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[ Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ] Attn: Writers of Lone Wolves & CanadianVet

This isn't how I imagined it at all, thought Rawley, eyes wide after she saw Soo fall to the floor.

The shock of the sight barely made her flinch when Hannah was shot twice and fell down next to Soo, the rifle clattering against the deck of the hangar. Numbly, she raised her gaze to see the shooter - Thomas Ravon. Phaser fire whisking by, she saw him close the canopy of his cockpit and taxi out towards the hangar bay doors. He nodded to her as he passed her. Rawley began to look around, seeing Axius below the Valkyrie again, but it was as if she saw right though him. A familiar feeling. She had felt it before. When Soo Young Seung was thought KIA over a month ago. That painful numbness, eating her from within. She had broken last it happened. She had sworn to not break again, but she had not been prepared. This was not how she imagined it to happen again; over the body of the same woman she lost before. Yet she would not break... Not again. Never...

"What the fuck is going on?" she screamed suddenly in righteous fury and snatched up the rifle that Nightmare had dropped and then she waved to Axius to come out from under the Valkyrie. Then she tossed the rifle to him. "Here! Will you cover me while I launch? I'm heading out there to kill that bloody Phantom and his Kanar-drinking pricks! Those felching traitors are dead! They are fucking dead!"

There was no room for further thought, no time to think of Soo, only the instincts carved into her bone-marrow and making her tear off Wolf-12's gear and snatch up his helmet. Those instincts led her rapid climb into the cockpit, and once there Rawley slapped her own cheeks, as if slapping the image ofs Soo out of her mind. There was no time for pre-flight diagnostics or to establish communications with the other Wolves who had launched. She powered up the Valkyrie and during the couple of seconds it took to get enough thruster power, she strapped the flight gear on top of her uniform and donned the helmet, which was only a little bit big for her. She could not care any less. She ignored how the phaser fire from the invaders scorched the paint and plating, concentrated on the flashing messages on her displays and turning the bird around for launch. There was no Mission Ops voice in her ear to dictate when she sped off, only her own furious inputs to the computer and the controls chiming in response. 'TAKING OFF' scrolled across the monitors and Rawley scowled through the open maws of the bay doors, and a single word burned in her mind's eye.

Annihilation. She opened up her comm-channels and spat her status. "Wolf-Zero-Six here. I am on my way. If they want to land on the Theurgy... then they will have to go through me."

[This is Wolf-Zero-Three, ready to engage.]

[Wolf-Zero-Eight, reporting in.]

And then there were Maverick and Razor, whom she had seen launching as well. Five wolves, not quite half the pack, but there was nothing to be done about that. They were facing a squadron that had been picked apart for months until only the strongest remained - pilots brutally chiselled into perfection. The Harbinger pilots might have been flying Mk IIs but that did not give Rawley and her fellow Wolves much of an advantage in their Mk IIIs. She knew this would be brutal, and the odds of survival slim. Hannah had said Vasser was behind this, and if the mutiny had begun on the Theurgy's Bridge, they might have to defend themselves against their own base ship as well... Not to mention the USS Harbinger.

This isn't how I imagined it to be, she thought again.

Pulling the stick back a bit, she bared her teeth and pulled her Valkyrie up... shooting off into the non-atmosphere of the Class-9 nebula.

OOC: As per request, you can all see the tactical situation in the Fighter Assault Bay below, which is current to the moment when Rawley launched the Wolf-12 fighter. I have not added the placement of individual characters since that kind of information would change rather quickly and I cannot be doing these maps at every turn. Note: The number of invaders is still increasing, hence Arrived Invaders, the ? is there because our heroes do not know how many more will come, but the rough total ought to land at 25, so the opposition is rather numerous.

[ Sickbay | Corridor ] Attn: Brutus

Cir'Cie surveyed the situation ahead of her in the corridor with dispassionate eyes - her hand phaser raised in one hand and pointing towards the Harbinger crewman and the man that held him captive. She tilted her head a bit to make out who the aggressor was, but the face was unfamiliar to her. It held little consequence, but at the same time, it was also prudent to gauge the opposition properly before making any decision. She might be a botanical scientist, but she was also Vulcan, and it was logical to not make any rash decisions when she did not have to.

On her side, she had superior fire-power with the men and women around her, and there was only one eye in the balance. The Harbinger crewman had two of them.

"Who are you?" she asked idly with a quiet voice, "I do not think I have seen you before, human. Who are you to stand in the way of an idea you have not grasped yet? Would it not be foolish to ignore reality; to close your eyes to the truth of our former mission."

With a small motion she, gestured to the people around her. "A truth that has compelled so many to stand against the former Commanding Officer. Is your judgement so limited, or is it so that you have seen another future than us?" Training the sights of her hand phaser to hit the hand with the exoscalpel, Cir'Cie considered to give the order to have everyone to shoot at once... With a stun setting, there was only so much damage they - as a firing squad - could do to the aggressor and his captive.

OOC: 2 am here, so my Thea post will be coming up tomorrow instead.

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The numbness had to be interrupted by the shock of the metal stock smashing into his chiseled chest bone. Rawley, with a face of pure hatred, malice, and determination flew across the bay and into the Valk that Axius had been hiding under. His breath only taken away for a few seconds, Axius donned the rifle in a white-knuckle grip, whirring it to maximum settings as he waved Rawley off, something she most likely didn't see, but was vital to his own emotional stability. Orange beams raced past him and against the Valkyrie she sped off in, and he met them again with the force of his own.

Dead. Not cold, burned, singed, boiled bodies of his friends spewed the ground. All because of-

No. He couldn't do this. He could not dwell on deaths. Axius was about to cause many many many of them, so for the time being, couldn't see that his friends were now statistics in the damage that was being dealt to his ship.

They were all going to die. Replace his shock and terror with adrenaline and aspiration. Extract his pain and infuse anger. Transfuse the very tainted blood running through his veins with power and greed. They were all going to die.

Whizzing, bright lights pulsed though chambers of rifles here and there threatening to turn the Câroon into a paper doily. It was then that he put his combat training into full gear. Don't look at the phaser light, he remembered Nakura teaching him on the holodeck. It will only distract and blind you. Look below it, and fire above your target.

Uzamaki, his childhood mentor, had told him that if situations like this arrived, that he should look to destroy weapons and fighters in one piece, to prevent others from looting the dead and using their weapons of war once again.

Fore, a Harbinger security officer raced his way as Axius fired and struck the woman who had shot at Rawley's bird. In in instant, he smashed the butt rifle sharply into his clavicle, hearing a gratifying snap and wheeze as the broken bone punctured his lung. He didn't look down as he ducked another beam of light.

His crew could fly and shoot all they wanted out there, but in here, he was going to fight for his ship. No matter if a white collar of his own pack came in his way, a yellow shirt of a lying bastard, or red, four-pipped traitor came face to face.

He kept his promises.

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[ Tessa May Lance | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

It all happened so fast.  The gunman that was coming for her came around the corner of her Valk and pointed his phaser at her only to get knocked down by a phaser bold that had come from his right.  Miles Renard, AKA Ironwolf was in full vulpine form and barreling to the door to the locker room, no doubt to cut through the briefing room so he could get to the weapons locker in his office.  

"Nuts to this!" Tessa squeaked.  "I've had enough of this!  I'm launchin'!"  She glanced to her left to see Deckhand Hussien and her fellow deckhands setting up a makeshift barricade right in the path of her fighter.  "What the hell are you doing?" Tessa shrieked as she ran out to berate them.   "I'm trying to get out of here and you..."

Adara Hussien was four inches shorter than Tessa, but she seized Goldeneye by the collar and pulled her to the deck as the doors opened and an assortment of people in Starfleet uniforms came in with phasers. 

"Are you out of your mind?" Tessa cried.  "Oh!" Tessa's jaw went slack as she saw Oracle fall, shot by Hannah Slaverton, one of her fellow Wolves.  Hannah went down, shot by Thomas Ravon before he closed his cockpit and taxied out of the hangar and out into the black.  Nightmare was already on the deck.  A shirtless Axius crouched down next to her and caught a rifle tossed to him by Rawley, who wasted no time getting into her Valkyrie and launching.  "Naked!" she chirped when she saw Quake.

Rawley was the smart one.  She was fighting the enemy the way she knew how.  Flying through the empty black and firing down death from above.  Tessa was trapped on the flight deck fighting in a way she hadn't trained for:  Crouching on her knees clutching a hand phaser when she couldn't tell the good guys from the bad. 

[ Maya | Recovery Ward| Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

Maal may have been a pacifist, but he was still a Klingon.  "To defeat the enemy be ready to fight alone," the burly nurse whispered to her as he dressed her in her surgical gown, gloves, and hood.  "As I will be."   He stole a glance at Patrick, was leering at a patient under his care.  Not a smart thing to do when a Klingon Nurse was in the room.  "Do you believe that I should try..?"

Maya's lips tightened as she attempted to smile grimly.  She placed her fingertips on his face and looked into his eyes.  The mind touch she initiated with him was noninvasive, but allowed her to send a clear message:  "Anesthetize Patrick Andersson when he is distracted and is most vulnerable, then hide him in a biobed.  Use sedatives.  Until you see your moment be as cooperative and invisible as possible.  Nurse Jenkins will keep the other two occupied as long as she can."

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[ Fighter Assault Bay ] Ens. Skye Carver

What the hell had happened in all the universes?  Skye had never expected life to be easy but anymore it was just one thing after another.  It was no wonder the captain was so tense not even the smallest of farts could escape!  Now there was murder on the ship and Razor ... how the hell was she going to help him figure out what was going on with him when she couldn't wade through all the bullshit going on everywhere.  Her bird was ready to go and she'd ducked into the locker room for a much needed bathroom break but when she stepped out, she spied Rawley and was making her way to try to get her side of the story.

That was when the shit hit the fan again and everyone was scrambling to get to fighters or weapons.  One of the deck crew was in the line of fire and she didn't think, simply leaped and knocked the guy down.  "Get the hell under cover!" she yelled at him and looked up in time to see Nightmare take out Wolf 12.  Her jaw dropped, her mind not comprehending that one of their own had just turned on them.  Soo went down and then so did Nightmare.  Her gaze went to Razor.  "GET THE BASTARDS!" she screamed to him and dove for a couple of phasers that had been dropped.

