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[ Captain Jien Ives | Brig | Holding Cell A | Deck 07 ] Attn: Edena (Jona Rez)

Jien listened, but when Jona spoke, he was always a sceptic - seeking whatever catch there was to the man's suggestions. At least he was not giving the orders any more, yet then again, neither was Jien. The will to not show weakness to Jona was not quite hate, but a very close resemblance, but Jien dismissed the old man's notion to command his crew with ruthlessness. Cunning, aye, yet that did not forgive what Jona was suggesting.

Jien wanted to argue the consequences of abandoning what Starfleet represented, to say that they may be the last shard of a broken image, but he did not have the energy. His thoughts strayed to Ensign Henshaw, and how she had betrayed him. She had been overqualified for the position of Captain's Yeoman, and yet she had sought it. Now Jien knew why. She had seduced him and diverted his eye - chosen which reports he was supposed to read and which reports would be destroyed. She could have altered his written commands, turned the crew against him and made them side with Vasser. She had conspired with his new Tactical Officer and taken the ship from him - handed it to T'Rena and Vasser on a silver platter.

Thinking of the sounds Cameron had made, and the words she'd said afterwards, it did summon his hatred. It had all been an act, and he had not seen past her smiles. Perhaps ruthlessness would have its uses after all?

"Think you got enough hate in you to focus on being a chameleon?"

He almost did not catch what Jona said, but glanced towards the Trill eventually. "I do," he grated to the man behind the hazel eyes, and with bared teeth, he saw Cam's face superimposed over Edena's features. His voice was as low as Jona's to keep the Brig Officers from hearing their words. "But they have sensors. They will still see my readings. I won't be invisible beyond the means of their eyes."

Jien glanced up towards the solid surface of the ceiling, wondering where they might locate sensors. Was there any way they could be disabled even from inside the cell? Looking around, his question was of a more personal nature. "How many of them were in on it?" he asked Jona, since it was a matter of singling out the opposition, "Besides Sjaandin Fedd and Cameron Henshaw?"

Carrigan Trent and Chief O'Connell seemed to have aligned themselves to Vasser's cause right away - fearing for their lives. Or had it been a ruse? It was hard to think straight...

[ Security Detail | Corridor | Deck 01 ] Attn: Aisha S'iti

"Hey umm, I've been on the bridge ever since the takeover. Where would you suggest is a safe place to get a snack?"

The security guard turned his head and looked at the Cardassian, recognising her and nodded to her question. She appeared a damsel in distress to him, obviously not having paid attention to the weaponry courses that they got when they enlisted in the fleet. Sitting at the helm ever since. If she meant to head down to the mess hall and didn't know how to defend herself, the resistance would likely shoot her. She was a well known face from the Harbinger.

"I would love to treat you, Chief, but I cannot leave my post," Crewman Williams said, debating with himself over what was the correct way to handle the situation without endangering the Commodore or the Chief. The way he had been briefed, S'iti was important too. His ruminations were plain on his tanned face. He tapped his combadge. "Williams to Mannington. "

[Mannington here,] said the other security-guard, and the echo of his voice could be heard around the corner of the corridor. It was the guard outside the entrance to the XO Ready Room.

"I need to be escort for a while, can you set a patrol for the whole corridor?"

[Acknowledged, hurry up.]

"Okay, I will help you out," said Williams to S'iti and smiled warmly to her, calling for the turbolift. "You can never be too careful. Until T'Rena has rooted out the resistance cells, there is no telling what might happen, so I'll protect you. I think there are plenty of replicators on the Deck below, I'll just open the door to one of he Senior Officer's quarters with my security override and we'll be all set."

Who knew, in the interests of the vision shown to them, perhaps he could even convince her to bear his child first?

[ Uncharted Planetoid ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley & Thomas Ravon

There was no response from Rawley, and her arms were limp when she was dug out of the snow. Behind them, almost one-hundred and fifty meters above, the ledge upon which the Valkyries had landed awaited them, and it seemed they would have to carry Rawley up there, and as easy as it had been so get down the snowy incline of the mountainside, it would be a lot harder going up unless they found an alternate path. Furthermore, since they could not remove her suit, there was no way to tell her condition unless they scanned her with a tricorder, and those still remained in their cockpits.

Just as this realisation might have dawned upon them, there was a shuffling noise heard further away in the blizzard. A dark outline in the storm, ten feet tall, circling them...

Then another appeared, just beyond clear visibility.

And a third...

It was when the fourth presented itself that one of them came close enough to be seen through the whirling snow. And its shriek made their intention clear - giant maws opening all around them... before they closed the distance.

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She smiled happily as he worked out the details on his own side seeming exited to hear him so eager to help her out.  "That sounds perfect!"  she said eagerly "Since I've done so much to help the Commadore he might let me be senior staff and keep the room."  she mused entering the turbolift.

Williams followed the Cardassian into the turbolift and told it to head to the deck below them. During the quick ride, Williams took the opportunity stand a bit behind her shoulder, just so that he could appreciate the shape of her derrière. "I am sure he wouldn't object to have you working underneath him, and if you so it well, he'll likely reward you too."

As the door opened she started to step forward showing her carelessness.  The security officer quickly reached out grabbing her shoulder and jerked her back.  "What was that for?"  she asked indignantly.

Williams turned to her.  "I may just be a rookie crewman who was fresh out of bootcamp before the Harbinger but even I know better than to step out into a who knows how dangerous corridor."  who knows there could be a group of resistance scouts attempting to find a way onto the bridge down here for all we know."  he said hoping the hellms-woman would finally grasp the danger she almost put herself in.

She huffed a bit watching him peek out into the corridor staying put.  "All's clear."  he said walking forward and taking point as he made his way to one of the nearest rooms.

as they walked she kept up her act finally adding.  "Thanks, you know, for holding me back like that."  she said.  "Though I really don't know in what way he could reward me.  heck I dont even know much of the plan outside of capturing the Calamity.  Unlike you all the Captain don't seem to trust me.  Guess its cause she knows where they stand because of the whole vulcan mind fusion thing.  Not so much with me.  Guess its cause my kind don't accept mind melds as easily as others.  Thank the stars The Commodore seems to appreciate loyalty where it exists."  she thought aloud as the door to one of the senior quarters opened.

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[Neleo | USS Theurgy | Brig ]  Attn: Miles

Even through the rage that clouded her mind some part of her could still hear the soft tone of his voice as it helped sooth the anger that was raging with in her. The feeling of her body trapped unable to attack in even the simplest of fashions somehow didn't seem to bother her as much as she thought it should. Some level deep down inside her spoke of trust with the one that held her even if her eyes and mind processed what she had seen differently. The musky scent of desire started tainting the air around them making her question even more. Things she knew where in conflict with what she was sensing now around her. As the minutes ticked on the musky smell continued growing confusing her more as she continued struggling against him. The struggling of her body against his would slow slightly as the world she was seeing would slowly start to dim and blur ever so slightly as parts of the real would slowly slowly start peaking through the fog. The smell of coppery blood would pull a long deep growl from her as her eyes narrowed slightly trying to make sense of everything that was going on around her. Before she knew it the blood was near her and what she saw brought only more confusion seeing the red liquid rather then the silvery coloring that was normal to her kin. The more she tried to figure out why the blood looked and smelled different the more it felt like her head was splitting apart. A small groan slipped out as she slowly lowered her head on the ground as her throbbing head started remembering what had happened. The more her mind started to clear the more she could sense his smell even if things still didn't look quite right to her eyes. Closing them she focused on the feeling of his fur and the scent that wafted around her. The feeling of something hard pressing against her only worked to cement in her mind who was really behind her. "You have horrible timing when it comes to being aroused," she muttered softly in a language she was sure he would understand. Her words would make sense even if her voice was somewhat weak and warn.

