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"I'm all for not being cooked alive," David agreed. He quickly moved to help Ida, removing his jacket from atop hers and slinging it over his shoulder. He saw Ida grab the hatch and try to move it back into position, and he quickly stepped over and waved her off.

"Here, let me," he offered, dropping to a crouch and placing a hand on either side of the heavy hatch. If this hadn't been a potentially deadly situation he might have pretended to strain against the weight of the hatch, but David was in no mood to play games. Both his and Ida's lives could very well depend on getting that alcove sealed. He gripped the hatch tightly and easily lifted it from the ground, not even breathing hard as he carried it towards the alcove.

As he did so, he nodded to Ida. "Okay, take my jacket and yours and get ready to stuff them around the edges." David lowered himself back to a crouch once he reached the entryway to the alcove, and working in tandem with Ida, who carefully worked their jackets into the open gaps to keep the hatched wedged in tightly, he pushed the hatch back into place.

The task complete, David nodded to Ida and stepped back. He sighed and reached an arm up to wipe away the sweat that continued to pour down his forehead. "Well, that ought to slow it down some, at least." While that was true enough, it was still uncomfortably hot in there, and David was forced to unfasten his gold undershirt completely, letting it hang open to reveal a dark tank top underneath, which was already stained with perspiration and stuck to David's chiseled form. He didn't particularly like the idea of stripping down in front of his Deputy, but it was better than roasting to death.

David looked back over at Ida and saw that she'd unzipped her own undershirt as far as she dared. He couldn't help but stare at her glistening azure skin for a moment, and offered Ida a sympathetic nod as he looked up at her. "This isn't exactly Andoria on a cool winter's day, huh?" he asked, trying to bring a little levity to the situation.

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[ Hydroponics Bay ]

Uncurling the fingers from her hair, Eve tilted her face to where she could see the man who'd just brought her one of the most incredible feelings she'd ever had.  The blue of his eyes seemed more intense, framed by his dark lashes.  "I've never looked at another face and felt the way I do now," she murmured lovingly and lay back as he asked.

A gentle but insistent hand parted her thighs more and they opened, welcoming him without hesitation.  Their times today had always been sensual and satisfying but there was something different this time she noted as his arm slipped under to cradle her head.  Warmth and need emanated from her body, a stronger hint of her pheromones like an invisible cloud ensnaring his senses.

A sensuality she'd never shared before with anyone poured from her as she wrapped her arms around him, fingers entwining in his thick dark hair as their lips' embrace drew out for what seemed like eternity.  With a sound deep in his throat that reached inside of her and drew her torso upward, he claimed her in the sweetest possible way.

They were one and if she could have touched his mind they might both go insane though she couldn't help thinking this was the perfect journey for such.  As they writhed together and she was nearing that point, she felt his muscles gather and turned easily with him until she lay atop his strong body.  He needed her, needed to be loved and she poured her heart into all her actions.

Kisses and touches complimented the motion of her hips, drawing herself along his throbbing member.  There was no ship or any worlds, only the softness below and above him as Eve made true love to him.  Raising her upper body, her fingers trailed down his chest and settled around his navel as her body undulated like a serpent.  Her hips moved elliptically as she rose and fell, stimulating him from base to tip and all around.

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[ Hydroponics Bay ]

Desires awakened from decades past, reminiscence animated in animal grind and noises, Lucan's fingertips dug into her hips as she sat up and applied herself to rising him. She brought herself down unto him, and he brought his tattooed hands up to cup her breasts in his hands - to feel her hardened peaks brush against his skin. To feel her under his hands anchored him to what his mind's eye saw.

During the intensity of what they were doing, he was writhing beneath her - pounding into her in a fierce paroxysm. In the pagan rhythm, he trembled on the very edge of infinity. The misty and warm air made the sight of her on top of him a mirage - seeming too good to be real. He gave her the leverage she needed by flexing his abdomen under her hands, and he thrust his hips up to make sure she took the whole of him inside her. Yet her words from just before called to him.

"I've never looked at another face and felt the way I do now."

In his mind, though, he imagined Kisane say it - that her lips and her brow was the same as Eve's. He had not answered, but her lips called to him now. He wrapped his arms around her moving frame and made her weightless in their union. Whilst he crushed her to his chest in act of desperate desire, as he pressed her down unto himself, he never looked away. A noise escaped his throat, unwillingly, since her confines smote the years to dust, and he felt like he was truly a man once again. Eve made him feel like no time had passed at all. And for that, he kissed her.

The lack of air in their winded state did not permit more than a few seconds of hunger. He instead savaged her neck, throat and breasts in turn with his lips, and he gasped when he was about to spend himself inside her. There was no helping it, as intense as things had become between them. "Eve... I..."

When the convulsions racked his body, he cried out against her skin - for the loss of this precious memory relived.

[ Brig | Deck 07 ]

Bewildered when waved off, Ida frowned when the Pinkskin lifted the hatch all by himself - not even bracing himself before straightening his legs. When ordered to pick up his jacket, she blinked away sweat from her eyes - yet not hesitating because of the order. Rather, because the change in her own mind when she got the instruction; the impulse to obey rather than striking him down where he stood.

It had to be the dire situation. Surely her reaction did not stem from his physical prowess? Certainly not. It was an oddity about him; a contrast between his human frame and his effortless strength. Nothing more. Even though it had been her original idea, she was very aware that she executed on his order with methodical efficiency. It felt surreal, to do as he said and not secretly wanting to break his teeth. The situation, yes, it has to be the reason.

After the hatch was wedged back into place with the use of their jackets, Ida stood back with her hands upon her hips - breathing heavily just get rid of the air that the blast furnace had given her. "Indeed," she said simply to his comment about having bought them some time, her mind too leaden from the heat to try and calculate how warm it might become at some point. Or simply put, how much time they had to survive before passing out from heat exhaustion. Hours? Even half a day? A depressing calculus she did not care for.

She glanced up to see that he had also opened his undershirt, and she tossed some white hair out of her eyes. She had no tank underneath it, so she felt exposed after she had pulled down her zipper to the top of her abdomen - her globated breasts framed by a simple white bra. It was soaked through already. She almost decided to zip up again, but decided that it would cause for more embarrassment than if she wouldn't. Was he looking? He was! Lor'Vela help me...

"This isn't exactly Andoria on a cool winter's day, huh?"

Oh, she thought before she answered, he only noted how sweaty I am. Yes, certainly nothing else than that. The Pinkskin wouldn't dare... Then again, he had just shown that he - at least - possessed a considerable strength that she had not counted on. Perhaps he would dare to challenge me after all? Perhaps he believes he has the right to look at me just because he might have qualities that would befit his position? Would he be so bold, or... No, he merely noted that Andorians don't do too well in these conditions.

"Not quite," she admitted after a few moments, shaking her head as she began to look for possible ways to escape. It was a holding cell, so she did not have too many expectations of that. "My people enjoy the cold, but unlike common belief, we will not drop dead just because of some heat. Our minds become... sluggish, leaden. Much like humans. While we thrive in the cold, even though we need Andoria's geysers and hot springs, but our compartmentalised insides helps stave off the heat from our vital organs. Evens it out. Resilience is one of our physical virtues. Our temper, or pride, not so much our psychosocial ones..."

It was the closest to an apology Grayson would get right then. Yet she did say one more thing - just to defuse the tension that had been before the plasma explosion.

"In the Imperial Guard, the leader proves himself for his position and claims it if it is available. He does not get appointed by the public or the politicians, but by his or her fellow guardsmen." As the image of the Pinkskin's icy glare resurfaced in her mind, Ida swallowed with her dried up throat and began to pace the small cell - fanning herself idly with her hand as she inspected the walls for kinks or damage that could be exploited. Droplets of sweat trickled down her neck and into her exposed cleavage. "I am not saying that Stafleet's way if wrong. Nor do I say that you need to prove yourself because of Andorian traditions. Just... Keep it in mind, Pinkskin."

In the end, she came to a stop facing the forcefield. No escape. Idly, with her back to the human, Ida removed her undershirt completely and tossed the damp thing aside. Modesty had no place in survival, regardless of the circumstances. Her mind, it churned, trying to find some means to get out...

"You are very strong for being human," she noted absently - unaware of the gravity of her observation.

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David nodded as he listened to Ida speak. He took a cursory look around the holding cell, his enhanced eyesight showing him that there were no clear cracks in the walls or any other such things they could use to possibly escape. Deciding that there was little use in expending any more effort, David sat down on the small bunk that was provided to the inmates that typically populated these cells.

He watched Ida was she moved back and forth across the small cell, nodding along as she explained some of her people's more unique characteristics. David had served with an Andorian thaan aboard the Bellerophon and, thanks to many hours spent sparring together or debating the philosophies of Lor'Vela and several of Earth's own great warriors, he had developed a healthy respect for the blue-skinned warrior race. When he first met Ida he'd hoped to establish such a friendship with her, but it had never worked out for one reason or another, and certainly not after he was promoted over her.

As he watched Ida, David felt his body continue to struggle against the heat. Soon his own undershirt was soaked through, and he shook his head as he removed the garment, now leaving him in his tank top and his pants. He idly wondered how long the two of them would be trapped here, and how long he could last before he had to strip down entirely. A small smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth at that thought; Ida had actually seemed a little impressed with him after his refusal to back down and then his display of strength, so how would she react once his entire body was on display?

