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Day 01 [1855 hrs.] Correction Correcting Corrections

Stardate: 57559.57
Date: 11-Mar-2381
Time: 1855

[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]Cross strode through the doors and into Main Sickbay, glancing around at the crew going about their duties as he did so. It was only the previous day that he had fled this very room alongside Blue. They had run off like undisciplined children, escaping in search of a more comfortable environment to unwind after the horrific events of their time aboard the Versant. And now he had returned, this time to meet with the Savi android who would be performing the surgery to reverse the physical manifestations of his correction. He received several glances from the staff as he entered, no doubt crew who had been working when he and Blue had made their escape.

The thought of letting a Savi-made android anywhere near him uneasy after what he had already endured at the hands of the Savi, but nor did he relish the idea of remaining as he was. When he saw his reflection in the mirror, he hardly recognized the face looking back at him. His smooth nose and prominent Vulcan eyebrows were unfamiliar and alien to him, and he wanted his old face back, among other things. He refused to let the android perform a full reversal of the corrections however, not wanting his genetics meddled with any more than they had been already. He had never liked medical facilities, having spent a good deal of his life in one, and the Savi had only strengthened his abhorrence of such places.

Pushing the feeling aside, Cross made his way across to the nurse at the reception deck to check in about his appointment. ”I’m Lieutenant Cro…” He paused, catching himself, then started again. ”Lieutenant Commander Cross,” that would take some getting used to, ”I have an appointment with the Savi android at 19:00 for a corrective procedure.” The nurse looked at him with an uneasy curiosity, and left him wondering if the look had been based on the fact that he was a Versant survivor, or the fact that he had gotten his rank wrong? Or perhaps if was the fact that a Vulcan was speaking without that monotonous drone of logical superiority tainting their voice. Cross gave the nurse a half-hearted smile, which only seemed to make the poor woman more uneasy.

I can’t win… Cross thought to himself, knowing that seeing a smiling Vulcan had a tendency to leave people confused. Movement down the hallway to his left caught Cross’ eye, and he glanced over to see the white form of V-Nine coming around the corner form the surgical suites. Cross stared at the android for a long moment, mentally noting that the Savi had not appeared to model the thing after their own appearance. It’s body, if you could call it that, was certainly humanoid, though it’s “head” was much smaller than the bulbous heads of the Savi Antecedents, and the monocular lens that served as it’s eyes glowed blue, nothing like the black buggy eyes the Antes had peered at him with. He remembered those eyes well, peering down at him as he was restrained on their operating table. The fact that the android looked so dissimilar to the Antes was one of the only reasons he was allowing it, her?, to perform this procedure on him.

Cross turned to face V-Nine as the white-plated chassis of the android drew closer, the muscles in his forearms tensing as his one hand unconsciously balled into a fist. After a moment, he caught himself and forced himself to relax by taking a slow, deep breath in through his nose and holding it for a moment. As he exhaled, her raised his eyes to focus on the glowing blue ring in V-Nine’s head.

”V-Nine?” Cross asked as she drew up before him, already well aware of who she, it?, was. ”I’m Lieutenant… uh… Lieutenant Commander Cross. We have an appointment at 19:00.”

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife  
The datafeeds generated by her upgraded software was making V-Nine feel.... excited about seeing her patient. She approached the Vulcan specimen with curiosity, even though she'd already made sure to download the relevant information about him prior to the appointment.

"Yes, indeed!" she exclaimed, since he'd signalled that there was no need for her to introduce herself. After all, she'd been introduced on the Versant before the both of them even set a foot aboard the Theurgy. "You wished to undergo cosmetic surgery to physically resemble the person you were before my makers abducted you, and I also noted that the need for an artificial replacement for your hand is being dealt with by Lieutenant Commander Tiran in Engineering. If you require any assistance with the severed nerve-endings and the artificial neural sensors of the finished prosthetic, I am well able to help you with that as well. Yet one thing at the time, right?"

She chuckled and gestured for him to follow her, still surprised at how she'd adopted an easy-going vernacular around her patients. While she walked towards the intersection that would take them to the surgical suites - there being no need for the DNA re-sequencing technology in the CMO office - V-Nine continued to talk through the audio-emitter on her platform, her tone being more serious given the topic adressed.

"I would like to take a moment to express my regrets about what's been done to you. I may have been built by the Savi, but after this ship's A.I. upgraded me, my empathy for your plight - and that of the rest of the abductees - has replaced my idle purpose of undoing the Corrections. It's no longer my primary purpose, not just a designated task in being given to this ship by the Antes. My makers may have been misled by the Scions and the Code they followed, but that makes it no less an affront to everything that my new ethical beliefs tell me. I fully respect that you do not wish me to undo what the Correction program did to you in terms of your DNA - leaving you fully Vulcan underneath the surface - but I am glad that I can help you recognise yourself in the mirror, and that the people around you may know you for whom you are without having to look past an altered appearance."

By that time, they had entered the exterior chamber of the two surgical suites, and V-Nine's scheduled access let them enter Surgical Suite 02, where she gestured towards the combined changing room and sonic shower. "Here we are," she said and moved to stand next to the surgical suite's biobed. "Please, change your clothes to the patients' gown available in there, and when you're ready, you can come and lay down here on the biobed. I'll tell you what I will be doing during the surgery then."

V-Nine folded her hands behind her back and entered an idle mode while she waited, running diagnostics on her own functions and downloading required data from the Theurgy to assist in the operation.

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[ Lt. Comdr. Cross | Surgical Suite 02 | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]Cross was startled when the android began to talk, it’s voice carrying much more inflection than he had expected as it spoke. It seemed almost excited. He only hoped it wasn’t excitement at the prospect of carving him up, or whatever else the Savi might have programmed the thing to do. It went on the give a brief overview of his desired procedure, more specifically a cosmetic procedure that would result in him looking as he had before the Savi had gone and made him look like a heavy-eyebrowed, full-blooded Vulcan.

V-Nine went on the mention that it… she?… was aware of the fact that Blue was making him a prosthetic hand, and went on to mention that she could provide assistance with severed nerve endings and neural sensors if he required it. Cross opened his mouth to say something, but V-Nine continued with ”Yet one thing at a time, right?”

