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Topic: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation (Read 319 times) previous topic - next topic

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CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
An Impromptu Visitation

Stardate: 57651.29
April 17, 2381 @ 0635hrs

[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]Vinata audibly croaked and yawned, it sounded very frog-like but indicated his own exhaustion had caught up to him. The newly minted Head Nurse of the Theurgy had been enroute to get some rest in his quarters when the urge to visit Nicander had taken over. Since the two had mended their relationship nearly a month prior, during Theurgy's stay at Aldea, Vinata had visited the Câroon several times.

The Ovri took comfort in the presence of his close friend and former lover. Despite all that had transpired between them and the tragedy that seemed to follow Lucan in his infested state, Vinata was pleased to have him in his life. It was most ironic but there was no one else of Theurgy that Vinata trusted more - it was as if Vojona had surrounded himself by land-mines, unsure exactly when and how they would detonate.

Given the gravity of all that had taken place since the bombing - Vojona felt that he needed to see his friend, his familiar face, hear his deep and comforting voice.

Before Vinata entered the security centre, the Ovri finally took notice of the state of his uniform. He had not even thought of his attire when he had met with Tyre only moments prior. His tunic and skirt had various blood stains across them, reflective of the messy and hard night that had transpired. Had he the energy, Vinata would have gone to change first but now that he was here there was no turning back.

The Ovri gave a polite nod to the Brig Officer before he moved over to where Lucan's cell was. "Hello Lucan.... I hope it is okay that I have come to visit so early..." Vinata chirped and hoped that his friend would be just as pleased to see him.
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Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
While the hour was early, Lucan cin Nicander had been awake for a the last half hour, doing his morning exercise inside his cell.

It was almost meditative at that point, even though he changed the routine often enough to keep it from becoming too static. It was the generic kind of cardio and strength training learned in his youth as well as Starfleet Academy, but he liked to do it immediately when he woke up so that he could clear his head. With the Brig being empty outside the forcefield, only the transphasic light cannon mounted on its stand to be seen, Lucan knew he was only watched by the Brig Officer's surveillance unit in the deckhead. Therefore, he preformed his routine in his underwear, and shed them when he rinsed himself in the wash-stand set in the bulkhead. He'd heard the sliding doors, however, anticipating that there was someone about to arrive, so he had unhurriedly donned his uniform trousers to make himself a little bit more representable - beaded with water as he might be and his hair still being wet.

"Vinata?" he said when his visitor came into view, and his pale grey eyes took in his slightly dishevelled appearence. It really looked like his Ovri friend had worked through three shifts in a row. "By the winds, what happened? You look like you came straight from sickbay."

That was likely the case, only Lucan knew Vinata couldn't tell him if something alarming had happened, mission parameters and all, that, but perhaps he could tell him something? Either way, there was likely a reason why he had come at such an early hour.

The day before, Eun Sae Ji had come by to see him at long last, Lucan having feared the worst. He had been glad she did, having had impressions that she'd encountered an Infested through visions in the abyss, and that somehow... it had been him, only in some alternate reality. She'd confirmed it, said that she'd just needed some time to deal with her feelings about it, before she came to see him. He'd sent countless messages through others, to ask if she was all right, and when she finally came to see him, she had told him everything about it, and in hearing it he had seen it all in the darkness that dwelt inside. That she even came to see him at all was surprising, since she'd not just been subjected to the Niga virus, but being forced upon by his alternate self, right in front of the eyes of her Ensign lover.

Lucan had offered her what little words he could give her for comfort, mere noises that he felt was entirely too inadequate, before she had to leave for some away mission. What had happened between them right after visiting hours had been opened - many weeks back - remained a single event, and he knew not if Ji ever wanted to be with him after what she experienced. Was he even ready to subject her to his presence, after what she'd suffered at the hands of that Infested version of him? It remained entirely unresolved, and he knew not what to make of it.

And now Vinata had come, looking like he's been through the roughest of storms. "Come inside here," he told the Ovri, "sit down. You still have blood on your uniform."

Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan
Vinata could tell within the first moments of Lucan having taken notice to his arrival that his impromptu visitation had not been an annoyance. The palpable concern of his Câroon friend immediately sent a wave of emotion through the Ovri - it truly felt nice to have someone show concerns and genuine interest. Of course - it was always more difficult to deal with the trauma of his profession in the aftermath, Vinata knew that Lucan as a physician knew this all too well. The true challenge came when the stress hormones wore off and a medical practitioner was left with nothing but thoughts, horrific images and sometimes nightmares.

"Lucan..." Vinata croaked sadly, slightly choked on the emotions running through him. The Ovri wanted to remain strong for his friend, he knew Lucan had more than enough going on and he truly did not want to break-down in this offloading moment and cause even more stress to his friend. The nurse stifled a developing tear by quickly releasing his tongue to lick it off the corner of his right eye. The ongoing interaction was made even more difficult by the fact that Vinata could not truly be honest with the events that took place - it was directives from much higher above and the Ovri desired not to be the cause of any compromise to the Theurgy's ongoing directives.

"There was an event. Several more of our crew have perished." Vinata looked down once more, his own uniform truly reflective of that statement. It was now that he regretted not taking time to change before intruding on Lucan's space. 'Ever the dramatic Nurse Vojona..'He thought this to himself as Lucan encouraged him to enter the cage.

Vinata nodded and without the slightest hesitation entered into Nicander's space after he signalled to the security officer the intention to do so and the force field had shut off for a moment. Vojona fought the desire to run over to the Câroon and share an embrace - knowing the immediate comfort he would feel having Lucan's arms around him once more. At least he managed that much self-control. Instead, Vinata moved to sit down and tugged on his uniform skirt as he did to further cover his legs.

"I am most sorry about my appearance, Doctor. I neglected to change on my way from Sickbay. I was headed to get a few hours rest after a very long and tiring double. I... I just wanted to see you..." Vinata looked up at Lucan, his facial expression slightly crooked as if he was still staying off the urge to break down and cry. There was an unsureness and a vulnerability about Vojona now, something he would never have shown anyone else but Nicander, Hylota or the close friends he had lost along the way.

