to sample an Orion woman, much less one of such a delightful figure. "Neth nei'rrh ... nah'lai saavik..."

His face was beaded with sweat after the chase, so for sake of comfort, he raised his free hand to remove his knit cap. As it slipped from his head, he felt the air against his unkempt black hair, and his pointed ears were released from confinement. His sharply ridged forehead was also beaded with sweat, and his unkind stare was made all the more demonic by his thick, up-swept eyebrows. While bitter, it was his cold conviction that he could do whatever he wanted to her. He was Romulan, and would reap the rewards he could.

"Sthea'hwill... qiuu," he said after the cap fell from his fingers, and his hand traced down her front... slowly going for the apex of her legs.

OOC: Here is the translated transcript:


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[Ensign Six | Promenade | Starbase 84] Attn: F'Rell, Jack, and Tancredi

Six listened intently to the conversation and how it seemed to switch so easily from one topic to the next. She was about to open her mouth and inquire about Tancredi's latest turn of phrase, but she quickly seemed to realize that Six might find confusion in it and answered her before she even had a chance to ask.

Then the topic switched to something that she was more privy to aside from idle rumors and chitchat, being that she was security personnel. "Yes, we did in fact capture a raiding vessel and one of the raiders is in custody."

She mulled over her words carefully, filtering through the information that she knew to be classified and that of which was public knowledge. "As for the USS Theurgy, it was one of five ships that entered the Neutral Zone in order to start negotiations with the Romulans. It did not go over well. Captain Ives of the Theurgy defected to the Romulans, or at least that was what was suspected when investigations into him began. After returning to Earth, Ives apparently found out about the investigation into him, and fled, with his crew, and the Theurgy vessel. Starfleet obviously pursued Ives and his crew, but those ships sent after him were all but destroyed. His actions only seemed to solidify the notion that he had in fact defected and had betrayed Starfleet."

Six paused after a time and glanced up at the others around her, her face still rather expressionless despite what she had just relayed to them. There was more to it than that, that she was sure, but this was about all she knew of the situation as far as facts were concerned and not just media propaganda. "I haven't been given much more information than what I just said. The only other thing I do know is that it is imperative that Captain Ives and his crew are stopped and that the Theurgy is once again in the hands of Starfleet." She did know some other bits of information, though it was knowledge she was not willing to share aloud. Ives was compromising cutting edge technology and weapon silos to the Romulans, it would be devastating public knowledge if the FNN learned about it.

Regretfully though she thought it time to excuse herself, "Thank you all for your time today, it's been a pleasure," she said with a hint of a smile that might look forced as she was not used to doing so, though for once she really did mean what she said, "however, I regret that I must use some of my free time to regenerate. If you'll excuse me, Lieutenant," she finished, nodding politely to those present, formally dismissing herself to head back to her quarters where her regeneration station had been installed.
"You wish to knock over cows? What is the significance of this? Do you derive pleasure from such things?" - Ensign Six

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[ Ensign A'vura | Top Deck of the Drydock Section | Subspace Acquisition Grid ]

A'vura was quickly gaining a headache as she went deeper, squinting as she couldn't rely on her ears for help and the majority of the room was pitch black bar from the glow from small lights on doorways and the anti-matter tanks themselves. She raised her arms in a rather defensive position, happy enough she decided to take those Shaolin lessons from Lieutenant ch'Rayya after all.

Confident in her abilities, she had no expected an attack from behind and was quickly overwhelmed by her attacker. She yelped out in both fear and pain as she felt the harshness of the man's boot collide with the back of her knee. She whimpered out as she hit the floor, a certain type of numbness going through her leg that made it impossible to run away.

She was completely at the man's mercy now, even more so as her wind pipe was slowly becoming crushed by his grip from his arm. She was trying to cry out, but she could feel the blood collecting in her head and it felt as though she was ready to explode. Her hands scrambled and scratched at the man, anywhere, she needed to be free. When it looked as though it was all over she finally felt release as she gasped for air, coughing out from how harshly he had pressed against her.

Her whole body felt heavy, and she was too weak to even pick up her arm never mind throw a punch. Having the petite frame she did, she was rather easy to throw around and quickly found herself facing him directly. While her arms went over her head she shook in her head in what little defiance she could offer, her eyes watering somewhat as she almost had an instinct of what was going to happen next.