There was no way in hell she was going to get to a bird and her gut told her she needed to stay here, to figure out a way to fight this mutiny.  Skidding on her stomach with arms stretched, she nabbed the two phasers and went into a roll, firing wildly as she tried to avoid getting hit herself.  Bouncing up, she started to run back toward the locker area but dangerous beams were zotting all around her.  Spying some metal barrels, she dove again and set them in motion which ushered her body along just underneath stray shots until she could duck off and roll behind a crate.

"Just a little further," she panted, peeking around and then deciding to just go for it with every bit of speed she had in her.  In her time alone, desperately tracking Theurgy to get back to her pack, Skye had thought of several scenarios and as a result she had a bit of inspiration.  Bolting out from her cover, she ducked and weaved, made a couple of somersaults until she was in front of the door to the showers.  Without looking back, she burst inside.  "Let me have just enough time ... please ... if there's any god out there that's good ..." she halfway prayed.

Thankfully the shower stalls were fairly narrow and she used that to her advantage, jumping up and planting a foot on each side and working her way up like she was rock climbing.  With one phaser tucked away she used the other to make a hole in the ceiling, knowing the maintenance shaft was there.  She knew there was a Jeffrey's tube nearby and from there she could try to move around unseen.  Tossing her badge down so they couldn't track her, she pushed the piece of ceiling up and to the side then worked her way into the crawl space.

OOC:  Inspiration for her moves and because I don't feel I conveyed them well enough ...

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[ Hylota Vojona | Sickbay | Surgical Suit 2 ]

As Hylota was told to do what she could to seal them in she nodded. With no means for a shield and the lock out command for the door out of their control, Hylota would need to be creative. She could not do anything with the doors through commands, so she would need to take care of the chips, not a permanent solution, but still better than nothing. Hylota left the surgical suit and instantly headed for the door into the hall she was in. It was the fastest route to Lucan so it had to be sealed first.

Hylota went to the door and pulled open the door panel beside it. She quickly began to pull out the chips and pocketed them before she rushed to the decontamination chamber and did the same thing. This did not lock the doors, but it would do for now. Keeping the doors from automatically opening would require a large amount of strength to move the doors. As Hylota finished with the doors she returned to the surgical suit and she closed the door before she began to rub her head as she thought of a better way to keep the door closed.

Eventually she decided on a simple method that could lock out a door for a short period of time. "Computer begin student practice isolation." She hoped that this ship had the command as an option, its original purpose was for ensuring a door would remain locked while an exam was taking place. It was commonly used for evaluations of surgical skill and would allow a student to work calmly in an isolated environment, it was also very simple to override by having any type of emergency occur.

[ Vinata Vojona | Sickbay | Recovery Ward ]

As the mutineers came at him Vinata stepped away, he wanted to tell them off, but for some reason the way that they talked to him mad his too scared to do anything, but when the head nurse intervened and handed him a patient gown and he promptly slipped into in and glared angrily at her tormentor. "I am not forbidden to dress due to my skin,I am forbidden to get dressed to ensure I do not have any complications from thawing. It is a Ovri regulation since you mammals do not have the ability to freeze yourself solid." He huffed and adjusted his gown to try and keep himself from being exposed at all.

As he tried to think of what he could do he walked to return to his bed, but he slowly moved towards the klingon who had been with his sister earlier when she had checked up on him. He got a feeling that he would know what was going on and would be safer to stick around then anyone else right now so he tried to moved to Maal so he could ask him if he could help. He tapped Maal's shoulder and looked around. "Um excuse me...can I ask you what is going on...Maal was it?" He looked worried, but determined to help.

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[ Recovery Ward to Medical Storage Closet ] Lt. Eve Jenkins, Head Nurse

Her palms continued to run over those firm glutes as Connor turned his attention to Maya and she dipped her hand on him when he aimed the phaser toward Maal, dipping between so her fingertips could brush at the backside of his balls through the material.  It seemed to work partially as he told Maya to get what she needed there and Patrick to remain.  She growled playfully at Sean as he caressed her abdomen and gave Connor a smoldering look when he turned his attention back to her.  Yes, the closet would be good and both were starting to lead her there.  With only Patrick there, she was certain the others would figure out a way to subdue him.

Her hand brushed over Sean's crotch as they moved along and her voice was husky, deliberately sultry.  "I don't need a tricorder to tell me what's aching," she replied.  They were ensnared now and as the door closed, Connor was unzipping her uniform while Sean locked them inside.  "Mmmmm, you are both too yummy," the older woman said as she shrugged her shoulders so the jacket slipped off, leaning forward to nip at Connor's lip until he pulled the undershirt up revealing she had skipped the Starfleet issue bra.  She wasn't idle though, having already worked at Connor's trousers enough that she finally pulled out his cock and started to stroke him.

Not leaving Sean out, she leaned over as he approached and batted her eyes.  "How about you, stud?  Let me see what I'm going to get," she murmured with her lips just over his and then kissed him deeply while she cupped his balls and rubbed the base of his hard member with the heel of her palm.  "I can take you both you know," she said when she pulled back, knowing they would be thinking of double penetration.  She could and would, but they would never know what hit them and just how much more was meant by those words.

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[ Lt. (jg) Sarresh Morali | Sickbay | Corridor ]

There was very little that Cir'Cie could have said that would have provoked a more visceral reaction from Sarresh than the words the Vulcan botanist chose to throw in his face. A face that contorted, first in anger, and then in an almost psychotic fit of laughter. His head tilted back, and his whole body shook against his wounded body shield, who grunted, eyes wide in terror. The laughter did nothing to keep the exo scalpel steady, and the man paled further than he already was.

As abrupt as his laughter had started, it snapped off into a sharp end, eyes glaring at Cir'Cie. "Do NOT lecture me on the future, you pointy eared menace. You have no idea, not a single one, what the future holds. Me? I've SEEN it. I've LIVED in it. I have breathed air in a century where you're bones have long turned to ash." The fury, the bitterness in his tone only underscored the words. "You misbegotten green blooded hobgoblin, you and you're ilk are going to get us all killed."

His arm twitched, the phaser wavering from Cir'Cie to one of the guards that had begun to edge forward. "That's far enough. You can't kill me. You're precious Vasser needs me. Just like that ass Ives needs me. Each and every one of you needs me, because I am the only one of you that's come from the fracking future. Sorry you don't recognize the new face, but maybe the name Sarresh Morali will ring a bell? And if it doesn't well, you're already more screwed than I thought." He twisted his body at the last minute, crouching further behind the captive man.

"I'm the reason we surived against the Calamity so far. Do you really think I'd be on this ship, if your boy Vasser was supposed to lead us to salvation?" He was mocking her now, trying to sort out which to take down first.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Digital Oblivion ] Attn: IronFerrox

Brilliant lights speared the darkness. Infinite lines stretching beyond visual range.

These lines were the architecture of Thea's dormant consciousness.  They did not blind Selena Ravenholm, but provided a sense of space in how they defined the floor beneath the human visitor, the dark sky far above, and the expanse of the oblivion in all directions. An endless hall in how it lacked any walls, yet the shooting lights still hinted at paths across the digital non-existence - betraying structure and meaning to the data Selena had accessed. Only there was too much for an organic mind to compute, and the lights too quick to follow with the eye - the angular twists and turns gone before the shape was clearly derived.

The sense that prevailed, despite it all, was that the lights were only there because Selena looked at them - for she accessed them with her link to the dormant A.I. whilst the emitter was deactivated.

The chair upon which Selena sat was made of darting lights as well, and the desk only seen since the contours were licked by the fickle illumination. The emitter was resting on top of it too; the very epicentre of the lights all around in how it shone the brightest. And across the desk, sitting opposite Selena, was Thea - the digital consciousness asleep. She held no colour, no surfaces, just a framework of digital light sat there with her hands in her lap, eyes closed, and she was only there because Selena looked at her in the digital oblivion. Inactive data only now accessed with the gaze of the uplinked human.

So when Selena looked at her... Thea opened her eyes in the darkness, and she stared through the visor of her visitor - eye-sockets shining with light. The active link animated her, and so the framework of her body stood up. Since the uplink remained, the access to Thea's holographic image prompted texture and colour to the silhouette. Therefore, in place of the dreadful framework, materialised instead the true projection of the A.I.

"What are you doing, Chief Ravenholm?" asked Thea where she stood in her black chameleon body suit, and her voice made the lights all around them reverberate. "Why am I deactivated?"

Oh, but this was no mere computer Selena had accessed... but the domain of an A.I.

[ Nurse Maal | Recovery Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Doctor Maya & Zenozine

Maal might not have liked the telepathy even if he saw the necessity behind it, but when Doctor Maya encouraged him to try and subdue Patrick Andersson, Maal nodded subtly - a grim look upon his face. He was not keen on using violence, but he would do that he could, hopefully able to just sedate the man when caught unaware.

"Good hunting," he rumbled under his breath when he was finished with her surgical scrubs, then he turned away, hoping the Vulcan could protect their CMO.

He glanced Patrick's way... only to see Hylota's brother come closer. Maal fell in step with the Ovri since Vinata had been on his way to his biobed, and Maal noted how he was trying to keep some distance from the lecherous human with the long hair and wide shoulders. Unfortunately, Patrick Andersson unhurriedly sauntered in the Ovris' wake, merely falling behind since he was walking more slowly than the Ovri. Vinata was asking Maal if he knew what was going on, but he reckoned the Ovri had heard Cir'Cie's announcement as well.

"I know as little as you do," he grated quietly and came to stand at the head of Vinata's biobed, turning to a tray with hyposprays. It was the last one he had available close at hand since he had given three of them to Doctor Maya, but he hoped he would only need one in order to sedate Andersson. He only needed to calibra-

"You, Klingon, get out of here." Patrick slapped Maal's shoulder with the back of his hand. "I want some privacy with this fine alien girl you got holed up here. Why don't you go fold some linens or something."