His guard was down. The illusion of being invincible to the effects of the prior night's traumas gone.

"I am Head Nurse now... There is that?" It was an attempt to soften the topic and deflect from his most unstable emotional state.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
Giving the distraught Ovri some space out of respect for the turmoil he seemed to be in, Lucan watched him sit down on the bunk, and he followed suit - looking at the way Vinata seemed self-conscious in his presence. It was a brief reminder of their past, before Lucan's true nature had been revealed, and the lies upon which their friendship had been built initially. Luckily, the two of them had moved past the manner in which they had first met, but having him so close stirred memories, to say the least.

Sitting next to him, water dripping from his hair, Lucan searched those black orbs that blinked and seemed to see the horrors of the night unfold again. By the winds, more dead? he wanted to ask more, but he knew he couldn't be privy to further detail. Knowing that something dire had happened was enough, and perhaps it caused him to worry more than he should, since only his imagination could fill in the blanks.

I have not sensed any weapons fire from other ships, so I doubt Admiral Sankolov has caught up to us, wherever we are on this side of that aperture we picked in the Azure Nebula. Was it another mutiny? Are the Devoted still at large and meaning to overthrow command? he asked himself as he looked at Vinata and heard the emotion bridging the unsaid. Since it had been a Devoted that shot him, before Vinata and his sister had been abducted by the Savi, Lucan knew not what had come of the fanatics since then.

This was when, Vinata told him about his promotion.

"Oh," he said, mind racing, for at first, he had thought it was Vinata's sister whom had died, but then he recalled how she'd rescinded the title of Head Nurse when she left the Theurgy. He'd learned since then, that it was Jovela who'd been reinstated, and it could only mean she was one of the victims. "Jovela, is she...?"

Frowning, Lucan glanced away thinking of the Risian woman whom had served as his Head Nurse since the Theurgy was commissioned in 2378. They might not have seen eye to eye all of the time, but they'd established a good working relationship. She had been beyond competent and capable, always putting the patients first, and now, she was gone. Lucan had almost lost her during the Niga Incident, but he'd managed to bring her out of stasis and tend to her wounds before the battle at Starbase 84.

"How many...?" he began to ask, his face still twisted in concern, but he waved away his own question. "No, I don't want to know..."

Instead, he could but focus on Vinata, and he put his unhurt hand on his friends leg - seeking his eyes with his own. It was eerie how the Ovri somewhat resembled the Savi, at least around the eyes, and he had meant to ask Vinata of it, but he was only passingly familiar with the enigmatic Vigilant of Sa, so he had little grounds on which to speculate about any connections.

"Is there anything I can do?" he asked quietly, his pale grey eyes searching his friend's.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan
Having sat down on the bunk and absorbed the presence of his close friend, Lucan, there was a sense of relief within Vinata now. It had affirmed his own decision to give in to the urge to have stopped by prior to getting some rest. The Ovri took comfort in sharing close proximity to the Câroon - it certainly had not been that way a month prior, Vinata accepted it as just a natural evolution in having forgiven their darkened past.

As Vinata heard Lucan's question regarding Jovela, his mind left the physical space they were currently sharing and the Ovri experienced an intense flashback. Jovela's body laid lifeless on the biobed, her flesh burnt, scarred, ravaged by the explosion - one could almost not tell it was her without the bio scans to confirm. The stench. That overwhelming smell of crisped flesh, which had caused Vinata's stomach to turn upside down and inside out.

"Yes.. She is no longer with us. I was not able to save her." The Ovri expressed this in a very solemn tone - his own reply had helped drive himself out of the flash-back and Vinata was once more able to focus on the cell he was in, the shared space he currently occupied with Nicander.

It was hard - Vinata wanted to open up more. To be able to explain things in detail to his friend. It was a delicate and treacherous balancing act - but the Ovri felt he had done no harm in revealing his new position nor the 'event' without having specified what it was. Lucan deserved to know that more crew had perished, in the very least. Truth be told - Vinata also did not have much desire to further indulge in a counselling session. His experience in having dealt with the emotions and actions up to visiting Lucan initially back when Theurgy was receiving repairs at Aldea had not been a negative one, but Vojona much rather open up and process things with a close friend.

Lucan was that friend now.

The Câroon's touch startled Vinata, but it did not show, and the initial shock was quickly replaced by a warm feeling which ran through him. The touch was most welcomed and Vinata simply slipped his own hand over Nicander's and squeezed it lightly. He gave Lucan a warm smile and the two shared a deep moment of eye contact.

"You are doing it now already Lucan." The Ovri chirped and gave a light squeeze of the Câroon's hand once more. The genuine care that was being shown to him was more than enough reassurance that things would move forward like they always did on Theurgy. "I am most grateful to just sit here with you. To share in friendship." Vinata maintained eye contact with Lucan, and while his words were true there was certainly more below the surface. The Ovri wanted more, a part of him just wanted to kiss his friend for things to progress even further and for them to share in intimacy once more.

'This is not the time for that Vinata... It would not be appropriate... Do not make this awkward... Do not ruin this...' The newly minted Head Nurse's thoughts ravaged the forefront of the moment once more but this had managed to keep Vinata from moving in closer to kiss and giving in to the urges within him. He was confident that someday - somehow - when the moment was right - the two of them would share a bed once more. That Lucan's cock would penetrate his new parts and show him a world of pleasure that he had not yet experienced by his own choice.

The present moment was not indicative of giving in to those indulging thoughts though - Vinata had just arrived at Lucan's cell, covered in blood, with news of death - one person exposed for sure, Jovela, whom the Câroon would have known for a long while and worked with closely. Despite his own sexual desires for the man, Vinata was insightful enough to realize this.

"I do hope I can visit you one of these times with good news, Doctor. With happy thoughts." The Ovri sighed and broke the intensity of their shared eye contact. He looked forward now - "I fear if I do not, you will start to regret the times I show up here to visit."
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
The notion of good news seemed jocular to Lucan after all that had befallen him and the ship as a whole, and it made him chuckle lightly. This, in spite of what he'd just learned.

