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SD 57547.63: The False Simulcast


The false version of the Simulcast was sent from Starbase 84 on the 6th of March aka Stardate 57547.63, at the end of the Battle of Starbase 84. The Theurgy crew infiltrated the starbase in order to use its whistle-blower system, meaning to reach all Federation worlds, but the message had been replaced by an altered version. A version that kept the public ignorant about the parasitic threat, despite the efforts of the Theurgy crew on that fateful day.

[ Priority Message | Starbase 84 | Emergency Fleet Simulcast Override System ]

Upon the screen, a view of the Theurgy's bridge appeared, centred on the Captain's Chair.

There sat Jien Ives, bare-chested and holding the hilt of his dai-katana - the sharp point resting against the deck next to the chair. The imitation of a dragon tattoo sprawled across his left shoulder and down his chest, and his gaze was firmly locked upon the viewer of the recording. Already, the Senior Staff of the Theurgy would know something was amiss... because the Captain had worn a full uniform when the recording had been done.

"I am Captain Jien Ives, the Commanding Officer of the Federation starship Theurgy, and formerly a Starfleet officer," said the Chameloid by means of introduction, his voice monotone - soulless in the grave delivery. "By now, the news about me and my crew should have reached all corners of the Alpha Quadrant, so it's fitting that you hear this now, directly from me... instead of any excuses Starfleet Command may have for my actions."

Shifting the grip on his sword, Ives tilted his head forward - piercing the viewer with his stare. "At the beck and call of Starfleet Command, I peddled peace for many years, but it grew apparent how peace to the Federation was not the same as the peace for the people of all the planets I saw. All depending on Federation membership, Starfleet would grant or deny aid in any crisis. If it was in the interest of the Federation, I would be delegated to mediate. Yet if it was against the Prime Directive, then I was supposed to stand by and watch genocide take place before my eyes. I ask simply what others have asked themselves before, but dared not act upon. How, how can the invention of warp travel be the scales upon which millions, billions of lives are balanced, when the Federation possess the means to end wars and hunger across the whole galaxy?"

Ives rose from his seat, his imposing figure filling the screen - gaze unflinching. "It's because the Federation is flawed, as insidious as it is corrupt, and only looking after its own interests of expansion. Utopia is only available for the worthy, while the rest may burn for all that the admiralty care. Peasants, outcasts and unclean. Ignorant they are deemed, and condemned to perish and rot unless they learn the means to reach us on their own. Do you not ask yourselves how many millions of brilliant minds have been lost just because the Federation only saw to its own interests?"

Having made his statement, Ives raised his chin to the viewer. "You stood by and let them die when you could have made them your equal. The Federation will either have to change its policy, or learn from the new Romulan order, which will include the uplifting of species what would otherwise be left to die. True, sustainable growth is achieved not through denial, but inclusion. Through acceptance. This is Captain Ives, and I hope you are all watching... and learn the truth about the Federation's neglect: The extent of your crimes against species who never even got the chance."

Then, the screen went dark.

Needless to say, the message served to further smear the crew of the USS Theurgy. The real Simulcast was included in a transmission Chancellor Martok sent from the Great Hall at the time when Gorka was defeated after the Battle of the Houses. This happened on the 18th of April 2381, AKA Stardate 57654.79.

OOC: If you know what your character was doing when this false simulcast was sent out from Starbase 84, you are free to post in reply with your character(s) reactions. Please don't break the space-time continuum, however, or meta-game the reaction. :)

Re: SD 57547.63: The False Simulcast

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Eclipse ]


Hundreds of lightyears away from Starbase 84, a small starship hung in space, unperturbed by the distant conflict. The crew of the starship Eclipse, a tiny Nova-class vessel, were busy working away with characteristic cheerfulness. On the bridge it was a remarkably ordinary afternoon, with officers chatting idly as they worked. At the Ops station on the port side, the bald lieutenant working there was very focused on his console, but also smiling.

Sat in the centre chair, Commander Cak, the executive officer of the Eclipse, appeared to almost be dozing. It was an error that many junior officers made when they first came aboard, often resulting in a harsh shock. Cak was Xindi-Insectoid, with long antennae and bulbous eyes that didn't miss a thing, not to mention a razor sharp mind that made him one of Starfleet's hot-shots on the command track to captain.

As many junior officers also soon learned, he also had a keen and mischievous sense of humour.

"Mister Leavitt," Cak clicked and clacked with his mandibles, which the universal translator into speech. "I hope that smile is professional, and indicates that you have found a way to make this wormhole our bitch."

Alistair stared at Cak with his jaw dropped even as the rest of the bridge crew laughed. How had Cak even seen him at that angle without turning his head? He glanced at Lieutenant Nadene Ghebo at the science station who just shrugged helplessly, grinning all the while. Cak's seeming omniscience was a popular joke on the ship which often seemed more true than not.

