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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [Day 01 | 1200 hrs] Titan's Arrival
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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Krajin
“Curiosity,” came the reply, along with a shrug and a rueful smile. “It’s not a test or anything. Everyone who comes through here has a strong, pretty instantaneous preference for one or the other.” Janus had banged his head against Gemini’s Valravn in pure frustration after seeing another two-seater in the fighter bay – and she’d caught him doing it – so he could hardly judge anyone’s reaction. “I try to accommodate. Luckily for you, the only ship I have available is a Valkyrie, so you’ve already been assigned.”

He didn’t bother continuing the conversation about large starship piloting. The Academy Instructors had moved him from conn to tactical fairly quickly, so even if he had been sent to a ship without a fighter component early in his career, Janus still would have spent most of his time with the weapons systems instead of piloting. Besides, he’d veered for fighters for the same reason he hated the Valravn – he preferred to have the whole ship to himself. Less people to worry about that way. They could reminisce or debate at length another time if Atlas wanted, but he wanted to focus on the tacconn department they had now. There was a whole separate conn department tasked with flying the Theurgy, and they weren’t Janus’ problem.

“The deck crew is going to make some alterations to the ship for your height. I’m sure that’s nothing new for you.” As he spoke, Janus turned off the simulated Valravn, leaving only the Valkyrie. Then he looked from the holograms to look up at the Kzinti again. “The measurements for your exosuit were forwarded to us by the Klingons a few days ago. It’s been fabricated and is waiting for you in the locker room.” He’d seen the numbers, but he was still having a hard time believing Winters’ size. Were all Kinzti that big?

“Your jacket says that you’re cleared for the Mark II Valkyrie. We have a training program on board to get you running on the Mark III. It’s made with the transition between the two in mind. We don’t have an official instructor for the Valkyries, but someone from the squadron will give you the crash course. It shouldn’t take you too long. Your flight leader is Lieutenant Valin, but he’s shipping out now and won’t be back for a few days. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know them all once they’re back.” If everything went according to plan, Atlas would be confined to training simulations until that group returned. And if they were forced to fly him anyway… well, that was a contingency plan Janus would keep to himself for the time being.

“That’s my introductory spiel. What am I forgetting?” Janus scratched the back of his head, going through a mental list. “Oh. Don’t be surprised if you’re the target of some welcome pranks from the others. They’re just letting off steam. You can get them back if you’d like. But if you damage a ship or a pilot in any way that fucks up my flight roster, I’ll have you in the brig. Got it?”

OOC: I'm so sorry this took so long  /:(
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Brutus -


  Lt. Katherine MacFarlane                             Asst. Chief Tactical Officer

- Writer: @JacenSoloDjo

Give a warm welcome to @JacenSoloDjo and our new assistant chief tactical officer, Katherine MacFarlane! A proud Starfleet brat, who's family has served since in Starfleet since it's founding, Kath always knew that she would follow the tradition. She's had a wide ranging career, starting off as a security officer in the Federation-Cardassian War, doing a stint in Starfleet Intelligence, then moving into the tactical department. While serving on Starbase 36, she received a covert message from Admiral Anderson with orders to join our crew. She made her way to the Theurgy via the IKS Vask'at, and will arrive during the prologue of episode 2.

Welcome aboard!
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [1030 hrs.] A Study of Slips and Streams
Last post by rae -
[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:
“I can imagine it,” Azrin replied earnestly. “That’s why I asked. It’s bad enough when the ship is damaged, but I’d feel really guilty if it hurt you too.” She hadn’t even considered the potential liability of Thea feeling pain and being overwhelmed by it. That probably should have been an engineer’s first concern, but it was hard to stay in a truly technical mindset when Thea’s avatar was standing right in front of her. A machine, but also wonderfully alive. Laughing even. The combination was clearly short circuiting Azrin’s brain. How delightful was that?

At the same time, she also wondered what else Thea couldn’t feel. Freed from pain, but how many other sensations was she deprived of as well? And what should the fact that they could remove her core from the Theurgy have to do with it? In Azrin’s mind, that made Thea like a trill symbiont, a separate lifeform that became part of the whole. Azrin was a host, and when she died Ryn would be transferred to another. But while they were joined, the symbiont felt everything she felt.