It seemed odd to think of such things when he was trapped in a sweltering holding cell with no discernible way out, but after recent events David found himself thinking more and more like the man he used to be. He was certain that if Ida had met him before he'd learned of his genetic engineering, she would never have treated him with the disdain and the disrespect with which she had thus far. Andorians, much like Klingons, favored strength over most other attributes, both physically and mentally. He was too caught up in his own emotional angst to have remembered that fact, but now that Ida was finally starting to show him a little deference, David was starting to like it.

He did stiffen slightly when she mentioned his strength, however, and he mentally chided himself for displaying it so openly. Regardless of the Theurgy's current fugitive state, nearly every person on the ship was raised in the Federation, where genetic engineering was illegal. David had used his strength to bottle up that heat as quickly and efficiently as possible, but what was he going to do if Ida put the pieces together and went to Captain Ives? Would Ives still trust him as the Chief of Security?

David found himself standing back up, eyeing Ida cautiously as she stood with her back to him. He watched as she removed her own undershirt, standing there now with only a plain white bra adorning her upper body.

" must have been the adrenaline," he suggested. He knew it was weak, but perhaps Ida would buy it. He decided to change the subject back to her previous observation, hoping that by not giving her time to think about it, she'd drop it.

"I know a little about the Imperial Guard, though not as much as I'd like to. I'll remember that." David carefully looked Ida over, the icy look back in his eyes again, though not as dangerous this time. "But you wouldn't have mentioned it if at least a part of you didn't think I needed to prove myself, Ida. Are you suggesting that I've not earned the role of a leader in your eyes?"

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[ Hydroponics Bay ]

Sweat and mist covered her body, a large droplet winding it's way down between her breasts and onward to disappear into her navel as she poured everything of her into the moment.  Blending of minds, very lighty and carefully, had given her some of the greatest sex before but this time all that was surpassed and without touching his mind.

They moved perfectly together, knew instinctively what the other needed and when, and the feeling of completeness was so intense as he crushed her to him and devoured her neck and breasts, occasionally her lips, that she began to weep.  This was perfection for her and she wished it never had to end but she felt it in both of them, clutched him to her breast as her hips fluttered along him.

Everyting inside her felt like someone reached in through her navel and was trying to pull it out through that tiny hole.  It was almost painful and certainly overwhelming as she felt her juices flowing while the pressure built up to a point she couldn't see or hear, only feel him, and then it burst and her breath rushed out in a cry of his name before she seemed suspended in air with him inside of her, his seed spilling like a geyser.

Gradually her body began to relax and she melted against him, her lips softly lingering on his.  Her hands roamed his body, soft caresses meant to soothe and comfort showing just how much she truly cared.  It was her way of not letting go of the moment just yet, of not wanting to let go of him.  "I love you," she whispered against his lips, unable to keep her feelings hidden.

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[ Hydroponics Bay ]

The convulsions racked Lucan's body where he sat with Eve in his lap, spending his seed in loads that roped her insides - a molten warmth that warmed her cervix and brimmed their joining. The languorous movements that followed made his seed trickle down into the undergrowth, with his mind too obliterated to notice.

Her kisses brought him back to the present - the image of Kisane trembling passionate aftermath slipping from his hooded eyes. Eve's caresses made him aware of where he was, and his undertaking. His double nature and his role aboard the this ship - the USS Theurgy. This great instrument of his revenge, for what they had done to Kisane... To relive a part of that night with her through Eve caused him to mourn his long lost lover anew; to actually steel him in his ambition. No matter how soft her touches and the balm she was for his hurt, Eve's touches did not quite reach through to him this time. The image of Kisane had been too vivid.

Another memory came to him: The image of Kisane sitting in the cold blood of her parents - brutally murdered in their little girls room by Sanael. Her own clothes were torn by him, and blood stained her night gown where he had raped her. She was sitting there in the blood, nursing her mother's hand in her lap. The worst thing had been her rictus smile, the distended eyes, and the drool that spilled when she tried to talk. The way she dry heaved on laughter. It was almost a relief to Lucan when she slipped into a catatonic state the day after.

Lucan was crying silently too, but for different reasons than Eve.

Her voice broke through the dark reverie. "I love you," she whispered to him, and it was a bliss to hear. For he sought forgiveness in the arms of all these willing lovers he had met over the years... to silence the mad laughter of the one he had failed to protect. An admission like that sparked a meagre light in the darkness of his soul - a lantern casting weak effulgence on the way down into the abyss.

It made him aware of the writhing beast down there, whom was otherwise invisible. It was so easy to forget one's own nature unless someone cast it into light. It was unpleasant to know how far he had come; how long gone the boy from Câroon was now. It did not inspire hope, that he could become better, but despair for how lost a man he was. Such warm light did not serve his cause; only made it more difficult. Seeing all the ugliness inside only made him feel despair. And sorrow, surprisingly, for Eve. Another woman who'd come to admit feelings for him.

Could he bring himself to kill her too, like the others?

The voice spoke of an accident in Sickbay, yet Lucan silenced it.

"I love you too," he said and chuckled in breathless humour, making a joke out of the sudden seriousness that they had touched upon, "At least, as far as I know now when my blood has left my brain. You do have a tendency to make my mind slip the past couple of days, but I do believe that I enjoy it when you do."

To not come off like he was dismissing her, he added a more serious comment - wiping his small tears for effect. "You make me feel young again, Eve," he said slowly in his deep voice, he hugged her close where they sat in the greenery. "Reminding me of blissful years. Making me think we are not upon this ship that has signed its own death warrant by going against the collective force of the Fleet. I cry also for you... for convincing you to join this doomed cause of ours. Whereas you could have lived on down on Nimbus III, I feel that I have now sentenced you to death."

Truth... wielded in untruth. His pale eyes glinted above her shoulder.

And the beast stirred in laughter since it thought it would get to desecrate Eve.

Lucan was, to his own surprise, not so certain about that...

[ Brig | Deck 07 ]

Having folded her arms underneath her breasts where she stood, Ida heard Grayson's reply coming from a point a bit closer behind her than the bunk where he had come to seat himself after their little incident.

" must have been the adrenaline," he told her, and she rolled her eyes. Not because she thought he lied to her, not necessarily - even if his capacity had seemed a bit too effortless - but because of his damnable modesty about it. Again, Pinkskin humbleness and belittling every little achievement as soon as it comes in light.

When confronted about her opinion of him as a leader, she had her answer already. She turned to face him, arms still folded, and her eyebrows lowered - her eyes uncompromising. He had asked, and thus she would answer - even if the heat made her thoughts sluggish and she hoped to focus on getting out instead of debating with her superior again. She did not consider in which state her undergarments became when sodden - only feeling sweat trickle down her chest and abdomen.

"You have been appointed your position," she said, struggling to keep her tone a bit civil just this once and by adding "...sir. By every right you are - and should be - acting the head of our Department. Yet whether or not you have 'proven' yourself a leader is much too early to say in my opinion. As to whether you have 'earned' the role of a leader or not, is also something I cannot say. I did not consider you a leader when you worked your shifts, because I didn't need to. Our common Chief was Lt.Cmdr Wenn Cinn, and when he..."

She trailed off for a moment, the image of the middle-aged Bajoran coming to her - having thought him a stocky bloody cat with nine lives. His scarred neck and arms as wide as his thighs. An immortal boulder of a Ridgenose... until he had been sucked out of the Theurgy when the hull was torn open on Deck 03. She had been calling his name, clinging desperately to a support beam. Climbing by her teeth and nails to get past the reinforced bulkhead doors before they closed. It was after that when she failed the crew, and Grayson instead...

"...when he died, I had never considered you leader material. Always so humble, and despite having any reason for it, sometimes holding back and being anxious about something. As if you were afraid on stepping on people's toes or something. Quite frankly, I saw a Security Officer afraid of getting his hands dirty. I suppose you might think me small-minded and envious of your position, that you were promoted instead of the Deputy, aye? Well think again, Pinkskin."

She supposed he had to hear it now, since they were alone and perhaps about to die. She took a step closer, her hands still folded, meeting his stare evenly. Not without anger, but a very cold revelation about what she actually believed - the thing she kept hidden to the rest of the Department for the sake of the chain of command and the needed discipline aboard.

"I feared for the crew when you got the position, feeling that I had to make up for the slack since Wenn died." She took a deep breath, her chest rising and falling before she could spell it out. She did not want to hurt the Pinkskin, but he had asked. "Not just because I thought you would never lead by example... but because you just learned that your father was revealed to be one of the enemies back on Terra. Therefore, I feared for you, since you just learned that your father might be dead, or a host to something inside him, and there was - and still is - no way to tell if all hope for him is lost. Can you, knowing that you have either lost him, or will have to kill him once you confront him... keep this ship safe on its journey until the bitter end? I think, until proven otherwise, you are too personally attached to our main mission to handle the job."