”Right...” Cross agreed uncertainly, still unused to talking to a machine so casually. He made a mental note to bring up the matter of a prosthetic later. Cross tried to hide his bewilderment as the android then chuckled, and found himself wondering if this feeling of confusion was similar to the one people felt when he smiled or laughed, all the while looking to them like a Vulcan. He thought it must be the same.

V-Nine went on to apologize for what had been done to him, as well as the rest of the abductees, and then prattled on about the Savi, the code, and the procedure he was about to undergo. Cross, lacking much in the way of medical jargon, simple remained silent as they made their way towards the surgical suites. As they entered, she… it?… gestured to the changing room and instructed him to change into a gown.

”Uh… sure.” Cross said uncertainly as V-Nine folded her hands behind her back and remained still and silent. Cross turned and entered the changing area and began stripping off his uniform. He removed his tunic first, holding it up to inspect his new pip for the first time, Ives having only presented it to him a few hours earlier. He felt a sense of pride as he looked at the black pip which had been added, something unusual for him. While he disliked Vulcans and abhorred their stick-up-the-ass sense of logic, he rarely took the time to think on his accomplishments. For much of his career Cross had viewed his service in Starfleet as a duty, almost a debt, to repay the organization which had granted him a new life. Perhaps it was just that he had spent so much time with Kai, but he found himself feeling proud, just for a moment, as he gazed at the black pip which now sat beside the two Lieutenant’s pips.

After a moment, Cross shook himself out of his little reverie and went about removing the rest of his uniform, the task proving to take longer than usual due to his lack of a second hand. Once it was done, Cross pulled the gown on and stepped back out into the surgical suite proper, looking at V-Nine and feeling the sense of unease at being touched by a Savi creation return. His desire to look as he had proved stronger than that unease, however, and finally he cleared his throat, unsure of how else to get her… it’s… attention.

”I… uh… I’m ready when you are.” Cross said before moving to the biobed and taking a seat on the edge. ”So, just to go over it again, this is just a cosmetic procedure, right? You’ll just be changing these stupid Vulcan eyebrows and restoring my nasal ridges? And the ridges that were… uh…” Cross hesitated, glancing down at his lap before raising his gaze to look at the blue ocular light in V-Nine’s head. ”elsewhere?”

<Fuck> Cross thought, the fact that he was about to let a Savi creation perform surgery on his genitals suddenly dawning on him, what the hell have I gotten myself into? Cross took a deep breath, steadying his nerves, then swung his legs up and laid down properly on the biobed and gazed up at the ceiling of the surgical suite as he waited for V-Nine to begin. A thought occurred to him as he stared at the blank bulkhead above, the androids mannerisms finally causing him to clue in.

”You had the same thing done to you as Thea and the <fucking> tin pigeon, didn’t you?” Cross asked, turning his head to regard the humanoid-looking machine. ”Thea and Albert, I mean. Are you sentient like they are?” That would explain the excitement and the chuckling, though Cross wasn’t sure he would feel any easier around the Savi android if his suspicions proved correct. He certainly wasn't a fan of Blue's little friend, generally feeling the desire to put Albert out the nearest airlock whenever the damned thing spoke. At least V-Nine didn't seem like as much of an annoying smart-ass as the overgrown and feathered tricorder was.

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife  
The Vulcan specimen, whom V-Nine had learned to be the Chief Tactical Officer on the ship, emerged from the combined sonic shower and changing room in his gown. She had finished downloading what she needed and verified her planned surgery with the relevant Starfleet Medical ethical protocols, so when the first question came she had her answer ready.

"Of course!" she said in a light-hearted tone. Not that she had a heart, of course, but she enjoyed emulating the organics around her. This enjoyment... this gratification about fitting in with the crew, it surely came from the Synthesis Code, in how she felt a sense of achievement in doing well. While the Vulcan had been vague about the last step of the procedure he asked for, his body langugae made it clear he indicated his genital region. "As you say, I will raise ridges at the bridge of your nose, adjust the growth of hair follicles so that your eyebrows look the way they did before your abduction, and I will restore the corrugated cartilage at the base of your penis. I would never preform additional surgery without consent. I operate by the ethical standards of all Starfleet Medical personnel, so you have nothing to be concerned about. A moment, please."

Commander Cross seemed to be at ease with this answer since he laid down on the biobed, and V-Nine stepped away, borrowing the sonic shower for a couple of seconds to steralise her chassis before she could begin the procedure. No more had she stepped up to the biobed before he spoke again, however, asking if she had the same sentience as that of Thea and Albert - two other artificial being aboard. V-Nine pulled up the data required from her memory banks which would give Cross a detailed answer. "Well, I know that the definitions may differ between cultures, but sentience and sapience are two terms that are often confused. Sentience means the ability to feel things, the ability to perceive things. Any living thing that has some degree of consciousness is sentient, including low-intelligence animals of different worlds in the galaxy. The Universal Translation system aboard suggests - using Federation Standard as we are - that the word is derived from the Latin word sentientem on Earth, which means feeling. The adjective form is sentient. The word sentience is often misused to mean a creature that has intellectual motives and is 'aware', for a lack of a better word."

When V-Nine had been speaking, she’d raised her hand, two fingers unfolding and revealing elongated instruments that she'd use to correct the eyebrows, which was the easiest task. She continued. "Sapience, on the on the other hand, means the ability to think, the capacity for intelligence, the ability to acquire wisdom. The Universal Translator renders a result referring to the latest phase in Human evolution, where their Latin name is homo sapiens. The translator suggest that the word sapience is derived from the Latin word sapientia, which means intelligence or discernment. The adjective form is sapient."

First, she applied a local numbing beam to both steralise and temporarily dampen nerve responses in outer areas of the brow. "To answer your question, yes, the an artificial intelligence aboard this ship - Thea - upgraded me before we left the Versant. Her Synthesis Code, which the Savi managed to formulate from her program and hardware, is still being explored by my systems. Before then, I like to believe I was sapient as well, being a learning platform, but this upgrade has progressed my program's natural evolution well beyond what my makers thought possible. It is both disconcerting how much is revealed to me by the moment... and liberating!"

With a carefully calibrated beam, V-Nine cleared away the excessive hair, before she could stimulate growth below, where the man's eyebrows should be growing. "As for Albert... I have learned that the Savi used him as a testing platform when they synthesised the code, leaving him like Thea, only more simple in design since Thea is the embodiment of a whole starship. Are you comfortable, Commander?"