"At this rate, good news seem far away, yet don't think it reflects upon you in any regard," he said, though he was glad that what little he could do at the moment seemed enough for Vinata. He looked at the four-fingered hand that rested upon his tattooed one. He thought for a moment, as he looked into the black orbs of the Ovri, of the times they had been together in the past. When there was no surveillance of their every moment and no Brig Officer posted at the far end of the brig. They did have a modicum of privacy, yet not enough to revisit those old memories, as much as he would have liked to.

Of course, he'd been intimate with Chief Ji in the very holding cell they had just occupied, in a spur of the moment, and it might have been something that ruined things between Ji and her Ensign lover. He regretted it because of the trouble it had put her in, but he hadn't known of this Liam Herrold that she'd even shared quarters with. He could just hope he hadn't ruined things for them, in case she decided to stay with the Ensign. He very much doubted Ji wished to pursue anything with himself, in any regard, because she'd suffered at his hands in that parallel universe she'd visited. How would she ever entertain the notion of remaining friends with him, after what she'd endured? No, she will never trust me again.

The question was, however, if Vinata trusted him after what had happened that day in sickbay, when the Devoted had almost killed him? Was this present moment any indication that the Ovri actually did forgive him, and didn't just say he did?

Looking at Vinata's hand as it covered his own, he realised he hadn't been entirely sure his friend actually had forgiven him for all that had happened, that he had just needed to forgive him for sake of his own sanity, and need for some manner of companionship after Hylota left. The moment shared, as they'd looked into his eyes, had Lucan both realise that he'd doubted Vinata, and at the very same time this realisation dawned on him.... he knew that those doubts were entirely unfounded.

Vinata was likely tired, completely drained after this enigmatic incident that had taken Jovela from them, but nonetheless, Lucan wanted to make sure the Ovri held no doubts about him being a welcome visitor, good news or bad. So he raised his artificial hand and put it on Vinata's cheek, quietly turning his head towards him. He leaned in a little bit, and slanted his lips across his in a firm kiss.

There was that unique taste of the Ovri, filling his senses, the pheromones a reminder of the past as well, and it affected him as deeply as it rushed through his head. His mind tethered at the onslaught, for as known as it had become to him, it remained as potent as it used to be. A sound escaped his throat, knowing intellectually that the pheormones triggered an output of nitrogen oxide and noradrenaline. These substances increased blood-flow throughout his body, pooling in his loins, and it gave him a rush more sudden and uncontrolled than any other kiss might.

So, it took quite the effort to end the kiss and pull back, his heart beating in in ears, and his vision being a bit blurred as he opened his pale grey eyes again. His wet hair had been dripping against the Ovri's blue skin, leaving beads of water across his cheek and neck, as well as his legs. A shiver passed through Lucan, his real hand warm as it laid against Vinata's thigh, and he had to swallow before he could talk anew. "I hope you know that."
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Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan
There was a sense of relief as Lucan's words affirmed that the lack of good news certainly did not reflect on Vinata. The Ovri gave his friend a warm but tired smile. He too had a fury of thoughts run through his exhausted mind - some of which were past moments shared, but regardless of his erratic thought patterns, the present moment with Lucan did bring an overlaying sense of relief and calmness.

There had been much emotional turmoil to work through in order for the two of them to end up here, now, holding hands and enjoying shared company with each other. Overall though, Vinata was pleased he had pushed himself to process the traumas of his past and the devastating moment he had endured when trust had been breached during Lucan's reveal as an infested, only moments before the Savi had abducted the Theurgy crew.

It seemed so far in the past now. Like it had happened in another lifetime. As far as Vinata was concerned, it could stay there. He had truly moved onwards and genuinely desired to maintain and continue to put the effort in the rebuilding of his close friendship with the Câroon.

There was a shift in the intensity of the eye contact between them now, Vinata seemed to know that Lucan's own mind seemed to be busy processing thoughts and feelings. He was certainly not a telepath but knew how to read people and their body language, it came in the tool-kit of any sensible and capable nurse.

As Lucan's artificial hand raised to his face, there was no withdrawal from the Ovri. Vinata had no doubt that the intention behind his friend's movements were pure and free of ill-intent. It happened so fast, though, Vinata felt Lucan's lips on his own. The connection sent waves of pleasure down his own spine and he moaned slightly - the taste - Lucan's taste - how Vinata had desired it so, a desire that was confirmed and fully acknowledged now in the moment. The Ovri relished the feeling, the closeness, the intimate action of his friend. It somehow just reaffirmed any doubts that the Nurse had in regards to his own visits. He knew Lucan wanted him to be here - and could only hope his own enthusiasm and lack of withdrawal only worked to affirm any doubts the Câroon might have had.

Vinata's own arousal was quite prominent - the kiss had caused further swelling of his vaginal area, it was an unusual but quite enjoyable sensation. Similar to that of the many erections he had experienced when he had a penis but much different at the same time. The feeling seemed to rush his whole body and not just isolate to the genetalia area - there were waves of both warm and cool sensations all over. Vinata moaned softly as Lucan broke the kiss - he was certain the look on his face was a mixture of arousal and sadness that it had ended.

The Câroon's sweat had dripped down to his own cheek and Vinata, without any thought what-so-ever, released his long tongue and licked up the salty and musky tasting bodily fluid. It was after it happened, that he became slightly self-conscious as to the action, he could only hope that Lucan would not have been disgusted by the act. It was only Vinata's way of truly embracing all of his friend, his smell and taste.

The warmness of Lucan's hand on his own thigh caused the lips of his Vaginal area of swell even more. Vinata could feel a dampness bellow now, and knew that his body was primed and ready for Lucan to take him here - and now. "I know Doctor... I know..." Vinata had to reply, but it took much more effort than it should to form the words.

The Ovri's own hand moved down and gently tugged on Lucan's in an attempt to move it below his skirt. He had to give in to the urge and desire to feel Lucan's hands against his sensitive area. He wanted to know how it would feel, to have someone else gently caress the area. Vinata also moved back in and made contact with Lucan's lips once more, this time with even more earnestness and intensity.