She tried to focus on what he was saying, those harsh cruel words barely sounding out over the loud hum that still rung in her ear. She had no idea what he was saying, but she could probably tell they weren't that friendly either.

A'vura looked down to try and regain some sense to her mind, looking back up her eyes were wide with surprise at what the man revealed to her. With the recent rumours of the Romulans and now having met one running from her, she had a rather good idea of how this was going to play out... Or did she? She gasped as his hand came forward, recoiling a little as she wondered at first what he was thinking, but it soon became very obvious. As his hand lowered she pleaded, whimpering out while shaking her head. What a day to wear a skirt, she thought before cursing herself for making jokes in a moment like this. Her knee rose, hoping to come into contact the man's own privates as she tried as hard as she could to shake her body to free her hands from his grip.

She gritted her teeth and even spat at him as his hand continued to drift lower, crying out for help but she knew there was little chance anyone would come.

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[ Below the Subspace Acquisition Grid ] Attn: Nyla

In futility, the Orion struggled to free herself, but with his grip, he had her wrists in a vice. She was merely hurting herself with her efforts, while he was free to slip his hand up the edge of her skirt and feel her womanly gate through the fabric of her underwear - kneading the sensitive area. No more had he gotten that far than she tried to drive her knee into his groin, a feeble effort he twisted away from, but it got his hand to leave her.

"Rha?" he said in mockery to her attempt, and used the same hand to open up the front of her dress uniform, parting the pristine layers of cloth with deft and brutal movements. She spat at him, but it only caused him to chuckle. Her spit was not going to discourage him. Not when her exotic green skin was laid bare, along with the cloth that covered her chest. The vision of her body stirred him, and he curled his upper lip in appreciation.  He tilted his head, the dim light outlining his a pointed ear. He hooked her bra with his thumb, pushing it up until it caught underneath her arms. Her globated breasts spilled free in the movement, and he sucked a breath through his teeth at the sight.

He was just about to shove his calloused hand up her skirt again when a distinct vibration began in his jawbone. Irritably, he wanted to ignore it, and lay his mouth to one of those dark and puckered areola - to use his mouth for else than talking. He snarled quietly, but in the end, he put two fingers against the side of his neck, and when finding the implant, he pushed it once, opening the channel.

[Jolan tru, Auroto.] It was the computerised voice again, translating what was being said on the other end into his native language. [Aihr Aidoann.] The voice was heard through vibrations in his inner ear. Hearing who it was, he wanted nothing rather than to tap twice and close the channel, then he'd continue what he wanted to do to the Orion girl... but the voice in the communication was adamant. [Hfai. Hwiiy?]

Ripping his eyes away from the woman's body, and since she was at his mercy, he made it clear how she had to be silent by pressing a finger against his own lips... then he pressed the side of his neck again while he spoke. "Yhfi-ss'ue.... N'ventnar. Auethn."

There was a long pause at first. Then, the translated voice was sharp. [llhusra veruul!] He was not surprised at all with the reaction. Yet instead of answering, he slowly leaned in against the Orion, and he was just about to take one of those dark nipples that pointed at him into his mouth. But the voice spoke again. [H'ta-fvau, bruchon!]

His ire quickening, his fingers returned to his neck and he spoke instead of tasting the Orion. "Au'e, prod! Hwiiy hrrau hwaveyiir!"

There was a pause, and when the voice spoke anew, the intonation was changed. Dangerously low. [Vaed'rae. Neth lleiset... Nah'lai ma'l arik. Ssuej-d'ifv?]

The poorly veiled threat made him snarl. "Ssuaf-ha? Rha?"

[Rh'e.] A single word from inside his head. Hearing it, he was starting to understand the reality of the situation, and the Orion was nigh forgotten. His heart was beating in his ears, and it was not because of the running or the Orion woman.

"Daisemi'in," he said, swallowing, "regghai, sthea'hwill h'ta-fvau galae. Vaed-" He was not given the chance to finish his request, because the voice spoke again, in a tone so cold it made the hair at the back of his neck rise.

[Ta krenn. Hwiiy, rh'e... auroto.]