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Miles Renard | USS Theurgy | Brig ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter (Neleo)

He could tell he was finally starting to break through as he held her still tightly forcing her to see the red blood and his scent around her.  He couldn't believe his ears hearing her speaking in a translatable language.  He felt so happy to hear it that he gently loosened his grip on her still gently holding her close.  his tail and hands gently caressing her skin.  "A few tears came down his canine face soaking into his fur as he was overjoyed to know she was back.  "Thank the Matriarch you are still in there.  And, it isn't my fault that I can't help but be eager in your presence Valky."  He said teasingly.    He waited a few more moments making sure it really was the person he knew with him before letting go from behind her and pulling her around and embracing her tightly overjoyed that her mind had returned to her.

Pulling away from the hug for a moment he looked into her eyes again. taking on a serious tone.  "Sorry I seem to be rushing things but the Theurgy has been taken over by the crew of the Harbinger.  You were the victim of a Vulcan mind meld by the Self proclaimed Captain of the Theurgy T'rena.  As such she has declared Declan Vasser Commodore of a fleet of currently two ships.  Currently The whereabouts of Captain Ives and Commander Rez is the cell next to us.  Much of the Theurgy crew has been forcibly mind melded into following Vasser and T'rena's plans and there apparently is a small resistance of un-melded Theurgy personnel attempting to fight back against the coup.  From my understanding what put you in that state of being trapped in that state was due to the Vulcan attempting to mind meld with you and the differences between your brain's physiology and what Vulcans are used to were too great and it caused well it caused you to be in whatever state you were just in where you were trying to kill me and screaming at me in what I can only assume is your native tongue."  He paused letting her deal with what he had just told her.

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ]

Amelya look up once again when Trujillo made his exit. She let out a soft sob yet already got spoken to by the former Theurgy security officer. She looked up at the blue colored woman as she spoke and tried to find courage and strength from her words. Despite what she said however, Amelya would normally not find the power to harness these words. She was a soft and kind woman, not the weapon that security officers turned out to be at times. Yet now there was very little time or room to stray from her personal affinity.

She nodded slowly throughout Ida's speech and when she told her to empty her pockets to see what she had with her Amelya nodded and whispered "Alright, I'll help you break out. Just promise me that it will be better aboard the Theurgy. I can't imagine to serve another second aboard this ship with all these men wanting to..." She paused her sentence and shook her head as tears formed once more and ran down her cheeks. She dug her hands in her pockets and revealed the inoculation device first to Ida. Besides that she had little to nothing that could help them. A few sterile pieces of bandage still in the wrapping, standard trinkets that she could use in triage yet nothing that would hurt. Their only and most effective weapon would be the inoculation device.
[ Thomas Razor Ravon Uncharted Planetoid ]

As Rawley was dug out for the most of it, Thomas looked over to Nathaniel. "She's still alive right?" He said, though it seemed more like a question. There was no way to tell what Rawley her condition was yet it seemed at first sight that none of her limbs were angled in a odd or twisted position. So Razor concluded that she probably didn't break anything during her fall. Maybe she passed out by the ragdolling she must've made while plummeting down with the avalanche. "So what's the plan Maverick?" Thomas asked now before he turned his head upwards to a sound he rather didn't hear.

"Please tell me you were just hungry Isley... And that was just your stomach." He muttered to himself before spotting the creature on top. Quickly though, Thomas realized that they had come into a shit storm. "You wouldn't happen to have found that rifle Rawley was packing.. Would you?" Thomas asked before looking back at Nathaniel. "We need to hightail it out of here... Rawley will slow us down if we drag her along... And I'm pretty sure these things haven't had lunch. But hey, I'm apparently not the most trustworthy person around according to this bitch here... So call the shots. Sir." Thomas said now and looked at Nathan.

[ Simon Tovared | USS Theurgy | Main Bridge | Deck 01 ]

Simon observed as the first guard made his exit and the lone guard started to circle them. Simon's words died off slowly as the guard came within earshot and he looked at the man as he walked around them. There wasn't much Tovarek could do as he saw the backhand coming and he only braced himself for the impact, closing his eyes before the slap turned his face to the right. More blood came into his mouth and Simon snorted a bit, wanting to spit once more to show his perfect state of rebellion towards the guard yet he already moved on toward Natalie.

All he could do now was listen and stand by idly while he heard this Kyle Benson speak. He spat on the floor, the blood more red now since it was fresh. He could hear the disgusting proposition towards Stark and Simon waited a little to hear what Stark would say or do in this situation. If needed Simon had just the right comment ready to hopefully turn the attention away from Kyle on Natalie back towards him. Yet perhaps Natalie could find another way to fool the guard and possibly even set the two of them free.

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[ Security Detail | Corridor | Deck 01 ] Attn: Aisha S'iti

"Don't mention it," said Williams as he led the way to a door and and started to tap the control panel with his fingertip - doing the security override, "As for rewards, I suppose there are many ways in which Vasser may reward you for your loyalty... but I wouldn't count on it when it comes to the Winter Queen."

With a chirping noise, the sliding doors opened, and he led the way inside. "Lights, 60 %," he said and walked over to the replicator, "we need to conserve the energy after the sabotage in Engineering, and apparently, the Theurgy has been using replicator rations most of the time. We have yet to distribute them, but you can have some of mine if you'd like." He put the rifle aside and powered up the replicator for the Cardassian. Then he fished the ration card out of his pocket, charged with one week's limited rate of energy consumption. He turned to Aisha and smiled, holding the card between his fingers.

"As for the plan, I am surprised you have not been informed about the the vision... the way to victory," With a winning smile, Williams adjusted the hand phaser holstered at his hip and sauntered over to Chief S'Iti. He held the card between them in offering, but he also offered the truth of the vision which was for her to accept. "Ives' way will lead to our deaths. An effort in futility. The quadrants are already lost. The only way left to us is to fall back and regroup. Cleanse our own ranks. Make ourselves strong... and our children stronger. Captain Vasser holds the means for victory in his genes, and by resequencing the DNA of our offspring, we raise a generation bred for war, and we will prevail against the enemy... retake the Galaxy... and live in splendour - renowned as heroes."

Williams chuckled, tilting his head where he stood before the Cardassian. "Captain T'Rena does not care about the spoils of the coming war, but even she is prepared to give birth to as many children as possible, and clone more of them when the wombs and DNA of this crew doesn't suffice. Therefore, we need to secure Dr. Nicander. For if he could change an Ash'reem to a human, then he will be able to aide our cause." His eyes travelled the minute scales of the alien woman's face and he bit his lower lip in anticipation. "How about a kiss for the card, Chief? The voyage ahead will be filled with enjoyment, but if I may, I would love a precursory expedition with you."

He slid his free hand behind the small of her back, running the card down her face... and attempted to kiss her.