"Lucan..." Vinata expressed the doctor's name in a muffled moan, with such arousal, while the two still had their lips together. He knew that they should probably stop - but he would leave that in Nicander's court now. Part of him now wondered though, if Lucan even wanted him in this way. Vinata no longer had his penis - nor the parts of a male - would Nicander still desire him? It seemed that way so far. The thought, although very much overpowered by his own arousal, did cause the Ovri to reflect on the talk he had with Tyre only moments before coming to visit Nicander. The Chief Medical Officer and newly minted Head Nurse had shared conversation about his own decision and reflection on the sex-change he had endured at the hands of the Savi.

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Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
Having no idea what he'd just begun - what his reassurance and show of affection might lead do, Lucan was moving more and more beyond rational thought by the moment.

Vinata's four fingers tugged on his tattooed hand, urging it up his thigh and past the hem of his uniform skirt, and there was no time to voice any concerns or cautionary words towards making him do so. For instead, his lips were covered anew by the Ovri's, and he could feel that long tongue moving against his own as they shared in a deeper kiss than the one before. That tongue of Vinata's had been seen briefly as it licked residual water from blue skin, water that had still lingered after he'd washed himself prior to the Nurse's visit. The warmth and wetness of Vinata's mouth was merely an emphasis for the pheromonal effects, a taste that broke down any lingering doubts as to what Lucan wanted. He should cease and stop the development on Vinata's account, not wanting him exposed to the surveillance units mounted outside and inside the holding cell, which were recording everything. What if the Brig officer spread the word, and what would it mean for Vinata if hearsay had it that the Head Nurse was being intimate with the 'evil demon doctor in the brig'?

Yet when he felt the Ovri's dewy folds against the back of a couple of his fingers, it was exceedingly difficult to retain those notions of propriety. Even the parasite inside seemed to demand more, remembering and wanting to experience an Ovri once again. Only while it's intentions were not wholesome beyond the carnal needs that drove it, and those intentions were not limited to pleasure but violence and harm as well, Lucan's own desires matched it to a point. With the willingness shown by the Nurse, how was he supposed to stop himself? He should, but the pheromones were breaking down any kind of structured thought on the matter.

What he could do, as a small measure of preserving Vinata's modesty, was to pull the Ovri into his lap, so that Vinata had his back towards the surveillance of the cell - thus keeping his spread legs to being completely on display. Thus - with the kiss never broken in the transition - Lucan could grant Vinata what he wanted - the Nurse now straddling his lap on the bunk. He stroked the swollen nether lips in earnest, while battling Vinata's longer tongue with his own. His artificial hand got a mind of it's own, it seemed, as it sought to open the front of the Ovri's uniform, along with that teal undershirt, so that he could feel Vinata's skin against his own. His tattoed hand, however, was soon traversing the warm depths of the Nurse with two fingers - twisting and churning in the wet grip of the Savi-engineered passage.

Merely having had the time to don his uniform trousers before Vinata stepped into his cell, Lucan was painfully aware how he strained against the cloth that covered him - his hardness difficult to hide despite how it remained contained.

"This is a bad idea," he breathed against Vinata's lips, but it was more akin to a warning than any sign that he wanted to stop - the memories of their times together having come alive once more in the holding cell. So much was different since then, physically so for them both, but there was also a foundation of truth that had been sorely lacking before. And that, if anything, made the heated moment seem that much more important.
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Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan

Vinata relished the intimacy that he currently shared with Lucan - the deep and passionate kissing, the waves of excitement and bliss that seemed to cover him as a spider would their prey in a cocoon. There had been that lingering voice, deep on the horizon, almost out of audible range now that had been attempting to scream sense and rational thought into the Ovri. 'You should stop Vinata... Stop... This is not a good idea...' But Vinata actively chose to ignore the inner workings of his psyche and instead focused on fully immersing himself into the taste of Nicander.

A high-pitched moan escaped him as he felt Lucan's fingers begin to toy with his moist and willing area. The simple touch seemed to send shockwaves across his inner thighs and Vinata was desperate for more, his body lunged towards the touch without thought.

Yes... Vinata was aware of the effect his physiology would have on another species, once fully engaged in such actions as this. Here in lie a responsibility of the Ovri to maintain some sense of separation from the hormonal bliss, he should have acknowledged the effects and stopped things where they were. However - Vinata simply did not want to stop now, this is what he had truly wanted for so long now. The accumulation of all of their chats and the ever building sexual tension between them. 

Despite the possible consequences. The talk - the word that would spread among the crew, Vinata was not embarrassed of his friendship with Lucan and he would not let himself be embarrassed of the intimacy with his friend either. It was not the Ovri way.

"Mmmmmmmph..." Vinata mouthed in surprise, while the kiss maintained between them, as Lucan had with little effort flipped him onto his lap. This opened up the lips of Vinata's vagina even more, and he seemed to vibrate as Nicander more aggressively stroked the swollen area.

The stroking of the Câroon soon turned to a sharpness of what was two of Nicander's fingers. They traversed the sensitive and unexplored depthness of Vinata's canal. This caused the Ovri's thighs to shake and quiver, and he expelled a vocal chorus of various chirps, croaks and moans. It seemed Lucan's fingers knew exactly what to do, and the nurse reveled in the pleasurable sensations of such.

Vinata could also clearly feel Lucan's hard member underneath him, straining in his pants. It seemed even larger than the Ovri remembered. The thought of it entering him, in such an unexplored area, should have frightened him but the sexual desire seemed to quell any doubts. Vinata wanted Lucan to take him, to enter him without hesitation and mercy, to fuck him slow at first and then hard and without mercy.

"I know... I..." Vinata fought hard to form words, in between riding what was the start and buildup of an oncoming orgasm, simply from the inner workings of Lucan's fingers. "I do not care, Doctor... Please... Take me here... Do not stop..." Vinata moved downwards, taking even more of Nicander's fingers, his free hand had found the hardness below and began to stroke Lucan's aroused member over the confines of his trousers.