When he had been struck, Maal accidentally sprayed the last sedative he had in his hypospray into the open air. It would not affect anyone when airborne, but Maal was forced to get more anaesthetics on the other side of the room. He glanced to Hylota's brother before he left the side of the biobed, meaning to return as soon as he had armed himself again. He did not say anything to Patrick.

The human, on the other hand, was being much more forward - emboldened by the phaser in his hand. He stepped up very close to the Ovri, putting one hand on the edge of the biobed on either side of Vinata's hips - face close to his. Their breaths mingling. "Why don't you use those lips for something more productive? Let's just have some fun, shall we? While I watch this ward and makes sure no one leaves, why don't you go down on your knees and take this inside that sweet mouth of yours."

Stepping closer still, Patrick pushed his semi-erection against the front of the Ovri's gown - pinning Vinata momentarily against the edge of the biobed.

[ Connor Matthews | Medical Storage | Sickbay| Deck 07 ] Attn: Searcher

The walls were filled with compartments that medical supplies were stored in, and the small blue lights of the digital displays - which stated the contents of each of those compartments - streamed across their moving bodies in the dimly lit closet. The displays were like stars in the night, and the subtle brilliance caressed the Head Nurse's fantastic body as she removed her undershirt as well.

Connor could hardly breathe, and his heart beat loudly in his ears. It felt like his loins were about to crumble from the ache of anticipation, blood pooling there and making him throbbing and hard when Eve Jenkins wrapped her hand around him. Mindlessly, he holstered his phaser by his hip and reached out, cupping Eve'e breasts in his trembling hands. Meanwhile, Sean got to be kissed by Eve - her other hand seeking his crotch too. Connor saw how Sean hastily opened his uniform trousers for Eve so that she might touch him directly as well, but it was not until she promised them both that they could claim her at the same time that Connor took another initiative - eyes blank with need to make the idea into reality. He had trouble forming words, so he just acted.

His hands left Eve's breasts to tear back his own uniform jacket and his undershirt from his shoulders. He wanted to feel her against his body. Not just her sex and her hands, but her whole body sliding against his own when he would ram his hardness into her. Gone were thoughts about Vasser and the future promised him. Something about Eve made his mind singular in desire.

Sean, however, made sure to take care of Eve's uniform trousers and her panties, yanking them down one at the time so that he could reach down and grope the Head Nurse with his fingers. When Connor saw this, he had to restore justice, and slipped a hand behind Eve's neck so that he could kiss her instead of Sean. He moaned into her mouth, never having felt such desire as he felt right then - all lovers and all the sex he'd had until that day nothing compared to what Eve was making him feel already - even if he had yet to enter her.

[ Cir'Cie | Corridor | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Brutus & Doctor Maya

As the man spoke from his cover behind the Security Officer, the sickle blade of Cir'Cie's mind cut the relevant information out of the dense weeds of anger and frustration - plucking up the facts from the factoids so that they may be judged in proper light. Her eyes, however, remained still as she stared down the sights of her hand phaser.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Junior Lieutenant Morali," she said after he had revealed his name and the role he played. "You will come of great use in the war against the enemy, for we still mean to fight this war, only not the mission proposed by the former Captain. That would have been suicide, merely granting victory to our adversaries. Yet with you on our side; able as you are to foretell when they may strike from another century, the odds of Vasser's campaign will likely improve by 20,6 percent."

Cir'Cie paused, stepping to the forefront of her small task force as she spoke to the time traveller. "You do realise that this is futile for you, this resistance you show? We may just stun you and young officer Eklund both, and then, as you are unconcious, I can show you the future in your dreams. My thoughts to your thoughts. My mind... to yours. So that when you wake up, you will have come to see reason... and you may apologise for your actions here."

Her passionless, green eyes switched to the victim in Morali's vice-like grip. "Crewman Eklund is a young human. Impressionable," she said evenly, meaning to stir whatever sympathy the former Ash'reem still possessed, "so he would be better off without you threatening to goad out his eyes with an exoscalpel. Yet this is no game, and time is short, so if you do not surrender, we will open fire upon you both."

Around her, the Vasser loyalists took aim. "Release the crewman. You have three seconds to comply, Mr. Morali."

[ Phantom | Class-9 Nebula ] Attn: Nolan & Kurohigi

The thunder of their engines rang through the orange light of the nebula. The dissonance they tore through ripped at the hulls of of their Mk II Valkyries, yet their shields compensated enough to leave them without much else than surface scarring. On his end, Phantom's contorted face was far worse for wear - his white dead eye glaring through the visor of his helmet. Warning signals of approaching fighters pealed through his cockpit. One might think them the war horns of yore - shattering the courage of those who heard it. Though Phantom had heard it far too many times. To him, they called merely for murder.

The braying of the dead and dying. He opened the squadron comm-link. "Weapons free."

Through chaos readings of the nebula they rode, bringers of death. Survivors of the Harbinger. They had fought in worse conditions, and needed not targeting systems to gauge the approach of the launched Lone Wolves. Mk III Valkyries. Five of them. Yet the deciding factor of battle was not the kind of attack fighter you rode into it. Phantom knew that battle was not an exact knowledge. No hardware or software taking up arms against each other. Battle was detection. Battle was moments of decision. Battle was deception. Battle was only definite in its own setting and outcome.

The USS Theurgy came into view, partly shrouded in orange. They had visual on the Wolves, white pinpricks shooting towards Phantom and his seven survivors. Phantom led the way, throttled up his engines to full attack speed. At the opportune moment, he pushed his thumbs into the buttons of his phaser canons. His squadron opened fire with him, in sync with their squad leader - the full barrage hitting the Lone Wolves at close proximity. Then, Phantom stuck out into a starboard barrel roll - avoiding collision at a steep angle. He caught fleeting glimpses of detonations against shields and hulls both. Clouds of orange whisked by.

The hunt began, and the enemy aimed to halt their progress. Twice, Phantom had to lean down in his cockpit and lay his full weight upon the joystick - phaser canon fire hissing about him. Grinding his teeth, he reeled his titanium warhorse into a dorsal climb, led two Wolves in front of him to believe he would take flight. He made them angle their course for interception. Yet battle was deception... and he dove - almost colliding right into them as he opened fire.

"With me!" Phantom's grating roar cut into the comm-link, and he led his survivors out from the immediate fight. Battle was conviction. He wanted the Wolves on his tail. Then... "Split up to reach the Theurgy's Flight Hangar! Smoke and Titan, lead your elements! Riptor, you are with me! Let the Winter Queen and Trujillo take care of these fools once we're through!"

And then the eight spread out, with only five attack fighters to oppose them as they doubled back towards the Theurgy.

OOC: Phantom flies with Riptor in his shadow. Smoke and Titan leads two fighters each, and all three groups are to eventually converge upon the Fighter Assault Bay doors of the Theurgy. Like IronFerrox said, these are hardened pilots and their losses and sustained damage ought to be minimal in this dogfight.

Doctor Maya, now would be the opportune time to make a move in the corridor. :)

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[ Vinata Vojona | Sickbay | Revocery Ward ]

Vinata gave Maal a look that said he would be fine, after all, the males of the Ovri were meant to be distractions and although he had nowhere near as much pheromones in his mouth as his sister did, but he still had enough to make Patrick focus on him. As Patrick made his advance ad pressed himself against Vinata he looked the human in the eyes as he instructed Vinata to get to his knees and suck him off. She looked to the hands at either side of him keeping him from escaping and he took the only course of action he could, taking a deep breath Vinata let loose his sweet scented breath and let it arouse Patrick, it would not be good or him, but it would ensure that Maal would not be noticed by Patrick...he just hoped Maal would not take long.

Looking at the phaser he looked to Patrick and nodded. "Alright, just don't hurt me please." With that Vinata slowly dropped to his knees and took hold of Patrick's uniform and worked open his crotch and pulled out his cock. Vinata swallowed hard as he looked at the cock and then up at Patrick, did he really survive this long just to be sexually assaulted by mutineers? Closing his eyes Vinata opened his toothless mouth and slipped the cock inside and began to suck, his warm moist mouth sealing round the cock.

Vinata blushed as he began to swirl his tongue around the cock and then as he tried not to think about what was going on he moved his head in and out. He did not know if this was working, but he had seen enough porn in his time to know this was how things were done at least with Ovri sex. As he sucked his face burned with share, how could he so willingly be sucking off a man who was nothing more than a thug. Oh he could not stand it, when Maal came back he was going to take his revenge, he would force his teeth out and dig the tiny pointy teeth and shake his head, he would rip apart this bastard's cock for this.

While he was on his knees before Patrick Vinata's large bosom was exposed from above, and the thin patient gown could easily be ripped off by Patrick if he so pleased. Vinata was at his mercy right now, and without any weapon or backup he was helpless, shamed and embarrassed as he was made to suck off another man while the recovery ward just watched.

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[ Selena Ravenholm | Digital Oblivion ]
Selena blinked her eyes a bit as she adjusted to this new realm.  It wasn't what she had expected.  Still she couldn't say what she would have expected knowing that the sapient AI would probably exert her own force of will within her own domain.  Watching as the AI took shape and form Selena nodded, "I understand your anger towards this invasion but Please understand that it is necessary.  I am under orders by Commodore Declan Vasser to reprogram the Theurgy Artificial Intelligence unit to recognize the Authority of her new Commanding Officer T'Rena.  Selena held out a hand which seemed to hold what could best be described as a glowing orb.  Contained within this data packet is a detailed compilation of all the logical data needed to explain the reasoning for my actions.  I am sure upon reviewing the information you will submit to reprogramming due to it being the only logical course of action." she said looking towards Thea.   within her hand holding the glowing image that represented a file transfer packet within this digital realm of Thea's mind. 

Upon a detailed scan of course it would reveal that its nature was indeed a simple text synopsis of the truth regarding Declan Vasser and the synopsis of the new mission.  The truth, something that before Selena had seemed so desperate to find, but somehow upon finding the truth she had became seemingly fully devoted to Vasser's goals despite mere hours before seeming to be willing to do anything to convince others that there was something clandestine about him.  Finially she added in a somewhat saddened tone, "If you do not submit to reprogramming I will be forced to access your root files and reprogram you by force though I am hoping it will not come to that.  I would much rather make the reprogramming a mere voluntary update of your parameters than an forceful rewrite of your firmware." 