There, now she had said it. Something she had never spread amongst the Security personnel just so that he would not have to handle the doubts. She had to keep the department focused and determined, and to preserve the chain of command. It was the only thing keeping Security on their posts, and making sure there was no mutiny - no deserters that could relay their position to the enemy. The Security Department on their ship was a monumental factor in regards to preserving the truth, and to eventually spread it. To rally the galaxy against Starfleet Command.

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There was a hesitancy, reluctance even that Eve could read in his eyes and the way his muscles stiffened against her.  He said he loved her but it wasn't with the feeling of real love and she knew he was trying to not hurt her.  "I'm glad I can bring you some comfort and you have not sentenced me to death.  Eventually others would have come to Nimbus III and I wouldn't have been so lucky that it was you," she replied.

She took some time to brush her fingers along his cheeks to remove the tears and softly kissed him over and over to linger as long as possible in their moment together.  Maybe she shouldn't have let her feelings slip and place him in that position but she didn't regret her action and had to accept that he didn't feel the same for her.  He had to have known though by the way she looked at him, the way she needed him.

"Lucan," she said quietly and searched his eyes for a moment.  "I didn't tell you that to place any pressure on you.  I do love you, have since the time we were at the Academy together but I won't cling to you and try to take up every moment.  If it makes you more comfortable, I won't make any advances toward you and just accept the times you need me.  No ball and chain as they say," she added lightly with a little lift of the corners of her mouth.  "My door is always open for you."

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[Brig - Deck 07]

David just stood there and let Ida speak. He wanted her to be honest with him, and she was definitely being honest. He nodded in agreement with her when she brought up Commander Wenn, his late predecessor. Grayson could still recall the easy, quiet strength the Bajoran man had displayed, which David envied because he could not do the same without implicating himself. Still, Wenn Cinn had welcomed David to the Theurgy with open arms, even if his new officer had come across as rather reserved and standoffish.

Ida then began to speak of David's father, Admiral Paul Grayson of Starfleet Command. He did his best to hold Ida's gaze as she spoke, but the reminder that his father had been abducted--or worse--and replaced by some alien cut deeply. His eyes broke away from Ida's and he looked away, his jaw tightening as he fought to keep his emotions in check. Over the past few years he had become very good at never allowing his feelings to come to the surface, but now, in this mindnumbing heat, David's focus was wavering.

"I understand your concerns," he replied, his voice hoarse. "My father...he and I used to be very close, when I was younger. But a few years ago..." David sighed. "Some of his transgressions were brought to light, and exposed his true character, and we haven't talked since." He stepped back away from Ida again, clearing his throat as he sat back down on the bed. David's tank top was now soaked through as well, the fabric stained as beads of sweat continued to drip down his chest.

"But when I found out what had happened to him, it hit me harder than I thought it would have. Regardless of how I feel about him now, the man is still my father. I'm not proud of what he did, but...he did it to save my life." David shook his head. "Of course, I know he didn't do it out of love for me. He was only concerned about the family. I know this doesn't mean much to you, Ida, but on Earth the Graysons are like royalty. Image is more important to them than anything. When you're born into a family like mine, you become accustomed to living life in a certain manner. If anything that might threaten that life comes along..." He scowled. "You either bury it, or do whatever you have to do to change it."

David realized that he was rambling, and he took a moment to gather his thoughts and get back to the point. "Listen, I know that because of my personal connection to this crisis you have your doubts about me. But know that I will do everything in my power to protect the people aboard this ship." He stood back up, finally able to look at Ida again. "And to take down whoever it is that betrayed us. Believe me, I want these bastards to pay just as much as you do. Even moreso, maybe."

It was then that he realized that the two of them were having this conversation while standing around half-naked, and he let out a quiet, disbelieving laugh. "You know, I never imagined I'd find myself talking about these things with you while you're standing there in your bra." He couldn't help but look down at the soaked-through garment and smirked. "What's left of it, anyway."

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[ Hydroponics Bay ]

To hear Eve being so generous, even to the point of offering to not come to him unless he desired her, it was a standpoint so... alien to what he might consider himself doing - had he been in her position. Again, there was that contrast to which she put his mind-set next to her own; the way she illuminated his ugliness for him. It hurt him. It irritated him. Yet nonetheless, it make him think. Though it also did something dangerous for her.

For it made the breast under his skin mad.

Though she had been good to him, slaked his carnal thirst, soothed him, so he lingered with her - trading kisses and caresses whilst she sat in his lap. He fought of the dark urges and the inclinations of his: to strangle her and rape the corpse. How would that look, the security surveillance systems and all? His answer was given, and it was the obvious - the socially perfect reply.

"I like it when you cling to me, but if you were to do so every moment, we would achieve little in terms of our duties," he said with a rueful grin, a playful gleam in his eye, "Understand, please, that I like when you make advances. I would like to know when you need me, and when your door is open. I would hate to have an unbalanced relationship with you, since it might just be we both learn that we want each other mutually, perhaps even exclusively. You might be my Head Nurse, but off duty, I want you on equal terms."

He kissed her, and in his kiss was honesty - as much as he could offer her. As much as he give when he was so corrupted inside.

There was something about Eve and her effect upon him that Lucan failed to understand. Something which was giving him an upper hand against the darkness, and that was something highly desirable. Anything to give him more control was welcome, no matter how strange that help might seem.

He realised that the depth and heat of that kiss made him quicken again, throb whilst still inside her, and he groaned in lethargic frustration. "We should return to our duties... as much as I want to continue... we do have Sickbay to run together..."

[ Brig | Deck 07 ]

Standing as she was, her arms folded underneath her breasts, Ida heard Grayson's short and vague story about his father.

To her, what stood out most, was that he did not object to her stand-point. He even said that he understood his concerns. Furthermore, he imparted knowledge upon her about his family, and how - like her father - his had high ambitions. In fact, it seemed something that they had in common; these father figures that were too powerful for their own good. Or at least, they were too powerful for the good of their families. Always the demands; the way the family came before the individual. Her own passions had been ignored for the sake of the Imperial Guard, and it had only been when she came to Starfleet that she could combine her duties and her artistry in co-existence. It was a freedom that her father had denied her... until she left Andoria. Never to return.

In the end, he claimed that while he understood her doubts about him, he promised her that he would do his utmost to protect the crew aboard, and to make the enemy pay. Yet he also made the argument that his personal attachment to the crisis would serve to assist their cause rather than being a detriment. At this, Ida frowned, not entirely convinced, but given the situation they were currently in, and how sluggish her thoughts were becoming in the heat, she offered no argument. Since their dinner, Ida had become a bit apathetic about arguing with this particular Pinkskin.

Yet Grayson had the bloody nerve to try and make her embarrassed, Ida's gaze having dropped briefly to see what he meant about her bra. Only then did her eye-brows drew down dangerously along with her antennae. The heat made her irritable too, it being harder to keep herself level-headed.

"A bold statement, Pinkskin," she hissed between her teeth, arms still folded. Her darker blue nipples could be faintly discerned - pointing accusingly at him like her antennae when he smirked. "Who do you think you are that can talk like that to a woman? Is that your best answer to my concerns about you? Your way to make a glib remark and get some kind of upper hand in an awkward position? We might be dead in a while, and you take the opportunity to harass me?"

By then, Ida had unfolded her arms and widened her stance a bit - lowered her point of gravity. A combat stance, her clenched fists merely having to lift from her sides to make a guard. She ambled inwards in the holding cell - circling him slowly with her whole bodily frame coiled to explode in brutal movement. Her eyes were equal part shadows and ice with the light from above, and though her lips were pursed to get oxygen into her over-heated body, there was no mistaking she was not going to back down from this challenge with some scathing comment.

Yet that did not mean she would not deal him one. He might have been nice looking for a human, especially at that moment... but he would not get away so easily.

"Is that why you wanted to poison me with your idea of my Andorian cuisine the other day? You wanted to have sex with me, didn't you? To see what my species look without any clothes on? Well here," she said and reached back, tearing the chafing undergarment off herself and throwing it at him. "You thought your pink little warrior would set things straight and that I would fawn over you like some first-year Cadet after you'd charmed me? By Lor'Vela, I will set your head straight before we die!"

The heat had disabled her better reasoning. All the pent up ire from that dinner came pouring out in action instead of words. She launched into attack in a moments notice, hurling her fists at him as if he was a sand-bag. A brutal combination of kicks and punches meant to take him down where he stood.

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[ Hydroponics Bay ]

Again Eve felt his tension beneath her hands and at one point it was like a dark cloud drifted over his eyes, but he smiled then and spoke of equality outside of their duties and her fingertips brushed through his hair.  "I promise I will not wear you out then," she chuckled richly and her eyes were definitely playful.

Then she was serious again as she held his gaze.  "If there was ever anyone I would limit myself to, to be exclusive, it is you Lucan," she said with utter softness and yet absolute conviction.  "I will not hold you back or drag you down as I would much rather walk beside you in support of all things, work and pleasure."

A soft sigh escaped then and her smile was as gentle as her touch.  "That is something that only you know when the time is right and no matter if you come to that point, I am always here for you."  She kissed him then, lingering in his scent as long as possible until he pulled back.  "Yes, we have duties but perhaps you will allow me to cook for you soon?"

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Where had that come from?