[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv

Ida was glad to see the Trill able to confront her present situation and assist in the escape. As for the promise that it would be better aboard the Theurgy, Ida knew she could not make any such promises yet, but she said nothing of the kind since that might dishearten the Harbinger's CMO again.

While Dr. Duv dug through her pockets, Ida could not help noticing how very... bare the other woman was underneath her lab coat. Crouching as they were - with Ida's back to the forcefield and the eyes of the brig officer - the close proximity of the Trill reminded itself. Her thoughts went to Commander Rez and the intimacy they had shared outside the baths on Theta Eridani IV - the only other Trill she had seen without clothing to cover the twain rows of spots that wandered down... No, this was not the time to dwell of sweet times. Ida focused on what manner of items were spread out on the floor before her, dismayed with the assortment... until the doctor's movements shifted the folds of the lab coat, revealing...

"You have a combadge," she said quietly and removed it from the Trill, turning it over in her blue fingers as she rummaged through her own memories - survival methods taught to her by Wenn Cinn. She had learned the basics in Starfleet, and then learned a few more tricks from the Bajoran - non-standard adaptations of standard-issue equipment. She had picked up the gist of what could be done, but lost the details. "I am a soldier, not an engineer... but I know that you can program a combadge to trigger the functions and effects of some devices. We were taught in the Academy how combadges and tricorders can be remotely monitored and deactivated by the ship's computer. What they don't teach you is that these devices can also initiate or receive command links with other equipment and systems."

She laid the combadge down on the deck plates and turned it over, running a nail along the edge to open the back. "A large Bajoran once tried to teach me how to remote-trigger a number of devices. Sadly, the forcefield to our cell runs on a secure system, so even if I were to succeed, I would not be able to deactivate it. Nor can I link the combadge to the brig officer's computer console, because the manual override would require overriding the command interface with the Harbinger's computer - something that is done through the console's maintenance panel and disconnecting the ODN cables. There are also transporter inhibitors installed in the cells to keep the prisoners from being beamed out, so even if I were to somehow access the transporter systems, it wouldn't work."

Looking at the circuits revealed at the back of the combadge, Ida pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to remember how it was done. "I can - possibly - overload the guard's phaser rifle. But that would not help getting us out, only making more Pinkskins come here to investigate the explosion..." Ida muttered, as if to herself. "What was it that Wenn Cinn said about the sarium krellide cell in the combadge? Do not touch it with a conductive filament, because then you detonate the combadge instead..."

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She nodded hearing about the collective vision for the future. No wonder she had not been told.  For her the idea was very appealing, End the chase settle down on some world in the middle of nowhere and get laid as often as she liked for the sake of the future.  TO tell the truth it was her idea of the perfect retirement.  The more she head though, a sick feeling grew in the pit of her stomach.  For one there was a part of here that knew there was more that could be done. sure Ives idea was a bit too foolhardy and naively suicidal for her tastes but in a way she knew it was better than running off to hide away to live in a some kind of perverted paradise.  The other thing was far worse of an objection that hung in her mind.  Surely there were many who would not be as eager to allow themselves to become breeding stock.  Of course there was the mind meld the Vulcan was employing to make the motivation and eagerness up for them but it was brainwashing pure and simple and as far as common sense told her a person brainwashed into enjoying being fucked relentlessly was as bad as if not worse than just raping them. 

No, It was worse. At least the rape victim can still retain the fact that they objected and on a subconscious level their mind chooses how to deal with it.  T'rena has removed the choice all together.  The Vulcan was now the subject of more disgust than the Cardassian had felt since her youngest years wandering the streets within the DMZ.  T'rena despite not being Cardassian in the slightest was representing everything that Aisha hated within her own reflection.  Brainwashing was not the Federation way, It was no-one's way she knew of other than two others.  THe borg who rewrote their new drones into a hive mind removing their selves.  and the Cardassians who had for a long time relied on methods of torture and brainwashing to control their own population even.  When she told herself she hated the Cardassians dispute her own blood being theirs she had never really meant the people Or even the government, No it was the way the way how everything always came back to the obsidian order using their ability to brainwash extort spy and blackmail to make sure the people walked the line they wanted.  Even the government itself had been goosestepping like its people to the Obsidian orders marching tune.  Still even they had standards.  Oh they would brain wash they would torture.  But... there was still a semblance of choice.  A persons mind could snap.  The subconscious could break and fracture.  A person could fold under the pressure and be reshaped into something more easily controllable.  But the brain only snaps where ones subconscious chooses.  There at its core is still a slight bit of choice.  The subconscious choice where ones own mind itself decides where and how to break.  What The Vulcan was doing... It was worse than the Cardassians at their worst.  She was removing even the least semblance of choice,  almost like the Borg... No, worse than even the Borg. At least all the Borg operated on a hive mind of all making a singular collective decisions only directed by a queen.   No the Vulcan was worse even than the Borg.  She was willingly turning everyone into her drones.  And the drones had no way to influence her action in return as part of a collective as the Borg had.  All they could do was mindlessly obey as slaves to the directions she wrote into them.

As horrifying as the revelation to her was she had to maintain her facade.  Besides, as far as she knew, the security guard here speaking to her was just as professional as anyone normally. But, in this state the Vulcan had placed him in what he was proposing was not only unprofessional but violated every rule about sexual harassment that Starfleet had ever written.  Not to mention it would delay both of them from getting back on duty at the proper time making it from the perspective of the safety of the ship and the security of the bridge a horrible lapse of judgement.  Of course it was a lapse in judgement she could hardly pass up the opportunity to abuse for the sake of accomplishing the mission she had set forth on.  She smiled softly at him as he made his proposal before playfully pushing his advance back.  "A kiss for the card?"  she smiled slyly, "If our roles were reversed and I were looking at a handsome male who needed a nice meal after working for so long I think I would be asking for a lot more than just a little kiss."  she said before draping her arms over his shoulder placing a kiss on his neck.  Slowly she let  her tongue roll past her lips as she gently licked at the flesh of his neck and pushed against him letting him feel her chest press against his own before her lips pursed in a slow suckling kiss at his neck.  "There is so much more that you could want me to offer in exchange after all?  Tell me, What do you really want?  Don't you want me to have to earn my meal?"  she asked seductively making sure he knew exactly why the Commodore had the faith that she didn't need to be shown the vision to be trusted to make sure it became reality.

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[ Security Detail | Corridor | Deck 01 ] Attn: Aisha S'iti

Honestly, Williams had not known what to expect when he made a pass on the Cardassian, but it seemed the rumours about her promiscuity was true. She might have refused the kiss, but told him to ask for more - all the while kissing his neck and rubbing her magnificent body against his front. It took a lot less to make him stir, and when she began to suckle the groove of his neck, he couldn't prevent the gasp that escaped him - hardened as he had become by her ministrations. He dropped the card on he floor and ran his hands down her back - cupping her buttocks in the palms of his hands.

"What I really w-want?" He grinned. Oh, she would have to earn her meal in full. The woman seemed to be in full favour of breeding the new army, that was certain. Perhaps they should make a head start? Surely that was beneficial to the cause, right? There were plenty of guards on the deck above them, and the Cardassian had her combadge if they needed her. "I want you to bear my first-born child."