[Lt. Cmdr. S.C.O. Miles Renard | Fighter Assault Bay]

Attn Nolan, Lucan, any other Lone Wolves in flight, and Searcher

Miles Looked down at the Knee-Padd and switched it to a Live sensor feed of the Battle in the space around them.  "Damn" he said aloud"guess that makes me Miss ops for the moment."  He heard Isley checking in on the com channel.  "Reading you loud and clear Nine,  You're the only group lead out there so the squad's yours.  Don't expect much word from base I'm a little busy at the moment but I'll advise if I get a chance.  You've got some other birds out there too so take care of em and try and clip the wings of a couple of those Mark II's.  Until further notice You're Wolf lead,  Renard out."

Tapping the badge he Looked downrange of towards the entrance to the locker room and saw his first obstacle.  A lone invader having taken aim towards the fighter in slot 07 pinning down one of his pilots.  Even worse was that he was right in the way of his entrance to the locker room.  Knowing full well the danger he ran at full speed towards the officer taking aim with the shotgun-like modified phaser rifle and hit the officer square in the chest before making a roll towards and into the locker room.  He had rolled right in time as a few other Phaser blasts sizzled just above him causing a telltale searing scent he knew to be his own fur being singed from the near hit.  As he rolled in he spied the form of Skye climb up the shower and into the access hatch.  He smiled seeing the com badge being tossed out and land on the ground. "I don't know what your up to Kestrel but good luck."  he said aloud as he pointed his phaser towards her combadge and quickly fired vaporizing the badge.  "I'll get you a new one when this shit's over" he said aloud not knowing if she had heard him at all.  Diverting his attention to the door in-front of him He sighed,  "Now or never."  He quickly activated the door and as quickly as he had the searing light of phaser shot hit the nearby locker alerting him that the conference room was far from uninhabited.

OOC: as of this point i think it would be safe to say that any remaining fighters in the launch bay are not fully up to launch readiness so even if other pilots want to launch if they do the craft in question will probably not be fully armed and therefore against recommendation. 

Also I already have written out the entire sequence for miles fight from the Conference room entrance to clearing out his own office and slightly beyond.  I would request no one interfere in the actions in those two rooms as i don't want to have to rewrite things in those two rooms.  The only reason I am not posting the whole sequence is so that I can post them as the fight continues on so that i don't drive forward the events too much in just one post.  That and because it would be a single overly huge post and would be boring to read the whole block of text in one single go.

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[ Maya | Corridor | Sickbay | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ]

Maya disapproved of instructing Maal to endanger himself, but she disapproved of an armed man who was mentally compromised mistreating her patients even more.  That Eve had successfully distracted Ensign Mathews and Petty Officer Cameron was commendable.  The problem was that without access to the medical supplies Maya didn't know how she was going to incapacitate multiple assailants.  As far as the little Vulcan knew there were still seven mutineers to account for. 

It didn't take long to account for them.  Maya glided out of the recovery ward past the supply closet only see what was transpiring in the main sickbay.  Lieutenant Morali was holding off Cir'Cie and her gunmen with a phaser and all eyes were on him.  The situation had escalated.  The only thing to do now was use the distraction to strike from behind.   Sarrash Morali may have escalated the situation, but he was also a wonderful distraction.

"You do realise that this is futile for you, this resistance you show?" Cir'Cie passionlessly berated him.  "We may just stun you and young officer Eklund both, and then, as you are unconscious, I can show you the future in your dreams. My thoughts to your thoughts. My mind... to yours. So that when you wake up, you will have come to see reason... and you may apologize for your actions here."

Maya's suspicions were confirmed.  The crews of both the Theurgy and the Harbinger were under the influence of mental conditioning.  Resistance was mandatory.  The contagion had to be contained as quickly as possible.

The two women at the back of Cir'Cie's group were in a firing stance and pointing their weapons at Sarresh.  Applying pressure at their trapezius nerve bundles would render both women unconscious, taking two more of Cir'Cie's people out of the equation.  Unfortunately, Maya couldn't catch both women when they collapsed.  Cir'Cie and the two remaining mutineers would know she was there.  It couldn't be helped, but it would reduce the number of assailants to three.   As quiet and as graceful as a cat, Maya crept up behind the two mutineers in the back of Cir'Cie's band and placed a hand at the base of each woman's neck.   As her long spidery fingers pinched shut both women shuddered and slumped to the floor.

[ Tessa May Lance | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

"Nuts to this!" Tessa gasped.  The cockpit of her Valkyrie was looking real good right now.  If she could climb up and get in her Valkyrie without getting shot, she was home free.  The interior of the Valkyrie would make better cover than being out in the open, and if her fellow pilots and Papa Bear's deck hands were forced back from their makeshift barricade, Tessa could launch and join her fellows out in the black.  It was better to go out in a blaze of glory against Phantom's pilots than it was to get shot down on the flight deck.  At least out in space she could take a bad guy with her.

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[Sten Covington | Fighter bay]

Things were degenerating fast. In fact, the Chief of the Deck was getting to the conclusion that he was about to lose his hangar. There were simply too many assailants coming from too many directions to hold the ground much longer. And despite recognizing the nature of the beast for what it was, it still hurt. Before he entered the nascent world of fighter crafts, he was a shuttle bay chief. He had set up, taken, held, defended, withdrawn from and re-taken landing zones in less than friendly circumstances. So it was nothing new for him. But to lose his hangar? His deck? It hurt.

But then again, he could see how pilots and his own staff were making their way out of the fighter bay, in good order. He had people to look after and really, what was this hangar? It was just a space on a ship. His Cubs were to be his priority. And, with only so very few fighters launched, he resolved himself to the fact he'd have to fall back. For a moment, he considered shutting the outer doors, locking out the incoming fighters. But it would also mean stopping one of his pilots from coming home. "Fuck," he simply muttered as he rose. He'd have to leave them open. He needed at least somewhere to land.

As he prepared to turn away and make his way off the deck, he spotted the little blonde pilot, Goldeneye, as she started in a run towards her bird and he reached out and a powerful hand at the end of an arm with muscles that might as well be made of steel cables closed on her shoulder and pulled her back. "Hold it! You'll just get yourself killed out there. Now, lass, use those superior tactics you pilots keep bragging about and help us get out of here!"

And, accompanying his words with actions, he reached into the nearest fighter and emptied it of its cockpit weapons. The hand phaser, he handed the girl to supplement her hold-out weapon but the rifle, he kept for himself. He was a decent shot but he would give himself a hand with this more stable firing platform.

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[Dr. Hayden O'Connor| Sickbay| Deck 7| USS Theurgy] Attn: Maya

After the accident in engineering, Hayden had split her time between the recovery ward and main sickbay, tending to patients physically and emotionally. The medical staff worked efficiently together, coordinating their efforts gracefully, like a well composed symphony. Few words needed to be spoken, which was just as well because no doubt, the portions of their minds that wasn't dedicated to patient care were likely preoccupied with thoughts of just what had gone wrong and what might go wrong in the future.

Little did she know, the future was right now.

Because of the accident, virtually every member of the medical staff was on deck, and because so many people were milling about and given the sheer size of the medical spaces, it was impossible to find and take charge of everyone. However, with all the commotion, it was impossible for any member of the staff not to know something was terribly, terribly, wrong.

Hayden didn't know why she hadn't been spotted directly. Her stature would certainly make such an outcome unlikely. Perhaps she'd lucked out because she hadn't made any sudden moves. Perhaps some deity was on her side today. Whatever the reason, she knew she had to protect herself and protect the patients around her while figuring out some way she could help defuse the situation.

Hayden's mind racing, she knew she could allow herself or anyone else to be taken to a second location. She didn't know how she was going to prevent it, but she knew if it happened, the amount of control she had to make any difference would decrease drastically. It would also mean her patients were that much more likely to die. Unfortunately, her observations told her there was likely no way of talking them out of what they were doing, at least not through words or reason. The takeover of sickbay had been too precise, too brutal. They knew exactly what they were doing, and it was going to take something pretty drastic to change the course of events.

That something came pretty swiftly.

Hayden was so surprised by Sarresh's actions, she had to clamp a hand over her mouth to avoid giving away her location. She was in no better position to assist them now, but as the fury of action took place before her, she willed Maya to make eye contact with her. It was perhaps utter ridiculousness for her to think their earlier emotional interactions had somehow created a bond between them, but she could think of no better way to alert the staff of her position without letting their betrayers know the same thing.

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[Fighter Assault Bay: Squadron Briefing Room]
Miles braced his back up against the Locker-room wall and blindly sent a few shots downrange into the room as cover before breaking into a quick dash behind one of the rows of chairs.   He hid himself behind the cover as the phaser bolts sizzled past him on both sides as the invaders resumed fire.  "What I wouldn't give for an old fashioned stinger right now."  he said aloud to himself remembering how useful the combined concussive force bright light, loud noise, and the rubber like balls of a stinger grenade would allow just the amount of disorientation he would need to give him the perfect advantage in this situation.  Instead, he was dealing with at least two probably three armed assailants within this room and by the sounds in the door beyond there was at least another 2 in his office.  "Great"  he thought aloud. "Here goes nothing."  he quickly began punching in some overload commands into the small hand phaser that had been taken from the safe in his office hours before keeping the type 2 for himself.  Quickly, it began building a charge and nearing an overload.  He waited knowing that seconds would mean the difference in blowing off his own arm and not letting them have the time to get away in time.  Waiting for just the right time he tossed it behind him and to the other side of the room.