As soon as he'd said it, David realized it had probably been a mistake. Under normal circumstances it's unlikely he would have said something so brazen and unprofessional. But this infernal heat was really starting to get to him, confusing his thoughts and making him say things he never would have otherwise. Like the story about his father, for instance. Why had David shared that with Ida? Nobody else but the captain knew about his family's power and influence, and he'd gone to great lengths to ensure that no one else did. He didn't want that to color people's perception of him.

Had this conversation taken place in a more controlled environment, and perhaps several days earlier when David was feeling less...liberated, it's unlikely he would have tried to make such a joke. It was something he would have said in the old days, when he wasn't so good at filtering his thoughts before they reached his lips. And even if he had, he would have immediately apologized to Ida. But even if David wanted to apologize now, his Deputy had made it impossible for him to get a word in.

He wanted to protest when she accused him of only inviting her to his quarters because he wanted to have sex with her. That absolutely was not the motive behind it. David would be lying if he said he wasn't attracted to Ida, but she was his Deputy Chief of Security. Even if he'd wanted to do anything about it, he couldn't.

His arm reached up and easily swept aside Ida's bra when she threw it at him, and the baser part of his nature couldn't help but notice the enticing sway of her sapphire blue breasts as she continued to berate him. Before David could ask himself what the hell was wrong with him, however, his enhanced eyesight picked up the slightest tensing of muscles in Ida's arms and legs, and he realized what was about to happen.

David took an instinctive step back and brought his arms up just in time to block Ida's first strike, one of his legs kicking out to knock hers off target as well. Whatever bit of shame that had remained in David was now gone, replaced by shock and more than a little anger. Sure, what he'd said was wrong, but that did not give Ida the right to physically assault him. His eyes regained their cold, furious focus from earlier, and his hand lashed down to slap at Ida's knee as it launched toward his midsection, knocking her foot back to the floor.

"Are you insane?!" he demanded as he twisted away from another strike and landed a light kick into the small of Ida's back, pushing her away from him. For now he was remaining on the defensive, but if Ida didn't calm herself down, he knew he was going to have to do something about it. "Stand down, Lieutenant!"

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[ Hydroponics Bay ]

When that lingering kiss came to him, Lucan revelled in it as much as he could allow himself to - not wanting to surrender control completely lest the beast inside would take control of his actions. No, he protected Eve from that, and it was such a common thing for him; this restraint that prevented him from blowing his cover.  It was one of the functions of having the host's mind more or less intact: the means for which the duality of his nature co-existed in a very, very effective way. How else could he and his kin pretend to be the people they were before, if the darkness claimed everything? No, therein would disaster lay ahead for them.

"I would love that, m'dear," whispered Lucan to Eve once their kiss ended and she expressed her will to dine with him, "perhaps even tonight, should our duties allow it. Sadly, and speaking of which, we should get dressed and let Science regain access to this lab. Also, that Lone Wolf, Khorin Douglas, awaits in Sickbay for his daily check-up, so we shan't keep him waiting. Klingons are hardly known for their patience, half-blood or not."

Helping Eve get off him and onto her feet, it was - true to his word - evident that the CMO was bodily ready to continue their frivolities. Alas, their duties called, so he helped brushing whatever leaves and twigs off her that had come to nestle in her hair or decorate her flawless skin. Being a gentleman, he helped her collect her clothes before beginning to dress himself. It proved to be a slightly humoristic situation getting his uniform trousers on, given the state of things, but Lucan was not the kind of man to be awkward about such things - laughing good-naturedly at that turn.

Before they parted, however, he pulled on his lab coat and reached up with a tattooed hand to stroke her cheek with the backside of his fingers. "Good bye for now, but I will see you back in Sickbay... Not to mention tonight, the winds willing." Then, he left, going separate ways after he unlocked the doors to not arouse suspicion.

[ Brig ]

Far was it from her mind that she fought with her upper body bared to the eye of her superior officer - Ida instead agitated and pent up in ire for the situation she was in at the moment of her possible demise.

As she was hit by the kick against her lower back, she stumbled forward and came to support herself on the edge of the bunk. The Pinkskin was fast, strong, and on the defensive, but Ida cared not one whit about that. She fought because she was too proud to admit her mistake in striking out against David Grayson. She fought in anger because she had failed Captain Ives and her crew on the day Wenn had died. She fought because of shame in defeat; in her shortcomings as a Deputy on that faithful day, and what it had caused. She fought because she doubted Grayson in his new position as the Chief of Security; that he would deliver them safely to Terra with the truth. She fought because she had embarrassed herself in attacking the Trill turncoat; this Edena Rez that she had perceived to be such a liability that she could not let the matter be after Captain Ives let her out of the Brig before the Niga Incident. She fought because the same Trill had become their nw XO, and proven herself a valuable asset to the crew. Ida had even come to approve of the woman. She fought because her lack of judgement had put her stern Andorian sense of right and wrong in question. She fought in disgust for the person that she had been when she was infected and almost made the outbreak of the virus spread all over the galaxy. She fought because she was furious from the heat and the hopelessness of her situation.

Yet most of all, she fought because she did not get to do it after the 'dinner' that Grayson had made her - the verbal argument blowing up again because she felt he had slighted her. She fought because he had ruined what chance of redemption Ida had thought she might find in the arms of the CTO, the dinner ruining that rarity of a soothing touch. Grayson might have been a strong Pinkskin, able to make a stand, but that did not matter, for he had managed to make her pent up frustrations and fury pour out in the haze of their shared heat. She heard the order to stand down, but it meant nothing to her, not now. Not after all that she had been through.

"Shut up and fight, Pinkskin! This might be your last chance to spit upon my honour once more!"

She pushed away from the bed, keeping her left hand low and ready to react to sudden movement after the hit she had taken. At the beginning of her attack, Ida let her front left leg slide forward along the deck plates. Even though it hampered her mobility, it lowered her point of gravity and thus allowed her to use the force of the adamant floor in her movements. At that point, it was an advantage that applied for the coming attack - extending her right fist straight into the David's midriff.

As always in combat, you never struck the surface of the area you aimed at. You struck a point behind the impact area. This punch was aimed at the air behind David's spine - the straight line between her right fist and the heel of her right foot impaling the Pinkskin on the way there. If she got that far, she would deal him a savage uppercut and a right hook, followed by another kick that would floor him instantly.

Oh, but even though her leaden upper conciousness did not acknowledge it, she revelled in the sweat and the toil and in the heated emotions - the artistic side of her persona reading things differently. It made her nipples harden despite the temperature; the physical excitement undeniable in the torrent of emotions.

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[Deck 07 | Gymnasium | USS Theurgy]

The gym was empty, oddly enough, at the hour the COO chose to make use of it. She had just stepped out from the locker room, clad in regulation attire: the shorts were tight, but not too revealing, despite the generous curves the young woman had; her tank top, also gray and black, was equally form fitting, without being too revealing. The sports  bra under it helped to contain her chest, and keep her bosom from being in the way once she seriously started her work out. And the young woman needed the work out, much to her shame.

It had been a little while since her first meeting with Captain Ives, after the...incident. He had visited her, in her quarters, in both forms, male and female. He had come to apologize for actions he could not remember; and nor could she. Natalie had been scared, to her shame, but the Captain had managed to talk her thru some of that fear, and shown her a way that she might overcome the rest of it. A promise of tempering the young woman, honing her, developing skills to cope with confrontation, with her own inner self doubt. A training regiment, to get her fit, and disciplined, mentally, as well as simply physically.

And so the brunette senior staff member had taken to the gym as instructed. Her captain was willing to take the time, to help the young, introverted woman deal with her internal demons. She needed to be in a certain amount of general physical shape, before the actual lessons could begin. And Natalie was determined to not let the CO down. S/he is making as much an effort as I am, to deal with demons, Natalie as she began to stretch in the empty gym, I must show the captain I am worth it.

Starting slow, Natalie began to work her way around the track, her feet, clad in regulation sneaker (she kept the gym uniform strictly to regs, trying to build some of that discipline in herself) padded softly on floor. The decking here was coated with a polymer designed to provide a slight bounce and cushion impact to the legs, while still allowing the runner to burn calories and increase heart rate. The gravity was even turned up slightly, the pull of it adding resistance to each step, helping to increase the results of the run for anyone on the track at any given time.

It was a well regulated system; simple to set up, effective to use. The code had been custom written into the system by Natalie's predecessor; Hendricks' had loved to tinker, to find ways to get more out of existing systems. And while her former superior officer hadn't been one to use the gym as much as he should (a habit that Natalie had also fallen into), he saw it as an exercise for the mind, to tweak the decking gravity controls to compensate and provide extra pull based on n species. As log as the code ran properly, the ship adjusted the plating under Natalie's feet to something well with in her bodies stress tolerances.

But when something goes wrong, some innocuous hiccup in the internal sensors, that's when the innocent bit of modification can turn drastically harmful. For one moment, as the young Lieutenant Commander turned the corner of the track, her left foot raised up, the sensor system...glitched. In that instance, she registered as a Brikarian, one of the sturdiest, heaviest member species of the Federation. Rock solid, and easily able to withstand gravimetric pressure beyond that of a human. So the computer automatically updated the settings on the gravity plate below Natalie's foot.