With his grip, he lifted her up against his chest and carried her to the dining table, brutally setting her down there and starting to work on her uniform chest. He sought her mouth again with his own, only to pause for words - believing he'd tease her by leaving her bereft of his lips. His voice was thick with desire as he added, "Even if my seed won't take root, I wouldn't mind the practice... I have never fucked your kind before, Chief. Hope you don't mind."

If he got so far as to bare her breasts, he'd seize them in his hands and lavish them with his mouth.

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[Natalie Stark | USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 | 1305 hrs. ]

Having the one guard leave the room sent a small shiver down Natalie's spine. She was still groggy and sore in the head from the close range stun burst, and the ache in her arms didn't make things any better. But there was that engrained sense of self preservation that had her hackles up. She was sure that the sudden downsize in guards was not going to be a good thing. Given her past experiences....

It turned out she was right. She winced, hearing, more than seeing, the backhand crack down on Simon. The brunette Lt Cmdr could feel him jerk with the blow, tugging against her as well. "Easy, Lt," she murmured softly as she felt him straighten back up. Natalie had to remind herself that she was the Senior Officer in the room and for better or worse, Simon's well being was something she was responsible for.

Never mind the fact that they were both bound, and she was very likely in immediate threat of....unpleasantries.

And then the big brute - she didn't care about his name one bit - unzipped himself in front of her. She hated being right. A kind of deep, heated anger. Why oh why does this keep happening! she asked herself, almost wailing in her mind. That damn planet. Then the would be goddess. And now Captain Vasser had gone off is rocker and that damn Vulcan bitch of an XO wanted to brain wash her into being a willing baby factory?!? Her mind and her body had been taken against her will more than once, and fear aside, there was just a sense of exasperation and deep, bone level rage at it all.

Her lips curled into a vicious snarl. "I've seen better," she spat out, without really thinking the words through. Both Lucan Nicander and Rory Callahan had been...more endowed. And frankly didn't stink. The Security Guard wasn't kidding about scented, and that snarl took on an almost sickened aspect.

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[ Aisha S'iti | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 02 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

She smiled,  able to tell how completely fooled she had him.  Allowing him to eagerly take her where he wished and allowing him the freedom to disrobe her she smiled pulling the com badge from her uniform as her top was removed.  "Just one moment." she said excitedly with a soft giggle in her voice.  She pressed the badge and spoke into it as she felt Williams's lips craze over her scaled breasts wrapping around her surprisingly soft green hued nipples.  "Commodore, Many apologies but I am going to be a bit delayed.  My escort gave me quite the proposition and I am sure you understand how it would be impossible for me to say no with how much it serves the greater mission.  "I hope you understand Just thought I would give you the courtesy to know that I may not be returning as soon as initially promised."   she said into the badge making sure to subdue the moans that were near impossible to contain as she felt his tongue rolling over her sensitive buds.

As soon as her end of the communication closed she gasped out in pleasure her loins on fire with heat as he lavished her breast with attention as she eagerly had pressed a hand against his bulge and grasping the zipper to pull it down to expose him wanting to waste no time in having him within her.  Or at least that's what she hoped him to assume.  as her open hand let the com badge drop to the ground unceremoniously.

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[ Security Detail | Kyle Benson | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 ] Attn: Stark & Tovarek

The comment only make Kyle Benson chuckle. "I don't care what you've seen," he said quietly, and as if meaning to slap her across the mouth, he took a quick step forward...

...but instead of striking her, he had yanked his hand phaser from his holster and  pressed the muzzle into the corner of her eye - brutally pushing her head back against Tovarek. "I care only that you do as you are told. Now lick it, Lieutenant Commander... from all the way to the tip."

He stopped pressing the phaser against her, making her able to reach his hardened length with her mouth. He supposed the voluptuous girl, who he had difficulty believing to be of such high rank, needed some more incentive. Therefore he reached out behind Stark with his phaser and struck the tip against the temple of the Chief Science Officer. Even if the savage prod may have hurt Tovarek, he did not remove the phaser either. He ground the tip hard against the man's head without letting up.

"Do it," he said in his quiet voice to the woman, eyes distended in anticipation. "Play with it... Suck it... or I will push this button, say he tried to escape." Even at a stun setting, the man would die instantly. But that may be too merciful. She may object. Better to make it clear he would not hesitate.  With his thumb, he increased the setting on his weapon - the chirp loud next to their ears. The muscles of his arm bulged under the uniform as he twisted the muzzle against Tovarek's temple.

"I will burn a hole in his head," he breathed to her, baring his straight teeth, "just large enough to fuck before your eyes."

[ Security Detail | Williams | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 02 ] Attn: Aisha S'Iti

The Cardassian's body was incredible. Williams framed the heavy mounds in his hands and sucked hard on the dark peaks - her uniform jacket and undershirt already ripped free from her arms and tossed behind him. Was she talking to the Commodore? It seemed like she was buying them some time, so he approved, but wouldn't wait for the Vasser's reply in case he told her to return to the bridge.

Expertly, she had already freed his cock from its confines, and he felt her fingers around him. Experiencing the taste and feeling of her body had already made him hard. She heard the combadge fall, and since he had yet to sample her mouth, he tried to kiss her again. Regardless if she let him, he'd attack her neck and throat next with his warm lips, descending the front her body.

"I hope you weren't that famished," he murmured as he scraped his teeth against her collarbone on the way down - soon sucking her nipples again since they were in his way. "....because this may take a while."

Crouching down on one knee by the table, he opened her uniform trousers and yanked them down her legs - tugging off the clothes of her lower body before laying his mouth against her nether lips and flicking his tongue firmly against her. His hands roamed her thighs and her body as he relished her taste.

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[ Sneaking | Rory Callahan | Deck 01 ]

Slipping through the hallway, pausing here and there to listen, Rory made his way to one of the turbo lifts and hopped in with a pounding heart.  "Deck One," he said with more authority than he truly had but he was committed, and likely would be when this was all said and done.

He wasn't a hero like a lot of the people on board but he wasn't a scoundrel like Vasser and his lot either.  No, he was somewhere in between, just a civilian, and of course not nearly as smart as these people in uniforms ... which was why he was hoping this gambit would work.

Popping the top off of one of the bottles, he took a swig and swished it around so his breath would smell like he'd been drinking.  Spitting it out and then he pouring a little more out so it looked like half the bottle had been consumed, he took a few deep breaths and sent up an Irish prayer.

Please, jus' one or two Lord.  Tha's all I ask other'n keep Natalie safe.  That was all he had time for as the lift slowed and stopped, then the hissing sound of the doors opening set his heart racing yet again.  He was humming a jaunty Irish tune as the 'drunkard' stumbled out of the lift.

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[ Aisha S'iti | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 02 ] Attn: Williams

Mummmm yes she gasped softly, feeling his lips move to hers.  Her tongue reached out eagerly to greet his kissing him as they lingered in this mouth to mouth embrace for a few longingly wonderful moments.  As much as she would love to continue this wonderful play she knew she had work to do.  as he moved down her body she lifted his shirt away tossing it to the side glad to now know hat his own com badge was well out of reach and her own badge was now primed only to receive.  No sounds from either of she would escape this room she thought to herself knowing what she would soon have to do. 