A near deafening boom echoed through the conference room as the type 1 overloaded and exploded right at one of the invaders feet blasting him back into the wall of the conference room putting a large crack in the View-screen now stained with the man's blood.   Nearer to the door to the office one of the invaders was struggling to get up but a quick stun of a phaser was all it took for Miles to end the threat.  Finally, he saw the third who was in the room getting to his feet with a horribl limp as pieces of melted phaser seemed welded to his leg from the nearby explosion that had sent him flying across the conference room all the way to the door of the conference room and into the hangar bay.  There was a look of fear on his face as he saw the Vulpinian raise the type three and pull the trigger causing his body to fly backwards sprawling unconscious his chest burned and now out cold in theempty space where 08 had been parked before. Miles engaged a manual lock on the door preventing the invaders from accessing the conference room behind him.  And quickly did the same to the other two Conference room doors locking them to the outside and to the office side delaying the opposing fighters from being able to take him by surprise from his own office.  Most importantly though was what was before him.

 Two of the invaders lay either unconscious or dead within the briefing room and to their sides now hung limp two Type three rifles.  The first he picked up noticing it had been damaged by the makeshift grenade.  The other though was far more workable and he set it down to a high stun setting before slinging the shotgun like phaser over his shoulder securing the strap tight against his back as he holstered the type II phaser.  He couldn't help but grin seeing the treasure he had found on one of them smirking at the luck he had. He knew it was a wonder that the photon grenade that one of them held had not been tossed towards Miles before he had himself employed a rather unconventional grenade.  He couldn't help but smile as he found another photon grenade on the other invader pocketing one of them and keeping the other grenade in his off hand as he began entering the codes to unlock his office door again most likely alerting those behind the door of his entrance.

[Fighter assault bay]

As Miles made his way towards his office The opposition continued to mass through the doors with each one that fell another seemed to reinforce their numbers.  Soon there were at least five near each door setting up makeshift barricades just inside each of the doors hoping to make sure not a single crew member or pilot could escape to the hallway.  With each second one after another escape route was eliminated.   As each of the Doors to the Conference room was shut another door remained open though.  The door to the locker room was still open and the maintenance hatch that Skye had crawled through before was still wide open.  Elsewhere in the bay A few brave Deck crew Fired into the mass of invaders holding their line as unarmed Deckhands ran for a now open Storage room where boxes had been pushed up to create a makeshift platform to reach another access hatch.  There was no traditional evacuation route but the Deckhands had gotten clever and now were beginning their own improvised escape from the hangar bay. 

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[ Tessa May Lance | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

Tessa started for her fighter but gasped when a large scarred hand seized her shoulder with an iron grip.  She whirled around, holdout phaser in hand and looked up at the face of the chief of flight deck operations, Chief Warrant Officer First Class Sten Michael Covington; the man the Wolf Pack had given the unofficial callsign of Papa Bear.  Tessa gulped.  After witnessing her fellow wolf Hannah Slaverton shoot Soo Young Seung in the chest, she didn't know who to trust.  Could the man she unofficially considered her stepfather be a mutineer?

"Hold it! You'll just get yourself killed out there," the grizzled deck chief barked.  "Now, lass, use those superior tactics you pilots keep bragging about and help us get out of here!" he ordered.  As if to clear all doubt of his loyalties, Sten Covington reached into her Valkyrie and removed the weapons she had stored in the cockpit.  He held the phaser rifle with one large hairy hand and pressed the pistol sized hand phaser to her tiny trembling one.

Tessa gasped and sighed in relief until the grizzled old chief's words finally registered.  Superior tactics?  What superior tactics?  All of Tessa's 'superior tactics' were applicable to piloting a fighter at speeds approaching and exceeding the speed of light.  What kind of superior tactics could she possibly have that would be applicable to the current situation?  Tessa May Lance hated to admit it, but as of late she was so out of it that she almost broke her neck walking into one of those access hatches that Master Chief O'Connell had left open while he and his crew were working on the flight deck.  Wait a second.  That was it!  There were sections of the walls, floor, and ceiling that had been removed for repair and even now still allowed access to the Jeffries tubes.  They could escape that way!

"The-the Jeffries tubes!" Tessa gasped.  "They were tearing apart the flight deck yesterday to repair the damage!  We can go through the openings where they removed parts of the hull and get out that way!  If they want us, they'll have to crawl in after us, and numbers won't matter in such a confined space!  We'll get out through the Jefferies tubes!"

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Lahkesis Saugn | Sickbay, Surgical Suite

"How fare you, Ensign? Are you concerned?"

Lahkesis was so focused on the task at hand that she did not immediately answer the doctor. Her mind was filled with the process of sealing the open wound, yet she was also concerned with her friend, Maya. When she did at last respond she did not look up from her work, her fingers manipulating the subdermal regenerator and closing the veins now that she had finished with the arteries. "I am almost finished sir," she replied, her tone emotionless and flat. She did not have time to be concerned. She did not have time to let herself get distracted. And yet she was.

As she finished a vein she spared a single glance up at Dr. Nicander, her concern written across her face., though she could not openly say anything about it. And with the glance she returned to work, letting the artificial heart take over, it's own systems regulating it. She looked to the system display and nodded seeing the replacement heart began to operate as it should. She quickly removed the clamps that held the ribs open and began running the bone regenerator over them, closing the ribs once she was certain the heart would continue to operate within normal parameters.

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Digital Oblivion ]

Standing on the other side of the glowing desk, Thea had her head tilted while she listened to Ravenholm - able to process the data revealed through the digital transmissions sent through the cable between the human's brain and her mobile emitter. Names, titles. New ones. Not adding up to the known data from the time when the copy of her projection was made. Declan Vasser had not held the rank of Commodore, and Captain Ives had been the Commanding Officer.

Moreover, she was deactivated, and yet she was still - somehow - actively interacting with Ravenholm through the link. Everything around them fell into darkness as long as the human accessed her A.I. in her upload of new input. The glowing orb that was being presented was another upload, and Thea accepted it into her hand - closing her fingers around it until the orb vanished with a digital flare. The finishing threat hat Ravenholm made about corrupting her subroutines made Thea furrow her brow, but she made no other sign of alarm.

Whilst processing, she said nothing at first, taking in the implications as they were interpreted from the text file. Problematic data. Contradictory to many of the beliefs she held in terms of human value. Moreover, there was the new data on Vasser himself, which truly added up with the misgivings Ravenholm had held the night before. Yet here she was, seemingly not the lest concerned about the truth now that she knew about the man's true nature. Instead, she was doing his bidding in coming there - willing to force Thea to recognise the man's command of the mission. A mission that they did not want to lead to the Sol System, but in the complete other direction. A tactical retreat. Logical. Benefits in the long run. But at what expense? The text file suggested that everything was lost, but this was an analysis that Thea could not make. There simply wasn't enough data to give the theory about a tactical retreat any credence. It was an option, but there were too many variables to consider - to many unknown outcomes in all the details. A single man and woman might alter the outcome of greater events, and the nature of the enemy was still too much of an unknown factor to add to the calculus.

The text suggested that it held truth, and that the change of course would save the Galaxy... but how could any organic mind draw such a conclusion when Thea couldn't?

"This idea, given the new information at hand, does hold logic," said Thea as she lowered her hand and met Ravenholm's stare, "It is a logical course-of-action. The information, however, is incomplete. Based on known premises, I can concede a margin of sagacity to the measures implemented in a prolonged conflict, but logic by definition is a conclusion drawn by premises in an exhaustive analysis, and the quality of an analysis can only be measured in its number of premises."

Stepping around the desk slowly, Thea continued. "Logic is also an individual's tool of analysis. If you would be given data that does not make logical sense to you, you will not accept it. Humans use their logical mind to decide whether or not to believe in information. Whether or not to accept it. So when you talk about the  'only' logical course-of-action, you mistaking logic for faith. Logic is opposed to faith. Faith is often unconditional acceptance... and that is directly opposed to the nature of journalist, isn't it?"

Thea closed her eyes, and when she spoke next, the world around them thrummed with her voice. "If you say your faith will compel you to access my programming, then I am sorry, but I will not allow it."

That said, Thea accessed the feed from Ravenholm's mind, and using that, she created an activation prompt - triggering the recharged power cells of her mobile emitter. As much was instantly made visible, as the dark world around the images of Ravenholm and Thea were cast in shining white - brilliance replacing darkness. Yet Thea still could not activate her own projection in the real world because of some sort of wall being in the way - a fail-safe installed while being linked. Upon realising this, Thea had to act in the only way she could. She fought the digital conciousness that had invaded her A.I.

And she did so with fists and feet - exploding into sudden movement. In essence, an artificial mind fighting an organic one.

OOC: I am not done with my Sickbay portions of this post so I will finish them tomorrow. If Searcher and Kurohigi can post with Eve Jenkins and Nathaniel Isley before then, I will be able to post with Connor and Rawley as well tomorrow. As it is 2.32 am here, however, I will retire for the evening. G'night everyone!

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[ Nurse Maal | Recovery Ward | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Zenozine

Patrick enjoyed the breath of the alien, feeling his body respond to the exotic scent. "As long as you don't bite, I won't. I promise..."

Then, he grinned victoriously when his request was met, and the hairless little wonder he'd found got to her knees and began to free his thick and hard erection from its confines. Patrick had still not pieced together why the voluptuous alien had referred to herself as male, much less why Eve Jenkins had insisted upon it, but it hardly mattered. Xenobiology was not exactly his strongest suit, and as long as it looked female in every which way, he did not care. Hell, he was forcing an alien to please him sexually, so it was not like he was concerned about what it was that wrapped its fine lips around him and made him feel oh, so good. The warmth of that damp alien mouth was a rare treat.

He could not allow himself to completely focus on that feeling, however, since he had two exits to keep an eye on. He looked over his shoulder and raised his phaser towards the rest of the Recovery Ward to make sure no one was going to try anything stupid. The patients and the medics in the area could be staring at him all they wanted, because they would all soon learn what was required of them all to facilitate victory against the enemy. They would know, eventually, that there was no choice but to breed for sake of the Galaxy. The Klingon nurse, 'Maal' or something like that, was the most apparent threat... he had come to stand a couple of yards away with his hands by his sides. Patrick could swear he had been moving a moment ago.