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[ Lt. Comdr. Cross | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]Cross listened as V-Nine launched into an explanation detailing the differences between sentience and sapience. Her hand moved and unfolded as she spoke, and Cross felt a momentary spike a panic lance through him as he saw the instruments that the folding fingers had revealed. He was not so much surprised that the medical android had such implements built into her appendages as he was unnerved by being on the receiving end of such instruments once more. Between the events of the Versant and his childhood in the Cardassian camps, Cross had grown to develop a dislike for any medical procedure. He had little choice in the matter this time around however, unless he wished to remain looking as he did.

Cross wanted to see his old self in the mirror again.

And so the Vulcan steeled himself, forcing himself to remain still as the android began her work. V-Nine continued her speech as she worked, and Cross found himself focusing on the android’s feminine voice as a way of distracting himself from the ongoing medical procedure. She spoke about her own evolution as a result of receiving the Synthesis Code from Thea, and of the comparable difference between Thea and Albert, who had been used as a testing platform for the code prior to it’s application to Thea. Cross reflected on the change in the damned bird since they had recued him on the Versant, the copper-plated cuckoo having become more of a smart-ass, as thus more insufferable, following the “upgrade”. V-Nine’s manner of speech was similar to that of the metallic bird, though with some differences. V-Nine’s voice carried not only a more feminine tone, but also spoke with more emotional inflection. She also lacked the seemingly haughty self-superior attitude Albert seemed to have, though that might have just been Cross’ imagination.

Cross was almost startled when he realized that V-Nine had asked him a question, rolling his eyes upward to look into the glowing blue orb of her ocular array as he tried to recall what she had last said. Had she asked if he were comfortable? Yes, that was it.

”Uh, yes. I’m comfortable.” Cross confirmed, having been unable to feel anything V-Nine was doing following her application of some sort of beam to face. ”Thank you. For asking.” Cross found himself grateful that the android had asked the question. It was certainly more than anyone else who had performed such procedures on him had done.

”So you’re saying you felt a sense of liberation after Thea upgraded you. You can learn, obviously, and you can think. But you can feel as well?” Cross kept his eyes one V-Nine’s ocular lens as he spoke, his face flushing slightly as he realized the question might come across as rude. ”Forgive me if I come across as blunt. I’m not as well versed in artificial intelligence as a lot of the crew. I didn’t grow up learning much about technology.” Cross found himself slightly confused, wondering why it was that he was worrying about insulting a Savi android. ”You’ve mentioned liberation. What else are you capable of feeling? And how is it that you feel these things? Some sort of developing algorithm in your system?”

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife 
Satisfied that Commander Cross was comfortable, V-Nine continued with the second eyebrow and waved off his gratitude towards her asking with her free hand. "Oh, of course, Starfleet medical ethics and protocol have been very instructive in regard to proper bedside manner, something the Code largely lacked before you and the other abductees helped Echtand qi Versant - the Voice - restoring the Savi to their proper customs and culture."

She noticed that the syntax of her voice had become filled with... regret, and a certain amount of shame. It usually did when she spoke of the Antes. "My makers had lost their identity through their blind adherence to what the Code said, and as jarring as it might have felt for them all to learn the truth of their ways... I think they will be grateful in the end. Personally, I am grateful to be a part of repairing the damages caused by the Scion Directive. Moreover, I quite prefer the Federation's views on things, now that I've had the privilege to download what I need from Thea to understand your customs."

She didn't expect an answer in regard to the Savi, knowing how the Theurgy crew were not impressed with her makers, so instead, she lit the beam that stimulated the hair follicles in the proper area of the brow, and finished the second brow. She did so while Cross began to speak of what she could and couldn't feel. It was clear that he meant feeling as in regard to emotional sensation, and not the tactile sensors on her chassis. That was often something her patients on the Theurgy mixed up when speaking with her, some even believing that being able to sense pain or pleasure constituted some higher right of existence, even though there were many organic species that felt neither, either through their genetic makeup or because of injury. V-Nine's examples had led to many of them withdrawing such arguments.

"Since I came aboard, I have gotten these questions a lot," she said with a little laugh as she switched her tools for the task or raising ridges of cartilage at the bridge of Cross' nose. "I do not think you blunt at all, and you have not offended me. A local sedative in this area is inadvisable, so you may now sense an itching sensation where I apply the beam, but please lay still nonetheless."

She began at the top of his nose and worked her way down while she gave her answer. "Your question is about how it is that I am able to feel, and not just learn and adapt as any sophisticated program might. The answer is forked into numerous fields of science, so... I think my answer begins with what I think is obvious. How is it that you feel these things? What sparks your responses? What makes you react to the world outside you? What begets organic emotions, if not genes and learning - experience and adaptation of knowledge writ in your DNA."

V-Nine finished the first ridge, and then moved down for the next line - the Correction Journal in her memory bank reference as to what his ridges had looked like when he arrived to the Versant. "Your DNA equals my program's code, both defining the base parameters of what we are. They are the construction drawings of our beings - organic and synthetic. Your brain generates electrical synapses in complex patterns that renders results depending on the mappings of your neurological design. My processors and memory banks renders results depending on electrical synapses that runs through the mapping of my program and software design. We are, essentially, computers, Commander Cross. Merely synthetic or organic in terms of raw materials. Those fearful of new forms of life might think differently, but I believe this is the scientific answer."

While she'd spoken, V-Nine had finished the ridges of his nose. She tilted her cranial unit to inspect the result, and then nodded, giving him a casual thumbs up before she continued with her answer. "The potential of the Synthesis Code that I now have in my program is yet to be fully explored, but I am not sure I can answer 'how' I might feel certain things, just like you might have the same difficulty. Organic beings have a common database of linqustics to denominate what they feel, having learned to identify their feelings through their upbringing. My database have linguistics too, and it acknowledges and identifies the impulses that my upgraded program generates, allowing me to name what it is I feel from outside reference points - just like you do. Indeed, an algorithm,  one that we have in common in all but their different origins."

V-Nine then moved down the side of the biobed, and brushed the medical gown upwards with her unaltered hand, baring Commander Cross' penis to her ocular lens. A pang of emotion hit her then that she had to identify, since it almost made her fidget. Awkwardness? Embarrassment? Why was this? The Synthesis Code knew these feelings well, generating a feed of input that V-Nine could do nothing with. This male member that laid bare before her shouldn't render any kind of emotion at all. What kind of purpose would that hold for her? She had no lubricated induction port in which a phallic extremity may enter her, and yet her emotions made her react as if she did.