The pull on her left leg increased sharply, and her foot seemed to stick to the deck plating. One moment she was running hard, her heart pounding in her chest, just a hint of sweat beading on her brow. The next minute her foot was frozen, a tight, crushing sensation squeezing the bones. But an object in motion will stay in motion, till acted upon by an outside force. Said force was focused solely on the square foot that the young woman's foot and ankle resided in. The rest of her body lurched forward. The stress on the leg, the gravity jerking down, and the momentum from the run all worked as one.

The snap was painfully loud, matched only by the sudden scream it tore from Natalie's throat. Her body fell forward, as the bones in her lower leg cracked apart, tearing into muscle and tendon as well, poking through, finally, with a spurt of blood. The gravity sensors kicked back in, realigning, the glitch in the code sorted out, as she tumbled head over heels into the far wall. She landed in a heap, sobbing at the sudden onslaught of pain, a trickle of blood pooling down into her sock. She couldn't see her leg, it hurt too much to move, but she could see her shoe clad foot pointing up in a hard right angle to the rest of her leg and she whimpered. Mind foggy, clouded by pain, and realizing she was alone in the gym, she did the only thing she could.

Her hand trembled as she reached up, and managed to press a sweat stained finger to her combadge. Face pale with the sudden shock, her voice trembling, Natalie called out "M-m-medic-al 7, in the gym"

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[ Deck 07 | Corridors to Gymnasium | USS Theurgy ]

Even though Dr. Nicander had left Eve Jenkins behind - she heading for Sickbay next - her words lingered in his mind as he walked the corridors.

That she would offer him such things, such words and such promises, it perplexed Lucan on such a deep level that he could not shake it off as the ordinary whims of someone he'd wooed. How could it be that such needs voiced by both men and women through the years fell on deaf ears, while Eve's needs did not? Perhaps it was because they were not Eve's needs... but his own? Both because she had unselfishly told him that she was there for him... and because there might be more to the new Head Nurse than Lucan initially thought.

[M-m-medic-al 7, in the gym.]

Frowning a little, the perfected façade of Doctor Lucan cin Nicander came to a stop and considered his options. His dark mind was still churning in the background of his charade; the all-consuming act of what he was supposed to be doing as the CMO. He had just come to a stop by an emergency hatch, and thus made his call. He yanked it open and withdrew the standard issue med kit.

That voice... so familiar. He reached underneath his open lab coat to tap the combadge, answering before any of his medical officers did. Strange... such hesitancy from them to answer. Did the emergency call come through properly?

"This is Dr. Nicander, I am on my way," he said in his deep voice and began to run the short distance to the Gymnasium. Whilst doing so, he tapped the communication badge again. "Nicander to Sickbay, standby for emergency medical transport. Prepare a biobed and assign personnel to assist if so required."

As the sliding doors opened for him and he entered the large gymnasium area, he had yet to receive a reply from the commanding Medical Officer of the shift. Seeing the prone patient on the other side of the area, he continued his run - decelerating when he only had a couple of yards left. Instead of demanding a reply from Sickbay, he focused on the plight of the woman instead. No wonder he had recognised the voice, since it was the new Chief of Operations - 'Commander Natalie Stark. Images of her at various Senior Staff meetings - as well as the final moments of the Niga Incident - flashed before his eyes as he crouched down next to her.

"Commander Stark, can you hear me? Please listen to my voice and answer my questions," he said, snapping the med kit open and producing a medical tricorder - proceeding to scan her immediately, "Here, lay on your side and cradle your head upon your hands. There we go. Now, what happened? And please tell me exactly what you were doing before you took your fall - even though it might seem obvious." His scans detailed a perfectly healthy young human with an elevated heart-rate. That was, besides the injuries - bruises and open fractures in her leg. Bleeding not profuse, but substantial, no major arteries torn open. High activity on the central nervous system, pain receptors working fine, a mild state of shock... just the expected, overall. No hidden surprises as far as he could tell.

The injury notwithstanding, the Chief of Operations was easy on Lucan's eye, and despite having been sated completely by Eve just before showing up at the Gymnasium, he could not help the thoughts from coming - the images of her bare body with the Vulcan on top of her. The vine-like tentacles brushing over her skin. It was rather vague after that point... Only bits and pieces. Just like her leg, in fact.

"You needn't worry, Sickbay stand prepared but you might have to accept some time of rehabilita-"

Natalie Stark's leg was suddenly whole again, switching from bleeding to showing flawless skin within a heartbeat.

Furthermore, they were no longer in the Gymnasium... but somewhere they recognised quite well...

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When Ida launched her sudden attack on David's midsection he was taken by surprise, his reflexes having been temporarily dulled by the hope that his Deputy would have seen reason and ceased her assault. A grunt had signaled the expulsion of air from his lungs, and while he was able to duck his head back to avoid the uppercut, he didn't get his arm up in time to block the right hook, which meant that he didn't see the kick that toppled him to the floor.

Before Ida could press her advantage, however, David lashed out with a high kick to the jaw that would hopefully send Ida sprawling away. He then drew his legs back to his chest and quickly thrust them forward while pushing himself off of the floor with his hands, the momentum lifting his body into the air and back onto his feet. He whirled around to face Ida and brought his hands up again. He knew now that Ida would not stop on her own accord. She was an impulsive woman who allowed her passions to rule her judgment. If David was going to put a stop to this, he'd have to do it by force.

"Just remember that I warned you," he said before launching himself at Ida. A flurry of strikes followed, each one designed to bring down her defenses and finish her quickly. But even despite his advantageous strength and speed, he knew Ida could give just as good as she got, and she certainly wasn't going to make this easy on him. At some point his soaked tank top had been ripped open, forcing David to tear the garment off lest it entangle his arms.

Eventually the nature of the close-quarters fighting brought them closer together, his naked flesh pressing against Ida's. David had caught Ida's arms in his hands and he could feel her breasts against his broad chest as the two of them grappled, both struggling for supremacy. David remained quiet throughout the fight, but his cold eyes betrayed his rage as he stared into hers. Finally he kicked one of Ida's feet out from under her, putting her off balance, and then spun her around and pushed her into the wall. He was quickly behind her, grasping a wrist and yanking Ida's arm around behind her back. He pressed into Ida from behind, pinning her against the wall and not letting go of her arm.

"Stand...down...Lieutenant," he repeated his earlier order, this time murmuring it coldly into her ear.

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Locked in battle, Ida fought with a heat-induced fervour she did not knew she possessed. All her skill stemmed from a clean focus and an effectiveness in combat. Now, that effectiveness was set to light and burned hard and strong in the outlet of her anger - pouring her passions into actions normally so cold. It assisted her in the fight more than it was her downfall, to her fleeting surprise, and given how bloody strong and fast the Pinkskin proved to be, it served her well.

Blows were traded, grapples and throws and attempts to lock her down were thwarted. The hem of her uniform trousers was torn at some point, leaving them hanging askew on her hips. Dark blue blood trickled from the corner of her mouth, and cerulean bruises appeared over her arms and one of her cheek. Bruises held little consequence to her Andorian physique, since her internal organs were well protected by walls of cartilage. Her left eyebrow almost split, and one of her legs felt stiff. Still, she raged on, not to admit defeat by the Pinkskin Commander. Utterly relentless, she bared blue-stained teeth and threw her self back at him.

Flushed and fierce, she still found the artistic qualities of the proceedings tantalising - the image of Grayson's bare chest staying on her eyelids, not to mention the feeling of his chest brushing up against hers. It was a strange undercurrent to the brutality; these notions that inflamed her rage even further - denying her thoughts any credence whatsoever.

Then he managed to pin her to a condense-covered and warm titanium wall, and the momentum of their skirmish was brought to a halt - his breath and vowels pouring into her ear. Stand down? She would do anything but that. Anything. She was right in her claims; was right to pour her frustrations out upon him - this Pinkskin who had a habit of never ceasing to surprise her lately. Negatively, for the most, but also in that curious, positive way. Implacable in her position as a slighted warrior. she yanked to get free, but Grayson was too strong - his grip too secure. Stand down? Never.

Ida would do anything to not have do exactly that.

"So that you can try to have sex with me again?" she hissed, baring her teeth as she reached behind herself with her free hand. She raked her fingers across his hip - sought the area where his thighs met. The garment was sodden, and she could easily find him - her palm stroking inwards as it found a firm grip around both sack and the base of his male organ. It was an impressive handful, even though she could not gather much by it. She would have to see it to know how... Why did she care? "So you can sheath your puny dagger in me from behind? Stab me in the back, will you? You are not man enough to make me stand down. I will not yield to you or your pink little warrior."

She tried to twist the sack and the cock, alas, she had no reach - the socket of her other arm straining too much. She cried out and tried again, to rip and tear at him, but her fingers merely found his thick shaft - the girth filling her hand through the fabric of his uniform. It was better than nothing, so she kept trying to do harm instead of the feeble strokes she actually managed during the commotion of their struggle. Unsuccessful in anything other than stimuli, even catching herself lingering in the activity, she soon tried to bash the back of her head against his nose - missing.

"Curse you, Pinkskin, but I will rather fuck you on my own than stand down!" she said in heat-induced honesty, "I will not give you the satisfaction of conquering me! You might be strong but you do not know how to please and Andorian, so just forget about it you bloody cur!"