She recalled her training in CQB with other factions within the Maquis and recalled that she in particular had been given a bit more instruction than others due to certain characteristics that could aide her should she need to be sent on an espionage assignment.  Most importantly were her very in depths training in various forms of hand to hand combat in particular ways to render a foe unconscious or dead or with a concussion depending on where and how hard she hit.  Dim Mak she recalled the technique being called though from what she learned later whoever had called it that within the Maquis were clearly just fans of the old Wuxia films of 20th century Earth who decided that naming these pressure point attacks after the term for a so called touch of death was just part of the at times morbid sense of humor that was required to survive with ones sanity intact.  Such was life in the zone.

Within a few short moments he had seemingly disarmed her of any possibility of resistance as she moaned out in pleasure as he applied tongue to her sensitive body.  More importantly though he had became disarmed in a much more important way the phaser and holster as well as his and her own type 3s on the other side of the room.

She had only a few times practiced the strike that she was readying herself to deliver.  Once it had been fully successful resulting in the victim waking hours later with a throbbing headache and a mild concussion.  The other 3 times were of varying successes.  Twice the move had worked far too well and upon the blow the victim of the attack died.  The other time the persons head must have been a bit to hard because all she wound up with was someone much more angry whom she had t dispatch more traditionally and left her with a bit of a sore elbow.

HE had been savoring her womanly taste and as he did this she had  sat back up wrapping her hands around his head gently pulling him into her to coax his pleasurable kiss deeper.  Little did he know that as she used a hand to lift his chin up her elbow was coming down to deliver a sharp blow to his glabella.*  Unlike all the times before he was in quite possibly the perfect position for her to control exactly how hard she wanted to hit.

*OOC: The glabella is located between the eyebrows, perhaps half-an-inch above the bridge of the nose. Heavy blows to the glabella damage the sinuses and frontal lobes, and cause concussion, unconsciousness, or death.

The intent here is for the hit to render him unconscious for a decent length of time and leave him with a concussion sufficient enough that he will not be able to remember that she had been the one to attack him.

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Cathreen Dawinter | USS Theurgy | Brig ] Attn: Miles

As her mind started coming back to her it was almost a relief to feel him near her with his scent flooding around her. As he gently loosened his grip on her attention would once more focus back on him as she rested in his grasp. The feeling of his tail and hands gently caressing her skin helped soothed the rage that was flooding through her mind. She could feel a little moisture touching her skin from his tears as a very small smile touched her lips seeing how much he truly was worried about her. "I never left I was just trapped somewhere," she whispered softly as she kept her eyes closed not wanting to see her world go back to what it had been. Still his comment about being around her. "I know your eager my pet," she whispered softly as she allowed herself to enjoy being near him like this. As he turned her around softly embracing her arms wrapped around his waist holding him closely. As he pulled away from the hug she slowly tried to open her eyes still only seeing the face she had seen before just as quickly she closed her eyes knowing that it wasn't him.

"No need to rush I know what is going on. I know about that bitch," she growled out as her hands softly moved touching his fur grounding it in her mind that it was still him. "It stuck my mind in the past. Before we came to this space. Its not fully over. When I look at you I still see...I see someone else," she whispered as she leaned up softly kissing the tip of his muzzle. "We need to get out of here. I can't trust my eyes right now that what I am seeing is what is really there so I am going to need your help," she whispered as she slowly leaned back as her eyes slowly opened seeing someone far different but in her mind she knew it was Miles. "I don't see you right now even though my mind knows its you," she whispered as her mind tried dealing with the fact at who she was seeing. "You're going to have to keep me grounded and be my eyes. Now how are we going to bust out of here and save the day?"

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Miles Renard | USS Theurgy | Brig ] Attn: Cathreen Dawinter

He nodded listening to her not being able to help but give her neck a soft nip  It was interesting how eager he had been to accept her viewing him almost like a sub-servant in their play.  Perhaps it was a reflection of the few close physical bonds he had formed amongst his own people and how nearly all had been with females of a higher rank.  Still he understood their predicament perhaps more than any other given his earlier interrogation.  "I can't imagine what that must have been like."  he said.  I guess i should start with a briefing of our current situation then.  We are currently within the Theurgy's brig within the main security offices.  In the cell beside ours is Captain Ives and Comander Rez.  Based on things I have overheard when being shoved back into the cell with you Their cell is being operated on minimal life support.  I can imagine they are currently dealing with oxygen deprivation and possibly rising levels of CO2 and other gases poisonous to humanoid species.  Previous to being thrown back in here with you I was thoroughly interrogated regarding the whereabouts of the pilots who fled within their Valkyries.  I don't know if I am fortunate or unfortunate that I had given squadron command to one my flight group leaders.  Any contingencies I may have had were thrown out the window as he now had the command to institute his own leaving me as in the dark as our captors are.  Needless to say they didn't believe me when I said i didn't know where they went nor did they believe me when I finally broke by their methods enough to reveal just why I didn't know.  I wish I could say that I was made of stronger stuff but at some point the pain and repeated torment just blurred together and I started to gloat allowing them to know just how useless I really was as a source of information at this point."

"Guess this struck a nerve as it became the only opening I had."  he explained.  "They threatened you.  no they didn't threaten.  threat implies that they haven't decided what to do.  The showed me through experience their plans with you.  Or rather with your body."  He explained not wanting to admit out loud at the moment why his pants were torn open revealing his manhood and recently stretched anus hoping she should make the connection herself without being forced to explain the violation in detail. "Of course once you have fulfilled their personal uses for you they implied heavily they will execute you simply to get rid of a useless body.  I believe one of them did suggest instead of executing what they saw as a useless prisoner of her own mind that T'rena may wish to not execute but harvest your cells from you instead seeing you as a factory for medicine rather than as a person."  he explained before getting a cocky grin on his face.  more prepared to face the facts outloud revealing a sort of victory for himself through the violation.  "The Harbinger pilot Riptor explained something else to me in his...methods of attempting to break me."  He smirked.  "He did admit to being the cause of the mess I found in my office earlier today.  I kinda wish the asshole had decided to follow up the first attempts to make me submit with an attempt at silencing my taunting by trying to fill my mouth with something that would have been so easy to tear off with a quick bite and jerk of the head.  Teach that pervert that it isn't wise to offer a sausage to a wolf and not expect them to bite, chew, and swallow every inch of raw meat." he said in a sense revealing a certain depravity that their actions had unleashed within him.  He almost seemed to relish, no, literally,hungrily savor the idea of the morbid method of emasculation by partial cannibalism of the depraved human's source of such foolish pride.

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[ Security Detail | Corridor | Deck 01 ] Attn: Searcher

Irritated that Williams had left to escort the Chief CONN Officer, and that his closest superior - Petty Officer Kyle Benson -  had dismissed him from the XO Ready Room, Mannington patrolled the entire length of the corridor on Deck 01. His thoughts were on the future, and the vision Captain T'Rena had shown them. He longed for the time when they'd extracted themselves from the reach of Starfleet, and hoped that the remaining resistance cells would be shown the vision as well before they could do any real damage. At least Commodore Vasser was safe on the bridge, with plenty of his comrades protecting him. He was, after all, the key to victory.