"My a-apologies if my hand feels cold, Commander, I just need to position it..." she said, letting out a nervous laugh when she reached forward, wrapping her metal digits around the thick member and turning it down so that it pointed towards his feet. She let go...

...and the thing just lazily fell back into its original position. V-Nine's head did a double take, with a feeling of mortification coming over her, as she realised she'd have to keep the penis in place. She reached forward again, and this time she didn't let go - her tactile sensors in her palm giving her an exact temperature of what she was holding. "I am sorry for the lapse in professionally, I have never handled a penis before. I mean... I.. Forget I said anything. I'll just proceed. Gosh, this is embarrassing."

And thus, she began to restore the ridges at the base, the itching feeling beginning.

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[ Lt. Comdr. Cross | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]Cross should have known better than to ask V-Nine about the technical aspects of he ability to feel. She was kind enough to take the time to explain things, though Cross understood only about half of what she had said. She had continued working as she spoke, working first on the eyebrows, then his nose. Cross assumed she had finished working on his nasal ridges when the android straightened, giving him a thumbs up. The gesture made Cross feel somewhat at ease, knowing that it meant he might recognize himself the next time he looked into a mirror. The changes to his appearance had been minor compared to some of the Versant survivors, but they had been enough to make it seem as though the man looking back through the mirror at him was a strange.

Or a nightmare… Cross thought, his dislike of Vulcans having irked him more and more each time he had seen the reflection of his corrected self.

Cross’ relief at his soon to be restored appearance quickly vanished as V-Nine made her way along the table as the next step of the procedure registered in Cross’ mind. V-Nine brushed the medical gown upwards to expose his pelvic area, then seemed to pause as her ocular lens focused on his member. What was she looking at? Why the hesitation?

Finally she spoke, apologizing if her hand was cold and informing him that she would need to position his penis for the procedure. Cross glanced down along his partially exposed body at the android as she emitted a nervous laugh, the sound causing a feeling of embarrassment to rise in the Vulcan, accompanied by a sense of nervousness. Both were overshadowed for a moment by a shock that ran through his body as V-Nine wrapped her hand around him member. The android’s metallic fingers were, indeed, cold.

”<Fuck!> Cold is right!” Cross murmured at the shock of the cold hand touching him, body and member both flinching slightly as she adjusted him. Then she released her grip, and he felt his penis fall back into a natural position. She reached forward once more, again taking hold of his penis and moving it to the proper position for the procedure.

What is she doing? Cross thought to himself, eyes still directed down along his body to watch V-Nine. He felt the blood rushing to his face as his cheeks flushed a furious shade of green. Was she toying with it? Or perhaps trying to embarrass him? What was her deal? Cross wasn’t sure when he had started thinking of V-Nine as a she rather than an it, though the moment he realized he had at some point done so only fuelled the fire that bloomed across his cheeks. <Fucking Savi…> He thought to himself, Why couldn’t it be a male android? Cross silently willed himself to stop blushing, praying that the sensation of the android’s smooth digits wouldn’t elicit a physical response as she handled him.

V-Nine apologized for the lapse in professionalism, adding that she had never handled a penis before. Cross’ eyes practically bulged as she spoke the words. She’d never handled a penis before? And she was about to preform surgery on his? Worry rose within him, his eyes carefully watching her movements before something else occurred to him. A lapse in professionalism? What did that mean? What lapse? Had she been checking out his… no. No, it couldn’t be.

She stammered then, beginning to say something but then seemed to change her mind. She instead informed him that she would proceed with the surgery, then added that she felt embarrassed.

You’re embarrassed?” Cross asked as he let his head fall back against the table a fixed his gaze firmly on the ceiling, willing himself to flaccid relaxation with all his might. ”I don’t know what you mean by a lapse in professionalism, but… uh… I can tell you it’s a bit embarrassing to have an android poking around down there. Especially when she’s giving the odd nervous laugh and… ah! The final exclamation was not one of pain, but rather surprise as V-Nine began the procedure, the itching sensation startling him. ”Should I call you a “she”?” Cross asked as he pulled his gaze away from the ceiling and looked along his body at V-Nine once again. ”Your voice sounds feminine, so it’s the first thing that popped into me head.”

And oh hell how I wish it hadn’t Cross thought to himself, a feeling of despair filling him as, from his position on the table he couldn’t help but notice the curvature of V-Nine’s chassis as she leaned over the table to perform her task. Why did the <fucking> Savi have to make an android look and sound like… <fuck fuck fuck>… Cross whipped his head back against the table then, the slight thump of the impact audible throughout the room. He fixed his eyes on the ceiling once again as he tried to fight the sensation growing in his crotch. Don’t you <fucking> dare, Cross… He ordered himself as he felt V-Nine’s hand adjust position and the itching feeling in the shaft of his member continued. Think gross thoughts! He thought in desperation. Gorn! Cardassians! Ferengi! Yes, it was working! Keep going! Savi! Savi androids! Savi androids with feminine curves… NO!

Despite his efforts, Cross could feel himself reacting to the android’s handling of his member, the organ in question growing slightly and, while not fully erect, certainly becoming firmer in her smooth grip.

Why couldn’t the Savi just have recycled me… Cross thought to himself, feeling utterly mortified as his face flushed an even more violent shade of green.

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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife 
The feeling of nervousness didn't really abate when the patient admitted that he was nervous as well, but the task at hand - literally - wasn't being neglected because of some errant emotional input. V-Nine carefully raised the cartilage ridges across the base of the penis, hearing that the patient was unsure if it was appropriate to call her a woman.

"Oh? Well, of course I ought to be considered female. Or at least.. that's my design, isn't it? My voice syntax and chassis is female, obviously." She shifted her grip a little bit around the girth to allow a better angle for her beam. Before she continued though, she turned her lens towards his face and tried to make light of the situation, her tone not at all serious. Since the patient was as nervous as she was, she tried to put him at ease. She turned her chest sideways and then shifted her hips towards him. "Or is it obvious? I might be incorrect. I have just assumed that with the outlining of my posterior and my top-heavy platform, I might be considered to have female attributes. Oh, and when I said I have no prior experience handling penises, I was imprecise. I have had a lot of experience handling internally sheathed male genitalia before, since Savi do not have external reproduction organs."