"I might have something sir, yes," Alistair finally said. "I've been refining our calculations, and there's more to do, but I've narrowed down how far in the future that wormhole connects to. It's seven years at most, not the thousand years that the Prometheus crew calculated. I mean, I'm sure that they did their best, but we have much better equipment, and temporal mathematics is tricky at the best of times, so-"

"Lieutenant," Cak emphasised with slow loud clicks of his mandibles, "the big question is, will this make it easier to collapse that thing? We really don't want this wormhole jumping off somewhere before we can squash it. Can you imagine the hazard to navigation if ships started falling into it and ending up seven years in the future? And let's be honest, we all know that someone out there absolutely will fall into that thing even if we surrounded it with warning buoys that screamed 'danger' on every comm channel."

At the science station, Nadene Ghebo piped in with a smile, "It's hard to say, sir, but based on precedent, it should be easier. There's a smaller disruption of the space-time continuum-"

A loud and insistent beeping interrupted her from Alistair's console, and he was on it instantly. "We're receiving a transmission from Starbase 84, Commander, priority one. Looks like a general simulcast, quadrant wide."

Cak stood up, looking at Alistair intently. "Starbase 84...that's not far from where the Theurgy was last sighted, wasn't it?" He tapped his combadge with a bony claw. "Captain to the bridge."

Moments later, Captain Jiji strode onto the bridge. She was Bolian and remarkably short compared to the tall Cak, but her manner conveyed authority beyond her stature as she reached the centre chair and sat down, exchanging a brief look with her XO as he followed suit. "I got the notification in my ready room. Mister Leavitt, just for my peace of mind, monitor our computer systems and boot up your cyberwarfare suite. If it even looks like that simulcast has malware in it, I want you to crash the computer immediately, no hesitation. Don't wait for my order. I can't imagine eventhe Theurgy penetrating Starbase 84's defences, but we can't risk that AI infecting our systems."

"Yes sir, already done," Alistair said automatically. He'd already been doing exactly what Jiji had ordered since the moment that he'd seen the simulcast. Everybody in Starfleet was paranoid about the crazed Theurgy AI and its ability to infect computers with just a hail. It was a horrifying thought that was, in a way, even more unsettling than the Theurgy's obscene armament. Even an entire fleet of starships had not yet destroyed the renegade dreadnought, testimony to the ship's awesome power and Ives's tactical acumen, not to mention their ruthlessness.

Satisfied that all precautions had been taken, Jiji exhaled. "Onscreen, Mister Leavitt. Let's see it."

When the viewscreen clicked on to reveal the unmistakable Jien Ives sitting in a chair, katana in hand and, bizarrely, shirtless. Gasps could be heard across the bridge, along with a whispered " wow!" from Nadene. Everyone looked at her in astonishment and she raised a hand in apology as Ives began talking.

Nobody said a word as Ives spoke. The traitorous captain spoke with frightening conviction. Even Commander Cak had no quips or jokes to offer. It was one thing to hear about a celebrated Starfleet captain going rogue, but it was another thing entirely to see it. Finally the simulcast ended with Ives's vow, words that disquieted everyone on the bridge as the broadcast ended, quite ironically, with the Federation emblem. Silence followed.

"Mister Leavitt," Captain Jiji said quietly, "please confirm system integrity."

"Confirmed, Captain," Alistair answered, matching Jiji's tone, as if afraid to break the silence. "We...we also received an update from Starfleet Command. Starbase 84 was under attack by the Theurgy. Heavy casualties the starship Resolve, presumed lost with all hands. Last reports have the Theurgy heading to the Azure Nebula at high warp with the Archeron in pursuit."

"They won't catch them," Jiji said with a sigh. "Ives could hide in there for a century and the task force would never find them. He's no fool. Although how he expect to repair that ship with no crew, I have no idea."

Cak clacked loudly, his displeasure obvious. "I hate this. He could meet up with a Romulan ship in that nebula at a pre-planned rendezous, take on a Romulan crew and do who-knows-what after that. That psychopath could kill millions." The XO lowered his head, his antennae twitching anxiously. "We have a better sensor suite than every ship in that task force except the Archeron, especially for detecting cloaked vessels and scanning nebulae. We should be there."

Jiji laid a hand on Cak's. "Easy, Commander," she said soothingly. "we're a month away at maximum warp, and even if we were there, what then? We're no match for the Theurgy under any circumstances. No, we need to trust the rest of the fleet. They can do this." Tapping her chin idly, Jiji added with bemusement, "I wonder why he wasn't wearing a shirt?"

"Because he looks hot?" Nadene offered from the science station. "Sorry, I know that's not appropriate, but When you look that good, why not flaunt it while making a villain speech? It makes people more receptive. Not me, obviously, not at all, but-"

"Oh please," Cak clacked grumpily. "There's a sexy insect sitting right here, a perfect specimen of Xindi perfection, but do I ever get the googly eyes?"

The crew laughed, the tension draining away somewhat, before Alistair piped in. "I guess when you're a murderous maniac all alone on your very own starship, you wear what you want. We should count ourselves lucky that he was wearing pants." He grinned at Nadene who giggled in response, although Captain Jiji appeared less impressed, judging by her glare. Hurriedly getting back to work, Alistair mused thoughtfully, "You know, Starfleet is just assuming that Ives killed the entire crew. He might've had a few collaborators, or had people come aboard. Really, anyone who willingly joins that crew would have to be out of their mind..."

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