That was when he felt it, the implant in his neck heating up - searing pain cutting through his spine. He let go of the Orion, staggering back from her a couple of steps. His breath driven out of his lungs by the crippling sensation, he tried to scream, but only some kind of animal mewl came out. He clawed at the side of his neck to try and get it out, knowing in horror what was about to come, but it was too late. In just a couple of seconds, the charge was armed, and the detonation came as a kind of relief.

The last thing he saw was how everything was spinning, and with a wet impact, he ended up on the floor. He was looking up at his headless body, swaying there in smoke and rusty green blood... before it also toppled over.

Then he saw no more.

OOC: Here is the translated transcript, which will come into play for when A'vura meets Drauc T'Laus - him being a mind-reader and able to understand what was said. The white sections is where the Romulan spoke, and what A'vura could hear. It would be hard for A'vura to retell the pronunciation well enough for an accurate translation, but Drauc, on the other hand, can catch everything through her vivid memory of what she has just witnessed. Without further a due, here is the translation of the conversation, with the Romulan's voiced words in white:


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[ Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Promenade | Starbase 84 ] Attn: F'Rell, Hi'Jak and Six


When Jack complimented Tancredi's ability to down Chech'tluth, the redhead figured she impressed the Klingon side of the man. Smiling evenly, she raised her empty cup to him, and leaned back, taking a moment to recover from the effects of the drink. She felt her tensions starting to ease a little, thanks to the drink burning through her system now, but nevertheless, her jaw tightened slightly when Jack began bombarding F'Rell with questions. She gripped her cup firmly, but still smiled pleasantly, and her eyes, which appeared focused on Jack, were in fact, watching the surroundings. However, a look of genuine bewilderment came over her face when Jack shifted to the subject of a rogue Theurgy-class vessel. Such things were a little beyond her. Oh, Tancredi wasn't dumb, or a simpleton. She would absorb what had been revealed, and save it for processing later. She just preferred to leave things like this to the higher-ups. There was a reason why Tancredi refused promotions like it was the plague...

Jack seemed inclined to reveal more, except the information was seemingly elusive to he himself. Fortunately, the Borg, Six, was more forthcoming. To Tancredi's interest, the woman was maintaining a measure of impartiality to the situation. Possibly the one person she thought would not be judgmental of people. The redhead's opinion of the liberated Borg was warming a little. And then, she got up to leave. Tancredi raised her cup to the woman, "'ave a good regen!" said Tancredi, then she turned back to Jack, "Romulans, subterfuge, politics. Hah!"

She made the sound of spitting in disgust, then leaned forward, "Ah say, gimme a fight straight up, and Ah'll show 'em all what victory and a sound defeat tastes like! Ya know what Ah mean?"

She always preferred to just get straight to the point. Always resolved things faster, and that wasn't a pun, considering what ship she was stationed in. Whether or not her opinions would impress, please or make Jack worried, Tancredi wasn't too concerned. What she wanted to do, was keep Jack's attention off F'Rell. If she knew the T'Fanrell well enough, then she might have detected a hint of weariness in the alien, in relation to all the questioning. Of course, Jack, being a scientist, would naturally be curious. But she felt it was a little too soon to be querying anyone. Most of the crew just wanted to brood in silence. So would Tancredi, really, but she was so used to maintaining her jovial facade, that she just responded to conversation like she was getting absorbed into it when she would like nothing more than to lie down, and turn her back to the universe for a good few hours of much-needed rest. Still, for as long as F'Rell was going to be flying around the Starbase, Tancredi wasn't going to be far away.

"So ya get much excitement out 'ere 'sides a coupla Rommie raiders?"

[ Tristan Kendrick | Promenade | Starbase 84 ] Attn: Keval ch'Rayya


As Captain Kendrick marched briskly out of the Starbase commander's office, he maintained a stiff silence for close to ten minutes, and began to slow down his walk after that, travelling aimlessly for a moment, with his Tactical Officer following him. He let his face crease with concern as he began to process the information given to him by Captain Hawthorne. Now he began to initiate a special form of communication that he had developed with the crew of the Resolve, from the lowest to the highest, all humanoid members were taught how to communicate via body language, subtle hand, head, eye movements. So they could speak about one thing with their lips, and another thing entirely with their secret language. Kendrick's senses were on high alert after the revelation. He didn't want to chance being monitored, and being so close to the Romulan border, he had no doubts that Starbase 84 had some of the most powerful and sophisticated observation technology.