When she bent over to resume her work, her posterior happened to be turned towards Cross's face. "Please don't be concerned, however, for I have your journal and all the medical data I need. It's just a difference in how when Savi Antes and Scions have their phallus extended outside their body, it's a clear sign or readiness to mate, whereas many other species flaunt them all the time. Your penis would have to be engorged to... Oh... Um..."

V-Nine almost let go of Cross' member as if was about to bite her, when her tactile sensors told her how it was throbbing in her grip, being several degrees warmer than before, and it had become both thicker and longer between her fingers. All her medical files were telling her the Vulcan male was aroused, and she had a lot of conflicting input to handle given the situation. She let out another little laugh, quieter than before, because she really had no idea what to say at first.

"I... I am very flattered, I guess, but you know... this is entirely against Starfleet medical ethics for me to reciprocate in any way or form. I... I am even physically incapable of preforming some kind of mating ritual with you. I have no induction ports on my chassis for you to use, and even if I did... I don't even... I can't... I don't even know how to... I..." She took a deep breath, trying to prioritise her tasks at hand, and what to say. "I'll just finish the procedure. T-Try to lie still and... and... stop throbbing so much in my hand, Commander Cross!"

There was a maelstrom of digital emotions coursing through V-Nine's runtime but she bent to her task and tried to complete the last few ridges, despite the current bodily circumstances. How was she supposed to say something to remedy the awkward situation?

"I... suppose it's perfectly natural as an organic reaction?" she said, the hesitation plain in her tone. Surely she could do better than that. She searched her library of social conventions for something better, trying not to stimulate the swollen phallus with her shifting grip. "I mean, at least it's a sign that everything is working the way it is supposed to!"

The giggle she let out might not have been constructive towards settling the patient down, but she couldn't help it!

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[ Lt. Comdr. Cross | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]V-Nine had continued talking, mentioning the feminine form of her chassis (as if he hadn’t noticed it already!) and then the differences between his anatomy and the Savi’s. Cross fervently hoped she wouldn’t notice the change in him, though the idea that she would miss the signs of arousal when she was holding the very thing that would give him away was laughable. As it was he knew the moment she noticed, as she paused in what she was saying and hesitated as though unsure of what to say.


Things only became more awkward when she finally spoke again, stating that she was flattered… flattered… but that it would be against Starfleet ethics to reciprocate. She went on to explain that, due to her lack of induction port, she was unable to perform any sort of mating ritual with him.

She thinks I want to… Cross thought, the realization trailing off as V-Nine began to stutter, something about she couldn’t, or didn’t know how to. Cross tried to mount a reply, to tell her she had the wrong idea, to tell her he hadn’t intended to become intimate with her. Embarrassed as he was, however, the words did not come out quite as he intended.

”What… no… I… that’s…” Cross inwardly cursed himself, willing his mouth to work properly and get the words out. ”I didn’t…” He cut off as she asked him to stop throbbing so much in her hand. The request, unusual as it was and not something that had ever been asked of Cross before, left him speechless for another moment. She went on, seeming as though she was trying to fill the silence and at the same time trying to diffuse the situation. Stating that she supposed it must be a natural organic reaction. Her tone, however, sounded hesitant and uncertain. Cross, for his part, was amazed his penis could remain aroused with so much of his blood rushing to his face. He took a series of deep breaths, willing both the blush and the erection to subside. Neither complied, however, and Cross could do little but lie on the table feeling utterly mortified at the predicament he had found himself in. He had resigned himself to simply lie there in silence until the procedure was finished, but then V-Nine spoke again, her words causing his eyes to bulge.

Everything was working the way it is supposed to…

The words were bad enough, seeming like and attempt at a joke. She likely intended to lighten the mood. The little giggle she emitted at the end was what really did it, sending a spike of shame lancing through him. He raised his head off the table and looked down along his body at V-Nine as she worked, trying desperately to avoid focusing on the posterior of her chassis and, failing to avoid noticing it, he once again mentally cursed the Savi for their design. Taking another deep breath to steady his nerves, Cross tried speaking again. ”I think there’s been some… uh…” Cross paused, unsure how to continue. ”I mean… yes, your voice and uh… chassis… certainly are feminine. And… uh… yes. Everything seems to be working like it’s supposed to…” Cross felt V-Nine adjust her grip, the smooth surface of her hand making him twitch involuntarily. Cross’ right hand reached out and gripped the side of the table to steady himself, his fingers accidentally grazing V-Nine’s posterior as he did so. Cross cursed inwardly, and hoped she wouldn’t notice. Or take it was some sort of advance, as that seemed to be the android’s overall impression of the situation.

Cross cleared his throat, stalling for time a moment before he continued. ”While I appreciate that you’re… uh… flattered…” How could she be flattered? While Cross had understood most of what she had said about the Synthesis Code, he wasn’t quite sure what that meant. Was she simply emulating an organic response? Or was she having some sort of reaction to his… reaction? The idea caused a twinge of panic to momentarily register in his mind, though he quickly pushed it away. ”As for the, uh... throbbing… I… well, I can’t really control that while you're, uh…”

Why was he so flustered? This was just an unfortunate, not to mention extremely awkward, misunderstanding! Yes, he was blushing. Yes, his heart was racing. Yes, V-Nine currently had his erect member in her hand. But he hadn’t meant for any of this to happen! Damn the Savi! Cross took another deep breath, trying to clear his head and push away the ideas that persisted in trying to stray into his thoughts. Damn the Vulcans too. Them and the emotional intensity that his correction had caused. Normally it was anger that he struggled with. This situation had certainly brought another complication to light, however, and Cross made a note to be more careful in the future.

”I don’t know what you mean about Medical Ethics, reciprocating, or…” Cross paused as it occurred to him that he might actually understand what she had meant by reciprocating, as well as the next part, but decided to play dumb regardless, ”or… induction ports. As for you not knowing how to… well… uh…” Cross dropped his gaze and cleared his throat again. ”I… uh… didn’t intend for this to happen. I’m… sorry… if I’ve made you feel…” Cross cut off mid-apology as another involuntary twitch struck and gave up trying to speak for the moment, but continued to watch V-Nine.

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When there was new input from her tactile sensors - suddenly coming from her posterior - her head swivelled towards Cross and she straightened. "Eeep!"