"I want you in me Lucan." Vinata playfully nibbled  Lucan's bottom lip after he stated his desire - it was pure. He did not care of any audience, or the fact they were indeed providing a show to the security team.  It did not matter to him. He needed to embrace the pleasures that awaited - the pleasure he knew that his friend could give him.
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Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH02: S [D02|0635] An Impromptu Visitation
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
Lucan supposed he should have known that Vinata wouldn't care so much about them having an audience, since Ovri were more free in their sexual expression than many other species. This realisation, however, was mostly unconscious - like a fickle notion lost in the maelstrom of anticipation and desire that had caught them both.

Even as his fingers churned the wet warmth between Vinata's legs, this area that had once been entirely different, Lucan managed to get both the Head Nurse's uniform jacket and undershirt open with his artificial hand. A hasty and fumbling manoeuvre since the digital nervous system of his ceramic fingers could only integrate that well with his own, even under normal conditions. The exotically textured and coloured torso of the Ovri was laid bare soon enough, however, and the gratifying feeling of sensing Vinata's chest against his own whilst they moved could hardly be described. Still, their tongues battled in the immediate aftermath of their rushed exchange of words, and there were no doubts left to address.

His tattooed hand left Vinata, fingers vacating the slick confines so that he might free his hardness, which had responded all too quickly to the Ovri's four fingers. With neither of them able to briddle themselves, Lucan soon enough had his phallus aligned with Vinata, and he leaned back with his head against the bulkhead so that he might look into those black eyes... just as he pushed the Ovri down unto himself. A sound escaped his throat as he locked eyes with his friend, something between a gasp and a hiss through his teeth, when he slid inside the tight embrace.

It was unjust of him to do so, but the closest reference he held in memory was that of Vinata's sister, whom his parasitic self had been intimate with before. Her being Ovri as well, he couldn't help making the unspoken comparison between Vinata and her. Yet Hylota Vojona had been altogether male in anatomy except for her genitalia, and in this, Vinata differed greatly in the present. In fact, the only thing which Vinata now shared with his sister in that moment was the sensation of being inside the brother, and yet Lucan knew that Hylota had been altered as well, just to fit the norm the Savi had pushed onto them on the Versant. An experiment made out of a calling to perpetuate the model of the Progenitors, or had it merely been a pretext for their curiosity? Lucan had no idea...

Regardless what had been the case, Vinata was still himself in all aspects save the his biology, and that was entirely secondary to sharing in the moment. To give in to the promise of old memories that dwelt between them whenever they spoke.

Leaning forward anew, Lucan's eyes drifted shut before he kissed his friend anew, and let him dictate the pace lest he'd hurt himself.

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan

'This is just.... Marvelous....' And it was. Vinata truly felt magnificent - here and now - in the lap of Lucan Nicander, the man's fingers within him, driving a primal instinctive rage to satisfy within the Ovri. There was little inhibition left within him now, what had replaced it was a feeling Vinata thought was long lost - the thrill and excitement that came with intimacy. There was also the context of the entire setting too, the exhibistionism in it only further drove the intensity.

"Yes. Mmmmphm." Vinata moaned as Lucan tugged his uniform tunic and undershirt open. Vinata drove himself even further into the Câroon's fingers, which had so far made him feel so much pleasure. His vaginal area had become even more wet, open and ready for Lucan's member to enter. There was also the warmth that came with their bare skin now having touched each other, since his own body had become free of the confines of his Starfleet uniform.

With little effort of his own, Vinata shed the remainder of the uniform jacket himself onto the floor. There was little shame in this event - it was almost as if a switch had gone off and allowed the Ovri to become one with himself again. Ovri were not shamed in the act of copulation - it was something to be celebrated, enjoyed and revered.

There was an audible whine as Vinata felt Lucan's fingers leave the confines of his private area - it felt so empty without them there and an immediate longing had replaced the wonderful sensations his Câroon friend had provided. The interlude was brief however, as soon Vinata felt the incredibly large member align with his area. For a moment, he had doubts in the act once more, only in hesitation of the sheer size of Lucan's tool.

The Ovri maintained intense eye contact with Nicander, whom had moved his head against the bulkhead. Vinata gave him a playful and seductive look - and within moments he felt the large head of Lucan's phallus pass his willing vaginal-lips, there was an urge to close his eyes and tip his own head backwards but he fought it - instead he maintained deep eye contact with his friend and he too gasped for air as the intensity set in.

'It's so much bigger than I remember....' There was little energy for thought within his own mind, given the mixture of pain and pleasure that was building below. This was however - Vinata's first conscious engagement, beyond what he had been forced to do with Hi'Jak in the confines of his Savi imprisonment. Those images were barely a dream though - something that he had not really let become an issue. This - this act was intentional and of his own volition. This was different from anything the Ovri had ever experienced in his life thus far. This was the act that would seal the decision for him to remain as he was, regardless of the complexities and gender-bending fuckery that came with it.

It was right.

It felt right.

It was fucking amazing.

Pure bliss.

"Yes.... Yes.... Lucan... Doctor..." Vinata muttered in between gasps for breath as he rode Lucan's member, slowly trying to take more and more of its large size. The pain had started to subside and was replaced with only more intense feelings and butterflies. Vinata could remember when he had asked his sister, Hylota, what it was like to have sex with a vagina. He was much younger and he and his siter often talked about sex openly, as many Ovri did. Hylota had struggled to find the words to bring meaning to it.

Vinata finally understood why. There were no words for this. It was impossible to describe. Words could not do it justice. Vinata leaned in as well and made out passionately with the Câroon - the distraction had allowed him to push down even further and start to pick up the pace. Lucan had clearly given control of the effort to him, which Vinata was thankful for. His thigh muscles tightened and quivered, his vaginal canal felt like it simply could not take anything more within it, there was this most satisfying feeling of fullness which Vinata simply did not want to go away.