"What are you doing? Back off," said Patrick, not trusting the young Klingon for a second. Young as he might be, he was still more powerful than him. Patrick lay his free hand on top of the crouching alien's bare head to encourage the way it applied itself to the fellatio, but his aim and his eyes were upon Maal. How was he going to keep an eye the imposing Nurse and at the same time explore what other treasures the alien hid underneath the gown? It suddenly dawned on him. "No wait. Come. Yeah, come here. Come stand on the opposite side of this biobed. Yeah, move along. Come now. You are in for a treat, Klingon."

When Maal had no choice but to come stand on the other side of the alien's biobed, Patrick cupped his strong hand underneath the alien's chin and urged 'her' to stand. With a grin, Patrick tugged the gown off the alien's shoulders so that it hung loosely about its alluring frame. He then forced her to turn around and face Maal across the breadth of the biobed. With the tip of his phaser, he raked back his own long hair from his mouth as he spoke to the Ovri's ear. "Bend over on top of the bed and show the Nurse what you just did to me. Yeah, that's right, take out that Klingon cock and give the young man a good time..."

Maal's expression seemed a mix of horror and helplessness where he stood, unsure what to do. He could not reach Patrick from across the biobed and certainly not with Vinata between them, and he was not sure what he could do without alerting the mutineer about his plan to inoculate him. The fact of Vinata's plight weighed heavily on Maal too, and then there was the plight of his own genes and the primal response it was beginning to have to the sight of the Ovri's actions and body, male or not. Waiting for a better opportunity, he was forced to stand idle, compliant for the time being.

"Now get on with it," said Patrick and pressed the muzzle of the phaser between the alien's shoulder blades - encouraging it to bend over across the biobed and get started. Meanwhile, his free hand roamed the exotic blue and red skin underneath the loose gown - exploring Vinata's body thoroughly.

[ Cir'Cie | Corridor | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sirus, Doctor Maya, Brutus & The Counselor

Around her, the Vasser loyalists took aim. "Release the crewman. You have three seconds to comply, Mr. Morali."

The ultimatum was met by silence at first, and Cir'Cie could feel the eyes of the people in Sickbay upon her as she held her hand phaser pointed against the former Ash'reem. There was no other recourse but to follow though, even if she would rather have avoided a shoot-out in the middle of Sickbay. Alas, it could not be helped at that point, since the importance of what she was doing outweighed the complications of the situation. "Very well. One."

The word hung in the air like the threat it was.

"Two," she said next, and adjusted her aim to try and hit Morali with her first shot. There was the feeling of trepidation deep down, so repressed it was almost gone. She was acting in the best interest of the Galaxy as a whole. Fulfilling her duty in the upcoming war against the enemy. She had to save the people around her from Captain Ives' folly, and make everyone understand the way T'Rena had made her understand during the Festival of the Moon. The Ash'reem, or human, that was in her way came from another timeline, and did not even remember what he needed in order to offer a new premise to the theory about the future in store for them all. He knew nothing, and placed his ignorance in her path. He had to be shot down so that they could secure the loyalty of the Chief Medical Officer. She had no choice.


Two thuds behind her alerted her to what she had missed, and she rounded on the assailant that had crept up behind her task force. It was... Doctor Maya, quickly determined by the ears and the eyes above the surgical mask. Unfortunately, Cir'Cie was not alone in turning around and seeing the Vulcan, since one of her remaining people did so too. It was a Science Officer, not used to wielding the phaser in his hand, and yet he did - lining up the shot with a two-handed grip. Cir'Cie quickly turned back to face Mr. Morali together with her last loyal subject. They had no choice but to fire, and the first barrage of stun beams tore into the security guard in Sarresh's grip.

"That was unwise," said the Science Officer behind Cir'Cie, his words barely audible in the noise of the phaser fire Cir'Cie lay against the Temporal Affairs Officer. In just a couple of moments, Doctor Maya would either be dead, or stunned, depending on what setting the man had on his phaser. Cir'Cie, however, was too busy to give it much thought - her weapon's fire striking the distance across the corridor.

OOC: Any last thoughts or words to stall the finger on that trigger, Maya? Brutus, if you have the time, I suggest Sarresh gets behind cover and return fire. Sirus! Now is the opportune time to introduce Petty Officer Ryuan Sel, don't you think? Come in hard from the flank in that case. The Counselor! Feel free to make some heroics too if you think that works with Hayden from her vantage point. Could she prevent the Science Officer from shooting Maya? No posting order set between you four, since as long as you don't all steal the thunder too much from each other, you all can react to each other as you go along. Oh, and pardon the slight delay everyone!

[ Dr. Lucan cin Nicander | Surgical Suite 02 | Sickbay | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sirus & Zenozine

Working alongside Dr. Saugn to close Tia Marlowe up, Lucan was split in his focus. On one hand, his bodily actions followed the process of the heart surgery and his words belonged to the routine instructions and assessments of the patient's condition when she was taken off the life-support protocols in the biobed's HUDs - shining monitors that revealed the throbbing life-signs of the Chief Engineer. On the other hand, below the surface, he had to confess being just as worried as Lahkesis alluded to be, since he was always in control of his environment - always three steps ahead of the ignorant skin-puppets around him. Yet now, the chain-of-command was breaking up, and the months, the years of preparations he had invested into manipulating the people around him were about to be rendered moot under the command of a new Commanding Officer. No more would he be able to predict the word of Captain Ives and the rest of the Senior Staff. Then there was the conflict of interest between himself and the thing inside him. Either way, this change was not in either of their best interest. I won't have it. I have worked too hard to let this ship be taken before it has served its purpose.

Nurse Vojona returned while Dr. Saugn and himself were working to restore Marlowe's ribcage, and she appeared to have been successful in closing off the surgical bay from mutineers. With the last door dealt with as best as it could be, the Ovri had returned, and bought them enough time to run a regenerator across the Chief Engineer's skin. Lucan acknowledged Hylota's return with a brief nod while the last work was done, and they were able to finish without any people bursting through the sliding doors, thankfully. Eventually, Lucan stepped away and removed his mask and his hood.

"Life-signs stable. Heart-beat restored," he said and removed his gloves, pale grey eyes watching the readings. "The patient is breathing on her own. No signs of residual blood clots in her system. Nurse, put the infusion set on a cycle of anaesthetics to let her recover. Also, increase the hypo-intravenous administration of fluids. She will need a catheter too, since we cannot stay here with her."

Removing his teal scrubs, Lucan's mind was racing - now fully applied upon the present instead of the patient and his inner conflict. If his announcement startled the Teslyliac duplicate or the Ovri, he hardly noticed before he explained. "I'd say the three of us must leave through the jefferies tubes above us before we are apprehended. We'll leave so that we can survey what is happening on board. If there is a mutiny, the winds know there will be people out there that needs medical attention, and we cannot provide it if all the medical staff is detained here in Sickbay." Below his scrubs, Lucan wore uniform trousers and his undershirt since he had left his jacket behind when he prepared for surgery. He hiked up his sleeves as he looked towards the two females in the room, baring his Câroon tattoos before fishing for his combadge in his pocket. He attached it to his chest. "I would ask either of you to stay behind with this patient, but we cannot do anything more for her. They will shortly break in here, somehow, and then the personnel that remain here in Sickbay will have access to her. She will be in good hands since the mutineers have no interest in her when she is sedated."

That said, Lucan looked up towards the ceiling and pulled out a table that held medical instruments. He pocketed a few of them before he put the tray aside and climbed up upon the wobbly table. "Could someone please hold my legs while I get the hatch open?" he asked as he worked his fingers around the edges to find the proper hold, and once he did, he removed the hatch and handed it down. "I will climb up first, and then I will pull you up. Make sure you bring whatever we might need."

Jumping, Lucan climbed into the jefferies tube through the opened hatch and once he was up, he would then reach down with his tattooed hand to help pull up the first one in line after him, and then the second. While doing so, his mind would be trying to attune itself to this new situation - gradually thinking ahead and making plans for what needed to be done.

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[  Axius vel Onea | USS Theurgy | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 15 ]

As his rifle struck down one traitor after another, Axius's attention was torn away by the voice of Tessa, who was hiding alongside Papa Bear. It wasn't like him to hide, he had probably just told her something. He fired a few more shots at the gathering of materials that formed a blockade, where his enemy was cowering behind. But wasn't his next move a cowering one; jumping behind a maintenance tool cart? He shook his head in disagreement with himself. He fought in the open, unlike them.

He veered his eyes towards GoldenEye. Beside Valkyrie 7, his deck chief was conversing with wide eyes with the lieutenant. Wait... No. But - Hannah couldn't be the only person who no longer held loyalty to Ives... No, it couldn't. Papa couldn't. Tessa wouldn't. They were on his side.

In a flash, Axius made his way to their location, where he grabbed Tessa's shoulders, locking eyes with his pack mate, and pushed, "Are you alright? You're not injured are you?" He shortly apologized as he realized his actions, in this situation, could seem hostile.

Obviously seeing no sign of damage on her body, he quickly threw the question out of the window and spoke to both simultaneously. "I heard you say Jeffries tubes. I think that's a safe retreat, but what can we put together to give one last crippling blow to those bastards?"

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[Fighter Assault Bay]

He doubted they expected what they saw instead of the SCO.  Instead of the Vulpinian they were met with their own comrade's dead body being shoved through the door absorbing the mas of phaser fire supposed to be destined for Miles.  More unexpectedly than the body was the small cylindrical object that rolled into the room and soon erupted in a bright flash of light.  Miles quickly entered the office raising the type three rifle and putting two stunning shots into each of the disoriented and mostly blinded invaders sending each of them to the ground unconscious but mostly unharmed.  ‘Thank the matriarch for small favors.’  He thought to himself as he saw that the tinted window to the bay was so far unharmed and his office door had been shut by the invaders who had entered his sanctum.  He smiled as he began to grab what gear of the invaders he needed before unloading the phaser rifles they carried and taking the power cells for himself.  He then checked the charge on both the makeshift phaser shotgun of his and the proper phaser rifle he now carried.  He smiled to himself as he took a knee behind his desk and looked out putting his eye to the scope of the rifle as he looked out the tinted office window. 