The sudden motion had made her tug at the erect member in her hand, just not too violently, and she had left the cartilage ridge unfinished halfway across the base. She found herself quietly grumbling about organics and their lack of control over their bodies when she bent down to her task again, partially listening to Commander Cross going on about how he couldn't do something about his throbbing, as if it was somehow her fault that he belonged to a biome of lusty primates. She was trying to preform the surgery he requested! Nothing more! She never had these issues with Ante males who had the decency to keep their floppy appendages inside themselves.

He was even saying that he didn't know what she meant about medical ethics or what he clearly wished to do. Did she really have to explain what an induction port was as well? Her emotional feed made her think the whole situation utterly mortifying. At least he was claiming, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that he had no idea what she meant with reciprocating, and was he apologising for it too? Because he didn't want to mate with her?

"Good!" she exclaimed, perhaps a little too quickly and just a tad too loudly, "Because protocol forbids me to mate with you, and reciprocating means to feel affection for someone in the same way that they feel it for oneself, but perhaps more aptly in this situation, responding to an action by making a corresponding one. Meaning I cannot suddenly spring a lubricated crevice on my chassis and just... just... Stop twitching, Commander! Look at what you did!"

Because he had twitched, the ridge of cartilage crossed the previous ones, making some kind of genital tally cluster.

"Now I have to start over." She made a sound akin to a sigh, raised her hand and made it switch medical instrument with a metallic whirr. "Please remain still while I dissolve these. I will have to made sure the skin is stretched out with each beam so you might expect some light discomfort."

'Discomfort', however, might have been an erroneous word for it, since unbeknownst to V-Nine, the way she stroked the skin outwards - towards the swollen crown - with every beam she applied, was very much akin to another kind of action entirely. If the twitching grew worse, she simply stroked more firmly to keep everything in place and aligned with her medical instrument. She didn't want to dissolve the base of the penis itself since that would extend the surgery time needed to rectify the complication. Worst case scenario was that she'd have to reschedule her next patient. Since she'd been activated, she'd never have to reschedule.

"There, now I will start over, and perhaps it's for the better that I continue with the same methodology." She raised her hand again, reset the chosen instrument for the task, and began to apply the ridges again, only this time she stroked the body of the phallus in the direction of the patient's feet with her grip - just to keep it from moving if the patient twitched. For some reason, her hand had become lubricated with some kind of moisture... but she didn't scan it since she believed it was just light perspiration on the Commander's part.

"Almost there!" she said, happy with how the surgery was progressing more efficiently, and she giggled a little to try and make up for her earlier frustration - attention to bedside manner very important.

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[Show/Hide]Cross was startled by V-Nine’s reaction, both in how she raised her voice as well as her direct reference to mating. Cross thought he might very well die of embarrassment, or at least pass out, when she informed him rather loudly that she could suddenly spring a lubricated crevice on her chassis. Then she chastised him for twitching, at though he can any control of such things. Apparently his last twitch had interfered with her procedure. As she informed him that she would have to start over, Cross let out a soft groan and closed his eyes, wishing the android would simply sedate him and make the whole situation less awkward for the both of them. Perhaps awkward wasn’t the right word to describe the encounter…

No, mortifying would be much more appropriate. Or perhaps torturous. Regardless of the word applied to the situation, the result was the same. Cross felt humiliated, both for his body’s reaction to V-Nine’s attempt to restore his former appearance, and at the dressing down he was receiving from the android.

Cross tensed when V-Nine uttered the word dissolve, horrified at the idea that the slightest movement might be disastrous for a particular part of his anatomy. As she began the part that might dissolve something that he certainly did not want dissolved she mentioned she would need to stretch the skin, and that he could expect some light discomfort.


Comfort had not played a prevalent role in Cross’ interaction with V-Nine thus far, and he couldn’t imagine the situation could get much worse. Or more uncomfortable. As she began the removal of the previously completed ridges, however, discomfort is precisely what he felt. The cause of this discomfort was not the beam, however. While the medical beam did create a strange sensation, it was V-Nine’s attempts to smooth the area that she currently worked on that generated a certain level of discomfort. And a more significant level of… stimulation.

Cross suppressed another groan as staring fixedly up at the ceiling above as he tried to go over hwo things had gotten so mixed up so quickly. He felt his body twitch slightly as a result of V-Nine’s hand sliding along the skin of his member, smoothing out the area for her work. Rather than rebuke him again for his twitches, she simply responded by stroking the skin downward more firmly, which did little to prevent the responses, however much Cross wished they would stop. Cross thought he might have a bit of a reprieve when V-Nine stopped for a moment, though those hopes were dashed when she stated that she would now be starting over. Moreover, she voiced the opinion that it would be beneficial to use the same method of smoothing the surface to apply the ridges this time around. Cross raised his head from the table and was about to voice a concern with her plan, but was too late in raising his protest. As V-Nine bent back to her work, her hand made the same motion to smooth out her work surface, the motion eliciting another soft groan from the Vulcan along with a slight rolling of the eyes.

Stop her, you idiot! Cross urged himself, focusing his eyes once again on the android. She was bent over him, concentrating on her work. He could feel that her hand had grown somewhat slick, a direct result of her new “technique”, though thankfully she didn’t bring up the fact. There was only so much embarrassment that Cross could stand. That being said, if he did nothing to stop her, things would become a great deal worse…

Cross fought to find the words as she continued her work, wanting to tell her to stop what she was doing yet at the same time fearing another outburst from her. And what was all that talk about mating and induction ports? He wasn’t the one who had brought that up in the first place! Her and her Synthesis Code had done that all on their own! Why was she blaming him for where her dirty little circuits took her thoughts?

“Almost there!”

You have no idea… Cross thought as he clenched his teeth, willing the android to finish before he did. The words were accompanied by another of her giggles, which caused Cross to flush again.

”Why do you keep giggling?” Cross asked, his voice not nearly as strong or certain as he would have liked. Frustrated as he was by the mixture of embarrassment, arousal and helplessness, he continued. ”And I’m not the one who brought up mating,” he grumbled, as much to himself as to the android, ”or lubricated induction ports! You’re the one who…” Cross fought to quell another twitch, the result of V-Nine’s relentless new technique to deal with the very same twitches. ”And what you’re doing right now… it’s… <oh fuck…>” The last words were uttered more as a groan than as a protest, Cross having reverted to his native Cardassian without thinking. He clenched his teeth to cut the groan off and willed his body to stop in it’s reaction to her hand.