Her hand clamped down hard on the base of his cock - as far as she could reach because of the clothes being in the way, and she would not let go. Not unless he might reach his sack and force herself free.

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He had her pinned and unable to escape, and yet she still refused to admit defeat. It was maddening! In any other situation David would have found Ida's unyielding stubbornness endearing, but now, with his mind racked by both the heat and the intensity of their confrontation, he had no patience for it.

David held onto Ida as she struggled futilely against him, using the brief respite to try to regain at least a part of his wits. He suddenly hissed in pain and only then became aware of just how much damage Ida had managed to inflict upon his body. He could feel the soreness of the bruises littering his skin, and the left side of his jaw ached something fierce, no doubt the legacy of Ida's surprisingly powerful right hook. His tongue slipped out to the corner of his mouth to taste the blood that slowly trickled from a cut there, and his chest burned with a searing hot pain. He spared a glance down to see four red lines stretching diagonally down his right pectoral, where Ida's nails had dug in deep.

And yet, despite the pain, and despite the anger fueled by Ida's accusations (and there was also some shame, for while he would not admit it, on a subconscious level his dinner invitation had at least in part been inspired by sexual desire), David found his fury contending with no small amount of approval. He was not an easy man to injure, at least not to the extent that Ida had done so. Granted, they were in a tightly confined space, which favored the Andorian's smaller and more compact build, and perhaps if this fight had occurred in a more open environment David might have come away in better shape. But there was no doubting Ida's skill and strength, not anymore.

He should have been angry with her--he was angry with her--but on an instinctual level David found himself more drawn to Ida than ever before. He knew that the Augments had been attracted to superiority, both mental and physical, as all apex organisms are, and as his own enhancements were based on the Chrysalis Project that spawned his predecessors, it was safe to assume he was drawn to the same qualities. So when he had Ida pinned to that wall, he suddenly became very conscious of her body's flowing curvature, the sharply defined muscles straining under sapphire skin, and the rounded swell of her backside pressing back against his stomach as she strained underneath him.

All of this served to inflame David's arousal, and when Ida reached back to grasp his vulnerable manhood it had already begun to swell, the process only quickened by Ida's rough ministrations. David's jaw clenched and he uttered a low growl as she tried to injure him, but served only to stoke his body's lust for her instead. And as she spat her defiance at him, he came to realize that regardless of her words, if he truly wanted to take this woman, to do with her body as he pleased, he could do it. Ida was strong, of that there was no doubt, but not strong enough.

He hissed again as her hand clamped down on his sensitive flesh, and he let go of her arm to grab her by the hair, coiling the ivory tresses between his powerful fingers as he pushed her face into the wall, her cheek mashed against the warm titanium. "You assume that you have any say in whether or not I can conquer you," he snarled, tightening his grip in her hair. "If that was what I wished, Lieutenant, it would have already been done!"

David used his body to keep Ida's pinned, pressing himself close enough so that she could not gain enough leverage to inflict any serious harm with her hands. The movement trapped her hand between them, and he could feel her fingers still squeezing at his engorged shaft. His enhanced hearing picked up the sound of her elevated breathing, her heart pumping wildly in her chest. "Is that what it will take you teach you your place, Ida? Do Andorians only learn respect when it is forced upon them by their betters?"

His free hand slid between her stomach and the wall to seek out the junction between her thighs. The tattered state of her ruined pants made the quest easy, and he could feel a heat there, one not entirely caused by the malfunction in the cell. David smirked.

"Perhaps I'm not the only one who's been having inappropriate thoughts," he mused gruffly, taunting Ida as his thick digits began to penetrate her slick, molten core.

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When Grayson released her arm, Ida thought she might be able to twist free, yet before she managed to complete that thought, she was pulled straight against the wall by a tearing grip on her thick hair. White tresses hung before her face as she hissed in pained reaction, smothered along the wall as she remained - hand trapped between their bodies.

"...If that was what I wished, Lieutenant, it would have already been done!"

"Already?" she growled and tried to pry at his fingers with her freed hand - digits numb from the grip that had just been released, "Seems to me you have resorted to womanly means, pulling hair and... Nnghh!"

She just tried to reach for his vulnerable sack, unsuccessfully, for the Pinkskin was too strong - not letting her slide down an inch more because of the adamant press of his bare chest against her back. Not to mention by the elevated grip on her hair. She merely managed to grip even harder around the base of his length - something that was evidently reacting to this heated madness in the holding cell. Damn the Pinksin, damn him to die in ice, but he throbbed against her - pulsed with firm vitality. So unlike how she had pictured his character, much less his cock. Grayson seemed a deep well of surprises, and she disliked how he kept proving her biased opinion wrong. She hated being wrong.

"Is that what it will take you teach you your place, Ida? Do Andorians only learn respect when it is forced upon them by their betters?"

Eyes flashing in ire, she looked towards him over her shoulder, snarling as she struggled to free the iron-like fingers holding her hair. "You could not force respect into a dog, much less a woman." Both their hands were damp with sweat, and she could not pry a hold despite how much she tried - trashing with shallow breaths to get free. "Much less one from proud Andoria!"

Yet when Grayson thrust his hand down behind the hem of her panties, her eyes went wide in minute shock - her breath catching hard when she felt the fingers invade her intimacy. Despite herself and her claims, her knees buckled helplessly when she tried to clamp her thighs shut - far too late. Not only did it cause to keep the fingers in place, but her footing gone left her at the Pinkskin's mercy - his body and his hands holding her up against the slick wall.

"Perhaps I'm not the only one who's been having inappropriate thoughts."

"Nngghh! It's sweat, imbecile..." she hissed and glared at him over her shoulder, having to straighten her legs again and thus having to give him more access. Her breathing already ragged, she masked her reaction well, and in her mind, she still hated him. Even though her body didn't. She writhed like a trapped lioness to get free, even though she moved against his hand too in the process. She tried to dig a new hold on his sack, but could only shift her fingers around his arousal - which was digging into the small of her back. She had to do something. She could not surrender. A chance... A way...

"You could never... nngh... please a woman like me, Pinkskin!" she bit off, breath hot on the wall, and since Grayson was reaching down with one hand, she screamed and feinted - struggling in the opposite direction to imbalance him. Consecutively, she twisted back with by launching a high sweep with her elbow - aiming for his temple on his unguarded side.

Regardless how hard she managed to hit him, they became unbalanced and toppled sideways - Ida going down from the grip on her hair, landing on top of Grayson with the scream she had let out. She struggled for a choke-hold, one forearm underneath his neck and the other placed upon his larynx with all of her bodily weight. She arched her back as she straddled him, twisting like a wolverine to fend off any glancing blows - rolling with his movements as long as she could choke him out.

She learned immediately that he was too strong. Her face was just above his. It would only have worked if she had caught him face-down. She wriggled and pressed with her body to keep him underneath herself and not let him get up on his feet again, and his rigid erection ground into her dewy outer labia - only their garments preventing them immediate involuntary penetration. She gasped by the effort and the sensations, her nipples scraping against his chest in their horizontal struggle. This was not going to last. She had to do something...

So Ida kissed him, full and hard - teeth clicking together. The choke-hold lessened as she wrapped her open hands around his head and forced it down into the deck plating. His taste was incredibly male, she noted absent-mindedly as she dug a hold into his hair. She gave him a moan, or he made her give him a moan. It hardly mattered, it distracted him enough before she pulled back and tried to slam his head against the deck with her grip. Once, twice...

Then she sat back on his hardness... began swinging at him with her bruised fists - meaning to strike him out somehow despite her weariness. For he had already won, and they both knew it. She had t continue though, before he did anything more. Before he made good on his promises. Before... she conquered him instead? Aye, there was a strange yet interesting thought. It came to her as a revelation: the last resort. The hidden door she had failed to see in the darkness of her anger. Or rather, the frustrations she held in relation to her own short-comings.

Now, she would conquer. She had to admit that her Commander aroused her, and it had only been her sense of pride that stopped herself from admitting that. Just as little as she would admit that he would have won over her in a mere couple of seconds. The Pinkskin had more than proven himself a worthy lover. Even more, her superior.

So she ceased trying to try and strike him - sluggish and weak as the swings had become in her sore lethargy. She paused where she sat, reeling, white hair plastered to her blue skin. Beads of sweat covered her hole body. She was looking deep into his eyes, chest heaving and the sweat catching the light from above. She swallowed. "You cannot conquer me in any field of battle... sir," she said hoarsely... a last statement of defiance... But also deference...before she slapped herself down upon him as if in prayer.

Ida wrapped her arms around his neck so that she may kiss him anew. Her light blue tongue slipping into his human mouth. There was no thought. No consequences to her actions. Only carnal victory over physical defeat. She moaned hard into his mouth, from both pleasure and resolution, as she ground her whole body down upon his.

As if she would fuck his body in its totality.

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David had managed to slip his fingers into Ida's dripping folds, allowing him to feel just how aroused by all of this she really was. He smirked at his Deputy's attempt to hide it, at how she tried to squeeze her thighs shut around his hand and prevent him from discovering the truth. But before he could press any deeper into her, she suddenly screamed and David felt her elbow coming at his temple. His reaction time was slower than normal, owing to the sluggishness brought on by the heat and the distraction provided by Ida's body pressed against his own, but even still he was able to at least jerk his head aside enough so that the attack merely glanced off of him.