The Ovri pulled back from the kiss and groaned in a most primal way. His fingers brushed Lucan's shoulders and then grasped his chest. His right hand moved down to play with his friend's left nipple - Vinata gave it a playful brush and then clamped down with some pressure.
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
With Vinata's uniform jacket on the deck of the holding cell, his undershirt had come off one of his shoulders too, which may have granted the Security Officers surveying the cell some more Ovri skin to see, but from the front, the view was all the more enticing. In fact, seeing how the overhead light was playing over the minute texture of the Head Nurse's skin, Lucan's famished eyes found the sight equal to the sensation of Vinata's undulating movements.

His friend had come in for another taste, their tongues finding each other once more as the madness continued unchecked. The rush of the Ovri pheromones traversed the landscape of his consciousness, fuelling his mounting desire and tearing down any vestigial control he still retained. In that lay the danger, however, in how the thing wanted not just pleasure from the way their bodies joined, but it also wished to satisfy the need to hurt and maim this rare lover...

Then, the minute pain of feeling Vinata pinching him threatened to tip the scales. The pain sparked a notion of revenge.

No, thought Lucan, frowning and gritting his teeth together mid-coitus, even though his eyes were closed and riding the euphoria shared with Vinata. He rested his forehead against the faint mortar and pestle mark that the Head Nurse wore, centring himself mentally. This, even as his mismatched hands had seized the Ovri's waist - assisting in making Vinata grind himself down unto their joining. He willed himself to not seize that lovely throat with his artificial hand and choke the Ovri to death, using the thrashing body to spend himself post mortem. When finished, he'd just drop the lifeless body to the deck, just to watch it twitch and leak his semen. No!

Lucan found how his tattooed hand had begun to roam the front of Vinata's torso, cupping a bared breast as their bodies moved together on the bunk, yet it was moving closer to the vulnerable throat...

He managed to stop it, however, from climbing any farther. He wrested control back, mentally, and suppressed the dark notions that rose out of the abyss. Instead, he managed to shift focus to the sensation of being inside his friend, and how he'd longed to be with the Ovri since last they'd shared quarters - before the Savi had attacked the ship. It seemed ages ago, when so much had happened since then. To feel Vinata close again was like a premonition, that there might be hope for him yet. To return to some semblance of normality. Experiencing freedom once more, and ability to share in intimacy. Indulging the drives of his Câroon body with those who knew he was innocent. A victim of circumstance, doing as best as he could to protect the crew, even if he'd had to keep his true nature a secret in order to do so.

"Vinata," he said thickly, in warning, as he might come far too soon if his friend continued to do what he did.

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan

Vinata moaned and whimpered almost as his own head connected with that of Nicander's. The Ovri continued to buckle his hips and ride the Câroon's most impressive cock. The sensation of pleasure, desire and an overwhelming release seemed to further overcome him.

Vinata could feel the build-up of what he could only guess was an oncoming orgasm. At first, he was hesitant to give into it as he did not want to finish so quickly - although the hesitation was quickly calmed down by the realisation that he indeed could have more than one, no longer limited by the confines of a male-orgasm. True - even if he did still have his penis, he could release in more than one go but that was not common in his experiences.

The Ovri remained oblivious to the conflicts within the lover that was currently in him. Had he been attune to the conflict and dark thoughts Lucan had pulled away from the surface, Vinata would have most likely been fearful and hesitant to engage in this interaction for fear of his life. Sure - there were signs, Lucan's own hesitations ever so slightly palpable in the interaction but the Ovri was simply overcome with selfish urge to pleasure himself in use of his friend. The entire experience was more than Vinata had ever hoped it would be.

Despite his own selfish indulgence, the Head Nurse was able to ascertain the meaning behind the mention of his name. He could tell that the stimulation he had delivered to Lucan's nipple was pushing the Câroon over the edge and with that realization, Vojona promptly retracted his fingers and chuckled playfully. Instead - his long tongue extended and playfully circled the nipple he had just pinched, if only to sooth the prior stimulation.

"This...." Vinata gasped as Lucan hit a particularly sensitive area within him. "It is so good." The Ovri's head tipped backwards, which exposed his neck even more to Lucan. "Oh.. Lucan.. Right there... Please..." The Ovri could feel himself begin to tighten up, he needed his friend to take him there. He knew that Lucan would deliver.

Vinata needed to cum. Right then and there.
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
The sight of Vinata leaning his head back, and the overhead lights playing over the front of his torso was enough to push Lucan towards imminent release as well - the siphoning movements of his friend sealing the outcome. Running his arms around the Ovri, Lucan added his own strength to help his lover grind down unto him. He stifled the louder sounds he wanted to make, knowing they might and mightn't have a live audience farther down the hallway - all depending on whether the Brig officer would be looking at the monitor.

In the throws of passion, his artificial hand come to stay behind Vinata's back, while his tattooed hand ventured down to that uniform skirt, and snuck beneath it - feeling the flexing muscles of the Ovri's buttock in the final moments of the madness they'd come to share. Like any other vaginal passage, engineered by Savi or not, it was clenching him - clearly indicating that his friend was due to pass the threshold as well. Momentary bliss of ignorance, or dampened thoughts and cancelled concerns, was just beyond, and with his warm breath against the Ovri's breasts, he crossed into euphoria.

Molten warmth spilled inside the Head Nurse, filling him up more and more with each thrust, and Lucan ground his teeth together to stop himself from crying out. His pale grey eyes were clenched shut, and the pleasure crashed through him as if it might make his loins crumble. A gasping intake of breath got through his teeth at long last, while the immediate aftershocks made him shudder. He had no words, nor could he cease to leisurely move as they had up until then, the slower motions of their act continuing as if he never wanted it to end. There was truth in that, for certain, for he didn't want to part from Vinata just yet. He was still throbbing and hard, sensitive, as his body had yet to realise what had happened.

Eventually, he opened his eyes to look at Vinata, in the immediate aftermath of what had come over them.
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan

Vinata could immediately tell that Lucan had picked up on the smallest ques that his body had given off - so in tune with what he had desired and wanted to feel. The sensations that he had experienced were almost beyond words and his canal began to convulse and tighten even harder around the Câroon's large member. It was as if an orgasmic furry of electricity had travelled from his legs all the way to his head, beyond anything he had experienced before.