She was trying to think of a way to explain this to Thea without inadvertently insulting the AI. Azrin talked a lot, but she’d never considered herself to be elegant. Before she could figure out the words, Thea changed the subject back to the real problem at hand. Nothing like the mention of Corgin to sour what could be a great conversation about artificial intelligence and the meaning of life.

Thea’s solution was calm, logical, and by the book of Starfleet regulations. It was not as satisfying as talking Corgin around to being a helpful team player, but it also wasn’t as frightening as losing the slipstream drive entirely. It still felt like failure. Lieutenant Arnold had assigned her the slipstream drive, and part of that was dealing with the Savi who had created it. Passing the responsibility up – to the captain no less! – meant that she hadn’t done her job. “Even if we can’t make alterations to it with Starfleet tech, we still need to know enough for routine maintenance and repairs.” That was still nonnegotiable for Azrin. She’d fight Corgin forever on that. “What if it’s damaged and the Savi aren’t here to tell us how to fix it? It’s tied into all the warp cores, Utopia Planitia would have a fit if they knew how much power we were routing into one system. We would lose the whole ship if something goes wrong and we aren’t prepared to fix it!”

Her voice was getting louder again, and Azrin very noticeably stopped then, closing her eyes and taking a deep, measured breath. In. Out. In. Out.

“Sorry Thea. I should really stop complaining to you about this, writing a report and talking to Lieutenant Arnold is a much better idea. Should I already be doing that? What is Corgin is already talking to that Voice guy and he’s already talking to the Captain and—” The momentary calm was gone, her normal level of excess energy returned in full force, shifting her weight back and forth from one foot to another, fingers slipping back into her pocket for something else to fiddle with, and eyes shifting from Thea’s face to the door back to engineering.

“Yeah, I’m going to do that now,” she decided before Thea had a chance to respond. “Thanks for all the help, you should come every time I talk to Corgin – if she ever talks to me again.” Impulsively, Azrin hugged Thea, wrapping her arms around the hologram for a quick squeeze. A second later she was moving, heading back down the hallway to engineering. “You can come talk to Frank too if you want!”

Then she was through the door. The only sound that followed was another soft laugh from the AI, before Thea’s hologram disappeared.

Alternate Universe Stories / Doctor Who - In A Cat's Eye
Last post by AbsintheDeux -
When the Doctor finds herself in an abandoned hotel filled with homeless people, she comes face to face with an alien threat unlike any she has encountered before. But is this alien menace really the threat it seems to be?

This is a Doctor Who Fanfic set in one of the periods when 13 was off traveling by herself away from the Fam.

By Absinthe

It was a dark and stormy day. It had been raining since before the dawn and the sun had not dared to peer through the clouds all day. It was the kind of day that made poor Ellie Mae’s joints ache, yet she continued to hurry through the dark alleyway as quickly as her old bones would allow.

When she heard a noise behind her she stopped and spun around.

A cat had leapt onto a nearby trash can and was grooming itself.

“Shoo!” Ellie Mae cried out and waved her hands frantically.

The cat looked up at her and squinted slightly.

“No! None of that you!” Ellie Mae shrieked and turned to flee once more.

She was getting very tired now and her body was aching like it had not in many years, but she couldn’t stop.

She walked under a dark overpass and began moving to the other side.

She froze when a small cat walked out and sat down, as if waiting for her. Its eyes seemed to glow with a hidden menace as it watched her.

“You leave me be!” the poor old woman wept as she turned to head back the way she had come, but stopped when she saw three cats sitting behind her, their eyes glowing in the dim light.

The cats began to meow, more cats arriving each second and joining the cacophony of sound.

Ellie Mae screamed in horror and then suddenly fell silent.


The TARDIS roared as it landed with a thud in the abandoned hallway.

A moment later a blonde-haired woman stuck her head out. She popped it back in and there was a banging sound. A moment later the woman stuck her head out again and scrunched her nose in frustration.

“This is not where I was supposed to land,” she complained back to the interior of the TARDIS.

The machine made an otherworldly sound.

“Oh, fine, have it your way,” the blonde woman said and stepped from the TARDIS.

She sniffed the air and looked around. It was raining outside and she was inside. That was a good thing she figured.

She was in a long hallway and the doors were covered in dust and each was marked with a number.

“Okay, so this must be a hotel of some kind,” she said and walked over to a door and ran her finger over the top of the door frame, a feat she had to stand on her very tiptoes to achieve. A great deal of dust fell as she slid her finger over the smooth wooden frame. “And abandoned for some time.”