That was when the turbolift doors opened, and Mannington spun around. He raised his phaser rifle to take aim, eyes along the sights. He was perhaps fifteen feet away, and the shot would be fairly easy. He crouched down to minimise his own target area. If the resistance was coming, he was re-

Out stumbled the blonde singer, the one who had run the Thermal Springs Lounge back on Theta Eridani IV. Mannington could still remember the song from that first night on the planet, where the fallen had been commemorated. Yet based on the state of the man that now appeared before Mannington, recent events must have taken its toll. He was clearly drunk, unarmed, and completely lost. Why would he have asked the turbolift to go to uppermost deck of the ship?

"Hey!" he called, the sharp scowl over his blue eyes piercing the fool as he rose to his feet again. He remained where he stood, merely lowering his rifle to his hip. "What are you doing here? Remove yourself from this deck at once."

[ Security Detail | Senior Officer Quarters | Deck 02 ] Attn: Aisha S'Iti

Oh, but how the Cardassian's nectar tasted sweet to Williams, and judging from the sounds she made, she seemed rather partial to his skills with the tongue too.

His hands roamed her inner thighs and even strayed so high as her breasts. She squirmed against him, and she seemed quite ready for him. She reached for his chin, and he thought she couldn't wait any longer, and frankly, neither could he. The touch was signal enough for him, so he pushed himself back on his feet with a grin... only to see the elbow coming at him.

The strike caught him over his teeth, and the world tumbled over backwards. He ended up on his back, or at least he thought so, but he knew he had his hands over his mouth - letting out a guttural cry. Part pain, part ire, part utter indignation. The Cardassian slut had tried to attack him? What the hell had just happened? Something was wrong with his mouth. Warm, wet and... he could feel a couple of teeth rolling around on his tongue.

With haste, he tried to get back on his feet with his uniform trousers caught around his thighs, even if his reactions were still sluggish from what his original intentions with the Cardassian had been. Now, his intentions were strictly to kill her!

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[ Rory Callahan | Sneaking/Security Detail | Corridor | Deck 01 ]

The tune faded off immediately as Rory stumbled and looked up in surprise, blinking and narrowing his eyes as if trying to make his eyes focus.  "WhattumIdoin'here?" he repeated the question and looked around, his own face scowling.  "Where was I goin'?" he muttered to himself and then looked at the bottles in his hands.  "Oh yeah!" he said with a grin.  "I'm th' entertainment.  Drink an'a song ye know."

He looked spaced out for a moment as he tipped the bottle to his lips for a quick 'sip' and then chuckled.  "I got one fer ye," he said as he staggered closer.  "There once was a whore from Kilkenny ... who charged two fooks fer a penny.  Fer half o' tha' sum, ye could bugger her bum.  An economy practiced ... by many," he recited a limerick and then started sniggering as he held out the bottle.

"Thirsty?  No' th' best stuff but don' burn too bad goin' down," he said then rubbed his shirt sleeve over the top with careful scrutiny.  "Jus' in case I slobbered," he added with big innocent yet drunk eyes.  Manning snorted in disgust and pushed the bottle out of his face and grabbed Rory by the shirt, making him stumble and drop the full bottle that thankfully didn't break.

"I said to get your ass off this deck," Manning menaced, jerking Rory back toward the turbolift doors.  It was the opening he hoped for and the clumsy drunk's fist suddenly plunged upward and caught Manning off guard.  His head snapped back and Rory flowed behind him, slipping an arm around his neck and clasped the wrist behind to keep him in the sleeper hold.

When Manning was out, Rory dragged him into the nearest room and into the bathroom where he used the box cutter to cut up the man's uniform into strips which he used to bind his ankles and hands, then arched him back to connect those binds so he wouldn't be able to move very far.  For good measure, he shoved a strip into the man's mouth to keep him quiet.

Standing outside of that bathroom and next to another set of doors he heard a commotion and they opened enough that he heard her voice ... Natalie's voice.  "I've seen better."  When he peeked around, his heart stopped when he saw the situation.  The man's back was to him but he knew what he was telling her to do and threatening the man tied up with her.

Rage washed over him like he'd never known before.  How dare this man force himself upon her!  Long legs carried him forward and the full bottle swept upward to crash against the phaser, knocking it out and away from the man's head while the other bottle followed quickly to crash against the man's head.  Sadly it wasn't hard enough to knock him out but that actually made Rory happy.

"Yer not deservin' o' her," Rory snarled as the man lunged for him.  Starfleet had taught him to fight but Rory had learned how to fight early on and not in the 'honorable' or 'take them out quick' ways.  Punches were thrown and both landed hard ones on each other but eventually Benson got the upper hand and after both fell over one of the chairs he was trying to crush Rory's throat.

Even as sparks started dancing in his vision, he managed to reach into his pocket and get the box cutter in his hand.  It was pure instinct now and Rory felt like he was in slow motion as his arm arced upward, the blade sinking deep into the man's neck just before time kicked back in and he felt the hot liquid splash across his face before the man fell off of him.

Rolling over on his stomach when he the weight was gone, he gasped for breath and when his vision cleared the man lay twitching, gurgling as blood pumped out of the wound but gradually stopped.  The realization of what he'd just done hit him like a ton of bricks, his skin not covered in blood showing ghostly white as he looked from the dead man to the box cutter and finally Natalie.

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[ Aisha S'iti | Senior Officer's Quarters | Deck 02 ] Attn: Williams

"Shit!" she said to herself feeling her scaled elbow scrape over his teeth knowing she had missed the real mark.  Almost as immediately as she had missed she sprung to her feet from the table.  Taking advantage of his obvious disadvantage from being literally caught with his pants down she knew it would probably be for the best to end this quickly.  In an agile motion, sensing his anger towards her from the very look of seething rage in his eyes,  she sidestepped his charge his pants still half down and her own body nearly nude.  This time as he came in her elbow aimed lower and in a quick motion he felt the scales deliver a jab at his Adam's apple causing him to grab at his throat for breath.  She pivoted around him and pushed two claw like  fingernails deep into the flesh of his neck slipping into the soft area around the jaw bone and against the Cartoid sinus and her thumb into the sensitive area just below the ear where the vagus nerve lied.*

For a moment Williams screamed in pain feeling his chest seem to throb in pain but within a few seconds he was out cold.  As she looked at the body it took her only a few moments to decide his fate.  With a quick touch to find her mark she found the spot where she had applied pressure before and made a quick jab with her nails.  Her fingers didn't puncture the skin but it was obvious the damage that had been done as the skin began to discolor. A deep, bruising, blood blister formed where blood would be flowing to the brain.  She checked the other side of his neck. to verify her deadly work.  There was no pulse.

Aisha quickly gathered her clothes putting them on and grabbed all three phasers before shutting the door making sure the lock from the inside command was still active as it closed.  With any luck she and Williams wouldn't be missed for a while.  Either way and just in case, the door would at least be a bit of a hassle to open and until it was no one should suspect she is anywhere but in that room where her combadge lay discarded where she had let it fall in her false passion.

OOC: The carotid sinus and vagus nerves. The carotid arteries carry blood to your brain. The vagus nerves regulate your heartbeat and breathing. They coincide at a point on the neck just below the angle of the jaw. Light blows to carotid sinus cause the victim to faint within five seconds, while heavy blows cause almost instantaneous brain death. All blows to the carotid sinus are dangerous due to a greatly increased risk of stroke following undiagnosed arterial wall disintegration.