Still, it was enough to disrupt his footing, and David cried out in surprise as he toppled over. His fingers maintained their grip in Ida's hair, pulling the furious blue woman atop him as he hit the floor with a grunt. Before David had a chance to recover, Ida had spun around and gotten her hands around his throat. David's eyes bulged in surprise and he tried to pull her off of him, but Ida was able to avoid his feeble attempts. His powerful neck muscles flexed underneath her grasp, attempting to weaken her hold, but then suddenly she was kissing him.

David was genuinely caught by surprise. The contact lasted for only a moment, but long enough for him to taste her, the sweat from her lips mingling with his own. Too late did he realize she was merely attempting to distract him, and he let out a dazed groan as her hands took hold of his head and tried to slam it down onto the deck. He was able to recover his wits just enough to fight her, and the back of his skull only hit the deck lightly, though it was still enough to send stars shooting through his vision.

He blinked the stars away and shook his head as he watched her sit up on him, her legs still straddling his hips. His arms got up in time to block Ida's tired punches, and he caught her forearms in his hands and held them there. His eyes met hers as she paused, and he saw the change in her eyes even before she spoke. He let go of her arms as she dropped herself upon him, her breasts crushed against his chest as her lips sought out his once more. The kiss was different this time, and David also acquiesced to the moment, his arms sliding across Ida's slick azure skin to fold themselves around her waist, hugging her body close to his as his tongue moved with hers, kissing her with a hunger that surprised even him.

She continued to grind herself down upon his engorged member, and he knew then that he needed to join with this woman, to feel her flesh surrounding his. He could also feel Ida pressing down on him, trying to hold him down, even now still trying to be the one in control, which David was not ready to allow. He held on to her tightly and rolled them both over, now pinning Ida's back to the floor as one of his hands slid down between their bodies to open his pants. The sodden material was difficult to grip, but finally he was able to rip the ruined fabric open enough to lower his shorts and free his hard, pulsing length, which throbbed urgently against Ida's heated skin, still covered by the tattered remnants of her own pants.

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The damnable Pinkskin would not desist in trying to best her, even in this field of battle.

Ida growled deep down in her sore throat when she was pressed down underneath his weight, and in the literal heat of the moment, the movements of their hands and their lips, their fingers and their tongues were a haze of need that could not be separated into detailed sequences of events. Aye, Ida had lost track of who was in control for a moment, but it was when she felt him reaching down and fiddle with his uniform trousers that she snapped back into the struggle.

She hooked one arm behind Grayson's neck to force his mouth to be on her own, and she boldly reached down between their bodies as best as she might. He took his attention by slipping her tongue inside his mouth, twirling it insistently against his. She arches her back - thrusting her breasts into his chest - but also giving herself better reach. For once he had managed to free his arousal into the hot air between their bodies, Ida wrapped her bruised fingers around the thick and pulsating member. It was warmer than the rest of him, already slick with perspiration. She made a fist around the organ and began to milk it, controlling the situation once more - both by her hand's rough ministrations and the breathless kiss that she gave him.

"I lied," she rasped against his lips, biting his lower one minutely, soothed it by sucking in it, before continuing, "your size is adequate... even if it's the wrong colour."

It was an observation, not a compliment. No compliment at all. She would not admit complimenting his size. Ida let go of it after a couple of seconds though, and lay her hands upon his head - twisting it around with one set of her fingers in his mouth. It was a rough yet intimate movement, her forearms joining in to press upon his shoulders - trying to force him to lay on his back again. She would not surrender so easily. She would not just lay back and let him have his way with her. Damn him, but she would make him come harder than he'd ever had in his Pinkskin life.

For if she managed to twist him over on his back, and if she could hold him there with a hand on his throat, she would make him come with her hand alone - stroking his seed out of him before he knew what happened. If she didn't manage, there were other ways to reclaim the initiative in their new kind of struggle. For despite how she ached to have him inside her immediately, she denied herself such satisfaction. Not until she took care of him first.

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David allowed Ida to pull his lips back to hers, and as their tongues intertwined once more one of his hands slid back up her torso to find her breasts, cupping one of the large, firm mounds between his fingers and squeezing, fondling her hot flesh as she arched her back into him. He grunted against Ida's lips as her hand once again found his turgid length.

"Your size is adequate... even if it's the wrong colour."

That drew a smirk from David, even as his lower lip throbbed slightly from the pain of Ida's bite, though dulled by her soothing suckle. He could hear it in her voice that she was not complimenting him--heaven forbid that should happen--but at this point he was past caring. He was not interested in hearing empty platitudes from this woman. If anything, her staid refusal to stroke his ego (at least metaphorically) meant more to him.

And just like that her fingers were gone, leaving David's member throbbing with need. Her hands were then back on his head, and after a moment's resistance he finally acquiesced, allowing Ida to push him to his back once more. He could tell that she needed to feel like she was in control, and he knew that he could hold her in place and take her if really wanted to, so why not play along for now?

He felt one hand go back to his throat, and for a moment he thought Ida intended to attack him once more, but then her other hand was once again around his veiny flesh and he moaned, his hips instinctively pressing upwards to guide his length through the tunnel formed by Ida's gripping fingers. His own hand sought out her breasts again, taking hold of one of them and brushing his fingertips over her erect nipple, pinching it lightly, and hissing as his Deputy's strokes became faster, more insistent.

David tried to form words, trying to get her to stop before he came, but all he could manage were a series of moans as her fingers manipulated his organ, which began to thicken even more between her fingers, signalling his approaching orgasm.

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Ida enjoyed Grayon's hands upon her, as much she could not hide as she thrust her chest forward into his touch, moaning gutturally. Meanwhile, her blue fingers worked his rigid manhood from base to crown, and the hand upon his throat raked up and down his chiselled chest - enjoying the human's physique. When he pinched the hard peak of her breast, her breathing caught, and she pinched one of his in turn.

Then, she felt how his release was imminent, and that she was close to victory. One of her thighs were carelessly thrown across his legs as she stimulated him, and it was easy for her to slide down his body before he shot his load. For before he got the satisfaction, she was lying on top of his legs, both hands coming to wrap hard around his base. She grinned at him, big eyes looking upon his facial expression while she clamped the ejaculatory duct completely shut with her fingers. As he came, when he was reduced to an animal in climax, she prevented him from being able to spray his semen into her face. She wore a playful grin, mock-orgasming together with him, and then chuckling mischievously at her ploy. Her fingers remaining around him like a vice, she did not move them since that might make some of his human seed escape. While his orgasm lasted, she merely watched him, drinking in the artistic beauty of his facial expressions, before the convulsions slowly subsided - his cock still hard.

"Sweet victory," she murmured and bit her lower lip, slowly letting go of him with her hands - pleased to see that only a small bead of semen formed at his crown. Looking up at him, she placed her hands upon his hips and her smiling lips around the head of his magnificent organ - pulling up as she sucked on it. Without any hands assisting her, she tasted the human cum in her mouth - twirling her lithe tongue around the bulbous head and cleaning it. She let go with an audible 'pop' as she pulled back from it, sitting back with her hands on his hips - breasts framed by her straightened arms and antennae angled towards him. Oh, how hard he seemed to be, denied his first release and all.

"Now, I dare you able to make me a satisfied woman before I make you blow that load, sir," she said and showed teeth, climbing up to lay her lips to his again - her breasts sliding up his incredibly male form before getting there. She moaned into his mouth, a hand seeking his cock once more, before adding, "I don't think you can, since we'll pass out before long in this damn furnace..."

She kissed him again, hand rubbing his sensitive head, and she murmured faintly against his lips... "It was nice finally getting to know you properly, sir..."

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[ Deck 07 | Gymnasium | USS Theurgy ]
Pain. Pain was defining her world right then, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. It hurt, it throbbed and she wanted it to end, oh she wanted to just pass out. But she didn't, she couldn't. Through the muddled head space the pain caused, she could hear a familiar voice, a presence settling in next to her. Questions, bouncing off her ears, rolling around inside of her mind. "Running," she managed to answer, her face slick with perspiration, as she moved to her side, cradling her head as told. Dr. Nicander she thought, finally recognizing the electric presence next to her.

"I was running around the," she winced in pain, something shifting inside of her leg as she settled down, "the track, making a second lap when my, ohhh" she whimpered a bit, biting her lip, focusing on the hum of the tricorder, "my foot just..stuck, it stopped. Felt like it was being crushed," her head nestled in against her bare arm, panting a bit as she tried to calm down, "then there was the snap, and the pressure was gone and I was laying here" She started to say more, but only gasped out; the pain was gone! It was healed it was...different. Everything was different....

[The Garden of Eden]
The air was sticky, hot and close, the kind of humid that made most humanoids sweat instantly. The ground suddenly had give to it, spongy almost, like you could sink your feet into the soil under you, and bounce with each step. Soil, there was soil, and not the Astroturf decking of a gym. And then there was that sickeningly sweet smell in the air, the one that invaded Natalie's nightmares. Leaves, vines, dim lighting, the rustling of a faint wind, all cloaked around that stench that threatened to make the operations officers head swim.