She looked around and licked her finger, then stuck out her tongue in disgust. “Yep, that’s Earth dust, no doubt about it,” she said and wiped her hand on her coat.

“So, I’m on Earth, judging by the state of the hotel and its furnishing it was decorated in the 1970s and has been abandoned for at least 20 years,” the woman said to no one in particular. “Means I’m sometime in the 90s…”

She turned and began to march down the hallway. She had a good guess when she was and more-or-less knew about where she was, now it was time to find someone and fill in the details.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Ch 3 : The Meeting of Heroes (or Villains) [ Day 1 | 1500+]
Last post by Brutus -
[ Bridge Crew Mess Hall | D. 1 | V. 1 | 2000hrs ] Attn: @JacenSoloDjo @Ellen Fitz @Stegro88 @GroundPetrel  @P.C. Haring @Nolan @Juzzie @Eirual

The bridge crew mess hall had been “converted” into a semi-formal affair in the brief time given between the Romulan’s arrival and the ordered meeting between the three groups. There’d been more than a few grumbles of not having enough time to prepare, but none had reached the ears of Commander Stark. While not so fancy as what might’ve been arranged given more time, the mess hall did look much more formal and “fancy” than normal. And now the room was a strange mixture of scents, the table laden with an equally eccentric mixture of food. Basically, all ranking personnel still onboard the ship were required to attend this soiree, the hope being that through a more casual setting, the Romulans and Klingons could see each other as colleagues, at the very least, if only temporary ones.

[ Petty Officer First Class Michael Samuelson ]

“I’m so glad I’m just standing guard over this party,” Samuelson’s stomach heaved as his gaze studied the vast array of alien foods on the table, “I don’t think I could stomach all that. How do you do it?” He looked at the diplomat at his side, eyes wide in wonderment.

“Lots of prep work,” Crewman 3rd Class Jordan Wilde smirked at her friend as they waited for the grand arrival of both Klingons and Romulans to this feast, “I get some hypospray support beforehand for my sense of smell and taste and also to help my stomach bolster itself against anything squirming.” She subtly pointed to the gagh. “And I keep my focus on conversational cues, be they verbal or physical.”

Samuelson shuddered. “Sounds fucking miserable, man. Glad you’re doing it and not me. This alliance would end here and now if someone tried to make me eat half of this shit.”

“Ssh!” The Caitian diplomatic aide hissed at them from her position closer to the main entrance. From the scowl she shot them, it seemed she found their conversation as distasteful as Samuelson found the food.

There was no further preamble before the doors on the left swished open and belched forth a retinue of Klingons while, nearly simultaneously, on the right, the collective of Romulans entered. Samuelson snapped to an even more rigid attention, his mind sharp for details, though his body remained stationary.

[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen ]

While they hadn’t exactly drawn straws in the interim between Donatra’s arrival and this formal gathering, Enyd had discussed among the diplomatic department which individuals felt more comfortable with which groups. L’Nari had not surprised Enyd by preferring the Romulans. At her side was Lourdes, while Wilde remained with Enyd and the Klingons. Giving her aides a quick nod of encouragement, she shifted closer to the Chancellor’s group as the others mirrored the action with the Romulans.

The other senior officers still onboard the ship, those not already in attendance, began to arrive soon after, all just in time for Stark to start the “festivities.”

And start them, she would. The current commanding officer of Theurgy’s primary vector stood in her ready room, working on the final adjustments to her outfit. She had debated with Lt. Madsen about what attire to choose for the occasion. On the one hand, all three parties involved were primarily military. On the other hand, both the Klingon Chancellor and the Romulan Empress were political in nature, and while both would take the field of command, they were also present in a diplomatic position for this joint mission. And while Natalie remembered more than one affair of state between the Allied powers during the Dominion war, all sharply wearing their dress uniforms, the Starfleet crew this time had to serve as a bridge between the two. Adopting a less militaristic but no less formal attire seemed fitting, and in the end, this was the choice Natalie had settled on.

Of course that meant attiring herself in a dress she would likely not wear otherwise. Though it was still a deep, rich command red gown, befitting her department and position, it could hardly be called a uniform. Especially considering it kept her shoulders completely bare. Still, they were making a statement, and she’d live up to it. Adjusting her earrings and settling her hair behind her shoulders, the Commander straightened and exited the ready room into the access hall that looped around Deck One, allowing herself to be escorted by a pair of guards (these in dress uniform as they would be serving a specific function and not merely mingling) and toward the doors to the Bridge Mess.