Yes the principle of this is similar to that of the Vulcan nerve pinch in that both target nerve clusters.  IN the case of the Vulcan nerve pinch the target is the trapezius nerve bundle located more in the neck and shoulder region while this targets the both the carotid artery and the vagus nerve bundle.  The Vulcan nerve pinch s much less risky in terms of risk of death to the person it is preformed on but is harder to preform by non vulcans.  This would essentially be the next best alternative but unlike the nerve pinch can be deadly.

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[ Husker | USS Harbinger | Brig ] [Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv]


That was the only emotion that he was feeling at that moment after he'd been thrown into the Harbinger's brig after a pat on the head and being told that after the "Captain" was finished he'd see things in a much better light, if becoming a rapist and a murderer was "better light" then someone should just shoot him now.

Chris' hands flexed in time with every breath that he took as he remembered having his hands locked tightly around that braggart's throat as he regaled..REGALED..the others in the squadron about what he had done and the others simply asked questions about how it felt and why he wasted a perfectly good woman like that.

The familiar noise of the brig doors opening caught his attention and Chris curled up to make it appear that he was sleeping when he noticed Trujilo entering the room. Chris thought that he was coming over to drag him to see T'Rena but instead he stopped at the cell opposite of his which made him wonder what was going on.

Until Trujillo stated his intent.

Chris turned his head just enough so that he could make out the voices of the cell next to his which recognized that one of them was the Harbinger's CMO in Amelya Duv who he knew as one of his fellow officers but the other one sounded striking and andorian but he filed that away as he was more intent on listening to the new commander which made Chris start to flex his hands in rage once again but he closed his eyes tightly and clenched his fists so tightly he heard pops as he waited for Trujillo to leave.

Chris waited for a couple more minutes before he slowly sat up on the narrow bench in his cell and started to slowly tap on the wall where he heard Duv's voice and hoped that she heard it.

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann, Husker

As Amelya laid out the objects that she had with her, she couldn't help but notice that the blue skin toned woman before her was observing her closely. Amelya was very much aware of the fact that she was nude under her lab coat and the emptying of pockets probably allowed Ida to see more of the Trill than she had meant to show. Yet this wasn't the time for dismayed thinking. Suddenly Ida reached out to her, her hands just grazing under her breast against her warm skin as she took the combadge off her. Amelya frowned and nodded silently before speaking softly "Yes, Phantom pinned it on me in my office, just before he transported me here into the brig... But I don't understand.. How will this help us?"

The plans of the security officer got laid out now and Amelya looked in awe now by the ingenuity of the Andorian. "So... We either blow a piece out of Trujillo's groin by detonating his phaser when he comes around... Or... Could we blow up a piece out of the brig wall? Or is the charge not strong enough for that?" Amelya asked in a whisper to Ida. Finally things were starting to look up for them and the doctor now had the fire back in her to escape and let these savage rapists show what she was made of. She smiled towards Ida and her eyes flickered with enthusiasm and fire while moments ago they only displayed pain, humiliation and despair.

While Amelya waited for Ida's plan to unfold she leaned against the brig wall that was closest to the cell of Husker. She was peering over Ida to check at the security guard posted by his panels, yet she heard something. She frowned a bit and looked around in her cell before she tried to isolate the sound. "Do you hear this?" she asked Ida "Some knocking... As if someone trying to communicate with us." She moved her head slowly to figure out it came from the wall next to them and she leaned in to the wall, her labcoat revealing a bit more flesh to Ida while she tapped back against the wall in response for Husker.

[Simon Tovarek | USS Theurgy | First Officer Ready Room | Deck 01 ] Attn: Benson, Stark, Rory

The smack that Benson had delivered to Stark was weak and Simon realized the guy had probably more dirtier plans for the voluptuous lieutenant commander behind him. He could hear his 'proposition' towards Natalie and in all honesty it made Simon feel disgusted by the man. Yet the remark of Stark did make Simon chuckle "I bet anyone's cock would outclass you Benson... You know what they say about big guns and compensation." Simon sneered towards the security officer, hoping he would turn his attention back to him instead of Stark, yet it seemed like the man had his plans set. Simon could feel Natalie's head being pushed back now against his as he also heard the phaser being pulled out. Yet before he could say anything more, he felt the muzzle of the phaser against his temples.

Enough of the provocative talking Simon thought to himself as he swallowed and heard the setting of the gun being set to highest. He didn't say a word anymore and realized that his fate would now lay in the hands of Natalie Stark. He could try various simulations in his head to see how his success would be in case he put up a big mouth or if he tried to resist or fight back. Yet they all resulted in the same outcome. Being tied up like a puppet on a string would only leave a gaping hole in his head. Something Simon would rather not have...

Yet out of nothing came the rescue it seemed as the phaser that was held against his head suddenly got smashed away what Simon believed to be a bottle. It was a crude mechanic and some would even say primitive, yet it proved efficient. Simon tried to get a look on the savior yet couldn't get quite a good look on him as Natalie obstructed his line of sight as they were tied back to back. All he could hear was the rage in the man's voice and thuds and punches being whipped around. Eventually he heard the thud and the far to familiar gargling noise of liquids entering a trachea. He could only hope the right man had been downed and he looked over at the phaser that laid there just in reach of his feet, instantly trying to shove it closer to him.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv & Husker

Ida was trying to remember the differences between the holding cell mechanics of starships commissioned a decade ago compared to the recent Theurgy-class ship that she was more familiar with. Since she had served upon the USS Nacre before the Theurgy, there had been several upgrades to acquaint herself with after the transfer, but it was hardly like she could remember every little detail of what hid behind the bulkheads around them. She was not even sure the Akira-class ship had been commissioned anywhere near in time to when the Nacre had left dry dock for the first time.

Duv had asked her a question so she answered without looking up. She did not need the distraction of seeing the Trill, but she could at least focus her thoughts by speaking. "The charge in the combadge is not exactly explosive, at least not unless we create the right conditions for it. The damage to people is considerable because of the electric charge of its power cell... but it won't blow a hole in the wall. But it might just..." Ida's mumbled whisper trailed off in thought. At least the Trill seemed to have snapped out of it and wanted to help.

No more had she come to the conclusion that the plasma relay she was looking for might be anywhere along the deck plates at the front of the cell when Duv said something else, and that was when she heard it too. She looked up and frowned, glancing between the the Brig Officer and the wall where the sound was coming from. She did not want to step away from the disassembled combadge and make the Pinkskin see it, so she removed her dirty undershirt and dropped it on top of the combadge before rising to her feet. The black tank top she wore had the same colour as her uniform trousers, and if they were to get out and use the shadows for cover, then she'd have to toss the brightly coloured undershirt regardless.

With the badge hidden, she stepped up to the wall next to Duv, laying the side of her head against the metallic surface. Her antennae were hooked in concentration. The Brig Officer glanced up, and Ida turned towards Duv unhurriedly, pretending to talk in private to the barely covered Trill instead of listening to the prisoner next to them. "They must have heard the same thing we heard from Trujillo," she whispered to Duv, standing face to face with her, "but they don't want to draw attention either. Therefore, I reckon they want out just as much as we do, and want to help. And... and I think they can."