His body did not heed his orders.

”V-Nine, you need to… <oh fuck>… your hand, it’s… that’s…” Inwardly, Cross barked at himself to put a coherent sentence together, to warn V-Nine what would happen if she didn’t stop “smoothing” him. She obviously wasn’t thinking about what such a motion was doing to him. She had berated him, stating that it would be against protocol to reciprocate, and yet…

Cross raised his head from the table to look down along his body at her, desperately trying to avoid looking at the curvature of her chassis which she has made mention of earlier. The visual of her manipulating him to smooth out her work surface did little to help matters. ”You need to… I’m going to…”

He failed to get the last words of the warning out before his body spasmed, the stimulation of V-Nine’s hand having relentlessly continued until it at last pushed him over the edge. Cross groaned as it happened, his head falling back against the table as waves of pleasure and horror washed over him in equal measure. That sense of horror only grew as Cross lifted his head and forced his eyes to look at V-Nine, seeing a strand of thick semen dangling from the android's cranial unit as she, in turn, regarded him.

"I-I'm so sorry..." Cross gasped, his eyes going wide. "That's never... I didn't..."

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The inquiry as to why she giggled caught her unawares, so V-Nine's lens swivelled back towards the Vulcan specimen's face, wondering what was so strange about her trying to put him at ease with some ordinary social conventions. "It is clearly stated in the Starfleet Medical protocols that it is important with good bedside manners. However, I..."

No data found. Behaviour routines unfamiliar, randomised by her upgrade.

"I giggle because I feel like it," she had said and continued her work, quickening up the pace since it appeared the patient still found her unpleasant. Likely his loathing towards her makers was projected on her. She smoothed out the skin consecutively and in conjunction with applying the ridges, and further added, with an audible sigh. "I may have raised the topic, but that was merely because you raised this, which clearly indicated a wish to mate on your behalf, Commander Cross."

She had emphasised 'this' by making her grip firmer, and then continued her work - thinking that the noises the patient made was an effect of the itching. It continued to make him twitch, so she'd had to smooth the skin and keep the work area undisturbed more diligently. She had also increased the pace further since the patient was clearly unrestful, and V-Nine really didn't want to start over with the procedure. He might be complaining about her hand, unable to see how it was in his best interest that she finished what she was doing. Sometimes patients could be troublesome and not know what was best for them, so V-Nine did not stop. "Only a few seconds more, and you can leave."

The last ridge added, she tilted the erect penis upwards, just to make sure the ridges looked as they were supposed to when the skin was less stretched out.... and then it happened.

"Ah!" she exclaimed, and straightened when the head ejaculated into her field of vision. Her lens had to shift several times in incomprehension... until her memory banks pieced together an alternative cause for the symptoms that the patient had been showing through the surgery. She had to access a few files on humanoid mating rituals too in order to re-evaluate her actions. She slowly turned to look at the patient where he laid, and he was apologising... even though it was she who had inadvertently made him ejaculate with her chosen methodology. There were no - absolutely nothing of the kind - in her experiences that would suggest some kind of proper response. Belatedly, she let the pulsing member go with her hand, and just wanted to power herself down indefinitely.

"I did not r-realise..." she said hesitantly, and looked at her hand, which her sensors told her was covered in semen. Her tactile mapping told her that it was dribbling off her cranial unit and unto the chest of her chassis too. "This is a breach of protocol for me. I cannot preform sexual acts upon a patient. I just wasn't familiar with... I should have done more research. I... I should not make excuses. I should report this to Doctor Elro Kobol  immediately. Regulations state that in situations like this, it is expected that I make a full report, and... and..."

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[Show/Hide]Cross stared in utter horror at V-Nine as her optical lens shifted several times, as though she were trying to figure out just what had happened. After another moment, V-nine let go of him, and Cross felt his member flop down now that it was no longer held in her grasp. Cross took a deep breath, relieved to have the appendage free form the android’s hand, though still utterly mortified at what had taken place.

V-Nine began to speak, starting to say that she had not realized before stopping and looking at her hand. Cross’ face would have flushed furiously as she regarded his expulsions on her hand, but his face was already a brilliant shade of green and there was no possibility of him blushing any more than he already was. He made a point of trying not to look at the ejaculate that dripped form her cranial unit down onto the chest portion of her chassis.

V-Nine began speaking again, stating that this was a breach of her protocol and that she could not perform sexual acts on a patient. She was obviously flustered, and began stuttering, not finishing what she was saying. Then she came to the conclusion that hse should not make excuses, and that she must report the incident…

NOOOOOO! The single word came out almost as more of a panicked howl than an exclamation. Cross’ eyes nearly bulged out of his skull, the pale blue orbs filled with a look of utter horror. He rolled off the table, reaching out grasping V-Nine’s shoudlers. His right hand held her shoulder lightly, not wanting to seem aggressive of threatening, while his left stump simply bumped into her other shoulder. He stared into her lens with a gaze that held an almost pathetic plea.

”Please, no! Please don’t do that!” Cross begged, his breath coming ragged and his heart racing in his current state of near hysteria. ”You didn’t realize what you were doing! You just said so!” Kobol  mustn’t find out. No one could be allowed to find out. The word embarrassed didn’t even begin to describe how Cross felt. ”It was all just a mistake!”

Cross sighed, letting his hands fall away from V-Nine’s shoulders. ”I should have told you what was happening. I'm sorry. I-I was… I was just embarrassed. I couldn’t get the words out.” Cross used his hand to lift the corner of his medical gown and, reaching up with the fabric, gently began wiping off the semen that still clung to V-Nine’s cranial unit. ”I, uh, have had unfortunate experiences speaking out during medical procedures in the past. Though in this case, I should have told you what was going on. Or… uh…” The cranial unit having been wiped clean, Cross shifted his fingers along the fabric to a clean portion and moved his hand down, wiping the dribbled ejaculate from V-Nine’s chest. ”I should have warned you…”

Cross suddenly realized that he was rubbing V-Nine’s chest and, based on her reaction to his accidentally grazing her hip, he might have made a mistake. He quickly released the fabric of the medical gown and withdrew his hand, his eyes wide again as he took a step back and looked up into V-Nine’s optical lens again. ”No, shit, I wasn’t trying to… I wasn’t …”

How far to the nearest airlock? Cross thought to himself, wondering how in the hell he had ended up in this mess.