Vinata lost control and seemed to vibrate - he was grateful that Lucan had moved his arm behind to help support him as his body seemed to lose all voluntary neural-transmission. He had wanted to scream in pleasure, and was certainly doing so within the confines of his mind, but thankfully it translated to only muffled whimpers of ecstasy.

The Ovri had experienced not one, but several orgasms in a row, enough to completely overwhelm what sense he had left in the space that he and Lucan shared. It was a moment that seemed truly and completely ethereal. Vinata had felt the warm, generous offering of Lucan's orgasm fill him even more and knew that sadly their moment was coming to a close.

Vinata did not want it to end and so he pulled himself forward and collapsed into Lucan's tight hold. The Ovri attempted to control his breathing, to help his racing heart return to some sort of normalcy. He nesseled his face in the crook of his friend's neck and tightened his arms around him - he hoped Lucan would embrace him back and not fully rush an ending to the most wonderful moment they had just shared.

Vinata was completely and utterly exhausted now though - the challenging night before him, the nearly double shift he had pulled in providing care and leadership to his department - the promotions and conversation with Doctor Tyre. He wasn't even certain if he was capable of having the energy to walk to his quarters, or form words for that matter.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
Holding Vinata close, his chest pressed to his own, Lucan remained inside his friend. He was still hard and throbbing since his body had yet to realise what had happened. Riled up, and his focal point of mind still narrowed down to the primal urges that they had both  indulged in, Lucan did not wish for the moment shared with the Ovri to end.

So, in a minute decision made without forethought, he picked Vinata up, carrying him in his arms so that the nurse would have to wrap his legs around his waist. He had yet to vacate his friend as he pushed him up against the bulkhead. He found himself kissing the Ovri again, whilst in an awkward transition running his arms underneath his digitigrade legs - just to help keep him from sliding out of his embrace. He had his back towards the surveillance unit in the deckhead as well, preserving Vinata's modesty somewhat from the eyes of Security. The sounds the impassioned sounds the Ovri made kept Lucan attentive and wanting more, and as sensitive as he'd become, be began to move against his friend again - yet to be sated even though he'd already spent himself. The window of time he had, before his body settled down, was limited, so he would make the most of it.

Lucan simply didn't want it to end.

Perhaps the pheromones had driven him mad, and fuelled the fires of passion and his body, yet he didn't know for certain. Nor did he really care. The taste of Vinata in his mouth urged him to continue, and so he did. He pushed himself beyond any common thresholds, and instead of Vinata dictating the pace, he now commanded it.

"You drive me mad," he managed to grate against the Ovri's alien lips, but he believed he still had something resembling control, just to keep himself from hurting his friend. Not just in the manner of subduing the trespasser inside him, but in the act itself - not meaning to cause pain. He chose not to comment on the fact that when they'd been together before, they had both enjoyed in shared sodomy, but it did cross his mind, how what they were doing was new to them both, even if the intimacy itself wasn't.

In short order, he found that - perhaps because of the Ovri pheromones - his hardness remained, and so did the pace he'd set, and the sensitivity only caused the experience to be that much better when they continued beyond the preconceived thresholds.

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan

Vinata relished the close contact with his friend, and in the brief pause before Lucan took full control, the Ovri focused on riding out the high of the intense orgasms the Câroon had delivered to him. It was an ironic feeling - how safe the Nurse felt in the arms of the man who was indeed infested. If Lucan had lost control, Vinata was sure that the darkness within him would have shown no mercy in delivering a fatal conclusion. It was sick but he couldn't help but admit there was some level of excitement and thrill to the whole ordeal - like lying in a cage with a domestic lion, unsure of exactly if and when the lion might decide to turn.

There was a loud moan from the Ovri as Lucan again made contact with his lips. Much as the Câroon had relished the taste and dosage of pheromones from the amphibian like creature, Vinata too loved the taste of Lucan's lips and saliva. He had shared intimacy with many in his life thus far but Nicander had a certain taste to him, at least to Vinata, like some sweetened-coriander. It was a taste that Vinata had missed more than he had been aware of himself.

Consumed with the kiss and the feeling of Lucan's large and still rock-hard cock invading his canal, Vinata had hardly realised that the Câroon had lifted him up and shoved him against the bulkhead. Perhaps it was yet another clouded and intense orgasmic surge which had seemingly removed all concept of space and time temporarily. Vinata was grateful that Lucan had taken to securing the bottoms of his legs, despite the momentary disconnect, his own legs had instinctively wrapped around the man. His back had felt secure against the bulkhead but the Ovri was still slightly worried that his own lack of muscle control would result in a fall to the deck-plating.

This worry however had quickly dissipated as Lucan continued to fuck him with earnest. Vinata was completely out of control now - at the mercy of the man who somehow had not finished with him yet. It was overwhelming, to be taken to the edge again but he had certainly been grateful and appreciative that their moment had continued and not ended.

"You.. You make me feel like no other.." Vinata stared into the man's eyes and had replied with great effort immediately after Lucan's own comment of madness. If this was what madness would result in - the Ovri was most happy to oblige and continue to take him there. The whole event had reaffirmed that this was indeed what Vinata wanted, how right it felt to be intimate with someone like this - he did not miss his own cock even slightly now, if this was where true intimacy and pleasure could take him as a fully embodied biological female.

The Ovri tried to muffle his own moans but given his tired state, he found himself less able too. A mixture of grunts and blissful-gasps expelled with each thrust of Lucan's magnificent cock as it moved fully into him and seemed to touch his very insides. His own heart began to pick up pace and his head fell further back onto the bulkhead.

"I... Oh... Lucan.... Oh..." Vinata had tried to tell him that he was again on the edge, ready to be pushed off at the whim of his friend. He needed Lucan to push him off, just once more. Vinata craved that feeling of electrical surge throughout his entire body once more.
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
Being entirely of a similar interest, Lucan had no intentions of stopping. Driven on beyond his thresholds by the Ovri pheromones, high on Vinata and the taste of him, he was lost to the act itself and the heightened manner in which he could feel everything.