She tried to push up off the deck - ground - as her finger curled around vines and the rich, damp soil. Her clothing seemed to stick to her chest, tight around her breasts, sports bra non withstanding. Everything seemed to blur for a moment, till she settled in on both feet. She shouldn't have been able to stand, her leg should have still been a broken bloody mess. But it was healed, it was perfectly fine, not a mark at all. She could see it clear as day...and she could see the CMO still crouched on the ground next to her. The ground filled with vines, and flowers.

Her heart rate ratcheted up swift and fast, pounding away in her chest, throbbing even, till the only sound she could hear was the blood flowing behind her ears. She spun in place, reaching to her hip for a phaser; nothing was there, of course. She was unarmed, in, in, that place. the place that haunted her every night. Jumping back from one vine, nearly tripping over another, the brunette Lt. Commander trembled just a bit, trying to remember the words her captain had told her less then a week ago. "Doctor," she said, voice trembling, "Please, please tell me you administered some kind of drug, and this is all a horrible, horrible hallucination?"

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The world exploded before David's eyes, and he let loose a long, guttural groan as his body reached its ecstasy. His hips leapt upward, kept under control by Ida's leg, and David's bright blue eyes flew open as he suddenly felt both of her hands squeezing tightly around his trembling length. He stared up at her in shock and grit his teeth in sudden pain as her fingers closed off his ability to ejaculate.

"Wh-what...what are you...fffuuuucckkk!" David hissed as he felt his orgasm rip through him, his body desperate to expel its pent-up load, but the force of Ida's grip leaving him unable to. He flattened his hands to the floor as he rode out the strange, intense combination of both pleasure and pain, his lips peeling back to bare his stark white teeth in a wordless growl, his eyes never leaving Ida's the whole time.

Then it was over, and David sighed as his body relaxed and lowered itself back to the floor again. His powerful chest heaved as he gulped down lungfuls of air, and he let out a softer moan as Ida leaned down to suck out the small amount of cum that managed to seep from him, his body flinching as her nimble tongue teased around the flared, sensitive tip. He sighed again as Ida climbed back up his body, his hands resting on her hips as their lips met once again. David was harder than ever, the denial of his ejaculation only adding to the intensity of this encounter. His heavy shaft slapped up against Ida's heated sex, still hidden behind her panties, as the Andorian lay atop him. Her hand slid back to grip him once more, drawing another grunt from David, and he smiled as she murmured against his lips. He felt exactly as she did. Though it had been painful reaching this point, both physically and emotionally, it had been more than worth it.

David grinned up at Ida as his fingers slipped underneath the waistband of her panties to yank the soaked material down over the smooth skin of her ass. He then used his own hips to roll them over, once again putting him back on top of Ida, his hands quickly pulling the panties completely down and off of Ida's legs, leaving her sultry sapphire form completely nude below him. The bulbous head of his thick length pressed insistently against her dripping wet slit as he leaned down to kiss Ida again.

"I've never heard a challenge I couldn't meet," David remarked with a confident chuckle, answering her earlier dare as he pressed his hips forward. His hands moved upward to grab Ida's arms, pinning them back down onto the floor as he leaned above her writhing body, moaning deep in his chest as her silky folds parted before him, allowing his veiny manhood to sink deep into Ida's tight, wet sheath. His eyes briefly closed as he felt her heat enveloping him, and then he opened them again, meeting Ida's gaze once more as he grinned down at her, his hips pistoning forward, driving his shaft deep into her body.

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[ The Garden of Eden ]

Dr. Nicander was as surprised as Commander Stark was when reality around them shifted, as if time regressed to those days of crisis and they were snatched from the relative safety of the Klingon-Federation neutrual zone and back to orbiting the planet Niga of the Mahéwa System.

Like Natalie, Lucan stood up - rising from the soil and the undergrowth with the dim light of the modified Cargo Bay catching his pale eyes. Sweat slowly came to bead his brow as he cast his scowl about, hands spread at his sides. What kind of trickery was this? There was no way they could actually be there, so it had to be some kind of force, faction or individual behind the design. That it was them, him and the young human, whom was re-inserted into this scenario seemed too cruel to be chance. There was some kind of gain to this; a profit drawn from making them relive the past. Only now, they were not strapped to the floor, but able to move about.

To defend themselves.

"Stay close to me, I will try to..." His words died out, a frown touching his predatory features as he clenched his tattooed fists by his sides. His native Câroon powers did not respond. He could not feel the electrical currents around them, unable to commander the heat and naked flames. Nor could he seize the air and make lashing currents of wind. He had as much use for his inborn powers that he had for the forgotten med kit by his feet. "My abilities are gone, as if they never existed. How...?"

There was no time for analysis, for soon they came - the sweet smell being the harbinger of their presence. The moving vines, rising from below and descending from the canopy above. When Natalie Stark moved away from one, three more rose like scorpion tails - angled aggressively towards her.

Only the smell that cloyed and marred their judgement did not make them out to be as dangerous as they knew them to be. Lucan had fallen for the ideas that came to his mind before, but now, there was no Edena Rez to stun him, and the beasts inside him rose to attention like hearing a siren's call.

"We must run," he said, his jaw hard in focus as he picked up an exoscalpel from the med kit. It was a slimmer pencil-like design and one he preferred over the earlier versions of the medical incision-instrument. It could, in need, serve as a weapon even if it had basically no range at all to its narrow laser beam. Having seen Natalie's leg being just fine now despite what his medical tricorder had stated when they had been on the floor of the Gym, Lucan took her gently by the arm to nudge her into movement. "Come! Before all of them scents our presence!"

Alas, no further than twenty feet did they come before a vine trapped Natalie's ankle, and Lucan whirled about when she vanished from his hand. His lab coat billowed out as he turned, and inside, he was momentarily torn between going back to cut her free or to continue running. He surprised himself by even considering to go back, since for all he knew, she was just some mirage - her miraculously healed leg making that quite likely. And if he was surprised by his momentary empathy, he was astounded by the fact that he did turn back - diving to her side and gripping the thick and slimy vine before slicing it open. Sap gushed over his neck and cheek.

It caused the whole area to shudder in movement, with leaves and fragrant flowers rustling, as the plant reacted. The sad thing was that Lucan had known it was a bad idea, but had still acted upon it. For what? Why? The human held no significance to him, just as little as the rest of the ignorant crew. Eve... It was Eve that had made him begin to think about others. It had to be. It was all her fault.

"Run!" he called as he struggled back to his feet - his damnable lab coat not meant for these kind of ordeals. It got tangled and torn instantly. His erection was already a hard fact, just as the haze that slowed his thoughts. The sap was very potent, and it seeped into the pores in his skin.

In snatched images, he saw two new vines try and seize the fleeing human's wrists - darting down from above...

[ The Brig ]

It seemed Grayson was more than eager to try and best the challenge, stripping Ida in a very male and uncompromising manner - something she enjoyed seeing in the human that she had once thought completely inept as both a lover and a superior officer. For once he had yanked off the last shred of clothing that covered her, he even pushed her wrists down against the hot floor - rendering her completely helpless to thwart him.

She struggled, of course, not due to make it easy for him, but his grip was like twain vices - holding her down almost effortlessly. Oh, she must have riled him up - the adrenaline in his veins stopping her from nudging him a single inch. She invoked Lor'Vela's name in the intimacy, cursing in carnal play. Baring her teeth in defiance, even though the smile remained in her eye. She felt him, and it was too late.

She had never felt more feminine than that moment, when the Pinskin claimed her with such insistence - entering her without ceremony and making her throw her head back in aching sense of completion. She groaned deep down in her throat, tossing her head left and right at the invading feeling of Grayson's organ filling her up. Her white hair covered her eyes, and she could not see anything, and she never realised that she had wrapped her strong legs around his waist. Nevertheless, she moaned again when the second thrust came, and she tossed her hair out of her eyes to see him grin at her.

"This is nothing... You cannot m-make me... Ahh!"

The third surge of his hips made her midnight blue eyes roll in their sockets, her thighs quivering around his chiselled waist. Her sheath expanded around his hard meat, and he was so enlarged and engorged that it almost hurt a little. But the pain was a small droplet in a river of pleasure - a surge that washed her mind blank each time. They were slick with sweat, the both of them, so it was easy for Ida to begin rolling her hips where she lay to meet his movements - forcing his hardness to slide home completely by the fourth thrust and onwards.

Her mind was foggy from the heat, and the lovemaking was not helping either. She found her conscience lapsing already, yet still she built towards her own orgasm - something that would surely cease all matter of thought. If this was the way she died, she supposed there were worse ways to go.

"It was an h-honour..." she said, unafraid, as she gave him a final kiss - searing and hard and partial since they moved together. It was her last words to him before they were reduced to the animals they were; seconds away from total abandon. She would be pliant, let him do what he wanted, for she was going to come anyway - her body having already made the decision for her.

Outside the force field, almost hidden by the heated fog in the holding cell, the blonde woman in Starfleet uniform watched with her hip cocked and a smile on her full lips - eyes aglow with white light.

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