She turned around, pacing, and she tapped her knuckle against the wall a couple of times until she stood at the front of the cell, as if contemplating something. She hoped the sounds she had made at least drew one of the people next to them, following the sound to the front of the cell. She waited, and then whispered just high enough for their neighbour to hear.

"I need the Pinkskin distracted. Can you draw his eye and company for a while?" She did not wait for a reply, instead walking back to Duv behind her - trying to keep her eyes from wandering.

Hopefully, they had been heard...

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[ Husker | USS Harbinger | Brig ] [Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv]

"I need the Pinkskin distracted. Can you draw his eye and company for a while?" the voice from the cell next to him asked him to do and a plan slowly started to form in his head before he moved to the center of his cell and said "Hey, Deion. Hey, come here for a second."

Zaynor Deion looked up from his station in the brig and looked at the pilot. "What do you want, Husker?" he asked.

"I got a question for you and I really don't want to shout it across the brig." Husker stated.

Deion let out an annoyed noise before he got out of his seat and walked over to Husker's cell as the pilot moved to the other end of the cell, further away from the one that held Amelya and her co-hort. "So what is it that you wanted to ask me?"

Husker let the best smirk cross his face under the circumstances come up on his face. "I heard Doctor Duv in the cell next to me but I also heard something really hot and andorian. What can you tell me about her cellmate?"

Deion's face got a little bit of a twist to it, "I wish that you could see her cellmate, Husker. She's one of the Theurgy's people and she's hot even for an andorian..I didn't know you had a thing for the blue skins, hopefully you'll get a shot at her after the Captain is done with her but I don't think it's likely since he's got big plans from the sounds of it."

Husker kept the smile on his face while inside all he wanted to do was put Deion out of commission. He knew the fellow junior officer and sometimes played poker with him and the other juniors below decks during the downtime over the course of the past couple of months since the Harbinger went on the run and while he'd feel bad about assaulting him, the gleam in Deion's eyes showed that he wasn't thinking right.

"Hey, lemme ask you another might help you get out of owing me for that last game you lost." Husker added in conspiratol tone.

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[ Amelya Duv | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann, Husker

Amelya looked at Ida as she took her undershirt off and used to to cover up the combadge. She was curious what the security officer would do with the badge once she figured out what she exactly had to do with it. Yet now her eyes were focused on the trained body of Ida. She knew what she had to know about Andorian anatomy and physical profiles to do her work, yet she hadn't seen so many Andorians throughout her career. Yet it seemed to be no surprise that Ida kept her body in fit shape and the results of that were a beauty to the eye. Amelya followed her with her eyes while she stayed seated on the bench, listening to the plan she tried to convey to the persons in the cell next to them.

Amelya listened carefully to what the person besides them had to say to the brig officer. She wondered who it was and why he had been placed in the holding cells. Did he disagree with the plans as they were or was he perhaps sentenced here for a more horrid crime? Amelya tapped Ida on the back and whispered just loud enough so only she could hear "How do you know we can trust them?" She looked Ida in the eyes now and felt a shiver go over her spine when they spoke of Ida and when it seemed like the criminal besides them wanted to strike a bargain with the officer.

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[ ThanIda zh'Wann | USS Harbinger | Brig | Deck 07 ] Attn: Amelya Duv & Husker

It did not take long for their neighbour to act on the incentive given to him, and Ida was granted a name. The Brig Officer had called the other prisoner 'Husker', and it was clear that the named man's subsequent request was in line with what Ida had asked for. So as soon as the guard stepped out of sight, Ida dove down to the combadge and resumed her tinkering - keeping the undershirt close at hand in case she had to conceal her efforts again.

While she worked, rifling through the other content that Amelya had spilled upon the floor from the pockets of her lab coat, Ida vaguely heard what was being said between Husker and the Brig Officer. Momentarily distracted by the words, Ida quickly decided that the interest in her was fabricated for the benefit of the plan. When Husker spoke of letting the guard off on a previous debt, Ida overheard Deion's reply.

"Sure, if one more question can settle that, then ask away. It's not like we are otherwise preoccupied, right? If it is about the vision, however, it's better to wait for the Winter Queen. She will show you the future and answer any questions you have in that regard."

Ida's train of thought was interrupted by Amelya tapping her on the back and asking if they really could trust the neighbour, regardless how many there were in that cell. "I don't know," Ida whispered back, trying to pick apart the hypospray, "but the guard is no longer watching us, is he? Let's not waste the opportunity..."

Finally, she got the damnable thing open, and she gutted it as best as she might with fingertips that had gotten sore from prying on the casing. She was careful not to make too much noise even if the guard spoke with Husker, but in the end, she had an empty tube that she meant to use as a conductive filament. Next, she'd have to locate the power source for the force fields, or somewhere close enough for the power surge to make the emitters stutter and overload. Ida thought she knew the location underneath the deck plates, but she'd still have to press the badge and its power cell against the filament to cause the energy surge. She worked as quickly as she could, and after grinding the casing into the crack between two deck plates, she snatched up her yellow undershirt and held the combadge with it.

"Stand back," said Ida, not about to waste another second. The conversation in the other cell had worn on, but how long would Husker manage to keep it going? They'd still have to overpower the guard outside, but with some luck, they would get some help from Husker with that as well. So, with a firm grip on the shirt and the badge and with her other hand shielding her face from what was to come... Ida pressed the sarium krellide cell against the filament.

The folded shirt protected her. The power surge shot down into the deck, the plasma relay's protests heard, and the forcefield before Ida flickered on and off for a couple of seconds before it vanished... along with the forcefields of the other cells. There was no time to waste on celebrations. No joy in having been correct about the placement of the relay under the deck. No, Ida stepped out of the holding cell as soon as the blinking field ceased, about to close the distance to the guard and take him out before he got his wits about him.

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[ Husker | USS Harbinger | Brig ] [Attn: ThanIda zh'Wann & Amelya Duv]

Inwardly Chris wondered why Deion would refer to T'Rena as the "Winter Queen" with such reverence for the vulcan first officer and he raised an eyebrow at that but before he could ask anything-he felt the familiar disturbance of the power to the force fields shifting off.

Deion also noticed this as he shifted his footing to turn and face the other cells on the block, his left hand going for the phaser holstered on his right hip and quickly brought the weapon up online with something that Chris couldn't see at that moment.

"Wha.." was the only thing that Deion was able to get out before Chris quickly lashed out and locked on an Andorian Vershaan hold that was a cross between a joint lock and a nerve hold on the arm that held the phaser which after applying just enough pressure, drove the younger man down ot the deck where he then followed up by quickly grapevining his right leg around the arm as well which made Deion dropped the phaser from his nerveless fingers.

"I'm sorry about this, Deion." the Asgardian said tensely before yanking just enough to separate Deion's arm from it's shoulder socket before driving his right knee down into Deion's left temple, knocking him out very quickly before Chris reached down and yanked the fallen officer's comm-badge off of his uniform jacket and tossing it back into the far end of the cell that he had just left.

Normally in this kind of situation, Chris would've gone for the phaser but instead he moved away from it as he looked over at the Andorian Zhen that stepped out of the cell next to his, he actually felt his breath catch for just a moment before he quickly shifted gears back. "Ma'am, can you or Doctor Duv please explain to me what is going on here and why does it feel like I'm stuck in a really shitty holo novel?" he asked.

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