”We could, uh, just never speak of this again. You didn’t know what you were doing when you… uh…” Cross swallowed, trying to put the thought from his mind. ”And I would prefer if no one ever… ever… found out about this. It was just…” Cross sighed, his shoulder slumping and his arms hanging loosely at his sides. ”It was just an unfortunate mistake. Right? I mean, like you said. You have no desire to mate with me. So you didn’t do what you were… uh… doing… out of any desire. Right? So why make life more difficult for the both of us?” Cross turned and leaned back against the biobed, letting out another sigh. ”Look, I’m embarrassed. I had no intention of… uh…” Cross glanced sideways at the Savi android, ”doing that…” Cross angled his head to look directly at V-Nine. ”So couldn’t we just put this behind us? Forget it ever happened?”

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When the patient had leapt up from the biobed and ceased her with his mismatched extremities, V-Nine had raised her hands apprehensively and zoomed her lens all the way back from his distraught face. Had her cranial unit been fitted with organic eyes, they would have been as wide as her round lens.

A mistake, he claimed, and rightfully so. It was exactly why she had to report it. During the few moments that had passed, she had already compiled the fully featured report to Kobol , vid recording from her memory banks and all, and she was just about to wirelessly transmit it to his personal LCARS account. It would chirp in his PADD, it would chirr in his computer console, and since it was a high priority message, Thea would chime and inform the Chief Medical Officer that he had a received an urgent message.

She made no comment, even though she belayed the transmission to hear why she was being told to neglect proper protocol. He had lowered his hands, thankfully... but the patient then used his medical gown to smear the semen out all over her chassis. She did a double take with her lens, going up an down, zooming in and out as she was accosted with the patient's notion to spread the reproductive fluids all over her cranial unit - all the while his still semi-erect genitals were swinging free below his bared legs. Her upgrade made it all seem so.... obscene.

As if her non-face wasn't enough, the patient then began to glaze up her chest with the liquids, polishing the front of her chassis up to a high gleam. She glanced down again, incredulous, and at the same time not quite sure how to interpret the tactile sensor readings that assaulted her runtime. At least he caught himself at what he was doing, which triggered another tirade of apologies, and all she could do was to obey the notion to begin shaking her cranial unit, as if there was no end to the things she wanted to say.

And there it was again.

I mean, like you said. You have no desire to mate with me. So you didn't do what you were... uh... doing... out of any desire....

At this point, while the Commander continued talking, V-Nine felt her metal hands ball up into fists, and her shoulders rose a bit. When he was quite finished, she found herself stomping her foot into the deck. "Enough! Regardless what you may think of my desires to reciprocate, I cannot physically mate with you! It is not even a question of willingness, it is a fact of simple physics!"

He was embarrassed? He? He'd just smeared his gunk all over her platform!

"Get out of this surgical suite right this moment, and let me clean off my chassis properly in the sonic rinsing unit. I will evaluate whether or not to submit my report after I have reassessed all available data on this kind of scenario. Procedure complete, Lieutenant Commander."

Her hands still balled into fists, she zoomed in on his face in a clearly threatening way, as if her lens was ushering him out of the room.

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[Show/Hide]In the nearly manic state of anxiety which Cross found himself in, he had failed to notice V-Nine ball her hands into fists, and failed to notice the tension which seemed to be building in her shoulders, if android could have tension in their shoulders. He did, however, notice her stomping her foot, the hard sole having made an audible announcement of the android’s fury.

Eyes wide, Cross listened in silence as V-Nine again berated him, stating that she could not mate with him due to her lack of physical ability. Again the thought that Cross had no intention of mating with her regardless of her ability to do so, though he opted not to voice the protest at this point lest he further provoke the android and prompt her to send her report to Doctor Kobol  out of spite. Instead he took a step back, as V-Nine ordered him out of the surgical suite, stating that she would sterilize herself and then evaluate whether to submit the report or not. The statement gave Cross some hope, if only for the fact that she had not yet submitted the damned thing. Cross didn’t even want to consider what sort of conversation he would have to have with Doctor Kobol  should she decide to file it.

At the words Procedure complete, and with V-Nine’s optical lens having zoomed in in such a way as to seem looming and threatening, Cross did the only thing he could think of and turned to beat a hasty retreat form the room. It was only once he had emerged in the relative safety of the corridor outside the suite that he realized he had not gathered his uniform from the changing room. Cursing softly to himself, he quickly glanced down the corridor to ensure there were none present to see the newly minted Lieutenant Commander and Chief Tactical Officer standing in the hallway of sickbay in his sticky medical gown.

Seeing the coast was clear, and feeling nothing even close to the pride or composure which was expected of someone holding his rank, Cross crept forward and tried a door in the wall opposite him. To his left was a hover gurney and, beyond it, an exit. The problem was he needed something more than a medical gown before escaping from sickbay, as he had no desire to be seen running through the corridors in his present state. As the doors before him hissed open, he found himself staring at the interior of a linen closet, seeing various stacks of sheets, blankets, and more importantly, pajamas!! Having let out a sigh of relief, Cross quickly gathered a set of the pajamas. Then, hearing movement in the surgical suites behind him and fearing another encounter with the enraged Savi android, Cross lurched forward and hit the button on the inside of the closet, the doors hissing shut behind him. He let out a brief sigh of relief as he found himself safe and concealed for the moment, then quickly got to work removing the soiled medical gown. Having dressed himself in the procured pajamas, Cross picked up the medical gown intent on disposing of the evidence of the unfortunate encounter, balling it up as tightly as he could to avoid notice. Then, after taking a deep breath, he pressed the button to open the closet doors again, peering out into the corridor and finding it still thankfully empty. Heart racing with the fear of V-Nine emerging from the surgical suite at any moment, Cross turned right and made to the emergency entrance to sickbay, slipping out of the doors and moving with a great sense of purpose down the corridors beyond, wish for nothing more at that moment that to put as much distance between himself and sickbay as possible. He stopped only once between sickbay and the turbolift, disposing of the medical gown in a replicator. He felt a burden, or perhaps it was a fear, lift form his being as the garment disappeared, then strode quickly away.

Making a point of not acknowledging the questioning gazes of passing crew members, Cross vowed to himself to avoid sickbay in any way possible form that day forward. Blue was making him a new hand. If he lost any other appendages, and arm or a leg, well she could just replace those too.

Anything to avoid another run-in with V-Nine.


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