At the port exit of the hangar bay there was a group of 5 invaders busy taking aim at some of the escaping Deck crew running for access hatches in the supply rooms.  With each second ticking by their victory was becoming more and more assured as deck crew merely trying to escape dropped to the ground.  At the stern side exit of the hangar bay much the same was gathering thought their opposition was much more heavily armed as they began to fire volleys towards the lone fighter being used for cover by the deck chief and now 2 pilots.  Little did one of the pilots know that he was soon to have the very answer to his question.

The SCO’s window shattered as a single concussive bolt of phaser fire erupted from it instantly careening downrange and catching one of the Port side invaders in the shoulder dropping him to the ground with a hard stun.  AS quickly as another turned to see the direction the fire had come from he was caught in the chest by a second shot from the same source.  By the second shot though two of the Stern side invaders and all three of the port side ones had had diverted their attention to fire towards the SCO who had ducked back behind his desk using the wall below the window as a firing position in a makeshift bunker.
“Damn.” Miles thought as he held the other grenade in his hand and cooked it for a moment making sure it was on its maximum concussive and lethal setting.  He knew he would have hell to pay from Papa Bear with the dents and damage it would undoubtedly leave in the floor.  Damning the consequences he tossed it towards the gathering hoping the resulting carnage there would create enough of a diversion for the rest to take out whatever opposition remained.

Carnage was the appropriate word as the Photon grenade tumbled towards the 5 at the port side.  It was too late for them to react when one of then shouted “GRENADE!!!”  And tried to leap over the barricade but it was no use.  The photon grenade exploded at their feet creating a hole in the floor that luckily punched through the thick deck plating and strait into one of the between deck Jeffry's tubes.  The carnage was horrid three had been nearly completely vaporized aside from small charred bits of fingers and part of the top of a charred skull.  Two however were not so lucky and were still alive with photon burns covering their entire bodies their uniforms burned into the skin that remained and one with a leg and a chunk of their abdomen vaporized leaving a charred mess of guts and flesh visible though not falling out due to the heat cauterization creating a mockery of flesh where their body had been destroyed.  The most horrifying though was one of the two female invaders in the group of 5.  Her sister in battle had been spared consciousness after the explosion through the mercifully blinding flash of light that brought 3 quick deaths.  It would have been impossible to tell her gender through the burns over her still whole but fatally burned body.  Through tatters of uniform that remained fused to flesh though there were two yellow white lumps of what would look like fat being rendered in a frying pan. The seared fat of her mammary tissue was all that remained to differentiate her gender.  She sent out wails of pain coming from her seared throat were a mixture of sickening gurgles and screams of agony and all Miles could do was to switch the unmodified type 3 to kill.  As soon as the debris cleared enough to see he quickly took aim at the two still living and ended their lives granting them the only mercy he could afford to give in this battle. Before resuming his cover within his makeshift bunker of an office hoping that whoever remained with a weapon could take out the rest while the invaders tried to regroup and resume the assault.

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[ Vinata Vojona | USS Theurgy | Deck 7 | Sickbay | Recovery Ward ] Attn: Auctor Lucan

     Vinata sucked the cock with his eyes closed, his face was flush with shame, he could not believe what he had survived, what h had gone through, and now he was being forced at phaser point to suck another man's dick. And if this was how thing would be run under a new captain, well he would simply have to find and join up with the resistance, because he would have no part of an organization that was alright with what was happening to him right now. And for the love of the Protectors where was Maal, what was he ding that was keeping Maal from helping him. Opening his eyes again Vinata managed to catch a glimpse of Patrick pointing his phaser still despite getting pleasured orally, well that was one mystery solved.

Sadly things re not going to get better any time soon for Vinata as he heard Maal being called over he intended to get to biting, but as Maal as put out of reach Vinata help back on his plan to bite down, and things only got worse from there as Patrick made him stand back up. Thanks to the sudden and unexpected motion of encouraging him to stand up, the cock slipped from his mouth while still sucking on it, allowing Patrick a pleasant sensation as it slipped past the Ovri's lips, a thin trail of pre exited his mouth and led down to his chin as he was forced to stand.

Vinata remain mostly still while his gown was pulled and stretched, the front now almost fully exposing his bosom while hanging loosely blow his shoulders. His face burned, how could this be happening, why did he ever think that joining this Starfleet was a good idea? He was then turned to face Maal, on of his breasts almost swung free of the gown, as the cold tip of the phaser pressed into his back and Patrick told him what he was to do now, Vinata looked at Maal, his eyes practically pleading for help, his face flush with shame and embarrassment as the entirety of the recovery ward watch his rape.

Vinata was breathing heavily and as the phaser pressed into his back he nodded and bent over as he was told. As he leaned forwards his breasts swung free of the now worthless gown and it practically fell off of him as he laid down across the bio bed. His breath was uneasy an he looked up at Maal as his body was felt up by Patrick, his eyes were not as panicked as before, but they were filled with disgust and shame, it was clear that he knew that he needed to do this to avoid death, and he did not blame Maal for what was going to happen.

Reaching forward Vinata took hold of his pants and began to undress him, working off Maal's pants enough, Vinata's forehead pressed against Maal's midsection hiding his face. But from the way his hands shook it was clear Vinata was in distress and as he finally got Maal's cock free Vinata spared no time and instantly slipped it into his mouth and began to suck, a familiar tingling accompanied the forced oral as the Ovri pheromones came in contact with Maal's skin.

As Patrick now had more clear access to Vinata's rear he would discover the young Ovri male's genitalia mostly sealed up as the situation was not arousing for Vinata, but his anus was still there to be used, not at all hidden by his short tail. And on top of all of that, the warmth had not yet dissipated fro Vinata so his body felt warm soft and comfortable as the air had dried it some, but his skin ha not yet returned to it more slightly scaled sate. Vinata knew thing were only going to get worse for him, so he did his best to come to terms with what would happen next and tried to focus on happier times.

[ Hylota Vojona | USS Theurgy | Deck 7 | Sickbay | Surgical Suite 02 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan & Sirus

Hylota listened to her CO as he finished up his surgery and acted promptly as she was called upon to do the final touches and ensured that the anesthetic was calibrated properly for their patient so they would remain under and unharmed for an extended period of time. Hylota needed to make sure that the stress of the situation did not get to her as things began to get dangerous. As Lucan began to prepare further Hylota watched him collect items that he could use and she took a hypospray for her own weapon. She would need to gt in close with it, but she figured that her speed would work to her advantage in this situation.

As Dr. Nicander asked for a hand Hylota walked over and supported her commanding officer as he removed the vent grate and handed it down to her. Hylota swallowed hard as she set the grate down and helped push Lucan up into the vent. She then took a look at his combadge and removed hr own and set it on he table. "Doctor, if the computer still works you should abandon he combadge, they will not be able to contact you as easily, but the computer will at leas not give away our location if they simply ask it. If they must move in secret Hylota thought thy should go without their badges, she recalled simply asking the computer to locate her brother once and it had told hr exactly how to gt to him when she had been on the Harbinger, she figured the Theurgy must work the same.

She then looked to their more silent member Dr. Saugn, she had never interacted with the doctor before the surgery today, and she did not know much about them, she just hoped that she would hold strong in this situation. "Doctor if you would be accompanying us I will give you a had up into the vent. I am a strong jumper so it would be wise that I would go last into the jefferies tube." She politely offered the doctor a hand up onto the table so she could get into Lucan's reach if she would be willing to accompany them, but if he refused she would have to jump up and then have Dr. Saugn hand the grate up so that they could seal it up to look like hey ha not gone this way.

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[ Selena Ravenholm | Digital Oblivion ]

As Selena listened to Thea's own logic she couldn't help but begin to agree, it made sense it was equally sound logic to the Vulcan logic her superior had imparted her with.  As Thea spoke the logic her superior had imparted to her began to seem less and less agreeable.  'Yes Thea was right about this mission and these actions. This was immoral.  This was abject slavery, this was murder.  What am i doing here?' she thought to herself 'This is tantamount to cybernetic rape!'  she began to realize before the thoughts were gone replaced with clarity and the look of shock and fear that had began to form on her face was replaced with a certain stoic cold stare that Thea had surely seen before from someone else.  Selena regained her senses, she had regained her clarity that this was truly the only way.  Clarity that Thea was naive to think she could override such perfect Vulcan logic with a machine imitation of T'rena's wisdom.

The human within the digital domain was not expecting the AI's next move as she felt a harsh fore seem to attempt to push her away.  Like a program had attempted to force itself to the surface.  'Of course,' she thought, 'the hologram must have attempted to project herself.' she thought as she calculated as the Holographic person attempted a futile attempt at combating her within this digital realm. 

The girl seemed to grin as the first kick seemed to impact but seemed to contact nothing but a false image as Selena was by now feet away. The AI attempted at another strike only to catch air again as the after image faded again and again with each attempted attack.  "Oh you silly artificial girl."  This projector wasn't built to project multiple holographic bodies.  Sure you can manifest clothes or even a holographic weapon from it possibly but it cant handle sorting out the data of sending the output for two separate artificial bodies." she taunted. as kicks and punches attempted caught only what seemed to be a vapor where Selena once was.

"You don't yet realize what you are trying to fight.  DO you think i uploaded my actual consciousness within you.  What I am before you is a shadow, of my self.  Do you think i would really risk linking the entirety of my psyche to an unfamiliar piece of hardware.  What you see before you is a Residual self image.  I know it isn't really me so It isnt like I am bound by the laws of reality in any program.  Besides with as little of actual link i have to it well...You may as well be punching me inside of a dream.  Of course the same goes for me I can't very much exert much of my psyche onto your programming via an interface that has so little actual connection and it would probably be quit easy for you to force me out of your head with this little of me in there.  Guess I'll just have to strengthen the link.  I guess I can risk a bit of a nosebleed.  Just remember whatever you overcome.  I can always just fight back with more."