With a brief pause to acknowledge the officers stationed outside the doors, serving as both protection and greeters, Natalie took one last deep breath and tried to pretend that she did this sort of thing all the time. In her defense, she was getting plenty of experience rubbing shoulders with the powers that be of multiple polities in their little sector of space. The confidence still needed some work, though.

Don’t blow it, her inner voice quipped before she strode into the room like she owned the place, with her head held high, and noted that the Romulan and Klingon delegations had already split off about as she had expected. At least they’d left the food tables in a central location in an effort to force some mingling.

”Excellent,” she began by way of greeting, coming to a stop in the center of the room and slowly turning in place to acknowledge those gathered. ”I See most of us are here already. Delightful. To those that have not yet met me, I am Commander Natalie Stark, first officer and current commanding officer of the USS Theurgy - or at least that part of the vessel assigned to this joint effort. I welcome all of you to my ship, and to this moment. I already gave some speeches to you leaders earlier, so I will, with your esteemed permission, skip that and cut to the chase.

“We are here because we share a common goal and a common purpose - in this case, dinner.”
As she had hoped, that actually drew a few laughs from all parties. ”So far be it from me to get in the way of that. Please, help yourselves. Eat, drink, laugh, mingle, and try not to get blood on my carpet.”

In response to Stark’s introduction, Enyd raised the glass of blood wine she’d poured for herself, having already handed a larger cup to the Chancellor. The Chancellor and his aides did likewise, a few even giving Klingon growling grunts of approval. From across the room, Enyd say L’Nari working to get a similar “warm” response from Donatra and her aides but given their nature and the long history of backstabbing between their cultures, Enyd wasn’t surprised the Caitian was having more trouble.

She’d opted to wear a simple cream-colored gown with a red corset , the colors denoting peace and threat of violence at the same time. Most of those in the diplomacy department had similarly chosen white, blue, or cream for their colors of formal attire. It was interesting to Enyd, seeing who had chosen what color or style, as it potentially said much about their viewpoints on this alliance and the future.

OOC: All chapter writers are encouraged to join our new allies, even if they aren’t friends. You may introduce Klingon/Romulan NPCs or work with some of the ones already mentioned. Mingle and maneuver to your heart’s delight.

Please refer to the Cosmic Imperative Calendar ( to note when the next major storyline event will be (hint: Day 2 1100hrs) and plan any supplemental threads, be they story prompts or personal, with that in mind.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 10 [1326] Chaos in the Clouds of Qo'Nos
Last post by Ellen Fitz -
[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madson | Mekro'vak Region | Qo'noS ] ATTN: @Eden

Enyd laughed, waving away his light-hearted concern, “That’s why I asked about a token. I doubt they’ll expect us to…mate by the fire. Most of these rituals give you a tent or something. So if we get a token AND the right, they’ll give us the token, and then we can conveniently adjourn to the ship and let them assume that’s where we will mate.”

Rik’evet returned with what was best described as brown sludge. Figuring it couldn’t be any worse than some of the home remedies her grandmother had given her back in Montana, Enyd tipped the glass up without hesitation and gulped the thick fluid down. This was where her brief foray into the realms of being drunk off her arse and tossing anything alcoholic into her gullet came in handy, her ability to guzzle down even the most questionable liquids without gag reflex or fear. Apparently, what she lacked in muscle mass, she made up for in her iron stomach and tank-like liver.

Almost as soon as the liquid touched her tongue and squirmed its way to her belly, Enyd could feel the effect of its medicinal properties. Just as Rik’evet had promised, her vitality was returning. All the aches and pains were gone and were instead replaced with a vibrating energy. Deeper still there seemed to be an underlying heat coiling in her belly, not exactly arousal, but something akin to it. She made a mental note to ask the sly doctor later if one of the side effects was a momentary spike in libido, which would make sense considering what it was used for.