He was suspicious that surreptitious reconnaissance may be conducted on the Resolve while they performed repairs. Maybe he was becoming as paranoid as Krystal Tancredi, but he believed it might be plausible. He would be thinking it if he saw a Federation starship limping out of the Romulan Neutral Zone, and there was a report of Starfleet captains and their crew defecting to the Romulans. "Horrible business," said Kendrick aloud, as he made eye-contact with ch'Rayya while they walked, and he reached a hand to seemingly run it through his hair, but his fingers made subtle, firm movements and gestures, to say something else, namely: Set individual crew members in areas of the Resolve.

"Starfleet officers defecting to Romulans," Kendrick continued, "Romulans and all their in-fighting, they don't even know what's out there. All the things we've faced. We should be uniting, not turning on one another."

He bent his elbow and looked over at ch'Rayya while his fingers subtly gestured along with a movement of his brows, and he sneaked in another message: They'll probably be watching us for signs of treachery, but I am more worried they'll inject false evidence if they can't find any to incriminate us anyway. Tensions are high. We need to make sure repairs are repairs and not sabotage.

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[Lt Hi'Jak| Promenade | Starbase 84] Attn: F'Rell, Tancredi and Six

"I would love a copy if you could arrange that F'Rell." Hi'Jak said with a bright smile it would certainly settle any science based curiosities though in truth he had more wanted to know what she considered a delicacy not just the protiens that she could eat. He was just starting to get the idea that his questions were starting to get on the nerves of this alien creature which was a shame because from Jack's perspective he was just trying to be nice and learn something about a rare and beautiful alien creature.

When Six turned to leave he gave the ensign a smile and wave. "Have a good rest." The thought about any such rouge as Ive's being as close to them as this was more than a little unsettling. He could agree with Tancredi about wanting a strait fight, but even that was a little too violent for his tastes.

"I sure hope not."He said laughing as she asked if there was any more action to be had. "I took this assignment to get away from the action, and focus on my own work. Out here on the fringe is where the best puzzles are, I'm a xenobiologist by trade, and every day out here new alien life is discovered." He gave a quick smile towards F'Rell.

"A war out here would just destroy environments that can't be replicated. The neutral zone like any demilitarized zone has life that we can't even properly study, but every day my team makes strides. And of course I help with other things around the station, but I picked this starbase because it was quiet... I may be part Klingon, and I can appreciate a fight same as anyone but I'm in blue not gold. The only action I want to see is in a boxing ring."

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[ F'Rell of the 12th House | 1200 hrs. | Promenade | Circling the Executive Office Complex ] Attn: Tancredi, & Hi'Jak

F'Rell did not say anything when the former Borg left. Instead her attention was almost completely taken up by the part Klingon man. She could almost feel the hackles raise on the back of Krystal's neck as he had bombarded her with questions, but none had really bothered her, she had answered such questions many a time. Still she had been glad when the topic of conversation had changed, though the current geopolitical climate was hardly any better. The little information about some rogue ship didn't even phase her, why would it? She had nothing at stake in the matter.

"In my experience it is more important to protect that which you can than fight enemies," came the soft voice from the communicator as her long whisker like tendrils vibrated. She was aware of the Federation's policy regarding war, how they would avoid it at all costs, even dooming their own people if it mean peace. It was foolish, but well meant. Perhaps that is what counted. "The galaxy is filled with things that would be crushed by the sheer weight of any war. Whole races that would die out. It has happened before and it just might happen again." She glanced to the part Klingon man once more.

"For the record I normally ingest a special type of algae and phytoplankton, both are native to my world and are not found elsewhere. I sustain myself now by eating replicated material of similar composition."

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[Drauc | Security Level: Brig | Starbase 84]Atten: LT Komial Dotnihl

Drauc saw it happen just as she thought about it, and combned with her words, he had learned what the Captain looked like.

"You do not know who I am?" he asked, changing topic. "Then you can verify my identiy by searching for the file TC-378-4564 ERF. It should tell you all you need to know. I can wait. Furthermore, you shuldn't bother with the telepath. I wouldn't want to trouble anyone. What I will do is tell you that I am a telepath and now that you have my serial number I would like to talk to this Captain Hawhtorne. Read the reports on me first, and take your time. I am, obviously, not going anywhere."

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