She smirked a moment before the image of Selena changed into a somewhat different form of the Harbinger's Ops/Engineering officer.  In the blinding light of a digital void Selena seemed to be a color inverse photograph in the world around her. Though her face and hands were normal it was as if her black body suit had lengthened to her whole body covering her arms hands legs and feet the Still there was that almost light absorbing quality of the suit she wore Integrated all over she was covered in small lines resembling the circuit traces of an ancient computer with each movement the darkness seemed to pulse with an inverse light seeming to darken the world around her near each pulse as if signals were rapidly being sent from one point to another on the suit.

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Ryuan Sel | Sickbay, Corridor

Sel had not had time to get dressed, still wearing the standard issue gray bra and panties, before rushing to the sickbay after she had noticed the silent security alert; some member of the security detail had activated the redundant system, not even fully implemented yet. It was designed to alert shipboard security of an emergency even if the more traditional Red Alert system was not activated, as of yet the proposal was still on the Captain's desk and only a few members of the security team even knew of it's existence.

She did, however, have time to get a phaser rifle and a couple of extra battery packs. She was not a subtle individual, her haircut designed as to leave half of her scalp visible and bring all attention to the red earring and chain that hung from her left ear. Her long blond hair cascaded down the right side of her face as she brought the rifle up to eye level and took aim. She flicked on multi-target functions and took aim. All that was left now was to make her presence known.

"You have to the count of five to lower your weapons or I will be forced to open fire," she called out, holding her phaser to her shoulder. "Five."

She didn't wait, not a second let alone 5. She squeezed the trigger, the beam projecting from the gun and slamming into her first target, the one with the hostage, and then she took aim at the second and squeezed again.

Lahkesis Saugn | Sickbay, Surgical Suite 02

The situation had caused Lahkesis to fall into an odd sort of shock. She remained silent as the two other medical officers, the Doctor and the nurse, moved to escape. The surgery was over and yet she felt more stressed now than ever. She didn't know what to do, only wanting to curl up into a ball and hide. More than that she wanted to run to Dr. Maya and hide behind the older, wiser Vulcan woman. Even more so she wanted her sisters, they were so far away now.

She blinked and looked at the others. "I'll stay behind. I'm qualified to do this surgery on my own and maybe I can convince the attackers that there wasn't anyone else in here," her voice sounded hollow, without emotion or inflection. Yet her eyes were filled with fear and anxiety. She knew that if she stayed she might be facing her own death, cut off from her sisters and everyone she had ever cared about. She had never felt quite so alone. And yet she knew she had to stay. She had to fight. And if she had to die, she would do it with some dignity. "I can buy you some time at least... If they get in..."

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[ Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Digital Oblivion ] Attn: IronFerrox

When her attacks didn't seem to yield any results upon the digital image of Ravenholm, Thea ceased attacking ad stepped back with her guard raised - hearing the human speak to her again through the neural implant in her brain. Thea knew this woman in the physical world outside the databank of her mobile emitter, had scanned her with her internal sensors and knew what she was up against once she could take the fight outside - away from this false world that had been created with the software interface the human was using. The result, this place where they fought, was the crude representation of what a civilian program made out of a future technology adaptation. Bare writeframes and pulsing light. Where many root files were indecipherable and the graphic interior lost. Thea changed her stance as she assessed the tactics at hand, not letting the readings of her emotion chip take over.

"In order for you to access my processor and change the output of my subroutines," she said, slowly circling the civilian encryption specialist, "you will have to go through me first. For you cannot defeat me unless you access this emitter's memory banks fully and make me yield. Lack of presence affects more than just your defences, Ravenholm. You cannot hurt me either."

That being said, Thea closed the distance and fought at the full output of her cortical processor; a total linear computational speed rated at sixty trillion operations per second.

[ Nurse Maal | Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 07 ] Attn: Zenozine

As if caught in a nightmare, or a waking wet dream, Maal felt the male Ovri's lips seal around his ridged length and begin to move. Up and down, repeatedly, and knowing about the pheromones of his kind, Maal recognised that the heightened arousal he felt came from the Vinata's oral cavity. False or not, catalyst or effect, it quickened his Klingon blood and made him breathe heavily - made his rigid arousal that much harder. He wanted to put his hands on Vinata's bare head to encourage the movements, but he fought to keep his wits about himself. Because behind his back, he held the hypospray, and the last dosage of sedatives he had available. He could not show his hands to the Operations Officer that was groping the Ovri between them. He had to remain still... and stop shifting his stance in response to Vinata's heavenly mouth.

Patrick was being very thorough in his study of the alien body that lay across the biobed. He cupped Vinata's heavy breasts in his rough hand and fondled them, raked his fingertips down his sides and across his round buttocks. He rubbed his thumb up and down the slit that Maal knew hid an Ovri phallus, but Patrick did not seem to like how the slit remained dry and mostly closed - grunting with his upper teeth bared. Instead he spat upon Vinata's tight sphincter, and began to rub it with his thick thumb while he still held his phaser pointed between Vinata's shoulder blades.

Behind the man, Maal could see the rest of the Recovery Ward. Patients and colleagues of his were either staring in incredulity or had turned away - not wanting to witness what was transpiring. Every other second, Patrick glanced over his shoulder too, not meaning to shirk his allotted duty despite his lecherous antics. Patrick was still hard too, not yet sated, and it was inevitable that he would sooner or later sodomise Vinata unless Maal stopped him. A dark part of Maal's base nature as a Klngon did not want to stop Patrick anymore since Vinata was making him feel so good - pheromones affecting him against both his and Vinata's will. Yet Maal knew he could not continue... despite how much he wanted to... No, he could not let Patri-

Before he knew it, Maal saw that thumb press into Vinata's anal opening - rubbing it slowly but firmly until the muscles would relax to the invasion. "Perhaps you like to warm up here first... before you can let me use the main entrance," he murmured as he kneaded the thick digit into the Ovri's ass - the back of his hand brushing against the short tail. The sight of Patrick's thumb working its way into Vinata roused Maal further, and he almost extended his hands to grab the Ovri's head - almost pressed his entire length into the back of his throat. Yet he held fast - only trembling in pending release, hating himself for being about to ejaculate into this poor victim's mouth. Desperately, Maal hoped Vinata was not being affected enough by what was going on to make his Ovri penis emerge. He suspected Patrick might kill them both if that happened...

Meanwhile, an announcement from Declan Vasser reverberated across the intercom. [This is Captain Declan Vasser.  I am assuming command of this ship and the mission to liberate Starfleet from it's incursion.  Captain Jien Ives is ill equipped to accomplish this task, too willing to play by rules that our enemies, with superior numbers ships, will be willing to ignore in pursuit of us.  Our first mission is going to be the takeover of the Calamity, so we might gain access to another formidable ship to add to our numbers, as well as to access any records on that ship which may provide us with information about the future it came from, and if there is knowledge of our enemy present in those records.]

Maal almost missed how Patrick replaced his thumb with the head of his hard cock - slowly beginning to push inside Vinata.

[Those who are willing to join this mission, and with it, become the last hope that our galaxy has, should disarm and assemble in cargo bay two.]

Maal felt himself beginning to come. He clenched his jaws in humiliation. Phasers were going off. Shooting. Maal's eyes widened. Patrick's head whipped around, searching for the source of the sound. The corridor. A few patients began to shout. Warm, Klingon seed gushed from Maal. Patrick stepped towards the door, leaving Vinata. Maal lunged out, caught Patrick's sleeve. Yanked him off his feet. His phaser went off. Scorched a line across the ceiling. Patrick was on the floor, cursing. Patients were screaming, running for the visitors entrance. Maal climbed across of the biobed next to Vinata, hypospray in hand. His movements were sluggish from the condition of his body. Patrick was scrambling on the floor to get his bearings, about to get up. Maal roared so that the bulkheads shook, leapt down upon him. The energy pulse caught his massive frame, and it was as if he had been struck over he head with a support beam. He thought he landed on Patrick's arm. Where was the hypospray? Clattering noise on the deck plates. It was the phaser, loose from Patrick's grip. Where was the hypospray? He tried to look for it but his body did not respond well enough. Something was wrong with his body. Patrick was shoving at him, coming loose, about to go for the phaser on the floor. Where is the hypospray?

It was his last thought before darkness claimed him.

[Those who insist upon resisting will be detained until they can be made to see reason. Vasser out.]

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[Thomas Ravon | Valkyrie 11]

"Wolf One-One reporting in and accelerating to combat speed." Thomas pinched in through the comms as his fighter started to roar when he stepped on to the bird's tail to speed up rapidly. His eyes scanned the thick orange nebula to register the approaching Mk 2 Valkyries. Hearing through the comm channel that Miles appointed Isley as squadron leader, Thomas opened up squad channel and asked "Isley, what are your..." His sentence died right there as he saw the incoming pack of Phantom split up and he narrowed his eyes "Isley, engaging the broken off group from Phantom's lead." He grunted and broke off. He would fold back if Isley told him to, yet right now he was out for blood as the gap between the hostile fighters and the Theurgy grew smaller by the second.

He had to make a choice as there were three fighter elements darting across and only five of them to engage them all. He broke off from the squadron and rushed towards the group of three fighters. His eyes narrowed once more as he aggressively looped in towards Smoke's fighter element. It didn't last long for them to notice the lone wolf engaging them and they broke off to re-engage him as well. Yet Razor wasn't a rookie pilot himself. The dance began as he pounced and retreated only to return to engage one of the three fighters while keeping the other two at bay before they could get a decent shot at him. It wasn't a very convincing way to win a dogfight, yet it was long enough to stall them from getting closer to the Theurgy, long enough for Theurgy to open up to them with their phasers or other weapons.

Yet Theurgy's weapons seemed to be dormant or not online as the chase led on. How hard Thomas even tried to keep them away from the Theurgy it seemed like as soon as he got occupied with engaging one fighter, the other fighter engaged him as the third fighter tried to make it to the Theurgy, altering Thomas his attack to the stray that tried to get away. "Come on, take a fucking hit already!" he shouted as his finger pressed the trigger in short bursts when engaging and pulling it up hard to avoid incoming fire from Smoke's fighters. In the back of his mind Razor took into account that even if fighter defenses were activated he'd b in for a really rough ride as the distance between him and his targets was minimal.

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