Enyd laughed uproariously when Cal launched himself for her. Cal’s reaction tracked with what she’d learned about him over the course of their adventure together. His shoulders coming at her midriff, Enyd stunted his attack by bracing her hands on his shoulders, right leg coming back to brace in a solid frame. While she managed to keep his face at bay from her tassel, his momentum still carried them back across the dirt. Taking a cue from her dance background, Enyd conducted a bastardized version of a fouette turn, hoping to shift Cal’s momentum away from her torso, much like a bullfighter side-stepping the attacking bull.

If successful, she intended to follow with a roundoff, landing on his back if she timed it correctly, with her head near his buttocks and her legs wrapping around his torso. This would, hopefully, allow her to get at the tassel from behind. A lot could go wrong with this tactic, namely she could roundoff into the fire, but since he seemed inclined to use his size to his advantage, she’d use her gymnast dancer background to hers.
Director's Cut / Re: (2381) USS Theurgy: Got My Mind Set on You
Last post by joshs1000 -
[CPO Avandar Lok | Counseling Offices | Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Juzzie

Lok felt the squeeze of his muscular thigh and sensed the sudden rush of Rhys’s aroused thoughts that further fueled his own, making it a little difficult to focus on the task at hand. It dawned on him though as Rhys talked about ways of feeling worse, that he hadn’t actually told the counselor that he was empathic. The handsome man obviously wouldn’t have known going in due to the classified status of Kzin physiology. It would probably be best to tell him, Lok thought to himself, remembering that most other species aren’t so open about their thoughts and emotions as the Betazoids that had raised him.

“Yeah some things can”, he began reaching up with his right hand to rub the back of his neck as he did his best to find the words he was looking for, “other things can affect me especially more than others.” He studied Rhys a moment, momentarily lost in his blue eyes before catching himself, he wondered if the counselor had noted his hint at being empathic. Luckily Rhys didn’t seem to pay it much mind or, perhaps distracting from his flirtatious comment, asked about the incident that eventually landed Lok here. Though considering his current company it wasn’t all bad. Relieved for the moment to talk about something a bit more in his wheelhouse, Lok stopped rubbing the back of his head and set his hand down by his thigh only centimeters away from Rhys’s own hand.

Lok took a moment to gather his thoughts, to him the whole thing happened a year ago though by now it was approaching two. “Well it was aboard the Perseus, brand new Sovereign Class ship, still had that new starship smell”, he paused a moment to smirk over his bit about the new starship smell then continued, “but yeah I was assigned to her in preparation for a ten year mission to explore in the direction of the galactic core and study black holes or something the egg-heads were interested in. Anyway we got three years into this mission then one day, BOOM-” with his left hand he made a gesture of an explosion “-starboard nacelle suffers some catastrophic failure and shits the bed, we nearly lost the ship, then had to limp our way back home at only half speed, luckily we had made a bunch of detours on the mission  so hadn’t gone super far because it only took us a year to get back to Earth.”

 His gesturing momentarily complete, Lok reached down to take a drink of coffee, noting the cup had cooled a bit since they had started their session. His thirst quenched, Lok continued. “Once we got back to Earth and the engineers took a look they found the ship was a lemon, to use a human term, rushed construction for the war led to a manufacturing flaw in the main plasma flow regulator for the nacelle, so when that failed, you know boom, all that released energy wrecked the warp engine.”

He wondered how much, if any, engineering knowledge that Rhys had. Lok of course was not technically an engineer, his specialty was maintenance and repair which fell under operations but he did have to know a fair bit in order to do his job. Plus, while he worked on fighter engines for a living, a warp core is a warp core is a warp core as he liked to say. Point was he hoped he wasn’t boring the counselor with any engineering related details.

“After that was all figured out they said a full repair would take something like six months, which of course was six months of a starship crew with nothing to do so Starfleet decided to take people and send them off to other ships to bolster their crews. I ended up getting a promotion to chief and was sent here, which I was actually pretty excited about, I mean, newest most advanced ship in the fleet, it’s almost like getting a ticket to the Enterprise.”

“But I guess my luck ran out”, he said with a dejected sigh, “because not even a full day here and this shit starts and I nearly get spaced so they put me on ice for six months.” Suddenly he realized that he had been talking this whole time without even giving Rhys a moment to get a word in edgewise, granted he was a therapist and typically their job is to listen and observe, but he felt the need to apologize anyway. “Sorry, I guess just something I’m familiar with that isn’t about me so much I kind of got to rambling.”

He gave a bashful smile and looked back to meet Rhys’s steely blue eyes once more.
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