He felt the way the orange and blue skin - with its minute, soft texture - rubbed against his own; the manner in which Vinata would writhe in pleasure; the alien breath against his face; the sound his lover made in the confines of the holding cell; the manner in which his phallus was massaged by the newly bio-engineered passage; the heat from their bodies generated whilst they moved together; and subconsciously... there was the sense of forgiveness for past lies and the atrocities of the parasite. A passenger, that while it tired to seize control, was deterred by the fact that there was no threat or schism to exploit. No hold to use, in which it might ever succeed.

Lucan was whole, and rode the wave of euphoria to its second completion.

Just in time to bring Vinata across once more, in a shared crescendo. A climax that would finally let them come to their senses.

Coming down from the heights of pleasure, having spent what little there was left inside his friend, Lucan opened his eyes to look into Vinata's eyes - lips pursed and heart hammering in his chest. His breath ragged, he slowly set the digitigrade legs down down, one at the time, and it made him finally vacate the Ovri given their differences in height. He still had his arms wrapped around Vinata's waist as they stood there, and he had to swallow before he could utter any words in the aftermath.

"This was a bad idea," he rasped, chuckling a little, "as much as I enjoyed it. I just hope... that it will not affect you poorly, that you came to visit me."

He raised his tattooed hand and stroked Vinata's head, his thumb gently caressing the pestle and mortar on his forehead. "I thank you, either way, for restoring faith in the life that still remains to me." He took another, still shuddering, breath, and he found a small smile. "Hopefully, I will be able to leave some day, when I am free of this thing inside."

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Security Centre | Deck 7 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Auctor Lucan

Vinata surrendered himself completely to the mercy of his dear friend Lucan - the man ravished him and took him over the edge once more. Vinata felt the orgasm come on in full force and moaned as that familiar, addictive and quite amazing feeling overcame him from toe-to-head - that electrical shock of bliss that simply caused him to lose all capacity at thought for a moment.

It had been quite the session - Vinata's own body had called for surrender before their second copulation - and so he was most thankful when Lucan had gently released him. His own digigrade legs had waivered slightly as they once more took on the weight of his body, Lucan's hands too had remained to help steady him. Vinata looked at his friend with appreciation, knowing full well that had the Câroon simply let go with haste, he would have collapsed to the Brig flood and further made a show for security.

The Ovri's senses had returned, his brain now processing that he had indeed provided a very public show for some of his crewmates. This event would not be unspoken of - and he could only be grateful that Lucan had indeed done his best to cover him and maintain as much of his dignity as possible. Vinata did not regret the act, not even for a moment, but there was part of him that had wished the two had been allowed full privacy to engage in their intimacy.

"I cannot disagree with you there Doctor. It perhaps was not the brightest of ideas." Vinata chuckled as he began to redress himself. "I thank you Doctor, for showing me the true pleasures that this new body of mine are capable of." Vinata was truly appreciative, more than he could formulate in words, Lucan had helped him to explore in choice the ability to experience un-imaginable pleasures in this Savi-manufactured state. His friend had in a way sealed once and for all, his own decision to remain as is. Vinata simply did not want to lose what was possible in terms of pleasure with his new biological-self.

"Until that day is here. I do hope we can continue to share in this fun together." He had spoken to the mentioned day where Lucan might be free of the darkness. While this act would have some level of repercussions on Theurgy, at least through gossip among the ranks in the very least, it was not enough to deter Vinata's desire to continue on with this side of their friendship. "That was... Truly wonderful.." The Ovri sighed in after-though-pleasure while he assumed a seat on the rather spartan looking bed, in a classy woman-like manner.

"Are you doing okay Lucan?" The sexual tension now having passed - The Ovri wanted to genuinely know that his friend was okay. "Have the crew treated you properly?" He did worry for Lucan's safety, knowing that the presence within him certainly did not make him a popular person among the crew. He of course was not aware of the level of dangers that Lucan had been put through, using his farsight for example. Vinata was simply too far down the ranks to be privy to such knowledge, without disclosure from the Câroon.
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[ Doctor Lucan cin Nicander | Brig | Security Center | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Aharon
Coming down from the heights he'd visited with his friend, Lucan's heart was still hammering in his chest when he slowly sat down unto the deck - cross-legged and bare-feet.

"Well," he said, swallowing since his mouth was dry. He frowned a little in thought, mind still lingering on how Vinata held no regrets and seemed to wish to return. "I have visitors rarely, and they all treat me differently - ranging from well to poorly depending on what they need of me. I like to think I've begun to be treated better, after that the Senior Staff allowed for visitors. This would be around the time you first came to visit me, a month or so ago."

His pale grey eyes shifted to Vinata where he sat, continuing. "I would think my level of cooperation has shown them what they don't want to see;" he said with a chuckle, "that I am not the villain they want me to be. Some of them accept that's the case, while others cling to their pre-conceived idea of what the Infested are."

Lucan chuckled, shaking his head a little. "As if in desperation, they need someone to hate for all the hurt they have been through, and if that makes them feel better, so be it. As long as they don't act on their selfish hate for the unknown - this need for a scapegoat - then I'll let them hate me."

He took a deep breath, and gave the Ovri a quick smile where he sat. "That being said, I will still keep challenging their notions and their poor conduct. I will call them out when they do not abide to protocol, and when they think they can behave less than the Starfleet officers they are. Sometimes, they need to be reminded that I am no less an officer and an equal to them, who is merely a victim of of an alien infestation. Less often now, thankfully."

Having said this, he thought of the visit from Captain Ives, and a frown came to his countenance - partly shrouded by tresses of wet hair. "I... was asked to use my ability again, the other day, and I saw what happened to Paris. The ability I told you about a couple of weeks ago, in which I could see the shield harmonics of Martok's ship in the Azure Nebula. I saw Romulan involvement, and Breen. The cannon out there brought me back from the darkness, thankfully, before I could do anyone harm."

Lucan looked towards Vinata, not too keen on lingering on that topic. "Will you be okay though, after this?"